Friday Quilting Giveaway!


Quilting giveaway hosted by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

This week’s quilting giveaway….

is going to be a FREE download.  I want everyone to know how special and vital you all are to the people in your life.  I sometimes think we forget about this.  So… know you are needed and if not now, someday will appreciated for all you do.  With that on my mind I want to give this quilt pattern called Red Tulip Basket to everyone today.

Quilting Giveaway featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanThis little baby measures 16 “x 18″.  It is sooooooo adorable…the size makes it so you have to look at it and and say…”How small are those pieces?”   Then add Linda’s beautiful quilting and your got yourself a little masterpiece. I know some of you can do this kind of quilting.. and some will do simple cross hatch quilting and it will look good too!  Needs to be about every half inch though….  I am hoping to see this done in some different color ways from some of you.  I myself, will probably make a couple of white tulip blocks.  Maybe a little 4 block quilt.  There are lots of possibilities with this little guy than what you see here….Quilting Giveaway featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanIf you have your 1/2″ finished Triangle papers you will be so happy.  I hate trying to trim blocks down to 1″.  But if you need 1/2″ Triangle papers we have them.  Remember they are in the small variety packs as well where you have 4 sizes in those.

Quilting Giveaway featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Click Here to Print Red Tulip Basket Pattern

No need to leave a comment on the blog this week, unless you want to... I do love reading them… but enjoy this little spring quilt pattern and I hope you ALL have a wonderful weekend!

Stay healthy my friends…

XXX Lisa

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88 responses to “Friday Quilting Giveaway!”

  1. Maggi Honeyman Avatar
    Maggi Honeyman

    Such a sweet quilt from such a sweet lady!!! Thanks, Lisa. We love and appreciate you 😘

  2. Diane Avatar

    Thank you for your Kindness, Lisa!

  3. kaywelch Avatar

    Thanks for this springtime project. Have a great weekend.

  4. Deanna Bowman Avatar
    Deanna Bowman

    Thanks for the free pattern, it means a lot that designers are doing everything they can to
    help out with the world being in such a state right now. I have recently lost my mo-joe, this might
    be the thing to get me going again. Be safe & healthy.

  5. Marie Beers Avatar
    Marie Beers

    Thank you! Your thoughtfulness warms my heart. These are trying times and most of us, including me and I am in my 70’s don’t remember the hardships of the 30’s crash and WWll. Hopefully it will make all of us stronger. Please don’t let the jerks of the world upset you. I love the tulip pattern and think it will be my birthday present to me next week.

  6. Caren Avatar

    Lisa…… the gift that keeps on giving.

  7. sreg2 Avatar

    Thank you, Lisa. This is a precious little quilt!

  8. Gloria Cook Avatar
    Gloria Cook

    Love all things Primitive Gatherings! I especially love the minis. Last year I purchased the pattern for Fox Tracks and finished it. What a beauty!
    Thanks for all your creativity!

  9. Phyllis K. Avatar
    Phyllis K.

    Thank you!! Stay well!

  10. Laura Hillaker Avatar
    Laura Hillaker

    Thank you so much for the sweet little quilt pattern. I hope you have a nice weekend!

  11. Susy Avatar

    Love this so much! Thank you.

  12. Jill Hicks Avatar
    Jill Hicks

    Thank you Lisa!

  13. Linda Ferguson Avatar
    Linda Ferguson

    Thank you for the adorable pattern Lisa!

  14. tamara williams Avatar
    tamara williams

    Thanks! I have the triangle papers in all your sizes! And I jus got the Wool box yesterday!

  15. Penny Boser Avatar
    Penny Boser

    Thankyou Lisa. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing the quilt shows!

  16. Denise M Brown Avatar
    Denise M Brown

    Thank you very much!

  17. Debra Avatar

    Thank you Lisa for the tulip pattern. I love tulips—reminds me of spring. We can all use a little cheer right now and your tulips hit the spot.

  18. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
    Carol Eberhardt

    Oh joy, his sweet that is! Thank you for making dark days pretty! I can’t wait to make this!

  19. bowtiesnstars Avatar

    Thank-you so much! I think I will give it a try in some nice fall colors – Golds, Oranges, Deep Reds. Could be gorgeous!

  20. Karen Hickman Avatar
    Karen Hickman

    Thank you Lisa for this beautiful pattern!!
    Stay safe

  21. MARCIA Avatar

    Thank you so much for the pattern. I have been sewing like crazy. I was making masks until I ran out of elastic and now I am completing all those projects that have been sitting in my basket. I appreciate that you are still giving joy with you patterns and posts.

  22. Vickie Olsen Avatar
    Vickie Olsen

    Lisa, thanks for the free pattern. Something cheerful to make, in this odd time in our lives.

  23. Wanda Anderson Avatar
    Wanda Anderson

    thank you so much for the pattern. i love doing mini’s

  24. Mary Andra Avatar
    Mary Andra

    It’s fabulous. Thank you Lisa.

  25. Avatar

    Thank you! It is darling!

