12 Days of Needful Things…Day 5

DAY 5 NEEDFUL THINGS–    Endurance Blades: 20%

I really did not notice until I really thought about it…but  I have had this blade in this cutter since  I  got the new navy cutter…well over a year for sure.  So I put this blade on my list for our NEEDFUL THINGS.   I am only buying/using them from now on.  I used to change my blades at least once a month…it could have been done more often than that but I am very frugal…and I do not want to mess up my cutting mats.   The worst thing you can do to your mat is cut on it  with a dull blade.

I am going to be a snob here for just a little moment….I only use Olfa blades/cutters and really like there mats…but I have occasionally used different mats.  But not the cutter…this brand is amazing, I don’t care what cutter…there are many…but these are the most comfortable and the “LV” of rotary cutters…that was “Louie Vuitton” just in case you were not going to get my joke.

So where are offering discounts on everything else as well…

All Regular  & Endurance Rotary Blades: 20%

Rotary Cutters: Yellow Handles only
                                     60mm 45mm  28mm 18mm: 
Creative Grid Itty Bitty Rulers by Primitive Gatherings plus a few more….
We also can’t offer blades and cutters and not rulers.  I LOVE my rulers.  I wish they came in more sizes but this is what we have for now…They do work for all of my cutting needs so I am happy.  
Rulers from Lisa Bongean/Primitive GatheringsWhat I mean by MY rulers is…these are MY rulers.   I designed them…they are still Creative Grid rulers but they have some differences from the normal CG rulers…they have not one solid line…everything is dashed.  They have 1/8, 3/8, 5/8, and 7/8″ markings on them…  Last, they do not have 1/2″ added to them…my ruler is  8″x 24″.  Not  8 1/2″ x 24 1/2″  This has screwed me up more times than I would like to admit…
My rulers come in 3 rectangles.  3×7, 5×15, super nice for cuttting 5″ squares and 8×24 all measurements are in inches.  I also have two squares…6 and 15 inches.  
Creative Grids does not allow us to put their rulers on sale ever.   But we are going to give away a FQ bonus for every $12 you spend on a creative grid ruler, so if you spend $48 dollars on two rulers you get 4 FQs.  We also have added a few more rulers just in case you have all 5 of my ruler or maybe you need double of some!!!
Today you have two chances to win….because I forgot to add a giveaway to yesterday’s post. 
Let’s do something easy….The first comment, Did you make any of your gifts this year?…. Second comment for today’s post. …Do you consider yourself a beginner, intermediate or advanced quilter? and why?  Put them both in one comment and we will pick several winners to win a bunch of stuff from this post and yesterdays.   You know I love to give things away!!!
Thanks for taking the time out to read and participate in our 12 Needful Things!!!
Take time to enjoy all the things…Lisa 
Jace helped organize all my pins, and clips, and other stuff that gets all messed up…he was so proud to work for MiMi.Teaching Grandkids organization
…and then it was time for stitching.  A couple of weeks ago he asked if he could stitch…I said yes. Then did nothing about it…then he asked again and again…so I knew he was really interested.  I asked him what he wanted to stitch…A dragon was his answer…so I found a dragon and we started stitching.  I don’t make him…I do not correct him unless he asks me…I do help thread the needles!!!  We are working on holding onto it by the eye…he stitches for about 15-20 min. then he’s onto something else.  I am wondering how long our sessions will go.  It’s funny because his Mother is left-handed, so he sometimes stitches left and sometimes right…but he is good with both!  Also, a lot of the comments about your quilt shop in Jess’s post was about teaching kids…So I agree.



379 responses to “12 Days of Needful Things…Day 5”

  1. Sue Bennett Avatar

    I did make several gifts this year. Several small quilts and added fabric with them. I say I am an intermediate. I have been quilting many years but I still want to learn new techniques.

    1. Martha Merder Avatar
      Martha Merder

      I made 5 Christmas quilts for my family. Gave them out at Thanksgiving so they could display them for the holiday season. I think I’m an intermediate quilter most days. Then there are days I’m not so sure!


    I did make a few Christmas gifts this year. I consider myself an intermediate quilter. Still so many things i want to learn to become an advanced quilter.

  3. Kristy Soard Avatar
    Kristy Soard

    I made at least one quilty item for everyong on my list. Many were small quilts. I always “need” to give something truly from my heart. I consider myself an advanced quilter. I have quilted for around 50 years, and have tried to continue to learn new techniques and styles as the years progressed. By the way Jace is so handsome, and I love seeing him learning to stitch.

    1. Linda E Avatar
      Linda E

      Love that you are working with Jace and his stitching!
      I have made several gifts this year, some from the wool boxes, a quilt for my mother’s caregiver and ornaments for a gift exchange!
      I consider myself an intermediate quilter, rather than advanced. If you look at my age, yes I should be advanced, but as long as I am intermediate, I will always have something to strive forward and will keep learning and improving!😊

  4. Donna Harakal Avatar
    Donna Harakal

    I don’t really quilt…I’m just starting to wool aplique…so I would be considered a beginner. I had a really busy fall so didn’t have time to make anything😟.

  5. Sandra Fraenkel Avatar
    Sandra Fraenkel

    Yes, I made a Christmas quilt that I am now binding (Luke quilted it)!
    I would call myself advanced, sounds bad to say that. Been quilting for 35+ years and I feel pretty confident of my abilities. 🙂

  6. Colleen Koski Avatar
    Colleen Koski

    I did not make any gifts this year. Work and life were just too crazy. I think I would consider myself an intermediate quilter. I have sewn for years but just don’t think my skill level is advanced. Love that your grandson wants to stitch! My daughter (32) has shown interest in wool appliqué. I was thrilled.

  7. Donna Schulz Avatar
    Donna Schulz

    I made 3 quilts for my each of my youngest grandkids, 1 wildlife quilt for son-in-law, 3 pillows, a large& long table topper for daughter& mini wall hanging for a new so to be granddaughter. Plus whatever I can finish this week. I guess you could say I’m an advanced quilter but I think more of an immediate quilters because there’s always new things to learn or improve on. Love being a quilter!

  8. Donna Schulz Avatar
    Donna Schulz

    Oops – spell check-soon to be granddaughter.

  9. Mary Ann Servi Avatar
    Mary Ann Servi

    I didn’t make any gifts this year. I have in previous years, but not this one. I think I am an intermediate quilter, I love to piece the tops but not do the actual quilting. I love learning all the new embroidery stitches on the wool quilts. I also love Olfa cutters, they are the only ones I use.

