New for 2021- Stitch Along! Read all about it!


Hey Everyone!

I am going to be talking about my new fabric, American Gatherings, (that releases out in January 2021), in the next couple of weeks, yes it’s that time again for more fabric!   But the very first thing I wish you all to know is I am going to be holding a Stitch Along featuring these 36 irresistible prints!  Please read the whole post to the end as there is some VERY important information all the way through…

 (Also…you do not have to be an American Quilter to make this quilt…if you wish to make it go right on ahead! Maybe you love American quilters, quilts or American designers…or for what ever reason you wish to make it you are welcome!!)

As a proud American Quilter I can’t think of a better way to show off my loyalty to you and my country.  The quilt will feature 15 blocks (finish about 70″x 80″) and we will release one block a week starting soon after the fabric ships for 16 weeks (3 months), the last week being finishing options….  Don’t miss out this fun event…be the first to order your Fat Quarter bundle HERE  so… you will be the first to receive it when it arrives!  Also this will start when Moda Block Heads 3 will be wrapping up…and our quilt can be finished in plenty of time for Spring/Summer!

The line features crisp reds, whites and blues, in true American colors…

Also take your pick between a navy or white setting/ borders & binding…You will need 4 yards…the choices I picked for us  are our Primitive Gatherings navy primitive muslin  which is not our darkest navy but more medium navy that will match these blues in the line for a darker quilt…the other option is an eggshell Moda grunge with white stars for a lighter finish to the quilt…I think both will be fantastic!

You can also pick out your backing  ahead as well. You will need 4 yards as well… I’d order 6 if you have any plans on making it bigger.

 Click HERE to see all the American Gatherings prints, to maybe pick your backing or order more for another project.

All the blue links will take you to the products that are mentioned just click them.  All items are pre-orders to ensure there is enough product available for our project come January 2021!

Because this will be a FREE pattern I will not be offering any of the products on sale. I am counting on you to participate and this line to be sold as fast as it comes in (like, Liberty Gatherings, the last one).   Primitive Gatherings will be taking this opportunity to donate $10 for every Fat Quarter bundle WE sell to Hogs for Heros…I will talk more about this organization and why I picked them.   Also, I personally am planning to donate a large portion of MY royalties from this fabric to Hogs for Heros as well, so by hosting this Stitch Along I am planning on this fabric line to be a HUGE success, but as always I cannot do it by myself…I will need you all to help make this happen!

You will be so happy you joined in!!!!

So lets kick of 2021 with giving in mind….We will have give-ways, and special prizes, and so much more for everyone!

Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel….Stitch with Lisa Bongean

Join our Facebook group STITCH with Lisa

Visit our Website: Primitive Gatherings

And have a GREAT day…Be AWESOME today…

Let’s kick this off by leaving me a comment…I have a few pre cuts to randomly give-away…what’s on your mind today…do you have any questions about this Stitch
Along?  I am looking forward to reading your comments about this exciting event!
my best…Lisa,

160 responses to “New for 2021- Stitch Along! Read all about it!”

  1. Sandra McDaniel Avatar
    Sandra McDaniel

    I am in….this kind of fun keeps me going in this crazy world!

  2. Diana R Schumacher Avatar
    Diana R Schumacher

    I recently retired but have realized that I will need to live to be around 130 years old to complete all the projects I have started and the ones that I want to do. ALL your products are so beautiful- and I have a lot of them. This stitch along and the new fabric line look like another one to put on the list.

  3. Momma Lisa Avatar
    Momma Lisa

    How much yardage should we order for background/setting/binding? Also how much for backing?

  4. Wendy Shreve Avatar
    Wendy Shreve

    Love these new patriotic prints!

  5. Jane Zagrodnik Avatar
    Jane Zagrodnik

    My 1st comment is THANK YOU for loving our country. This makes my heart sing. We need this now. I love red, white and blue. So there are 2 color ways? I am in!

