Friday Quilting Giveaway featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Friday Quilting Giveaway: WOOL, NEEDLE & THREAD book and wool kits !


Friday Quilting Giveaway featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

This week’s quilting giveaway….

I am running two quilting giveaways today…one here on the blog…

and one HERE in a Facebook Group called Mystery Quilt Sew A Long.

So… you have more than one chance to snag the prize…I know I need to post more about MY book Wool, Needle & Thread The go-to Guide for Wool Stitchery...I feel like you all have it already and that I should stop talking about it.  But the truth is I get new members here everyday and I should be educating them the best I can.  With this in mind if you already have my book you still can win something…read on.

Why this book again?  To celebrate… it’s getting reprinted…again!!

I have heard our book is still selling like crazy so we have to celebrate that!!!Friday Quilting Giveaway featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanOrder this book now!

For those of you who are new here…I have a book out (released-October 2019) telling all my secrets about Wool applique, that means, the right tools, the explanations, the tips, the stitches and STEP by STEP PHOTOS!  This is THE next best thing to having me right there by you guiding you through it all…Now…here is my disclaimer…this is MY way to do this…there are other ways…but I have been teaching for over 20 years and my work has won a few prizes…I will sign every book purchased too!

Here’s a peek into the book…

How to get started…Friday Quilting Giveaway featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

How to put a homepsun back on and then stitch the edge without any knots showing…

Friday Quilting Giveaway featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Step by Step photos of how to do each stitch…12 of the most popular embroidery stitches..

Friday Quilting Giveaway featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

You will always have it…it is a reference book..

We still added a few patterns for you to test your new skills and stitches!

Friday Quilting Giveaway featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Autumn Tablemat Kit Available

Friday Quilting Giveaway featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

White Geraniums Tablemat kit

Friday Quilting Giveaway featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanPosey Pincushion Kit

Friday Quilting Giveaway featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanGeranium Sewing Essentials Kit

Quilting Giveaway Prizes

A signed book with a kit attached.- for those who do not have book…PS if you order it .. and then win it..we will add another kit. So don’t be afraid to order it!

A nice couple of nice wool bundles-for those who already have the book.

An Autumn Table mat kit or your choice..-for anyone

Now, make sure you also go to the FACEBOOK group… yes you have to join, or if you are already a member you good…but there are different prizes there as well.

If you do not have the book and would like to win it…please comment with what you are working on during our #isewlation…If you are not in #isewlation please tell us what you are doing, exampl…I know meany of you are nurses…and We all THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for what you do!

If you do already HAVE the book comment about what it is about the book you like best!

I can’t wait to read your comments…Winners for this quilting giveaway picked on Monday….hugs and smooches to you all..


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473 thoughts on “Friday Quilting Giveaway: WOOL, NEEDLE & THREAD book and wool kits !

  1. Put all of my wool projects aside for awhile. Making masks for family and donation to nursing homes.

  2. No I do not have your book. But I would love to! I keep saying I should not start doing wool but someday I probably will. Your work is beautiful and this book would be the best reference I could get.

  3. I just finished a sampler quilt, and am getting ready to dig into my wool….of course that is between disinfecting everything in sight constantly and praying for us all!

  4. I like being able to refresh my memory by going to the book. It has reminded me when to steam which I kept forgetting!

  5. I am working on the Not so ugly Christmas sweaters. I love the book! I think it is the best way to learn how to do all the stitches and the pictures are so helpful. I got it for Christmas and I love it!

    1. Thanks again Lisa for giving such nice gifts!
      I have your Wool, Needle and Thread book. It is a great reference and illustrated, step by step picture book. I would, and have, recommended this publication to any one working with wool!
      I always keep it right in my project box, along with my current project! This book is not just for wool, I have referenced it when doing other stitching!

      1. We’ve been isolating since early March, and I’ve finished one UFO, and started making masks. I’m also working on Laundry Baskets Mystery quilt, and trying to finish up an old Temecula Quilt Company sew along.

  6. I am currently between projects. This book will inspire my choice of my next project!

  7. I am sewing. Just finished two quilt tops and a mini wall hanging and a bee hive penny rug. Next up, hand embroidered lavender plants for table runners. So many things to make. I work a lot with wool, so would love the book. I admire all the wool projects Lisa makes….a true inspiration. Sewing is my comfort, wool is my comfort food!

  8. I am working on masks during the day and stitching on the wool mat from PG with the watering can and flowe rd s by night!

  9. I already have the book but would like to win one to give to a friend who is just learning to stitch. My UFO’s I have no interest in anymore I have given to her along with some of my Valdini duplicates and she is having a blast.

  10. have the book. love it all so grateful to have a source to go to right in my own home. the projects are very nice, too!!!

  11. We still go to our bakery every day, but when I’m home, I’m trying to finish my mystery seasons blocks and my little PG weekly blocks from the bi-monthly boxes.

  12. this book is excellent. I have recommended to many. I just finished PG’s Everyday Table Mat. It’s perfect for a small table I have in the living room.

  13. Your new book looks like a phenomenal teaching tool and one we all should have. From your other books I’m sure it answers all ones questions. Thanks for all you do!

    1. I do not have this book but want it! I serve individuals with intellectual disabilities in a residential setting so I am working. As for what I am working on now, I have started to make masks for our staff and some nearby nursing home staff. Thank you!

  14. The book looks amazing! It’s on my “must have” list. When I’m not overseeing my kids e-learning from home and working late hours during the pandemic, I am stitching on the glorious “Twilight Garden” ❤️

  15. Currently I am busy making face masks for caregivers and their clients. Also making them for my family. When that need slows down I will relax with a wool table mat that I’m working on. Would love to have your book!

  16. I bought your book in Houston and I love the detailed photos. It will help me learn new stitches.

  17. What a special prize!! I don’t have this book but the pages you shared show how helpful this book will be for me and those friends I help learn to wool applique. I am currently working on some quilt blocks for a mystery quilt and a winter wool applique table runner I started before Christmas and did not finish. It will be done this coming Christmas. 🙂

  18. I am working on one of your spring table toppers. There are flowers on a round black background. Fun!

  19. I am working hard on 2018 SBOW. I have the 12 squares done and just iron on the center nest design of the center block. Ready to sew away.

  20. I’m busy sewing face masks for our local hospital – when this is all over I really want to learn wool appliqué and your book looks like a wonderful resource.

  21. Thank you for connecting through your blog and emails. I really look forward to them! I’ve been busy finishing up some reproduction projects , doing the hard part – the quilting. Luckily I had enough fabric in my stash for the two baby quilts I have to make and send in a few weeks, and I’ve loved working on some small woolies. I’ve discovered that I love working with wool, although I can only use the blanket and stem stitches! I hope to expand my repertoire soon – looks like I’ll have to order your book. Notice there’s no cleaning – I did for the first 2 days and now I’m done with that!

  22. I absolutely love this book. It is a must have book if you do wool applique. I preordered sight unseen and it Mira than lived up to my expectations. Made my sister order it. She is new to wool applique in a town where wool applique isn’t taught.

  23. I would love to have your book!! It looks like a fantastic resource. I just ordered the kit for the Christmas Carols quilt along. I have done a few wool appliqué projects. Recently finished a MSQ too and am now making masks for Wake Forest Hospital here in Winston-Salem, NC. Stay well and safe.

