Redwork Gatherings quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Redwork Gatherings Quilting Fabrics


redwork gatherings

Redwork Gatherings quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanRedwork Gatherings quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanRedwork Gatherings quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanRedwork Gatherings quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanRedwork Gatherings quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Here are the 30 prints in Redwork Gatherings….I tried to get a close up of all of them…instead of showing them all individual…and driving you totally crazy…but these reds are AWESOME reds…true red, a little tomato red and then a deep red…the lights are cream, not white…but they look white in the quilts.  This is my description of the colors.

Now for the prints…they are all collected from my antique quilts…I search through my quilts and pick some little tiny motifs, some geometrics, stripes and some big & small florals and that rounds out the group.  There are 20 red prints and 10 cream prints counting the panel.Redwork Gatherings quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean


Otherwise known as precuts…Moda packages precuts of my line…and one of the fun things about this is…the smaller cuts like. Mini charms (2 1/2″ squares), Charms (5″ squares), & Layercakes (10″ squares)… they have 42 fabrics in them…so there are 21 lights and 21 reds…so an even amount!  I like this when it happens, I may even plan it that way…it is easy to design when this happens…

We double the lights fabrics  and the reds are singles.  To come up with 21 lights & 21 darks  a few are added.    The 4 fabrics off to the right are the extra ones to make the 42 total fabrics in these precuts.Redwork Gatherings quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Honeybuns (1 1/2″ wide x WOF ) and Jellyrolls (2 1/2″ wide x WOF) also have double the lights…so there will be 20 reds and 20 lights…for a total of 40 fabrics.

The Fat Eighth (F8) bundle (I like to call them towers). Does not contain the panel…It has 29 F8ths.  The Fat Quarter (FQ) bundle includes all 29 fat quarters and the whole panel 1 yd long by 58″ wide.

Redwork Gatherings quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

This is a short but hopefully helpful explanation of the fabrics….and what they contain.

Now the BEST news…All the precuts in this line and any precuts on our website are 20% off.  Please remember that the Redwork precuts are pre- orders and they cannot have anything but this line on the order.  Our Redwork precuts will only be on sale until the end of this month (April).  Any Redwork Gathering purchase receives a special sticker sheet with their order.Redwork Gatherings quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Short cut to Redwork Gatherings Precuts

Any other precuts can include other items from our website.

These precuts are only on sale until tomorrow the 18th.

All MODA precuts of any designer & any size Primitive Gatherings Precuts are on sale HERE

Redwork Gatherings quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
3 1/2″ & 5″ Assorted Charms Packaged by Primitive Gatherings

A couple of Shop Notes to share with you…

Jen Kingwell & Debbie Maddy’s May and June works shops are being rescheduled.  We will be informing you all soon when the dates will be.  If you would like us to refund your class fee we can, but we would really really really appreciate it if you would take a SHOP CREDIT at this time as any money we do not have to lose at this time is much appreciated or just keep your class sign up spot secure and do nothing.  Those of you stay signed up will have first options for the classes.  Please be patient as the details with the other destinations the designers were also visiting can be firmed up and our plan in place..we THANK YOU all so much for understanding this.

Our WI Governor has lifted some of our limitations for Arts & Craft stores…We will have someone at the store starting April 27th to help with call in orders and curbside pickups and behind the scenes work. 

Our April & May Blocks of the month will be sent out at the same time to be more efficient with our resources. This will help us get back on track much faster and we again appreciate your understanding in these un-forseen circumstances.

Now back to our regular schedule Redwork Gatherings posts…If you wish to win a pre-cut of Redwork Gatherings…leave a comment and tell me what your favorite precut is and why…that may be your prize if you win!

Remember I will be picking winners at the end of the ALL the redwork posts…all at one time…so you have several chances to win some fun things on each of these posts!

Enjoy some more Red & White fun!

Friday Quilting Giveaway: Redwork Gatherings Quilting Fabric from Moda, a giveaway featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
Redwork Gatherings
Redwork Gatherings quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
Stacks of cream Redwork Fabrics
Redwork Gatherings quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
Redwork prints being starched for a quilt.
Redwork Gatherings quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
The perfect red
Redwork Gatherings quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
Coming Soon Binding tutorial.



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390 thoughts on “Redwork Gatherings Quilting Fabrics

  1. My favorite precut is fat quarters because I like “scrappy,” but I want a big enough chunk that I can repeat it. These reds are to drool for!

  2. Red is one of my favorite colors. I really like fat-quarters, as there are more options as how to use the fabric in projects. As a quilter, I don’t know how many fat-quarters I have bought because I love the fabric and color, not having any project in mind when purchased.

  3. I like layer cakes. Since I like to piece and appliqué, layer cakes give me more options. Love your new line. Also what thread do you use for red work?

  4. These reds are stunning! I love working with layer cakes and jelly rolls. The combination allows for many variations.

  5. Love working with jelly rolls. I get an assortment of coordinated fabric and cuts I have to make are minimal. I love the redwork line because you have an opportunity to chose the exact shades to match your project.

  6. My favorite precut is fat quarters….I can make whatever I want. The other sizes limit you a bit.

  7. My favorite precuts are fat quarter bundles. There’s enough fabric for a quilt and it’ easy to choose your favorites for purchasing yardage if needed. I love to have scraps leftover, too, so I have to have the fat quarter bundles,

  8. I really love a fat quarter bundle its has enough fabric to do so many things the possibilities are endless. And if you haven’t used it yet its so pretty to look at in your sewing room.