  6. JoAnne McPherson Avatar
    JoAnne McPherson

    As I am known as The Patriotic Quilter, this seems like a no-brainer. I love that some of the proceeds will go to charity. This line looks awesome.

  7. Barbara Bayer Avatar
    Barbara Bayer

    Thank you Lisa for supporting the US and all of us. Am anxious to participate and see your beautiful new line of fabric. 🙂🙂

  8. Julie Kennedy Avatar
    Julie Kennedy

    I love your new line of fabrics and can’t wait for them to come out! Thanks for planning this QAL, it will be great fun!

  9. Jill Defries Avatar
    Jill Defries

    I’m married to a very proud Vietnam veteran ! ❤️❤️

  10. Karen Bergt Avatar
    Karen Bergt

    I have always been a Proud American Quilter!
    Having two grandsons in the military, I am drawn more and more to Patriotic quilts, red, white & blue. I am So Proud of them!!
    Can’t wait for the stitch along!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    1. Karen Bergt Avatar
      Karen Bergt

      How many yards of the navy primitive muslin will be needed?

      1. Katie Seaman Harland Avatar
        Katie Seaman Harland

        Another beautiful quilt Lisa! Getting into patriotic so this quilt will definitely be a lovely addition! Thanks for all the awesome quilts,and fabric lines you cone up with.

  11. Lola Avatar

    Love the quilt. Beautiful

  12. Jill Defried Avatar
    Jill Defried

    I’m married to a very proud Vietnam veteran.

  13. Judy Donovan Avatar
    Judy Donovan

    This will be another stunning quilt!

  14. lulusue Avatar

    Sounds like fun! How much fabric do we need for backing, binding and background?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      4 yards… sorry.., I just updated thanks for letting me know I missed that

  15. Barb Nelson Avatar
    Barb Nelson

    Great time to focus on America, our wonderful country. Thanks.

  16. Mary Avatar

    Love the new line. Patriotic is so good for us at this time. Thinking about your new line and this beautiful quilt gives us a great start to the new year. Lisa, you rock!

  17. Colleen Hicks Avatar
    Colleen Hicks

    The light neutrals are my favorites. Always can find a place for them. Love using the scraps from a main project!

  18. Tylynda Glenn Avatar
    Tylynda Glenn

    Beautiful fabrics! 4912613 is my favorite!

  19. Barb Avatar

    I love this line of fabrics! We lived overseas most of our career and there’s no better country than ours. Thank you for donating to great causes.

  20. Jane lamborn Avatar
    Jane lamborn

    Love, love your red, white n blues! Excited about your new fabrics n quilt! God bless you and our country!

  21. Kathy Boettcher Avatar
    Kathy Boettcher

    What a great way to kick off the new year! Your enthusiasm is contagious. I am in.

  22. Lorrie Rockwell Avatar
    Lorrie Rockwell

    A Quilt of Valor… ❤️🤍💙 This will be a perfect gift for my amazing veteran brother. True and proud American 🇺🇸 What an honor it will be! Thank you Lisa ♥️🎉

  23. Kathleen Avatar

    This pattern & fabric is the first to get me excited in a long time, my quilting has been in the doldrums!

  24. Lona Avatar

    What a beautiful fabric line! I am looking forward to this stitch-a-long. Thank you for showing support to our country and our military. As a country, we are so divided right now. As stitchers, it is good to find common ground to unite us.

  25. Sharon Avatar

    This sounds like fun and for a good cause. Will you offer kits instead of ordering each item separately?

    1. Mary Lu Booker Avatar
      Mary Lu Booker

      I hope that you can answer this question. The picture at the beginning of this entry, is this the quilt that we will be making? I love the flags with the quilt blocks in the star field. I would love to do this but maybe not if we will be doing a different pattern. Thanks for your Patriotism, I love that.

  26. Joni Avatar

    I really need a red white and blue quilt!! Love this idea❤️

  27. Danette Avatar

    Love the fabric and the pattern! This quilt would be great to have out in the Summer, Memorial Day, and Independence Day!