  24. Like many thers I have made several masks, and continue making as people request. BUT I am finding health care workers love my headbands with buttons. Their ears are getting sooooo sore from the facemasks…….my headbands have buttons for them to hook the elastic bands to………another great way to utilize my stash. jmh

  25. I live that the book has all the info needed for wool applique. You qere workung on it on the cruise in 2017 and I couldn’t wait to purchase it. A must for all working with eool.

  26. I do not have the book but would love to be a recipient. I am making masks for my local hospital. I think that I will make some for family members also. While I am doing that, my embroidery machine is stitching away, making quilting motifs on a “blank” quilt.

  27. Hi Lisa and friends. I am working on the wool sheep from the Christmas box, with some changes. I am putting together the last two everlasting blocks, too. I am also piecing a quilt. Keeping busy …

  28. I have been spending my #isewlation getting caught up on projects that have been mal-lingering in the closet! I actually cleaned out the closet and reorganized it too! Haven’t read your book yet but I love your project photos….they make me drool with envy!

  29. This book was a game changer for me! I did hand stitching many years ago and this book was so easy to read and use to help me get back in the stitching of things! Absolutely love it!!!

  30. I am working on “Home is where you build your nest” by Kathi Campbell in Spring 2020 Primitive Gatherings as well as sewing buttons on headbands for nurses to attach their masks too. Thanks for the chance!

  31. Loving my sewcation. I have been playing with wool! I have hooked one little able topper and want to try something a bit bigger. Last night I finished one of your pincushion kit projects. I have appliqued a piece of wool to use as a table topper. I am just beginning my wool journey and loving it and at the same time I realize how much I need to learn! I would love to win this book. Thanks for doing your part to encourage us to keep busy and enjoy our time at home!

  32. Your book is wonderful. What I like is the easy explanations and pictures. So very helpful. I would recommend it to anyone experienced or just learning wool appliqué.

  33. I already have the book…my favorite part about it is the pictures of how the stitches look! Very helpful! The patterns included to practice the stitches are pretty cool too! Guess there’s not a lot I don’t like about the book! Would love to have one of the kits you have offered to win. Stay healthy!

  34. Have the book and love it. It is such a good reference for when I have a “Senior Moment “ and just can’t remember for the life of me how to do a stitch. Finished Buster Bunny and now working on Mother and Daughter, working also on Wool Box projects and SBOW. Do miss hugs from friends. You are the best Lisa.

  35. I am currently working on 2018 Wooly Block “Lily and Chickadee”, I’d share a photo but can’t in the comments. Keeping my hands busy during this stressful time. Stay healthy, Be Well.

  36. I’m working on a baby quilt — a new great grand daughter was born this morning!! That is something to lift our spirits. The quilt is nearly done I’m also finishing up some UFO’s from ages ago. It makes me feel good to see the list go down.

    With the warm sunny weather this week in central Illinois, my husband and I have been working on the yard…. trimming trees, cleaning up leaf litter from last year and catching up on some jobs that “we just didn’t have time to do”.

    I continue to look for the blessings during this challenging time. The more you acknowledge, the easier it is to find more 🙂

    Prayers for health to all and much gratitude to healthcare, emergency and grocery store workers.

  37. I am in isolation as I suffer from health issues that make me more vulnerable to Covid 19 than the average person. To keep busy I have joined the 2020 Christmas Carols Mystery Quilt along. I have also joined Sue Spargo 90 day toned down sampler. And our Guild has just been ask to sew masks for our local hospital and hospice so I am setting up to start that (my sampler may not get done in the 90 days….). I would love to win your book as I so love your work!

  38. Am making masks for two hospitals in our area and for friends, but I have several projects waiting and I would love to learn more from your book! It looks like a great reference book and I love learning new things , even at 72.

  39. I do not have the book and would love to try something new….haha, to add to all my other UFO’s!! I am working on an afghan and a flannel quilt for the birth of a new granddaughter in July!

  40. I have the book love love it! It has the best photos and explanations, I was developing bad habits , photos help so much?

  41. I am working on your Primitive Garden quilt and would love a copy of the book. ❤

  42. I do not have your book, yet. I love the Autumn table runner kit, and might have to try it sometime. I am a beginner at wool applique, but I love doing needle turn traditional applique. I have been bouncing from project to project, and working on mask sewing, too. I have tried several patterns of those.

  43. I love this book the instructions are easy to follow.
    I am working on UFO and cooking

  44. Working on my wool box projects.
    Love the lady box with the beautiful flower wool mat. Would love your book to learn more stitches. 🥰

  45. I am working on a block of the month wool sampler quilt. I am loving every minute of it. I am so thankful for your posts to help us all on this journey. Thank you!

  46. Hello everyone! Here in Michigan we are in lockdown so I’ve been using this time to catch-up on some of my UFO’S. I’ve finished 2 hooked rugs that have been hanging around undone and am working on a 3rd one that’s about 3/4’s done. Am also working on the Urban Rose BOM wall hanging and a few other applique projects trying to finish them up. It’s amazing how many of these UFO’s I have tucked away.
    I don’t have your book but have had my eye on it since it came out.

    Sandy Hanson

  47. I have so many UFOs that I am tackling them first! I have two wool porojects that I have beeen afraid to attempt. What needles do I use? How come your wool never looks frayed and the ones I have done are? Is it that the wool wasn’t tight enough?

  48. Your book is an amazing resource! I still have pillowcases I embroidered while in college – early 60s – so have been doing it a bit 🥴. The examples are outstanding. Have added even more embellishments
    to my PG wool projects.

    When the news is dire and the late winter clouds grey I can pull out my stitching and smile. Thanks for opening up possibilities.

  49. Trying to complete several projects I have started including severak wool projects. I’m sure your book would be a wonderful help in completing some of my projects

  50. I already own the book! It is wonderful! I had the binding spiraled so I can lay it flat. I have finally mastered the bullion stitch-thanks to your book!!!

  51. I am working on Primitive Gatherings “God Bless America” truck from 2019 Wooly Block Adventure. The wools in this kit are gorgeous! I must say #isewlation is not so bad! 🙂

  52. I love this book and refer to it often while stitching. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve referred to it as well. My local quilt shop has sold out several times!

  53. Today I started cutting fabric for a niece’s Christmas gift, a quilt showing dog love. My grandmother taught me how to embroider. Remember the pillowcases & dresser scarves? I have a few different books showing stitches & how tos. When I see a different one at a garage sale, estate sale etc I always browse through them & usually end up buying it. In fact I have a table mat ufo as I keep putting the stitches in to attach the tongues & then pull them back out. Would like to see your method. Only saw your book once around our area but already had too much at the counter to purchase. Regrets are should haves.

  54. This book is the best “Go to” for embroidery or hand stitching. It has helped me realize what I was doing wrong and how to improve. I love the Autumn table mat. I’ve been sewing headbands and facemasks but signed up for the Moda Christmas mystery and am waiting for a kit from Farmhouse Threads. Thanks.

  55. I don’t have this book…but I would love to. I’m sure there is more to learn! I just finished my last two everlasting blocks and I can’t wait to see how we are going to put them together.

