A Mountain Quilt Fest & More!

I so wanted to go to this years Pigeon Forge Mountain Quilt Fest March 4-7th.…..but I will be staying home working on up coming books, wool boxes and quilts for my Spring Market fabric line…BUT…Primitive Gatherings will be there vending for the first time…and as I was looking for a logo for their show I came across the program…here is the PDF.


It looks like an awesome show…Jenny Doan will be there one night…it looks to have a lot of nice teachers…Buda, Sitar, McCarthy to name a few that I know personally…I would also have loved to meet one of our Veterans, Andrew Lee,who made the Iwo Jima quilt that helped him with PSTD from his service for our country…that is in the brochure as well..

And there looks to be a lot to do around the Pigeon Forge which is why I signed us up to do the show in the first place…I wanted a chance for Nick and I to go for a work get-away…but…that is not going to happen…maybe next year…but I think this show is one of those shows like…Road to California…or how Quilt Oddyssey was…those privately run shows seem to be a little more special and have a lot more going on…

So…if you are close to TN and Pigeon Forge…I think it would be a fun show to attend! Primitive Gatherings is only going to a few shows this year…(Road2 Cali, Pigeon Forge, Paducah & Houston) and this is one of them! I know we were not in Daytona and Virginia this past month…and trust me we would like to be at them all…but it is a business decision…and quilt shows are not what they once were for the vendor…The booth fees can be a little outrageous and with the travel all the way from WI, hotels and meals…it isn’t worth all the extra work…and trust me…it is a lot of work! So please go and enjoy your quilt shows that are in your area! So they do not go away!

California/ Teaching/ Wisconsin

I will also be at our store in California this month, March 23-25th teaching at the store on Tuesday and Wednesday…I would love to see you…bring your projects you need help on and I will bring a new project if you are interested in making something brand new.  We love hanging out with old friends and we welcome new ones in as well!


If you are in Wisconsin this month we will be getting together March 17th…Bring your stitching and I make lunch and I will have a project for you to work on if you wish to learn something new!  Contact Amy at ahoefler@new.rr.com to sign up.

Here are some pics from our last WI stitching…

Jodi has finished stitching her Heirloom Rose quilt…now on to the quilting!IMG_9470IMG_9471

She did her initials out of wool instead of stitching…IMG_9472

Kathy…She was in winter hibernation mode…aka…stay home and get it done!

I do not know the name of this one…Kathy maybe will let me know when/if she reads this and I will update it…IMG_9473IMG_9474 2

She also took some vintage linens and quilted them…then made them into pillows…how cool is this?  IMG_9475IMG_9476

She also finished one of Lori Holt’s Christmas quilts…also if you do not know we do have a Lori Holt club at our California store…call them if you wish to join in!IMG_9477IMG_9478IMG_9479

Kathy finished quilting this quilt…it was a collaboration of Buttermilk Basin’s monthly applique blocks and my spool alternating blocks and border…We love this quilt!!! I know we have a pattern for the finishing for this quilt…the appliques are from Buttermilk Basin.IMG_9480

Judy is sharing her tote made with our Wisconsin fabric…


Her little heart quilt from the Wool Subscription box.IMG_9483

And our Star Penny mat that came pre-cut!IMG_9485


Judy is sharing her sashiko….


and her machine quilting she designed…IMG_9491

This was pretty cool…she is making a quilt out of her grand daughters drawing I believe…IMG_9492Kay is sharing a few quilts…this one is from a Jelly roll she won from me!  Needle & Thread Gatherings…


I think she said this one was a Kim Diehl pattern…IMG_9490Marianne is showing off her wool box projects as well…Marianne’s moved and is building a new sewing studio…so her wool boxes have kept her busy while all her fabric is in storage!!!


Terry is showing a quilt made with Flower Garden Gatherings fabric…again…I do not know the pattern…but if Terry let’s me know I will update..


Terry loves making bags and unique items…this is a tall travel with lots of mess pockets…Sallie Tomato? I think? don’t shoot me…IMG_9498

and lastly…back from knee surgery a few weeks ago Lori is showing her finished table mat from the Christmas box and some of her mini ways to celebrate…also from the wool box.

IMG_9499 2

I hope you enjoy these monthly posts about our Sit & Stitch Gatherings  both in WI & CA…and maybe you can join in sometime…we would love to meet you!

All for now…I can’t wait to hear about the Pigeon Forge show…have any of you been there?…26 years is a long time!  Have a great week and see you on Block Head Day!




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23 responses to “A Mountain Quilt Fest & More!”

  1. Joyce Avatar

    So you won’t be vending at AQS Grand Rapids this year? I am so sad. Surprisingly, we don’t have a lot of wool resources in the Detroit area and I always look forward to getting my supplies (wool, thread,needles) from your booth as well as your awesome kits during that show. I also realize you can only do so much..I love Primitive Gatherings and I look forward to all the wonderful projects you come up with for us in the coming year. Take care of yourself…

  2. Chris Zimmerman Avatar
    Chris Zimmerman

    So pleased to hear you’ll have a booth at Pigeon Forge but disappointed that you won’t be able to be there. I live two hours away from Pigeon Forge and have gone to the show every year since I moved to the area; this will be my seventh year! Several of my friends and I turn it into a several day quilting retreat each year. It’s a wonderful show surrounded by a beautiful area. A definite must-do!

  3. hilljn18 Avatar

    I go to Pigeon Forge Quiltfest every year. Will be there this Wednesday. Very excited to see one of your booths for the first time. Too bad you can’t make it. Maybe next year.