  28. Geri Avatar

    This quilt will be an honor for me to do. Anything I can do for our service men and women is never enough. I can’t wait to see your video and start this wonderful project. Bless you for all you do Geri

  29. Cherie Tebo Avatar
    Cherie Tebo

    Sounds like another awesome quilt Lisa!!!

  30. Susan Blair Avatar
    Susan Blair

    Love the quilt & this sounds like a great idea! Something really positive to look forward to as we start a new year (and hopefully a bit more sane than the current one 😂)!!

  31. Maryella Rawnsley Avatar
    Maryella Rawnsley

    YOUR new fabric line is beautiful Lisa. I look forward to your every email/facebook posts. I have someone special in mind for this quilt. Now to go study all the links you shared to go with it. Thanks for all you do. Maryella

  32. Athena Butler Avatar
    Athena Butler

    The colors look just right….par as usual from Primitive Gatherings!! And we love red, white and blue quilts! Love our great nation! Sure! I’ll participate! I’m looking forward to doing this!

  33. Beth K Avatar
    Beth K

    I love your prints, and this one is great. I am a Flag Day baby so I have an affinity for red, white and blue fabrics. These are great.

  34. Geri Avatar

    It will be an honor to do this quilt as I feel we can never do enough for our service men and women. Bless you for all you do. Geri

  35. Debra Tener Avatar
    Debra Tener

    I tried to pre order the navy but it requires yardage..please advise., also yardage for backing? Thank you

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      4 for both

  36. Tamara Williams Avatar
    Tamara Williams

    Proud to be an American! Beautiful prints & great donation idea!

  37. cjschulk Avatar

    At our quilt guild we make Quilts of Valor, this would bean awesome quilt

  38. Peg Avatar

    Thanks Lisa for organizing this quilt along. They are always so much fun!!

  39. Brenda City Wyatt Avatar
    Brenda City Wyatt

    Good Morning Lisa!! I have nothing red, white and blue, can you believe that! So, this needs to be my first. I love the navy setting, navy is my fav. Soooo good of you for donating for charity.
    Your day is what you make it!! Make it Amazing.

  40. Ann Armstrong Avatar
    Ann Armstrong

    Lisa, as always your collection is beautiful bright and very American. I will be ordering soon and I will be sewing along with you all.

  41. Sally M Avatar
    Sally M

    So is the quilt similar to the picture? Will we see a picture before it starts or is it a mystery?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      It is similar but with 15 blocks

  42. Melonie Unger Avatar
    Melonie Unger

    It is so awesome that you are donating a portion of your sales to this charity! I can’t wait to hear more about it.

  43. Carol Garner Avatar
    Carol Garner

    Lisa, in these trying times, you make us quilters and fabric lovers so happy, can’t wait for this to start in 2021. Thank you to you and your fabulous staff for keeping our stitches flying!

  44. Jan Avatar

    I have been collecting fabrics for a flag quilt theme but haven’t started it yet. Too many other projects & life jumping in ahead. Love how you used a dark background. So joining in on your SAL will get me started with my other flag project. Thanks for the boost.

  45. Barbara Avatar

    How big will the pieced blocks be (where the flag stars would normally be)? I know you are known for your small blocks! Love the prints in the collection. Look forward to the QAL!

  46. Marsha Avatar

    Another fabulous fabric collection! I’ll be sewing along with you. Again, thank you for your generosity.

  47. Kathie weatherford Avatar
    Kathie weatherford

    I love the new collection.

  48. Diane Bobzien Avatar
    Diane Bobzien

    Lisa this quilt is absolutely gorgeous. I am obsessed with Americana quilts, this is the best I have seen yet. I have participated in your stitch alongs and totally enjoy them. I mark my calendar and I can hardly wait for the next block to come out. This quilt will be especially fun as I will be using my Juki💕 (which I love dearly) count me in, what a fantastic way to celebrate 2021. DIane Bobzien

  49. Vickie Nelson Avatar
    Vickie Nelson

    Fabulous fabric and I love the idea of gifting veterans.