  56. I have several projects in various stages but this am I got out a WIP of pumpkin wool that I started about 5 years ago

  57. I love wool, but I am working on quilting a quilt from a block swap. And piecing a train quilt for my nephew. The upside to all of this is getting projects done!

  58. I’d love to win your book! I’m not doing much sewing for pleasure these days, I’m making masks for our hospital, my nieces who are RN’s, and for the facility where my 96 year old father lives. My kit with the tulips arrived yesterday and I’m looking forward to working on it!

  59. I am so glad I already have your book because I refer to it all the time. My favorite part is the step by step clear pictures that I use all the time. Right now I’m working on my Everlasting blocks. I love them and can’t wait to see what we do with them. Thank you, Lisa!!!!!

  60. Love your new book because it explains the techniques and tools in concise manner that is easy to follow. Great tool for those who can’t take a class. After moving around the country for 20 years, am working on finishing up numerous quilt projects that got packed and some of the first summer block projects I bought from Primitive Gatherings…won’t say how old they are…but I left Green Bay in 2012!

  61. I used your free bunny embroidery to make a small challenge quilt for a guild project. It’s in the cue for quilting. Will IG post when done ✅

  62. I’m finishing up projects and starting Blockheads 3… a little late but so excited to join in!

  63. I have started “woolery” and love the different styles and techniques…I’ve been learning on my own, so it is exciting to see a real reference book that I could use to make beautiful gifts as well as decor for my home!

  64. #isewlation Just finished the Hello Spring table runner, now working on Tulip Basket table mat for a Mother’s Day gift! Would love to win this great reference book!

  65. Love wool work! Your book would be wonderful to have.Just finished Penny Pinkeep.Cutting out Winter Crazy Table Mat. Have the other seasonal mats waiting in line. So happy to be working with your patterns & wool while I wait for cancer surgery this week. The wool is so calming & relaxing to work with. Keep creating those wonderful patterns. Thanks!

  66. I do not have one of your books, would LOVE to win one.
    I do work with wool, very forgiving.
    My sisters & I have been working on masks for a local hospital.
    Going to start a new Halloween quilt this weekend.
    Be safe, stay healthy.
    Thanks for all you do.

  67. I do not have the book and I am really interested in wool stitching. I have started to gather some wool pieces. What I’m working on right now–cleaning the shower–no, not fun.

  68. well there is no time like now to start a new craft; this giveaway should do it. Looks like we are on stay at home and maybe even curfew until end of May……. sigh~

  69. I do have to go to work. Working for municipal electric. But I do work at home on some quilting projects. Right now I am trying to catch up on Petra Prins quilting box with Dutch Heritage fabrics. There is some EPP and handsewing curved bias fabric.

  70. Here’s what I love about this book: I was able to use everything in it successfully. I shocked myself. The results were gorgeous, and I am so looking forward to doing more. Thank you for sharing your expertise. It was a great investment!

  71. I love the bright smaller pictures above every first page in the ‘Stitches’ section. Silent tutelage. Brilliant.

  72. I have jumped between projects a lot during got last 2 weeks. Today I am working on a Harry pOtter quilt and yesterday I did the wool christmas tree ornament that you designed. It turned out Sooooo cute.

  73. I’m an essential employee for the city where I live, so I’m still working. When I’m home I’m working on masks, I’ve had several family members ask for them, so I’m busy with that. I do have your book and I love it, it has so many great tips and patterns.

  74. I am working in Happy Halloween by Amy Bradley. But I am doing it in wool. The monsters are coming out so great with all the hand dye wool I have.

  75. Working on several quilts, piecing and hand quilting. Also a hooked rug and riding my motorcycle away from people!

  76. I would love to have your book, thanks for the offer! I have rummaged through my unfinished boxes, and pulled out all sorts of fun little projects that are soon to be finished…having lots of fun!

  77. Don’t have the book. Would LOVE it though. I am off work until restrictions lifted. Week one: woohoo unexpected VACA Paid. Week 2: WTF! (What the Fool) 20 years of material, books and kit buying that apparently went unchecked by the looks of my sewing room that was recently compared to a hoarder situation. Someone exaggerates. Quilt buddy and I finished the top of a Quilt of Valor, making scrub hats for local nurses. Hopefully by week 3 I can get to another UFO. I am so glad I bought that stuff all these years. NO REGRETS.

  78. I am a beginner with wool appliqué I have finished a leaf wall hanging from one of your books but I am sure not correctly Your book would give me the guidance I need Quilting gives me joy and solace Cathy

  79. Finishing BH Frolic mystery and quilting various charity quilts. I have a few wool UFOs to work on later.

  80. I am playing with my free motion quilting skills, 4 quilts to bind. Then, next up is a REALLY old LB block of the month. Focusing on completing things i have vs starting new. I love wool applique, have a few of those waiting too.

  81. I have your book and love it!! I keep it right where I do my wool projects so that I can reference it at any time- I am new to wool applique and it has been the best thing as aay time I have a question on how to do some thing I can just go to the expert!!! (your book )

  82. Healthcare worker (oncology), so not much time. I’m looking forward to starting the kit for the spring crazy table mat that I recently ordered. I’d love a chance to win the book!!

  83. I would LOVE to win this book. I have no idea what I am doing! I need to give my hands something to do during #isewlation. I am still able to work, from home, so I am super lucky, but that doesn’t give me any extra time for projects, just nights and weekends. Stay safe everyone!

  84. Hi Lisa – that is one book that I do not have but would love to own! I just finished up a bright and cheery wall hanging to lift my spirit during this quarantine. I’m fortunate enough that I am currently working from home so I don’t have as much time to quilt – and I’m not complaining as I’m grateful to still be receiving a check. I’ll be going back to working on my final border of Twilight Gatherings tonight…patiently waiting to see what you have in store for us with this years SBOW. Stay safe and healthy!

  85. I am healing from knee replacement surgery three weeks ago. I love looking at Lisa’s books as I haven’t been in much of a mood to sew. I do not have the one posted on the Friday quilting giveaway.

  86. I have the book and love it because it really is like having Lisa sitting next to you, helping you create a special stitch. Haven’t made any of the projects, but love them all and want to make them all.

  87. Your book is wonderful and I refer to it all the time since I am new to wool applique.

  88. I have put aside my quilt project and am making masks for our local urgent care facility. Lovely book — would help me do my wool appliqué correctly😀

  89. I am currently working on a quilt to hang in our newly remodeled kitchen and then going to be making masks. Thanks for this great give-away. I’d love a copy of your book!

  90. Oh goodie, another give away. Keeps our spirits up. Thank you. I’m new to wool and bought your book which has been a tremendous help. I said I wasn’t going to do wool as I’m an avid quilter. Well that went out the window once I picked up wool and began working with it. I’m hooked😊

  91. Don’t have the book yet, but just last week ordered your Sheep Tin to practice wool applique…and I like sheep 🙂
    Currently not in isewlation, but am carving out 15 minutes of ‘me time’ to learn wool applique to keep my mind off of work. Thanks for all of your efforts to keep our minds occupied…I think it is working!

