12 Days of Needful Things…Day 8

DAY 8-Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns Book.

This book…hands down… is a MUST have for any quilter.  When you have this book in your quilt book library you will be “complete” as a quilter.  If the house was burning down and I could only grab one quilting book, this is what I would have chosen… I think, my book here is a first edition…the new book that is shown in the first picture is the third edition. This is a highly sought after book….look what it is going for on Ebay….

But now we can ALL own the newest and updated version from Barbara Brackman, who has teamed up with Electric Quilt Co. in the making of this book!

This book is such a treasured resource for any quilter, whether you design your own quilt blocks or you are just looking for the perfect one to go with your nine-patch alternating blocks.  If you are a beginning quilter, remember you will not always be a beginner.  The more you quilt, your skills will evolve, as well as your desire to make more challenging projects.  You will find yourself designing or re-arranging your patterns. You will start to add your changes to already designed patterns and then one day you will be picking blocks and coming up with your own setting for those blocks.  This is where a book like this comes in.  But more than that….the history of each of these blocks is fascinating.  My book is from 1993 and has the designer and the year their blocks came into the world and where they were published.  Maybe someday there will be a Lisa Bongean, Primitive Gatherings block in the 10th edition!!! HA! A girl can hope! 

I do not have the new book in my hands…because it comes out on 12/24/2020…So I am impatiently waiting!!!!   My book has over 550 pages. So I did a little research on the new book.  As you can see it is much prettier and it still has over 500 pages. Also, this book would not be possible without the author…

Barbara BrackmanBarbara Brackman is a quilt historian and author from Lawrence, Kansas. She’s been fascinated by quilt patterns for forty years and could not rest until she’d indexed more than 4,000 pieced patterns for her Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns. BlockBase+ is that index for the computer age. She writes several blogs about quilt history and patterns including Material Culture. She was inducted into the Quilters Hall of Fame of Marion, Indiana in 2001 and is a founding member of the American Quilt Study Group.

We are giving you 12$ off the retail price of the book for this Needful Things promotion.

The giveaway for this day will be a purchase giveaway…For every 25 books we sell, one of you who purchases it, we are giving it to you free.  If you win we will contact you and ask if you want us to credit your purchase or we will give you a gift certificate in the amount of the book.  Good luck…and I am so excited for you and me, to get this book.  If you do own a first, or second edition, feel free to comment about your book and how you use it.

Click HERE to get your book!

 Thank you for taking the time out of your day to come here to our Needful Things,!!!    Lisa


45 responses to “12 Days of Needful Things…Day 8”

  1. Cynthia Bickhaus Avatar
    Cynthia Bickhaus

    I have this and LOVE it as a reference. I am compiling a list of blocks to use in a quilt.

  2. Jonnie Nottingham Avatar

    Ordered!!! Thanks for making this available to us, Lisa!!

  3. Glenna C. Denman Avatar
    Glenna C. Denman

    This is a real bargain. I use my 3rd edition so often, I wouldn’t be without it. Thank you for the special price and the giveaway.

  4. Wanda Hall Avatar

    Wow, I did not know this book existed! What a treasure!

  5. Rita Nichols Avatar
    Rita Nichols

    Well some how I missed the boat on this gem. I knew about block base but I really had no interest in the computer format. How did I not know about the book!

  6. Vicki Avatar

    And I thought I owned every block reference book. Looks like a “Must Have” !!

  7. Deborah Thomas Avatar
    Deborah Thomas

    I have the first edition of this book. It truly is amazing. I’ve often looked at it for historical information. I am pondering getting the color version. That would be so nice. This book really is a must for any quilter.

  8. Dee Johnson Avatar
    Dee Johnson

    I may need the addition to my library

  9. Linda T. Avatar

    I inherited my Barbara Brackman book about a year ago. But, I also recieved three more boxes of books. So, at that time, I opened the book, was intrigued by it, and placed it back into the box, until the family area gets completed in the lower level and have bookshelves.

  10. Cindy Golding Avatar
    Cindy Golding

    What a great resource!

  11. Krazykwltr Avatar

    Amazing, I was just looking at mine last week.
    Who knew it was a precious!

  12. MARILYN J OWENS Avatar

    My Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns was a gift to myself as will be this new book!

  13. Kathy Baker Avatar
    Kathy Baker

    I have an older version as well – with the CD downloaded in my laptop. Love the fact that every block can be several sizes including how to cut with templates as well as rotary cutting. Barbara Brackman is so knowledgeable and has such a wealth of historical information on her various blogs. Looking forward to seeing your “Lisa” block someday! 😉

  14. Cheryl Gherna Avatar
    Cheryl Gherna

    Books of patterns are so inspirational.

