12 Days of Needful Things…Day 7

Today I am turning the blog over to Jess.  She is our long time shop manager.  I love her and think of her as one of my own.  I am over the moon happy for her.   Jessica has adopted a new baby boy this year,  His name is David Jefferey, after her and Phil’s fathers.  She is still working hard for us while being a tired new Mommy but loving every minute that for sure!  I can tell she will be an excellent mother.  We are all grateful for the hard work she puts in at Primitive Gatherings.
Jessica asked me to make three projects…one small, one medium & one large.  This day is her idea and actually a lot of fun.  You may think how is this a needful thing?  We all need a little mystery, anticipation, and wonder in our lives…..Enjoy!  Lisa
A couple of years ago we did St. Nick tins filled with goodies from our Shop. No one knew what they would get in their tin. This year we have added a little twist to the tins.
Each tin includes a kit and pattern that Lisa design for the 12 Days, you have not seen these designs and they will be a surprise when you receive them! Christmas after Christmas they can be recycled in place of wrapping paper!
These tins would make great little gifts for your sewing circle and sewing friends.  Each Tin will hold a project plus a couple of fun goodies added from the Shop.  Each size tin holds a specific project, meaning all the small tins have the same project, mediums hold another, and so on and so forth)  
Our Small, Medium and Large Tins are all 25% off!  (Tins may vary in design)  
We have also added an X-Large option in our Create Tin.  
This tin will hold ALL 3 designs and also goodies from the Shop.    
**We have taken out the additional shipping charges for the packaging of the tins. That is a little extra bonus discount.  Meaning we usually add $5.00 to the tins because we have to box and wrap each tin separately, we will not have that on there this year.  You will just be responsible for our standard shipping fees.
To win an Extra Large Create tin with all three projects included, leave us a comment finishing this sentence.   If I owned a quilt shop, I would offer/teach/have __________________, to make our shop one of the best shops in the country, that everyone would want to visit or buy from online.
Have a Great Day and Thank you for being part of Primitive Gatherings!  The shop girls and I love helping you with your quilting and stitching needs. 



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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

281 thoughts on “12 Days of Needful Things…Day 7

  1. If i owned a quilt shop i would offer tutorials and stitch alongs for people who live in remote areas and don’t have easy access to quilt shops.

      1. If I owned a quilt shop I would teach lots of beginner classes to get more newcomers and learn the basics to continue on. Also, in the age of technology, lots of YouTube tutorials for those unable to attend in person.

  2. If I owned a quilt shop I would model it after successful shops as PG, have coffee and cookies for all and offer numerous classes! Self proven, one can not take a quilt class without buying something new!

  3. If I owned a quilt/fabric shop, I would make sure to have you and all of the PG staff working right beside me!
    Thanks for all you do, day and night, for all of us PG’ers! Can’t wait to see the surprise projects! Merry Christmas!

  4. Well, this may not be the most helpful comment, but PG is already very awesome and I couldn’t think what to suggest that if I were doing it, could offer any better! LOVE it as is 🙂

  5. Well it definitely wouldn’t be a wool/quilting shop because Lisa, you and your staff have that covered but besides wool applique I love to do EPP so I would open a shop that focused on this and hand embroidery. Thanks and Merry Christmas

  6. I would like to see some online stitch tutorials on different types of stitches. Maybe do them on your new U Tube channel. Otherwise you have one of the best shop models in the quilting business already!!

  7. A few cozy nooks with armchairs and foot stools so we can relax, chat, put up our feet and stay awhile!

  8. I would search for unique items to sell that aren’t seen elsewhere. These are what I am most tempted to buy. Small technique “classes” are also useful, like a make and take thing: hand quilting sample, a different kind of binding sample (double or some other kind) or how to make a certain type of unit often used in blocks. They would teach a technique and often be small. I do this on my own to figure out something new I’m not sure about.

  9. I don’t even like to sew with my prettiest fabrics, how could I possibly SELL them to anyone? No, I’ll leave shop owning to the real professionals.
    Also, what an adorable baby! Congrats to Jess!

  10. If I owned a Quilt/fabric shop I would teach children and teenagers. I want to teach in a way that makes life long quilt artists. That means not worrying if every point is perfect and every seam is straight but encouraging creativity and joy. My parents were manufacturers and my Dad actually taught me the basics. At 6 I sewed lines and es that criss crossed. I had my Mother’s Singer to use by age 9. My first self creation was a dog bed for my poodle. My Dad brought me brown paper and showed me how to make a pattern and then gave me a box pillow to look at. I figured I needed a piece of fabric between the top and bottom/ He had me figure out (with encouragement) how to do exactly what I wanted. I picked my fabric and went and bought :”stuffing.” I know that bed pillow was not perfect, but my parents let everyone know that I made it and it was in my dog’s bed his entire life.

      1. If I owned a quilt shop, I would have employees who are knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. My favorite quilt shops are the ones who make you feel welcome and help no matter your level of experience.

  11. To create the best shop experience, I would have the best people in place: kind, competent, creative people-persons in every department, from floor to front desk to design, in the workroom, behind sewing machines, long arm machines and hand stitching needles, to warehouse and retreat house. Bad staff = bad experiences… never shortcut staffing.
    It’s like using cheap materials to put in the same effort cutting, piecing and quilting a quilt with cheap batting and discount thread … it’s a cheap quilt that won’t hold up over time.

  12. Offer a place for local entrepreneur’s to show and sell their wares. And, of course, tons of PG!!!! jmh

    1. I would offer spouses/partners free beer or snacks so the quilters can spend money to their heart’s content!

  13. If I owned a guilt shop I would have classes for beginners. Classes would start with the knowledge about and safe handling of the equipment we so gladly use today including ways to correct our mistakes to make basic blocks in to a small project. Also would be classes including more difficult cuts and assembly for the more experienced quilter. Within each class would be fabric selection, color options and other needs to just get ready to make a project. Sounds like mostly the basics. Oh ya, what about the children? Classes for them too.

  14. ALL things Primitive Gatherings, AND a chance to win a retreat with Lisa! (I would be first in line, lol)

  15. Personal shoppers who put together projects when requested, e.g., small wood applique for 4th of July, etc.

  16. If I owned a quilt shop, I would would have a shop guild where customers could curate projects and let the members teach each other.

