12 Days of Needful Things- Day 11

Because yesterday’s post was so long….today’s 12 Needful Things post will be super short.   I love working with pre-cuts.  I love having ALL the fabrics in the line…even if it is only a 2 1/2″ square.

These are the new MODA precuts for 2021. Help us lower our inventory to make room for ALL the NEW ones coming in!!!

Lisa Bognean/ Moda Precuts

All PRE-CUTS…on our site…with two exceptions, American Gatherings, and Redwork Gatherings, are 20% off…These two lines are in limited quantities and we cannot put them on sale. 

But we have 24 pages on our site full of pre-cuts you CAN order!!! 

Also remember Primitive Gatherings has a bunch of our own Pre-cuts of colorways…like shirtings packs that mixes a bunch of designers fabrics…and packs with all blues, all reds…you get it…scrappy ones as well

Click HERE to visit our PRE-CUT Pages 

So how would you like to win ALL these mini charms????Lisa Bongean/ Moda Precuts Send this email to one quilting friend…yes…I will need proof! lol…. and then In the comment section tell me what you would do with all of them…would you make a quilt?…would you gift them?  I can’t wait to read your answers see who wins these!!!!

I hope you enjoyed Day 11 Needful thing!

Hope you win today, winner announced on Christmas Day!… Lisa

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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

200 thoughts on “12 Days of Needful Things- Day 11

  1. I would definitely make a quilt! I have made several wallhangings using mini charms. I love to work in miniature!

    1. Ooh gosh, I would make as many quilts as possible for my 6th grade readers! Today I got notice that they read over 421 hours in MyOn since August…libraries not always available and Covid has us stuck at home, but they are STILL READING …and even digital reading is better snuggled up in a quilt, right?

  2. Hmm. I don’t know what you need for proof, but I am forwarding your email to Marthe Jones, a member of my Bee. It would be loads of fun to share the winning set of precuts with my Bee and have a challenge of making them into a small quilt.

  3. I’ll take one if each please!!! Gift them away? Never! I would put the like fabric lines together to make a table runner. Live your fabrics!!!

  4. Sent to Ms AnnaMarie and I would display them around my sewing room for a while and wait for the right quilt pattern for them lol. Thanks

  5. If I won these, I would share with my quilty friend, Vicky, who I emailed this to and also make mini quilts. Thanks.

  6. I keep all my 2-1/2” charm packs in a big jar on a blanket chest in my sewing room. It’s a nice decoration. And someday I may make a quilt with them!

  7. Scrappy quilts for the 11 grandkids. So many ideas…background fabric for handwork to make notebooks…love to use one of kind buttons…heirloom brooches that may be to fragile to wear….memory books of a loved one just done in fabric with hand stitched designs like the minis in the wool box just done bigger so it can be a book.

  8. Wow, thanks for the preview and great opportunity. I would make the scrappiest scrap quilt with the smallest scrappy pieces, I have ever made before. And share the remainder with quilt loving friends

  9. I would make gifts for all my friends. And maybe share a few! Sent my good friend Cheryl the email. And I know she will share with me. Like I will share with her.

  10. I love to have the entire line. Everything looks great together. Precuts give you that option. I use and share with my friends. I sent an email to my sister Donna. She is new to your site but can’t get an image to load here.

  11. Oh dear! I’d hug them all very tightly first filled with happiness. Then I would make small simple scrappy quilts.

  12. I love precuts too! With that many I’d probably gift some to my quilting buddies, but I do use a lot of them. They are perfect for mini quilts and smaller projects. I love “organized” scrappy quilts so they are perfect for me! P.S. I made your Ranger Cookies yesterday, too die for! My husband’s new favorite!!! Thanks.

  13. Definitely quilts most likely for our guild’s charity project of quilts for the children’s hospital and I’m emailing my sister!

  14. I would do both – I’d make a quilt (just recently found a super cute mini-charm pack table runner pattern) and I’d give some away. I have 2 super good quilting friends and I would definitely want them to enjoy also.

  15. i would make table toppers as gifts. i sent the email on to my daughter who is just starting to quilt.

  16. I would probably make some table toppers and share some with my daughters. Or we could all get -together for a “Quilt In” &make them together, that would be FUN!!

  17. Forwarded your Day 11 post to my sister who seems to have more time for quilting than me. I have seen many projects this season for charms & mini charms. So of course they’ve been added to my to do list

    1. Love having all the fabrics in a line, too! I would share these beauties with my daughter, who has found the love of quilting. We could see what each of us would come up with. These minis just shout “hexies” and HSTs to me!