  9. Gorgeous fabrics, Lisa! It’s hard to choose but I will pick jelly roll as my favorite precut because it’s so versatile.

  10. These are so yummy. My favorite precut has been jelly rolls but fat quarters are fun. Can’t wait to play with these beautiful Redwork fabrics.

  11. I’ve already picked out a pattern to use the redwork gatherings in!! It will be a long wait, but worth it.
    I have always loved the fat quarter stack since it works so well in a quilt design and is like eye candy sitting out on a shelf.

  12. I’m not fussy I love the fat quarters 10 inch squares and jelly room is needing a new red and white quilt on my queen bed. Thank you for this opportunity. My favourite colour is red.

  13. Love seeing all the colors laid out like that. I’m an HST and a scrap lover and can just see all those in a quilt. The various shades of red would make a quilt sparkle. I like fat quarters best. I would love a bundle of just the light/white ones. I never have enough and would buy two of them!

  14. I like the fat quarters for the most part, so versatile. I do have two jelly rolls that I like to look at, I guess I should use this time to do something with them! 😉

  15. Really enjoyed looking at the rework fabrics. I pretended to feel the fabrics as I ran my fingers over the pictures! A beautiful line.

  16. Love your red work line — the colors are scrumptious. My favorite pre cut is a jelly roll— I’ve made a wall hanging and several quilts using them—so much you can do with them 😊

  17. Nice to see the whole selection. They are lovely and will be fun to work with. Thanks.

  18. I’ve already ordered several things! Fat quarters are my favorite pre-cut. Thank you for all you do for us!

  19. I love them all! Jelly rolls offer all the matching fabrics in the line and there are many ways to use them.

  20. my favorite precuts are layer cakes. large enough for quick pieced quilts or appligue piecing.

  21. I love all pre cuts! I have already ordered the jelly roll and the fat quarter Redwork pre cuts. Would love to win the layer cake too!

  22. The ultimate for me is a fat quarter bundle because of its versatility. Your Redwork Gatherings collection is really beautiful!

  23. The red colors with the neutrals just speak to me. Red is my favorite color. I like fat quarters because they lend themselves to a number of different projects.

  24. I dont know that I have a favorite pre-cut, I just love them all!! I would love to win some of these reds!! They are gorgeous. Thanks for the chance.

  25. love the redwork and all the possibilities these precuts present and the antique quilt connection is truly a bonus~~!!

  26. Redwork Gatherings looks amazing. Red and white quilts are always beautiful. My favorite precut has always been a fat quarter. Seems I never know what to do with a jelly roll, charm squares or layer cakes. Fat quarters are big enough I can sprinkle the fabric throughout a whole quilt. Thanks for the opportunity to have some of this fabric in my stash.

  27. My favorite pre-cut is the fat quarter bundle because it’s enough fabric for many things and you just end up with more flexibility. I like having more choices. AND…I love fabric. ❤️

  28. Those Redwork Gatherings fabrics are absolutely delightful! I think I buy fat quarters more than anything else. But love the Jelly rolls too, depends on what pattern I’m doing at the moment! Love the fabrics!

  29. I love fat quarter bundles for my projects. I love the coordination of the fabric and makes my life easier too!

  30. Love love, love this line… two color quilts have always been a favorite and I dont have a red and white . So I will definitely get this line.

    Jelly rolls and Layer cakes are are my favorites.

  31. I love working with layer cakes. They give me the most versatility. Your Redworks Gatherings line looks wonderful.

  32. it’s so hard to see them on the screen when you can’t touch! hoping and sending only good thoughts thank goodness Gov of Wisconsin has lifted some restrictions hurray

  33. I use Jelly Rolls from time to time, but Fat Quarter Bundles seem to be the best for me, I tend to make mini quilts and can sometimes even use a FQ as a backer. Love the Redwork Gatherings line. Thank you for the opportunity to win some of your beautiful fabrics.

  34. My favorite precut – the honey buns as much that I want to do calls for 1 1/2″ strips — so in love with Indigo Blessings and very anxious to add the red line – gorgeous. Really like the sticker on your sewing machine. Stay safe and thanks so much for all you add to our lives.

  35. I’m dreaming and designing like crazy!! I must have a FQ cause you can do so much more with it and I love leftovers to make little projects with.

  36. I ordered a kit, but after seeing all of the line and the panel, I had to order a fat quarter bundle also. It can be expensive to read your blog. Since I live in North Carolina, I only do online with PG. I am working on your quilt from the new book. I am using a fat quarter bundle from a few years ago. I made a Dear Jane with the floral gatherings fat quarter bundle plus extra. It made a beautiful quilt, and very different from the usual Civil War fabrics.

  37. I like the fat quarter bundle. It will be so nice to have a collection of reds that all go together. That’s really hard to do in a fabric store. Right now during the quarantine it would be comforting to just “pet” your fabric. LOL.

  38. I cannot wait to get my pre-order in August! I think my favorite precut is a fat quarter stack, it’s pricier but the possibilities are endless!

  39. I absolutely love this line. It is gorgeous! I mostly buy & use fat quarters but love to keep a variety of precuts on hand.

