Lisa Bongean's 4" Moda Block Heads Block 34

Moda Block Heads 3-Block 34-Fulfillment!

It’ my week for Moda Block Heads…and I have made something I have never done before…I have made a 1″finished star for the center of the block…now before you think I am crazy and think there is no way….

Lisa Bongean- Moda Block Head 3- Block 34 Fulfillment

Try it or….just exchange it for a plain 1 1/2″ cut square where the star is…for the 4″ size…it would be 2″ for the 6″ blocks, 2 1/2″ for the 8″ blocks and 3 1/2″ for the 12″ blocks.


You all know how to do the triangles…and know I made them using my Primitive Gatherings Half Square Triangle Papers….

You will need: 1/2″ finished for 4″ block    3/4″ for 6″ blocks    1″ for 8″ block      1 1/2″ for 12″ blocks Triangle papers for these blocks sizes.

Click HERE to print Block 34!

Here is just how tiny my “test” center “block” is…Now.. is it perfect?…no…but I think it is acceptable considering it is 1″ finished!  Also…trim the seam allowance on the tiny center after it is stitched to 1/8″ on the stitched seams, for this tiny block if you are making the 4″ finished.

I can’t wait to see your blocks on the Facebook feed!!!!!

Now since I have you all here gatherings your block patterns there are a few things I hope to share with you if you hang around a bit and read about it…I would so appreciate it!!! 

I want you all to know about my January 2021 Stitch Along!!!!  Read all about it below! It will be so much fun and you will not want to miss out!!

I am going to be talking about my new fabric, American Gatherings, (that releases out in January 2021), in the next couple of weeks, yes it’s that time again for more fabric!   But the very first thing I wish you all to know is I am going to be holding a Stitch Along featuring these 36 irresistible prints!  Please read the whole post to the end as there is some VERY important information all the way through…

 (Also…you do not have to be an American Quilter to make this quilt…if you wish to make it go right on ahead! Maybe you love American quilters, quilts or American designers…or for what ever reason you wish to make it you are welcome!!)

As a proud American Quilter I can’t think of a better way to show off my loyalty to you and my country.  The quilt will feature 15 blocks (finish about 70″x 80″) and we will release one block a week starting soon after the fabric ships for 16 weeks (3 months), the last week being finishing options….  Don’t miss out this fun event…be the first to order your Fat Quarter bundle HERE  so… you will be the first to receive it when it arrives!  Also this will start when Moda Block Heads 3 will be wrapping up…and our quilt can be finished in plenty of time for Spring/Summer!

The line features crisp reds, whites and blues, in true American colors…

Also take your pick between a navy or white setting/ borders & binding…You will need 4 yards…the choices I picked for us  are our Primitive Gatherings navy primitive muslin  which is not our darkest navy but more medium navy that will match these blues in the line for a darker quilt…the other option is an eggshell Moda grunge with white stars for a lighter finish to the quilt…I think both will be fantastic!

You can also pick out your backing  ahead as well. You will need 4 yards as well… I’d order 6 if you have any plans on making it bigger.

 Click HERE to see all the American Gatherings prints, to maybe pick your backing or order more for another project.

All the blue links will take you to the products that are mentioned just click them.  All items are pre-orders to ensure there is enough product available for our project come January 2021!

Because this will be a FREE pattern I will not be offering any of the products on sale. I am counting on you to participate and this line to be sold as fast as it comes in (like, Liberty Gatherings, the last one).   Primitive Gatherings will be taking this opportunity to donate $10 for every Fat Quarter bundle WE sell to Hogs for Heros…I will talk more about this organization and why I picked them.   Also, I personally am planning to donate a large portion of MY royalties from this fabric to Hogs for Heros as well, so by hosting this Stitch Along I am planning on this fabric line to be a HUGE success, but as always I cannot do it by myself…I will need you all to help make this happen!

You will be so happy you joined in!!!!

Deadline for ordering Moda Block Head T-shirts is September 8th! Click HERE to see the 3 different styles you can order!

