Half Square Triangle Paper Videos

Here are a couple of quick videos on how to use Primitive Gatherings Triangle Papers…Half Square Triangle Paper Videos featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Sewing the starched two fabrics right sides together…paper on top of the light…shorten stitch length to half of what you normally stitch at..I go to 1 on my Juki….Stitch all the dashed lines…

Trim on all the solid lines….make sure you have a nice small ruler…

Flip them to all the dark triangles are facing up…press them using lots of steam….

I cannot get the last video to load…will try again or make another post…

but the last post is removing the paper…hold it near the stitching with your non dominant hand…push the paper triangle back with your dominant hand and pull it away from down near the stitching in the center of the paper triangle…

sorry but I really tried to get this all in one spot…I will keep trying tomorrow! Lisa




99 responses to “Half Square Triangle Paper Videos”

  1. Laura Avatar

    Thank you for posting your pattern early. Beautiful pattern! I was able to get it printed quickly and easily this evening! Now hoping I can get some triangle paper tomorrow at my local quilt shop!

  2. Heather Helbig Avatar
    Heather Helbig

    Love this block , thank you for the pattern. Will try making it at 6″ , wish me luck.

    1. Joyce Dempsey Avatar
      Joyce Dempsey

      Thank you for adding this fun block, I have learned so much since becoming a block head!

  3. Larine Dunham Avatar
    Larine Dunham

    Wow, am traveling this week but when I get home…. this 4” block will be a real challenge. Can’t wait! Thanks Lisa! Love it!

  4. Bridget Fletcher Avatar
    Bridget Fletcher

    I love your Block, my first time being a “Blockhead”. Great fun

  5. Terri Avatar

    I so enjoy your work, Lisa. You are so inspiring!!

  6. Belinda Hardin Avatar
    Belinda Hardin

    The moda bag and mini charms are a great giveaway. Anyone would be lucky to get those.

    1. Julia Avatar

      Love all your patterns and fabric line, cant wait to make this block. Thank you

      1. Karen Uhrik Avatar
        Karen Uhrik

        Love the block and your very helpful videos…THANK YOU! Can’t wait to make it!

  7. lorikorellLori korell Avatar

    I’m headed to the post office to mail goodies to both my deployed sons…one Army and one Navy . Then to try your beautiful block ! I’m using gray and blacks from your line . Ty

  8. celene Avatar

    Love your fabrics!!! and all your designs! 4″ is too small for me, I’ll be making a larger size!

  9. Ana Sweet Avatar
    Ana Sweet

    Thank you for the great blog and instruction. Very clear.

  10. Ana Sweet Avatar
    Ana Sweet

    Great blog post. Thank you.

  11. Stevie Avatar

    This block looks like a fun challenge, thank you! I’ll be traveling to sunny Florida, but not until the week after next. Surprising my uncle for his birthday and running a 5k at the Miami Zoo!!🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

  12. julieborders Avatar

    Tiny half square triangles, oh my! I’m doing this to learn, so here goes 😊

  13. Lauren L Schafer Avatar
    Lauren L Schafer

    Perfect timing! Although I am not doing the blockheads quilt… I did pick up these triangle papers in the store for another project!!

  14. Tiki73?nan Avatar

    Thank you so much for being part of this great ‘BlockParty’. I’m having so much fun. Love your block and layout.

  15. Connie Terry Avatar
    Connie Terry

    Love that chain pressing.

  16. Beverly Noble Avatar
    Beverly Noble

    I love this block!! Will be doing a few 6 inchers for my layout. Thank you Lisa!!

  17. Joy Brecht Avatar
    Joy Brecht

    I am learning so much making these blocks! Thanks for the clear instructions. I doubt I will ever make HST’s without papers again!

  18. Diane E Avatar
    Diane E

    Thanks so much for the tutorial and the giveaway

  19. Julie Bandy Avatar
    Julie Bandy

    Thank you for a beautiful block! I love your color scheme.

