Quilting the Quilts – Redwork Gatherings Quilting Giveaway

How do I quilt my quilt?  Have you ever said this? Want to find out more about my latest quilting giveaway? Make sure to read along!

You can hand quilt it, you can machine quilt it, you can have someone else machine quilt it on a long arm, these are your options.

In this post I want to touch on the topic of having your quilt Long Arm quilted.

There are three types on Long arm Quilting. Custom, Pantograph and Computerized.  I am going to give you quick examples…

Custom is your feathers and wreaths and most of the time fancy quilting, but not always…it can be simple as well.  The Quilter is guiding the machine and is in control of it.  It is their work.

Pantograph quilting is hand guided, meaning the quilter is following a pattern but they are still guiding the machine.

Computerized quilting the computer is running the design, most of the time edge to edge or in a space, such as a design in an alternate block.

When you bring your quilt to the Long Arm Quilter you need to make some decisions on how you want it quilted.  Some quilters know exactly what they want.  Most, however, do not…they struggle with it…if this is you…Ask your quilter what they think…I sometimes ask what does the quilt say to you?  There are really no rules and this is what quilting is all about, creativity and freedom to do what you want on your quilt.  Remember this…and you will be much more relaxed about the whole thing.

This post could be pages and pages long about Long Arm Quilting, but since I have these 5 Redwork Gathering quilts.  I want to talk about each one…how it was quilted, what color threads we used…. Why we chose what we did in a quilting design…just a short explanation. I know there are other choices such as battings but that’s a whole other post…but if you need to know we use an 80/20 batting in my quilts…it’s my favorite…I love the look of them before and after they have been washed so it’s a win either way…and you won’t go broke buying this batting.

So when you have your quilt quilted or you quilt your own if you need some ideas hopefully this will help and by the way…I knew I was going to post something about the quilts being quilted so I did some experimenting on them…and to be fair…the comments and statements I make are just my opinions…nothing more than that…remember…there really are no rules in quilting, in the end it is your quilt…do what you wish.  If you need help ask for it…quilters will help quilters make good decisions.

Long Long Way from Home…

Long, Long Way From Home Quilting GiveAway by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
Long, Long Way From Home

When you look at this quilt at first sight, what do you see? Is it the design?  Is it the colors, Is it the quilting?  The answer to the last question is NO…I do not think that is what you see when you first view this quilt.  I think this is a good thing in a quilt such as this, you do not need the quilting to be the star…you want the design and the color to be more prominent.  With that in mind, we chose to stitch an allover design…we scaled it a little smaller so it complimented the sizes of the pieces in the quilt.  Now the next choice is the million dollar question, what color thread do we quilt it with?  This choice sometimes makes or breaks a quilt for me.  I very much dislike seeing bold white thread on dark fabrics!!!!  But what do you do when you have a two color quilt like this one?  Do you quilt light?, dark? Pull your hair right out! ugh, right?  Redwork Gatherings is really complimentary to either choice…because the lights have red in them and the reds have light in them.  On this quilt I chose the red thread.  I wanted to see how much it over took the light fabrics. When you put your nose right up to it…you definitely see that red thread…but it is in no way bothersome.  I think this quilt turned out Awesome!  The scale of the honeycomb and the red thread are a hit!Quilting the Quilts - Redwork Gatherings Quilting Giveaway by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean


Quilting the Quilts - Redwork Gatherings Quilting Giveaway by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean: Take It Easy/Primitive Gatherings
Take it Easy/Primitive Gatherings


Take it Easy…again…what do you see when you first look?  The design, the colors, and then you see the quilting design.  On this quilt we choose to use the light thread…Quilting the Quilts - Redwork Gatherings Quilting Giveaway by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

But…the thread we used was a shade darker then the cream…so it’s invisible on the cream and you can see it on the red…but…it doesn’t scream out on the red…like it would have done if we chose a light thread that was a smidge lighter than our cream or matched exactly to our cream…this quilt has also been washed which helps the stitches sink deeper into the quilt and not lay on top as a freshly quilted quilt might look as it does here…

Quilting the Quilts - Redwork Gatherings Quilting Giveaway by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

The pattern that was chosen for Take It Easy was a traditional, timeless pattern, nothing too complicated or busy…again, nothing to distract from what I loved most about this quilt.  The sheer simple-ness of it. Quilted by Jake Neubauer.

REDWORK GATHERINGS Quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

I Think I’m In Love…again another two color, what do we do here type of quilt….let first talk about the quilting design.  The quilt is very angled and geometric…lots of straight lines…so, we softened those lines with the gently flowing feather type of an all over computerized design.  This time we chose a light tan, much darker than the cream in the quilt above…I think to prove that a darker thread still looks great on the lights and even better on the darks.  Quilted by Jake Neubauer.Quilting the Quilts - Redwork Gatherings Quilting Giveaway by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Quilting the Quilts - Redwork Gatherings Quilting Giveaway by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
Redwork Quilt quilted by Jake Neubauer

This quilt with the predominately light fabric was a very clear choice in the color thread we were to use…this is a pretty spot on color match to the cream.  It does show up a little brighter on the reds, but I think we can live with it…This quilt could have been custom quilted, where the quilter would switch threads…quilt red on the red fabrics and cream on the light fabrics…cut custom quilting is a little more expensive and time consuming…so I we also have to base our choice on this as well.  I think this quilt with it’s time honored baptist fan quilting was another great choice for this quilt.  Scale again is important…you do not want large spaces between those fans, when the blocks and pieces are smaller scale.