  10. Catherine Avatar

    I always make a Christmas table runner for my little grandson’s teacher each year. They appreciate a handmade gift! I consider myself an intermediate quilter, but there are days when I would swear I am a beginner!!!

  11. Dana M Haskell Avatar
    Dana M Haskell

    This has been a weird year and I just am not ready for the holidays, so I haven’t made any gifts this year. Since we won’t be gathering with family this year, maybe next year I can get some things done for gifts. I consider myself an Intermediate quilter. I’ve been quilting for over 20 years, but still learning things. I got a longarm last year, so this year, I’ve been taking some online classes to learn to quilt my tops.

  12. Judy Shapleigh Avatar
    Judy Shapleigh

    I made two pillows, a small flannel quilt with minky backing, a tiny quilt for granddaughter’s Barbie, two small blankets for granddogs, lots of holiday masks, several embroidered ornaments. I think of myself as an intermediate/advanced quilter; I have been quilting since the mid-70s and get a little better each year.

  13. Karin S. Avatar
    Karin S.

    Yes, I have made a ‘few’ gifts this year….not many though. I would consider myself an advanced quilter–in some respects. I enjoy a challenge when it comes to hand piecing, hand quilting, machine piecing, and appliqué. However, I would consider myself a beginner when it comes to machine quilting. I am trying new things and learning more each time I try.

  14. Judith Brown Avatar
    Judith Brown

    I made my daughter a couple of pillow covers and sent her pillow forms. She will also get new pillow covers throughout 2021. Christmas all year!

    I am an advanced quilter. I have taught kids and adults quilting. I love to see new people start quilting. I also love the challenge of making complicated quilts. You really made the complicated quilts much easier by telling us to spray the fabric with starch and hang it to dry. Thank you for that and Merry Christmas!

  15. Donna B Avatar
    Donna B

    I did make a pottery windchime for a friend. No sewing gifts this year.
    I would probably be an advanced quilter. I took tailoring classes before taking up quilting.

  16. Ada Rediger Avatar

    I made a lap quilt for my Mom this year, so she can cozy up with a book this winter. She is 91 and finds the Illinois winters a bit depressing, so I thought the bright colors in the quilt may help cheer her up.

    I have been quilting for over 40 years, although I approach quilting with a “beginner’s mind”. I have found this approach creates a richer learning environment. I have a passion for learning and there is so much to learn in quilting.

  17. Sarah P in AL Avatar
    Sarah P in AL

    I have made one gift for Christmas. I turned a skeleton panel into a doll of sorts. However, I have made several quilts this year that I have given away. This was such a weird year, it seemed appropriate to give the quilts away at the time, instead of waiting for a holiday.

    I think I am an intermediate to advanced quilter, depending one what the technique is. There is always more to learn, and there are always new techniques to tackle. It seems that it is not always about skill, but about willingness to try a new skill. As you get better, you try more things, and are willing to fall flat and try again.

  18. Mari-ann Avatar

    Jace looks very at-ease stitching his dinosaur!!! Very impressed with his ambidextrous talent!! Yes, I made many wool appliqué gifts this year… so relaxing and therapeutic for me! As far as quilting… I would consider myself an intermediate regarding piecing…. beginner tho, when it comes to actual quilting…. but I’m always learning and working at it… thank you!

  19. Robin Avatar

    I made four quilts for gifts this year. The most I have ever done. I am also making fabric ornaments for my employees & friends. I am an intermediate quilter. I love learning new things & am grateful for the best teacher ever!

  20. Terri Mulinix Avatar
    Terri Mulinix

    I love teaching kids have for me than 40 years now, sewing and crafts that is. There little minds are so open to what you doing, they don’t know you can’t do something unless some tells them they can. I made a couple of quilts for Christmas and a couple of needle work pieces. Thank you so much for not putting the 1/2 ” on your rulers, that is so confusing. Wishing you and your family, and staff a very Merry Christmas. Also I would like to Wish everyone reading this a Merry Christmas, I know it’s been a hard and weird year. Keep sewing and stitching helps make the day seem normal.

  21. Marsha Bohling Avatar
    Marsha Bohling

    I made 5 pilowcases for Christmas Eve gifts. And I embroidered 4 dishtowels. I did make myself a little Christmas quilt. I consider myself an Intermediate quilter since I’ve quilted for many years, but still learning. That’s the beautiful thing about quilting, always something to learn!

  22. Darlene Koenig Avatar
    Darlene Koenig

    I have made several Christmas gifts of quilts to be given this year although I’m still busting quilting them. After Christmas, I’ll get back to working on several Primitive Gathering projects that hopefully will be ready next year. I believe I’m a solid intermediate quilter s as I have been able to follow and successfully complete any pattern I have tackled.

  23. Sheryll Foye Avatar
    Sheryll Foye

    I made christmas tree skirts this year. One was from an extra set of fabric I had cut out when I made my own a few years ago. Life got in the way and I rediscovered it all cut and ready to sew this year!! Whoopee! I consider myself an intermediate quilter – I love the piecing part and consider myself skillful at that. What I’m missing is the “artistic” gene that real artists have to pick out fabrics and see visions of how they will look. Thank goodness for precuts!!

  24. Gladys Pedrojew Avatar
    Gladys Pedrojew

    I consider myself an intermediate quilter. I’ve been quilting for about 14 years. But I’m not a professional by any means. The only think I’ve made for Christmas this year are ornaments. I found a pattern for a Scandinavian star that I fell in love with. I love YouTube and it was on there.

  25. Jaxine Andersen Avatar
    Jaxine Andersen

    I made three projects as Christmas gifts this year. I made a wool mat that I purchased in the WI shop in September (gray scalloped mat with white flowers and gray leaves), and two quilts. My granddaughter and her boyfriend lost their home in the fires in Medford, Oregon so and she lost all the quilts I’ve ever made for her, so I made her a Harry Potter quilt and I made a quilt for my daughter-in-law. I live in Wisconsin but I am flying to Oregon for Christmas. Thanks for your give aways and all you do for your customers.

  26. Nancy Ritzman Avatar
    Nancy Ritzman

    I have sewed many 1-hour baskets, towel cowls, and 3 big twin quilts, table runners, Minky scarves, & pillow cases!!!

