12 Days of Needful Things…Day 9


I hope you are commenting on our posts!  The giveaways are just going to get better and better!

Our needles are a huge hit in the quilting world! We are working on them constantly…As a matter of fact, we can’t keep some of them in stock.  Our most popular needle is our binding needle…We are waiting for a huge shipment…from the needle mill…so I am cannot offer them right now…but I will in the future when we have them all set to go…I do not want to hold up anyone’s order when I do not know when for sure I will get them in…

But I still want to talk to you about them…If you hate to bind…your probably not using the right needle…if you love to bind and are not using our needle…you MUST try it…you will LOVE it!

Our Primitive Gatherings Needle are labeled with what they are used for!!!  Binding_Single

Our binding needle…long, sharp nice eye for threading and they do not bend like an applique needle does… so I hope you put this on your wish list for when they come in…#24

#24 Wool applique needle.  We use the #24 for the finer weight Perle cotton…like the 12 wt. and when I use one strand of the 3-Strand floss to stitch a small shape…Our needles are very sharp and finer than other #24’s out there…#22

The #22 Wool applique needle is for #8 & #5 weight perle cottons.  Big Stitch

Big -Stitch Hand Quilting needles…I hopefully will get to hand quilt a quilt this winter…I need to do a tutorial video so….look for that this winter sometime.  This need is a hand quilting needle with a nice big eye to thread the #12 weight Perle cotton that is used in big-stitch quilting.


We have fallen in love with the  Magic pins…so here are the ones we are offering for the sale…the fine and extra fine…I LOVE the little gripper ends…I didn’t I was going to like them after all I have used fine silk pins for all these years…but the handle is really nice!!!!  All pins are 20% off.

Heat & Bond Lite & Feather lite… Some of you know I have switched from using the Steam-a-Seam 2 lite to the Heat & Bond Feather Lite for my wool applique…I do still use the SAS2LITE for all my vines and stems, for all the main appliques I use the H&BFeatherlite.  BOTH fusibles are on sale and we have added a bolt price if you wish to buy the whole bolt of H&BFeather lite it pretty reasonable for 35 yards of it!  I know I go through tons of it!

I may have forgotten to inform you about one of my YouTube Videos on The Essentials for Wool Applique!   It is surely a needful thing to know all the information on all the tools I use that can help you create beautiful wool applique.   I can’t wait for you to watch this when you have a moment…PLEASE remember to Subscribe while you are there and hit the LIKE button, and if you click the bell it will inform you when we add another video, so you do not miss any of them…I love watching videos while I STITCH!  I did put a few of the smaller these stitching essentials on sale for today as well that are described in the video.

For today’s giveaway, I will pick from a comment on the above-mentioned video on YouTube.  Leave us a comment and I will Hook You up with needles, pins, and fusible web, and a special secret prize that EVERYONE will want!!!

IMPORTANT-If you click on the top left of the above link where you see my picture, that will bring you to YouTube where you can leave a comment.   If you just click the video arrow you do not see where you can leave a comment and do all the things and least when I tested it that was the way it was. 

I appreciate the action on YouTube because if we get enough interaction they might pay us a little money from advertising for our teaching!!!  That is good for all of us!  It takes lots of time and money for equipment to put together a good video. We just invested in more equipment and plan to up our game!  But a little LOVE goes a long way and it’s pretty simple to help us out with a comment and a LIKE!!

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You are all the best!!! Lisa

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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

138 thoughts on “12 Days of Needful Things…Day 9

  1. I had watched this video a few weeks ago and added some of the items to my Christmas order – thanks for sharing your tips and tricks!!!

  2. I love your upbeat posts! I am brand spanking new to applique so I will be watching some videos as I do some piecing today. Thank you for your YouTube videos and sales!

  3. I am trying to watch the video but it is taking forever to load! I will keep trying. I feel so bad that I got to be this age, and have sewed all my adult life and never realized what a difference the right needle makes. Maybe you CAN teach an old dog a new trick! Needles 101, here I come!

