Redwork Gatherings: the Next MODA Quilt Fabric Line Coming in August featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Redwork Gatherings: the Next MODA Quilt Fabric Line Coming in August

This Spring Quilt Market in May would have marked my 20th Spring  Quilt Market…I had some fun things planned…but as they say…Life Happens…so I will just have to have the fun right here on this Blog!!  I am going to slowly discuss/explain this fabric line and the quilts we have made with it… We have the time…I am going to enjoy it as I talk about them over the next week or two…  Twenty years is a long time…I have had a blast…I think this is really what I was meant to do…even though it wasn’t in my plans...sometimes it just happens that way.  I am grateful for everything and especially those of you who have followed me through the years… and I am not done yet…there is still so much to do…

Redwork Gatherings: the Next MODA Quilt Fabric Line Coming in August featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Redwork Gatherings

…is my Moda fabric line based on my antique quilt collection.

My favorite quilts in my collection are the Red & White ones…I love red & white quilts so much that I knew I had to create fabrics inspired by these quilts. A treasured antique Redwork quilt inspired the main panel in this line and it can be used for so many things…Redwork Gatherings: the Next MODA Quilt Fabric Line Coming in August featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

If you love slow-stitching –and you know I do- the blocks can be stitched over the top of the printed lines or they can be left as they are. The designs can also be used as the center squares of pieced blocks, or just add a feather stitch between the blocks and it will be like the inspiration quilt…the possibilities are endless.  The panel is 58″ wide with a 36″ repeat.  I do not have a real pic of the panel.  Redwork Gatherings: the Next MODA Quilt Fabric Line Coming in August featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanCan you see how we made it look like it is stitched already?Redwork Gatherings: the Next MODA Quilt Fabric Line Coming in August featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Our panel is made up of only flowers & birds.

Redwork Gatherings: the Next MODA Quilt Fabric Line Coming in August featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

I also have a few small baby quilts with redwork designs on them…  There is something so sweet about redwork stitching.Redwork Gatherings: the Next MODA Quilt Fabric Line Coming in August featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanIf you can’t wait for me to explain all the fabrics and quilts…they are already on the site for pre-order.  The pre-cuts are 20% off the kits are 10% off and the backings if purchase with the kit are 20% off.  But there will be more posts with chances for you to WIN stuff…I will pick winners at the end of all the Redwork Gatherings posts… but I will pick a winner from EACH post.  So PLEASE stick around and put up with me taking the time I usually don’t have to share the quilts and fabrics with you…

All REDWORK pre-orders will receive this cute sticker sheet that I was going to give out at Market..until we run out of them, I don’t think we will run out we have 300 of them…but if we do we will order more to cover our pre-orders…I don’t think we will have 300 pre-orders but I would be overjoyed if that would happen!  We have limited quantities left of the STITCH stickers as we did put them in the Bunny kit orders….we have already re-ordered them so please be patient as the sticker company is NOT working right now…but we will have them again soon.Redwork Gatherings: the Next MODA Quilt Fabric Line Coming in August featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean Redwork Gatherings: the Next MODA Quilt Fabric Line Coming in August featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

And a simple reminder that you will not be able to put anything that is not a pre-order on the same order…all preorders for kits or pre-cuts will be shipped when all the items have been received from Moda.  Click the following button to go to our pre-order category.

Redwork Gatherings Pre-Order 

Next post… the Redwork Gatherings fabrics!

Redwork Gatherings: the Next MODA Quilt Fabric Line Coming in August featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanLeave me a quick comment if you have ever done any red-work or something similar… Do you like to stem-stitch?  Do you love handwork?  Could you ever do a whole cloth Redwork Sampler like the antique?  A chance to win a Redwork Gatherings prize for your comment…



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485 thoughts on “Redwork Gatherings: the Next MODA Quilt Fabric Line Coming in August

  1. I would love to make a red work applique quilt..something I have not done yet!😁 your small print fabrics would be perfect to make one..❣

  2. Yes, I love handwork. I have some redwork blocks done that just need to be put together!! Thanks for this opportunity.

  3. My mom and grandma embroidered tea towels to dry dishes, so many years ago, I learned to stem stitch. It was my first stitch, but not the last.

  4. I haven’t done red work. I really enjoy wool applique and have mastered the stem stitch. Currently am working on a Kathy Schmitz pattern but not in red. Can’t wait for this line

  5. I love to do anything that involves redwork. I have a quilt made through the Little Wool Shop and the owner Connie Huddleston. Sadly, they are no longer in business. All of the embroidery patterns are based on old designs and I love it. Your new line is gorgeous.

  6. I haven’t done embroidery in years, but love needle turn applique and big stitch quilting. I may have to get your beautiful new fabric – after all I’ve used or have stashed all the other Gatherings!

  7. Be still my heart! Can’t wait for this red and white line to arrive! Yes I’ve done Red work! But this line is so much more!

  8. Those red and white prints! Love them! Red and white quilts are my favorite color combinations! I LOVE to do handwork stitching and am currently working on several hand projects. My Grandma taught me how to do hand embroidery when I was 8 and I still love it.

  9. I absolutely love the red work fabrics!!!
    You are an amazing talented person. I
    can’t wait until you come out with the
    next new fabric!! You are my favorite quilter💛

  10. Hi Lisa. I have done the embroidery for about six quilts. Had one red work quilt sewn together and didn’t like ilike the sashing so ripped it all out. I am working on a snowman redwork one now. Embroidery is just relaxing. Have been embroidering since I was 8; so for about 60 years

  11. You amaze me! I need to speed up and reduce the number of PG KITS AND PATTERNS THAT LIVE IN MY HOUSE IN THEIR ORIGINAL PACKAGE. No I have not tried making a red work embroidery quilt but who knows what is in my future. Perhaps your stem stitch video was in time spur me on. Thank you

  12. I love handwork. While I have always wanted to do red work, I have not started a red work project yet. Your option looks inviting.

  13. Wow brings back memories of a lost art my grandmother hand embroidering, the antique quilt is amazing, what a treasure I would love to create for my family as an heirloom

  14. Stem stitch is my go to favorite stitch. Have not ever considered doing a whole cloth red work quilt…..hmmm, perhaps. Can’t wait for your new line this August, love love red/ white quilts.