  4. Marie Avatar

    I finally live close enough to Pigeon Forge to attend, but, alas, I won’t be attending. I am really bummed now knowing your shop will be vending. Your booth will be a big treat for attendees. I have several friends who are going, am telling them to buy my birthday presents from your booth.

  5. Paula Avatar

    I will be attending Pigeon Forge for the day. We are 2 hours away. I will be visiting your booth while there since it is always one of the best at any show. Sorry you can’t come. Paula in KY

  6. Paula Avatar

    Lisa be sure to take note of this. When you do go the Pigeon Forge drive on into Gatlinburg and eat breakfast up till 3pm at Pancake Pantry. It is deliciousssssssssss! There are only two in the U.S. Paula in KY

  7. Linda Brown Avatar
    Linda Brown

    Lisa I was hoping you would be at the Pigeon Forge quilt show. But I am so excited that you will have a booth. I have been following you since you began your venture into quilting. I even have the issue of Quilt Sampler magazine where your shop made the top ten! You would love it here. Gatlinburg is 5 miles away. It is home to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park…..the most visited park in the country. Wish you would come visit! But thanks for vending….I plan to buy, buy,😍. I have so many of your patterns and your newest book.


    I just LOVE looking at photos of your groups and their projects. So inspiring!

  9. Sandy Libby Avatar
    Sandy Libby

    I love these monthly posts showing what everyone is working on. So inspiring! Especially as I make my way through the wool boxes. Love to see the results! I also just purchased the alphabet sampler, can’t wait to start that one! Thanks for all you do!

  10. Ya Avatar

    Hi Lisa! So glad Primitive Gatherings will be represented this year in Pigeon Forge! I live in Maryville, TN, which is only a one hour drive. Lived here for 12 years but have only been to QuiltFest twice and planning to go on Friday. The LeConte Center is a great facility with plenty of free parking. Lots of wonderful restaurants too! Your crew will enjoy the TN mountains and the warmer weather we are having. I’ve been to your shop in WI. Loved it! – Tammy

  11. Barbara G Avatar
    Barbara G

    I enjoy your blog very much and enjoy seeing your family and all the quilting projects.

  12. Jan B Avatar
    Jan B

    Hi Lisa! I live in TN & I am going to the PF show this Thursday! I’m so excited! While I’ve usually gone every year since I moved to TN almost 6 years ago, I missed last year because my husband was hospitalized 2 days before for serious medical issues. Yes, he’s ok now but it was a long recovery for him. Our quilt guild takes a bus to the PF Show so we don’t even have to drive! We do, however, only go for one day! It is a fantastic quilt show in a wonderful facility & beautiful area of TN. Sorry you’ll miss it this year! But, glad to hear there will be a PG booth at the show.

  13. Susan Eggleston Rozmus Avatar
    Susan Eggleston Rozmus

    I have been before I was looking forward to meeting you there. I did have the pleasure a couple years ago in Charlotte, NC to meet you . bought several things now working on your wool box. maybe next time.

  14. Rachel Childress Avatar
    Rachel Childress

    I was so sad to not see you in Virginia this year but I understand why. I am hoping that things change for vendors at the shows. I will continue to support your wonderful shop online!!

  15. Kathie weatherford Avatar
    Kathie weatherford

    Thank you for mentioning our quilt show in pigeon forge. I’m glad that your company is going to be a vendor. I am a member of the quilt guild that works with pigeon forge in putting on this great show. We are in the process of booking teachers for 2021, May 4-8, 2021. If you are interested in teaching, let me know and I will submit your name.

  16. Theresa Avatar

    Hi Lisa!
    I’m sorry to hear you will not be there yourself. I live in Florida, my mom lives in NC and I have taken her to the Pigeon Forge quilt show for several years. It is by far my favorite!! Every quilt, every vendor and everyone are absolutely amazing!!!! The area is great to visit also. I hope you will be able to make it next year. Put that show on your definite show to attend. Unfortunately, we won’t be going this year as my mom isn’t doing well. For those attending, enjoy your time there! I will be thinking about everyone and we I wish I could be there.

  17. northwoodsbarbara Avatar

    I’m enjoying this blog and pictures of everyone’s projects. Did Terry ever let you know what pattern she was working on?

  18. Sue H Avatar
    Sue H

    What an enjoyable post to browse and re-browse. So much inspiring FUN!

  19. Darci Strobel Avatar
    Darci Strobel

    I sure wish I could have been there to see such great work!!! So impressed by the number and wide variety!! Miss you guys! I will see you in May!

  20. Ruth Anderson Avatar
    Ruth Anderson

    I have somewhere between 95 to 110 balls of Valdani. What great tread to work with.

  21. Mickey Childress Avatar
    Mickey Childress

    Couldn’t seen the pictures on this post.

  22. Patricia Rosenbaum Avatar
    Patricia Rosenbaum

    Hi Lisa! Sure missed catching you in Pigeon Forge. We’ve had a great time here and the weather has been fairly decent. It’s a nice show! We were happy to see Jake and Amy! This was our first time here, but I think we will come back. The venue was nice and very well lit. There is much to see and do and great places to eat! 😉

  23. […] Grand babies!  I called Lauren and asked her if she wanted a day to herself (since Jake was at Pigeon Forge Quilt Show) and I would take the boys… well… Jace informed her, he didn’t think Owie coming […]

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