  27. Melanie B. Avatar
    Melanie B.

    I made lots of gifts this year! Homemade vanilla extract, several of PG’s gingerbread and oh snap towels, a wool table mat and a felt & sequin wall hanging! As for quilting…a beginner. I’ve sewn some quilt tops but I’m afraid of binding!!

  28. DONNA FRYMAN Avatar

    Merry Christmas. Yes I have made several sewn gifts. I have made a couple of quilts for sister in laws and memory pillows of my late husbands flannel shirts.
    I consider myself an intermediate sewer quilter even though I have been stitching since I was nine. I feel like I am always learning . Since I just retired maybe I can work in more techniques si I can say I am an advanced stitcher.

  29. Kathy Elwood Avatar
    Kathy Elwood

    I made wool mitten shaped ornaments for Christmas gifts this year. I consider myself an intermediate quilter. There are still so. many techniques that I need to learn and try before I would consider myself an advanced quilter.

  30. Theresa Avatar

    Jace is adorable!!! I know this part of the comment section is not part of the giveaway but seriously how could you ever refuse that smile…

    I was not able to stitch this year. We are considered essential and have never slowed down. We are beyond grateful because it turns out a devastating illness was lurking in my husband’s body waiting to be discovered or maybe not but it was thankfully. I have become many things and wear more hats. Unfortunately stitching gifts was not an option.

    It will be next, I always knew that we all have a legacy and I really want part of mine to be what I have stitched my hand and or made by machine with lots of love and gratitude for my blessings.

    I am an advanced sewist and embroiderist however new to the concept of quilting meaning seeing the designs, the colorways, the construction meaning squaring it up BUT I see so many options and possibilities abound for quilting and its many uses from practical to not…its just pretty. I am very excited to be able to learn more.

    Very grateful for the doors to the quilting world that you, your designs esp wool and your shop have opened.

  31. Linda Valentino Avatar
    Linda Valentino

    Hi! I gifted 2 Christmas quilts to my daughter & her husband on Thanksgiving. They host each year & Chris makes the most delicious turkey, dressing & mac n cheese! I would say I’m an intermediate quilter… who enjoys simple projects.

  32. Neena Kirsch Avatar
    Neena Kirsch

    I consider myself an intermediate quilter even though I have been quilting for over 50 years and that is because there is always something more to learn!

  33. Kathy Roloff Avatar
    Kathy Roloff

    I did not make any gifts for Christmas this year. I am too stingy to give any quilts at this time after losing many in a move. My.boys know they will all be theirs one day. I consider myself an advanced intermediate. I am pretty good technically and have pretty good luck with color in my scrappy quilts. Love the pics of your grandsons. They are your best gift!

  34. Barbara R Avatar
    Barbara R

    I did not make any gifts this year, moving 1400 miles after living in the same state my entire life was a challenge. I buy like I make a lot of gifts 😂. Enjoyed seeing Jace stitching and sharing his meme’s passion! lucky woman you are!

  35. Sheila Plock Avatar
    Sheila Plock

    Made a lot of Christmas gifts this year from wall hangings, tablerunners and mug rugs. I consider myself an intermediate quilter. Thanks so much for all you do for us quilters.

  36. Gayle Lacey Avatar
    Gayle Lacey

    Oh, such a great day on the PG site!!! I made my youngest grandson his first Big Boy quilt for his bed, and I’m advanced but don’t like to try many new things anymore! I have your rulers and I LOVE them so much! Thank you for treating us so well!

  37. Mary Kastner Avatar
    Mary Kastner

    Yes, I made a couple of flannel quilts for gifts this year. AS old as I am and since I have been quilting almost 50 years consistently I guess I am in the advanced category. Happy Holidays Lisa to you and your family.

  38. Karen Avatar

    It was fun to read about teaching kids. I have such an enjoyable time teaching new skills to my grandchildren. Best of times for sure!
    I made Christmas themed face masks for my family and friends this year as part of their gifts and Christmas table napkins.
    I’m really an intermediate quilter but consider myself a beginner at times because there is always so many new
    Ideas and ways of doing things learn. Always exciting!

  39. Glenda Avatar

    This year I MADE Christmas cars. I’ve not even sent cards for years, but this year seems a time to remember friends. Almost all gifts were stitched this year.

  40. Ellen Reibling Avatar
    Ellen Reibling

    I made some stuffed animals for little great nieces and several totebags for work friends. January is a big month for family birthdays and working on finishing quilts for those. I love how you are teaching Jace by letting him set the pace and choosing the hand. As a lefty I was always encouraged to do my thing; qthe world is a friendlier place now for us!

  41. Polly Davis Avatar
    Polly Davis

    I made four quilts for Christmas gifts this year. Each one special just for the loved ones to cherish.
    I consider myself an intermediate quilter. I still have so many things to learn, but I have completed a few “masterpiece” things that I never thought I would ever do. Most important I am enjoying every minute of my quilting experience 🎄❤️

  42. Glenna C. Denman Avatar
    Glenna C. Denman

    I only made a few gifts this year. I consider myself an intermediate quilter, I do very well but do not do some of the more complicated techniques (like Quiltworx paper piecing).

  43. Quilting Tangent Avatar
    Quilting Tangent

    I made a minky back throw.

  44. Vickie Olsen Avatar
    Vickie Olsen

    Happy Holidays. Love this time of year. Yes, I made a small appliqued basket quilt for a person in a my mini group. For my niece and nephew, I bought them the My Pillow pillows, as one of their gifts, so of course I will make a new Pillowcase for each of them.
    I think I am an intermediate to advanced quilter. I took my first quilt sampler class in 1992, which was all hand done, I learned most of all that quilting is very therapeutic, since I was going through some rough times in my marriage and this kept me sane. I also learned you will make friends for life and have an abundance, wherever you go. Have been quilting ever since. Love it. Especially Applique.

  45. Fran Bianchi Avatar
    Fran Bianchi

    My intentions were good, but I didn’t make any gifts this year. I have been a quilter for more than 25 years and I’m probably an intermediate quilter…but I tell people that I’m a beginner because I’m always beginning something new. I have a few of your rulers, the 5×15 and also the stem rulers, and love them but would be open to more.

  46. Patti Avatar

    Merry Christmas! And thank you for your giveaways. Since I am retired, I had the joy of making several small gifts this year, big and small stocking stuffers, such as zippered pouches or a paper pieced Pokémon pillow. It was fun! I consider myself more of an advanced beginner. My blocks are never quite as squared as I’d like them to be or I struggle with some of the techniques and so forth. But I love the learning!