  40. I have 2 favorites for different reasons, I love fat quarter bundles as scrappy quilts are my favorite and it gives you lots to play with. I will also grab charm packs from my favorite lines as I can use it as a resource to decide which fabrics I want more yardage of and when I am done can make a pillow or baby quilt. 🙂

  41. I really like Jelly Rolls. They are very versatile! These reds are amazing! I can think of so many things I could create!

  42. Loving your redwork line, Lisa! Layer cakes are my favorite because they are quite versatile.

  43. I love red and white fabrics and red and white quilts. I placed an order this morning for the fat quartr bundle — my favorite pre-cut. Thanks for this beautiful line.

  44. I love the fat quarter bundle, especially since it has the panel with all the other beautiful pieces. Can’t wait to see the new patterns.

  45. I am so excited about this collection that I could collect it by the bolt! I would figure out what to do with it after that. Realistically fat quarter bundles are my favorite if I can afford it, otherwise I get a layer cake to at least have a taste.

  46. I love fat quarter bundles. There are just lots of options but wouldn’t think twice about buying any of the others. The red in this line is fabulous! I think it is sometimes hard to find the perfect red but you nailed it!!

  47. I love all precuts, but if I had to pick it would be a jelly roll. I am seeing a log cabin in my husband’s favorite color with this line. If I buy it for him it doesn’t actually count as fabric, it counts as a gift, right?

  48. My favorite is the layer cake. It’s seems like I have good luck finding many ideas that work good with the layer cake, I LOVE the towers, but $$$$ keeps me from buying very many. Jmh

  49. Red had been my very favorite color ever since I was a little girl! I am so excited about this line and have some big plans, like maybe the Magic of Christmas quilt!! My favorite pre-cut is fat quarters. They are just big enough to use several times throughout a quilt.

  50. My favorite precut is the layer cake, because it offers so many possibilities of sub-cutting. This line is absolutely gorgeous.

  51. My favorite precut is quarter bundles, second favorite is a layer cake. This red work line is gorgeous!

  52. I love, love, love, the fat quarter towers. A beautiful assortment of fabrics so deliciously displayed, stacked tall and wrapped with a beautiful ribbon…be still my heart.

  53. My favorite precut is a jelly roll! There are so many patterns to make a lap quilt out of one jelly roll and you get to play with so many great fabrics!

  54. I love all of the precuts, but I have found layer cakes and fat quarters the easiest to work with.

  55. Fat quarters for sure! I have definite FOMO and need to have a bit of every print in the line!

  56. I find uses for all precuts but my favorite is a fat quarter bundle— so many possibilities!!

  57. Oh I love this beautiful new line! My favorite pre-cuts are the fat quarter bundles, because they give me many options for cutting. I think they are more versatile.

  58. I love Fat quarter bundles but usually can’t afford the price. I’ll usually purchase a jellyroll or layer cake but it might only be a charm pack, Red is my favorite color–In fact the car I bought last year was red and I just love driving it!!!
    Congrats on the new wonderful RED fabric. I can’t wait to see more of the quilts!!!

  59. My favorite, lime most responders, would be fat quarter towers…why? Because you get the most fabric, of course! But I must say, in absence if either the $ to buy FQ towers, or availability, I’m happy with a layer cake because they are very versatile!
    Beautiful line, I’m dreaming of the possibilities of that panel.

  60. I do love Urban Farmhouse, however; now I’m really really liking this Redwork Gatherings !

  61. Of course FQs are my favorite pre-cuts because you can do so much with them – big pieces, little pieces, whatever you need. And I just absolutely LOVE the new red work line!!!

  62. I appreciate that you planned so many different prints in your red work line to give us a variety. Fat quarters are my favorite cut. They give a nice cut of fabric to work with & I don’t have a lot left over. Usually just enough to cut some squares or strips to store for another project. Thanks for your research & designing.

  63. Love them all so decide what to do so know what precut I need! Think the fat qtr bundle my favorite!

  64. My favorite pre-cut so far has been the charm packs but I think I’d be able to do so much more with a fat quarter bundle.

  65. Of course, I would LOVE to win a fat quarter bundle. I adore RED and you always kick it up a notch with your reds and creams. Any win is a wonderful win!

  66. I like charm squares. You see a good bit of most designs and if you just want to sew them together they look great with no cutting.

  67. I love this red and creamy line! I may have oohed out loud when the email picture came up! LOL! I seem to be able to find uses for any precut I’ve purchased. Most often I seem to veer towards the fat quarter bundle. If I purchase charm squares I almost always have to also get the matching jelly roll or some yardage just to make sure I have “enough”!

  68. My favorite precut is the layer cake. I seem to use them the most, they can be cut in so many ways!

  69. FQ’s is my favorite cut. A tower of beautiful fabrics just makes one giddy with excitement. This may be my favorite line behind snowman gatherings. 💕

  70. I like the 5” charm packs best. I recently used several and made 3 different quilts and used all but 1/4” x 5” so very little waste.
    Love red work and have made many quilts.
    Connie Litfin

  71. My favorite precut would be the fat quarter bundles, or towers as you call them. The pieces are so versatile and are so manageable for starching. The possibilities are endless.

  72. my favorite is the jelly roll- i find the good old ‘jelly roll race’ type of quilt to be a great easy but effective gift- for someone special, or just for myself. this redwork one may be one that is just for me 🙂

  73. Fat quarters are most useful. And I’ve purchased all your Gatherings in FQ bundles (and used most of them).

  74. I like fat quarters best of all! They give you the most options. And if they are in shades of red – my favorite color – it’s perfection!