  18. I could NEVER give away all of those adorable mini charms! I’d find a quilter who would like who doesn’t have a lot of experience with precuts and share the ones which would not fit into the style of my home with them. I want other quilters to discover the joy of precuts. The rest I’d keep and make into wall hangings and table toppers.

  19. If I won these little beauties, I would share them with my favorite quilting buddy, my mom. She still makes quilts at 89 (I do the quilting for her). She has made quilts for 13 great grandchildren, 11 grandchildren, and numerous others for church auctions. I taught her to sew, but she taught me everything else!

  20. I would love to win them, I would make a cathedral quilt and I would have to buy a bolt of good quality weight muslin to make a queen size quilt.

  21. Oh what an exciting offer! If I were to win, I’d share with my friend so we could work together on similar projects.

  22. I’m not sure what I would eventually do with them but the first thing I would do is pour a cup of coffee, scoot the paper band holding that delicious little pile of fabric together all the way to one edge so that I can flip each fabric one by one for a good look without messing up the pile. Oh this is when my imagination kicks in and I dream of colors and projects. When the coffee is gone and I need to get other things done I slide that little band of paper to the middle again and store these tidy little bundles on the shelf in my sewing closet awaiting that day when they find themselves in a project.

  23. I would use a lot of them for a scrappy four patch quilt and share some with a quilting friend to encourage her to do the same.

  24. I sent this email to three quilting friends – Dortha, Estelle & Lisa. (I hope that’s OK.) They would love to enter and win the mini charms too! I would make a baby quilt with some of the mini charms for my grandson who is due next May! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!

  25. I would make different projects. Some to keep, some to gift. Shared in email to my friend Ann that introduced me to your shop!

  26. Merry Christmas I would love to win these pre cuts for I would share them with my bestie quilting friend. Her and I love to make table topper . With Covid in the air we send pictures of the things we make back and forth to each other. This would be a great gift to end the year of 2020.thank you so much for your blog.

  27. I would share them with my wonderful quilting friends. They have help me make it thru this year. Wonderful group of women. Love them all

  28. I would share them with my ‘besty,’ Carla (who was the recipient of this forwarded email), and make lots of mini quilts and borders and backgrounds…

  29. Well a good friend and I were frustrated because we felt like it took us so long to accomplish a finished project so we started challenging each other and our small group to do a different small quilt a month, These would be perfect for those projects! They also look so cute tucked in small gifts for quilters! I am going to forward this to her right now.Happy quilting everyone!

  30. Sent to my daughter as hint, I love love love mini charm packs, I collect them well I buy them in twos, one is stitched and the other is placed safely in a box u til I get my converted garage complete and then I will display them show how xxx

  31. I would use them to make mini-quilts for myself and friends. Sending email to my quilting friend Adela

  32. I would help my 10 year old granddaughter sew them together for a quilt or two. She loves this size precuts and takes a lot of time laying them out before sewing together. She is learning how to sew straight so it may not be perfect but it will get better as she goes. What a nice remembrance of gramma, having a quilt we made together.

  33. First I would share them with my quilting friends and daughter-in-law. Then I would make wall hangings, table runners, change purses, baby blankets, doll quilts…….. the choices are endless!! Thank you!

  34. I would love to win these! I purchased a pattern over the summer that came with a preprinted fusible that you iron the mini-charms to, fold, and stitch the seams. These would be perfect for the ultimate scrappy look!

  35. I love mini charms, they make awesome table runners and mats for coffee tables and end tables. I love buying them and making things to gift. I would for sure keep them and use some of them to make gifts. I forwarded your email to my sewing friend whom I miss dearly as the covid-19 has kept us from sewing together this year.

  36. First I would just relish in looking at them. I would hold them and flip through the colors and enjoy the rainbow of delight I held in my hands. Then I would start pulling our my pattern books and file folders and dream and plot and plan what great work of love I would create. Such joy!

  37. Much as I hate to admit it my accuracy goes way up when I use the little pre cuts. Quilters are the helpful and generous. It’s nice to share these little cuties with friends. Especially now when we are stuck at home.

  38. I guess if I won them all, I would have to at least build a new quilt room, to store them all in! Ha, my husband would kill me if I said I wanted another Quilt Studio. Guess we could build up. Seriously, I just love all the Moda fabric lines and would enjoy looking or planning new projects around them.

  39. I 💕 mini charms and scrappy charms. I am currently working on mini quilts so I can have a wall of mini quilts in my new home.