  17. Besides having wonderful products, fabric, and of course, offering classes by you, I would have wonderful, knowledgeable employees like Primitive Gatherings! I have been to many quilt shops and the ones I frequent most are the ones who have helpful and friendly employees! I am a self-taught quilter and stitcher. My favorites shops are always the ones who don’t mind helping me, even if they are silly to an experienced quilter! Thank you for having such kind and helpful employees, as well as, beautiful projects! BTW…beautiful photo of Jessica and her little guy!

  18. What a hard question! I guess I would follow the PG model. In other words, if I chose to be THE shop for EPP, I would offer all the shapes, tools, notions, threads and fabrics needed to make stunning EPP projects. .

  19. special wrapping and a little goodie (chocolate depending on the weather, lol) in each bag or box – just a little something extra for everyone to know how special they are! I also love stitch in nights or Sunday afternoon with a different theme (appliqué or hand stitching so people can visit – post COVID of course)

  20. If I owned a quilt shop, I would first have to hire staff like those at Primitive Gatherings. They’re the best and always so helpful and super knowledgeable. I would then absolutely have to have retreats where Lisa comes to teach classes.

  21. Everything Primitive Gatherings has, great designs from a outstanding designer, great products and the best customer service.

  22. Sheep! Love wool, use to raise sheep. I would have a log building, with a porch out front for sitting and stitching, the shop would be stocked with PG fabric and wool and a pasture outside with a couple sheep grazing. The upstairs would have rooms for a retreat and Lisa would come and teach. This would be a very peaceful place and a wonderful getaway and a place to sew and stitch as much as one would desire.

    1. When I was a little girl there was a woolen mill in Clifton NJ and they had a fenced in grassy area with several sheep grazing. We would drive past on the way to visit my grandparents and stop to feed and look at the sheep!!

  23. Jess is AWESOME! So happy to see she has her own special day in this event! If I owned a quilt/fabric shop it would look a lot like PG as I love everything you do! One of the things I like best about your designs/programs is that while you offer some easy/fast options, you still offer complex, large, intricate patterns. I would like to see more cotton applique, especially combined (piecing and applique) projects. I love pieced backgrounds for applique. I also think it would be wonderful to offer online workshops and gatherings for people who aren’t located near the shop. Thanks to both you & Jess for everything you do for us! Merry Christmas!

  24. If I owned a quilt shop I would offer projects, sew-a-longs and bees, etc. that cater to children – girls and boys! I think as many kids should learn to sew as possible and I know projects I create just for my kids help motivate them!

  25. If I owned a quilt shop, I would offer/teach/have, Lisa there to teach and design for my shop, also employ all of Primitive Gatherings staff as they are the BEST.

  26. If I owned a quilt shop, I would offer a few tiny entry level kits. A tiny wool applique kit would include the background, the wool, a needle or 2 and the perhaps cards wrapped with the necessary thread (not a whole spool). This would allow people to try the craft without investing a ton of money and hopefully interest them in continuing the craft. Also, perhaps some small pieced mug rug kits, hot pad kits, or tiny wall hanging containing charms or mini charms, Lisa’s triangle papers, a cute miniature pieced pattern, and all the fabric necessary.

  27. I always envisioned my quilt store to be a comfy, cozy, old time general store. Because of my love for wools, homespuns, reproductions, primitive, 30’s, those are the types of fabrics and patterns I would carry. Staff would have to be caring and on top of everything, ala PG. There would be classes, clubs and retreats and in this day and age, there would need to be a heavy online presence. I’d model my shop after two of my all time favs – Primitive Gatherings and Ye Olde Schoolhouse (I guess you can take the girl out of WI but you can’t take WI out of the girl.).

  28. If I owned a Quilt Shop, I would be TIRED! But oh so overjoyed at all the wonderful new friends I could make each day. And talk about fabric and all the wonderful quilts everyone would want to make.
    Actually this is a hard question, as I think you Lisa, have managed to do it just right. I also remember going to The Old Green Cupboard in Jacksonville and how warm and inviting that shop was.

  29. If I owned a quilt shop, I would have a couple couches in the middle of the shop and a bookcase full of books where customers could come sew and visit and look thru a library of quilt books.

  30. I would have to offer wool classes with Lisa as I have attended your classes & I think your method is the absolute best!

  31. I would have the best, most caring staff. I would always ask my customers for their input. I would strive to be a shop like PG.

  32. If I owned a quilt shop I would first make everyone welcome when they came thru the door. I love to have several little seating areas where you could sit for a moment and look thru a book or think about what you would like next. I think the people who work for PG are amazing. I’ve only met some of them at shows or on the phone but they are friendly and helpful. Thanks for a chance to win. Hugs and Merry Christmas.

  33. “Magnolia” for quilter’s! (I think Lisa is already working on that) I’d create little stores by fabric theme… Christmas, flannel, fall, reproductions and of course wool. Don’t forget the demo area. Demo’s once or twice a day at a set time with deals on the tools you are promoting. Coffee and a cozy area to skim through books is a wonderful thought too. Sweets shop nearby and a place to have lunch by the lake. We are dreaming here right? Merry Christmas all.

  34. If I owned a quilt shop I would offer free pattern tutorials for new fabric lines to encourage sales if course but mostly to teach new skills.

  35. To go along with all the other wool projects I would add rug hooking patterns, hoops and classes.

  36. I love all of the creative comments! Like the idea of offering a variety of no or low cost classes with the stipulation that materials are purchased through the shop.

  37. I would make sure everyone coming through my door was treated equally. Quilt shops are full of clicks. Reminds me of high school. Going to classes at quilt shops can be hard when you are not part of the in crowd. I really do not like it when they save a spot and tell you you can’t sit down.

  38. If I owned a quilt shop, I would definitely hire Jess to manage and do all the wonderful things she does for Primitive Gatherings and their customers. The customer service from PG is very BEST, the ladies at the shop are super too!
    I would want my staff to train and observe at Primitive Gatherings at least a month before opening my shop!

  39. If I owned a quilt shop, I would hope to offer classes for all levels of creators that gradually built skills as you moved along projects. It would also have amazing coffee available with an aroma that tickled your nose the moment you walked through the door. Hmmm, now that I think about it… a little baked treat to go along with that coffee would never be turned down either!

  40. If I owned a quilt shop I would have lots of samples for inspiration, classes, and offer long arm services. Plus a knowledgeable staff.

  41. If I had a shop I would have all level classes let them know there is never a stupid question and everyone could sew on there level and just feel welcome.

  42. If I owned a quilt shop I would offer classes for children so they could learn to sew and facebook live segments of what the shop has to offer for those who can’t always make it to the shop.