  92. I do not have your book! During my isewlation I am finishing some quilt tops – my longarm is running hot ladies! I am also trying to do a wool appliqué pillow that I bought the kit for years ago. I can see by your post that I need your book to give me a few pointers. BECAUSE I don’t have the hand skills to make my wool appliqué look like yours does. Mine is nasty. Happy sewing, Stay safe. Stay healthy.

  93. I do not have this book. I just finished the newest 52 mini-ways, and I am working on some of the everlasting blocks. Finishing things up as well as starting new ones. Stitching is definitely a stress reliever!

  94. Making masks for a cousin who is a respiratory therapist and her hospital family. Hope to get back to stitching soon! The book looks amazing. Thanks for the chance to win!

  95. I pre-ordered your book last year and LOVE it. As an experienced stitcher, I already knew the basics. What I love is the instruction for the more complex stitches. It came in super handy for last year’s Summer Wool BOM and those bullion stitches!! I’d love to have another of your beautiful kits!

  96. I have this book and LOVE it! I do a fair amount of quilting and appliqué and it surprises me how often I reference this book after years of sewing! It is so carefully laid out, the photos are perfectly matched to the tutorial text. I love learning Lisa’s well-honed tricks! Such a whole great resource. Thank you Lisa! Happy Stitching Happy Spring!

  97. Hi Lisa

    Thanks for giving away an awesome resource.

    During “isewlation” I am in AZ for a couple months(I live in northern MI). My hubby and I came out to finish up the winter not knowing all this shut down would occur. We are taking care of our 5 yr old granddaughter while our kids are working. I am doing virtual school with her during the week. In the afternoons I am trying to catch up with all my PG Wool Box projects. My granddaughter loves to watch me stitch and talks about how beautiful the projects are even before they are stitched. :). Maybe one day she will want to learn the art of hand stitching. I will love to teach her.

    Thanks again and enjoy what downtime you have.


  98. Hello! I am “meeting” so many new artist’s to me through FB & learning about new handiwork, like working with wool! ♥ I, too, would Love a copy of your book, & to possibly win it would be amazing! Thank you for even the encouragement to begin something new! I’m loving all the new possibilities. May you all stay well! ♥

  99. Sooo many projects undone! Finishing up wool appliqué pillow March Hare. Love your book and reference it all the time. Thanks for your help!

  100. I don’t have the book and would LOVE one. What I like best about what I see is the little pin cushion and all the little sewing related things–can never have enough of them! I’m working on the tiny red tulip basket quilt–SEW cute! Nancy G.

  101. I don’t have your book, but I really enjoy your designs and your kindness to all of us–thanks!

  102. My FAVORITE book for wool!!❤️❤️❤️ LOVE the colorful pictures & all the wonderful explanations of the many different stitches!!! I Love to just sit and look thru it in the evenings, you do such BEAUTIFUL work Lisa!!
    Such inspiration!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️ THANKYOU!!!

  103. I love your book! It does an excellent job of describing the art of wool appliqué — both for experienced and newbies to the art.

  104. I have been sewing tons of masks and shields for Days For Girls. I made all the family in Texas, Oregon, Wyoming, Colorado and North Carolina masks as well. Plus finished multiple quilting projects that had been begging to be completed!

  105. I do not have this book I have done a lot of your patterns and liked them all. Great giveaway Lisa, while we are all staying in your new book will be fun.

  106. Wow… that looks like a great guide book! I am currently working on finishing projects and one of them is the Snowman Collector which I love so much I decided to make one for all my friends… lol! I am a bit behind!

  107. I do not have your book, but just looking at these pics makes me want to get out one of the ones I do have 🙂 I am currently spending too much time looking up Covid stats on the computer when I should really be out doing some ironing and creating flower appliques for my Green Tea and Sweet Beans quilt.

  108. Thank you for the opportunity and your generosity. I have a bazillion projects going on at once, and I’m psyched! Lots of squirrels at my house!!! Just finished a baby quilt, and now working on a bunny wall hanging for Easter, a civil war fabric quilt, a red and white quilt, a king-sized UFO, and starting a SAL. Thank goodness my fabric stock is full and overflowing!

  109. No I do not have this book! But I would love to! I may have to order it from you if my name isn’t drawn to win!
    I am currently working on a wool mat with hydrangeas — an older pattern, but I love it! ♥️♥️

  110. I bought the book and it has been THE BEST teacher for me. Lisa is awesome!! Being new to wool work I couldn’t have been successful without this book. I have used the stitches guide on very piece I’ve worked on. My favorite part of the book has to be the very detailed explanations with matching pictures. Such a well thought out book! Thanks for going the extra mile to help us feel good about our work!!!

  111. I’m working on doll quilts for granddaughters birthdays! What a fun and generous giveaway-I really want to do wool appliqué!

  112. I’ve been taking this time in quarantine to catch up on my wool box items! And I have 100 plus blocks of the Dear Jane quilt done already so I’m trying to do one of those a day to so I can eventually finish it Lol. I would love to win your book though so I could look at how to do some more of your different stitches! Thanks for the give aways and you and your family and staff please stay healthy ❤️

  113. Have put quilting aside for a short hiatus while I make masks for my neighbors and friends. Thanks for doing this and stay well.

  114. I made face masks for local nursing homes. I will be making PPE gowns for my hometown nursing home. Working on this plastic coated fabric will be a challenge! I am also finishing the quilting on a UFO that I started in 2013. I am excited to finish it. My small quilt group and I are working on a mystery quilt suggested by our snowbird friend who will not be back until June. We miss her!

  115. I’m working on masks for my DIL, SIL, a Covid-19 Mystery Quilt and a baseball quilt for my soon to be 8 year old grandson.

  116. I’m working on masks during the day and stitching a few pincushions from Primitve Gatherings and also starting to work on the new mystery quilt which will be fabulous with all the great designers sharing.

  117. Hi Lisa, I bought your book at Road2Ca and can honestly say it was the best investment I’ve made since I bought my Juki from you 4 years ago! I love the detailed pictures of you actually doing the stitching. There is so much information in this book, you can’t go wrong whether you’re new to wool appliqué or not.

  118. I have the book and LOVE IT! If i don’t know how to do something I know I will find what I need to help me in your Wool,Needle and Thread book. Everything is explained that is so easy to understand, especially helpful are the pictures! This book is a must for any wool lover!

  119. I’ve LOVE handwork – having said that, I am absolutely chicken to try wool appliqué. I have patterns, I have kits – what’s the holdup? Maybe I need a book from someone who’s done it all – what do you think?

  120. Hey Lisa! Along with 3 other projects, I am working on your Home Grown banner. I have all the stitching done, but I thought I should have it quilted before I put on the 100 flowers. My quilter was happy about that too!
    I am enjoying your new Stitch with Lisa Bongean. I am so impressed with the needle work that is done on your patterns!! What talent! I’ll be happy if I ever figure out how to post anything! I need the grandsons to show me someday!!

  121. I have the book, and love all the step by step pictures and details of techniques. This is a MUST HAVE book for anyone beginning in wool applique!

  122. Would love to have this book! Am new to wool projects and need all the help I can get. I am working on a few free projects I have found on FB. Thanks!

  123. I would absolutely love a copy of this book! Right at the moment I am sewing masks. I am also working on finishing up the Edyta Sitar mystery quilt. I have already printed out the first block of the Christmas Carols mystery and would love to get started on that. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Take care.