    1. I love redwork and quilting. My mom loved to sew and quilt and i learned everything i know from her. Although she was taken from me at a young age i believe she sees all my quilts and is so proud of me. I always wanted to make a whole clorh redwork quilt

  15. I am working on a red and white quilt right now. It has lots of different pieced hearts on it. I just love it. (I did tell my husband I wasn’t going to start another project till I finished a few that I had already started. But then I went to the quilt shop and fell in love with the fabric).

  16. Our recent social isolation has reminded me how much I love handwork as life has slowed down. I would love to do a rework quilt. It would be the perfect stress reliever.

  17. I think the first stitching I ever did was stem stitch. When I was in about fourth grade, one of the moms from my Girl Scouts troop taught us embroidery. It was the beginning of a life long love.

  18. I would love to make a red work embrodiery quilt similar to the antique quilt that inspired you. I look forward to seeing the fabric line in person.

  19. I love red work! I have done a couple of small quilted wall hanging and some old fashioned flour sack towels. My small wall hangings combine red work and quilting ( with red and white fabric of course.) I am a self-taught stitcher, so I am sure I don’t do everything correctly….but I love my completed projects. Can’t wait to make something with this beautiful fabric!

  20. My first embroidery attempt was redwork. I loved the antique look and it didn’t intimidate me. I’ve stitched pillows and small quilts. The panel will be fun to quilt. Definitely will try.

  21. I love the stem stitch. There is something about the simplicity that draws the eye. I am excited about your new line!

  22. I LOVE redwork. I think it’s been in my genes since before birth as my Bop (my grandpa) did red work as a young boy. When the people were told by the government to destroy anything they had in the attic that would cause fire if they were bombed by the Germans, my grandma (they were married by then), decided to declutter and threw out the red work squares that Bop stitched as a young boy. My mother told me this story when I started embroidery in red thread as a very young girl. So, as a result, when I had my children and then my grandchildren, each got a red work quilt. Well, for my children, I have large blocks partially done (!!) but my grandchildren have a real red work finished quilt – one with circus animals and the other with alphabet letters. My oh my, do I ever love redwork! I still think of my Bop’s lost red work squares and long to have them. Yes, I love stitching and the stem stitch to outline the designs. I still have some blocks not totally stitched! I’d love that panel and any pieces from your new line as I have alot of thread still itching to be stitched!!

  23. I think this is my favorite line! I love red, I love red work, I love 2 color quilts! I am so excited for this line. It’s fantastic. Well done Lisa.

  24. I love red work. I love the simplicity of it. I have a pattern I need to do that is red work embroidery, just hasn’t been my top priority. After looking at the pictures of your quilt it should be. Your new line of fabric is beautiful.

  25. I love the red and white. I find that stem stitching is fun and relaxing. I made a stem stitched snowman quilt but it wasn’t redwork. Can’t wait to see what you have done with these beauties.

  26. I totally love red work and hand embroidery. I’m learning to like the stem stitch. Now that I’ve seen your video tutorial.

    I think doing the panel as a “whole cloth” wound be a blast. Can’t wait to see it in real life.

  27. Love red work, and those red print fabrics are yummy! Like your idea of the panel! Something different than the norm, a fun project! Can’t wait to see what is next!
    What thread are you suggesting?

  28. I love embroidery and I do t like the stem stitch but have not tried red work. I love looking at them and keep saying I’m going to do one. Going to have to just do it. Your fabric is beautiful! I did do my first red and white pieced quilt last year. I’m going to make another one because I love the red and white! Thank you!

  29. I love redwork! My mom also did it j have a couple projects started but haven’t finished I need to!

  30. I love handiwork. I’m currently working on a snowman embroidered wall hanging quilt. This would not be considered redwork since it’s all in blue. 😀I would love to do a redwork quilt. Wonderful new fabric line!

  31. I love to use the variegated red floss on my redwork quilts. Most of the ones I have done are for Christmas and they are my favorites. I have 4 daughters and only 3 of these quilts made, so I need to start another one so they each have one someday.

  32. Birds and flowers! Two of my favorite things. I can’t wait to get one of those panels!!!

  33. I love to stitch and need to get back to some of those projects. Stem stitch is very calming. The new fabrics look beautiful

  34. I also love red work, I have done two quilts in red work, one with flower baskets and one with a cowgirl theme…

  35. The new fabric is gorgeous! My Mom taught me stem stitch embroidery on stamped pillow cases back in the 60’s. I haven’t tried it in red only, but would like to.

  36. I did a great deal of hand stitching as early as 10 years old…self taught. Now at 67 years old and newly retired, I’m excited and anxious to return to stitching. The Redwork Gatherings project is the perfect project to begin again. ❤️

  37. I love the thought of handwork & love the finished product. Unfortunately, I rarely finish. I’m still working on Liberty Gatherings 🙄. I absolutely love 2 color quilts especially red & white. I can’t wait until it comes out.

  38. Loving the preview of your new line. I have your stitch book and I’m branching out and trying stitches that I never thought I could achieve. Your explanation/photos are thorough and doable, I’m actually proud I’ve achieved beautiful stitches the more I try/caghdo.

  39. I am now able to stem stitch now that I have your stitching book! And have been pouring over my quilt pattern books for the perfect pattern to use the redwork gatherings fabric. It’s time to make a twin size quilt for our spare bed I think.

  40. I love Redwork. As a matter of fact, that’s what got me started on wanting to learn to quilt

  41. I haven’t actually done red work but I made all three of my daughters blackwork samplers for Christmas about 5 years ago. I love handstitching and got back into cross stitch because of all the more Primitive patterns. I love to work on your wool kits because I have quite a bit and I love wool and fabric appliqué.

  42. I love the redwork. But I understand that “redwork” doesn’t actually have to be red–it cold be any color?? It’s the idea of doing the work in just one color. Is that right. I do have a redwork kit that I’ve been wanting to do for a few years, but I just haven’t gotten to it. Maybe this summer.

  43. I sure do LOVE red and white quilts and someday I’m going to make one. Or more! Oh – gee – your Redwork Gatherings would sure work into that plan beautifully! Love your photos of your red and whites.

  44. I love red work, I embroidered a Christmas quilt from Crabapple Hill in redwork, and I embroidered a table runner in redwork. I use the stem stitch. Love all things embroidery.

  45. I have done several redwork and bluework projects. One of my favorites was a set of bluework pillow cases and redwork kitchen towels (days of the week each having a young girl doing different household chores) for my grandma (at least 50 years ago).

    I have also completed a redwork ‘Old World Santa’ of the month…beautiful…sorry; cannot remember name/designer of the pattern. Something incredibly satisfying doing handwork and seeing a completed project…especially in gorgeous reds and whites.