  4. I will have to order your binding needles when they become available again. I don’t mind stitching on binding, but I have a feeling your needles will really help! Thanks for all you do for our quilting world, Lisa!

  5. I do love your binding needles …. and just saw your big stitch needles … would love to try big stitch quilting

  6. Have been a fan of hand stitching since I was in grade school. Your selection of tools and necessities is amazing. Would love to try them all.

  7. I need to try the heat and bond since lately I have been having problems with the steam a seam. My question is, do you use steam when fusing it?

  8. I didn’t think that binding needles would make a difference until I bought yours. I love them! Strong, sharp, glide through the fabrics easily. I need to try those new straight pins too!

  9. Your binding needles recently saved me! The large eye was just what I needed when making felt/sequin Christmas stockings for my 2 grandbabies– THANK YOU!!

  10. I tried to comment on your video on You Tube, but couldn’t find a way to do it. Very happy to be told about Heat and Bond Featherlite. I love using your chenille needles.

  11. Love the video and I love the applique needles. I haven’t tried the binding needles yet, but, soon… Thanks

  12. I love the binding needles. I enjoy watching your You Tube videos. It’s like having my own personal lessons. Thank you

  13. Love your videos, Lisa! All of the beautiful wool projects and quilts are amazing! I hope to be watching every single time you do a video! ♥️ Merry Christmas!

  14. Thanks for doing the videos Love the way you teach! Can’t wait for the hand quilting one this winter. I’m ready 🙂

  15. I really enjoy your videos. They have taught me a lot. My favorite item from today are the magic pins. With my arthritic hands, I appreciate the grippers on the end. Thanks for the giveaway.

  16. I would rather do more applique or knit than bind my quilts! Perhaps if I tried your binding needles I would not dislike it so much!! Think I gotta drive over to the store!!

  17. I learn so much from your videos and site. I am enjoying this wool journey with you, thank you for all that you do. 🎄🙂

  18. Love your posts. While we stay home and safe it is a great way to keep in touch with quilting and the people who love it.

  19. I watched the video when you first put it out there. Found it helpful to know what needle size for instance you would use for the different size thread. Also to see what tools are most helpful. I gleaned a lot of tidbits from your video. Thank you!

  20. Thank you Lisa for sharing all these great tips and products with us. I love your needles. I have subscribed to your YouTube channel. Looking forward to all your videos.

  21. Thank you Lisa, your video are awesome. Watch this video when you first put it up, watching again, I saw additional information that I missed the first time. Thank you for doing the video, looking forward to the big stitch video

  22. I have a couple of the needles from your shop but not the other items. I love the needles. They are just as you say. Would love more plus pins and a surprise! Merry Christmas

  23. Your bindi g needles are the best! A game changer for me as binding is my least favorite part. Love using PG needles for wool stitchers as well

  24. I bought Primitive Gathering binding needles a few years ago and gave them to my friends in our little quilting group – the Blockheads. (Yep, a familiar name, but we had our name long before the Moda Blockhead group). My friends love the binding needles and don’t dread the hand binding process any more. The needles glide thru the fabric with ease. Of course, I use the other Primitive Gathering needles for all the wool work which I finally got involved in this year. Lisa has converted me to the new fusible heat & bond. I have a supply of steam a seam 2 lite which I still use for some things but I also love the heat & bond. Lisa, thanks for introducing me to all the great sewing products.

  25. I love watching all of your videos. I appreciate all of your hard work in providing us with the best supplies for our needlework passion. The magic pins look very interesting. I must try them!

  26. Love your essential tools video, looks like I have about 3/4 of them, going to have to up my game by a few more. Thanks for all you do for the quilting community!

  27. You are always generous with your time and information. Thank you. I can’t wait to try the binding needles. I’ll watch for them to come back in stock.

  28. So thankful for your YouTube videos. Between your Wool and Needle book and your YouTubes, I feel that is the only reference library I need!
    Your needles has made stitching easier for me!
    Great give away today, would love to add to my PH collection’😊

  29. Lisa – your videos on YouTube are such a help. I’ve been subscribed to your channel for some time now and always turn to then for learning a new technique or a quick refresher. Keep them coming!

