What do you do for fun?


I love to ride my bike, I do it for fun….and …for a couple of reasons…the first is probably because I was born this way….Ma Huff (my Mom), was always telling me as a kid…all you want to do is run the roads!

Yep…and I still do…on my bike, on my motorcycle…in my truck, around the state, the country…on a boat, or cruise ship…what ever it takes….I love running the roads….

but riding my peddle bike… is my current stress reliever….I love the scenery…let me share my last ride….

Did you notice all those beautiful flowers on the side of the trail just after a big rain and a warm up of temps…

I love that my oldest son. Lance and I shared this passion of riding our bikes…and even as an adults we would ride…our last ride was to Downtown Appleton, for Octoberfest a couple of months before he left us…being on my bike reminds me of him.

I saw a horse…IMG_2017

I saw a slew of Dodge Challengers???  By the time I got my phone out..logged on…video…I missed a bunch, but you get the idea…there probably was over 35…. and yes…I ride on the wrong side of the road sometimes….If I’m going to be hit I want to see it coming….

I sat a bit and visited with Larry….no I did not know him…but I do now…IMG_2013


I saw two deer cross the road…you can just see their tails in the green pasture…if you look real hard.


I know this post has nothing to do with quilting…I think it is important for you to know that I and I know some of you also like to do other things besides stitching….but I look forward to my time after my adventures to sit and stitch…because I do that for Fun as well…

I was almost home when I spotted something…I have been lusting after these miniature white iris’s for years in a yard that I pass on the way to the grocery store…The couple was outside so I stopped and asked if I could harvest some of them this fall…he said…I’d better get them now…so ok….I peddled my butt home and went back to get me a bucket full…they came from that far tree underneath of it…IMG_2022I will show you them when I do a post on the garden…of where I planted them…


I was cashed at the end of this…(I slept great that night!)  I got a little muddy as well…just like a kid.IMG_2015IMG_2014It does’nt look as impressive in the photo…must have dried bit…but I had to wash down my bike and myself….IMG_2021

after this… I went to the nursery…and on the way I saw another deer, an albino, run right across the street in front of me full speed…image_d41b8ee6-7581-475b-81ab-92b0dc2a4088.img_2050

I also had a fun outing last week with my sister…if was our Sister Birthday…the day we first met, last year…Read the Story HERE…     She surprised me with a all day trip to Upper Michigan,  Bond Falls…IMG_1944IMG_1945

IMG_1951 2

I wanted to walk all the way across….but…probably not a great idea…IMG_1939 2


This is the lake above the waterfall on the other side of the road….

We also stopped for lunch and a little retail therapy…supporting the little shops that have been closed for so long. we wore our masks…I also wanted to see what the stores were doing to keep their employees and customers safe, our CA and WI stores are opening soon….BTW…my Sister loves helping me spend my money and hers!  Do you know someone like this?

Tell me what you are currently doing for fun…with the world as it is now….has your world changed?  Is it somewhat getting back to “normal” or are you still in extreme social distancing….

I hope this post give you some ideas to Find ways to “have fun”….we all need to step away from the TV…

however it may look…get outside, nature is amazing….I find so much joy in it…

all for now…Lisa


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  1. Dee Avatar

    I and hubby lasted about two weeks with social distancing without grand babies and they FaceTime crying we need our nana and papa’s house. The twins are thee and used to spending the night a couple times a week. So I would say they are where we find joy. Nothing like seeing the world through a child’s eyes

  2. tamara williams Avatar
    tamara williams

    Gardening! Love all the iris colors. I have minature yellow & white with purple ruffled edges.

  3. Shirley Murch Avatar
    Shirley Murch

    Hi Lisa, I have been going to my machine embroidery classes, they just started up last week! It felt so normal and then sadly the protests and riots started, we got a alert on our phones that curfew was only an hour away at 5: o’clock. We all rushed around getting our things together to get home.
    Today was was fun day, Angie and I went and got a pedicure then went to lunch, where we could actually
    sit down inside. Tomorrow we are going to my daughters to help her pack up. She’s moving to be closer to us since her son is off to college.
    Your bike ride sounds great. You are a real mover and shaker!!!
    Be safe and I hope to see you soon in California. Pechanga has reopened!🤑

  4. Katherine Avatar

    Thanks for sharing all your recent adventures! Congrats on your longest ride and on scoring those white iris – can’t wait to see them in your garden. Loved all the videos from your ride and that beautiful waterfall. The smiling faces on you and your sister would let anyone know you two were really enjoying each other’s company! Keep doing what keeps your batteries charged up!