  43. Beginning wool classes and lots of week kits to keep everyone stitching once they learned and loved!! And extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff to make each visit to the shop a fun experience.

  44. I would have expanded online sales capabilities to mimic in-store experience. Such as display of fabrics from a color wave on one screen with option to select one or more fabrics and yardage without leaving the screen.

  45. If I had a quilt shoppe, I would make the atmosphere relaxing and inviting and offer classes for all skill levels in a variety of styles.

  46. If I owned a quilt shop, I would offer a weekly Sew day, where the shop provides the table space, irons, cutting mats and the participant brings in their own machine and projects and can sew all day. This provides easy access if supplies are needed and expert help/advice from fellow sewers or staff! And provides the fun of sewing together!!

  47. If I owned a quilt show like primitive gatherings I would offer, teach and have rug hooking supplies and retreats.

  48. If I owned a quilt shop, I would offer lots of demos for clients to learn, have lots of samples, also have Chanukah items, and teach some 1 hour projects.
    The Wisconsin store looks incredible, but when down south of Los Angeles, that store is exciting.
    Happy Holidays.

  49. A quilt shop that offers after school quilt classes for middle school and high school kids (boys and girls). I believe we need more “creative electives” for our students.

  50. If I owned a quilt shop, I would offer products that would inspire everyone from the most primitive to the most modern. I would encourage classes in various techniques and support interest group wanting to meet at the shop. I would give out loyalty rewards and tons of smiles and hugs. There would be an ongoing quilt show of customer quilts on display with regular viewers choice awards just before the display changed every couple of weeks. I would offer some planning tools in the shop so that yardage for an original project could be figured on the spot. Custom or panto quilting would be available. I’d also offer professional photography for finished projects. I would offer top wages and benefits to inspire and retain great staff and I would thank the Lord every day for my wonderful life.

  51. I would have a mini coffee shop with a small menu of specialty treats & a sitting area where my customers sit & chair while taking a break from shopping or classes.

  52. If I owned a quilt shop I would have all the normal quilt related items especially lots of fabrics. I would also add in yarns, needles and a bakery!! So I could be a one stop store where people would want to stay all day and get a bite to eat!! (Not that you don’t have people staying all day for you)

  53. If I owned a shop I would make sure each person who worked there developed excellent skills in one specific area of needle-craft. I would make sure that it was posted with their picture,name and area of expertise. This way customers know who to seek out when they need to understand a technique.
    There is nothing worse than going to my LQS for some advice and hearing, “I don’t know, I don’t really do that. Why don’t you just try…”

  54. Another option would be instead of 12 Days of Christmas it would be Christmas in July. Then it wouldn’t be a problem with shipping and getting things made on time.

  55. Oh my, you’ve offered one of my favorite dreams, having a quilt shop and of course winning the lottery to support it! 🤣 I would have my shop so similar to yours with the very friendly, helpful staff you have. Having a place where quilting groups could meet when a variety of classes/workshops aren’t in session would be a bonus. And of course a fabulous coffee/pastry shop next door would be the icing on the cake. (Wouldn’t want any accidental spills) but would make it a place where friends and strangers relax, and share their love of quilting, wool working, fabric collection with each other.

  56. If I owned a quilt shop I would offer lots of classes and try to bring in guest designers and teachers to inspire us. Of course Lisa would be first in the list.

  57. I have to give credit for this idea to my local quilt shop – I would have an online auction of items I want to move – fabric bundles, bolt ends, anything in the shop because everything looks good when someone else is trying to buy it! Not sure if a set price or actual bidding is the way to go but a set price and whoever bids first gets it – this goes really quick and keeps the excitement going. Kinda like ebay on speed! I’m sure the devil is in the details but it could be alot of fun!

  58. Offer classes, tutorials, assistance especially for the beginners who are stumped or afraid to ask questions. Along with that a knowledgeable and pleasing staff. After all, we would want them to keep coming back and feeling comfortable learning! I wish I lived closer to Primitive Gatherings, I hope to someday visit, everyone seems nice and helpful 🙂

  59. If I owned a quilt shop, I would have a reading corner with coffee and magazines for husbands to wait.

  60. Have monthly classes on various projects and have a cozy space and some designated times where people can come in to quilt, chat , knit and have coffee/gather. Maybe have an “ideas for improvement” notebook in this area.

  61. If I had a quilt shop…I would like to try and offer custom kits. Different color palettes of the same pattern. Would take patience on the customers part, and more labor on the owners part.

  62. I would offer basic and advance machine classes In today’s world, machine sewing is not offered in schools so the young kids are not having that experience of accomplishment, building skills, using math, etc that goes with sewing. Somehow we had to teach others the love of sewing

  63. I have know the answer to this question for some time, i even had the building in mindm i would love to have a creative “mall” where maybe a painting place, knitting place, quilt store could all be together, with a cafe so friends could get together. Classroom outside of stores so people could rent space for group activities.

  64. Offer….great customer service. Teach….creativity, you don’t have to make a pattern exactly as written. Make it your own creation and most of all… Have … fun.

  65. I would offer a variety of classes for beginners on as needed basis, but always still offer intermediate classes for experienced quilters to hone their skills. If the budget allowed I would try to have fabrics from several fabric companies to allow for many different tastes and themes of fabric lines. But I would offer classes for children (primarily in the summer months), not only how to use the sewing machine, but I would include a few basic classes on hand sewing seams together and slowly ‘graduate’ to embellishing with embroidery. Many kids don’t know how to do anything by hand. My mother first introduced me to sewing this way and I made many a doll’s outfit by hand when I was 6, 7, and 8. I was most proud of a red satin cape with hood I made for my doll. That’s when Mom showed me how to do buttonholes. So there were buttonholes around the neck of the cape for where the cord went through to tie it on the doll! Thanks for all you do Lisa to promote sewing and handwork!

  66. If I owned a quilt shop I would be open 24/7! Well, maybe not quite that much, but it would be a lot like Lisa is opening with the new shop. A retreat house, big classrooms, a cafe and bookshop, comfy chairs by the fireplace…a warm and welcoming space for Quilter’s to come together. There would be access to the store after hours for those who are up late quilting and need a bit of something to finish a project.

  67. I would have many different ideas and inspirations for customers to choose from as well as classes for those who attend to meet new friends and learn/stitch together. I would hope to be a friendly shop that makes each customer feel welcome and comfortable. I would hope it would be a gathering place for local gals to gather as well as a destination shop that many would want to come to. I believe PG is that kind of shop!