  50. Jeanette larsen Avatar
    Jeanette larsen

    This looks like so much fun. Love the fabric. Can’t wait to start.

  51. Lynn Avatar

    I love this quilt and can’t wait to start

  52. Raquel Avatar

    Love this! I’m in – my husband is a disabled vet, and these organizations are a Godsend! Thanks for doing this.

  53. Linda Cates Avatar
    Linda Cates

    Well, this looks like fun!! Love this new line!

  54. Kathy Parker Avatar
    Kathy Parker

    Still the blocks be offered in different sizes like the Most blockheads?

  55. Cheryl Gherna Avatar
    Cheryl Gherna

    Red white and blue is not only patriotic but also classic. Love it. Can’t wait to see what you have planned, I’m never disappointed in what you design. Thank you!

  56. Pat DuBois Avatar
    Pat DuBois

    What a great quilt! I love our flag, and what a great way to honor it. Betsy Ross would be so proud!

  57. Lissa Rogers Avatar
    Lissa Rogers

    Lisa this s darling! And I love that some of my favorites from past patriotic lines are included along with some fun new designs. You’ve done it again!😍😍😍

  58. Barb Walsh Avatar
    Barb Walsh

    Your new fabrics are gorgeous. I think I’ll join this one since I’m always so angry with myself when I see how beautiful the quilts are finished. Thank you for always having interesting things going on. I hope to visit your shop in September when we go to Door County.

  59. Marianne Stana Avatar
    Marianne Stana

    Married to a Veteran and mother of an American Diplomat, beautiful collection

  60. Carolyn Sands Avatar
    Carolyn Sands

    What a great way to ‘give back’. Thanks for sharing what I am sure will be a great, fun project. I’m in for sure.

  61. Helen K Gyllstrom Avatar
    Helen K Gyllstrom

    Red white and blue will be a great ‘healing’, patriotic at this time. I looks beautiful. 🇺🇸 Thank you Lisa 😎

  62. Terri Mulinix Avatar
    Terri Mulinix

    love the quilt. As a wife a veteran our house hold loves red, white and blue. Keep up the good work.

  63. Melinda Rathmell Avatar
    Melinda Rathmell

    My favorite holiday is the 4th of July!! So looking foreword to this new line, and love that you will be donating part of your proceeds!! Thank you Lisa for all that you do!!!!❤️🤍💙

  64. Hildy Avatar

    It’s a beautiful quilt and I envy your Americans your flag it’s so great for quilting! And also a great new collection I just love white, red and navy.

    1. Susan C Quinn Avatar
      Susan C Quinn

      I’m on board for this! Can’t wait to work with your beautiful fabrics and to help contribute to Hogs for Heroes! 🙂💖

  65. Pat Leiker Avatar
    Pat Leiker

    Gorgeous new fabrics. I’m ready to get started on your new quilt project. Excited.

  66. Linda Avatar

    Can’t wait for the new Stitch along. Love all the past fabrics you’ve designed and can’t wait to see the whole new series. thanks for what you do Lisa.

  67. Deborah Thomas Avatar
    Deborah Thomas

    I’m a proud American quilter too. My husband is retired Air Force and we love the red, white, and blue. One block a week is perfect. It’s something I can stay caught up with. Thanks for the stitch along.

  68. Dee Avatar

    I absolutely love you are donating Hogs for Heros. When my brother passed (he lives in Seattle) their local Harley combat vets escorted his casket. They are very active in taking care of their brothers, as well as placing wreaths at their local vet cemetery among many other things. We have many veterans in my family, my Dad, husband, son and brothers. This may be why I so love anything patriotic. Thank you for this line and thank you for supporting our hero’s!

    1. Dee Avatar

      P.S.: will you be showing a mock-up of the white background?

  69. Debra Avatar

    What a great way to show our love for America. Love all of your fabrics — beautiful colors and designs.

  70. Susan B Avatar
    Susan B

    This looks like another beautiful line of fabric 🇺🇸. Can’t wait to start this!