  5. Charmaine Avatar

    You live in such a beautiful place!

  6. Susan Avatar

    Lisa, you are an inspiration, thanks for sharing. What a joy to find your sister! And yes, the flowers and bird songs take our minds off all that’s going on-

  7. Darlene Koenig Avatar
    Darlene Koenig

    I’d been planting a lot of veggies with flowers mixed in to add color, attract bees for v pollination and help repel bugs. I’ve also enlarged my flower bed and planted annuals and more perennials. I am slowly starting to see some family but most of the time distance myself.

  8. geriwood13@att.net Avatar

    I think this has been my favorite post so refreshing and nice to hear what you are doing beside stitching. You being muddy reminds me of the stories I tell my granddaughters of my sister Judy playing in the mud as a child. It’s their favorite stories. Half are made up.
    I knew you were going to see an albino deer when you talked about your son It’s very rare to see one. Judy and I saw one the night we left our cousin Steve He passed of cancer the next day. One ran in front of us on our way home from Shipshewana that night. Native Americans believe the White Deer is a sign of sacredness and all things living and God taking care of his children. It’s a good sign.

  9. Mary Anne Mooney Avatar
    Mary Anne Mooney

    You made me laugh when you wrote- Do you know someone who likes to spend your money? I could help you out. LOL! Tell me what you like and collect- I have an uncanny way of finding things and calling people randomly- very excitedly- guess what I found for you!!!!! Best purchases ever. Makes my day. While shopping or during bulk trash nights in my neighborhood or googling online. So much fun! My friend’s husband used to sit in his basement man cave- when he would see my legs pass by the window- he would yell out- whatever she has- send her away! My friend would be so happy with my numerous finds. We have had wonderful bridal and baby showers and home decorating splurges. With all my treasure finds. I enjoy reading your posts. Your quilts are amazing!!!!

  10. Linda E Avatar
    Linda E

    Love you sharing Wi with us! Be careful on that trail by yourself😊
    I am enjoying my flowers and recouping from cataract surgery. Will have the second one
    next week!

  11. Dede Snead Avatar
    Dede Snead

    We were able to go camping with our 3 sons, daughter-in-law and twin grandsons over the weekend. Nothing brings us more joy these days than one of those grandsons on our lap! We are blessed to live in such close proximity to beautiful camping opportunities. Today my 3 sisters and I were able to get together and stitch at one of their homes, we have been trying to do this once a week the past few weeks to stay connected and do something we all love. We are of course careful to respect each other’s space and practice safety measures. We miss our 94 year old mom joining us. Her assisted living facility is of course still not allowing us to pick her up for anything other than medical emergencies. We visit on the phone and wave to her through her window. Primitive Gatherings was well represented at our stitching table today. Last year’s wool SBOW, Everlasting blocks, and several mats from our wool boxes came out at one time or another. Sure love spending time with those sisters! They are so inspiring!

  12. Jan Avatar

    Our area is slowly opening but I’ve enjoyed this spring of staying home & working in my gardens at a slower pace instead of rushing to get weeding, planting, transplanting & mulching dome. This year the azaleas & rhodos have been filled with blossoms so they enjoyed our mild wet winter. I also have those short Ice Iris & they multiply quickly. 3 times this spring I have thinned them gifting others. Truthfully, this forced slow down has been relaxing. My LQSs are reopening & I’ve been to 1 to restock. We were able to go to church this past Sunday which is much better than watching online. Plus I got a haircut last week. So life is good.

  13. Cindy Carlson Avatar
    Cindy Carlson

    I remember the day you met your sister! We were staying at the retreat house that week and you stopped in that morning to tell us you were going to meet her that day. You were so excited!