  47. Donna Kuehl Avatar
    Donna Kuehl

    I finished 2 quilts and an ornament for gifts this year. I think I am intermediate. I am not intimidated by and will try almost any pattern. However, I need to practice and polish some of my skills. Also, need to create my own signature twists for personalizing projects.

  48. Sue Sharp Avatar
    Sue Sharp

    Yes, this year as every year, several stitched gifts. The biggest being a quilt for each one of my sister in laws…all made from stash fabric! Yay!! I would say I’m an intermediate stitcher….there are still many things that intimidate me, but I try to push myself to expand my skills.

  49. Sue Caston Avatar
    Sue Caston

    I joyfully and thankfully made a 1st Christmas quilt for my first grandchild. I haven’t seen or held him yet due to Covid and living far apart, but I put my love into each stitch (and my hopes for the future).

  50. Amy McCaulley Avatar
    Amy McCaulley

    I wasn’t able to see my gifts this year with COVID. I did manage to finish my BFF’s gift, your Christmas may from may moons ago. She will love it! High hopes for next year.

    1. Amy McCaulley Avatar
      Amy McCaulley

      Sew! Autocorrect!! Ugh!

  51. Quilting Tangent Avatar
    Quilting Tangent

    Intermediate, because I try new things and basic patterns are so boring.

  52. Dawn Avatar

    I made an adorable pieced dump truck quilt for my 18 month old grandson…. he loved it, as we celebrated Christmas this weekend with them ✨ I would consider myself an intermediate quilter for pieced quilts but probably only a beginner for wool appliqués, but love the creative designs! Thank you for inspiring all of us!

  53. Sandy Libby Avatar
    Sandy Libby

    Such great memories with your grandson! I made several gifts this year-your HOME pattern into mini pillows for my kids and the gnome pattern into ornaments for my four grandkids. I’m an intermediate quilter. I know the concepts just need practice with cutting and finishing. Have a good Sunday!

  54. Gloria G Avatar
    Gloria G

    It’s great that Jace is learning to stitch. Those skills will come in handy when he’s older and has to sew on a button! I made a quilt for my granddaughter and some ornaments for a gift exchange. I would consider myself an intermediate quilter. There are so many techniques out there that I have not attempted and would love to try. When I see quilts at quilts at quilt shows, I marvel at all the beautiful techniques and wish I was that good. Some day! But need to try first…

  55. Cheryl G Avatar
    Cheryl G

    This year I made my two grandsons a quilt using a panel of their superhero’s. The grand girls , made them American Girl outfits. I think I would rather make quilts. I would say I’m a advanced quilter especially if I sew slow.😊

  56. Colleen Hicks Avatar
    Colleen Hicks

    No, and intermediate, because I still shy away from the more intercut works. Love em but shy away.

  57. Angela McCubbins Avatar
    Angela McCubbins

    I made my friend Scott a wall hanging of some of his late dad’s ties and made his brother a pillow. I consider myself an intermediate quilter. I’ve been quilting for just over 10 years but still have so much to learn.

  58. Ruthann Lindsay Avatar
    Ruthann Lindsay

    I haven’t made anything for gifts this year except an ornament for a Christmas swap. I consider myself an intermediate quilter, although as many others have commented, have quilted for over 35 years. I consider myself more of a fabric collector. LOL……Merry Christmas to everyone! Thanks Lisa for everything you and your staff have done for us this year. Just found you this year. Love your wool boxes !!!

  59. Mary Kolb Avatar
    Mary Kolb

    I made a lot of my gifts this year..king size quilt with pillow cases, table topper, matching dresses for two granddaughters, a pillow, dolly blanket, doll clothes, placemats an napkins.
    I consider myself an advanced quilter because I’ve been quilting for 40 years and haven’t been stumped by a pattern yet!!

  60. Patti Kaplan Avatar
    Patti Kaplan

    I made two baby quilts as gifts. They were for a 2 year old and a newborn who will be sharing a room, second comment. I consider myself an intermediate quilter leaning towards advanced. I try and push myself every year to learn something new. This year I finally got a slot in the wool box subscription, I am more than excited to hone my wool skills.

  61. Kay Sanderford Avatar
    Kay Sanderford

    Yes, this year I did make one of my gifts. With the loss of my job and hubby taking a pay cut, all due to COVID, we decided no gifts for each other. We have 3 adult children, 2 sons-in-law, and 7 grandchildren, so we decided to focus our budget on their Christmas gifts. But then I decided I would make my hubby an oversized throw quilt … good for TV watching, sleeping in his recliner or taking camping. I have never made him his very own quilt and I can’t wait to give it to him on Christmas morning. I plan to tell him it’s his “sit in your rocking chair in your old age” quilt! Ha!

    I’ve been sewing since my late teens, so that’s 38 years. Didn’t start quilting until my 20s, piecing actually, as I don’t hand quilt. But with all the YouTube videos and online tutorials, as well as so many more updated tools, I feel like my skills have improved so much just in the last few years. My sewing is much more precise than it used to be. I feel like I should be an advanced level after all these years, but since I also feel like I am constantly honing my skills, I’ll label myself as intermediate at this time.

    Thank you for your awesome tutorials and giveaways! Merry Christmas!

  62. Barbara Barringer Avatar
    Barbara Barringer

    I am in the middle of working on handmade gifts for this year.

  63. Diane Avatar

    I love your patterns and have many over the years several to give as gifts this year —- the Holly and Ivy pillow – Peace pillow (made two for one to keep but i relented when my daughter saw it) – and the sweet stacked Christmas tree ornies then several smaller lap quilts made from stash fabrics. I’m already set with your bunnies (pillow) and Merry Christmas all set to go for 2021! Now I need to replenish my 5 wt Pearle cotton threads for the writing on them!!! I’d consider myself an intermediate advanced quilt maker and wool project quilter!!! I’ll try anything!!! I love all your goodies!!!

  64. Barbara Barringer Avatar
    Barbara Barringer

    I think I am probably nearing expert, but I am continuing to learn more. I have many techniques under my belt but Definitely can always learn more

  65. Gloria Whittington Avatar
    Gloria Whittington

    I cas not able to make any gifts this year – husband just out of hospital and more focus on his recovery. I DO enjoy looking at the log and FB posts fo the inspiration!