    Finally, I have made at least 9 red and white quilts.. all traditional quilt patterns…2 double wedding rings.

  46. A long time ago I did some redwork stitching. I am not that good at handwork but have decided, now that I am retired, just moved and don’t have TV service, that I am going to go back to do some redwork. I found a bunch of wool kits that I bought from Primitive Gatherings over the years. I also found some aprons and such in a buffet when I moved and some is redwork.

    1. Love embroidery. The rhythm of the movement is somewhat meditative and comforting and I have been doing a lot of it lately. Can’t wait for the new line!

  47. I’ve always loved rework. It’s a comforting look,reminding me of my grandmother.

  48. I just ordered the rework panel – I LOVE doing redwork! I look forward to receiving it. Your fabrics are beautiful!

  49. Love, love your fabrics. I stitched a complete set of red work alphabet blocks for a baby quilt several years ago I still have them in a box as a UFO. I’m looking very hard at your fabrics collection but I used a DMC red thread to stitch with and don’t know how they would look.

    1. Redwork has always been a love of mine…and I am looking forward to having some of those beautiful prints when they finally arrive!

  50. And, I forgot–I ordered your book–it just came today, so I’m excited to read that. I’m sure I’ll learn some new stitches. Although, I’ve never stitched on wool before, my sitching has always been on linens–when I was a kid.

  51. I love red it’s my favorite color but, I have not done any red work. I’m also new to hand stitching….it looks so fun and I’m excited to work with this line.

  52. Oh I just love the idea of stitching over preprinted images. It definitely could get me hooked on red work. It’s beautiful.

  53. I love red work! My great Aunt taught me to embroider when I was around 8 years old and I have loved it ever since. I’ve only done 1 red work quilt. It was snowmen but I almost always have an embroidery project going.

  54. I love to do handwork with wool. To me it is very relaxing after a stressful day of work plus you can still watch TV 😊. I also would like to get the panels to stitch. It would remind me of my grandma that lived to almost 103 but recently passed. Thanks for creating such wonderful projects.

  55. Yes, I have done some redwork, & plan to do some more. I have done some sweet snowmen, & love how they turned out. I think that I will order some of your new fabric in August to do a red and white quilt, with these blocks. I just love the new line coming out.

  56. I loved Nancy’s comment and her “discoveries” and know she will dazzle us all with her handiwork! so that means time for me to do more than contemplate red work and ditch any excuses! Stay Calm and Stitch On…… red work here I am!

  57. I have done some small red work ornaments. I would love to do a whole cloth one someday. Your new line is just beautiful!

  58. Oh I just LOVE the red work line! Definitely a plus and something I can’t wait to create with! Thanks for sharing your beautiful ideas w us!

  59. Although I have done plenty of embroidery, I have never done a redwork embroidery pattern. Would love to start one and cannot wait to see all your patterns for this line.

  60. Love redwork and excited for your new line! I’ve done several small redwork pieces but feel like this line will be the opportunity for a real quilt!

  61. I have done blue work but am looking forward to your rework. I too have a passion for antique quilts.

  62. Lisa – I love these fabrics! I think it’s my favorite of all of your lines – and you’ve had some great ones. I love handwork of any kind – embroidery, cross stitch, hand applique, even binding! Can’t wait to get my hands on your red work line.

  63. Lisa, the fabric is beautiful. I am a blue and white girl but I am very tempted. I made a “blue work” Santa quilt. I enjoy hand work and have done many of your great patterns.

  64. I love doing rework. I have never done an antique sampler panel. But would love to try one. Will have to order the panels when they come out. I find it so relaxing when I do my hand work. Thank you for the chance to win.

  65. I am answering “yes” to all the questions. Love, love, love everything you have showed us. Cannot wait to see it soon! Thank you , thank you!

  66. I love the panel. I have been practicing my stem stitch on wool projects. I have made a few red/white and red/brown/ cream quilts. I need projects to complete while watching tv. Looking forward to this line.

  67. Yes! I love redwork and handwork! I just finished a pillow top from The French General, it says AMOUR in the middle with lots of swirly stems and leaves.
    I’m also stitching a quilt by Kathy Schmitz where the monthly center square motifs are redwork. There’s just something about red that grabs me. Your new line is beautiful too.

  68. Love to do handwork but haven’t done much redwork yet. You are inspiring me to give it a try.

  69. I love doing Redwork. The panel looks like a keeper. Yes I would do a whole quilt. No problem.

  70. I love doing redwork. Ten years ago I completed an “Alphabet” type quilt as a fundraiser for my son’s school. I liked it so much I made a set of redwork alphabet blocks for myself. The blocks are still waiting for me to finish. I also have Birdbrain redwork pillowcases waiting to be stitched.

  71. I have done red work ornaments, but most of my “red work” designs I’ve done in blue. My favorite is a baby quilt still waiting for a special baby to gift it to.

  72. Hand work is so relaxing for me, I love it! Not done any red work but I do have the valdani red perle floss to start one!

  73. My second quilt that I made (20 years ago) was redwork even tho I did each embroidery in all different colors! It is still my favorite today. I just love handwork, and try to do it every night to relax. A whole cloth quilt of just redwork is on my bucket list. Your new line looks beautiful.

  74. I tried my hand at redwork – but as so often happens – another project caught my attention and I moved on. I was a little more committed to a blue-work sampler (blue is my favorite color) so there’s a chance this project will get finished some day. Most of my hand-stitching the last few years has been on wool projects. I find it to be more forgiving. All that being said, I adore the look of redwork and am excited about your new line of fabrics. Happy 20th Anniversary! That’s a wonderful accomplishment. You’ve brought a lot of joy and inspiration to so many people. Congratulations!

  75. I love red work. I am working on one now. I like all hand work. Keep up the good work Lisa, I love what you do.

  76. I have always wanted to try my hand at redwork, literally. I like doing hand embroidery because I can go slow and enjoy the process.

  77. I really like redwork. The last project I did in tandem with my mom. She did the handwork and I made red and white blocks to sprinkle in. I’m not sure that I would do a full quilt in redwork, but would love to do a Baby quilt! Jmh

  78. I have done a red work quilt and I love it. I love your fabrics and especially the “red” you have had in other collections. This will be great!

  79. Yes, I have done redwork. I have a beautiful Christmas ornament that is a sampler of stitches and brightens my tree every year. I do love stem stitching. It is uniform, covers well and makes me feel successful as a stitcher. At this point in my life, I would not attempt a whole cloth redwork quilt. There are just too many quilts to piece with Primitive Gathering fabrics!