  20. Laurie Baker Avatar
    Laurie Baker

    Thank you for your beautiful block. I am really enjoying the challenge that I gets every week. Keep up the great work.

  21. Sheryll Foye Avatar
    Sheryll Foye

    Loving your blocks and using your indigo gatherings! It’s going to be a stunning quilt!

  22. Lisa raleigh Avatar
    Lisa raleigh

    Love this sight

  23. keloman75 Avatar

    thank you for the pattern and the instructions on the host’s. Love your blocks!

  24. Kathleen Avatar

    Thanks for creating a beautiful block and including the videos.

  25. trudigale Avatar

    Thank you for a wonderful block and all of the time you are giving for Blockheads 3! I am currently doing all 8” blocks but might have to try the 4” in this block – just for fun!
    Again, thank you!

  26. Rebecca Avatar

    Thank you; great information on your blog.

  27. Lisa Fitzgerald Avatar
    Lisa Fitzgerald

    Beautiful stuff

    1. Diane Avatar

      Love the block! love you! love your menasha shop. just when I think I have bought what I “need” you come out with more I cant live without!

  28. michele Breault Avatar
    michele Breault

    The seam allowance looks much smaller than the usual 1/4″. Is it 1/8″?

  29. Donna Porter Avatar
    Donna Porter

    I love using 4 inch blocks for Christmas ornaments that I embroidery with name and year. Never have put them in a quilt. 🤔

  30. Kara Avatar

    Can’t wait to try your methods! Block is pretty 🙂

  31. Susan Wade Avatar
    Susan Wade

    I love this block! This old brain of mine needs a challenge and I think I’ve found it! Thank you so much!

  32. Shelly Avatar

    You ladies are doing a great job at challenging us with our quilting techniques! I love a good challenge! One, two, three, let’s SEW!

  33. Paula Ginn Avatar
    Paula Ginn

    Your block is so cute- can’t wait to try it. Thanks so much! Also love the Moda bag and mini charms. A great give away.

  34. Anita Outlaw Avatar
    Anita Outlaw

    Thank you for your videos!! I love it that you are challenging us to try a new technique.. I really appreciate all your tips for each block-they have all been VERY helpful! I love your blog. This block looks hard but with your technique it looks fun! Thank you for al you do for us.

  35. Ame Avatar

    Thank you! Can’t wait to make this block.

  36. DIana Avatar

    Love your block, but these triangles are going to be a real challenge for me. I am a fairly new quilter but can’t wait to get started on this block. The Moda bag with mini charms is so cute!!!

  37. LauraDot Avatar

    Thank you for this week’s block and including the tutorial on your triangle papers. I have them in my stash and am excited to try itty bitty hsts!

  38. Lisa Hubbell Avatar
    Lisa Hubbell

    Love this Block, I’m working on 8” but I might try the 4” at least once

  39. Rita Avatar

    I have the triangle paper and this looks like a great time to use it. Thanks for an amazing block!

  40. Pat Kleba Avatar
    Pat Kleba

    OMG….Itty bitty triangles are sooooo wonderful! Love your papers Lisa! Cannot wait to get started on this week’s block…

  41. Rachel Donville Avatar
    Rachel Donville

    Thanks for a cure block!

  42. Carol Davis Avatar
    Carol Davis

    I love your block Lisa and the goodie bag is an added bonus. I have to go run some errands and will be back soon to make my block! Thank you for your generosity designing blocks for the Moda Blockheads!!

  43. Lynne Avatar

    Thanks for being a Blockheads designer. I’m enjoying this quilt along and like the challenge of getting those small pieces just right.

  44. Beth murdock Avatar
    Beth murdock

    I think your quilt layout is so cute! Thanks for the challenge of 4 inch blocks!

  45. Carol Walters Avatar

    Thank you for including the information & videos on your triangle paper. I already have some, so I am all set! The Moda bag & mini charms are such an amazing giveaway. Thanks for all you do, including lovely fabric lines & patterns.