Moda Block Head T Shirt!


Also I want to point out we have been loading our YouTube Channel each week with tutorials and LIVE streams from our store our my home on the Lake in Wisconsin…Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel….Stitch with Lisa Bongean

Join our Facebook group STITCH with Lisa

Visit our Website: Primitive Gatherings

And have a GREAT day… and… Be AWESOME today…

Let’s kick this off by leaving me a comment…I have a few pre cuts to randomly give-away…what’s on your mind today…do you have any questions about this Stitch
Along?  I am looking forward to reading your comments about this exciting event!    So lets kick of 2021 with giving in mind….We will have give-ways, and special prizes, and so much more for everyone!
my best…Lisa,

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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

86 thoughts on “Moda Block Heads 3-Block 34-Fulfillment!

  1. I love the Moda Blockheads t-shirts. What a great idea. I always look forward to your blocks for the blockhead quilts. I really love this week’s block.

  2. I think I might be one of the first to comment on your American Gatherings fabric line. I love, love, patriotic quilts. My husband is a veteran. I have made a number of patriotic quilts for our home and quite a few to donate to numerous causes such as Honor Flight. I am really looking forward to this new sew along. Thanks for your patriotism and contributions to worthy causes.

  3. I can’t wait for your new American Gathering line of fabric. Red, Whit, and blue have always been my favorite to work with. Thank you for all your hard work and free patterns. I am slowly keeping up but it’s ok. Work at your own pace as long as I have the pattern I’ll get there

  4. I love it!! Just don’t know about that TINY little star… but I’m gonna try it! <3 For the AQ Stitch Along, I purchased a fat quarter bundle, blue muslin, backing, and binding, but I didn't use the AQ Stitch Along icon when I purchased, just purchased items individually. Will I still be included in all the information? Do I need to sign up somewhere? Or just keep reading the blog?

  5. I love love, love, love patriotic quilts and decorate my home with them from Memorial Day to Labor day! I am looking forward to joining in on a new, American Gatherings quilt project!

      1. Hi Lisa… I have a question about the Sew Along quilt…

        If each flag block is about 10×12… how big is the corner block with the motifs? I was hoping at least 6” maybe?? That would help me know if I want to do this one… I love the quilt but I’m kinda scared of tiny pieced blocks! I can handle a 6” though. I really love the quilt!! And that blue Muslin is perfect!!

        Love that you’re supporting the Hogs!! Of course you are!! 😊 I might need to do an extra donation!

        Pris (in Idaho)

  6. You rock, Lisa! That one-inch star is amazing!! And I love the color combination in Block 34. My American Gatherings fat quarter bundle is ordered. That’s such a wonderful quilt! Eagerly awaiting the quilt-along.

  7. Cant wait for the stitch a long in January. My house is red white blue and yellow so this quilt will be right at home. Thanks Lisa for all you do for us. I also thank you so much for putting your second store in Murrieta so I can see all the pretty things close to home

  8. I’m very excited about the new Stitch Along! Something to look forward to while dealing with this COVID 19 mess. You are so good to all of us, providing so much inspiration and encouragement…and all those tips and projects! Your gift of introducing us to Tara has helped me change my life and lose 13 lbs so far! And my project today is to look through my Primitive Gatherings patterns and books, and the website to find a small quilt to make for a very special baby girl born at 2:35 this morning!! I love how you use words, so I’m going to try to add her name to it as well!! THANK YOU for all that you do Lisa!!!!

  9. Looking forward to your next sew along. Thrilled that it is red, white and blue. I love gardening, but am so looking forward to cooler temps so I can spend more time sewing and doing my hand work, much easier on the body! Patiently waiting for your red and white line!

  10. Hi Lisa, I looked up the Hogs for Heroes group & can see how they can be dear to you. I like organizations that realize people don’t always need money thrown at them but need a boost to their morale, someone interested in them. Congratulations on the new fabric line & your SAL.

