Kick’in off the start of the season…

I had a long, great day yesterday…Kick’n off the start of the season…

As we are getting the outside of the Lake house ready for Summer, we added in a little fun too!  It doesn’t take much does it…I thoroughly enjoyed watching the kids play in between, cleaning lawn furniture, wiping down every surface, planting pots, hauling out all the seat cushions…watching Nick finish up his 32 yards of mulching…

Jake and his friend Tyler went on a kayak cruise…Tyler was also a football player if you couldn’t tell…so it was nice for Nick to see him again…and reminisce about the old days when Nick was coaching with Tyler’s Dad, Brad. (who was the head coach and is no longer with us) I can’t believe they can remember details of each play, each game and all that…it’s crazy.

This was hands down the funiest thing to watch yesterday…Little Man teaching O Bug how to play in the sprinkler…I could not pick only one photo for this…so suffer through them all for me please….Kickin off the season/LIsa Bongean Top US Quilt Blogger Kickin off the season/LIsa Bongean Top US Quilt Blogger

Kickin off the season/LIsa Bongean Top US Quilt Blogger Kickin off the season/LIsa Bongean Top US Quilt Blogger Kickin off the season/LIsa Bongean Top US Quilt Blogger Kickin off the season/LIsa Bongean Top US Quilt Blogger Kickin off the season/LIsa Bongean Top US Quilt Blogger Kickin off the season/LIsa Bongean Top US Quilt Blogger Kickin off the season/LIsa Bongean Top US Quilt Blogger Kickin off the season/LIsa Bongean Top US Quilt Blogger Kickin off the season/LIsa Bongean Top US Quilt BloggerIt was only about mid 60’s but…we have hot water in our garage…so warm sprinkler at Mimi & Papa’s!!!

American Staffordshire Terrier/Lisa Bongean
I hope the dog days of summer come soon and linger on….
the fisherman…and his baby.
Wiouwash Trial 5/16/2020
Wiouwash Trail     5/16/2020

After the kids all left, we cleaned up the dishes and off I went on a evening bike ride on my favorite trail…14 miles in less than an hour…not too bad, now if I could take the time to do that everyday!!! I wonder why I feel like I don’t deserve to do this everyday…hmm maybe I can do two things everyday…

Nick was waiting for me to come home…my new plants look great….and when those daffodils and tulips are gone, hopefully those hydrangeas, petunias, and alyssum will be much bigger!  Nick’s mulch job makes my flowers look so much better!

Kickin off the season/LIsa Bongean Top US Quilt BloggerIt’s been a good weekend…and today I will spend time stitching while watching it slow rain all day…Glad I got those plants in!  Take care of yourselves…Time to stitch.


41 responses to “Kick’in off the start of the season…”

  1. Patti Mac Avatar

    Oh that looks like such a beautiful place! Enjoy!

  2. Joan Grove Avatar
    Joan Grove

    Thank you for sharing your Lakehouse photos! I live in South Carolina very near Lake, but your photos make me reminisce about Summers in northern Michigan!

  3. Joan Avatar

    That looks like a perfect way to spend a Saturday! I love to see pictures of grandkids and flowers!

  4. Pam Avatar

    So much fun! Beautiful day to get outside and enjoy! Thanks Lisa!

  5. Jane Lyon Avatar
    Jane Lyon

    Nothing better than watching the smiles and listening to the giggles of a child. As grandparents we enjoy it so much more, I believe. All 7 of our grandkids here yesterday taking turns playing on the 2 John Deere gators, swings etc. It has been way too long since we have seen them. Best day ever!!!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend Lisa and Nick. This weather is hopefully here to stay.

  6. Roxie Ahlbrecht Avatar
    Roxie Ahlbrecht

    What a wonderful way to spend your day! Like you, I know all about the hot water in the garage. Warm sprinklers and heated wading pools are just what we Neenahs do. Your gardens are lovely.

  7. Sharon Zabransky Avatar
    Sharon Zabransky

    Your grandsons are adorable! They grow up so quickly! Our oldest grandson started high school this year! Seems like just yesterday…

  8. Sandi Avatar

    Precious pictures!! Warm water from a sprinkler, that sounds wonderful. The flowers and plants and mulch look amazing. Hugs,

  9. Carol Currid Avatar
    Carol Currid

    Looks like you had a wonderful day! Why am I still quarantined/isolated from my grandkids? Seems like everyone else is with theirs. It’s hard.

  10. Teresa Avatar

    That was a really sweet post. You have a beautiful home and family. Thank you.

  11. Sandi Avatar

    Looks like a fun day for all. Nothing like watching the grands play, I miss those days.

  12. Tammy Marquardt Avatar
    Tammy Marquardt

    Loved your gorgeous weather pics. It WAS a beautiful Saturday wasn’t it? You are ahead of me with planting. My annuals haven’t even been bought yet. Stitching Sunday!