  14. Mary Andra Avatar
    Mary Andra

    Totally enjoyed your road trip and your visit with your sister. Missing you and please say hi to Nick. ♥️♥️

  15. Deb Hull Avatar
    Deb Hull

    Great blog! I agree with you – being in nature is a fantastic stress reliever and balancer. I am an avid cyclist too, also live to hike and recently took up paddle boarding (can be very zen on the water). We have an lake near us that is human powered only, no motors and I live it there. Early morning when it feels like it is just me and the water and the birds. Ahhhhh

  16. Marlene Leonardo Avatar
    Marlene Leonardo

    For fun…..I stitch/embroidery. Staying home was odd at first…I used to go somewhere everyday. Now I go out maybe 2-3 times a week. I’m so busy at home trying to catch up with projects begun (ufo’s) and new ones. I always have to start a new one because it’s just fun and exciting. You are an amazing cyclist! 25+miles is incredible! Be proud of yourself!
    Enjoy! 🥰

  17. Michelle Hardey Avatar
    Michelle Hardey

    Great post!!!! So fun to see how your ride was!!! My husband and I finally got to go out to dinner (sit down, in a restaurant!!) so that was a nice ending to a busy day. I decided to collect all my quilt tops/backings and make a WIP pile like none other. Well, started with that and then continued on to tear through my sewing room in an effort to organize/purge, etc before that SBOW hits!! I need that room to be in order so that I can quilt all those tops (OI!!!!) and work on my wool blocks!!! I also did a bit of gardening…including picking some strawberries out of our patch! So nice!!

  18. Debbie Sousa Avatar
    Debbie Sousa

    Here on California’s Mojave Desert, we have a new bike and walking path that follows the Mojave River. I have only been on half of it but I will ride the whole thing when it gets cooler again. Besides wool appliqué, I embroider and crochet. I like to antique shop in Bakersfield and ride the Amtrak train to the Iowa State Fair. We have a red dachshund named Nutmeg. My husband of 45 years likes to explore grocery stores, which works right in to my love of pie baking. I am also interested in genealogy, although I haven’t discovered a sister as Lisa has! We are waiting for a handful of handwritten letters, some nearly 100 years old, to be translated so we can finally understand them. Maybe one of my ancestors wrote about her needle and thread crafts! I’ll see you all again at Lisa’s next Facebook Live!

  19. bobbie rumler Avatar
    bobbie rumler

    I enjoyed your website today it was nice to read and see all of Wisconsin, since I lived in Northern Illinois for 28 years…living in Corona de Tucson AZ….it’s been raining in the afternoons here the big white clouds build up then it can tease us or just drop a little water….been exercising indoors cause it’s in the thriple digits here all ready….thanks for the story Bobbie

  20. bobbie rumler Avatar
    bobbie rumler

    what a nice story….thanks bobbie rumler of corona de tucson az

  21. Jacque Avatar

    Great post!

  22. paulette haggan Avatar
    paulette haggan

    What a beautiful day you had . So blessed by all of Gods creations. Enjoy. Paulette Haggan

  23. Leigh Ann Avatar
    Leigh Ann

    Stitching like crazy!! Walking with my husband, daughter & fur babies!! Now that things are opening Golf!!! Strange times but hope all will get back to Some normalcy soon!! Hope you, your family & staff stay safe!! Hope the business is well too!😉

  24. Carol C Avatar
    Carol C

    I too found family – brothers and sisters – through DNA testing. It’s amazing isn’t it? I was adopted at 6 mos and it only took me 64 years to find them!

  25. Mary McDonald Avatar
    Mary McDonald

    Thanks for sharing happiness!!!!

  26. Pam Jordan Avatar
    Pam Jordan

    I was looking for BH3 but this was a pleasant surprise! We need to be reminded to enjoy our surroundings. Have a great day!

  27. karlasal Avatar

    This is so encouraging. I’ve been spending more time at my sewing machine and enjoying that, but i need to get outside more too!

  28. Julie Avatar

    I work at an elementary school as a secretary and have continued working through all of this. It has been so difficult at times being faced with so much concerning our children during this time. For fun, I did a little sewing – didn’t everyone make a quarantine quilt? I also got a new, very nice, lawnmower. I have much t mow and it a nice to be doing something that looks great when I’m done. I have lots of landscaping to take care of and enjoy flowers too. Almost forgot, I’m teaching my granddaughter to sew/quilt and we made a baby quilt for a family member. She’s 8 yrs. old and enjoying her new hobby a lot! My grandchildren are really my fun!

  29. quilter44 Avatar

    Quilting always gives me a sense of accomplishment. As the weather continues to be nice, I need to be outdoors. I love gardening and actually enjoy weeding. It’s a good time to think and quiet your mind. Walking or biking everyday completes my day and then I am ready to sit with needle in hand.

    Thank you for sharing with us. Loved the photos. Looking forward to the summer block of the month.

  30. Joan Avatar

    Your pictures were beautiful! Looks like yo7 had so much fun! My husband and I love spending time with our kids and grandkids. I love gardening and love taking long walks for fun!