  40. I would share them with my quilt loving friend Mike, who I sent this email to. We would choose our favorites and make mini quilts and wall hangings!! You are so generous Lisa!

  41. First, I would savor them, then I would share them with my applique group, and we could work on mini quilts for the Virginia Quilt Museum’s online auction. I forwarded this to my covid/walking/quilting/gardening buddy, Diane.

  42. I forwarded it to a friend and if one of us wins we could split it! I have been using my stash this year to make tote bags, zipper bag, hot mats, pillows, etc. First to challenge myself with a new technique (inset zipper, QAYG, etc) and then I mail to a friend or family member. I have included a personal letter. I would continue this practice with the charms. There is nothing sweeter than receiving a hand made gift and knowing that someone is thinking of you.

  43. Oops! I forgot to say what I would do with them. Hmmmm. I’m greedy when it comes to really beautiful quilting fabric, so I would think of something for somebody really special. During this pandemic, I have made 7 charity quilts (maybe 8), so I really wouldn’t feel guilty at all for just keeping them.

  44. I would use them in making a charm quilt with 2021 different fabrics to celebrate the new beginning the new year will (hopefully!) bring.

  45. While I dream of winning all of these wonderful squares I am also thinking about making several miniature quilts. But before I used them I would happily show off my win to all my quilting friends.

  46. I would love to make quilts with them. I have a little friend who stays with me when her brother has chemo and I am sure that she could find ones that she would like to make her first quilt.

  47. I would love to make quilts with them. There are so many possibilities. But I would also share them with my mom, my sister, and my daughter. Quilting is great in families.

  48. I would gift one to my mom because she loves making scrap quilts just like me! And the precuts are perfect for that!!

  49. I would make some quilts with them and share with my quilt Guild Girls. I’m sending a this page to several of my quilt friends. Baarb Reininger, Sally Miller, Ravan SimmsAnd Lynnore Meyer and many more.

  50. I would have a challenge! I would give some to my friends in our small quilt group. They will have two months (I’m feeling generous) to complete a finished project. There will be prizes!

  51. Shared with my friend, Char. I would LOVE to have the precuts! I’ve been gathering patterns through summer to work on while I’m snowed in…and TODAY I am ❄️❄️❄️

  52. I also love precuts. I think I would make different table runners if I would win. I’d also share with some friends.

  53. I sent this email to my quilting buddy Diane. I love 2 1/2 squares. I would love to have this collection to make an old fashion quilt.

  54. I would share these with my quilting friends! Too many to keep to myself! I forwarded your email to Star, one of my Sew Sisters.

  55. I will have to play with them for a bit, then make a quilt and share with my sister what’s left. Thanks

  56. Well… I started teaching my grandniece to make quilts with mini charms. Most likely I’ll have no grandchildren, so I’ve adopted her as my sewing buddy! So I’d let her have first choice, her grandma, second choice (after I siphoned off my favs, of course), and then the others… wouldn’t they be great as a jumping off point for a quilt club challenge to design charity quilts? That would be a cool event, kind of like the iron quilter contests that were so popular a while back. Bring a yard of a neutral and make it work with whatever you’re given. Just thinking about it gets me excited!

  57. I love the mini charms. I would use the Moda All Stars mini charm book to start making Christmas presents and birthday presents for my quilting friends for next year. It would be fun choosing which charm pack and project would be the best for each friend.

  58. I would sit and drool and pet them all for at least a day. Then I’d sort them by color or maybe by type or – you get the idea. More drooling and petting. I think I’ll go make a bib for myself so I’ll be ready.

  59. I have started a tumbler quilt using this size. Been collecting here and there. I would use them for this UFO.

  60. I’d love to make a Christmas quilt with them. I could make it my leaders and Enders project for next year.

  61. I too love hexie quilts. The scrappier the better! And these 2 1/2 inch precuts are perfect for it. Thanks for the chance at a wonderful giveaway.

  62. Yes, I would definitely gift some of the charms. Most importantly it is a great way to show a beginner how to sew squares together and finish with a mini quilt. I would get my sister to start quilting! I sure hope she is reading this!
    Happy Holiday!