  30. Your binding needles save my finger from getting a hole. No I dont use a thimble. Not coordinated enough. So thanks to your needles they saved the day…or my finger!

  31. I LOVE your binding needles…yes, I do not like to bind…Just want it done…Right now I have my starlite to bind..and that sucker is big. Happy I have the binding needles.

  32. Your video is very helpful. Love doing wool applique. My husband has started to help by cutting out the project. Just switched to Heat n Bond Lite and like that my needle doesn’t gum up. Going to have my husband read todays post he is a retired engineer and and you have answered many of the questions that he has been asking. Thank you for all your knowledge.

  33. What a great video. I use all of this wool quilting kelps and notions. After I went to my first retreat in Temecula and learned about the Rowenta Steam Iron and just had to have one. I love it! Thanks for sharing your tutorials. I always learn new stuff that makes my quilting life easier and more fun!!!!

  34. I really love watching the U Tube videos. I feel like I am there with you. I found I use most of the tools you showed on today’s suggestions. I love love my Rowenta Steam system. It is so fast to iron clothing even!! Super for wool! I use all your needles, love the 24’s the most. Have you ever tried Soft Fuse fusible? Love it! Got hooked. on it from Painted Pony in La Porte Texas. You would think Houston has a lot of quilt shops–not true!! That gives us you as our go to -plus you have it all !! Am finishing up my Live a Thankful Life!! What a fabulous quilt! Love the rulers too. Love it all!!!

  35. I have learned so much from your videos and they have given me more confidence. I’ll never be able to visit your store, so the videos are the next best thing

  36. I watched your video when it first came out. It had lots of good information about the tools you recommend.

  37. Love your videos and your tools most defiantly make it easier to accomplish and keep the “Fun” in the process.

  38. I can only use your Chenille needles as well as the binding needles – they are best! Also, love your videos and updates on your new store/warehouse. Thanks!

  39. That was the first time I’ve watched your YouTube channel. That was very helpful. I’ve never used the clover liquid chalk marker before. Someday I hope to get that fabulous iron. I love learning from you.

  40. I love your binding needles. I love your triangle paper too. Oh and the ruler boxes!!! They are so useful! My sister and I watch your YouTube posts together. It’s a little tradition we have!

  41. I LOVE the binding needles! I had a stack of quilted quilts just needing to be bound and they have been folded up waiting for a looooong time! I tried the binding needles and I’m just finishing my 5th unfinished quilt (tabletoppers etc) in a week! So, I would say I now don’t mind binding because these needles are fantastic!

  42. Well, I’ve had the wool mat from previous posts and interactions and this past year I purchased the iron from watching other videos and I love it. The tip that was new was about the white clover marking pen and how to get the best results .😊

  43. I absolutely love the wool applique needles. They really make a difference when working with wool. Well, I’m off now to start another project for Christmas!

  44. I have some of those fabulous needles and I love them. Those binding needles are my next purchase. I will keep watching for them.

  45. Hi this is probably a silly question…but are the deals only good on the day of the deal or can I still purchase precuts for the discount now? thanks. Always love this sale

  46. One thing I haven’t seen mentioned is that the binding needles are great for stitching the hanging sleeve on the back of the quilt.

  47. Great video, Lisa. I love creating with you patterns and wool. Hoping that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas

  48. I’ve watched all your live videos but I love the U tube channel videos! I subscribed so I can see all the future ones too. It never hurts to learn new techniques. Thanks 😊

  49. WOW, I am so excited after seeing today’s offers and watching the You-tube video. There was so much information to help with my Appliqué projects. And I just added to my “wish list”! Thank you,

  50. Fantastic video! Second time I’ve watched it! You’ve been doing HStriangles for a while! 😊. Very slick!

  51. Love that video! Very helpful and informative. Have used your needles – they are the best. Great time to replenish my wool work notions.

