Rural Wisconsin in Fall


On Saturday I drove  up to visit Nick at his hunting shack…he was snuggled in the woods for the day so I did a little small business shopping with my Sister in Shawano… I made her stop so I could take this pic of a barn with it’s beautiful barn quilt.  The barn was on HWY 29.

Nick’s shack  is on a farm where  Mr. Ed lives. Or at least this is what Nick calls him.  I actually went up and petted him and found out his name is Black Jack.  He looks brown here but he’s really black the sun was shining brightly on him while  he was enjoying the evening sunset with us. He is quite tall at 17 hands. 

Also on the trip I pass this little town hall and this time I stopped to take a picture they actually still use this town hall as the agenda for the next meeting was on the door.

Town Hall

All for now…LB

28 responses to “Rural Wisconsin in Fall”

  1. Daniela F Durham Avatar
    Daniela F Durham

    Just wish I was you ^_^

  2. Marsha Herr Avatar
    Marsha Herr

    Love the barn,we will see it soon in one of your designs!

  3. Trudi Smith Avatar

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures of rural Wisconsin! That is one the prettiest barns quilts I’ve seen. You sure amaze me with all of the things you get done.

  4. Diane Schwarz Avatar
    Diane Schwarz

    I have a great barn picture from Park City, Utah. I am goin to try to make it into a bigger print, and frame it also. Beautiful area. Thanks. Diane

  5. Linda E Avatar
    Linda E

    Beautiful pics!

  6. Jakey Avatar

    The barn pic almost seems surreal… with its butterscotch and beige fall colors, rich green grass, and the way the trees feather into the teal sky. Beautiful!

  7. CHERYL WIRTH Avatar

    I love the drive on hwy 29 to Door to County. There are so many beautiful barn quilts!

  8. Jane Avatar

    Thanks for sharing! We live in a beautiful state!

  9. Barbara G Avatar
    Barbara G

    Love the pictures!

  10. Jan Avatar

    Thank you for giving me moments of peace. Truly a beautiful gift.

  11. Sharon S Avatar
    Sharon S

    What a beautiful and peaceful trip. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  12. Barbara Avatar

    Beautiful day for a road trip. Love your pictures.

  13. Lucy Avatar

    Thank you for this wonderful blog. I enjoy all you have to share.
    Happy Holiday Season!

  14. Avatar

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures. I agree with Nick, Mr. Ed!

  15. Sharon Ernst Avatar
    Sharon Ernst

    What a fun trip! You take such beautiful photos!

  16. Karen S Avatar

    Gorgeous scenery. Love the photo of Mr. Ed!

  17. Tracy Avatar

    Loved seeing these photos Lisa, thank you for sharing.

  18. bobbie rumler Avatar
    bobbie rumler

    that was fun thanks, Mr. Black Jack is beautiful, did Nick get his kill this year?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Yes…a four point buck…sad but at the same time necessary..

  19. Patti Avatar

    That town hall looks like ours! Its in Rosecrans, WI.

  20. Donna Pace Avatar
    Donna Pace

    I enjoyed your unusual pictures and love Black Jack, the horse! What awesome coloring he is!

  21. Barb Avatar

    Love the picture of the barn quilt! What a beautiful place! Black Jack made me happy! Thanks for sharing.

  22. Rose Bullen Avatar

    Thanks for the “rural pics”. I lived in the country for 30 years of my life and at times I miss it. Black Jack was a treat!

  23. Hope Avatar

    This is the America I know…

  24. Kathie STOCKWELL Avatar
    Kathie STOCKWELL

    Love the photos! Wisconsin is extended family home! Thakns for sharing

  25. Brenda Kowalski Avatar
    Brenda Kowalski

    What beautiful pictures Lisa. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Geri Lawhon Avatar

    I love the beautiful rustic look of these photos. Thank you for sharing them.

  27. HorseWeb Avatar

    What a wonderful barn! Just a miracle! I love Wisconsin with all my heart and I dream of buying an old cozy barn there, like in your photos =)

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