Long, Long Way From Home… Quilting GiveAway

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Long, Long Way from Home!

Long, Long Way From Home Quilting GiveAway by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
Long, Long Way From Home

Long, Long Way from Home… is a tribute to my time on the road away from home teaching quilting. The name of this quilt is a song title, this one from Foreigner, another song from my youth and still on my playlist today. The quilt measures 44”x 44”.

The Redwork panel in the line also makes a great backing because you do not have to piece anything…this quilt needs at least 52″x 52″ back for the Long Armer.  A yard and a half is prefect!  The panel is 58″ wide.

Long, Long Way From Home Quilting GiveAway by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
Long, Long Way from Home Back

I had Jake quilt this quilt in a honeycomb pattern with red thread.  Do you stitch a red & white quilt in red or light thread?  Well… you will get to see some of the other quilts quilted in light thread.   I will do a whole post on What color THREAD should I(or have my) quilt, quilted with?  I think this is in a more important question than what pattern should I quilt…

How to use a small quilt if you don’t need a baby quilt?

This little quilt will make a nice wall hanging or a little baby quilt that could be loved and loved, the more you wash it the better it will look!  I also think this size quilt is very functional for home decorating…

If you have that little boring corner like I do…you can just add something simple like a ladder or drying rack with a folded quilt…

Long, Long Way From Home Quilting GiveAway by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
Decorating with Quilts… Red & White

Bring some color into the kitchen or dining room…look what this quilt does to this neutral space…

Long, Long Way From Home Quilting GiveAway by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
Decorating with Quilts …Red & White

They also fit beautifully as an accent on a chair in the living room.

Long, Long Way From Home Quilting GiveAway by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
Decorating with Quilts…Red & White

Or sometimes you just need quilts for the STACK IN the cupboard!

Long, Long Way From Home Quilting GiveAway by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
Stack of Red & White Quilts

Long, Long Way From Home Quilting GiveAway by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanWell…I hope you enjoyed my post about Long, Long Way from Home…

If you would like to order a pattern, or kit…This kit is really generous…you will have lots of fabric left over…the kit includes the pattern and binding as well.  So if you like these fabrics and love it when you have extra left over this kit is for you…If you want to order a Jellyroll & Charm pack and add some fabric from your collection …you could probably pull this off..without too much trouble…the Kits are on sale for 10% off and the Pre-cuts are 20% off...The sale is good til the end of April.  The sale price is added at the end of your order.  REMEMBER this is for August delivery and keep in mind we have free shipping on over $100 and only Redwork Gatherings items can be on this order…

Click Here to Pre-Order a Kit or Pattern!

Pre-order- Redwork Gatherings Pre-Cuts

I would like to give away 6 patterns and 1 kit/pattern for this project…COMMENT below and tell me how you would use this little quilt!

Winners for this quilting giveaway are determined at the end of the Redwork Gatherings campaign…Thanks for hanging out and reading my blog…Good Luck!

721 responses to “Long, Long Way From Home… Quilting GiveAway”

  1. Deb Otto Avatar
    Deb Otto

    I just got a small ladder for quilts – that’s where it would go!

    1. Dawn Avatar

      I would hang it on a wall!

  2. Bonnie Larson Avatar
    Bonnie Larson

    Red and white quilts are my favourite. I would love to have this one to display in my home. Thanks so much, Lisa.

    1. Paula Avatar

      I love this little quilt! I would most likely use it for a table topper. Thanks for a chance to win!

  3. Gini Baldi Avatar
    Gini Baldi

    Probably in my dining room table. The walls are a deep red and this would compliment beautifully!

  4. smith1028 Avatar

    I would hang it on the wall. I love small quilts for wall decor.

  5. sharon tseu Avatar
    sharon tseu

    I have a ruler wall for small quilts…copied from Lisa, and this small quilt would be fabulous there! One of my all time favorite quilts is my red and white from the Christmas stitch-a-long a couple years ago. I just LOVE this red work fabric!

  6. Laura M Avatar
    Laura M

    I think this lovely red and white quilt would make a fantastic picnic cloth to use out in the backyard on a sunny day.

  7. Maria L Zook Avatar
    Maria L Zook

    The size of that quilt is perfect for my kitchen wall where i like to change out quilts regularly. I also have a couple of small quilt ladders that I use to display small quilts when they aren’t being used elsewhere.