  75. I guess my current favorite precut is a layer cake. That allows me to do charm square patterns and a nice mix for scrappy quilts as well as various patterns for layer cakes available. I really love the thought you have put into your precuts by balancing the light and dark.

  76. Reds are notorious for bleeding, have you had any problems with your new red work gathering fabrics? Thank you!

  77. My favorite precut is the jelly roll and also the layer cake. I love this line of fabric, but I love all you fabric lines so it comes as no surprise!

  78. I like layer cakes; they are so versatile! I was just drooling over these, imagining them in a layer cake pattern I just finished.

  79. My goodness, those are pretty! I like fat quarters and fat eighths. They can be sliced and diced so many ways.

  80. A fat quarter bundle would be my favorite to do a basket quilt with. You have outdone yourself in this line of fabric!!

  81. I love fat quarter bundles. You can sew soooo many things with them. I can split them with my sister and we can both make the same wall hanging or tabletopper and still be completely different.

    1. The pre-cut that I buy usually depends on what I’m planning to make with it. I’ve bought all of the different pre-cuts in the past but if I have to figure out which ones I’ve bought more of it would be fat quarters and layer cakes.

  82. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS LINE!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  83. My favorite Redwork product is the fat quarter bundle. I have lots of great ideas on how I want to use them! Such s beautiful fabric line!

  84. My favorite precut as of now is fat quarter bundles. I have several patterns that call for fat quarters. But I’m learning to like layer cakes too! 🙂 I love your fabrics! Need to pre-order, but I just need to figure out which kit!

  85. My favorite precuts are fat quarters. I’m often not sure which pattern I’ll make til inspiration strikes, and fat quarters usually give me enough to work with. Plus they have the added bonus of being easier to squish and pet!😊

  86. I love fq bundles the best because of the size giving me a lot of flexibility! This is a fabulous collection!

  87. I love layer cakes. I have so many patterns that are layer cake friendly. Love your new line of red work!

  88. These are beautiful!
    I like fat quarters best of all but usually can only afford a layer cake:)

  89. I love these reds, but I love the cream and red even more. My favorite precut is the layer cake. I have several patterns for layer cakes that I want to make. Thank you for all you do.

  90. This is just the most beautiful collection I’ve seen in a long time. I like all precuts, but I think you can get more mileage out of a stack of fat quarters than anything else. Layer cakes are great, too. Jeez, if it’s beautiful fabric like this, I’d take anything and be grateful. Now to your website to see how much damage I can do to my pocketbook!

  91. Hi Lisa,

    My favorite precut is a fat quarter bundle. I have made one nice size quilt with both a fat quarter bundle and a few extra fat quarters thrown in for good measure. I like the variety you get with a fat quarter bundle and, the fabric size was perfect for making “The Handmade Quilt” by Carolyn Forster.

  92. I especially like the fat eighth bundles. Then I can see exactly what each fabric looks like in case I need to order more…and I haven’t spent a fortune doing it.

  93. Drooling over these reds and cream shirtings! Sewing with fat quarters or jelly rolls is what I do most often. Thank you for the chance to win!

  94. Having just organized my fabrics, I believe I would say the most precuts I have are fat quarters. I was amazed. Love fat quarters.

  95. I love layer cakes because the size give you so many options. It is a very pretty collection.

  96. Fat quarters are my fave when I don’t have a specific pattern in mind. Otherwise layer cakes are pattern friendly.

  97. I am not normally a reds person but I do love your Redwork Gatherings collection. I will have to order a fat eighths collection, I have also become fond of 4″ and 6″ blocks, so I can use fat eighths as well as fat quarters, which is what I used to buy. Maybe I will even have to start a redwork version of BH3!

  98. Red and white, what’s not to love?! My favorite precut is a fat quarter bundle as you can cut the other sizes from it. Second favorite would be charm squares which are awesome for EPP! Or is it the mini charms? they are just fun to collect! Thank you

  99. Dear Lisa,
    I absolutely love your new redwork fabrics! I have 12 wonderful hand stitched, Redwork Little Sunbonnet Sue quilt blocks that I’ve been waiting for the perfect fabric to put it together. I think you have designed the perfect fabric for me and I’m so grateful to you! I love the fabric with the tulips and white doilie around the tulips. You have answered my prayers!

  100. OMG the fabric designs are fantastic. I love to work with layer cakes. I like the name also.

  101. My favorite precut is your 5″ charms. I fell in love during our 2017 Triangles sewing. I love this Redwork line! It was my wedding colors and I will be celebrating 39 years tomorrow.

  102. My favorite precut is fat quarters although when I was a new beginner I bought yardage of everything. My style has evolved to very scrappy quilts and fat quarters work perfectly as I still have to pre wash all my fabric.

  103. I love the 5 inch charm pack. So easy to make a small wall hanging with them. But I have to be honest. I just love to spread them out like a deck of cards to get that instant color effect!

  104. Wow – you hit the nail on its head this time, Lisa!! Be still my heart!! My favorite combos are red and cream or blue and cream!!! I’d love to win any pre-cuts but would really love the fat quarter bundle with the one sheet of pre-designed red work so I can stitch away also!!! I’d do another red and white/cream scrappy quilt, my all time favorite, with fat quarters yummy —-

  105. I love charm packs because I can whip up a tablerunner as a gift quickly and use them for various small gifts. Love, love these reds. Thanks again and stay well.