  71. Kim Avatar

    Can’t wait to see this fabric line! I love red, white and blue and this whole event sounds like a lot of fun. While still trying to be Covid safe this will keep us all busy to stay home and sew.

  72. Judy Buxk Avatar
    Judy Buxk

    Looking forward to your new line, Patriotic Gatherings. Great time to start a
    new adventure in a new year- a restart for all, after 2020.

  73. Denise Wilcox Avatar
    Denise Wilcox

    Hi Lisa, this QAL sounds fun. So is the picture in the email a picture of what the quilt will look like?

  74. Laura B Avatar
    Laura B

    You have always been so generous with everything you do. How you find the time to do it all is truly amazing. Wonderful line and great timing considering the state our country is in. It makes me so sad that human beings can’t care for each other and lives , property etc. God gave us a wonderful life and wish people would realize the gift. Wishing for days gone by when people waved to each other, visited with a cake , got together to play cards, worship, picnic, worked together and just sat on each other’s porches.

  75. emilyjoy180 Avatar

    Oh my goodness, you’ve made another work of art! 🇺🇸

  76. Carol Gouveia Avatar
    Carol Gouveia

    Love Patriotic Quilts and Fabric. Looking forward to this sew-a-long and fabric line. Thank you for your great talent and for sharing it with everyone.

  77. Lisa Avatar

    Your love of our great country shows! Thanks for this opportunity!

  78. Patti O'Donnell Avatar
    Patti O’Donnell

    I love red, white and blue quilts. Looks like I’m ready for next years quilt.

  79. Deb Otto Avatar
    Deb Otto

    I’m in – anything red white and blue! Thanks for doing all of this.

  80. Carmen N Avatar
    Carmen N

    There’s nothing better than red, white and blue! Proud to be an American! I’m looking forward to sewing this quilt along with you.

  81. Joyce Jensen Avatar

    Lovely fabrics! The QAL will be something fun to look forward to during the winter months.

  82. Julie Avatar

    Awesome pattern and fabrics. Patriotic all the way.

  83. Julie zaloudek Avatar
    Julie zaloudek

    Those fabrics look beautiful and a great variety!

  84. Patti Z Avatar
    Patti Z

    I love Patriotic fabric and look forward to this new line. I just got back from my quilter, the Liberty Gatherings quilt and love it.

  85. Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts Avatar

    What a great pattern & fabrics! Thank you for the fun!

  86. Debbie Avatar

    What a great idea! So generous of you!

  87. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
    Carol Eberhardt

    Believe it or not, I’ve never made a red, white and blue quilt. I’ve made red and white, blue and white, but not all three! Guessing you’ll have a book to go along with this new line? Fingers crossed….

  88. Connie Stowers Avatar
    Connie Stowers

    I love you’re doing this AFTER the election. Win or lose, we are all Americans and we will make it through.

  89. Libby Blaha Avatar
    Libby Blaha

    This is so awesome…..I love, love this quilt and the timing couldn’t be better. I am proud to be an American. Also love the “charity” you picked. Love what you do !

  90. Marian Galston Avatar
    Marian Galston

    Great way to start the new year. Forget 2020, bring on 2021!!

  91. Mary Durham Avatar
    Mary Durham

    I’m in! Love the fabric, love the pattern, love the cause.

  92. A M Bartus Avatar
    A M Bartus

    USA USA USA🇺🇸👍

  93. Cheryl G Avatar
    Cheryl G

    These are beautiful. It comes at such a needed time. A fresh and beautiful quilt to start off a new year. To remind us things will get better.

  94. Kathy McGillivray Avatar
    Kathy McGillivray

    I am very excited about your new fabric line. Can’t wait to make your patriotic quilt. So proud to be an American!

  95. Tracy Anderson Avatar
    Tracy Anderson

    Looking forward to this one!! Love the American quilts!! Can’t wait!! 🇺🇸❤️

  96. Mary Lu Booker Avatar
    Mary Lu Booker

    I LOVE Patriotic Quilts. This is beautiful. This might be my chance to get a patriotic quilt made just for me. Interested.