  66. Sharon Avatar

    I made three Christmas quilts, although only two were gifts for my daughter. One is for me, as a reminder of the friendship between two people. But I gifted a Christmas quilt kit, if that can count! As I cut my quilt fabric, I realized I had enough to cut two kits, and gifted one to an older friend who had been locked down too long. We kept in touch on our progress as we sewed on our Christmas quilts, although we live several states apart. It gave her a spark to keep quilting and making items as Christmas gifts. I am probably advanced in piecing, appliqué, embroidery, and other techniques, but definitely intermediate as I struggle to machine quilt my own quilts. Always a challenge for me!

  67. Gloria whittington Avatar
    Gloria whittington

    I am a beginner, but have collected quite a few projects and Woolbox kits to keep me busy this next year!

  68. Jean Berger Avatar
    Jean Berger

    I made most of my gifts this year…2 quilts, 4 pillows, 3 aprons, and a table runner so far. And there are still a few under the needle!

    I would consider myself to be an advanced level quilter, but I still learn something new every day!!!

  69. Mary Avatar

    Yes I did make some of my gifts this year. One was a sticking for my daughter who will not be home this year due to it being this year. She needed to have a mama made stocking.

    Intermediate quilter. I feel accomplished enough to do most everything that I want to do, but not everything.

  70. Gale W. S. Avatar
    Gale W. S.

    I made a hand-stitched scissors case for a friend this Christmas, counted cross stitch on 32 count linen. I consider myself an intermediate-plus piecer but am weak in machine quilting.

  71. Harriett Murray Avatar
    Harriett Murray

    I made 2 pincushions with your new doe pattern. Wool on green velveteen. The girls who received them loved them. Velveteen for backgrounds are lucious. Hope you could carry some one day?! I consider myself intermediate bc I have finished several of your wool quilts (lol)!!! I’ve also done some machine appliqué of which I’m most proud. My next endeavor is feathered star. I’ve started, just not finished yet.
    Love your stuff & so thank you for videos & letting us take a peek into your world. Your shop is on my bucket list when COVID is under control. Merry Christmas 🎄

  72. Toni Avatar

    Yes I did make some gifts this year – a holiday quilt to hang for my daughter and her family and another quilt for my other daughter – and a few ornaments of course! I consider myself an intermediate quilter as I’m willing to dive into more challenging projects. Thank you for your needful things!

  73. Sharon Ray Avatar
    Sharon Ray

    I did not make any gifts this year, it might be the first time ever! We had been dealing with a sickness. I consider myself to be and intermediate to advanced quilter. i have been quilting since 1985 but I still learn new things all the time.

  74. Mary Hoeppner Avatar
    Mary Hoeppner

    My Christmas gifts are always on going through the year as I want friends and family to display or use for the holidays. I made many soup cozies in particular since we are limited on our outings this year. Everyone was making lots of soups. I also like to use for my cold ice cream bowl. I consider myself an intermediate stitcher as I continue to enjoy learning new techniques.

  75. Linda Cates Avatar
    Linda Cates

    Yes, I made some Christmas ornaments for gifts this year. I’m a slow sewer and don’t have a great machine so I did EPP for 10 years until my hands couldn’t handle the tight holding of the pieces. I had been reading your blog and decided to try your Wool Box when you started it. I’ve never looked back. I’m an intermediate quilter because I know essentials and have completed Everlasting and Heirloom Rose. In two years when I complete Twilight Garden I will consider myself Advanced!!!

  76. Jane Sheehan Avatar
    Jane Sheehan

    I made a present for everyone on my list this year. So helped me get through this year! I consider myself an intermediate quilter, still learning each and every project I do.

  77. Ruth Buchanan Avatar
    Ruth Buchanan

    Unfortunately life happened and I did not finish anything in time for gift giving. I consider myself somewhere between intermediate and advanced. I keep learning new things such as learning wool projects for the first time and am loving it.

  78. Jan Davis Avatar
    Jan Davis

    Yes, I made gifts for Christmas this year. I made pillowcases for the grandkids and we exchanged mug rugs in my quilt group.
    I consider myself to be an intermediate quilter. When I look at various quilting patterns I see some that I consider too easy and others too difficult. I like that I can keep learning new skills.

  79. Linda Graffeo Avatar
    Linda Graffeo

    Absolutely I made gifts! Is one of my favorite things to do. You designers make it hard to pick!! So many patterns that seem to get better and better!
    An intermediate. Though I’ve been sewing more than sixty years I feel I always have something to learn and love a challenge.

  80. Gayle Troccoli Avatar
    Gayle Troccoli

    I made 3 table runners, a lap quilt, and 3 cross stitch ornaments for gifts this year. I consider myself an advanced piecer, between intermediate and expert. I have been piecing quilts since 1993, but have only been machine and hand quilting my own quilts the last few years. I enjoy piecing simpler patterns and enjoy hand quilting more than machine quilting, but need more practice at both.
    Jace is really growing up. I know you are happy that he is showing an interest in your craft.
    I really enjoy your creations, your blog and tutorials. You are very talented. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Gayle in Tennessee

  81. Karen Juckem Avatar
    Karen Juckem

    I consider myself an advanced quilter as I have been quilting since 1976. I quilt daily with machine and by hand. Made 3 Packer tree skirts, 2 sets of flannel hand warmers and long table runner for gifts thus year.

  82. Karen Baldauf Avatar
    Karen Baldauf

    Yes!! I made the Three Gnome Pillow! Love it! Plan to keep going and make the rest as gifts for next year!

    I consider myself an intermediate to advanced quilter. I have been sewing forever and quilting for over 40 years. I am up for any challenge with piecing and have tried many styles. I am newer to appliqué wool quilting and live it! I have 3 in process and am getting more consistent. I have not tried EPP yet. I free motion quilt on my domestic machine and when I can on the longarm at the local quilt shop. I am working on mastering ruler work and more detailed fill and designs. Hopefully I will be gifted Linda’s rulers for Christmas. I have learned so much from you and upped my skill. Thank you!

  83. JENNIFER ROTH Avatar

    I did make a variety of quilting items this year. A full size mix of applique and pieced quilt for my parents and I am so happy to give them this quilt. I consider myself an intermediate quilter and have been doing it off and on most of my adult life as I was inspired as a child. This year my skills sharpened as I have tried new techniques and challenged myself. I can’t wait to see what 2021 brings.