  106. I love all the precuts, but my favorite is the FQ “Tower”. It gives me plenty of fabric to play with, and enough that I can have some left to fondle!

  107. My favorite pre cut is, and always has been, the fat quarter. They allow me to have a much greater variety of fabrics to make my favorite scrappy quilt patterns. When you add that the fat quarters, it’ s my very favorite combination. Your collection is beautiful, as I knew it would be. Thanks

  108. Oh they look delicious!!!!! I usually purchase layer cakes and jelly rolls and then I’m afraid to cut into them. ☹️ I think fat quarters is my first choice now as there is just more to create with! Can’t wait for the red line to come out! Again thanks for all you do!

  109. These fabrics are the bomb! My favorite precut is the original precut ~ the fat quarter. But second best is layer cakes. Thanks for the chance.

  110. Your new line is absolutely beautiful! I have a small antique redwork quilt that I just love, and you’ve inspired me to try my hand at one. My favorite precut is the candy pack, aka mini charm pack. I’m fascinated by miniatures–I collect miniature baskets, love to eat miniature cookies (weird, I know)–and have made a couple of mini quilts recently. BTW: I used your starched fabric method, and it made a huge difference in getting those points sharp on tiny piecing!

  111. I love FQ of precuts – they give me the best option unless I have a specific plan in mind. Thanks so much. Awesome fabrics, as usual, Lisa..

  112. I love the fat quarter precuts. It gives me an opportunity to make several projects with scraps left over. Love the reds and the pretty prints!

  113. I love any kind of precut….I love this collection…it is lucious……will be dreaming tonite of a red and white quilt!

  114. Absolutely love those reds – a red & white quilt has been on the bucket list for some time. I usually gravitate to layer cakes especially or fat quarters when adding to my stash. Thanks for the chance and congrats on the line!

  115. Love the red works, I like the Jelly Rolls as you get a little bit of everything and part of the cutting is already done for you. Just need to pick out a pattern.

  116. Cannot wait for the panel. Will it be sold separately? I have never seen the 1.5 inch precuts before. Since I love tiny scrappy quilts, those will be handy. Looking forward to this new line.

  117. I’m loving the Redwork Gatherings even more today! My favorite is the fat 1/8. It is a great compromise for my budget and getting workable fabric.

  118. Redwork Gatherings are beautiful. I love products! I especially love layer cakes, as it allows me to easily put together a simple quilt, or I can cut them down to construct a more complex one.

  119. I love the jelly rolls, but those little mini cuts are perfect for the inner borders I have been creating on several of my latest quilts. Love your new line of reds and whites.

  120. I have been looking forward to this release as I love red! And I always love the prints you come up with…I have many of the grey/blue combos that are in my Mode BH2 project. I think my favorite precut is the mini charms as I don’t feel guilty if I’d rather just look at them than use them….all the lovely prints but they don’t take up much room. My second favorite as I use it more, is a jelly roll. But then again, I love them all!

  121. I love the shade of red you picked❤️ Fat quarters are my precut of choice Although I am buying 1/2 yd cuts more often. And an occasional charm pack.

  122. The most stunning line of primitive reds I have ever seen. Most of my 1800s quilts are darker in design but this would make a most stunning quilt. I like to buy the fat quarter bundle to be sure I have plenty of variety and wont run short on my fabric. Will look forward to some of your stunning patterns to compliment these beautiful reds.

  123. It’s beautiful!!! I love red and white, now to go with the indigo. Can’t wait for your binding video. Something I always have trouble with!! Have a great day. Stay safe!

  124. This is one of the coolest red and white (cream) fabric packs I have seen in a long time. I usually like the fat 1/8ths or fat quarters, but really depends on the project.

  125. Ever since I started quilting 20+ years ago, I have always wanted to do a red work quilt and I love doing embroidery! I finally mastered the stem stitch thanks to your Believe Santa! Plus a quilt in these colors would match my bedroom furniture perfectly!!!

  126. Your triangle papers made for charms has made me a believer! They make it so easy to jump right in and put charm squares into action! That being said, 10″ layer cakes are my favorite as I cut them into charms and make different size half square triangles from each sub cut charm. Than lots of pieces to play with!

  127. I LOVE red & white/cream fabrics. Fat quarters would be my favorite precuts. Your red work gatherings line is Awesome! I would love to win as I have another red/white quilt in mind for which these fabrics would be perfect!

  128. The colors are so beautiful I can’t wait to start a quilt with them I think my favorite pre cut is fat quarters It gives me more options I often buy a precut and then fall in love with a pattern that calls for a different precut than what I bought Aghhh!!!

  129. How can you not love this line….it makes you want to pinch it like little chubby cheeks :)….I love Fat Quarter Bundles because you can create so many different projects from stack…..and still have some for looking at.

  130. Precut fat quarters are my favorite way to go. But I know I’ll need yardage of this beautiful line. Never can have enough red and white in my stash! ❤️❤️❤️

  131. Oh the beautiful!!!! Is there any way you will have half yard bundles available?
    Otherwise I’ll need to order the fat quarter bundle.
    Thanks for another opportunity to win an awesome prize.