  46. Joyce Nelson Avatar
    Joyce Nelson

    Thanks for the pattern it will be a challenge but am looking forward to trying a new method for hst.

  47. Alice Sprenger Avatar
    Alice Sprenger

    Love the Blockheads patterns. First time doing this. Took a wool class from you down in Hampton Virginia and it was terrific.

  48. bmums1 Avatar

    Love the block. Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. Lisa J. Avatar
    Lisa J.

    Love reading your blog. There is always great information! And I love the opportunity to win fun stuff!!! Thanks to Lisa and all the other designers!

  50. moppy1970 Avatar

    Thanks for the block…..this is my first Blockhead group I am participating in and I am enjoying it. You ladies are all so inspiring and I am learning something new with each block.

  51. Sandra Ashwood Avatar
    Sandra Ashwood

    Was great seeing you in Canada and LOVE your blocks and choice of fabric!

  52. Marcia Reed Avatar
    Marcia Reed

    Great block that fits so well with most of the others. The mini charms all looks fun. I have never used that size.
    Triangle papers sure do make everything more accurate.
    Thanks for block.

  53. Mary Lessard Avatar
    Mary Lessard

    Wow! Those half-square triangles are tiny! Haven’t made a four-inch block yet, might have to give this one a try. 😄

  54. Pattie Avatar

    Love the block and the giveaway, thanks.

  55. Laurie Pace Avatar
    Laurie Pace

    Wow! Thanks for the helpful tips for those itty bitty HSTs. And thank you for another great skill building block.

  56. Veronica Garcia Avatar
    Veronica Garcia

    Love this pattern. I can’t wait to get home and try it. Thanks.

  57. Christine Avatar

    I used the triangle papers for my first MODA BOW blocks with all the small triangles and they worked great, so precise. I use them for any small triangles now and love them!

  58. Vickie Nelson Avatar
    Vickie Nelson

    Love to use your triangle paper.

  59. Tess Robinson Avatar
    Tess Robinson

    OMG!!! I lost your block design and the fabrics you’ve chosen for Moda Blockheads III – too cool AS ALWAYS! How sweet are you offering a giveaway!

  60. Rhonda Avatar

    This is an awesome looking block. I can’t wait to choose my fabrics.

  61. Linda Garcia Avatar
    Linda Garcia

    Love your new picture on the right side of your blog entries. Excellent!

  62. Debora Coatsworth Avatar
    Debora Coatsworth

    Thanks so much., I love your color choices….love triangle paper. So enjoying Moda Blockheads 3

  63. Rose Lamers Avatar
    Rose Lamers

    Love your blog….thanks!

  64. Terri Silver Avatar
    Terri Silver

    Thank you for the wonderful block! The best part of doing a Blockhead is learning new techniques and finding fellow quilters to follow! Am trying papers for the first time, also.

  65. Chimene Benson Avatar
    Chimene Benson

    Thank you for the block and for the layout idea!

  66. Elaine Truelove Avatar
    Elaine Truelove

    Thanks so much for this cute block pattern. I can’t wait to get started! I am enjoying the blocks each week! The Moda give away looks amazing. I would love to win something like that! Good luck to all.

  67. Linda Clemmons Avatar

    Thanks for the videos. I have some Thangles but have not tried them. You give me the courage to try.

  68. Elizabeth Andrews Avatar
    Elizabeth Andrews

    Thank you for the great block! It is always fun doing Moda Blockheads as all of the designers create some wonderful blocks for us and give us an opportunity to check out new techniques. Your videos were very easy to follow and the papers look to be a great lifesaver for these little guys. Now to get to work!

  69. Kelley Avatar

    Love anything to help make triangles easier! Thanks for the tip.

  70. Linda Brice-Pourciau Avatar
    Linda Brice-Pourciau

    Love the block. Think I will go for the 6” one. Love the Blockheads! Thanks to the designers for all y’all do!