  80. I am working on a redwork quilt for my grand daughter right now! Red and white fabrics are one of my favorites. Her quilt has blocks of children playing.
    Love your fabric collection!!

  81. I have done blue work, green work (eccentric Christmas trees), and also red work. I like the old fashioned patterns and designs. Love red and white. ❤️

  82. I love stem stitch. I am currently working on an embroidery project in blue. Your new line is YUMMY! The antique quilts you often add into your posts are so inspiring. Your new quilts inspire quilters today and will continue to do so for other quilters 50+ years from now. Timeless!

  83. I love embroidery so I always have a project. I love my wool boxes ‼️ I just finished a bluework project. I can’t wait to pre-order the redwork. Thank you so much.

  84. I love red work! When I was six, my grandmother sat me down and showed me how to stitch. I made a towel that I was so proud of. When I stitch now, I am always reminded of my grandmother, who was filled with love and patience. Those are very special memories that always bring a smile!

  85. I do enjoy doing hand work; I feel like I am accomplishing something creative. I have never done redwork, but have admired some of my friends pieces.

  86. I love handstitching. The idea of a whole cloth quilt is something that think would be so rewarding.

  87. Oh wow wow wow. I love handwork and have stitched a small winter theme wall hanging but I would love to work the panel. I would also like to hear how you would quilt an embroidered quilt. Beautiful fabrics!

  88. I love any type of handwork but have never done any red work. That will definitely change because I love the new fabric you shared. Looking forward to this!!

  89. Love to do hand stitching!! I made my first cross stitch dresser scarf for my kindergarten teacher at age 6. (57 now). Love to do running stitch (quicker too)! Love your rework fabrics!!❤

  90. I love to hand stitch, i have never done redwork but think it is beautiful. I do think this is what u were meant to do and i am grateful for all you have taught me over the years.

  91. Can’t wait to see the quilts you have designed for this line…red and white quilts are my favorite!

  92. I have done some small pieces of redwork. I like the look of the style but wish more patterns used more than one or two stitches.
    I do find stem stitch easier to do than back stitch for some reason.
    YES, I love handwork and more varied the better. Crazy quilting, surface embroidery, blackwork, redwork, … all of it.
    I don’t know about a whole cloth redwork sampler. It would have to use more than a couple of stitches and the drawings would have to appeal to me.

  93. I love what you’ve done! I learned Redwork as a young girl . . . My Grandmother insisted that we learn to embroider, and so some if our first stitching was down in flour sack dish towels. Great memories!

  94. My favorite read where a piece was one that I did with my grandma. I can’t wait to do a project with your new fabric line!

  95. I love red work and have been embroidering dish towels for my daughter. She ‘d rather have them than a quilt!

  96. I have never done any redwork, although I have admired it for years. My favorite stitch is the stem stitch, and hope to get better after watching your video on it.

  97. I love red and white quilts too! Always have love embroidery work made with the combination of piece quilts. I love the new collection.

  98. I have ONE red and white quilt. I did a few of the blocks in the stem stitch as centers for a few of the pieced ones, as most of the quilt is pieced. It has taken me probably 40 years to be mostly happy with my stem stitch–it’s harder than it looks–especially around tight corners. Patience is the key! I do indeed LOVE handwork! It’s my therapy!

  99. I’ve never done red work but have hand embroidered since I was a little girl. I am so anxious for your new fabric line. 🙂

  100. I have done several redwork wall hangings and table toppers. Some were in blue, some in black, some red. I love the slow stitching part of life. Can’t wait to see these fabrics.

    1. Redwork Gatherings is so pretty! I love red & white fabrics but have never done redwork. I am always working on my stem stitch and enjoy hand embroidery in general.

  101. I have never done redwork but have admired many of the projects my friends have made. I’ve recently begun doing a variety of hand work and might just have to give redwork a try.

  102. Looks like a beautiful collection. Love the new patterns too! I have done redwork in the past and enjoy handwork very much!

  103. I just finished a small pillow in rework. I love embroidery and redwork. So nice to not have to make decisions about thread colors. Love your new fabric line.

  104. I am excited for this fabric line! I love Red Quilts!!! I have never done a redwork quilt but I love to hand stitch!!!

  105. I love handwork and really love red & white quilts! I was so excited to hear that you were coming out with a red work line and have been anxiously awaiting these posts and the chance to pre-order. I have a number of red & white antique quilts in my collection, too, and have always wanted to make one. Thanks so much for creating this gorgeous line!

  106. I love red work! Our family has an alphabet sampler dated 1912. My cousin is saving it for her daughter.

  107. I have never done redwork, but love hand work. I also love red and white quilts. In fact I have one in progress. I am slow tho.

  108. no redwork (YET!) but lots of hand applique with embroidery. Think I’m going to need that panel!!

  109. My mind is spinning on where to begin with these fabrics….will I purchase a kit, will I purchase fabrics for just the perfect project. I love the embroidery. I don’t have many antique quilts, but I do have a redwork quilt made as a community fund raiser in the early 1900s. My Grandpa’s Uncle bought the quilt and through a series of seemingly unconnected events, the quilt now resides at my home. What a treasure it is. Thank you for these beautiful reds!

  110. I enjoy doing stitchery….but not so much the stem stitch…..I enjoy doing the backstitch. I like the idea of stitching over the panel…no tracing!! Love your new collection!!

  111. I love red work. I have several of the antique redwork penny squares like the redwork panel. I enjoy embroidery handwork. Your new line is wonderful.

  112. I do love to hand stitch, I think I could tackle a project like that if I broke it down into smaller more manageable blocks. Maybe a 12″ with either 4″ or 6″ subset blocks on each. I am so excited about your new fabric line, like many others red and white quilts are my all time favorite combination!

  113. I have done red work before and really enjoy it. It reminds me of my childhood when you were able to buy a pre stamped design and purchase some threads at Woolworth’s. I still have my original sewing case with a satin liner!

  114. I’ve never done rework but I did a lot of crewel embroidery when I was growing up. The rework and the fabrics are beautiful

  115. I love this new line! I have not done redwork but love hand work. I have grown to enjoy the stem stitch. Your video was SO HELPFUL!

  116. I have never done a quilt like your redwork inspiration quilt but it is something I would love to try. I do like handwork. Can’t wait to see more about this fabric line.

