Honey Bunny Pattern Correction

Hey Everyone!….We have a mix up in the Honey Bunny Pattern…The Honey Bunny Pattern has the Buster layout and tracing diagram in it… The kit is correct but we need to send you the right tracing sheets...

We will be emailing you starting tomorrow.
We will be using the email on your order.

If you have any other concerns about this issue please email us at primitivegatheringsquiltshop@yahoo.com and we will fix this issue the best we can.

PLEASE accept our sincere apology for this… we do not know how it happened… crazy, crazy, stuff happening… Easter is coming… we want you to get your bunny’s stitched!

Honey Bunny Pattern Correction featured by top US quilting and sewing blogger, Lisa Bongean

2 responses to “Honey Bunny Pattern Correction”

  1. Darci Strobel Avatar
    Darci Strobel

    Isn’t that the truth?!!! CRAZY world right now!

  2. Jan Avatar

    Thank you for your generosity. What crazy times we are having it is. The quilting community has been such a help to me and so many others during this time. We appreciate you.

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