  13. Linda E Avatar
    Linda E

    What a fun day! Your bike trail is gorgeous, and how precious are your grands! 😊

  14. Carrie Cameron Avatar
    Carrie Cameron

    What a wonderful day ! Thank you for sharing this day with us. Where I am we are allowed to get together with only one other family group. I live 200 kilometers from both my children and Grandchildren but Yesterday they all got together for this first time in 2 months. It was really a wonderful day. I live through video chats and pictures of my Loves and I Stitch Everyday!!

  15. Debra Sue Brigle Avatar
    Debra Sue Brigle

    It’s a wonderful life! And deserved for working hard!

  16. Mary Avatar

    Looks like a fun day! The weather was very nice, just hoping it gets nicer after this rain.

  17. Rose Bullen Avatar
    Rose Bullen

    It’s picture # 10 for me that says it all! The expressions on their faces are priceless. Great fun and nice of you to share the smiles.

  18. Linda Crumpton Avatar
    Linda Crumpton

    Every thing looks gorgeous. Love your Bird House. Cute Grandsons.

  19. Sandy Avatar

    What darling kids and and what great memories they are making – and in beautiful surroundings. Awesome.

  20. Vicky Avatar

    Love the gazing ball!
    Warm sprinkler water is the heightif luxury.

  21. Shirley Murch Avatar
    Shirley Murch

    Love all the pictures of the kids!! Looks like a great weekend!!

  22. Joanne E. Rodriguez Avatar
    Joanne E. Rodriguez

    Pictures are great! Good to enjoy life.

  23. Joni Everson Avatar
    Joni Everson

    Love watching the boys grow!! They are adorable!!

  24. Robin Avatar

    Always love seeing your pictures! Beautiful grandkids, yard, and flowers!

  25. Fran Bianchi Avatar
    Fran Bianchi

    Jace is a good big brother, but I can see that he’s also a daredevil! So much fun to watch your grandkids growing up. Looks like it was a great day and fun for all 😎

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Takes after his MiMi

  26. Mary Ellen Sanderson Avatar
    Mary Ellen Sanderson

    Aren’t grandkids the best! They make the darkest days, bright again!!

  27. Sharon S Avatar
    Sharon S

    I did the same thing yesterday – plant and clean up the yard. I love being a grandma – grandkids are the best!

  28. Phyllis K. Avatar
    Phyllis K.

    Great pics of the kids. I’m not surprised that your siding matches the neutral fabric lines.

  29. Jan Danielson Avatar
    Jan Danielson

    Thanks for sharing these sweet pictures. .
    Made my day

  30. see mary quilt Avatar
    see mary quilt

    Your home looks like such a wonderful haven for you and your family. Obviously lots of love going into it. We grilled out and sat outside to eat yesterday. So relaxing! Good for you – a 14 mile bike ride. Hoping to get back on my bike this summer. Your grandkids are adorable. We did a Zoom storytime with ours last night since we’re all still sheltering-in-place.

  31. Carol in Texas Avatar
    Carol in Texas

    I love little boys, so I enjoyed every picture of those two guys. Wonderful days, wonderful years! Carol in Texas

  32. Sheila Plock Avatar
    Sheila Plock

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful family pictures. Your flowers are beautiful. Can I ask you where you found that beautiful blue gazing ball?

  33. quilter44 Avatar

    I’m glad you shared all the photos of the boys. Their expressions are priceless. Gardens looking beautiful, you and Nick are a good team.

  34. Robin Avatar

    I loved this post. It helps prove things are right in this world. Your boys are so happy. Nothing better but to spend time with kiddos and watch them laugh. Living in SoCal, (up the road from Primitive Gatherings about an hour), we continue to be pretty much shut down. After 2 months, this grandma said “enough is enough” and I am spending time with my family again. Being separated broke my heart. I so look forward to being able to go to your shop and wander around. Besides, I have a couple of quilts to be quilted. You have a beautiful home and the flowers are going to be glorious. Please post an update and please continue to share pictures. 🌻

  35. Pat Chester Avatar
    Pat Chester

    Adorable age…so fun to watch.

  36. Cathy C Avatar
    Cathy C

    Lil man isn’t so little anymore. He & his friend look to be having a great time! Your flower garden is pretty. All this plus 14 miles on a bicycle? WOW!!

  37. Brenda Kowalski Avatar
    Brenda Kowalski

    Lisa, the kids are adorable. Nick did a beautiful job with the mulch and your flowers and house are beautiful. Good for Nick, he must love his fishing boat. Wow 14 miles… You go girl. Bet it was beautiful. Such a fun place for the family to get together. Enjoy!

  38. Dee Avatar

    The boys sure are enjoying that sprinkler!

  39. Elizabeth Pierce Avatar
    Elizabeth Pierce

    I relaxed just going thru the post! In all the hub-bub of life nothing makes a person smile like happy – having fun kids, big and little.

  40. Mari-ann Avatar

    I can hear the giggles during all of that sprinkler fun!!!!

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