  52. I love your chenille needles. Have used them for so many of you quilts. I am still working on A Primitive Garden.

  53. Love all of your products Lisa, they definitely make my stitching look much better. I want to suggest maybe you could make some hand quilting needles (preferably with larger eyes so I can see to thread them), I’m tired of snapping the other ones on the market. Merry Christmas

  54. I’m thankful for your video’s showing the tools you use, as well as your how-to video’s. I’ve gotten quite a few of tools already. Still have a few things on my wishlist, but hope to order them soon.

  55. Get information, the tip not to press to hard while using the Clover marking pen is information I did not know, thanks….

  56. I tried those magic pins and they are the best. May have to purchase another package. I also like heat and bond light and featherweight fusible and your chenille needles are the BEST!!!

  57. Thank You for narrowing it down for us. now we don’t try random items, we save our money and spend it on what we know will work… and catch sales too. Win win!

  58. I just watched your November unboxing video. I love all the Christmas stuff especially the ornaments. I’m so excited I got in for next year’s wool box. Thanks for the videos.

  59. Lisa, you’re singing my song today! Your binding needles and the H&B feather light have been HUGE game changers for me. I actually have zero unbound quilts right now! Binding’s still my least favorite part of the process, but those needles make it SO much better! Most of my friends use them now, too! Thanks for the opportunity!

  60. I have to order your binding needles! I love to hand bind so I can’t wait to use your needles to see the difference. If course since i want to start stitching on your wools I

  61. Thanks for creating all of your videos! Your needles are the best! All of the items you have listed make wool appliqué so easy to do.

  62. Thanks for creating all these helpful videos. I’d never committed on a you tube video so it took me a while to figure it out! I love all your needles. This past year I just started using the big stitch quilting needle and love that one too!

  63. Your binding needles are the “bomb”. I always disliked doing the binding but with these….such a difference, I can even enjoy that process.

  64. i could not find where to click to the left of your pic. Your site is a lot of fun, full of hand info. I loved doing your Merry Christmas quilt along several years ago.

  65. I just watched the video! It’s perfect. I have many of the items including that best iron ever..per your suggestion at Quilt Stock 2019. Going to buy the heat and bond.

  66. Love the products you are featuring. The precision mat and needles and fusible were are in my basket!!!

  67. I have the Among Friends pattern and corresponding triangle papers staring at me every time I look at my pike of pending projects begging me to get started !!! Well, 2021 – a new year – perfect time to tackle a new project!! Thank you for your wonderful patterns a fabrics.
    Happy holidays to you and your family !!!

  68. Loved the video! Your book, Wool, Needle & Thread is still my wool Bible! The binding needles are the best. They make days of binding a quilt so much easier.

  69. I am a real fan of your needles! I only use all of your needles! I love my #22, #24, binding and specialty needle to do my wool projects, and to bind. Thank you for producing such great notions!

  70. Lisa you are so generous in sharing your skills and supplies. I do have some of the items you showed and explained but I am saving for the rodents.
    Your video is very informative. Thank you

  71. I have the magic pins and love them. I will have to get some of your binding needles. I love your book! And I have several of your beautiful patterns and kits. Basically, I love everything you have to offer on your website and have to restrain myself every time I place an order or visit your booths at quilt festivals.
    I have not yet found time during this Pre-Christmas season to watch your videos, but hope to on Christmas afternoon or the day after.

  72. I did just watch the video. I tried to subscribe but am hesitant to do so because of privacy concerns. The same thing popped up as I tried to leave a comment. It wants to share information about me. These are the same concerns and reasons why I don’t do Facebook or Twitter or the rest of those.

    Thank you Lisa for sharing valuable information with all of us. I did learn a few new things from watching the video and hope you continue to share videos. I have your book. I bought as soon as it became available and use it whenever I do wool appliqué. I am wondering if the Dovo scissors come in a left handed version?

  73. I swear by your binding needles. When I first started quilting I had no idea that there was a unique needle for binding. Your needle really makes the process so much more pleasurable.

  74. Your YouTube videos are great. Thanks for sharing all the helpful information. All these supplies are great.

  75. I need to try your binding needles. I have 10 quilts waiting to be binded. Thanks for the info. I am hoping to get caught up up bindings this winter/spring 2021.

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