  68. I would spotlight a different state every week. Two weeks would need to have two states. Or I would do x number of states and then a foreign country. A state could have a block and a small quilt. At the end other 50 blocks would be made into a quilt.

  69. If I owned a quilt shop, I would have it spacious and open with ease of access and well defined areas for different genres and techniques. I would also have a great seating area for spouses and / friends to rest , meet and relax during the time period our customers are in the store

  70. If I had a quilt shop I would offer the absolutely best customer service, ever and encourage my staff to be the best they can be. That also means paying wages so they would enjoy coming to work everyday.

  71. If I owned a quilt shop, I would offer intergenerational classes to keep the quilting spirit alive in our youth. Grandparents absolutely love sharing their enthusiasm with their grandchildren!

  72. One of our local libraries has a fireplace with a few comfy chairs around it. Wouldn’t that be nice for a quilt shop to have a space where customers can come and sit and stitch and relax for a bit.

  73. If I owned a quilt shop I would definitely include classes for people. Projects that everyone feels like they can make. There is nothing more satisfying that making something yourself and people need this, as well as a get away from the hurried lives we lead. It would be a much needed break for so many people and a sense of accomplishment. Thanks for all you do at PG!

  74. One of our local libraries has a fireplace with a few comfy chairs around it for patrons to sit and read. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to walk into a quilt shop just to sit and stitch and relax for a bit.

  75. If I had a shop I would definitely utilize Facebook and YouTube for product showing and for tutorials. I know it really motivates me to buy and try new things. Of course I would have to be a lot of wool in my shop

  76. someone that would happily greet the customers as they come through the door.
    Hello, if there’s anything I can help you with just let me know.

  77. Lots of samples and lots packaged real cute- like in old hat boxes, tins etc.
    the lowest cost fabric I could have and still make it as many in my area shop at certain Mennonite shops due to lower cost of designer fabric.

    1. Oh and comfy seating to browse books and visit others. And like a in home movie theater or brewery/deli/coffee shop for the husbands to spend their time

  78. If I owned a quilt shop, I would always have a great variety of fabric, so customers would find what they loved. I would have a ton of samples of quilts and other types of projects so customers could see the fabric and a finished patterns. That’s how I buy when I’m shopping. Having everything needed to make your project is important….one stop shopping. Friendly, knowledgeable staff that can connect with the customer adds so much to a great experience. Also, having a friendly, seating area would be nice so you can rest and think about what you are needing/wanting for your sewing needs. Also it could be used just to rest or make a new friend. My quilting shop would need to be a place where one can wander around and enjoy the atmosphere and become a happy satisfied returning customer/friend.

  79. If I owned a quilt shop, I would have a special little room with a coffee shop in it, including baked goods of course. But no food or drinks in the quilt part.

  80. If I owned a shop I would have a wall of the latest tools and gadgets available for quilting etc. I love these kinds of things when I go into a shop. Cindy P.

  81. I would offer long arm quilting and project finishing services…… finishing into pillows, wall hangings , bags etc. I would offer on line classes available for those would couldn’t travel to the shop.. I love all that you do….. thank you for being there for the quilting and needle work community

  82. If I owned a quilt shop I would have a wall of the latest tools and gadgets for quilting and embroidery. I love seeing these in shops I visit.

  83. Sewing groups for all genres of quilting and sewing. 1800s club where you could learn about antique/vintage fabrics & quilts, pre-cuts group where all the projects are made from pre-cuts, handwork club (think embroidery and hand piecing projects), EPP club…etc. I love how much you can learn from groups/clubs such as these. And, yes, they would have a membership and offer projects to purchase or just pattern if member wanted to use their own stuff or pick a different color to use. Membership could involve a shop discount. These could be done as “live” groups, on-line, or a combination where there are people attending in shop and others are online… Just a few thoughts, you can pick my brain further if you want just contact me.

  84. I would offer all Primitive Gatherings merchandise, plus invite Lisa once a year to visit and present a class or two.

  85. If I owned a quilt shop, I would offer/teach/have an option where quilters can do zoom or facetime meetings with store employees so those of us who can’t travel, or have disabilities, or other limitations can shop with the employees help and actually see what we want to buy together in a pile and also have other little tidbits shown to us that we may not even know to ask about❤♿ to make our shop one of the best shops in the country, that everyone would want to visit or buy from online. Thank you Lisa for this opportunity to add our wishes, and a chance to have a fabulous Christmas gift from you in that Create tin.

  86. If I had a quilt shop, I would love it (who wouldn’t) and smile all day long. Nothing original to add just that it would be a lot of work but so much fun!

  87. If I owned a quilt shop I would have the friendliest staff and hundreds of wool projects offered. Hooray! you have done it!!

  88. If I owned a quilt shop I would do exactly what Primitive Gatherings is currently doing. This includes an unbelievable staff and exclusive product, along with other great designers to fill out the selection. In addition, the social media work that has been done is outstanding. I tell my staff, to look at your social media work and get busy (I’m not joking)! The new complex being built will no doubt complete the in-person experience with ability for classes, retreats, etc. When I look at what Primitive Gatherings has accomplished this year, it not only gives me inspiration for quilting, but just how a family owned business can go about expanding during these difficult times. If I ever get the opportunity to be in Wisconsin, it will be on my list to visit the shop. Congrats to you, and if you make other changes, I will look forward to seeing those as well!!!

  89. If I owned a quilt shop, I would have Lisa Bongean come in to teach, offer a lot of working with wool classes and watch everyone create their own their own masterpiece! Merry Christmas!

  90. I would stock every type & variety of quilting fabrics, loads of books, patterns & notions, & have a husband section with rockers, magazines & refreshments, and have coffee, tea & cookies available for my customers…and chairs, too, to sit & relax awhile while shopping. Who could resist a quilting wonderland?!

  91. I would offer a class having multiple projects to choose from, then basically have a “sit and sew”, then a surprise visit from Lisa. From there carry on with a monthly club. I would also teach free motion quilting to finish up those quilts.

    1. I would offer lots of needlework classes to compliment my quilt patterns and have a different dessert each day for my customers.

  92. f I owned a quilt shop, I would offer/teach/have I would have a shop where everyone felt safe, the staff was friendly and we offered a variety of crafts to make our shop one of the best shops in the country, that everyone would want to visit or buy from online.

  93. If I had a quilt shop I would be open once a month all night where you have to be buzzed in so they know you, you could shop in your PJ’s and go back to the retreat center
    Oh maybe you will do that !!