  117. Red and white quilts are my FAVORITE!!! Red is my favorite color!!! This new line of yours looks beautiful and I can’t wait to order!!!!❤️❤️

  118. I love hand work. I have joined your wool group and am enjoying everything we get in the boxes. Also red and white quilts are my favorite. I can’t wait for this fabric to arrive!

  119. Wish I knew how to include a pic. Just finished the top of a combo appliqué and mostly red work basket quilt. Damn. Would love to send a pic

  120. Yes! Love red work, stem stitch and also blue work. The quilt on my bed when I was a little girl was blue work! Blocks were stitched by my Mother when she was 10 years old. I still have it! ❤️

  121. Hi Lisa- I love to hand stitch. As a child, I would embroider pillow cases & my grandmother would crochet the bottom. I do wool applique, rug hooking and am now making the log cabin quilt from your kit. I love your new red & white line – can’t wait to see it in the quilt shops.

  122. I have always loved handwork of all kinds and usually have a handwork project in my to go busy bag. The reds are radiant and truly beautiful!

  123. Took embroidery back up last year. It was something I did as a child. I had forgotten how relaxing it was. So portable, I can keep it in my purse to work on whenever I have a few free minutes. It’s amazing how much can be accomplished.

  124. I haven’t done red work but scrappy red and white pieced quilts are my all time favorite! I am still fairly new to wool appliqué and I need to pick up the pace as my PG kits are piling up. Thank you for this opportunity!

  125. Sometime ago I finished 9 soldier bob blocks in redwood. . I have been looking for just the right fabric for the sashing.
    I think I’ve found it in your new redwork line. Can’t wait

  126. Yes! I have done redwork. It was one of the first embroidery I learned way back when. Since I, too, love red and white quilts, redwork is one of my Favorites!

  127. I love handwork and red work. I have a red work book called Red And White that has similar designs

  128. I just love red work, and your new fabric is so beautiful. I spend a lot of time hand stitching and hand embroidering, often in red!

  129. I love the look of Red work. I have never done any myself. I love to blanket stitch and have done chain stitch and some feather stitch. I also like cross- stitch. So I guess I do like to stitch! 🙂 Your panel looks amazing as do the new fabrics you showed us a peek of! Can’t wait to see your quilts and I am glad we get to enjoy them on the blog. Thanks so much. K-

  130. The1st quilt I stitched for my grandson-to-be was a redwork sampler. I loved every moment – imagining what it would be like to be a grandma (he calls me Mimi now too!) and red has become his favorite color as well. ♥️

  131. My favorite color is red, all my quilts have red in them, but the only red work quilt I have done is a small Christmas sampler. I’m looking forward to your new fabric line.

  132. Yes, I love handwork! Right now I have two sets of redwork blocks that I need to sew into quilt tops. I just haven’t gotten around to it and keep waffling as to what setting blocks to use. =) Thanks for the inspiration.

  133. Lisa I love redwork. I have done a couple of samplers all in red. I just learned how to correctly do the stem stitch and love it. So sad that I have had the thread moving the wrong direction so lost the rope look all these years. Such a simple thing.

  134. I love red and white quilts so i started a red and cream block of the month but it has been put in the WIP pile. No other red and white or even two color quilts in my collection. But I really love looking at them and dreaming of getting back to my WIP after retirement.

  135. I retired two years ago and took a beginner quilting class two months later and never looked back. I have since made a hand pieced quilt and am working on a Baltimore Album Quilt. I have found that I love hand work. I also joined a wool club at my local quilt shop. The Baltimore Applique Society recently had a trunk show of antique red work quilts. Each quilt displayed was more beautiful than the last. I will definitely be adding a red and white quilt to my project list.

  136. I absolutely love red work and your new fabric collection. Think I might just have to place a pre- order.

  137. My very first quilt show purchase was for redwork needles, threads and a hoop to embroider a set of blocks. Did not even know a stem stitch from a back stitch but muddled through it anyhow. Wish I had Lisa’s Wool, Needle & Thread book way back then… would have saved me a lot of heartache!

  138. I have done a small red work wall hanging. I don’t know if a bed size red work quilt will happen. I’m looking forward to the collection. I do want to make a red and white bed quilt. Love this collection!!!

  139. I love redwork. I have patterns that are antiques that are still in the envelope. Isn’t that cool!

  140. LOVE redwork. I’ve been working on a ‘Dear Hannah” quilt off & on for the past 10 years. Only have a few blocks left to do on the border. I hope to finish it this summer & finally put it together. I also love anything hand-stitched & have tons of samplers & dish towels, wall hangings, pillows, etc., you name it, I’ve made it! Got hooked on wool applique a few years ago when I visited your shop when you were at the Paducah Quilt Show & bought a few patterns. Little did I know that would be my next obsession! LOL So thank you for that! I’ve made a few baby quilts using redwork or colored embroidery using the stem stitch. I’m really impressed with your new line of “Redwork” fabric. Really like it a lot. Thank you for all you do for all us stitchers. Stay safe & wash those hands!

  141. I am fascinated by your new red line. The designs are beautiful. I generally am not drawn to red, but that is certainly not the case this time! I love to do hand work. I just purchased Twilight Garden and am sooo excited to begin stitching on it. I can envision it on our bed right now! It will the the showpiece of our bedroom!

  142. I have done red work for many years. I use to be in a red work group when I lived in Texas. One member, in her 70s, named our group the Red Hot Mamas. I have preordered one of the kits. I definitely want the panel. I do mostly wool, I loved the Momma and daughter bunnies that I ordered.

  143. The closest I’ve come to doing redwork is embroidered dish towels when I was young. My Mom taught me the stem stitch and several others, and I haven’t stopped stitching since!

  144. Slow stitching is my thing. I make my quilts by hand and enjoy the process. I started working with wool and love that too. I’ve stem stitched Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address on 4 inch blocks and loved that project too. So count me in with your beautiful red work fabric line.

  145. Since I’m a Aires RED is my jam. The fabric line is out standing. I’ve only done redwork on dish towels. Most of my stitching is on wool.

  146. Stitching and quilting go together for me! I do have a red and white quilt that I bring out for the holidays. Love this new line and can see myself stitching all those flowers and birds. Thank you, Lisa!❤️

  147. I fell in love with red work several years ago with the pattern “Mama Said”. Red has always been my favorite color so when I discovered red work, I immediately fell in love with it. I’m excited to get your red work pieces.

  148. Lisa, the new fabric is beautiful – I love red and white quilts. Can’t wait to get my hands on Redwork Gatherings. Happy sewing.