  84. Barbara Morse Avatar
    Barbara Morse

    Yes, I made a table mat and I always make ornaments for special people as Christmas gifts ( all wool applique since I am still struggling with the sewing machine). I am not a quilter yet but I am a tool geek so I may have to study your grid and ruler tools. I’m glad you are working with Jace. If he truly is ambidextrous, that will make him more powerful ( and it says a lot about how cool his brain is wired!) once he figures it out. I am almost ambidextrous which sometimes confuses me but it comes in handy. Thank you for making life more enjoyable for us during this crazy time.

  85. Chris Thorpe Avatar
    Chris Thorpe

    Yes I did make tree skirt, and 5 barn quilt!! I feel like I’m close to experienced quilter lots of classes, working in quilt shop, retreats, & teaching lots of classes! Olfa blades & cutter are the best!!!

  86. Candy Kitchen Avatar
    Candy Kitchen

    I did not make any gifts this year. I was too busy making ugly sweater ornaments for my selfish self!!!!!!!!! I con sider myself a long, long time beginner. I have taken a few lessons using cottons, but none with wools. Some times my items work out okay, and sometimes they don’t!!!!!!!!!

  87. sewncreations Avatar

    I made the grandkids some clothing and my kids some new kitchen towels. I am a beginner quilter

  88. Sandi McDaniel Avatar
    Sandi McDaniel

    I made a lot of gifts this Christmas….ornaments for everyone and a wool mat for my daughter.
    I think I am an intermediate quilter….I do it for the fun of it and can let little mistakes slide!

  89. Jerry Davis Avatar
    Jerry Davis

    No I do not make anything for gifts… I am a beginner, and try to be perfect ( I know it’s a losing situation). With that being said, I can not make myself happy with my work, so there is no way I would give something I made as a gift. Lol

  90. Julie Naatz Avatar
    Julie Naatz

    First, yes I did make 1 gift for Christmas-mug rugs for my sister. She begged. Love her! Second, I consider myself an intermediate quilter. I’ve been piecing for 15 years and with more time, would like to expand my skills.

  91. Francine Pollock Avatar
    Francine Pollock

    I love watching this little guy stitch. So sweet that you just let him do his thing. This so empowers his confidence and creativity.

  92. Linda Kirkwood Avatar
    Linda Kirkwood

    Yes, I made all of my gifts. Made lap quilts for my six grand daughters and bags and microwave bowl holders for daughter-in-laws.

  93. Debbie Miller Avatar
    Debbie Miller

    I made several gifts this year just not as many as previous years due to lots of family issues with deaths and illnesses. I would classify myself as an intermediate to advanced quilter.

  94. Kelly Riesterer Avatar
    Kelly Riesterer

    1yes i made 3 gifts this year. I consider myself still a beginner quilter because i do about 90% wool applique but i do have to put the quilts together I’m just slow and careful which is stressful for me! Lol. Some day when i can retire and work on it daily i’ll get better!!

  95. Henrietta Sheffel Avatar
    Henrietta Sheffel

    Hi. I did not make any Christmas gifts this year but I am working on quilt tops for my 6 grandson. 3 done, 3 to go. I consider myself a beginner quilter.

  96. Vicki Sprain Avatar
    Vicki Sprain

    Yes, my Mom is getting some placemats from me and for my co-workers at the quilt shop I work at in Phoenix, i am making a German bell for each of them. i consider myself to be an advanced quilter and love to make quilt blocks with LOTS of tiny pieces!

  97. karlasal Avatar

    Yes, I made an airplane quilt for my adult son. I’d consider myself a confident intermediate quilter.

  98. Penny Mills Avatar
    Penny Mills

    Love your columns! Regarding give away …am making a wool appliqué and I feel like a beginner

  99. Marilyn wolf Avatar
    Marilyn wolf

    I did make a few gifts this year, some simple tote bags and a lap quilt. I think I am an advanced beginner quilter, not quite intermediate yet!

  100. Jane Avatar

    I made a couple of small appliqué gifts to give friends. I am an absolute beginner at quilting, and the why is because I am just learning how to use a rotary cutter! I always cut into the ruler and get frustrated.

  101. Wanda Avatar

    I pieced and quilted a black and white quilt for my daughter, made some folded stars and some ornaments . I would call myself an intermediate quilter. Love you shop and all that you do

  102. Mary Lu Avatar
    Mary Lu

    First, stitching with grandsons is the best! Mine is 8 years old and he is so interested in everything I do. I taught him how to knot the thread and he has done it for his mom, my daughter! I made PJ bottoms, pillowcases, gift bags out of old Christmas fabric. One day talking to my grandson he asked what I was doing. When I said sewing, he said since you like quilting so much I bet it is some quilt! I would consider myself an intermediate. quilter. I like challenges and always strive for perfection…that’s a tough one.

  103. Dee Johnson Avatar
    Dee Johnson

    I love to make gifts, but unfortunately I don’t have a finish for this year, but daughters birthday is January so it can be a birthday gift. Interestingly enough she is not big on crafts or sewing, but she took one look at Lisa’s Autumn In The Outer Banks sunflower pattern and went crazy. She wants a teal background so I need to call the shop and ask which teal they think would go with sunflowers, suggestions Lisa? When she finally sees something she likes I jump on it as she is a picky little lady.

    I would consider myself to be a strong intermediate quilter. I say this as my one Waterloo is the actual quilting. I’ve done a little machine quilting, but would rather piece, appliqué, punch needle, or rug hook.

    BTW I live my Itty Bits rulers, 6 and 5”. Perfect for precision piecing, and sold my sewing friends on them too! Now I need to expand my collection.

  104. Kathy Baker Avatar
    Kathy Baker

    This year I actually finished four small tree quilts I pieced last year, but had yet to hand quilt. I also made some wool applique presents for both my friends and sisters. It has been easier to do that sort of thing since the pandemic has us staying home. I am an intermediate quilter, even though I have been quilting since the day of templates and a handy tool that you used to mark a quarter inch on your traced piece, then hand stitched blocks together. I love my Juki that I bought from PG years ago, so now I enjoy machine piecing, of course using Aurifil thread (Lisa you have the BEST ideas that you share!) Jace is such a handsome little man. He really concentrates on his stitiching.

  105. Suzanne Thayne Avatar
    Suzanne Thayne

    I did make some gifts this year but none of them quilts. Maybe next year I will be better at that. I consider myself an intermediate quilter. There is always something new to learn…….Like keeping our blades sharp.