  8. Pat Spurgeon Avatar
    Pat Spurgeon

    I would use this as a wall hanging over my bed. Very nice pattern – and the fabric is fabulous!

  9. Kay Sanderford Avatar
    Kay Sanderford

    We have a large wooden rocking chair in our living room with a red leather seat. This quilt would look awesome folded and draped over the back of the rocker. I am envious of your amazing red & white quilt collection, Lisa! It inspires me to create more! Thank you.

  10. Ellen Fox Avatar
    Ellen Fox

    Hi Lisa, I have always been a fan of red & white quilts. I have an antique that I use every Christmas and have made a couple through the years. I learned to quilt in St Charles, MO at a shop called Patches, Etc. The shop owner, Ann Hazelwood, is a lover of red & white quilts and has taught me a lot through the years. Having one designed by you would be a neat addition to my collection. Thank you for such wonderful colors and designs. You are truly amazing!

  11. A M Bartus Avatar
    A M Bartus

    I took your idea and hung yardsticks on my wall. I’d hang that little cutie off the yardstick💜👍

    1. lj Avatar

      There is a baby waiting to be born any minute now- due date is today!! Then I would need another on for my home to decorate with either on wall or dining room table!

  12. Jan Smith Avatar
    Jan Smith

    I love your Redwork line but then again I love them all. I would use this small quilt on an extra towel rack in my bathroom. I currently have a small log cabin quilt there. I like the other places you used yours also.

  13. COLLEEN KOSKI Avatar

    I would either hang it on one of my quilt racks or I have a stairway to my basement that I have been waiting for the perfect quilt to at beauty to my wall. It would also be awesome at Christmas! Love it on your table!

  14. Jill Avatar

    What a lovely quilt and would look good in so many different colors. I would use as a table topper or wall hanging.

  15. Kathleen Terek Avatar
    Kathleen Terek

    I sometimes like to make a small quilt so I can see the results of my efforts quickly and I enjoy showing them on my tables. It really brightens things up. Oh and did I say that Redwork is my love. I started stitching Redwork projects probably 20;years ago and still love it.

  16. Kog Avatar

    Love this quilt❤️
    I would let my 10 year old granddaughter come out and sew this one, she LOVES to sew with grandma!! She recently moved into a beautiful old house, her mom has decorated everything in black & white, so this pop of beautiful reds would be an awesome eye catcher on a ladder in her dining room ❤️❤️❤️

  17. Sharon Ernst Avatar
    Sharon Ernst

    Red is definitely my favorite color! I have a quilt hanger in my living room that this quilt would be perfect for! I love everything you do, Lisa! ♥️

  18. Nancy A. Avatar
    Nancy A.

    I would use it on my dining table. It’s a farm table and the walls are deep blue. I work with US military members and this would lend a patriotic feel to the room.

  19. Irmgard Lau Avatar
    Irmgard Lau

    I love to put quilts on the backs of chairs and couch. Warms up the decor.

  20. Lynn Barrett Avatar
    Lynn Barrett

    What a perfect little picnic quilt! Just might have to order the kit!

  21. Christine Schoon Avatar
    Christine Schoon

    I’d love to use this quiltsize as a tablecloth. Would look lovely in our house!

  22. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
    Carol Eberhardt

    Well, I just redecorated a guest room in red and white, so I guess you know it would go in there! I have an antique cherry table for two in the corner…waiting for a red and white topper…how nice that it would be reversible, with the panel on the back!

  23. Maureen Fry Avatar
    Maureen Fry

    I would use it as a table covering, it would be beautiful!

  24. Marie Beers Avatar
    Marie Beers

    It would be perfect on my kitchen table and also as a decorative piece on the white chenille bed spread in the guest room. Or a special gift to a friend’s new home.

  25. Verna Thomas Avatar
    Verna Thomas

    I love red and white quilts. If I won this, I would use it on our kitchen table.

  26. Mary Kolb Avatar

    I also have a quilt ladder and I would hang my Red and White quilt on it to brighten my great room!❤️

  27. Carol A Selepec Avatar
    Carol A Selepec

    First of all, I would just stare at it. I LOVE red and white quilts. I think I would mostly stare at it as a topper for an antique side table that I got when my dad passed away. It was my great grandmother’s and it would look phenomenal on there!

  28. Mary Lu Avatar
    Mary Lu

    I would throw this red and white quilt over the back of a chair in my living room. I love it and looks like it would go together quickly.