  71. Kim Krebs Avatar
    Kim Krebs

    Thank you for the beautiful block, and the very helpful videos and block layout. This has been a wonderful challenge, and I am so thankful that I decided to jump in the Moda Blockheads 3.

  72. Pam Winterrowd Avatar
    Pam Winterrowd

    Mini charm packs are the cutest!

  73. Cynthia Avatar

    Could you demo how you press the squares open – your hand covered the triangle & I couldn’t tell how you sooo easily got the squares to open with the iron? I struggle with getting those pesky papers to open without putting a crease in them – or burning my finger tips! Thanks!

  74. Vannicea Avatar

    Love your blog. Thank you for the block! Thank you for the layout option.

  75. Jill Johnson Avatar
    Jill Johnson

    I love your no-nonsense tutorials! And I want to add you are lickity-split sewing one handed, and whipping thru cutting those cuties! Thank you for a beautiful block – I can’t wait to get started!

  76. Traci slomba Avatar
    Traci slomba

    I’m headed to our lqs to rent the longarm to finish some quilts. I will then be headed for the couch in front of the fire to handstitch my binding! Perfect way to spend the weekend on a cold, probably snowy day! Thank you for the fabulous block. I enjoyed making it.

  77. Caroline Tilghman Avatar
    Caroline Tilghman

    Thank you for all you share with us. I love your website and your Facebook page. So much inspiration.

  78. Kathy Havelka Avatar
    Kathy Havelka

    The triangle papers make it so simple to get perfect blocks. Thank you!

  79. Mona Brimmer Avatar
    Mona Brimmer

    Love the block

  80. Carol Kobashigawa Avatar
    Carol Kobashigawa

    I love your block, cannot wait to get not it!

  81. Peggy DADAMO Avatar
    Peggy DADAMO

    Thank you so much for the videos on how to use the triangle papers and for the chance to win the bag! Looking forward to trying it.

  82. Tricia Avatar

    The blocks to date have been so wonderful, going to be a fun, exciting quilt. Thank you for the wonderful give-away. The bag and fabric are so generous. Hope I am lucky enough to be the winner……but here is congratulations to the winner…….

  83. Elvia Shirkey Avatar
    Elvia Shirkey

    Doing my blocks in 6” size, am using the blacks, grey, shades. enjoying the opportunity of variety with the blocks. thanks for the layout pattern. so far it is my choice to go for. thanks for the give away….heres to Luck!

  84. Fran Anderson Avatar
    Fran Anderson

    Just watched your video and printed the pattern so heading to the sewing room to get busy. Thank you!

  85. Terri H Avatar
    Terri H

    This quilt is going to be beautiful with all the wonderful blocks being created. Thank you for your block and video tutorial!

  86. Wendy Brown Avatar
    Wendy Brown

    Love it! The 4” version will be a fun challenge.

  87. Michele Avatar

    Love half square triangle papers. Thanks for the tutorial.

  88. Pam Suther Avatar
    Pam Suther

    The videos are so helpful-I’m a visual person, so seeing it done is so much easier than trying to read a figure it out! What kind of iron do you use?? Thanks!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Rowenta Steam Station

  89. Pat Pratt Avatar
    Pat Pratt

    I am so happy to be a part of this wonderful project. One of my friends told me about Block Heads and I think it great! Such creativity. Love the tutorial on the triangles.

  90. Janice Kohnke Avatar
    Janice Kohnke

    Thanks Lisa, love your block!!!

  91. Valerie Kraus Avatar
    Valerie Kraus

    An online friend recommended this group to me-looking forward to jumping in! Thank you for a beautiful block pattern!

  92. mburnette912Mary Burnette Avatar

    Great way to getthosetrianglesdone! Love the bag and little charm squares

  93. Carol Avatar

    Have you taken the Block 6 pattern down? All I can find is the tutorial for half square triangles. I can’t find a link to the pattern. Thanks!

  94. […] Lisa Bongean has created a video on how she uses the papers. Click here to view. […]

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