  106. Mary Avatar

    I made placemats as gifts. I’m an intermediate quilter. Thanks!

  107. Marilyn wolf Avatar
    Marilyn wolf

    I did make a few gifts this year, some simple tote bags and a lap sized quilt. I consider myself an advanced beginner, not a true intermediate yetj!

    1. Jan Avatar

      Sadly the number of gifts we give out has decreased with loved ones passing. This was the 1st year I ordered gifts online but not sure when we’ll get to distribute. While making masks I did cut out a quilt for a niece but that’s all the further it went. After the few Christmas decorations that were brought out are put away I plan/hope to get busy sewing it, a new baby quilt & a married niece asked for a quilt for her husband in the Army. It may be a snowy winter for us this year so I shouldn’t have any distractions. I would say I classify myself as a strong beginner moving into a weak intermediate. Wishing you, Lisa, your family, staff & PG followers a Blessed Holiday & even more a Blessed 2021.

  108. Beth N in AZ Avatar
    Beth N in AZ

    I made sugar scrub to give my girls. Hands get so dry this time of year! It includes Vitamin E oil and is scented with Bermagot

    I think I am an intermediate quilter. I can do a lot of things reasonably well, but I still have so much room to improve on even such basic things as a reliably accurate 1/4″ seam

  109. Marie Eddins Avatar
    Marie Eddins

    Sweet that Jace wants to learn and is trying.
    I’ve made several gifts this year for my 4 kids and their families, from advent calendars, pretty tea towels with prairie points, wall hanging quilted panels with lights, and a cowboy doll from a panel. If time permits, may make something else this week!
    I consider myself intermediate but sometimes advanced! I’ve been sewing by hand since I was 6, later learned on my Mom’s sewing machine in 8th grade. Sewed curtains and drapes, most of my clothing, tailored a couple of suits, and then sewed all the name tags and stripes achieved for my Air Force husband’s uniforms! No one in my family made quilts. It wasn’t until 21 years ago that I heard about and took a beginner quilting class from a local quilt shop. I was hooked! Rarely do I do any other kind of sewing now except sometimes one of my kids still bring me something to mend! None of them have shown much interest in learning how to sew or quilt!

  110. Deb Valentine Avatar
    Deb Valentine

    I did not make any of my Christmas gifts this year….too busy at work! I consider myself a beginner quilter but I am determined to learn correctly! I’m very thankful for the guidance I receive from more skilled quilters!!!

  111. Linda Anderson Avatar
    Linda Anderson

    I made two gnome quilts, one for each of my grand- daughters. And I made six gnomes for myself and friends. Guess it’s a gnome Christmas. I consider myself an intermediate quilter. I’ve made quilts and I always learn with each one.

  112. Joyce Avatar

    I made most of my Christmas gifts this year. I had the time since I didn’t get out much. I feel like I am somewhere between intermediate and advanced quilter. I find that there are still things to learn.

  113. lcdds217 Avatar

    I did not make any gifts this year. I am a health care worker and battling to keep my patients,my staff and myself safe and healthy leaves me very pooped at the end of the day. A few cookie plates and virtual hugs are the best I can do this year. I consider myself an advanced quilter – been doing it for 30 years and there are very few quilty things I havent tried -. I might not be good at everything but i love a new technique and a challenge. I am very excited to see rug hooking may be on your menu in 2021. I’ve done a little but would love to get into it with a pattern I love – and I KNOW that would be any thing from you, Lisa!!! Merry Christmas!

  114. Lisa Batris Avatar
    Lisa Batris

    I was able to make some gifts for family and friends! I knitted a hat for my sister and wove kitchen towels for family and friends!

  115. Kathleen Avatar

    Yes I made a wall hanging and lots of bowl cozies. I consider myself an intermediate piecer and wool worker and a beginner quilter.

  116. Pam Marcis Avatar
    Pam Marcis

    Hello, I made about 80% of my gifts. I started early. There were by Annie bags, bench pillows, stuffed animals, and reading pillows. But most of all there were primative gathering pillows, candle matts, and a quilt. I started for next year with the be Merry wall hanging. Goal is to make a few of them.

    My skill level. Depends on the day, I took a virtual class on pressor feet and there is going to be a big learning curve, I try to work in software with machine embroidery and after about 1 hr I’m on a primative gathering hand stitching item. It seams to relax me. Machine piecing and machine applique is a breeze, but forget paper piecing, that I’m a below beginner. I have problems with orienting anything!

  117. kaywelch Avatar

    I made a set of placemats and a Christmas stocking (from a vintage quilt and vintage trims). I was sidelined by a strained rotator cuff, so I didn’t get to make as many gifts as I hoped. I consider myself an intermediate for most quilting, and a beginner for the techniques, designs that I haven’t yet tried or become proficient.

  118. Priscilla Frappier Avatar
    Priscilla Frappier

    I made most of my gifts, a table topper and two pillows! Also made ornaments to attach as gift tags!!
    As to skill level, I’m a fairly advanced quilter but early in my journey of wool appliqué.
    Merry Christmas!!🎄

  119. Brenda Ourada Avatar
    Brenda Ourada

    I did make gifts this year. First I was addicted to fall items so made mats & runners and gave them to friends. I also “gifted” myself a long pillow with 5 pumpkins for on our fireplace & love it. These were all wool appliqué. For Xmas I made several of the Like father, like son pillows to give as gifts. I also made my mom, who loves Cardinals, a set of 2 pillows quilted with Cardinals and a beautiful Cardinal mat which I made into a wall hanging. She loved everything. Right now I am quickly stitching gnome pillow & making gnome gift tag/ornaments using free pattern from PG Christmas sale.

    I guess I would say I am an intermediate stitcher. I have always been sewing quilts or making baby gifts but now addicted to wool appliqué. It is just so relaxing & a stress reliever. Thank you PG for all the great patterns & kits.

  120. Janet Kay Avatar
    Janet Kay

    I made a wall quilt for our home for Christmas. I needed bright colors on one wall because I’m not into much decorating this year. I would consider myself an advanced quilter but always open to learning new techniques.