  29. Sandy Holder Avatar
    Sandy Holder

    I would use this quilt as a wall hanging behind my couch in the den-It is absolutely gorgeous!

  30. Laurel Avatar

    I am loving your red and white campaign! Like one of your photos, I would center it over my dining room table…I have red accents in the curtain valances, the rug and my antique rooster dishes in my hutch, so this little beauty would be a perfect fit.

  31. Sandra Avatar

    I love to roll op similar colored quilts in a crock in the corner.

  32. Patty Reid Avatar

    I only have a small table, about 5×5, so this would be perfect for that table. Love all your quilts, they truly warm the heart!

  33. Joan Avatar

    So beautiful! ❤️ I love this as a baby quilt because after It is used with the baby, the quilt could be used to decorate in the house. I love using smaller quilts all over the house. My daughter-in-law loves red! She would love this!

  34. Cheryl G Avatar
    Cheryl G

    I think I would put it on my entry table. It would be a nice welcome to my home.

  35. Rebecca Stipe Avatar
    Rebecca Stipe

    I would use it as a wall hanging or maybe a table topper or draped over the back of a chair I just love red and white quilts.

  36. Ellen Reibling Avatar
    Ellen Reibling

    I see it in the front hallway over a table that holds a basket for the mail. What a happy sight that would be coming in and out of the house!

  37. Lisa Mikel Avatar
    Lisa Mikel

    What a pretty quilt! It would be perfect for putting on my large square repurposed coffee table my husband and I made from wood we reclaimed from an old shed we tore down. Have a great day!

  38. Cary Alexander Avatar
    Cary Alexander

    This beautiful quilt would be displayed in my sewing room until Christmas then it would come out as a tabletopper.

  39. Judy Vaughn Avatar
    Judy Vaughn

    I also have the perfect corner. The quilts I have hanging there are getting tired.

  40. Roxie Ahlbrecht Avatar
    Roxie Ahlbrecht

    This little quilt would be perfect hanging on my quilt ladder. During December and February it would hang from my quilt wall hanger by the front door. As I tend to move my quilts, I think my favorite location will be hanging over the side of the small crib my dad built when I was born. They were living in a small log cabin when he was called back into the army. To give me a bed once I was born, he built a small crib to fit in the one room cabin.

  41. JaneK Avatar

    I would put it on the porch coffee table or the back of the chair. Love the red and white quilts.

  42. Linda Whitley Avatar
    Linda Whitley

    I absolutely love the red work, patterns and fabrics. I need them!

  43. Jacqueline Hale Avatar
    Jacqueline Hale

    My sister, Lizzy, has been sending me lots of quilting books and bags of cat food. I would make the quilt and give it to her as a way of thanking her for her kindness.

  44. Peggy Dalberto Avatar
    Peggy Dalberto

    You certainly have a winner with that quilt. Small quilts are fun because you can get a beautiful quilt done and even quilt it by hand or on your regular machine. I love quilts to hang, I have a small wall in our hall with a curtain rod and clip it rings so I can switch out easily different quilts. I don’t necessarily do it by season but also by, mood!

  45. Jacque Avatar

    Hi Lisa! Colors in my kitchen are red, green and brown – it would be perfect on my kitchen table!

  46. CheriP Avatar

    Canada is all about red and white! This would look great on my dining room table or hanging on my quilt crane in the living room!

  47. jrp53 Avatar

    I am looking for new quilts to hang in my entry way. It’s one of those two story atrium kinda things, really tall but small and dark. This would be perfect to brighten it up! I am drooling over the Redwork Gatherings collection, too!

  48. Angie Avatar

    I would make and give to my granddaughter she lives a good 6hr drive from me and I miss her at the best of times but even more so at present, but she told me she loved the other day which melted my heart xxx

  49. Debbie Haggard Avatar
    Debbie Haggard

    I would use this one on my kitchen table or possibly thrown over the back of a chair. Love this quilt!

  50. Tammy Marquardt Avatar
    Tammy Marquardt

    Oh my! I would use this quilt for my baby grandson, due to be born some time during this pandemic.

  51. Annie Davis Avatar
    Annie Davis

    I’m a huge fan of reds! These are amazing!

  52. Betty Jane O'Donnell Avatar
    Betty Jane O’Donnell

    My guestroom is…oatmeal. What a great pop of color this would be over the bed.

  53. Karen Smith Avatar

    I would use this quilt on my dining room table since it’s basically light gray walls, wood floor and stained woodwork. It would definitely bring some much-needed color to the room! Beautiful quilt!