  63. I’d use them all to make a pixelated heart quilt – I’ve been meaning to make one of those forever!

  64. I have a friend who just lost her dad to Covid and her mom is in rehab from it after a long hospital stay. She has lost her quilting mojo. I think I would like to share them with her with a plan we can do together online to help her get her mojo back. This period of time is challenging, so thank you for the light you bring to quilter’s lives. Kristy

  65. I sent it to my Mom and my sister……we have a contest going on to see who can collect the most Fabric and Wool!!! We are always showing what we got new to each other via FaceTime or through pictures…..if I won I could say Look…I have the most…..of course then I would have to share………but it would be fun to take pictures surrounded by all the packs of fabric…..

  66. I sent it to my Mom and my sister……we have a contest going on to see who can collect the most Fabric and Wool!!! We are always showing what we got new to each other via FaceTime or through pictures…..if I won I could say Look…I have the most…..of course then I would have to share………but it would be fun to take pictures surrounded by all the packs of fabric…..

  67. oh dear, what would I do with all the mini squares? Probably start by petting them for about a year, and have my grands help me sort by color, and pet them again…and finally, I’ve always wanted to make a postage stamp quilt, or one with no repeats….what better way than winning this collection??? thanks for the chance! Merry Christmas!

  68. I would use some to make a “mini” twister quilt into a larger quilt. If course I would share the fun of them with quilting friends. Thanks for the chance to receive them!

  69. I would make several quilts and then see what I’ve got left! If there are leftovers (and that would be a big IF) I would share with friends.

  70. I absolutely love making 9 patch blocks using charm squares. I would then use them in quilt borders as desired!!!!

  71. I sent this to my daughter who is just starting quilting. Her first quilt was a king size log cabin. I am so proud of her. If I would win I would give them to her.

  72. I’ll share with my quilting fruend, Kim, and add some of my 2 1/2″ squares I already have cut to make a scrappy quilt. I may make a bag or two!

  73. Sent this to my sister who quilts too. Tried to post a pic of the email sent but couldn’t. Anyway- I would definitely make a quilt with these little beauties. I’m thinking using windmill blocks out of all of them and putting them all together in one quilt. Fun!

  74. Love precuts, especially small 9nez. Have hand joint problems and difficult to cut. Scrappy makes me happy!

  75. Would make a scrapy quilt for winter months. Save some for door prizes for guild retreats and make zipper pouches for friends and family. Sent email to Fayne Walker.

  76. What a fun giveaway! I would make a scrappy quilt, possibly an Irish chain. I have been following your blog for years but just learned i could subscribe today so I did! Since i haven’t received this email in my inbox yet, I am sending a link to this page to someone who would love the colorway of your new Urban Farmhouse fabric line.

  77. Oh my, this would make me really happy. First, I would have to look them over and pet each one. These would make a very interesting Grandmother Flower Garden or even a postage stamp quilt, such endless opportunities.

  78. I LOVE pre-cuts. It saves so much time cutting and there are a million patterns to make with them.
    If I won this beautiful bundle, I would split it with my 2 sweet quilting buddies and then have a challenge and see what each makes. My 2 little great Nieces are each waiting for a quilt from me – I think I already have an idea of what my part of the challenge would look like!

  79. We lost my mother this year and my dad just moved into a new house all on his own. A new beginning for him and he likes to take naps so I just ordered your Wool & Needle VI and V packs to make a quilt for him to stay warm. No rush on my order but thank you for everything you all are doing. Cheers to your success and keep the creations coming! Love the inspiration!

  80. I have made mini quilts with the mini charm packs and have added wool applique to them. They make quick gifts without too much fuss.

  81. Forwarded to Laurie Z. I’d like to do a Tumbler quilt with no repeats, so mini charms would be perfect. I love having every fabric in the collection!

  82. Oh my heavens, I would certainly SHARE some (after choosing a favorite for me!) …. all that yummy goodness would be sooo lovely!! Merry Christmas and thanks for the chance to win these! Email shared with Shelly K !!

  83. If I won these precuts, I would need to use one of your patterns or a book you’ve written and depending maybe add triangle papers to make something. Then I would need to decide if I keep it or gift it? Man, sometimes that’s tough to decide! Email shared with clgherna@bemis.com

  84. I would make a beautiful scrap quilt..maybe an english paper piecing one!! Looks like I would be able to gift a few as well! Who wouldn’t love a few!
    Fwd to Amy S.

  85. I love a scrap quilt! But I would also gift some, whether as a pack or a quilt for our local charity Birthright, which helps and supports women and teens in need. I appreciate your giving spirit Hogs for Hero’s, and look forward to my fat quarter pack and sew along. Thankful for you and your staff!

  86. Oh. I would use these beautiful mini charms to make more 1” hexies Working on my EPP hexies to make a quilt. So much fun.
    Merry Christmas! Have a safe and happy holiday.