  94. If I had a quilt shop, I would carry all of the complete line of Primitive Gatherings fabrics that were available. I would also have to go all in with the wools.

  95. I would have a “man’s” shopping night near Christmas so significant others could purchase gifts for their special person. Also, a “men only” quilting class so the participant can understand what quilting is all about!

  96. If I owned a quilt shop, I would have a bar next door. That way the husbands could stay busy while the wives did un interrupted shopping! Of course, the wives would have to drive home, LOL

  97. If I had a quilt shop I would have everything that Lisa has made available in a kit to drool and admire!

  98. If I owned a quilt shop, I would ask local guild members teach classes in their area(s) of expertise. I would invite experienced hand quilters to hold a monthly class to help newbies. I would set up a quilting frame and encourage every visitor/customer to take a few stitches; the finished quilt would be raffled and the monies raised would be donated to a local charity as voted on by my customers.

  99. I would offer daily YouTube videos to highlight new fabric, notions, techniques or quilt ‘show & tells’. Even before covid, I would watch YouTube videos to help learn new techniques… and now since covid, I look forward to some shop’s weekly videos. From what I have learned from watching these, whatever products are discussed, seem to sell out quickly for shop owners. So even though it seems like a lot of work, the end result is more sales! Happy Holidays!

  100. I would offer all of the top quilting fabric lines–especially Primitive Gatherings, notions etc. as well as classes for “newbie’s and those that are experts. I would also offer needlework (needlepoint, cross stitch and embroidery). Oh, we can’t forget the longarm service.

  101. If I owned a quilt shop I would have lots and lots of natural light, ie windows, skylights, so the colours of all my beautiful fabric would pop.

  102. exceptional customer service in a wide range of project types so customers can continue to enjoy their loves and learn new if they are so inclined….

  103. If I owned a quilt shop, I would have a work-room stocked with quilting tools that was available for customers to use for working on their projects, to make our shop one of the best shops in the country, that everyone would want to visit or buy from online.

  104. I would do more with your needle punch products. Highlight them in your Christmas 12 days of Christmas, in our summer BOW, also do a tutorial in basics of needlepoint and then a class or two using one of your shops patterns. Maybe a PAL-Punch along (like a SAL-Sew along) show people how easy it is, take the mystery out of it and create excitement for this fun and creative craft while selling kits, pattern or threads for this! (I like punch needle but as a novice it is hard to find good tutorials or patterns for this fun craft.)

    1. Every thing PG does!! Love the idea for a place to sit and have coffee. But a small play area for little kids would be helpful for the young mothers ( like Jessica!).

  105. I would offer classes on making templates and cutting out wool pieces for hand applique. That is still a problem for me.

  106. I would offer lots of retreats that are brig your own project with some little technique classes on the side

  107. The first and only time I visited Primitive Gatherings, I met Joann who lived up near GreenBay and told us the story of the kids and bicycles at practices. After that when I ordered she sometimes sent a little personal note. That’s the kind of quilt shop I would own, where I know there name, after the first visit and maybe take them on a tour and create wonder girl them, so they know how to navigate the shop. Make it so they want to come back when they live 700 miles away or not. 😊

  108. If I owned a quilt shop, I would have a friendly area with recliners and a tv for spouses, so they can lose themselves in lounging and not notice how much time we spend shopping.

  109. I would offer more evening or Saturday classes for people who work, open a little later in the day to be able to stay open later in the evening. Have classes for children in the 10-18 year group, easy items that would give them a sense of accomplishment , but would also pass the art onto the next generations. Retreats with teaching time and free sewing time.

  110. If I owned a quilt shop I would have a retreat center that did not have sleeping dorm accommodations, had ground floor access for unloading machines, had grab bars and ADA toilets in the restrooms in the classroom area and bedrooms, The sleeping accommodations would be bedrooms not “dorms” even if they were twin beds to accommodate more capacity and a few rooms with even 3 or 4 twin beds with step in showers (with grab bars) in bath rooms for each bedroom. Each sewing station would be 6ft per person and would feature a comfortable office chair with arms. The power would come up to the table tops so no one would have to be crawling down on the floor. Carts (like the sports stores carry) would be available for retreaters to use to load and unload. Fully stocked kitchen with all major and small appliances and a small ice machine (size of trash compactor) so freezer space didn’t need to be used for the ice maker. Not enough retreat spaces consider people who have mobilty needs. We aren’t “handicapped” but due to hip replacements, etc can’t crawl on the floor to plug into a power strip or climb a flight of stairs to carry a sewing machine. And most people do not want to sleep in a room with 12 other people. (Hint Hint hopefully some of these are incorporated into the new retreat house) But my real dream is to open a quilters retirement home (not a nursing home but maybe partner with a health care provider to be able to handle residents if they become ill etc) with a quilt shop. Each apartment/unit with be built with a sewing studio/dining area/living area.

  111. If I had a quilt shop I would offer a lot of different classes, like Mariner’s Compass, Lady of the Lake, foundation piecing, wool applique, mystery quilts, just a lot of variety and difficulty levels. I’ve taken a class from Lisa and it was amazing, she has so may tips and great advice. I’ve also ordered these tins the last time you offered them and it’s so much fun to get a surprise with a great tin.

  112. Congratulations Jess on your beautiful David! What a special blessing! I would like small seasonal theme kits, just like the tins for Xmas. Why can’t you do a spring(Easter) summer and fall one. Maybe a wool and fabric one each. Maybe not always a tin…maybe a wicker basket or a cloth drawstring bag I love to sew seasonal items,it’s fun to decorate with or a small hostess gift. I can’t always afford a large project with money and time but a small affordable 30 price range is perfect and so satisfying. I’m actually ordering a tin to treat myself because it so sweet!, Thanks very much And Merry Christmas to all🎅🏻🎄

  113. I would have lots of in person classes with all the new materials Lisa has, but also the online teaching of classes or you tube tutorials are a favorite for those far away visitors or stay at home mandates.

  114. Love your surprises! can’t wait to see what I get in my tin. Any status on the pillow forms? I noticed my order is still in processing mode. Thanks.

  115. I would offer kid and adult classes, great tutorials , and the best customer service! Primitive Gatherings already does a great job.

  116. I am in love with all of your products – your patterns, your wool, and your fabric lines! So excited to get the new Christmas tins with goodies inside!

  117. Sorry, I hit send before I answered your question. I am always on the lookout for great value, like specials on kits when you offer a class, etc. Also, offer different price ranges on classes and kits because we can’t all afford a large project.

