Big Quilting Sale Today on PRE CUT Fabrics!

Layer Cakes, Charm Squares, and Mini Charms (Candies), Jelly Rolls, Honey Buns, Fat Quarters and Fat Eights all the pre-cuts!  Regular & Flannel Fabrics both are part of this quilting Sale!

Please know that PRE-CUT PRE-ORDERS for Redwork Gatherings & Farmhouse Flannels II cannot be on the same order as any other pre-cut order…they have later ship dates… July & August.

Big Quilting Sale on PRE CUT Fabrics featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

42 responses to “Big Quilting Sale Today on PRE CUT Fabrics!”

  1. Nami11 Avatar

    Love your new Redwork Gatherings line. Thanks for a chance at your give away and your blog postings.

  2. Martha Campbell Avatar
    Martha Campbell

    Can’t wait for your new Redwork Gatherings! Would love to win your give away!

  3. Katherine Avatar

    OOO! more temptation until Redwork Gatherings is available!

    1. Mary L Boillat Avatar
      Mary L Boillat

      love the red and white fabrics. Thank you for the many fun things you create.

  4. Claudia Crump Avatar
    Claudia Crump

    Love love this

  5. Hildy Avatar

    Your new collection is so beautiful!

  6. S. K. Richardson Avatar
    S. K. Richardson

    I love your new Redwork Gatherings and I look forward to seeing what you have made with it!!!

  7. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
    Carol Eberhardt

    Awaiting the Redwork Gatherings quilt show! I have thought about doing a red and white quilt ever since the big show in NYC. That was breathtaking.

  8. Carrie Cameron Avatar
    Carrie Cameron

    Oh I can’t wait ti look . Thank you Lisa.

    1. Deb Belcourt Avatar
      Deb Belcourt

      Redwork Gatherings is gorgeous & it’s calling to be made into a quilt. Love the opportunity to win this collection. Thank you.

  9. Lynne Stockstill Avatar
    Lynne Stockstill

    I’m so excited about Redwork Gatherings!!!! I’m sure it will be just as beautiful as your other collections.

  10. Glenna D Avatar
    Glenna D

    I am usually not a big fan of reds, preferring the cooler colors, but your reds look delicious, I must have them!

  11. Penny Boser Avatar
    Penny Boser

    An opportunity not to be missed. Red and white to make a dynamite quilt. Thank you for the opportunity.

  12. Carol Collier Avatar
    Carol Collier

    I Love the Redwork Gatherings fabric!! Beautiful!! Am looking forward to seeing what you have made!!

  13. Lila Ferguson Buchanan Avatar
    Lila Ferguson Buchanan

    I cannot find a place to order the fabrics on sale today

  14. Neena Avatar

    I am going to take a peek at the precuts in a minute but I can’t stop thinking about the new redwork gatherings fabric you told us about last week! I didn’t want to forget to make that second comment. Thank you thank you for all your creative ideas, fabric and posts.

  15. Judy Lehman Avatar
    Judy Lehman

    Im trying to order Indigo Gathers Layer Cake, but can’t get the 20% sale price to show. I’ve already placed an order for Redwork Gatherings. According to the email I got, it said all precuts were 20% off. Did I mis-understand? What do I need to do?

  16. CheriP Avatar

    I would love to win rework! It is a new hobby for me!

  17. Ann Matheny Avatar
    Ann Matheny

    Will you be reworking some of your Indigo kits with the Redwork line? I hope!

  18. erkermk Avatar

    LOVE me some red and white quilts – they are classic and I would LOVE to make one of my own with YOUR fabs!!

  19. Eleanor K Hunzinger Avatar
    Eleanor K Hunzinger

    I would dearly love to win! Red is my favorite color; love to do redwork! Please enter me! Kay Hunzinger

  20. Beth Esser Avatar
    Beth Esser

    Yahoo for Redwork Gatherings! The perfect new fabric to sew in my new sewing room! We moved last November and had to have a room finished in the basement so I could have a place to sew and I have been moving in all my sewing things all last week. It’s a challenge to get organized in my new(smaller) space but so thankful to have it.

  21. Cecile Dyck Avatar
    Cecile Dyck

    I love to do red work embroidery and your new red work fabrics would be wonderful to work with my embroidery.

  22. Sherrie Davis Avatar
    Sherrie Davis

    I have never made a red quilt, even though my living room has red accents. As always a great giveaway.

  23. Martha Waddell Avatar
    Martha Waddell

    Love the indigo gatherings line looking forward to the redwork gatherings.

  24. Barb Nelson Avatar
    Barb Nelson

    You are an amazing creative genius. Each of your fabric lines are great. But it looks like redwork iwill be my passion

  25. Mary Bongers Avatar
    Mary Bongers

    Love the Redwork Gatherings collection. Red and white quilts are my favorite. Made a delectable mountain red and white quilt years ago. My husband put it on my hospital bed when i had to be there for quite awhile in 1990.
    That quilt still means a lot to me!

  26. Cathy C Avatar
    Cathy C

    Thanks for the sale! I love your Redwork Gatherings, Indigo Gatherings, and just about everything else!

  27. suzannecoSuzanne Avatar

    Can’t wait to order more of your lovely fabric.

  28. Marianne Stana Avatar
    Marianne Stana

    I have wanted to make a red and white quilt for ages, thank you so much for such a beautiful line of fabric.

  29. Cynthia Albrecht Avatar
    Cynthia Albrecht

    Love the rich reds in your Redwork Gatherings collection! Can’t wait to get my hands on them!

  30. Elizabeth Pierce Avatar
    Elizabeth Pierce

    Anyone that loves the color red has already fallen in love with Redwork Gatherings. The patterns are gorgeous and I am looking forward to your future creations.

  31. Sharon Paladino Avatar
    Sharon Paladino

    Absolutely beautiful line of red & white!!

  32. Christine Schoon Avatar
    Christine Schoon

    Thanks for the precut sale! I’ll check it out now! Love Redwork gatherings!

  33. Carmen Montmarquet Avatar
    Carmen Montmarquet

    Totally love your new redwork line! Love anything Primitive Gatherings!! Thanks for a chance to win!

  34. Judyk Avatar

    How exciting! Something about red and white quilts that cheer my soul. I have a red and white quilt picked out to start after I finish my red, blue and creamy white quilt. Keep up the good work— I’m ready to SHOP!

  35. Carmen mullins Avatar
    Carmen mullins

    The red work gathering fabrics are absolutely beautiful. Congrats. Can’t wait to see them up close and personal!

  36. Robyn Wiggins Avatar
    Robyn Wiggins

    You never let us down! Beautiful line of fabric.

  37. Dee Johnson Avatar
    Dee Johnson

    One more day to order, I need to get on it!

  38. Darlene Wegrynowski Avatar
    Darlene Wegrynowski

    Can’t wait to see everything you make with the new red work line. Hmmm will there be a special red work book coming out? I love the fat quarter bundles, as then generally I have enough fabric to make a decent quilt with some additional yardage, but sometimes I just buy the jelly roll to have it!

  39. Kim Anderson Avatar
    Kim Anderson

    I love the Redwork Gatherings line of fabrics, Lisa! Simply gorgeous and so vintage looking.

  40. Mary Durham Avatar
    Mary Durham

    This red and white group of fabrics is just gorgeous! Red has always been hands down my favorite color. I am really excited to see this line and am dreaming of projects to make out of it.

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