  87. WHat fun to possibly win some precuts. Every year I make a quilt for a family that has lost a child in their 12 before graduation. Sooo I would like a quilt for a family that has had a loss. Thanks for a chance to win

  88. Shared! I love precuts, always digging around in them for my quilts! Scrap quilts are my favorite, more fabrics the merrier. Recently made one in blue, needed 2 matching blue charms for each block. Longabarger has a long skinny basket that holds about 25 charm packets!

  89. Oh I would love to use these mini charm packs to make
    More EPP hexies for my grandmothers flower garden quilt. And I shared this email with my sister in law Cindy!!

  90. I would gift every last one to my daughter who just made her very first quilt last month! With two kids at home she doesn’t have much time or money but she finished all by herself! She would love them!!
    Merry Christmas Quilting Friends
    Sheri G

  91. I always love picking up precuts! I think I would take some of these and make a memory quilt out of them with Grandma’s favorite block pattern the turn dash. The rest I’d turn into baby quilts and donate to the local maturity ward.

  92. I’ve found myself doing a lot of hand sewing lately. I just ordered a bunch of paper pieces with the intent to make a grandmothers flower garden. After looking at many vintage quilts, I’ve decided to go as scrappy as I can. I started separating my mini charms and charm packs by color. I just took a deep breath and tore the wrappings off like a bandaid! After the first few it felt so good and I thought why didn’t I think of this sooner?!!!? They all look amazing mixed together!

  93. I would share them with my bestie. Cathy Barker, who I forwarded this email to. We would put our heads together as what type of quilt to make, then sew it at each other’s homes.

  94. I would make a raffle quilt, so many non profits are struggling right now i would like to donate it to french bulldog rescue so they can continue to pay vet bills for those in need

  95. I shared with my quilting buddy BeckyF. If I were lucky enough to win I would share my bounty first with 2 young sewists I’m trying to nurture (COVID has sure made that more difficult), then I would share with Becky and a couple other friends.

  96. Sent to my sister maryann heide..I would use them for all kinds of projects..table mats, baby quilts, runners, placemats. The list is never ending!

  97. I forwarded the email to my friend Linda B. If I win these I would spend a lot of time looking at them first. I have an annual Super Bowl weekend retreat at my home with about 12 friends. In would share with them.

  98. Mini charms are like little gems. I would make a quilt and maybe a pillow to match . It would be so much fun working with the see little squares.

  99. I love scrap quilts! I will snowball the corners ,sew them together and make a big quilt for the table. It will look awesome,with the mini charms.

  100. I love collecting mini charms. I like to use them to plan quilts so I can accurately see the fabric, since I order most of my fabric online. They are great for small projects, scrappy sashing and borders.

  101. I am obsessed with Charm Packs!!! I make tiny little quilts and I love all the cool names of the lines of fabrics. I’ve been known to pick them just for the name. I also make a label for each noting the name. I would be over the moon to win these scrumptious little charm packs.

  102. Can’t figure out how to prove, but I will share with my quilting friends! I’d make a quilt for each of my 6 grandkids, then some to donate to kids in need.

    1. The thought of winning the pre-cuts makes my head spin. Could you forward the recipe for the Ranger Cookies? Thank you
      Emailed my awesome quilting sister-in-law Paula

  103. I just love pre-cuts, any and all, they are so easily added in any project. Not sure which one I may start first?!! What a great variety!!

  104. shared your blog with a quilting buddy.
    I’d probably make several bags to give as gifts! Would be lots of fun with all the possibilities!

  105. I would make my favorite style of runner that use 2 1/2 inch squares around a 6 1/2 center, combine together over and over to the width and length that you want. And then gifted to so my people I’m miss being with these days – my sisters, my nieces, my girlfriends, my bookclub friends and all those people I’ve been thinking of sending a little something to, so they get a little hug during this challenging time!

  106. If i won…hmmmm…i think i would send one to each of the ladies fron our quilting group. We haven’t been able to meet since last spring. It would be a nice little winter blues pick me up!

  107. I would make a quilt, but I would also share my good fortune. That would assure me of much enjoyment making the quilt.

  108. I would share, and I would gift…..in tiny little quilty gifts, in bags, tied up real pretty with bows and ribbons.
    Stuffed in the gift with a little pack of binding needles, or a spool of Aurifil thread, some buttons or wool, or maybe a tiny pair of scissors!!!!! I love to make tiny quilty gifts for friends……..but I would have to keep a few for myself…….