  124. I have the book and love it. There were certain things that your pictures and descriptions really helped to make my work look so much better.

  125. I am cleaning my room and pulling wools for a new project. I just finished piecing a doll quilt and have it layered for hand quilting. When my table gets organized later today it is time for me to start something new. I hope to take a class from you one day.

  126. I’m slowly working away at Twighlight Garden. Love this quilt!. Thanks Lisa. You are an awesome inspiration

  127. We are on Stay Home here in PA & I’m getting ready to stitch Masks. My granddaughter gave me your book for Christmas. I love everything about it , especially the step by step directions along with the close-up photos. I took a class from you at Quilt Odyssey in Hershey – you are the best teacher. You taught the entire time about wool, threads, scissors, and everything else we needed to know about working with wool – not a minute was wasted.

  128. I have the book and love it – your pics/photos keep things crystal clear! I am sewing on some previously started projects, making masks, watching professional and quilting webinars/videos. Then I cook, bake and eat – then I go for a walk daily regardless of weather – helps to keep that whole eating thing in check! Thank you for the chance!

  129. I am working on a quilt using Indigo Gatherings and have started a wool table topper – only the second time that I have worked with wool. Love that small pin cushion.

  130. I am making masks, working on wool appliqué projects I’ve put on the back burner and started a few new. I’m making the Dresden village will wool on cotton. I’m naming it “Shelter in Place”. Thank you for keeping us entertained during this difficult time. Be safe and well.

  131. I am fairly new to wool appliqué although I have done a few PG projects. This book looks amazing to be confident to take on more wool projects. 🙂

  132. I have this book and I believe it is the best book showing how to make these embroidery stitches, The pictures are amazing. I have recommended this book to my quilting friends. Love it. Lisa, thank you for bringing us this wonderful learning tool. It helped tremendously doing the embroidery on Moon Garden.

  133. I would love to have a copy of the book. I have been working on finishing some projects, but am putting them aside while I make face mask for family and friends, our state may go to mandatory face mask when we need to go out in public.

  134. I’m working on masks for an assisted living and my wool Happy Fall pillow from primitive gatherings 😀

  135. I’ve been working on “love each other” from your wool box. I’ve never sewn with flannel, so glad for this small “trial”. Also was able to take a class with Lynne from Kansas Troubles before all this craziness, so working to get that quilt done.

  136. Right now I am busy making masks. I don’t have the book yet but make one of your wool kits and would love to
    try another wool project. Would be great to win a kit!!

  137. I love the book! I keep it in a basket next to my chair! Love the detailed info on needles, threads and stitches….and also the photos and tips for appliqué, iron on, etc….. it is my go-to reference book…..great job Lisa!

  138. I’m working on a Project Linus quilt. Also trying to take care of a few house projects that I didn’t have time for before.

  139. I work in a law office and lawyers are considered essential workers here in Missouri – I’m grateful to have a job, but concerned about being exposed.

  140. I bought your book at Road to California in January! It was actually my #1 stop! My favorite part?? The recommendation for the LoRan needle threader! What a find!! I also love every single pattern in the book! You’re keeping me very busy, Lisa!❤️

  141. I just L❤️VE , L❤️VE, L❤️VE your book! I’m a newbie to appliqué and the step by step instructions makes it easy for each stitch. The projects are wonderful! I can’t wait to make all the projects in the book!! Thank you !

  142. I have your book and you are right, it is almost like your with us. Pictures are amazing and it is great to have tips from a pro.

  143. Oh Lisa …you are so generous to offer this fabulous guide as a give away …I am saving to purchase it…winning it would be wonderful…Melinda 😂

  144. I am fairly new to wool appliqué and just got your book. It is so helpful! I keep it close by and reference the stitches. Your instructions are so easy to follow. I’m anxious to get started on the projects! It would be great to win a kit or wool!

  145. Hi Lisa,
    Would love a copy of the book. Would be a nice break from sewing masks. Love all your patterns.
    Thanks for the giveaway.
    Stay safe and healthy.

  146. i actually have a signed copy of the book. I refer to it quite often. The photos are worth a thousand words. So very helpful. Thank you for your generous spirit. Keep stitching!

  147. The close up pictures and step by step instructions are great. I bought it at Road this year, and now just need wool!

  148. Oops got so excited I forgot to say I have been making masks and doing a lot of handsewing outside …embroidery, applique, cross stitch ,quilting. Thank you again for your generosity

  149. The best thing about the book is it is always by by side for help with all my questions and examples to strive for, better stitches!

  150. I already have the book and love it! It’s filled with lots of good info. As I’m stitching I always keep it nearby. I’m left handed but I fine it easy to use

  151. I am working on last Friday’s free pattern…Red Tulip Basket Mini….so cute. Thank you!

  152. Your book is on my list to buy. I am making masks and watching too much tv. Thanks for keeping in touch with us.

  153. Bought the book already. It is a great resource for Wool Applique. It’s got all the information I need to be successful at it are in the book.

  154. After taking a workshop with you at our guild, I was in love with the wool appliqué. I ordered this book as a refresher of that workshop. You’re right! It IS like having you right there teaching us all over again! It’s great to remind me of all the little tips and ‘how to’s’ of finishing my project. Absolutely love it!!

  155. I am also working on masks and only masks right now. I do love wool appliqué and enjoy doing seasonal projects with wool. It looks like a fabulous book- such pretty projects.
    Stay healthy everyone!

  156. I already have a copy of Wool, Needle & Thread. I couldn’t wait until it finally came out and what’s NOT to love about it. It covers probably everything that you would ever want or need to know about stitching with wool AND it explains everything, complete with up close pictures. I think that all stages of quilters whether you are a beginner or a more advanced needle worker would benefit from it and the projects are wonderful for whatever your skill is.

  157. I have your book and the best part is the step by step directions and of course the photos of projects.

  158. I am still working, but reduced hours. Having a hard time adjusting to it all. Still sewing, but decided it was time to learn something new so started a knitting project that is teaching me a new stitch, the herringbone. Keeps me focused…

  159. Hi Lisa, During my #isewlation I am trying to catch up on all my Sew alongs. Moda Blockheada 3, Make a Wish #Bloomtopia, Buttermilk basin BOM, FQS Mini Wonder quilt plus my own UFO’s. But I am mostly excited to start my new Wool Box projects.

  160. I have lots of projects in the works, but put everything on hold to make masks for medical personnel. Thanks for keeping our spirits up.

  161. I just finished a “charity” quilt. Next is a t-shirt quilt to keep my son-in-law happy. I have done a little wool, but would LOVE to have to book to perfect my technique because I WANT TO DO MORE! And I want it to look nice – not spending money to “practice,” it need to be nice the first time.

  162. Our shop has ordered quite a few copies of our book and I can’t wait for them to arrive. Haven’t done much hand sewing lately – busy with Covid-19 products. Stay safe and healthy.

  163. I am working on some quilts, some for donation after this current situation is over. I am also hoping to use some of my small pieces of wool in some kind of small project (perhaps a pin cushion?) Creativity will keep us sane.

  164. Lisa- I’m working on my Primitive Garden needle turned appliqué and Moda Blockheads 3. I love the step by step photos in my book!!! It’s an awesome reference guide. Stay safe!