    1. Tammy Marquardt Avatar
      Tammy Marquardt

      I have been enjoying my many flower gardens and getting them to look so nice since I am home so much. Enjoying the warm weather too. My husband and I bike too, not quite as far as you, but a good distance.

  31. Sue H Avatar
    Sue H

    I try to find time to garden, weed, dig in the dirt. That gives me joy and a little exercise. I also enjoy my daily walk with my dog. We go every morning and vary our routes. Sometimes it’s strictly bike trail, sometimes subdivisions, sometimes down a gravel road, sometimes farm lanes. We’re usually gone about an hour. Like your bike ride, we meet folks sometimes chatting a few minutes. Love watching the seasons evolve and spying wildlife — deer, wild turkeys, bunnies, and various birds. Once a rabbit crossed our path with a fox in pursuit! That got BOTH our hearts palpitating!!! Lol!

  32. Jane Zagrodnik Avatar
    Jane Zagrodnik

    I love to bike and run….great stress reliever. I am training for some duathlons, run bike run. I love the competition and just the commradery.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      I’m kinda jealous….I was never a runner…100 yd dash, but never any distance…so I will bike and paddle…

  33. Rita Gillis Avatar
    Rita Gillis

    Besides quilting I like to garden and read. Just not enough time to do the things I love!

  34. Paula Avatar

    Lisa, I opened my fabric shop back up yesterday, with masks and distancing. People are so glad to “get back”. I am still being cautious and not getting out but maybe once a week. I have been doing Blockheads3 and loving it. We have a charity in out club called Farmhouse Friends so I crocheted 8 baby blankets during this along with cooking a lot..way to much sweets. lol and just enjoying the difference. I also did binding and quilted 3 quilts that were waiting. I love reading your blog. Paula in KY

  35. Judy Donovan Avatar
    Judy Donovan

    Great post! I read for fun, and to escape😂. I usually spend mornings in my sewing room and the evenings stitching. Until the virus hit I went swimming 2 or 3 times a week at the local Y, which I miss A LOT. My bad knees make land exercise painful , but the water is great. Upstate NY is still pretty closed so who knows when the pool will open.

  36. Cheryl Avatar

    Thanks for the great post. We are also doing a lot of hiking and kayaking here in Michigan. Trying to stay safe and avoid the tv as much as possible. It’s just so overwhelming. Sewing and rug hooking are great for peace of mind!

  37. Cocoa Quilts Avatar
    Cocoa Quilts

    I am a road girl too, love to be on the back roads. Bond Falls is one of my favorites in the UP. There are so many up there. Thanks for sharing.

  38. Betty Lockhart Avatar
    Betty Lockhart

    I went back and reread your sister story. The wonders of DNA! About a month ago my daughter discovered that she and her sister-in-law are distant cousins (their husbands are brothers). One grew up here in Appleton, the other Chicago. One Christian, one Jewish. They haven’t yet figured out where the connection is, but are having fun with it.

  39. Sandi Avatar

    I love that you shared this story. You lead a very active life and have so much fun doing it. I have an identical twin and though we are almost 1900 miles apart, we have so much fun shopping, laughing, stitching, walking, I have Siberian Iris’s that are dark purple if you would like some, I will share. I live near Weyauwega. Don’t forget your sunscreen.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Thanks for the offer Sandi your so sweet…but I do have some purple…which is kinda illegal in my MOON garden of white and yellow…

  40. see mary quilt Avatar
    see mary quilt

    What a great post! As someone who does not like to exercise, one of the few things I do enjoy is riding my bike – it feels like recreation – not exercise. That being said, I have not been bike riding in a long time. You have inspired me to start riding the prairie path by our house. I enjoy reading (mostly something mindless lately – that helps me de-stress). Stitching of course and I’m also a cardmaker. Mostly for fun – I like to putter and organize – most recently my wool stash. I work at a public library. Although our building was closed, because I’m higher up in the chain of command, I’ve been working full time plus (mostly from home, but going into the library when needed to do certain things like cutting checks to pay bills. Staff started returning to work last week and we began offering curbside pick-up this week. I like hanging out at home so this sheltering-in-place hasn’t been too hard for me, but I do miss going out to a restaurant for breakfast or dinner. The current state of affairs on the heels of the pandemic is scary – but I just keep praying for a peaceful end to this current unrest and more love, knowledge and compassion to grow out of it. So glad you were able to spend a special day with your sister and that you’ve been making time to do things that feed your soul.