  26. Karen Smith Avatar

    Thank you for the mini pattern. It’s beautiful!

  27. Sara Tondini Avatar
    Sara Tondini

    Lisa, thank you so much for the free pattern. It is lovely, as are all your designs. I have been drawn to Primitive Gatherings collections for years! I made a 45 to Life Queen size quilt for my Brother’s Birthday years ago and made many small projects from that wonderful line I first met.
    Thank you for your postings and generosity. I pray that all small businesses weather this terrible time for our country and the world. Sara

  28. Deb Otto Avatar
    Deb Otto

    Thank you! I’m trying to decide what color I want to do this in 🤔

  29. COLLEEN KOSKI Avatar

    Love the Tulip pattern! Thank you!

  30. Susan Linder Avatar

    Thanks for the sweet little quilt pattern Lisa!! Can’t wait to get my gray tulip kit and pattern – love it!!

  31. Sharon S Avatar
    Sharon S

    Thank you, Lisa. Such a cute little quilt and so very thoughtful. Stay safe and healthy!

  32. Cindy Hart Crowell Avatar
    Cindy Hart Crowell

    Oh your quilt would look fabulous with my red couch. I love that you are inspiring us during this scary time in the world. You are a bright light!!
    I’m printing your pattern right now. Stay safe and strong .

  33. Fran Bianchi Avatar
    Fran Bianchi

    Thank you for the free pattern, so cute and so nice of you to share. Everyone please stay home so we can stop the spread of this deadly virus. Stay healthy, stay safe

  34. Debbie C Avatar
    Debbie C

    Lisa, How kind and sweet you are to think of everyone with today’s pattern!!!!!!! Thank you! Be well and happy!

  35. Daniela F Durham Avatar
    Daniela F Durham

    Thank you so much Lisa ^_^

  36. Sandi McDaniel Avatar
    Sandi McDaniel

    Thank you!!!!! So nice to have something new at this time!

    1. Debbie Jacobs Avatar
      Debbie Jacobs

      Thank you for your generosity, Lisa, during these strange times of social distancing! I have been using my extra sewing time to hone my piecing skills, especially those itty-bitty pieces that you do so well. Once again, you have inspired me with your skill and your heart!

  37. Rita Gillis Avatar
    Rita Gillis

    It’s perfect! Thank you!

  38. Robin McGuire Avatar
    Robin McGuire

    Thank you, Lisa! It is darling!

  39. Vickie Sorensen Avatar
    Vickie Sorensen

    So CUTE! Thank you. These are difficult times. But standing together as Americans do we will get through this!

  40. emilyjoy180 Avatar

    Thank you!

  41. Carol Avatar

    Thanks for the pattern!!

  42. Jane kloosterman Avatar
    Jane kloosterman

    Thank you! This little quilt is adorable!

  43. Deb Magerkurth Avatar
    Deb Magerkurth

    Still waiting for pic to download but imagine it’s beautiful like everything you do. Thank you for your generosity! It’s peoples kindness that will get us through this!

  44. Dixie McAdam Avatar
    Dixie McAdam

    Thanks for your thoughtfulness! A great pick-er-up Springtime project with beautiful quilting! Thanks for all you do for us quilters. Be smart, stay safe & keep on creating!

  45. Pat Connally Avatar
    Pat Connally

    Thanks so much, Lisa!!! You are very generous! 🤗
    It’s such a darling little pattern.

  46. Raquel Garcia Avatar
    Raquel Garcia

    Thank you! You are special!

  47. Karen S Avatar
    Karen S

    Thank you, Lisa! My, those are tiny pieces but that will be a fun challenge. I just happen to have some of your triangle papers on hand! Your generosity is so special, as are you . . .

  48. Pat. K. Avatar
    Pat. K.

    I just adore those tiny blocks!

  49. sharon Avatar

    Thank you! Adorable little quilt

  50. see mary quilt Avatar
    see mary quilt

    So kind of you Lisa. This is an adorable pattern! I’m off to organize my craft room so hopefully I can’t start sewing something this weekend.

  51. Robin Avatar

    Thank you !!! I wish you, your family and friends remain safe through this 🦠!

  52. K.C. Koehler Avatar
    K.C. Koehler

    Thank you Lisa❣️

  53. Carmen N Avatar
    Carmen N

    What a cutie! Thanks for the pattern! I bought several variety packs when I visited your booth at Road to CA. They will be perfect for this little quilt. The sheep you were working on at the show were pretty adorable too.

  54. Nancy Kintzel Avatar
    Nancy Kintzel

    Such a sweet little quilt! Thank you, Lisa!! It’s printing as I am typing! Thank you for this spot of generosity and kindness in this difficult time!

  55. Karen N. Avatar
    Karen N.

    Thank you Lisa!! What a cute little quilt. Your generosity is so appreciated!! =:)

  56. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    Thank you Lisa, I appreciate this pattern and you

  57. Sandi Avatar

    Thank you so much

  58. Lori T Avatar
    Lori T

    Thank you so much!!