  165. I have the book and love it. I am a visual learning so the pictures and any videos you do are so so helpful

  166. Hi Lisa, I LOVE your book and gifted one to a friend. It is a fabulous reference book. I also LOVE your Wool Swatch Chart, for the same reason, and gifted that to them too. Currently when I’m not working remotely, I’m doing appliqué on Bunny Hill’s “The Night Before Christmas” quilt. Oh, and my wool box this month was AWESOME!!! Hugs, Jakey

  167. Hi Lisa! Right now I am in isolation with my grandson teaching him, because his mom delivered a premature baby yesterday at the hospital where she works! I love working with wool and would really love to win this book. Thanks for the opportunity. By the way we made your scrumptious cherry chip cookies yesterday. Yum!

  168. I do not have your book. I have not done any wool work yet, but have several good friends who are addicted. I have wanted to and have even picked up a couple small kits, but just cannot get the start to look right. I would love nothing better than to have your book as a study guide to get started properly. Thank you for the opportunity!

  169. There are quilt blocks on the design wall that are calling me…it is a scrap quilt using my stash and twelve traditional blocks (my favorites). They are in Fall colors and warm tones…just what I need right now.

  170. I have the book! Bought it last year ..suggested by you at IQS in Houston. I am new to wool. I own 2 of your kits. Have not been brave enough to dive in yet. I am currently working on an eye-spy for my almost 2 year old grandsons birthday this month.

  171. I am doing my best with students and Teachers and their distance learning. Crazy days! Thanks for all you do. I’m currently working on the block of the month with navy background. LOVE it, but it’s taking me forever!

  172. I do have the book, I bought it as soon as it came out as I have been getting wool boxes since day 1 and figured I might be doing things… ahem… not quite perfectly!

  173. I do have the book and love all the closeup photos which really help to figure out just how to make those fun stitches! Have referred to it a LOT! Glad I bought it, worth it for sure. Thanks, Lisa!

  174. Lots of quilting and sewing going on here in WA. Made about 50 face masks last week for an assisted living facility and 10 more last night for my immediate family. Have also made 2 quilt tops and am just binding one for donation to our Comfort Quilts charity. Also have been doing some stitching on a wool project. So thankful to be a quilter at this unknown time.

  175. I don’t have the book, but I surely would like one! Still working on moon garden and loving it!

  176. I’ve set aside wool projects for a while but this would be a great push to get back to them!

  177. I do not have the book yet. You have some darling patterns included. I especially love the autumn table mat. I have not had extra time in my sewing room. Spending 4-5 days a week at my daughters watching the grandkids so she can work. I have really been enjoying working on the projects from the wool box subscription. Perfect to receive when there are no shops open or time to shop.

  178. I have the book and have since it came out. I love it, being able to go look at step by step with pictures is the best. It’s helped me become better at stitching… . Happy stitching.

  179. I’m working on a mystery quilt that I started last November. It’s coming along, slowly! Also, I’m going to be sewing more face masks. Sewing and quilting as well as home improvement projects are keeping me busy during this stressful time.

  180. I am very interested in working with wool. I have been researching this art but haven’t jumped into yet. I love wool. I have collected many Pendleton wool blankets which I love even though I live in Texas. I love your creativity Lisa and you are very inspiring. Thank you for all you do for the world of quilting and creating.

  181. Thank you Lisa got offering this giveaway. I am currently working on a wool on wool large wall hanging from Shades of the Past, also on last years Mystery Crazy quilt, plus a wall hanging I picked up in Albuquerque, called hanging pots, using wool for the pots. Also piecing on several other quilts. Just finished assembling a tshirt quilt for my grandson for graduation. No shortage of projects here in Minnesota. Stay safe!!

  182. I just finished a college T-shirt quilt top for my granddaughter. It’s been taking all my sewing time this past week – but need to get it quilted, then bound, and send it on since I don’t know if we all can travel by mid-May! I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to win your book. I‘ve seen it and drooled but never purchased and OH, THAT FALL TABLE MAT!! I love Owls – would be such fun to make that for a better time yet to come! By the time that would be in use, hopefully this isolation would be a thing of the past!!!
    Stay healthy and safe —-

  183. I don’t have the book but would love to have it as a reference so I can do justice to some of your wool projects that a friend gave me when she moved. Thanks for your generosity.

  184. I am now working on ‘To Plant a Flower’. I have finished the flowers and am embroidering the message. I am in isolation because of my health and doing this has really helped make it seem not quite so horrible. When I finish this I’ll be making some pincushions (from your book) for my cousins. There are 7 of us who are quilters and go to the Quilt Show in Grand. Rapids MI together every year.

  185. I have been doing binding on a quilt with a couple more to go. Also working on some applique and knitting! I love working on your wool projecdts!

  186. Yes, I have the wool book! Since I’m not close enough to visit your shop and take classes this is the next best resource for me. I love the detailed pictures and explanations! Anytime I have a question I can pull the book out to refresh my memory. I also love the technique videos that you provide in some of the FaceBook groups! Looking forward to seeing the new Summer BOW’s!

  187. I can’t seem to concentrate much, so I take everything in about 1/2 hour increments. Sew for 1/2 hour, clean a drawer out. Vacuum the floor, sew again. Small projects like pouches that I can do quickly are good too.

  188. I was eyeing my wool stash and patterns earlier this week, so would love a copy of the book! I’m “experimenting” with free motion quilting and finished two quilts (tops were waiting awhile!) in March. Have two more ready to go. Keeping up with my BOM at a local quilt shop–so happy directions can be emailed! My quilter’s group just got word to make masks for our local hospital. My work area is cleaned and ready!

  189. I have this book and love it! It is a great reference book for any wooly question I could have. I am working on the ear buds case from the latest wooly box! Thanks for the chance to win!

  190. I finally finished the Spring Pillow Applique from last year’s wool box but still have to sew the back and front together and add the zipper. That’s next on my list, but first have to finish replacing “elastic” that got too brittle in storage for our local hospital group. I’ve done 45 and have 25 more to go! Love the images from the book – would love to have it!!!

  191. Making face masks for friends and family — 72 to date. Good use of my quilt leftover stash and planning to use the small leftover scraps for a scrap quilt.

  192. I do not have the book and thank you for the give away. I am working on my BOM that started. I am seeing so much on line now and want to do them all but need to complete what I have started.

  193. I would love to own this book. I am just finishing up Midnight Garden. I just need to stitch the binding down. The I’ll be sticking some masks. 😊

  194. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Wool Needle and Thread!! I’ve used it so many times that some pages are dog-eared!!
    I’ve used it for various stitches and even how to start and end thread. It is SO a wool stitcher bible!
    For the past week, I’ve been making face masks for hospital angels!! It is so worth sewers foot (my right ankle is
    killing me along with my back!) I even made some masks for the Post Office ladies that I love to see when I mail packages to my grandchildren. At night, I either trim all the threads from the masks, quilt, or work on a wool primitive Santa. ( or just enjoy TV with a big glass of wine.)
    On another note – Lisa- I loved the link in your blog for Chris Mann!! I’ve sent it to my kids and all my friends. It made my day. Thanks for sharing. He now has a very meaningful one, thanking our health angels.