Quilting the Quilts - Redwork Gatherings Quilting Giveaway by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Computerized quilting is not all that glamous…that computer has a mind of it’s own sometimes…and advancing quilts takes skill…but in the end, the computerized quilting is very affordable and very effective way to get your quilts quilted!

Redword Gatherings quilt giveaway featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
55 & Life to go…Quilted by Maggie Honeyman

55 & Life to go…with it tiny blocks and small size was a sure choice to be custom quilted.  On a quilt that takes more time, is more intricate and a show stopper you want to give it what it deserves and that is some custom quilting….Now there is no need to go over the top with the quilting because in this type of quilt with the small scale and the printed fabrics the quilting hardly shows!  So simple custom quilting with the thread changes, red on reds and cream thread on the cream…fits just fine!Quilting the Quilts - Redwork Gatherings Quilting Giveaway by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Also pick a backing that compliments what color threads you will be using to quilt it…Quilting the Quilts - Redwork Gatherings Quilting Giveaway by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

I love my machine quilters…and I will be talking about more of them…but one of the things happening at Primitive Gatherings is we are going to be a Bernina dealership when we open the new shop next year, but in the meantime…Jake & Luke both have been quilting on the Bernina long arms…Jake in WI…Quilting the Quilts - Redwork Gatherings Quilting Giveaway by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

The Bernina long arm in action…


and here is Luke in CA….Quilting the Quilts - Redwork Gatherings Quilting Giveaway by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

I think we are almost ready to put it out there that we will be offering computerized quilting for customers…

I want you to be able to say….I want the same thing quilted as Long Long way from Home...or you can completely change your mind and pick from one of our designs…  So look for that option soon!  You don’t have to live near us either…you can ship your top, we will provide the batting and pick a backing, quilt it, and send it back…I am sure we could offer binding services as well.  We will keep our turn around short with the fact that if we get a little more backlogged than we would like we can order another machine to help keep up with the demand…But more on that later…

I hope my little insight on quilting may have helped you understand a little more about quilting your quilts…and again…these are my thoughts and opinions, not the BIBLE.

I will continue to do a few more posts about custom long arming and hand quilting… I hope you stick around to see what’s next!



Thank you so much for hanging round and commenting on ALL of these posts…Winners will be picked TUESDAY for all the GIVE-AWAYS!  We have so many to pick it might take the whole day!  If you wish to win a Redwork Gatherings Layer Cake (that I will SHIP RIGHT AWAY, NO WAITING TIL AUGUST!) leave me a comment here about your thoughts on any of what I wrote in this post!!!

PS…it’s Nick’s Birthday today…wish Happy Birthday on Facebook!  He will love it!

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    I own a long arm machine, but constantly struggle with “HOW to quilt” things. And, when you don’t use it on a weekly basis, sometimes the learning curve is steep. When I create a very special quilt, I still send it out to be custom quilted. I just don’t have confidence to undertake a keepsake quilt. Thank you sooooo much for the close up views and ideas on how you choose to have your quilts finished. How lucky for you to have your family in business with you! Happy Mother’s Day….. jmh

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  208. Daphne Easler Avatar
    Daphne Easler

    This is the best explanation on what color thread and type of quilting I have seen. Always a big dilemma for me. Thank you!

  209. Linda Cates Avatar
    Linda Cates

    Once again your post is extremely helpful! I learn SO much from you. Will you still sell Juki? Would love to see a post about your thoughts on machines.

  210. Brenda Kowalski Avatar
    Brenda Kowalski

    Great info here Lisa. Love that you will be offering machine quilting and how exciting to be opening a new shop.. Love seeing your “boys” at work too. So nice that they are interested in quilting as well.

  211. Jane K Avatar
    Jane K

    Really great information! Thanks so much! I need to send some quilt tops out to be quilted this would be great. All the best to you!

  212. COLLEEN KOSKI Avatar

    Thank you for the info! I have always thought your quilts were nicely done and it is often a dilemma …. what will look good???? The examples were really good.

  213. Lori Thomas Avatar
    Lori Thomas

    Thanks for the ideas. It was fun to see how you approach the decision on quilting designs etc. you always have the answers.

  214. Janet Glover Avatar
    Janet Glover

    Thanks for the information. I never know how to pick a design.

  215. charlotte S. Avatar
    charlotte S.

    What I found most helpful was the information re: picking thread color for 2 color quilts. I did catch that little sentence about opening up a new store!! Can you share “where”?

  216. Linda Slauson Avatar
    Linda Slauson

    Very exciting. I loved to hand quilt, but arthritis made this impossible. I’m looking forward to sending them to you.

  217. Judy Shapleigh Avatar
    Judy Shapleigh

    I always have a hard time deciding on what color thread to choose. Thanks for your perspective. It was very interesting about using two colors.

  218. berninadeb Avatar

    Your ideas are very interesting. I learned about what quilting patterns to sue with the size of prints. I also like your thoughts on picking thread colors. Thanks!

  219. Wanda Hall (Mimi) Avatar

    I love the new redworks fabrics and those quilts! Thank you for all of the info on the quilting, it helps a lot to answer a lot of questions! I think I am finding I love the simple whimsical type of quilting! I especially appreciated the info on the thread color… I have had this struggle, so it was awesome info!

  220. Janie Avatar

    Thank you for the info. Never thought about the scale of quilting to pieces in the pattern. Good to SEE the thread colors difference as well.

  221. Linda B Avatar
    Linda B

    Did you pick the winners yet? Where would I find the list? Thank you!

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