  109. I love precuts! I have quite a collection! As for what I’d do with these mini charms, after admiring them for awhile they’ll join lots of their mini-charm friends in a hexi quilt. They’re the perfect size to work with. Thank you for the opportunity!!

  110. I am Paula’s sister and she did send me this link yesterday. She is very good at introducing me to the best things in life, one of which is your website and this sweet thing you are doing for the stitching folks who love beautiful fabric. Thank you.

  111. Most of the quilts I make are scrappy quilts so pre cuts work great for me. I love them. I do, however, have a couple that I like so much that I can’t bring myself to use them because …….. Merry Christmas.

  112. Love working with precuts! I would likely make a quilt or smalls like mug rugs, bags, needle books… I would also share with my Quilty Friends. Thank you!

  113. Recently, I have so enjoyed making quilts for others & that is what I would do with these beautiful fabrics. Also, might share some with my daughter.

  114. I have not worked with mini charms yet, as I am a newer quilter. But the challenge seems exciting. If I won them, maybe I would make a couple quilts for charity and or as gifts for the family.

  115. So many things I would do! I would gift some, make scrappy quilts for my graduating piano students, make some 3.5 inch blocks for Christmas ornaments, appliqué…I’ve sent this to my sister Kristine LaBorde via iMessage. Now to visit the store!

  116. Sent this to my sister. She’s always there to join a quilt along with me, as long as I help her if she gets behind. Would love to win this bundle and plan a sew day with her. Maybe make table runners and placemats. Thank you for a great giveaway.

  117. I would make charity quilts for children out of them – it would be so fun! Sent this to my daughter – a budding quilter who has made one so far!

  118. I made a couple of Fall and Christmas pillows some precuts earlier this year, so I would make pillows for other seasons and maybe do some English paper piecing. I was thinking of doing a challenge with my friends Deb & Connie to make a wall hanging. I sent your e-mail to them.

  119. After recovering from actually winning something🤗, I would donate them to the lovely Volunteers at our local hospital who make quilts for newborns.

  120. My sister is a quilter (that’s my friend I am forwarding this link to0, so if I were to win, I would share the bundles with her. Of course she is much better at hand quilting, so the “deal” would be in exchange for some mini charm packs, she would “have” to do some quilting for me. (sounds fair – right?)

  121. I would make several table mats and a few doll quilts. I love working in small projects. I would share the haul with my best quilt buddy.

  122. Love small projects so I would make a few doll quilts and table squares. After that, I would share with my best Quilter friend.

  123. I would for sure make a scrappy quilt and share with my sisters who also quilt. We all loved taking a class with Lisa and learned so many great techniques.

  124. I love working with precuts. I would like to make some more table runners and share some with my teenage granddaughter who is very interested in quilting. She has already made two quilts and I’m glad her Mimi (me), inspired and helped her to get started! It is so important to pass down this love of quilting that we have.

  125. I do love precuts because I love having a piece of the entire collection of the Moda lines! I am not sure what I with the minis, but it sure would be fun to enjoy looking at them as I am deciding! There were some great suggestions as I scanned the comments!

  126. I would make project bags that a friend recently gave me. The mini charms are pieced together and then quilted to form the back. The front is vinyl and more quilted fabric with a zipper. Add a little handle and you can take your projects with you in a pretty little mini quilt. You can make it any square or rectangular shape and size using the mini charms.

  127. I would have to keep a bunch for myself, but then also give some to the ladies that help me with all my quilting questions!

  128. It took me awhile to figure out what I would do with them once I got over my excitement of winning such a great prize. Here’s what I decided: I would keep a third for myself since I never win anything and love precuts! Give a third to my quilter friends who have made some kind of charity quilt donation during the pandemic ( baby quilts, etc.) and raffle off the last third to my quild and donate the $$ to a charity ( first responders, children advocacy etc.)
    It’s Christmas during a pandemic and that decision feels just right.

  129. I did send an email to my LQS hoping that they would start carrying some of your fabric, patterns, ANYTHING! I did cc your company.
    I would love to make a bunch of cute table toppers for every season and mood with the mini charms!

  130. I love precuts! Especially your reproduction precuts in all those yummy colors. I would share some of the precuts with quilting friends and use some of the precuts for making small quilt projects for my own use and also for gifts for family and friends. Being a fabricaholic, I can never have too much fabric! 😜

  131. I would make some mini quilts and share many of them with my best quilting pal whose adores your fabric! I did share the email with my quilting buddy!

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