  195. Using this time to sew masks and caps for medical personnel, and a few BOMs when I have time. Glad to have a hobby that is helpful and creative while in waiting.

  196. # isewlation I’m a home healthcare worker and am working now but when I’m off I love to do hand wool work. I do not have your book and think it looks like I would learn a great deal from it.

  197. I do not have the book. I have been sewing masks for family, friends and the local nursing home. I have also been sewing caps for the local hospital.

  198. I do not have any of your books, but would love to have this one. Right now I am cleaning my sewing room and making dresses for my granddaughter, she is growing like a weed. So when this is over I am sure she will have outgrown the ones she has. Thanks for being so generous.

  199. I do not have your book but I do have a few scraps of wool I bought from a vendor at the Houston Quilt Show many years ago! Would love to get started on a project. I’ve embroidered but never on wool. I’ve just finished piecing and quilting a baby quilt for a friend of my youngest daughter ~ baby came early! Also binding a couple of other quilts I got back from the quilter’s. Masks are on my agenda for my next sewing project ~ for family members and health professionals in my area.

  200. I HAVE the book. What I like most about the book is the beautiful color demo pages. It is not as good as being with Lisa in class, but certainly the next best thing. I have learned so much from the illustrations it helps me not lean on my own interpretation of the directions.

  201. I have the book and you are right about it being the next best thing to having you sit beside us and guide us. I refer to the book all the time.

  202. I have this book. Actually preordered before it came out. Great pictures and instructions. Lisa makes it all so Eady. This is definitely a must have book if you are into wool appliqué.

  203. This is a wonderful book. Lisa shows you step by step each stitch. It’s a most for anyone’s library.

  204. I too have been working on masks. I am also working on a project for my children’s families in wool applique. I would love this book…I have admired it for some time but have not purchased…would love. I have many PG patterns, I love them. 💕💕

  205. I have been sewing masks for a week now, 167 as of yesterday! I ordered and received the light tulip table mat, and am eager to get started! Stay healthy everyone

  206. I would love this book. I dusted off my server and am doing some sewing for my little grand daughter. I have a quilt in progress and am big stitching a paper pieced quilt. I am a nurse. Does anybody else feel like the anxiety grows the longer you are @ home more? Thanks for the chance to win!

  207. I have your book and I love it! You explain how to do the stitches step by step and make it very easy to follow and learn. I have recommended your book to a number of my friends who now have it and have expressed to me how much they love it as well. In fact, I made the pincushion and gave it to a friend who loved it!

  208. Yes I have the book. It is wonderful. There are very clear illustrations step by step. I wish I had had the book before I completed Moon Garden, but now there are even more projects in it to try.

  209. I’m currently working on several sewalongs and just started the gorgeous one from Farmhouse Threads….trying to come up with the right colors of wool to make that first block. I’m also sewing masks for nurses at our area nursing home. I like that—“i-sew-lation”….if I’d think of it in those terms I think it would be easier to manage. Thanks for that and thanks for a chance to win!

  210. I Have the book. Love its step by step photos for stitches. Perfect stitch resource. Full of gorgeous color photos.

  211. I would love to win this book I do not own the book. I have been learning on the go. Just received my order with the Mother Daughter pillow kit, I am working on that. Thinking about where to apply my “STITCH” sticker. Thanks!

  212. I would love to have your book! I’m a paralegal and currently working from home while in isolation. In my free time, I’m working on lots of UFOs ❤️

  213. I have been sewing face masks for my family and quilting a log cabin for a dear friend. I have not worked with wool but having been stalking your website for a while.

  214. I am a longarm quilter who never has time to piece so I am enjoying doing so. I am also making face masks for health care professionals and family. I imagine I will be super busy quilting once the virus clears. Do you realize how many ladies are piecing quilt tops right now? I am grateful for the business!

  215. You inspired me to learn wool stitching. And right now it’s such a de-stressing pleasure to come home and do after work. Evan with a Stay-at-home mandate, people are out wanting to do silly things in silly ways.
    I believe you have helped many of us with our stress levels this month & in the months to come. Thank You!

  216. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book. I have a collection of wools but have really not used them yet as I was not certain of exactly how best to handle them. I have seen the pretty works over the years of people’s projects and some of your latest are really tugging at me – oh those bunnies! Thank you for all of your generosity.

  217. I have your book and love it, it is chock full of great tips and I love the geranium pattern, which is up on my list soon…twisting your needle with each stitch to keep your thread from twisting up is a game changer. Thanks especially for that tip!

  218. I own your wonderful book and what I like best about it is all the photos showing us your tried and true techniques! Someday I would love to take a class with you in Wisconsin! Currently, I am in “isewlation” at home in AZ!

  219. I have your book and love the step by step directions with awesome photos! A book to keep and refer to forever. I have been busy putting together all your pin cushions that I have collected over the years. Even found paperwork sharing your news of changing from backyard quilts to primitive gatherings!

  220. I don’t currently have your book but it’s on my list! What beautiful photos! We just moved in our house so a lot of unpacking and getting settled happening. I am working on a baby quilt for my grandson. I also have an embroidery BOM that I’m stitching on.

    Thank you for always giving back! Love what you do! Stay safe and stay healthy 💕😷

  221. What fun I am having making projects on my want to do list as well as completing projects that were in pause mode . The first paused project to be attacked was a t-shirt quilt for my nephew’s high school graduation. The top is all pieced and is now at the quilter’s. The first completed project on my want to do list was the hydrangea pincushion that came with my Primitive Gathering order around Thanksgiving. It is absolutely gorgeous! I’m sewing everyday on my block a day embroidery quilt inspired by Lisa’s. I have put the first 90 squares together. Love the daily quick embroidery fun. Next on my list is a wool quilt kit I purchased on our anniversary trip to Australia. So many great ideas keep popping up daily. What a blessing to have time to enjoy sewing and creating! I do not have Lisa’s book. It looks to be a fantastic resource for those of us who love to hand sew.

  222. I am working on a kit I bought at the Primitive Gatherings booth at the first AQS show in Des Moines, IA–about 13 years old. It is a log cabin with over 100 appliqued stars. I have the log cabin done and am over half done with the stars.

  223. I already have this book. The pictures make the written instructions very clear – that is the best part of the book! Thanks, Lisa, for this giveaway – you are so generous!

  224. Still working on Moon Garden but need some inspiration to do something new. That book looks interesting.

    1. I have this book and absolutely love it. I have alot of reference books and this is definitely the best one I own. It is like having you beside me all the time.

  225. I’ve been sewing masks (my son’s an ER nurse) and I’m taking a break to stitch some small happy projects to settle my emotions.

  226. I am working on my first ever wool project; White Flower Tablemat. I would love to win the book and learn more stitches!

  227. I have the book and love it. I have recommended it to so many of my wool quilting buddies. May be I could get a commission 😉. Would love to win one of your quilt bundles and/or one of your patterns. I am in Florida right now hunkered down in our home here. I am making lots of masks to share with our neighbors as I think we will soon all be wearing them for awhile. Looking forward to this getting over so we can get back to Wisconsin for the summer. That means I can also get back to your shop and do some shopping 🤗. Thanks for all you do to keep us busy with our favorite hobby. Take care and be safe.