    Thank you for offering American Gatherings collection. I could not have thought of a better way to honor the country and patriots I love so much. This a great reminder of what is important in today’s climate. Love it!

  98. Camie Corliss Avatar
    Camie Corliss

    I love your new line American Gatherings. I decorate farmhouse patriotic year round and always looking for new items to refresh my home. What a great project to start a new year off.

  99. Henrietta Sheffel Avatar
    Henrietta Sheffel

    What a beautiful quilt! What level of quilter would be able to make this?

  100. Marsha Smith Avatar
    Marsha Smith

    I’d be in just for the quilt itself, but your generous donation to charity makes it a double “have to make”! You are so sweet.

  101. Angie Avatar

    I have been wanting to make a red white and blue quilt. Love your designs and instructions, so this will be the one. Oh, your fabric designs are on my favorite list.

  102. Cindy Avatar

    Sounds like fun Lisa. Thank you for giving back to our veterans!

  103. Sandi Avatar

    I want to join in too! I need to make one for myself in those colors. Hugs,

  104. Cindy Golding Avatar
    Cindy Golding

    Actually I am drawn to the 3 color quilt you posted rather than scrappy. Unusual for me as I love scrappy.

  105. Rachel Pappas Avatar
    Rachel Pappas

    Beautiful fabric line, can’t wait to do this, can’t think of a better way to honor our Veterans and Country…will the line for offered in your CA store?

  106. Joanne Avatar

    Oh my, I’m so excited and can’t wait. The fabric looks so bright and beautiful. I truly appreciate your inspirations and your kindness in giving back to a great cause. Thank you

  107. Susan Stanton Avatar
    Susan Stanton

    These fabrics look great and I’ve always wanted to make a red, white, and blue quilt!

  108. Debbie Sousa Avatar
    Debbie Sousa

    Perfect timing! Let’s flood our homes, and homes of our families and friends, with American Gathering’s red, white and blue!

  109. Maggie Bosley Avatar
    Maggie Bosley

    I cannot wait to see your American Gatherings fabric line!! I will sign up for the Stitch Along! 🇺🇸

  110. Carol Bailey Avatar
    Carol Bailey

    Love the RWB fabrics and can’t wait for the sew along! Great way to start the new year. Praying for a much better year for us all.

  111. debra ryniewski Avatar
    debra ryniewski

    I loved the last line, Liberty gatherings. This new line truly shows that the American spirit is alive and well. I am proud that many members of my family have served in the military since the Civil War. I am also proud to say that my quilt will be lovingly made in the USA.

  112. Sherri Warta Avatar
    Sherri Warta

    As a Mom of an Army veteran and an active Air Force serviceman, I appreciate that you show appreciation for what they have given for our wonderful country. We need more patriotism, especially now, for our country that is the BEST!!!! Thank you for bringing attention to the people that help EVERYONE and look beyond themselves. I look forward to joining along in this stitch-a-long.

  113. Susan Kerkendall Avatar
    Susan Kerkendall

    I just subbed to your You Tube channel and joined the Facebook group. I love reading your blog and the new fabric line is beautiful.

  114. Mimi Hall Avatar

    I LOVE this so much! I have been feeling so distressed this week with all going on in our country and this just makes me feel warm again! I LOVE Americana decor and that is what I am doing in my house, so I am very excited about this! Thank you!!

  115. Tersia Avatar

    What a beautiful range. I am one of the “non American” quilters living in South Africa but will defnitely take part in this venture ordering my fabric🌸Beautiful pattern as all your patterns are.

  116. Beth Gallo Avatar
    Beth Gallo

    I am excited about this sew along! I love the quilt and am thinking of a veteran to give it to!

  117. Janet Houge Avatar
    Janet Houge

    Thank you for everything you do! I’ve love your projects and have done many and look forward to doing this one!