  54. Janet Avatar

    This quilt would be the perfect accent on my cabin wall to embellish my collection of long ago red and white enamel ware, pans and containers.

  55. Debbie Miller Avatar
    Debbie Miller

    I would hang this over my china buffet where I display my white ware china collection with red tulips in a vase!

  56. Lynn Paz Avatar
    Lynn Paz

    I love the shades of red in this line. I have the perfect spot in mind for a quilt to hang in red and white! Thank you for designing this line, I can’t wait until it comes out!

  57. Linda Davis Avatar
    Linda Davis

    If I had this quilt it would be hanging on a wall so I could admire it as I pass by as could my guests, when I can again have guests.

  58. Patricia Sparks Avatar
    Patricia Sparks

    I love red and white quilts and would have trouble folding it and hanging it on a rack. I would have to put it on a table or put it on the back of a chair of I could see the full quilt in all its glory.

  59. Sharon Gregorczyk Avatar
    Sharon Gregorczyk

    I decorate with small quilts all over my house. They are on tables, ladders, beds and walls.

  60. Sandi McDaniel Avatar
    Sandi McDaniel

    I have a half wall near my front door that I drape a quilt over…it would look great there. Your Constitution quilt is there now.

  61. Lori L Avatar
    Lori L

    I would love to display the little quilt on my kitchen table as a table runner to welcome all my friends once this stay at home is lifted. Thanks for the giveaway.

  62. Carol Ries Avatar
    Carol Ries

    I am anxious to start my first red and white quilt. If I won the long long way away it would be for my new baby girl granddaughter Carlye. Born February 27th.

  63. Deb Belcourt Avatar
    Deb Belcourt

    Beautiful quilt! Even though I have limited wall space I do display quilts on my quilt racks, table, beds & furniture.

  64. Vickie Olsen Avatar
    Vickie Olsen

    Love the red colorway. I think I would put this either in my kitchen table or the table in my Florida room. Either place would certainly brighten up the room.

  65. Henrietta Sheffel Avatar
    Henrietta Sheffel

    I would use it to decorate a corner of my sun room. Love the colors!

  66. Denise Gosselin Avatar
    Denise Gosselin

    I have a number of quilts displayed in my home. Not surprisingly the majority of them are from Primitive Gatherings 😄. Would love to add a red and white quilt to my display!

  67. Barbara Hansen Avatar
    Barbara Hansen

    I would make if for my blind and deaf senior rescue poodle who has to be cuddled next to me.

  68. Bonnie Harrell Avatar
    Bonnie Harrell

    We just moved into a new house and I have lots of small corners to stash quilts! I love your rework ones.

  69. Diane Avatar

    Love red work of any kind. This one is special and I would make it into a repo antique look quilt.

  70. Pat Braun Avatar
    Pat Braun

    I would probably decorate with it, as I do with most of my smaller quilts. And most of my larger quilts, for that matter!

  71. Linda L. Avatar
    Linda L.

    I love making and using red and white quilts!

  72. Karen Juckem Avatar
    Karen Juckem

    I would use this charming quilt on my antique oval dinning room table that was my great aunt Lil’s. Karen

  73. Renee Tarpy Avatar
    Renee Tarpy

    This would go with me up to our camper and use on chilly nights by the campfire.

  74. bowtiesnstars Avatar

    I have always been afraid of using red since I had one bleed into the white next to it. But your line looks so deep and rich, I just love it! I received a decorative ladder for my birthday this year and I think it would look great next to my Cream and Charcoal quilt! But I also love the look of a small quilt hanging above the headboard of the bed. Plenty of options!

  75. Laura B Avatar
    Laura B

    I have a old Apple ladder from my family orchard that is no more. We cut it in half and I have the top half in my living room. I change out the quilt in the periodically. Currently I have my mother’s quilt (she passed away recently) from her grandmother on it. ❤️

  76. Pamela L. Hissong Avatar
    Pamela L. Hissong

    Red and whites are my absolute favorites. I would make a wall hanging for my hall entry quilt rack. Thank you!

  77. Cathy Harvey Avatar
    Cathy Harvey

    Love small/mini quilts and I try to make one from left over fabric every time I make a large quilt to give away!

  78. Diane Poirier Avatar
    Diane Poirier

    I would use this gorgeous quilt to put on my kitchen table. My theme is strawberries, and this would be a perfect addition!