  41. Patti O'Donnell Avatar
    Patti O’Donnell

    Lisa I loved your post. We arrived yesterday to our summer RV in Colorado. It was along hard trip as my dog Shamrock became sick and died. He was old and I think he wanted one last trip. We will be spending time ATVing with friends and stitching this summer yes turn off that TV and get and enjoy nature is the best idea. I will be lost in the Aspens. Love all your posts. I think of you as a friend.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Patti…so sorry about Shamrock…he went going to his happy place…

  42. Belinda Avatar

    Thanks for reminding me that life is not just about one thing, but we all have many amazing gifts to enjoy–use them all! I love sewing and reading and listening to music that is uplifting and joyful. I love my family, especially spending time with the next generation–two grandchildren, five great nieces and nephews– and being at the beach! You ride FAST by the way!

  43. Natalie Rogers Avatar
    Natalie Rogers

    Wow, that is a long bike ride. I don’t know how you do it. Amazing. My husband recently got a motorcycle(haven’t had one in 20 years) so we have been on that a few times. We are putting up a above the ground pool to have fun in this summer and stay home more, so that is taking up a lot of time getting the ground work ready, not too much fun. We have been staying home a lot more lately.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      pools are awesome!!! good for you!

  44. Carrie Cameron Avatar
    Carrie Cameron

    Hi Lisa, It was nice to know you enjoy so many other things. Our lives here in Canada are becoming closer to normal. The weather has been kinda squirly and we still may see some frost but the garden is ready and the seedlings are waiting.
    I have some health issues that prevent me from being as physically active as I like but I love going for walks and I keep pushing onward.

    Keep the light you spread always

  45. Cathy Clark Avatar
    Cathy Clark

    Wonderful Post!! So glad you enjoyed Michigan. I love being outside. For fun, I walk, garden, bicycle, canoe, wash the car, whatever is available.

  46. Joni Everson Avatar
    Joni Everson

    I love to cook & bake! Reading is my greatest pastime & I have my flowers in the Summer to tend to!!
    I also attend most every activity my Grandkids are involved in ❤️

  47. Susan White Avatar
    Susan White

    Thank you, Lisa, for this wonderful and inspiring post! From dry and dusty California, the beautiful green is a sight to behold, and one I sorely miss! I think I’ll dust of my cruiser, pump up the tires, don my helmet, and get peddling!!❤️

  48. stitchinggrandma Avatar

    I love to ride my bike! I ride a LIV Flourish. I am not on the roads tho, as the traffic in our area disrespects anybody on bikes, even old grandmas. So, I limit my rides to the state park trails or the rails to trails in our area. Since the “quarentine” many of the area trails had closed the restrooms at the trailhead, which made it a NO GO for me. They are just now opening up. Is your bike power assist?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Yes…we bought them so it would be easier for Nick…..but I got to tell ya…when i’m 20 miles in…that little assist make it all possible going against the wind…it is still plenty of exercise…my bike has 3 levels of assist…I try and only use 1….and I always ride in the highest gear…I is super fun….and really enjoy it!

      1. stitchinggrandma Avatar

        The mileage is what inspires me. We have a 15 mile loop we do periodically and that last 5 miles always is going into the wind, no matter how much we plan! Certainly on my next bike wish list. 😄

  49. Rosemary Redhead Avatar
    Rosemary Redhead

    Sisters are the best! I just got home from kayaking on our river. I was by myself loving the peace and quiet paddling while watching the great blue herons and kingfishers. Covid 19 has changed my life for the better…a much slower pace and I’m thoroughly enjoying my new life. I am now doing some kind of stitching every day. Canada is slowly opening up. I sincerely wish the best for the world and hope we will take better care of each other. Thanks for sharing so much of your life with us. You are an incredible woman 💗

  50. COLLEEN KOSKI Avatar

    Tis the season for camping and gardening! And we are doing both. State Parks have opened up and loving the flowers on my porch and in my yard! You have awesome bike trails! I love to spend my sisters money!! Great fun!!

  51. jmstavran55 Avatar

    Loved your post about your bike ride. Will have to get mine out soon. My husband and I live on a river so we like to go for kayak runs down the river. Just finished a short trip and we saw deer, a blue heron and some woodpeckers. Surprised we didn’t see any turtles sunning themselves. Now I’m off to help a friend with her quilting.