  118. Joyce Avatar

    What a wonderful gesture and beautiful fabrics to honor the great USA!

  119. Janice Avatar

    This sounds like a great all-American quilt – a – long. I am looking forward to it!

  120. Beth Byerssmall Avatar
    Beth Byerssmall

    Thanks for creating this line to honor the USA. I’m looking forward to this stitch along – the navy background is a winner for me!

  121. Louise M Haddon Avatar
    Louise M Haddon


  122. Jen Peters Avatar
    Jen Peters

    I saw this fabric and immediately contacted a shop to ask if they were going to carry it. Then you posted this quilt to Instagram and I died! How lovely!! Seriously looking at my next year to fit this in!

  123. DEB WORTHMAN Avatar

    Love the colors. If I’m going to be sewing this quilt, I’d better get my rear in gear and get a few other projects finished.

  124. Anita taylor Avatar
    Anita taylor

    As a Fourth of July birthday girl I love seeing Americana quilts, pillows, runners etc. I’m loving the look of this new line as well as the blue backing, these colors will be my choices as well! Looking forward to 2021.

  125. Carol Thomas Avatar
    Carol Thomas

    Ok, you got me! I love your fabric lines!

  126. Julia Stavran Avatar
    Julia Stavran

    Love the patriotic fabric line. I can’t wait for the block patterns to come out.

  127. Cheryl Harrod Avatar
    Cheryl Harrod

    American Gatherings is so patriotic and brings to mind how much we each care about our country and each other. Can’t wait to start this fabulous quilt.

  128. Sandie Mackintosh Avatar
    Sandie Mackintosh

    My new favorite! (I say that about every line you put out! 🤣) Right now I’m very impatiently waiting for Red & White Gatherings to be delivered. Definitely going to participate in the QAL, and appreciate that you’ve given me something to look forward to next year!

  129. Catherine Shelton Avatar
    Catherine Shelton

    The new line looks great! Thanks for all your hard work.

  130. Cathy King Avatar
    Cathy King

    Love all things patriotic, celebrating this great country we live in!! Can’t wait

  131. Judy Avatar

    Love the fabric and the quilt. I think it is a great way to start off 2021!

  132. Kathy V Avatar
    Kathy V

    I am married to a retired Marine and I also participate in our local Quilts of Valor group. Love all your red, white and blue collections !! Thank you for doing this project to benefit our veterans. Proud to be an American!!

  133. Robin Schlager Avatar
    Robin Schlager

    This is especially timely , an American quilt, as our country is getting ready to vote in a presidential election.

  134. Kim Anderson Avatar
    Kim Anderson

    I’ve never worked in the RWB color scheme. Maybe it’s time I did. The fabric line is gorgeous!

  135. Martha C Avatar
    Martha C

    Your new line is gorgeous! Love the brightness of the RWB! I’m in and can’t wait to get the fabric and start the sew along!

  136. Brenda G Avatar
    Brenda G

    LOVE the idea! Can’t wait for the sew along!

  137. Beth Cox Avatar
    Beth Cox

    Can’t wait to see and feel your new line of fabric!

  138. Helen L Avatar
    Helen L

    First, the quilt looks wonderful!! I love the different quilt blocks in the star field of the flag! And would you be able to show us a mock up of what it would look like with the grunge background that you were talking about? And, if we order a FQ bundle, is that enough to do the star portion? I know we’ll need more for the stripes and the background. Thanks!

  139. Joan Riker-Wilkie Avatar
    Joan Riker-Wilkie

    Beautiful inspiring collection of fabric! I am new to quilting but might like to try this!

  140. Karen H - Frederick, MD Avatar
    Karen H – Frederick, MD

    Looks like a beautiful collection of fabrics!

  141. Martha Campbell Avatar
    Martha Campbell

    I love that this program is going to be 15-16 weeks as opposed to drawn out over a year. Also, this fast schedule keeps me on track keeping up. The fabrics look so beautiful and vibrant which Patriot fabrics should be in my opinion. Can’t wait to get started!