  79. Karen Jordan Avatar
    Karen Jordan

    I would make it for my mother who loves Red Work, It would drape on her kitchen table (under glass, of course). I would embroider Sun Bonnet Sue’s with birds and flowers to remember her Mom, my Grandma. It is a beautiful pattern and I love the fabrics.

  80. Joyce Avatar

    I have the perfect place at my northern Michigan cottage for that beautiful quilt!

  81. Bev Avatar

    I use small quilts everywhere in my house, I love to look at them and make them too.

  82. Carrie Cameron Avatar
    Carrie Cameron

    This is such a livekt little quilt. My Anniversary is Valentine’s Day and this would be a great table topper. If I won I could have it done by my 40th on Feburary 14, 2021.

  83. MaryJeanne Bruce Avatar
    MaryJeanne Bruce

    I love red and white quilts and have made a few. Love to display them in my home as red is an accent color is my main grand room/living room/kitchen. Love the panel with the birds and have placed my preorder already. Have some ideas of just using all the birds! Thanks Lisa, you are an inspiration!

  84. Susan Avatar

    My sunroom is white wicker with red cushions, so this would be an adorable topper on my 48″ table! Love the idea using the panel for the back- thanks for making it so wide!

  85. Cindy Unruh Avatar
    Cindy Unruh

    This little quilt would be nice size for my grandsweeties to cuddle on the couch when they have a sleepover at Nana’s. It would hang on my rocking chair waiting for them.

  86. Gail LaCroix Avatar

    Such a lovely quilt!! I would use it on my table and also display it on my quilt ladder.

  87. Mary Wright Avatar
    Mary Wright

    I love rework and it would look great over my rocking chair in the dining room. If course, it wouldn’t be complete unless there were kittens sleeping on it. Love your fabric designs.

  88. Sheila Plock Avatar
    Sheila Plock

    I love red and white quilts too. Actually in this quarantine time I am working on finishing the red and white Christmas free block of the month you gave us years ago. I always have tons of ufos and when the time is right eventually get them done. I would display this at Christmas and in February for Valentines Day. Love it. Stay well and thanks for what you do for us.

  89. Karen Seitz Avatar
    Karen Seitz

    I would make this quilt for the next baby to come along. Red and white works for everyone!

  90. Sharon Browne Avatar

    I have lots of perfect spots for this little red and white beauty – on the back of the sofa or a rocking chair in the living room, or on top of a vintage dry sink. Love red and white quilts but haven’t made one yet.

  91. Susan Castillo Avatar
    Susan Castillo

    I would use it on my table set on diagonal with a white pitcher filled with flowers.

  92. Marty Toale Avatar
    Marty Toale

    Love the red and white! I would make it into a tree skirt for my table top tree at christmas and make red and white ornaments to hang on it.

  93. kaywelch Avatar

    This is such a wonderful fabric collection. I think it would be lovely as a table topper. A Welcome Home touch no matter how it is displayed or used. Thanks for the generous giveaway. Take Care

  94. Kris Avatar

    I love this small quilt ! I’d definitely use it on my table. I rotate my small quilts around the house for seasonal changes and holidays 🙂

  95. Marlene Leonardo Avatar
    Marlene Leonardo

    That’s a lovely quilt. How would I use it? My immediate use would be to put it on our dining room table, then later perhaps on our small table in the kitchen or just thrown over our sofa for a beautiful slash of color. ❤️

  96. carol thomas Avatar
    carol thomas

    I have an antique blanket chest. I think this quilt would look beautiful here.

  97. Valerie Avatar

    Beautiful Lisa. It would be perfect on my rocking chair in front of our fireplace. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  98. Sally Christiansen Avatar

    I would hang that beautiful quilt over the back of the couch for some instant color in the living room or I would put it on the dining room table.

  99. Judy Shapleigh Avatar
    Judy Shapleigh

    Very nice. I would hang it in my foyer to welcome everyone. I have blue enamelware hanging on the walls. There is tiny blue and red hearts wallpaper in that room.

  100. Diane Hinton Avatar

    This quilt would look great on the wall in my family room which is open to my kitchen with accents of brick red. I just had the walls painted and haven’t figured out yet what I’m going to put above a chair in the family room and this would be ideal!