  52. Sharon S Avatar
    Sharon S

    Just this morning, my sister and I did a 5 miles hike in the woods by our house. We also go biking on a nearby trail that is 18 miles. I too love being outdoors, hiking, biking, boating, gardening. We live in Michigan and our winter is so long, I love being out in the Spring and Summer months after being cooped up all winter.

  53. Pam Mueller Avatar
    Pam Mueller

    I love to hike, bike, walk and garden. I used to love running but can’t do that any longer. I just enjoy being outside. But I ❤️ To stitch.

  54. Syd FAASSEN Avatar

    Thanks for your fun post, Lisa! I actually live in the UP, right at the tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula. Such a beautiful place. Best place I’ve ever lived and the only place where I’m happy to come home from a vacation!! Currently, since this lockdown stuff, one of my favorite pastimes is ordering from Primitive Gathering and the companion shops who sponsored the Christmas Carol Mystery. What amazing shops and shop owners! I’ve really enjoyed that. Not sure if you saw my FB post on your last live video. (I watched it after the fact) The other day when my husband went to the post office, he asked me just how many packages he should be expecting to bring home from Primitive Gathering…

    Aside from my current internet shopping addiction, I love to walk, read, knit, sew, quilt, embroider, cook, hang with my sweet hubs and friends whenever we can. There were about 8 of us who were doing a social distancing happy hour walk each day but now the bugs are too bad. We’ll start that back up in a month or so!

    Thanks for asking….

  55. kathyreeves Avatar

    OH Lisa, this post was just refreshment to the soul! Thank you for sharing some of your non-stitching life with us. Walking, hiking and camping are high on my list, as well as reading and playing my 1908 Grand, Evelyn. Those last two compete for top honors with fiber anything!

  56. Dorothy Hopko Avatar
    Dorothy Hopko

    I loved your bike tour… the green is wonderful…. I am in the CA desert….it has beauty…different but still lovely…there is nothing better than coffee and reading the daily paper on my patio…I read it on my I pad and I must say the paperboy or girl….is never late….about the only outside event as the early mornings are starting out warm already…other than taking care on plants…flowers…and herbs…I am hopeful our youth summer theatre gets approved…..I help with it every year….yes does require some sewing….but so rewarding…and the kids are a delight….so not sure the town or county will approve with the social distancing…and mask….Enjoy your day….love life….

  57. Brenda in Iowa Avatar
    Brenda in Iowa

    Since you enjoy bike riding, you should enter RAGBRAI – the Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa. It occurs the last week in July going from the Missouri River to the Mississippi River taking different routes each year. It’s truly a highlight of many people’s summer.

  58. Kat R. Avatar

    I’m still working from home and may until after Labor Day but I do enjoy going outside to work on the patio when it’s nice. I love to walk near the lake as water can be so calming to me. I love just enjoying nature to relax! I need to get a bike though. That looks fun!

  59. Belva Hipp Avatar
    Belva Hipp

    Thank you, Lisa, for taking me along on your bicycle ride. You have beautiful scenery. My bicycle riding days are over because I fell and broke the femur in my right leg a year ago and I’ve never quite gotten back to normal. I have just about completed the autumn table mat from your “WOOL NEEDLE & THREAD” book. I loved it because of the animals on it. It’s my first project using wool Applique. I’m doing the SBOW—it will be great to pass the time. I loved the examples you’ve shown us of it. Bless you—stay well.

  60. V Geib Avatar
    V Geib

    I love this post Lisa! I need to come to WI and see some of that beauty. I have been mostly stitching but my hubby and I go out and walk each morning. We are leaving for the beach tomorrow to spend a week with our 5th wheel. 4 of our adult sons are going-thank you corona virus- we will spend two weeks there next month and all of the month of October.

  61. Ann Rennier Avatar
    Ann Rennier

    Love your pics of your rides! Love to bike and see things differently than in a car. Sometimes those small hills in a car are not quite so small on a bike! Our “Tour de Corn” bike ride is cancelled this year but my husband and I will just ride it by ourselves. It is a nice flat ride with cotton and corn as our backgrounds. We just got back from a few days of camping & fishing. Great weather and quiet days. Cannot wait to get our kayaks out on the river! Your would like that! My sitiching adventure is a EPP sew-a-long project with Sue Daley (Australian quilter famous for EPP). She recently lost her husband and getting her mojo back. It is new for me but I am enjoying it!

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