  132. Hi Lisa. Thanks for the fabric close up…….I’m loving these fabrics. I ordered the Redwork quilt kit. I am so excited!!!! My favorite precut is the layer cake and honey bun. I love making scrap quilts, so these give me a variety. And 1.5″ is the most common size I use:) Are you going to to Summer Block of the Week this year?? Happy Stitching:)

  133. How can you not LOVE this line……makes you want to pinch it like little chubby checks…..I almost always get Fat Quarter bundles because you have limitless possibilities….a perfect shade of red !

  134. I am liking this line more and more, each time I see it. I definitely need to create a plan for some of this.

  135. Can’t wait to get my Redwork Gatherings. The more you show it the more I want to touch and make a quilt.

  136. My favorite precut is a fat quarter. I like fat quarters because you have enough fabric to make a decent size quilt.

  137. Love love love!!! Your reds and creams are beautiful!. Ordered your blue and creams earlier this week. Can’t wait for my fabric “fix” to arrive!

  138. I love precuts. My favorite would probably be the layer cake, charm pack or jelly roll. I think it would depend on the quilt that i’m making I just love the Redwork Gatherings – the colors are beautiful. It would make a great quilt. I would love to see the pattern you are using for this line.

  139. I love red and white quilts!! These reds are gorgeous!! I usually like fat quarter bundles, as I’ve gotten smaller cut bundles and wound up not having enough for a project.

  140. Lisa, I love all you do and are very thankful for all you give. I usually try to get the fat quarter bundles so I have enough to do most projects. Thanks.

  141. Fat quarters are my fave because they give me more options and then followed by jelly rolls.

  142. Gorgeous reds and creams! My favorite precut is the fat quarter because you can do so much with it!

  143. Beautiful line! My go to is fat quarters, then layer cake then jelly roll depending on project picked. Been looking for two color project and this line will work beautifully! You did good! Thank you!

  144. I love red! I most often buy fat quarters because I make scrappy quilts, usually. But I can think of so many things to do with these fabrics…!

  145. Beautiful fabrics. Making a red and white quilt is on my wish list! I think fat quarters would fit the bill!

  146. I like fat quarters and 10 inch squares best because they allow me more options for different size blocks

  147. Red Red Red. Fat Quarters are the next best thing to yardage. Great for the smaller planned quilts – which you can make more than one of – and to add to a full sized scrappy quilt . Also, they look very pretty on the shelf until you are ready to open them up.

  148. Love the reds! My favorite precut is the layer cake. So much can be done with 10 inches and still have leftovers for Mug Rugs and Hot Pads

  149. I love jelly rolls. They work up quick as a throw quilt! I’m loving your red and white quilts!

  150. The fabrics are beautiful! My favorite precut would be the fat quarter bundle because I can never have too much of the fabrics I love!

  151. Your new red and creme line of fabrics is wonderful! I often purchase a Layer Cake of a line in order to get all they different patterns. Layer Cakes are great for applique because of the variety of selections.

  152. I’d go with fat quarters because they give me so many options. Loving the Redworks and creams!

  153. MY favorite precuts: fat quarter and/or jellyrolls depending on my needs. Redwork Gatherings would be definitely fat quarter bundle. I use reds a lot and have bought lots of reds from different groups, they don’t always match well as I buy online so can’t wait for yours!!!
    Fun line, thanks for your creativity!

  154. gotta go with those fat quarters — I get so many more alternatives. LOVE those reds – so deep, gorgeous and yummy

  155. Well, I must admit I like fat quarters & have lots of them. Lately I’ve taken to 10″ squares though I haven’t used any yet. I love the Red work colors!

  156. I like fat quarters – gives some versatility and works well because I tend to make small and mini quilts.
    But just in case I decide to work on something larger I have fabric for that also. Oh – how lovely they appear.

  157. These fabrics have so much old fashioned charm! Reds are tough to find just the right shade of, it’s lovely these will all work together. I love the fat quarters so there is enough for more than one project, Also this particular fat quarter bundle comes with the full panel.

  158. I like the fat eights. So glad you have this for your line! I love collecting red and white fabric And the eights give me just enough!

  159. My favorite precut is a fat quarter bundle because you get a variety of fabrics that all coordinate in a size that works for most projects.

  160. Lisa, you have outdone yourself wit the reds and creams… I love, love, love them…all the products are fantastic, but I guess the far quarter bundle is my choice…you can do so much with….

  161. My favorite precut are fat quarters. I like to have enough in case I make a mistake in cutting and I love scrappy quilts! Sometimes I even buy in half yards!!

  162. Don’t you hate spellcheck…that should be precuts… and fat quarters, you can do so much with them…thanks for sharing your talent with us…

  163. I love all the precuts, but since the only precut with the panel is the fat quarters….I will focus in on that. I want to try out that embroidery idea I had. Your reds and “whites’ are luscious!

  164. Absolutely LOVE ❤️ fat quarter bundles. Enough to usually make a whole quilt with my favorite thing left over – scraps! Plus I get a piece of everything in the line. Your reds are luscious.

  165. I love fat quarter tower but usually don’t buy them Unless I ❤️The collection so so much, because I can’t afford it. Love them because would make a easy choice to make most patterns.

  166. These are so beautiful. FQ’s are my favorite precut because I can use them for more then 1 project like table runners, wall hangings, small quilts and bags.