  149. I love to stem stitch. Love the tip you gave about going back down straight where your needle came out. I love red work and red quilts. I know I will love your new line.

  150. I haven’t done red work but have done embroidery using variegated or plain threads. Your red work fabric line is so pretty. Red is one of my favorite colors.

  151. I love doing handwork, I really like the stem stitch. Redwork is my favorite. I would really like to do a Redwork wholecloth.

  152. Love red and white quilts. My stem stitch is something to be desired… still not completely happy with it and yet it is such a basic stitch

  153. I have not done a lot of handwork so I am not very good at it. Medication I take causes hand and foot syndrome which makes handwork even more difficult but I do love red and white quilts. Your new line of red and white fabrics is beautiful. I can’t wait to see what you have created!

  154. I learned to embroider at age 8 and began with the stem stitch- I’m 73 now and still enjoy good old basic hand embroidery at times – altho your fancy embroidery like the gorgeous red tulip table topper really inspires my creativity!!
    The old Redwork”penny squares” have always been a fav of mine and last year I finally put some vintage ones together into a walhanging and decided to embroider feather stitching around each sq! My granddaughter wants to inherit that when I’m done enjoying it!!
    So, I’m anxious to see your new Red line!!

  155. I’m in the middle of doing a red work quilt of flowers and birds. It’s red and white squares and embroidered in opposite colors. I would show you but it’s in my storage unit. The blocks are stem stitched. I would love to start another one.

  156. I’m working on the ‘neary insane’ quilt in reds and whites. I’m really excited about that. Beautiful fabricline! Love the panel!

  157. I’ve done hand and machine embroidered redwork before, but only using blue or black thread. The Rework Gatherings Collection and associated quilts are stunning, so I’m really looking forward to the release. I’m especially excited about the rework panels, and opportunity for doing hand embroidery with these afford. I’d love to make either whole cloth or partially pieced and embroidered rework quilts using the panels, or many of your other patterns. The lamb is so adorable, and the birds and flowers look beautiful too. Hand embroidery is so relaxing and therapeutic, particularly at the moment with the stresses of the COVID-19 shutdown, and elderly parents’ illnesses. Thank you for coming out with this gorgeous collection.

  158. I love redwork. Quite a few years ago I stitched redwork squares for a quilt and never completed the quilt. Now with this beautiful line of fabrics I think I just might finish it after all this time.

    1. I love any kind of hand stitching. Red work is so pretty. I’ve done several red work blocks and really enjoyed it. Your new fabric line is beautiful and I think my favorite.

  159. I have a bunch of red work quilt squares that i completed 30 years ago. It was a pattern from a Better Homes and Gardens magazine that I ordered. They have just been waiting to be made into a quilt and I think your fabrics would be wonderful to coordinate with them. [

    1. I am so excited about your new red and white line because redwork is my thing. I have numerous embroidered quilts finished, ready to finish, started and in my head! I love doing the embroidery and after they are pieced into a quilt handquilting them. Redwork is definitely my thing. ❤❤❤❤❤

  160. I usually have my mom do my hand embroidery but I would love to start doing it myself. I’m more of a blue person but this red line looks wonderful and I can’t wait for it to be in the shops.

  161. Redwork is beautiful! I’ve have embroidered several small redwork projects and I’m embroidering Christmas redwork now for a Christmas quilt. The fabric line is lovely. Blues are actually my favorite color and I’ve made several blue & white quilts but no large redwork quilts. I think it’s time and your fabrics would be perfect! I would love to see it in person. Thanks for the give away.

  162. I love red and white quilts too! My mother made one which I’m blessed enough to have. I’ve also made 4 on my own. I was just working on an embroidery this evening but the stem stitch is still a challenge for me. PS I love your fabrics and designs!

  163. Absolutely love red and white!! Love slow stitching and love red work… can’t wait to see what quilts you’ve made with this beautiful new line

  164. I love redwork. I haven’t done any for a while and your sweet birds and flowers are inspiring me!

  165. Lisa you are amazing , I have never done redwork but I am going to give it a try 🙂 I love to do the stem stitch. I can’t wait to get some of your fabric and kits. you inspire me to quilt and stitch everyday

  166. I love slow stitching! The new panel of designs ready to stitch is just lovely and is calling my name!

  167. I love red and white quilts! The panel is gorgeous It looks like a beginner could easily follow along The fabrics go along beautifully too Thanks so much for the chance to win

  168. I’ve never done redwork. But, sure would love to give it a try. Thanks for a chance.

  169. I adore handwork. It keeps me (somewhat) sane. I want to start a tradition of making one red and white quilt per year.

  170. I haven’t done red work. Looks like I’ll need to start. Your book Wool, Needle & Thread should me how to make a good stem stitch. Thank you!

  171. Redwork has such an “antique” feeling, it reminds me of my Grandmother who made quilts. I have done a couple of pillows using the stem stitch and I love it!

  172. I used to do embroidery many years ago, and I am considering giving redwork a try. Your fabrics look fabulous!

  173. I love to do red work. It is so comforting and I love the look of something old. I have made several items featuring redwork over the years. Embroidery is so calming to do in this stressful time.

  174. I love your blue fabrics but these reds are even better – the hand stitched effect on that panel is beautiful

  175. I have done red work for years. My biggest quilt has 110 blocks. I also collect antique red work quilts and linens.
    Connie L

  176. I love Redwork and have done 4 Redwork quilts. I have two to hand quilt as soon as I finish the one I am hand quilting now. I love your red fabrics. Makes my heart flutter.

  177. Yes, I love handwork, yes to stem stitch, no to a whole cloth quilt like the antique….it would take me years to complete and I think I would lose interest and it would end up in a tote somewhere unfinished. I love redwork and your new line is beautiful.

  178. I love to do handwork (hand applique and Inklingo) but was never interested in doing redwork. However, when you mentioned stitching over the designs on the panel, that just spoke to me and I had an ‘aha’ moment. What a wonderful way to make a quilt to hand down through generations.

  179. I have done a large Christmas quilt in red work and several others in one color not red. I would love to do a whole cloth red work!

  180. I have never done redwork, though I’d love to give it a try. This line is beautiful and ordering some precuts is on my “to do” list today

  181. I’m not a big handwork lover but liked doing several red work simple primitive church pieces using the backstitch. I worked on them while enjoying the sun and beach. I’m just beginning wool applique and enjoy it. Red and white quilts are my fave!