  11. My birthday is July 5th so I have always loved red, white and blue things! The QAL would be fun. One of my plans for this summer was to finally visit your shop. I live in the UP and had a road trip planned with some quilt friends. Once again…delayed but still a sometime destination!

  12. Your creativity never ends! Love this and I’m really enjoying the live events. Keep them coming!

  13. Love the red white and blue pattern primitive gatherings designs are a favorite
    When will the preordered red work gatherings be shipped?

  14. First, I love your MBH3 block and probably I’m the odd one but I love to make hsts and flying geese. I don’t know if I ever made a 1″ finished star … since I love tiny piecing it could be.
    Second, althought I’m not American I look forward to your sew-along it sounds like a fun one!

  15. Lisa you are so very talented. I love your Block 34, but I think I will skip the tiny star. lol Looking forward to your new fabric line!

  16. My grandson is working on becoming an Eagle Scout. This new fabric line will be perfect to make him a quilt honoring his achievements. I’ve ordered my FQ bundle and I’m looking forward to the stitch along. Thanks Lisa.

  17. Love, love all your stuff! And you! I’m on my way, a few miles up the freeway, to drop off 5 more isolation quilts. My total now is around 10+, I think since March. Will also curbside B&B Quilt Shop for an order I placed with them this week. No fabrics just threads for sewing machine. Have a good one, Lisa!

  18. I really like this new collection! I haven’t seen your others but love the white instead of tan that one often sees.

  19. The qal in January is on my list! Both my husband and I love patriotic quilts. It’s almost too long to wait, Lisa! In these unsettled times the qal is something for me to look forward to. Love Hogs for Heros! As a retiree of H-D, I know how generous riders are. Thank you!

  20. Oh my gosh look how tiny that star is! I am a bit jealous today as I have a pinched nerve in my neck so I am laid up for a bit. The upcoming sew-a-long looks like so much spirited fun!

  21. Super cute new line of fabric 🇺🇸 I love stitch alongs❤️ Thanks for helping us look forward 👀 to some fun! Love your live videos, too!

  22. I love the new fabric line. Trying to decide if I can justify starting another project without finishing the THREE I’m currently working on. Your 1″ star is terrific. Wowzah

  23. I’m a new(ish) quilter and I have never done an American themed quilt! Maybe this will be my first. I love your fabric line and also your talent with tiny pieces!! I recently embraced your starching techniques and it has made all the difference in my accuracy! Thanks 😊

  24. Hi Lisa, You have truly inspired me onto a whole new quilting Stitching adventure. I love your drive and amazing creativity. Wish you much success with you new line of fabric.

  25. Just amazed at how you get things done and so so many things. What energy you must have. Would love to see all your blockhead blocks together

  26. Trying hard to resist the sew- along But I LOVE the fabric!!!!
    I’ll go can my spaghetti sauce and ponder!!!!

    1. Looks like a great sew along. I’m sure this fabric collection will be just as great as your past patriotic ones!
      Thanks for all your beautiful designs.

  27. As a 29-year Veteran I LOVE LOVE LOVE this line! I so look forward to seeing it in person. So excited about another QAL – Thanks for all you bring to the Quilting Community in these difficult times!

  28. Will the American Gatherings bundle be available in the UK? We love anything American and this looks amazing thanks Angie xxx

  29. Love the block and the new fabrics and the SAL. Question: Will the Liberty Fabrics “play” nicely with Indigo Gatherings and Redwork Gatherings (when it is released)?

  30. love the fabric, anything we can do as a group and stand strong is good for us all. thanks for all your hard work

  31. I love your Blockhead design and am looking forward to the sew along, Lisa. Your fabric line is beautiful too. Have a blessed day.

  32. Great block! That small size does scare me, but I am going to try it with some starched fabric and see how it goes. I can’t wait for the sew along in January (my least favorite month of the year). It will be nice for something to look forward to in the dead of winter after the holidays are over.