  59. usairdoll Avatar

    Thank you Lisa! I really enjoy Primitive Gatherings! For Christmas last year my kids bought me two Blake Shelton concert tickets for March in San Diego. My son is in the USMC and lives in Murietta. How perfect! After the concert we made a trip to your store in Murrieta. The girls were Awesome! Your store there is Wonderful! It was a great mini vacation for sure!

  60. Susan G. Avatar
    Susan G.

    Thank you so much for the pattern. I’m glad we have ways of communicating while we are supposed to stay home. I just moved to a new city and haven’t been able to meet new people yet and join a quilters group.

  61. Sharon Samuel Avatar
    Sharon Samuel

    I love it so much and it really brightened my day!! Thank you!! Thank you!! Stay safe🙏💕

  62. Elvia Shirkey Avatar
    Elvia Shirkey

    Thank you, love the pattern, of course I love all your patterns!!

  63. Debbie Toth Avatar
    Debbie Toth

    What a sweet surprise–thank you very much!

  64. Jan Doyle Avatar
    Jan Doyle

    Super cute. Thank you. I really like doing the small blocks.

  65. Jeanne Endrikat Avatar
    Jeanne Endrikat

    What a cute little mini! Thank you, Lisa!

  66. Felice Avatar

    Thank you:) Love the pattern…..glad it’s a small one!!! is cousin Mary making one??(LOL) Sorry your OBX trip was cancelled….better safe than sorry. Planning to play lots of Scrabble with the hubby this weekend. Enjoy yours:)

  67. Susan Gray Avatar
    Susan Gray

    Thank you! This is very manageable for me while watching gdaughter during isewlation. Starting week 3 in NY. Be well.

  68. Jacqueline Hale Avatar
    Jacqueline Hale

    Thank you for the beautiful pattern!

  69. Julee Prose Avatar
    Julee Prose

    love the little quilt…thanks for all you do…

  70. Nancy Daly Avatar
    Nancy Daly

    Thank you Lisa! I love this little tulip quilt and the sentiment you attached. May all your loved ones recognize the beautiful in your heart!!!

  71. Pauline Avatar

    Thank you Lisa. I think we all need a little cheering up right now with everything going on right now. I think I will use some bright spring colors for the tiny tulips. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

  72. Cheryl Keown Avatar
    Cheryl Keown

    Thank you for making our days a little brighter.

  73. Lori T Avatar
    Lori T

    Thanks for all the posts and the patterns. They sure are making all of a little bit connected during all this. Stay safe Lisa

  74. ReeRee Avatar

    Thanks Lisa, this is a very sweet pattern!! I can’t wait for your new fabric line (the reds-but I don’t recall the name) come out!!

  75. annita Avatar

    Thanks Lisa! This will be a fun quilt to make and remember this time in our lives! I so appreciate your work and time that gets put into making many happy quilters.

  76. Judi Smith Avatar
    Judi Smith

    How did you know that I needed something small and fiddly! Thank you so much for making my day!

  77. Karen Ritter Avatar
    Karen Ritter

    Thank you!

  78. Diann Avatar

    Thank you very much for the tulip pattern. I look forward to having time to sew again when this is over. I’m taking care of our two little granddaughters because my daughter broke her shoulder just be for the stay order. We were going to keep then for two weeks but are on week three now. It’s a ton of fun but I don’t get much done. Happy stitching.

  79. onecreativefamily Avatar

    Thank you for the wonderful pattern. Beautiful.

  80. Pat Nordahl Avatar
    Pat Nordahl

    Lisa thank you for the free pattern,I look forward to try it a few different ways. Be well through these troubling times.

  81. Kari Stutzman Avatar
    Kari Stutzman

    Thank you for the free pattern. I am starting to love miniature quilts. IF i make it i will post it. I am working on ufos first. Thank you again for the free pattern. Be safe and well.

  82. Carmen Montmarquet Avatar
    Carmen Montmarquet

    Thank You for this adorable mini pattern! I appreciate you trying to lift our spirits in these trying times!! I hope you and your PG family stay healthy and pray things get back to normal quickly!

  83. Donna Pace Avatar

    Darling little quilt for spring! Thank you so very much!

  84. Shannon Hobbs Avatar
    Shannon Hobbs

    Thank you Lisa!

  85. Josie Davis Avatar
    Josie Davis

    Love the red tulip basket pattern!

  86. Emily Wolthuis Avatar
    Emily Wolthuis

    I LOVE❤YOUR FABRICS! Your patterns are AMAZING! I only buy from Primitive Gatherings, just ask Joann! By the way, she is AMAZING! She is so helpful and all your staff have been so helpful! THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO! It makes life SO great to have all that Primitive Gatherings offers! HAPPY EASTER! May the Lord’s richest blessings be upon you and all your staff! I am so greatful for all of you! ❤🐣🕊🎀😊

  87. Carol Nichols Avatar
    Carol Nichols

    I have completed my little tulip blocks! Now to put it all together! Would love to see some that others have made.

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