  142. Billie C. Avatar
    Billie C.

    My Dad was a WWI Veteran who served in the the Battle of the Bulge, the Colmar Pocket, and the Ruhr Pocket. I was honored to go to Washington DC with him on an Honor Flight. It was an amazing experience and one I won’t ever forget. I was born on Veterans Day and am very partial to patriotic prints. Your new line is right up my alley. Thank you for making this Stitch Along available to us and providing the pattern for free! God bless you and the USA!

  143. Audra Avatar

    HOGS FOR HEROES checking in here…and we are stunned, and honored, by this beautiful effort to support our healing mission! We only just learned of Lisa’s generous plan and can hardly believe quilters across the nation will unite to sew their hearts out to benefit Veteran’s healing. Thank you!

    A little bit about us, because knowing who benefits from your labors is important to your heart. Hogs For Heroes is a small, WI nonprofit created by four family members, none of whom served. We do this volunteer work simply out of gratitude for those who served, and sacrificed much on our behalf, and from a desire to provide struggling, at-risk Veterans with a healing alternative: wind therapy, as we Bikers affectionately call it. We raise funds to buy Harley-Davidson motorcycles for Veteran riders who, injured in the course of active duty, find themselves hurting–mentally, physically, emotionally–and unable to have a Bike in their life. We help them heal by gifting them a Harley that allows them to regain peace on the road, control in their life, clarity, pride and joy…and equally important, support from the rider community and Veteran brotherhoods.

    We know motorcycling isn’t everyone’s cup of tea… but if it’s your blood it’s roots run deep and make up an identity, culture and community for it’s riders–all things similar to the military, and deeply missed as Veterans separate from service. It is estimated that 22 Veterans a day commit suicide; another compelling reason to offer alternative therapy with a “tool” that is well established in the military community and will support them for years to come. We direct 100% of every donation straight toward the next Bike and Veteran pairing. And because we do this work voluntarily on the side of jobs, family and life…we thought we would be successful if we could raise funds to gift one Harley a year. Instead, in just a little over 4 years of gifting bikes, we wrapped up our 2020 season by returning SIXTEEN injured Veteran riders back to the road they love on beautiful Harleys. Each Recipient will tell you that our gift has truly changed their life and, in several cases, literally saved their lives. And while our gift is only given to one individual, it’s positive ripple effect impacts the lives of their spouses, families, friends, employers and community as they find new outlets, opportunities and support systems.

    Thank you for reading through our nutshell-version to learn about our unique work. And thank you, for participating in this amazing project to support our Veteran’s healing needs.

    Like what you heard? Be sure LIKE US on Facebook to stay on top of our activity and announcements! You can learn more about our work and the Veterans we have supported at: And, if you’re so inclined, you can donate there too 🙂

    Peace to all…. and best wishes as you each make these beautiful quilts!

  144. Barbara Snyder Avatar
    Barbara Snyder

    Question? Nope, no questions except can we start right now?

  145. Kimberly Anne Brandt Avatar
    Kimberly Anne Brandt

    Thank you for offering this free sew along, your generous spirit is delightful :0) God bless America!

  146. Laura Avatar

    I am an American Legion Rider and much appreciate your support or our veterans!

  147. Diana Rosenthal Avatar
    Diana Rosenthal

    I’m so excited waiting for my book and FQ’s , Happy to donate to Our wonderful Veterans. This is a wonderful thing your doing and it’s a gift to all of us. So thank you.

  148. […] New for 2021- Stitch Along! Read all about it! […]

  149. Donna Lawrence Avatar
    Donna Lawrence

    I hope t be able to follow this quilt along looks great

  150. Barbara Barnett Avatar

    I Love your fabric its beautiful and Patriotic win win!! 😊♥️

  151. philde Avatar

    I know the sew along is way past, but I was wondering if this pattern is still available either free or for sale? Thanks

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Hi there! This quilt is no longer available for free, but we’re hoping to have it up for sale by mid-to late April.

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