  101. Laurie Parsons Avatar
    Laurie Parsons

    I loved how it looked over the back of the chair. I have the perfect chair for it! 🙂

  102. Marilynn Avatar

    I would use this quilt as a fund raiser for out local clothing bank called Locker 505 (our area code)
    and of course they are closed for now due to the virus. Which means all the fundraisers had to
    be cancelled. We have (like so many places) an extremely large population of homeless/near homeless
    children/youth including those in foster/shelter care. Our special shoppers receive personalized services
    and always new shoes/socks/underwear along with their new to them outfits. Its a local non profit
    with no government funding. So a special quilt will make a successful fundraiser. Thank you!!

  103. Diane W Avatar
    Diane W

    Id use the quilt for christmas and valentines day. On the end of our bed.

  104. Kathy Martin Avatar
    Kathy Martin

    I have primarily red furniture in my living room. I would drape this quilt across my coffee table underneath my wooden tray.

  105. Marie Eddins Avatar
    Marie Eddins

    Love this fabric line and your little quilt. The obvious place for me would be on our dining room table. However I love my rocking chair my husband bought for me when I had our last baby. I loved rocking her in it and nursing her there. My rocker would have to be my primary place of honor for this sweet quilt! Thanks for the chance.

  106. Essie Avatar

    Beautiful quilt …. it would look just beautiful on my dining room table … especially at Christmas! Thank you!

  107. AnneMarie Evers Avatar
    AnneMarie Evers

    Love the pattern and I love red and white quilts

  108. Kristi Castanette Avatar
    Kristi Castanette

    I would definitely use this beautiful quilt as a wall hanging in the family room. It would bring a wonderful splash of color to a white, gray and black color scheme. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  109. Connie Litfin Avatar
    Connie Litfin

    I would drape it over my rocker or put it on the wall over my red work quilt in the guest room.
    Connie Litfin

  110. Paula Avatar

    I would add this quilt to my collection of red/white quilts that I display during the holidays on a hanger on the entrance door and on a homemade ladder. After the holidays they are added to a glass cabinet to be seen. Paula in KY

  111. EllenB Avatar

    I have the perfect spot at the top of the stairs, and we can see it when we walk in the front door. The red and white are so cheerful!

  112. patsystitch@gvtc.com Avatar

    The quilt is beautiful! I would make a table topper from my Granddaughter.

  113. Janet Avatar

    Mine will go on my living wall!! To match my red accent wall! Yes……I still have a red wall in my house. I know I should lighten it up, but I LOVE red! Jmh

  114. Caren Avatar

    Working on a red and white quilt now. It could use this line. Hard to find good reds.

  115. Kathy Goff Avatar
    Kathy Goff

    I love this new red & white fabric Lisa! I already ordered a kit! I would use the small quilt as an accent in my living room. I have lots of complementary red in my decor. Thanks for the opportunity to win😊🌷

  116. Ann Liebner Avatar
    Ann Liebner

    I love decorating with small quilts – some examples: they make perfect table toppers, hanging on a rack, draped in a basket, or on a shelf, on a ladder, or quilt hanger, rolled in a crock, stacked, or “whatever floats your boat”! Red is my favorite color anytime of the year. xxoo

  117. Dianne Busser Avatar
    Dianne Busser

    This lovely red and white quilt would be wonderful to make for my Canadian son working as a front-line health professional in far away Australia. it would hang in his apartment as a symbol of home and a mother’s love.

  118. Lerlene B Nevaril Avatar
    Lerlene B Nevaril

    I have a lot of red in my living room. This would be the perfect size to throw over the old trunk I use as a coffee table in front of the fireplace. I am addicted to redwork, and have an antique redwork thown over the sofa.

  119. Paula Johnson Avatar
    Paula Johnson

    I would love to put it in my front porch so the people that pass by could see how bright and happy my porch is .in this time of virus.its the small things that make use smile.

  120. Darlene Wegrynowski Avatar
    Darlene Wegrynowski

    It would be used as a table topper, Valentines, July 4th and of course, the Christmas season! Looks like a beautiful line of reds.

  121. Debbie Cornella Cornella Avatar
    Debbie Cornella Cornella

    My use for this beautiful quilt would be to give to someone who is ill to brighten her days. It is lovely! Thanks for sharing your time and talent!

  122. Michele T Avatar
    Michele T

    I would hang the little quilt in our stairway for everyone Robin see the moment they come into our home (when it is safe to do so, of course).

  123. Sharon Avatar

    I love the red and white quilts! My mom does too,I wish I could get her this for Mother’s Day! I was excited to see this,knowing she would love ❤️ it,then I read August delivery 😥