  182. I love the new red work designs panel and fabrics. The possibilities are endless. I love to stitch early in the morning while drinking my first cup of coffee. Thank you for the inspiration!

  183. Gorgeous! Such a beautiful line and the connection to the past is amazing. Let’s not forget! I have done redwork and have a Christmas quilt in progress. Hand stitching and hand piecing makes me a happy gal!
    Congratulations on a beautiful line!

  184. I adore redwork and have completed a quilt, several cushions, and wallhangings. I’m working on a red and pale grey schoolhouse block quilt right now and enjoying the process. Your new redwork fabric looks amazing. I live in the UK but visit Florida annually for a four week stay, so look forward to seeing your new creative line then. We are booked to fly to USA beginning of June this year but given the current uncertainty, may well have to postpone.

  185. I have done one full size quilt in redwork recently and loved doing it. cant wait for this line, thanks

  186. I love the panel you have in this collection. I didn’t make a Redwork quilt yet but I love the look of them.

  187. I have not done Redwork, but I HAVE done Bluework 🙂 Love the red and white fabrics!

  188. I love handwork including embroidery. I mostly stitch with single-strand DMC because I’ve got a ton of it. I don’t care to do too many French knots but I’d do them over satin stitch! Lol! The older embroidery designs are precious. (How’s Jeeter? Haven’t seen him on the blog in a while)

  189. I’ve been doing handwork for many years and appreciate the time and talent it takes. Love your panel and how it already looks stitched – very tempting…

  190. Have done a little red work, still have my practice piece from our teacher … a little 94 year old sweetie! Your new line is beautiful! Thank you for all you do and share!

  191. Lisa,

    This is a fantastic idea. I have always loved red Works. I do hand work, or embroidery and have done a similar thing in blues. I cant figure out how to attach a picture. The panel idea is really nice, since it work give some that don’t embroider the same look. Thank you for a lovely creation, and sharing it with all of us.

  192. Again, another beautiful line of traditional fabric! Who doesnt live a lil redwork?!

  193. I LOVE doing hand embroidery. I have recently put together some hand-embroidered squares my Mother did at the age of 88 or 89. Now I’m trying to decide on what to do for a border (I frequently make things up as I go. Probably not the best idea, but….). When done, it will be a HUGE treasure. And I am already trying to decide what to do with your red and white. It gorgeous. I NEED it.

  194. Hi Lisa……OMG!!!!! This is my favorite line of yours so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Red is my favorite color and I LOVE Red and White quilts:) I can’t wait for August to get my hands on this panel and coordinating fabric. Yahtzee!!!!!!

  195. I love handwork. In fact, if I don’t have something to stitch on each evening I go nuts! It is “my meditation”. I enjoy redwork and prefer the stem stitch when doing it even if the pattern calls for a back stitch. I LOVE this line. Congratulations on your 20th anniversary. We have been blessed!

  196. Absolutely love your new line. The flowers and birds are terrific. Any handwork is a favorite of mine. I have completed red work pictures but have not attempted a quilt.

  197. Fabulous, I love the fabrics. I have done Redwork before, but have never done an entire quilt.

  198. My mom loved doing embroidery. I didn’t take It up until she had stroke and I sat with her in hospital. That is when I discovered why she was so fond of it….helped bring peace. Now it is my connection to her and wonderful memories.

  199. I’ve done a lot of research and I love it. But I’ve mostly done stuff you trace onto the fabric. Haven’t tried going over a pre printed design

  200. I have done redwork before and love it. The quilts made in red and white are stunning. I have a red and white quilt my mothers family did and everyone embroidered their names in red. Even as simple as it is it catches your eye. Its a treasure as there are only 2 siblings out of 11 left.

  201. I love redwork and I love handwork. I’ve always wanted to do a redwork quilt but have never taken the time. I’ve already pre-ordered several items and can hardly wait until they get here! Thanks for all that you do for us, Lisa!!

  202. I love red! Those fabrics are to die for! I have done a little redwork, and I have mastered the stem stitch thanks to your new book.

  203. Love red and white quilts. I just bought two books on saturday. Redwory 101 designs and redworkfrom the workbasket. My mom did so much embroidery and i have been wanting to do a memory quilt.

  204. I enjoy handwork and find it very relaxing in this, normally, fast paced world. I don’t enjoy the stem stitch but have done several embroideries with back stitching. I am a Halloween fan, so I love a lot of the stitcheries from Crab Apple Hill!!! But it is time for a red a white quit!

  205. My Mother taught me to embroidery almost 60 years ago. I love that you are bringing this back to another generation! It gave me the idea to have my Grandchildren help me do some redwork stitching on a Redwork Gathering quilt. Can’t wait for the fabric to come out.

  206. Congratulations on your beautiful new fabric story!
    I love Redwork and hand stitching is my little self indulgence. Stem stitch is a favourite. I have a long term Redwork project which would work beautifully with your Redwork Gatherings. Will you have Stockists in Australia?

  207. I have admired my Nebraska friend’s beautiful redwork quilt for years but haven’t done one myself. These fabrics are stunning!

  208. Love two color quilts, especially with red. I’ve made a few. One by myself, one with my mom, and one with the sixth graders at the elementary school where I work! LOVE the red work and look forward to hand stitching a red work project someday.

  209. I have done red work. I have used both a stem stitch and a back stitch to work these pieces.

  210. I love Redwork. I stitched up the blocks for the ABC Redwork Quilt (super cute) just need to finish putting it together. The blocks are all the letters of the alphabet and they are each set in a pieced red and white block. Your new collection would be perfect for the finishing.

  211. I have never done a complete redwork piece. The only two stitches that I have ever done is stem stitches and French knots. I enjoy applique handwork. I believe that I could complete a redwork quilt as I took on a large applique quilt without any applique experience. It took a long time but the satisfaction that I received once it was completed was awesome. I am a person who embraces challenges. I make mistakes, learn from my mistakes, and forge ahead. Your work is beautiful and very inspirational.

  212. I love Redwork. I love this line and the quilts I’ve seen. I love doing hand stitching and have learn that from you Lisa. Not that I have had a opportunity to take a class yet but hope to some day. I look forward to seeing all your posts.

  213. Red and white embroidery and quilts, CLASSIC! Reminiscent of quilts shown in magazines during the bicentennial year. Those colors read Christmas, and go with any style of decorating. Love, love, love the reds.

  214. I have a couple of antique redwork pillow shams. My favorites! I also have a rooster to stitch in redwork I want to make a hot pad for my kitchen. I’m a fan of red work!