  33. I adore all of your fabric lines, especially as a veteran the patriotic lines and American Gatherings will be another home run! I’m heading over to the website to place my order hopefully you’ll have 1/2 or one yard bundles available too! Great choice for your charity, Ride Safe! Love and hugs

  34. I’m working on finishing UFOs, even one I had the urge to throw away more than once & it turned out great! Thanks for keeping us inspired to stitch, stitch, stitch!

  35. I LOVE Patriotic quilts and am so looking forward to this sew along. Thanks for providing free content to go with your beautiful fabric lines.

  36. I need another project like a whole in the head! However this moves me! I have several red, white and blue quilts, however this one seem special to me, especially all what is going on!

  37. I come from a military family. I married my husband straight out of high school, grad in June and married in July! We are from N.Y., he was stationed in CA so we drove cross country for our honeymoon and have been married for 30 years now. Being on a military base was an adjustment but I became a part of a new family. 20 years later we had a Army reunion and it was like we just picked up where we left off. The bond is like they say, a brotherhood, and it’s amazing to be a part of that. So l will be participating and as a usually gift my quilts, this one will go to one of our brothers and his dear wife. Thank you for offering this to us and all of your generosity.

  38. I had extra coffee this morning so maybe I’m up to conquering a tiny star center for this block. Thanks for the challenge.

  39. Wow! that center block is amazing. I did some 1.5″ finished friendship star blocks and it about did me in. I don’t think I will tackle this one. Maybe I am too much of a perfectionist.

  40. I love this new line! After living out of the US for almost 25 years, it’s so wonderful living in this great country once again! It’s truly the best.

  41. Love patriotic anything! I come from a long line of patriotic Americans in WI. My Grandpa R. decorated an old Chevy with with red, white & blue, flags, huge signs saluting military & farmers and entered it in every parade he could find in the Fox River Valley/New London area back in the 1970’s.It was awesome for us grandkids to see Grandpa so proud to be an American! In my home, I have decorated our downstairs bathroom with an American theme and have received many compliments on it. I’m looking forward to seeing American Gatherings too!

  42. I can’t wait to start. My son is in the Army and I belong to a QOV group, so I will probably donate this quilt after I complete it. I also love the Moda T-shirt.

  43. Our local Veterans Home In Barstow, California, faced closure recently. With much action from the community, it has been kept open for the time being.

  44. Can’t wait to make Block 34 in the 4″ size. I do like small quilts and small piecing but that one is pretty small. I like a challenge though! I love the red, white and blues so I’ll getting my order in soon!

  45. I’m super impressed with your tiny star, such a challenge but you rocked it! I’m excited for the new line of fabric as well as the stitch along, thank you for your generosity.

  46. Love your tiny 1″ star. Love that you are a proud American quilter and love your new fabric line. Any sneak peeks of what the quilt will look like?

  47. Thanks for the reminder about the stitch along – I need to get my order in! I am really looking forward to both this new line and Redwork Gatherings!

  48. I can’t wait for this new fabric line and pattern! I absolutely love my country despite some negativity and treasure our red, white and blue. So proud of everything USA and the opportunities our country allows us and Lisa’s generosity and creativity. Looking forward to Lisa’s BOM and more to come.

  49. Oh my goodness I got to see the fabric in person today when my Moda rep came to visit and we just loved it so much, had to order it all! Very excited for the stitch along!

  50. I joined Moda BH for the first time in 2020 with BH3 and love… love your 4” blocks. It brought me to your Wisconsin store and back several times, seeing as I’m in the upper peninsula of Michigan your store is just a few hours away. I’m waiting for delivery of my Redwork Pre-order. I’ll have to look at the new American line coming in 2021… just in time to join a new quilt along.

  51. I really like this block! I would probably try one of the larger versions as I find smaller blocks a bit too challenging as an intermediate quilter. I love primitive gathering fabric lines!

  52. Hi Lisa! Looking forward to the quilt along! I’m loving that sometimes there are alternate blocks for the BH3 so people can make choices. Your new fabrics look yummy.

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