  15. Terri Avatar

    I do have the first edition. Its my go to for inspiration, especially when my quilt group does a quilt challenge!

  16. Toni Avatar

    I don’t own this book yet….it is on my wish list! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on it!

  17. Cheryl G Avatar
    Cheryl G

    Your so right. This is an awesome book. Anyone will be happy to own it.

  18. Kathleen B Avatar
    Kathleen B

    If I won this book it could be my winter reading “novel”

  19. Janette Avatar

    I have the 1993 edition and look at it often just for fun or to look for specific blocks. Looking forward to the new edition!

  20. Barbara H Avatar
    Barbara H

    I have a first edition copy of this book and it is an amazing resource book to use when trying to identify blocks used in quilts or when I am trying to design or draft an original quilt or quilt block.

  21. Kim Radzienda Avatar
    Kim Radzienda

    It is in my wish list, waiting for the rest of the goodies you will be showing so I can do my purchase.

  22. Janet Avatar

    What a beautiful book! And what a great gift idea for quilting friends!!!! Love that she’s a Kansas gal……jmh

  23. Marilyn Hopkins Avatar
    Marilyn Hopkins

    Great book. Can’t wait to get it!

  24. Alice Avatar

    So excited to order this new edition! Woohoo!!!

  25. Robyn W. Avatar

    I really enjoy books like this, but I haven’t seen this one. I use them for inspiration and enjoy looking at them with a nice cuppa tea!

  26. Sue Bennett Avatar
    Sue Bennett

    Looks like a great book. Can’t wait.

  27. Joni Everson Avatar
    Joni Everson

    I went digging & apparently I own every other book you could possibly buy but didn’t see this one- it’s now ordered!!

  28. Cathy Weatherford Avatar
    Cathy Weatherford

    What an awesome book. I used to have one, but in different moves it has disappeared, gosh darn it. Would love to win one

  29. Jane Avatar

    I am a bit behind in posts, all caught up. I have many of the items from yesterday post….thanks to you. LOVE my iron!

  30. Constance Boulay Avatar
    Constance Boulay

    I have the second edition (which is what you have as well), along with BlockBase, . I use mine all the time. BTW, I believe the first edition was essentially a loose leaf edition, that could be put into a binder. Not many of those out there! Such a wonderful tool for quilters!

  31. Pat Avatar

    A wonderful testimony to a book I ordered yesterday from Equilt Co because another designer mentioned it I am looking forward to having it in hand when it ships I love Quilt Books and I am truly thankful for the videos that enhance the written word and pictures

  32. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    I agree it’s a wonderful reference book, many years ago Don Beld suggested it to me so I bought it.

  33. Cathie Avatar

    Reference books are always helpful. Love the tips and quilts in them.

  34. Rose Bullen Avatar

    An encyclopedia of blocks is great fun to browse through. It can stimulate my mind to get up and start another sampler quilt.

  35. Debbie Miller Avatar
    Debbie Miller

    I have the original book and use it quite frequently!

  36. Martha C Avatar
    Martha C

    Thanks for bringing this book to our attention. I was not familiar with it.

  37. Darlene Koenig Avatar
    Darlene Koenig

    I’m so excited to get this book and for a great price. I’ve heard about it for the past few years but was unwilling to pay a high price for a used book. Thanks for offering it.

  38. Janet F Avatar
    Janet F

    This was one of the first books I bought when I started quilting – it’s very much well used and well loved!

  39. Connie Schofield Avatar
    Connie Schofield

    Great book. I’m looking forward to getting one. So many choices on blocks.

  40. Robin T Avatar

    I have the first edition and love it for the variety of blocks and inspiration. Barbara Blackman has provided the quilt world with a wealth of quilt history. Thank you Barbara ❤️

  41. Tracy Anderson Avatar
    Tracy Anderson

    I ordered one of these. Super excited for it to come!!! Thanks for making it available to us.

  42. othelloquilter Avatar

    I currently do not own but have it on my Wishlist for the Hubs.

  43. Carolyn Meadows Avatar
    Carolyn Meadows

    Another great post.

  44. Charlotte Walker Avatar
    Charlotte Walker

    Thanks Lisa for making this available at a discounted price. I will definitely order one! I’m sure it will be very useful!

  45. June Avatar

    I have an earlier edition, a great source for inspiration.

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