  215. Oh my gosh! I love hand stitching and embroidery. I have thought of doing a wholecloth quilt with embroidery. When i see your redwork line and panel, it is a mist have. I dont have any redwork quilts but want to have some in my home. Thank you formsharing your photos over the years, i have enjoyed your designs, your family and home pictures. Please share more of your collections are such the pyrex inspirational storage bowls, that was fun! Take care Lisa and keep being inspired!!!

  216. Love doing handwork. So relaxing. Did some red work back in the 1970’s except that I didn’t know what it was called. Just thought it looked good.

  217. I love to do handwork! I’ve been doing crewel embroidery, cross stitch, needlepoint and beading for over 50 years now. I’ve always wanted to do a redwork project. Love your antique quilts and red and white fabrics!

  218. I never have done a red work quilt but it’s high on my bucket list so pick me, pick me!

  219. I am not a good “sit and just watch TV” person! I need to be doing something and rework is what I love to do. There is something so satisfying and beautiful about hand stitching.

  220. I enjoy handwork. I’ve cross stitched for decades and started doing bluework snowmen embroidery projects a couple of years ago. Easy and portable, I work on them on our pontoon in the summer. It would be fun to give a redwork project a try. Thanks for the chance!

  221. I’m so glad you created a line of fabric tofor is to create our own embroidered quilts. Some of the vendors at our quilt show had them and I put it on my wish list . This fabric
    line will make that easier!

  222. I absolutely adore handwork, and redwork in particular. I find it so brainless for stitching while TV watching at night.
    But also portable – no little pieces like wool applique, no need for many colors of thread. And usually a fast make! Congrats on your upcoming line!

  223. Love rework and have done a rework Christmas quilt. Also have done a few not in black and one brown. My mom taught me to do hand stitching at a very young age and I still love doing it today. Can’t wait to do one of yours.

  224. I haven’t done a redwork quilt but do love embroidery, wool and fabric appliqué. Do love the relaxation of hand stitching. And of course, your designs of tiny HST always draw me in. Thank you for your talents.

  225. OMG!! Love the colors! The panel is adorable- is it cotton or linen blend?? I saw the width & thought maybe linen!! Can’t wait!!😃 Stay healthy!!

  226. I love these red fabrics!! I know myself well enough to know I could never do all of the embroidery that is on that whole cloth quilt, but my mother-in-law would have nailed it! It would be fun to try a quilt of blocks with this fabric in a sampler style – like the Moda quilt along!

  227. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ every piece of fabric in this new line! Cannot wait to get my hands on it!

  228. I have done a fair amount of hand stitching and have done some red work. After completing a number of wool appliqué projects , my stem stitch is much improved. I’ve always loved the simplicity of red work. The lines are clean and uncluttered. I look forward to your new designs.

  229. I’ve not made a red and white quilt and I am not sure why because they are one of my favorites to look at. I have done red work in the past, and as in all things hand work, loved it. I am thinking this might finally be the time to do that red and white quilt!

  230. I love old red work style quilts and I think embroidery is vital during this time!! Keeps your hands busy!!

  231. Love stem stitch, hand work and red/white! I haven’t done a wholecloth sampler, but may have to now! I have done some redwork but on a smaller scale – loving all these peeks at your new line … can’t wait! Thanks, Lisa!

  232. I love handwork and redwork embroidery. Also, your 55 and Life to Go pattern is beautiful in your red fabrics. Thank you for yet another beautiful line of fabrics.

  233. Hi Lisa, the first quilt I ever did by hand was a red work laptop quilt. I worked on it for a year while caring for my 96 year old dad in Florida. It was so comforting to work on whenever I had some time. I ended up hand quilting it and to this day it is still my favorite quilt -that was in 2005. Can’t wait to work on yours, I’m ready!

  234. I have done a Redwork baby quilt. It turned out so cute! I ended up giving it away as a baby shower gift, but I can’t remember who I gave it to, and I didn’t even take a picture of it.

  235. I have not done redwork, but love the look of it. I do love to do handwork and yes I can do the stemstich, t

  236. Absolutely LOVE red and white quilts…probably as much as I LOVE hand stitching! There is something so soothing about picking up a small project to stitch on in the evenings. I almost get in a panic when I am nearing the end of a project, wondering what I will do next! I cannot wait to go and check out these upcoming patterns/kits! Thank you, Lisa!

  237. Oh, Lisa, I love this! My mother was a big quilter until she suffered a brain injury. I would ‘stage’ projects for her to follow one simple step at a time. When this became too much for her I pulled out red work to keep her hands busy. My dad would thread her needles when I wasn’t there. Red work brings back so many wonderful memories for me. Thanks for the design and the fabric. I love it all. Can’t wait to get my hands on some.

  238. I have made a red work quilt using a stem stitch. It has redwork blocks and pieced blocks. It is a Bunny Hill design. I’m currently work on redwork in blue embroidery blocks. It’s my “go bag” project to keep busy when in waiting rooms, airplanes, etc.

  239. Love the new line redwork. Most of my quilts are hand applique, I love hand work. I can do stem stitch also. I have always wanted to do a wholecloth quilt. Thanks for all you do.

  240. Lisa, first off, such beautiful fabric and RED is my all time favorite color. I love to embroider and redwork is beautiful. Your panel of redwork designs is great on its own, but would certainly be taken over the top with hand stitching. I think I would want to add the stem stitch to it and I really liked your idea of adding the fly stitch between designs to mimic blocks. Looking forward to your post on the other fabrics. Thank you and your staff for all that you do.

  241. I love the look of red work quilts, but have never tried my hand at it. There is something so fresh and charming about them.

  242. I LOVE these!!! This will be my incentive to do more embroidery. And it will be done very slowly!!

  243. I just love Redwork! I’ve done several small hangings and babyquilts in Sunbonnet Sue for two Geandchildren. I really need to find pictures of them!

  244. I have made hundreds of quilts and now that I’m 82 I still love creating. I am currently working on another redwork quiilt and have yet another one in mind to do. I love your new line of reds! What wonderful items you come up with for us to enjoy. Thank you ever so much.

  245. I have always loved the look of redwork but I have never done one myself. I enjoy hand stitching but to make a whole quilt of it, wowza, not sure I could. But I thought the same thing before I started doing wool. Always gotta try new things

  246. I have a network and a blue work embroidery going right now. I really enjoy the hand stitching 😊 Love your new panel and look forward to the red and white fabric line!