  118. If I owned a quilt shop I would have a family corner. I would stock it with scraps and supplies to foster imagination and creativity. There would be nooks to display finished projects with pictures of the “artist”. I would offer opportunities for parent/child classes with teachers who would inspire a new generation of young “quilters”. Such joy!

  119. I would have good lighting, a service to help attach borders, places to sit and think or visit, and lots of wool appliqué opportunities. I would even be willing to call it PG Texas and just manage it if Lisa wants to open a location north of the the DFW area!

  120. I would have a shop like Lisa lots of samples and friendly staff. Great workers too!
    Thanks Lisa and all of Primitive Gathering for making this year more enjoyable.

  121. If I owned a quilt shop, I’d offer classes for mom & me, Girl Scout troops, etc., to help get the next generation engaged in hand work & sewing!

  122. If I had a quilt shop I would pattern it after Primitive Gatherings. You are all great! I’d also have beginner classes, get more people interested in quilting, working wool and punch needle.

  123. I always wanted a combination quilt shop and book store/coffee shop to sell quilt and craft books with a relaxing cup of whatever, have samples and fabrics from some books, then the person could have everything needed for a project!

  124. If I owned a quilt shop the most important things would be quality, uniqueness of fabrics, maybe some decorative items showcasing the quilted projects and great customer service, darn, sounds a lot like what you do now😆😆😆

  125. If I had a quilt shop, it would have a coffee/bakery bar. There would be samples everywhere. I would have a caring, knowledgeable staff. At checkout the purchase would be packaged beautifully with a small treat in the bag.

  126. LOL if I had a quilt shop I’d have to quickly call Lisa to find out how to hire some awesome staff, because I don’t know Jack about running a quilt store! I’d also make sure it was well stocked, had comfy chairs for lounging or sitting and stitching, ample cutting tables, pressing stations, and of course work/sewing stations for people. Whew tired already just thinking about all I would need to do – can I borrow Jess if I had a store. Just being REAL here.

  127. If I owned a quilt shop, I would offer FMQ classes, and applique classes, and have a regular get-together once a week or month just for fun to make our shop one of the best shops in the country, that everyone would want to visit or buy from online.

  128. Congratulations to Jess! He’s adorable!!! If I owned a quilt shop, I would offer/have Lisa Bongean come regularly to teach classes!!

  129. I owned a quilt shop, I would offer a sewing lab, to make our shop one of the best shops in the country, that everyone would want to visit or buy from online. I think many people want to learn, need flexibility, and don’t want to invest in many of the larger or more expensive items. Classes are great but scheduled and usually with a preplanned item.

  130. I would have refreshments for purchase with a sitting area that shoppers could relax and chat about what they just bought with each other.

  131. Obviously, like others have said, the star attraction would be to have Lisa come teach both quilting and applique classes. Maybe the better option would be to have Primitive Gatherings open another shop here! Congratulations to you Jess!

  132. If I owned a quilt shop, I would offer/have night classes for the quilters who are use to quilting at night as they work a night shift job like a nurse who is an essential worker during this trying time. I would love to be able to go to a night class to forget the pandemic for awhile. I would offer later hours a few days a week so when night shift wakes up on a day off they have time to go to the quilt shop. Us night staff are often forgotten, I would advertise they could call and make arrangements that would fit their schedule. There are many other people who work at night that would benefit from this service. Yes, I am a nurse. Yes, I often get up to make it to my quilting stores that are an hour away. Yes I wish someone in my area would be open later. Maybe when I retire, I can offer these services at a quilt shop.

  133. If I owned a quilt shop, I would be sure to offer the best customer service, lots of civil war reproduction fabrics and of course classes taught by Lisa!! Congrats on your baby boy, Jess! Truly a special Christmas for you and your family!

  134. If I owned a quilt shop I would have 2 small round tables and chairs where quilters and shoppers can sit and chat for a few moments. Of course, a sign next to it saying quilt talk encouraged. I would have a small coffee center and some homemade cookies.

  135. If I had a quilt shop it would be a spin off of Primitive Gatherings! Sorta like a chain store!! Awww! Your baby boy is precious!! Snuggle, snuggle and enjoy being a mom!

  136. If I owned a quilt shop I would have Moda fabrics for sure. The quality of their lines are the very best. I would make sure classes were taught for every level – from beginner to experienced quilters. Every month I would run a special that included an in-person class as well as an online one with packets containing supplies needed. Hiring kind, patient, and knowledgeable staff would be a necessity. Of course, this would be only in my dreams – so, I am more than happy to just continue being a customer to the best find in quilt (and everything else) shop – Primitive Gatherings – you truly are the best shop I have ever found in my 40+ years of quilting.

  137. I would have an area for coffee and teaching… someone sitting and sipping at the table all the time to help anyone that stops in and wants help or to visit. And I’d leave out a ‘tip’ jar for the coffee and knowledge.

  138. I would have a yearly or bi-yearly craft faire and BBQ where I would invite local and a few out of town artisans to share their wares/talents with the public and have discounts on all items in my store and a raffle…bringing the community together in a fun, hopefully inspiring way and supporting small businesses. Maybe make it a Christmas market for holiday shoppers 😀

  139. If I owned a quilt shop I would offer more PDF patterns for online shoppers since shipping costs outside the USA are so high.

  140. If I owned a quilt shop I would offer a fabulous retreat center so everyone would want to come visit.

  141. I think I’d be interested in offering help/instruction on how to get “into the biz” – you know, like the ins and outs of owning a shop or long arm machine. Resources for pattern or fabric designer hopefuls looking to understand what it really takes to be successful. Is that nuts? Lol, I feel like I’d love to work in the fabric industry 🙂

  142. ……a day each month or week to sit and hand stitch with the shopping option of 15% off during this 2-3 hour window!!

  143. I drove past the construction site today. Lots of activity and one wall! If I had a quilt shop I would have a coffee/tea corner and would be chatting with all the previous quilters who said the same. It would be decorated with PG mugs, pillows, books, framed quilts, and a life size card board cut out of Lisa.

  144. I would have a spot where quilters/stitchers could come in and work on whatever they wanted twice a month for free…but they would have to sign up due to space limitations…they would help each other, shop, design, whatever they chose to do for the day…stop by for an hour or two …even the whole day ;o)

  145. If I owned a quilt shop I would make sure we offered great customer service and we would have lots of sample projects with kits made up.

  146. I would have classes for children, free classes for those that couldn’t afford them but wanted to learn how to sew and quilt.