  167. My favorite precutvis the fat quarter bundle. I love the flexability for different projects. I love having just a bit of all of the fabrics in a line. It makes it easier for me to plan larger purchases!

  168. Since I like to make smaller quilts I tend to buy charm packs most. although if need multiple I’ll buy a layer cake. ❤️ These reds!

  169. My favorite precut is a Fat Eighth bundle. I can do a lot with this type of precut. I usually buy a couple of them and some background from the group of fabric and it is amazing how much this makes a wonderful quilt or tote bag or a backpack or duffle bag. Options are endless! Happy Stitching. I am making a Corona quilt this month. I found a bunch of blocks from 10 years ago and am stitching them together to make the quilt. Have fun staying at home and stitching this beautiful Redwork fabric.

  170. Your fabrics are beautiful, I especially love the layercake and jelly rolls…

    . So many options!

  171. Happy Friday Lisa, Thank you again for your contact. I really like to hear what is new and be kept up to date. It makes things seem normal and having a constant like you posting on Fridays I am sure helps keep us all a little saner. My favorite precut is a fat quarter bundle. They are generous enough to complete a large quilt(usually) and small enough so that if you are not a fabric stasher you still can create wonderful projects and not have much waste or left over.

  172. My preference is usually fat 1/8s if I really love it or layer cake if I know I’m only going to make something smaller. I make a lot of small things so either of these usually gives me enough fabric to work with.

  173. I am partial to the fat quarter bundles as it gives you lots of fabric to make a quilt as well as add to my stash.

  174. Fat quarter bundle!! You would be able to cut one of each of the other precuts from it!! Very labor intensive but worth it!!

  175. I seem to be drawn to the fat 8’s. My budget can absorb them. I usually get a good quilt from them. Your fabrics are of such good quality. I love them.

  176. I often start with a mini charm to get a good look at the colors and designs then order larger precuts and yardage. I Love All of your primitive gathering designs I am using the indigos fat eights for my blockhead 3 quilt along, the first I have ever tried So fun! I like the red stripes. I have preordered ! Excited about them all especially the panel birds and flowers are a favorite

  177. Your new fabric line is gorgeous! Thanks for the up close pictures.

    I would say my favorite precut is a FQ bundle. I love having all the fabrics in a line with enough quantity to do something versatile with it. I love Jelly Rolls too but find pattern choices a little too limiting with those. After FQ Bundles I would go Fat 1/8’s or Layer Cakes.

  178. Fat quarters are my favorites. I get a variety of prints that can be cut to a specific pattern.

  179. Theses reds are a must have! I am thrilled. I purchase fat quarter bundles most generally, but have found that layer cakes also offer up different possibilities also.

  180. Fat quarter bundles are the best, although because of the cost I settle for a layer cake or a jelly roll. Quilting is filling my time now that I’m unable to work. Thank you for your posts that brighten our days!

  181. I love Fat quarter bundles but you have to make more than one quilt with them to really put a dent in them. So I tend to buy layer cakes more often since they are good for both piecing and appliqué projects.
    Love red, love your fabrics, you are so me. Thanks for all your great design.

  182. I am so excited to see these in my hands. I just have to figure out what size I want as I live all the ore-cut sizes.

  183. FQ bundles are my favorite. Those towers of gorgeous fabric just makes a girl giddy. This line is my favorite behind ⛄️ gatherings. ❤️❤️

  184. I have never bought a fat quarter bundle but have always wanted too so my favorite precut is layer cakes. I love the patterns you can just cut the stack in different pieces and stitch them back together. Love the reds. I have done a couple redwork pieces

  185. My favorite precut is the fat 8th tower. Love to mix them into a project or they are big enough to make one project. These reds are so yummy!!

  186. My favorite pre cut would be the fat quarters. In fact that’s what I just pre -ordered! Reds get me every time, that’s my favorite color. They may end up in a quilt on my future.

  187. I have RED in every room of my house! Go to color! What do I buy, that’s such a loaded question. Some designers I always buy a fat quarter bundle, this red will be one of those. The most bought, fat quarters or charms. The most used would have to be jelly rolls!

  188. My favorite pre-cut is the fat quarter bundle. If I don’t have a specific pattern in mind but just got to have the fabric, the bundle allows for many possibilities and has the complete line.

  189. I like the fat quarter bundles because I can get at least 2 quilts out of them with some left over for a scrappy project. These reds are calling my name!

  190. I have different patterns that I use for all the precuts, but my absolute favorite is the jelly roll. Thanks for all you do and for this giveaway. Stay safe!

  191. I love layer cakes. I can always get a nice quilt out of a layer cake. And then I also get a charm pack to keep for my collection of your lines!❤️

  192. My favorite precut is the layer cake as it is more versatile. I just love your Redwork Gatherings collection!!

  193. I love red and redwork! My favorite are the fat quarter bundles because I have the flexibility to use the fabric for larger or smaller projects. I can’t wait to order my stack to get a yard of that fabulous panel!

  194. I enjoy both jelly rolls and layer cakes, jelly rolls are very versatile and layer cakes can be cut in different size squares. Thanks for the chance to win, I so would love to win.

  195. I love red work! My favorite is fat quarter bundles, you can do so much with them. I would love to win them. Can’t wait!