  228. I have the book and it’s beyond great! Years ago, one day after work I traveled from Milwaukee to Lisa’s shop to take her awesome wool class. However, when I was out of the class I needed a coach. Then along comes the book. The close up photos showing the direction of the needle and stitch really compliment the instructions. Thanks Lisa for all your hard work and sharing!

  229. Your wonderful book would be lovely to have, so I would finally start enjoying stitching on the wool I have been collecting. Been busy keeping our quilt club members SEW TOGETHER while apart, editing and emailing our newsletter full of photos from our National Quilting Month community quilt display, Trunk Show, and meeting.

  230. This book is absolutely one you need in your library. Lisa doesnt miss a stitch when it comes to how to work with wool and project ideas.

  231. My quiltin’ quarantine has me finishing up on Moon Garden. So excited! Would love to win your book. I’m so into this woolly life❤️

  232. I do not have this book. I am just getting interested in working witb wool again. I would love a copy. I have been busy making masks for family and businesses that stay open snd cleaning organizing my new sewing area.

  233. I am very glad that you featured this book today because I do not have it but it looks amazing.

  234. I am working on Eastmoreland and making masks and surgery caps for my niece and her coworkers who work in a hospital. I would love to win this book!

  235. I am making cotton caps for docs and nurses to wear underneath their covid19 plastic face shields. I don’t own the book; would love to win it.

  236. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book! It looks wonderful. Right now I am working on the first of six quilted throws for a wedding gift for our son, our granddaughter, his bride to be and her three children!

  237. I love the book and reference it often to either refresh on how to do a stitch or learn a brand new one. And the material on finishing is really valuable.

  238. Sewing surgical caps and working on moon garden in the evening. Would love to win your book. I was in one of your original classes 20 years ago. Love your designs and beautiful projects.

  239. I am working on finishing several projects, one a wool appliqué from BB. One more block to finish and then I can put it together. Yes!!

  240. I’m hand quilting a little quilt and making a jointed easter bunny out of tapestry fabric by hand. I would love to get into wool quilting… thanks for a chance to win your new book.

  241. I do have the book. Jumped on it as soon as it was available. I have taken classes with Lisa and made lots of notes but this book is the next best thing to a live experience in Lisa’s class. It is definitely a necessary addition to my resource library.

  242. Sewing surgical masks, applying binding to quilts and stitching away on Moon Garden. One day, I will finish.

  243. New to wool! Would love to win book with kit. In the mean time I’m ordering the book!

  244. Hi Lisa and Everyone,
    I am currently working on my Spring Welcome Banner with beautiful tulips 🌷 which is my all time favorite flower! Sewing especially Primitive Gatherings items has been my outlet these last few weeks. I am a trauma/er RN in downtown Denver at a community trauma hospital and work (as you can imagine) has been absolutely crazy busy! It’s very hard working the front lines in a time like this. So when I am not saving lives I am sewing and creating in my craft room. It’s what is keeping me sane and alittle happiness is what I need right now! I have the book, which I absolutely LOVE and reference it so much especially since I am newer at this. Thank you for the wool boxes as well because it allows me to really enhance and learn different stitches while creating beautiful pieces!! Continue bringing a little tulip sunshine in my life!! Stay safe all!!

  245. I purchased the book six or seven months ago when I first started with wool. The explanations in the book for getting started, stitches, and finishing are very helpful. It is a constant reference for me. It is will worth the money.

  246. I am just finishing up a small quilt and then need to quilt a larger one. The next project I am hoping to do is a wool cover for an old picnic basket (cover on the lid, hopefully if I can figure it out). I use the basket for sewing supplies when I do hand stitching while watching TV. I do not have your book and would love to own one! I have done several wool projects and also a cotton/wool applique quilt that I just sort of made without a pattern. It started out as a table runner but then I kept adding more to it….just the way it goes sometimes! Thanks for all the fun Friday freebie offers!

  247. We started a major remodeling project right before this all started, so I have been cleaning up a lot of sheetrock dust. When I have gotten a chance I have gone upstairs to my sewing room and am putting borders on quilt tops that were already together. So far I have finished two and working on the third. Borders are not my favorite!

  248. Started working on the Christmas stocking. Would love to see how you do things. I’m a self taught wooler.

  249. I am working on multiple things right now. Hand embroidery is at the top of the list. I have found hand work to be very relaxing. I really enjoy wool projects too and have several completed. Always room for more!

  250. Hi Lisa — this was a fun post. I don’t have the book personally, but I purchased one for my daughter-in-law at the Jacksonville retreat. As a beginner, she loves the book. And for seasoned veterans, its a great reference. Since she’s in Colorado and I’m in Florida…..I don’t get to use it (LOL). As far as what I’m working on, today I finished my 36 squares for your quilt ‘Constitution’ (you know I love red, white and blue); and I just started cutting my kit for “Rocky Mountain Summer’ – one I purchased at your Menasha store a couple of years back. When I’m not sewing, I’m punching. Thanks for the chance to win:)

  251. I have been using your book last several days! I made the drizzle stitch & bullion on my latest mat. Directions & pics were fantastic!!!! I’ve taken one class from you & this was like having you right next to me. Love love love this book❤️

  252. Lisa, believe it or not, we just sold the house in which we raised our boys and are moving to the mountains of NC. We close on our new house Monday, April 6. Blocks 8 and 9 of Twilight Garden have been with me during the months we’ve lived in our camper. I just have the berries to do on Block 9. I have longed to get your book, but can’t buy new things while living in such close quarters. If I win it, it will thrill me down to my toes. Learning new stitches and techniques are such a worthwhile challenge.

  253. I must have been checked out when this book came out. It is a must have for sure. I am currently still stitching on my Summer Block of the Week patterns from you. I don’t (or didn’t) have the time to stitch that often, but I’m making good progress. I have started stitching blocks for Laundry Basket Quilts Mystery 2020 quilt and just ordered up the first kit for the Christmas Carols Mystery Quilt Sew-along, which I’m sure I heard about through your blog. So excited to seeing your block for this project next week.

  254. I don’t have your book. I haven’t seen it in any of our local quilt shops. I am working on a quilt that I started a few years ago. It will be nice to finally get it done. I do a lot of wool applique and have had the privilege of taking one of your workshops when I visited your shop.

  255. I would love to win a copy of your book!! I’m finishing Warm Winter Blessings right now, but can’t wait to start Garden Baskets. It’s so nice to keep in touch with other stitchers and to see their finished pieces. It just makes me feel not quite so isolated💕

  256. This book would be so helpful to me. I have enjoyed making a couple of your projects.

  257. I don’t have the book yet. It’s on my wish list. I am currently working on Laundry Basket’s 100 Block Mystery Quilt,the last block came out today. Would love to have something new to learn, wool appliqué interests me. Love your blocks in Moda Block heads.

  258. Hi have been busy during the sewquestering taking care of my brand new grandson. He was two weeks old yesterday.

  259. Lisa I have to start out by saying that you are a really generous and optimistic woman , and I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that you inspire me to be creative as much as I can! I fell in love with the little tulip quilt and have started working on that. I am working on some Lori Holt design boards as well. I am really a relative newbie to wool applique, but would be thrilled to win this wonderful book!

  260. I don’t have your book. Right now I am working on organizing my sewing space so I can get projects finished.