  147. I would make sure I had kits from local designers and local attractions so people could buy a souvenir of their visit.

  148. What a hard question. The only thing I can come up with is a Coffee and Tea cart. So girlfriends, moms and daughters could come in have a coffee or tea and sit and chat for a few before shopping together. Also hubby could sit and have coffee and read a paper while I shop. Which would be great for travelers. Could also have a free pattern on the cart. Something they could buy fabric or wool for. Then you could post the pattern on the internet for free once a month.

  149. If I had a quilt shop, in order to make it the best… I’d include everything Lisa has in her shops (brick-and-mortar plus online) AND free chocolate included with every purchase!!!!!

  150. If I had a quilt shop I would carry the latest fabrics, books and patterns so people will want to shop at my shop.

  151. If I owned a quilt shop, I would pattern it after Primitive Gatherings. I would pray I would be able to hire a staff as helpful, courteous and personable as Primitive Gatherings! I have never had the privilege of actually shopping at the store but I have shopped online and over the phone and feel as if I know some of the staff as a personal friend.

  152. If I owned a quilt shop, I would teach classes, to make our shop one of the best shops in the country, that everyone would want to visit or buy from online.

  153. I would have a husband chair. As we travel, I stop at ALL quilt shops possible (PG last Aug). with my husband. Although, chocolate with every purchase as suggested above, would be OK too.

  154. If I owned a quilt shop, I would like the idea of having off shift hours, for people that work odd hours. I would definitely have a person to answer all online questions immediately, so Someone doesn’t have to look all over a website for something that may not even exist. I would also like Jess and Lisa to run the shop and Teach…Merry Christmas All!

  155. I would have bouquets of local fresh cut flowers to buy as well! And a bouquet bar for selling flowers by the stem. Wouldn’t that be a fun combination!!!

  156. There would be lots of samples made by me and my sample makers with kits available for sale. PG does a great job and it’s because of Lisa’s designs, fabrics and the people that she chooses to surround herself with. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  157. I would offer lots of samples, I would teach the latest, greatest classes, and I would offer Vande Walle’s caramels. Oh wait! That shop is Primitive Gatherings! Lol!

  158. “pleasant & knowledgeable staff! Plenty of samples & try a “nitch ” but still offer some of a lot of things & styles. If someone asks for something try At ALL times to have it in their hands when they leave the shop. If it’s out of stock take info/payment & mail. Trinkets & “chotchkies” about but not overwhelming.
    If you don’t have it/can’t get it try to order/find it for them.” The nicer & more helpful- more likely to come back!! 😉

  159. I would have a warm and inviting place that had a lot of wool and primitive patterns, teach classes too. There aren’t many places where I live who offer these types of things.

  160. I would have a special place where customers could share tips and tricks that they found to be most helpful, or a neat storage idea. I learn so much from others who have been quilting, and such for many years.

  161. If I owned a quilt shop, I would offer many small project kits that could be completed in a short amount of time. I would also offer many sew-in days.

  162. If I owned a quilt shop, I would teach Big Stitch Quilting and stock all the supplies for it. I would also have an inshore bakery/confectionary for treats and snacks (though my husband says he’d prefer a BBQ stand–so quilters could bring home dinner after a days shopping!).

  163. Congratulations Jess!!

    So many great ideas have already been said. I’d love to own a quilt shop with knowledge, friendly and helpful staff. I’d have lots of beautiful fabrics, wonderful wools and pretty threads for embroidery. It would be awesome to sell items made by local craftsmen who made sewing notions and goodies everyone needs. I’d love to have several cozy sitting areas where customers could come and sew on their own or with a group of friends. My classroom would have lots of table space and lots of outlets for machines and irons.I’d have teachers for small or large groups. I’d also have a coffee bar and small bakery and maybe where a sandwich of the day was also available.

    Great giveaway!!

  164. If I owned a quilt shop I would remember what brings me back to my favorite shops is the people who run the shop. Most important is their friendliness and their willingness to be helpful. The importance of staying current in the industry and sharing new techniques. Overall a place to escape to for a little while and leave the world behind.

  165. If I owned a quilt shop it would offer an atmosphere like the TV show “Cheers”, where everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came. It would have varying knowledge levels of classes teaching quilting, embroidery and wool stitcheries. Also have a large variety of fabrics (homespun, 30’s, Batiks…),wool and pre-cuts. Maybe a demonstration day a month for new notions, like specialty rulers or machine feet. A place so inviting and comfortable you never want to leave.

  166. I would have Lisa Bongean on site as much as possible, have classes with Lisa as well as “visiting teachers” – other high profile designers and quilters Also love the bakery and coffee shop idea.

  167. I would offer variety: classes, stitching techniques, fabrics, tools, patterns, and staff. I’d want the creativity to be absorbed by all who enter.

  168. If I owned a quilt shop, I would have wonderful supportive staff and lots of projects that are quick as well as more complex to challenge anyone. Opportunities to share with others and develop creative skills in a welcoming place whether it be in person or online.

  169. If I owned a quilt shop, I would offer every fabric ever printed/woven for quilt making so quilters would never run out of the fabrics they need for a project!

  170. If I owned a quilt shop, I would have lots of quilt samples to get the creative juices flowing. Lots of technique classes but especially machine quilting (I teach machine quilting and love seeing the students see that they “can” do it) and encourage to make that quilt your own.

  171. Besides all the obvious, wonderful staff, fabrics, classes, Lisa teaching, a bakery, a bar and grill, etc, etc, I would have the biggest most beautiful, cleanest, coolest Bathroom facility you ever saw! A nice bathroom is a very needful thing! Maybe even have lockers to stash coats in …. The pretty soaps and lotions that are out for customers to use would be available for sale.

  172. If I owned a quilt shop, I would offer/teach/have __wool rug kits__, to make our shop one of the best shops in the country, that everyone would want to visit or buy from online. 🐑

  173. Teach people how to design or compose their own quilt designs ..using our store fabrics…and sponsor contests to help the best ones sell their designs through my shop. Kind of a quilt design incubator.

  174. If I owned a quilt shop, I would offer/teach/have James Taylor music playing all day long, to make our shop one of the best shops in the country, that everyone would want to visit or buy from online.

  175. If I owned a quilt shop I would offer a friend in need day You would sign up for a class and we would offer the same class to your friend or a deserved person who otherwise may not be able to afford the class

  176. I would have lots of sample quilts on display for inspiration, offer classes and longarm services.

  177. I’m not close to a quilt shop so would love an affordable block of the month kit. If I were close, would love to rent time on a long arm and a place to come stitch and visit.