  196. It’s all depends, I usually choose layer cakes, but if I am really in love with the fabric I will either buy a fat quarter or fat eighth bundle. I may have to have yardage of this line!😉

  197. Fat quarter bundles are the most versatile if I love the fabric (like Redwork Gatherings) and don’t have a plan for it. But I also love to use layer cakes and jelly rolls if I know what pattern the fabric will be used for.

  198. Lisa, this fabric line is just beautiful. I can’t wait to see the quilts you’ve made with it. I love to work with fat quarters. Thank you for the chance to win some.

  199. It all depends, I usually buy layer cakes, but if I am really in love with the fabric I will buy fat quarter or fat eight bundles. It’s looking like I will be buying yardage of Redwork Gatherings!😍

  200. My favorite precut is the fat eight tower. I love red and white quilts—these are fabulous!! Can’t wait to see the rest of the quilts!!

  201. My favorite precut is the fat quarter. I love the variety my blocks have when using them/

  202. My favorite precut is the fat quarter bundle. I have a beautiful collection of them in my sewing room (and occasionally break one open to sew with). 🙂

  203. I have only used jelly roll and charms. Would love to work with fat quarter and do more piece work. Love this collection.

  204. Layer cake……it is versatile. You can use the size as is, cut into 2-1/2″ strips, 5″ charms or a combination!! Love your red and white fishing lures!! =:)

  205. I LoVE this line! Hard to choose which pre=cut though. Perhaps the Fat Eighths would be versitile

  206. My favorite precut is the fat quarter bundle since the fat quarter size is what I usually buy. It is a great size for just about any quilt that I make since I like to make scrappy quilts. Buying fat quarters are the most economical way to build up my stash with lots of variety in the prints! Red is my favorite color and I can’t wait until this collection comes out!

  207. As a beginning quilter, I’ve only bought three pkgs. of 10″ squares so far and a few fat quarters. I look forward to the day I actually have a stash of fabric lol. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  208. I love charm squares – there are so many uses for them particularly for small projects like table squares and table runners. I would love to be the winner!

  209. I LOVE the new red & white patterns! The Redwork quilt pattern is my favorite! It truely is a beautiful line of fabric. 💕

  210. I am swooning already and my head is spinning with ideas. I would be thrilled to have any of the redworks fabric packs. I can picture a table runner or square, a bed runner or throw quilt. The possibilities are endless. Thank you so much for show casing these gorgeous reds.

  211. Oh these are just WOW! I love fat quarters, because I can “fill in the holes” as I go through my inherited stash, but I have loved working with layer cakes when choosing a special project. They provide the necessary span of colors, but allow me to pick out the yardage I like best to finish things off. That panel looks just spectacular, Lisa, congrats on a BEAUTIFUL collection.

  212. Your new Redwork collection is beautiful. I especially like the dark reds. I currently am making a red and cream quilt and using 2 pieces from the Flower Garden Gatherings collection. Now I may need to make another red and white quilt with the new collection. The main precut I have used is Jelly Roll — so I guess that is my favorite. But I am intriqued with the Fat Eights since I like to wash and starch (thanks to you) before cutting.

  213. I make lots of small quilts so fat eight bundles or layer cakes are good for me. I enjoyed seeing all the fabrics close and personal . What beauties.

  214. Wow, this line is gorgeous. I love the FQ Towers. I try to buy them whenever I can. Then all I have to do is add a little yardage for a quilt.

  215. Jellyrolls and charm packs work for me lately. Something to do with 2.5 inch cuts…. Love this red!

  216. My favorite precuts are charm squares and jelly rolls.
    So many options to use them.
    Would love to win some of the new Red work Gatherings precuts.

  217. My favorite precut is Fat Quarters collections, gives me enough fabric to work on a quilt, and still gives a good variety of fabrics.

  218. These Redwork fabrics are so gorgeous!! I love working with fat quarters. There is so much that can be accomplished with them!

  219. I love fat quarter and fat eighth bundles. They are perfect since I love making my quilts extra scrappy. I adore your new Redwork Gathering fabrics. I need to buy some of them all. Have a great day!

  220. I like a jelly roll or layer cake best! The jelly roll is good for making blocks and the layer cakes are good for appliqué so you have a bigger piece of fabric! If I had a choice though I’d take the fat quarter tower so you get all of the collection 😊

  221. Layer cakes are my favorite precut. Your new redwork line is beautiful. Thank you for the opportunity to enter .

  222. My fave precut is fat eighth tower & next would be layer cake. I just like a little more width to be able to cut multiple blocks, ie half square triangles. I’m trying right now to decide what I want to order for the red work fabric. Might have to be the fq bundle to get the bundle. Love this line!

  223. Oh, Lisa, these are so pretty! I love the one with the little flower sprays! Fat quarters are my favorites but charms are also fun. I have only ever had 1 layer cake and would like to try them more. You have really just created such beautiful fabrics! I love them all. Thanks so much for sharing them with us.

  224. I love fat quarters they are perfectly sized for smaller and mini quilts which are my favorite projects

  225. I love fat quarter towers and so excited that RWG will include the panel! Looking forward to your binding tutorial.

  226. I love the fat quarters. Not too much and not too little. Works great. Thank you for the chances to win.

  227. My favourite precut is a fat quarter bundle because I can make anything I like with it. Love your new line!

    1. I love to work with fat quarters…and your Redwork gathering is becoming my all time favorite…boy would I love to make a quilt with it!💕