  178. If I owned a quilt shop I would do everything I could to make it a place where quilter’s gather. I’d love to have two classrooms that could be combined as one for bigger classes (for when you come to teach, Lisa), and of course I’d have to have a shop manager as on top of things as Jess (congrats to you, Jess!). Thanks for the opportunity!

  179. If I owned a quilt shop I would be open around the clock to accommodate all those late night quilters.

  180. I would have as many finished projects as possible displayed, different techniques, sizes, experience levels with kits available for purchase. And scrap bags!!

  181. Here are the things that I most enjoy at my favorite quilt shops, PG being one of them.
    – Exclusive designs in small-bite projects (weekly, monthly, or seasonal) that can be bigger projects or part of a series
    – Patterns for such projects that can be sold individually after the first run of the project
    – Completed samples throughout the shop and in great photos online for inspiration and shopping
    – Ideas for different color ways
    – Good selection of blenders and basics to mix with other lines in the shop or in my stash
    – Instructional opportunities in onsite demonstrations and classes and/or in online videos that may correspond with offered kits or patterns
    – Classroom space with 6-foot tables, good lighting, tabletop power sources, access to multiple bathrooms, and height-adjustable seating appropriate for people who are sewing all day
    – Retreat space for day and/or overnight use that includes kitchen, separate dining area, bedrooms with 2 to 4 beds, multiple bathrooms
    – Ease of access to all facilities

  182. If I owned a quilt shop I would offer more one day retreats like from 8-8 since not everyone can go away for days at a time. Quilters like to see or stitch with other quilters. They form a family to belong to.

  183. My favorite experiences at my LQS have been when a BOM is offered with instruction and tips and tools that help in completion of each block. This could be done in person on a designated day or remotely. I also appreciate the daily or weekly deal that keeps me checking for what’s new and on sale for a limited time.

  184. If I owned a quilt shop, I would offer/teach/have a wonderfull fully furnished classroom and invite LISA BONGEAN to be my first teacher, to make our shop one of the best shops in the country, that everyone would want to visit or buy from online.

  185. If I owned a quilt shop, I would offer Wool Applique and caramels, to make our shop one of the best shops in the country, that everyone would want to visit or buy from online. Thank you for all you do to make your shop one of the BEST. Happy Holidays.

  186. I would designate a seating area for anyone who wanted to sit and chat over projects they are working on or want to work on. And maybe Lisa or Lisa’s assistants could demonstrate new patterns or techniques for interested people to see!! Maybe advertise a time when this might happen!! Of course you would have to have a big enough area for them as you know many would be interested in anything shown at Primitive Gatherings would draw in large crowds!! Also that place might have an area to view Lisa’s videos on her many techniques, which are so helpful, and being there with fellow quilters and wool appliquers would make it so much more fun!!!

  187. I would have a monthly what’s new video on you tube/social media to show the new fabrics, patterns, notions ect. that are new for the shop. I love Primitive Gatherings!

  188. I would offer classes to teach the younger generation (8-15 ?)the art of sewing wether it be appliqué or piecing quilts so we do not lose this art.

  189. My favorite local quilt store has a coffee…hot chocolate…. hot tea and tea cookies for free when you walk in. I love it because I can grab my favorite and then browse! So I would have that so that it feels like a warm place to be!

  190. If I owned a quilt shop I would offer help picking fabrics & patterns. I find that overwhelming with so many choices.

  191. Your picture says it all – a baby sitting day! Have an all day class, bring your baby / young child and have child care. You can set up a tent in the back of your new building and have a couple of big toys for the kids, snacks, crafts, etc. AND your adorable grandsons can come sometime.
    If I had my own shop, I would offer bi-monthly intro to something new. Have a visiting artist and come and teach something – paint a barn sign, cookie decorating, crochet a scarf, needlepoint, etc. Happy Holidays.

  192. If I owned a quilt shop, in addition to fabric and all things quilty, I would carry; Valdani (perle cotton & floss) for those who enjoy various forms of needlework, embroidery patterns, lots of finished samples to inspire customers, small home decor items, a variety of classes from beginner to advanced, along with classes during summer break for kids and teenagers.

    Merry Christmas to everyone at PG! Your hard work is much appreciated!

  193. If I owned a quilt shop, I’d have a large table that people can sit and chat, help each other with choices, encourage ideas that will also encourage sales, and generally solve lots of problems. Husbands could sit too.

  194. If I owned a quilt shop I would offer a time each week or whatever, to come sit and stitch whatever you wanted and enjoy the company of fellow quilters/stitchers. I miss my quilting friends!

  195. Had to think on this one but….If I owned a quilt shop, in today environment I would offer zoom classes for now. I did one with x stitch and it was interesting. Thanks for all you do 🙂

  196. LOTS of free tips/tricks videos or Facebook Live to showcase items in the shop and just general info. You do that and really created a following of “friends & family” that want to support you and remain loyal. I started following your blog about 2 or 3 years ago and support you when I can but will never be able to make it to either of your shops.
    Also, a space for the Hubs and kids to just sit and enjoy while mom/wife can just shop away and not have to worry about how long she it taking. 😉

  197. If I had a quilt store, I would love to have a community corner…..clothing, food, fellowship, whatever the need is.

  198. If I owned a quilt shop it would have the type of atmosphere (personality) that invites people to sit and stay awhile.with attractive displays that showcase finished quilts and other products to their best advantage.

  199. We have one here in Nova Scotia , The store is Avonport Discount Fabric s. Right next door is a Hardware / car part store. Husband and wife team. Nothing discount about the Quality or Service in this store. .

  200. If I owned a quilt shop I would love to have a coffee bar with little niches for people to sit and enjoy handwork. It would be nice to have a “cigar lounge” for the guys but this would have to be separated from the the fabrics. I would offer online tutorials. It would be nice to offer drop in help, either live or virtual.

  201. If I owned a quilt shop, I would offer lots of classes and tutorials on various aspects of quilting, in person as well as online. I would also have a large selection of a variety of fabrics, but in particular wools and reproduction quilts. I would also have many samples hanging on the walls. And books and patterns galore.

  202. If I owned a quilt shop I would offer great customer service with friendly, helpful and talented staff like Primitive Gatherings!

  203. If I owned a quilt shop, I would offer custom curated bundles, offer a snack/teashop area, and have lots of sew in activities in the store, to make our shop one of the best shops in the country, that everyone would want to visit or buy from online.

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