  121. Paula Johnson Avatar
    Paula Johnson

    Merry Christmas yes I make table toppers that can be used on both sides.one side Christmas and the other birthday fabric so it can be used more then once during the year. I’m going to say intermediate but I do love a challenge and I have been sewing since I was 9. I love to sew ,do wool projects and knit. ❤️

  122. Peggy Robertson Avatar
    Peggy Robertson

    I made many pouches for gifts to carry charge cords for trips, also table runners and mug rugs. I’ve been quilting for 30 yrs so I guess I’m advanced. I also go into my quilt storage closet and give quilts away. Need to start sharing, more.

  123. Marcia Connor Avatar
    Marcia Connor

    Yes I made several of my gifts. I so enjoy knowing each and every stitch is for the recipient. Giving my time and effort enhances giving.

  124. Maggie Reintges Avatar
    Maggie Reintges

    I made pillow cases to put the kids gifts in this year but that’s about it. I’ve taught and worked in a shop for about 20 years..I’ve since retired…and I’ve also won at quite a few shows so maybe I’d say advanced. But it’s all in the eye of the beholder and what you like!!

  125. Priscilla Frappier Avatar
    Priscilla Frappier

    Don’t think my message posted, but if it did, sorry for the duplicate.
    I made most of my gifts this year, including gift tag ornaments!
    I’m a pretty OK quilter, but early in my wool appliqué career!!

  126. Karen G. Avatar

    I made a few quilts this Christmas to gift. I’ve been quilting about 33 years but I’m always learning something new. Love that your grandson is stitching. I remember my grandmother writing my name on a piece of muslin, hooping it and showing me how to cover it with colorful thread. Great memories.

  127. Linda Walters Avatar
    Linda Walters

    Yes I made quilts for both of my kids! Plus homemade goodies if that counts too. I’m probably somewhere between intermediate and advanced in my quilts skills. Still have a couple of quilts to try before I consider myself advanced. Thanks for doing these fun giveaways!

  128. Marcia Connor Avatar
    Marcia Connor

    I consider myself an intermediate quilter. Although I have been quilting since the 80’s and even owned a quilt shop, there is always more and more to learn. I love this art form–never tire of the challenges.

  129. C Visser Avatar
    C Visser

    I did make most of my gifts this year. Table runners, bags, pouches, pin cushions, ornaments and wall hangings.
    I would consider myself an intermediate quilter. Why? I can cut accurately, sew a 1/4″ seam and match my points (i like accuracy)! I can follow a pattern but I’m also able to adapt and make changes to suit my style. I’ve tried a variety of techniques, patterns and sew- a-longs. (My favorites are tiny things!)

  130. Sandy Baitz Avatar
    Sandy Baitz

    I made a baseball themed quilt for 17 year grandson. It is quilted with an all over meander that has baseballs in it. I am so excited to see his reaction.

  131. Nancy Knight Avatar
    Nancy Knight

    I make a majority of my gifts for Christmas. All my friends birthday gifts are handmade – they would be insulted if I gave them something storebought!

  132. Lisa Batris Avatar
    Lisa Batris

    I am an intermediate machine sewist, my precision piecing needs improvement. The starching tip on one of Lisa’s videos has helped. As for my hand stitching, I would consider myself advanced. I truly enjoy all type of handwork and it has been my stress relief this year!

  133. Alberta Bailie Avatar
    Alberta Bailie

    Good for Jace!! Sewing anything is a great hobby and can certainly be a stress reliever! I taught classes for many years and feel I am probably an advanced quilter. I do a lot of cotton appliqué and really enjoy it. Wool appliqué quilts and projects are my love. They are great to just get lost in!! I use the Olfa cutters only also. They are awesome and I too love the endurance blade. Amazed at how long they last. No projects for Christmas this year–had several on going projects to concentrate on. We will not even be with family this Christmas-but we will rejoice in our Saviour’s birth. Have a blessed Christmas!!

  134. Sandy Baitz Avatar
    Sandy Baitz

    I think I am a beginning intermediate. I have been learning since I retired from teaching 3 years ago but everyday I learn little tips that make my quilts more accurate.

  135. Kathy R Avatar

    I made several wool projects for Christmas gifts this year. I consider myself intermediate because I can’t know everything and I love to learn new techniques from others. I like to say I learn something new every day!

  136. Susy Avatar

    Yes, I knit for my daughter in laws, cowls this year. I did not quilt for Xmas this year, though. I am probably an intermediate quilter.
    I have taught my granddaughters to quilt and knit. One of my grandsons requested to learn to knit, he began, but lost interest. I remember a stitching project one year for Mother’s Day gifts when teaching 2nd grade. The boys loved it more than the girls!

  137. Debra Lee Ballard Avatar
    Debra Lee Ballard

    This year I made 3 wall hangings for our adult children from red work blocks my mother did several years ago. She died two years ago so these will bring back memories of her to each of their families. Also made two mini quilts for two friends from the cut off triangles from a quilt I made earlier in the year.

    Since I’ve been quilting for almost forty years I’d say I’m an advanced quilter. Being home so much during the pandemic my pile of quilts is growing!

  138. Sarah P Avatar
    Sarah P

    I would say I’m an intermediate- but I love trying challenging patterns! I agree with you about the importance of teaching younger people how to stitch. I didn’t learn until I was older and wish I had started sooner.

  139. Nancy Knight Avatar
    Nancy Knight

    Intermediate. Even though I have quilted for 30 years I only make a couple a year and I seem to forget a lot of stuff inbetween. It doesn’t come to me naturally the way hooking, punching or cross stitching do. Maybe if I had a good teaching shop like you close by!

  140. Sheryl Phipps Avatar
    Sheryl Phipps

    I made some mug rugs this year and sent to my Retreat friends that I didn’t get to see this year because the retreats were canceled. I would say I’m an intermediate quilter. Love trying new techniques.

  141. Karla Pickhinke Avatar
    Karla Pickhinke

    Yes, my favorite gift I made for a gift this Christmas is the Chop Sue-y quilt with Urban Farmhouse Gatherings!!!! ❤️❤️❤️Love it sooo much I ordered another one for myself❤️❤️
    Then 4 other little quilts, 12 pillowcases, and I have 3 “Like Father, Like Son” pillows completed, and working on 4 more, plus diapers for a baby doll, for my granddaughter, and want to make her more accessories, like a diaper bag & a little doll quilt!, so, sometimes, I would think I’m an advanced quilter, I’ve been sewing for at least 45 years, I think I’m a terrible quilter, I can stitch in the ditch, 😂, have tried the meandering, but, I’d much rather be piecing things together, so I have a couple of good friends that do my quilting for me❤️ I Love doing little pieces😳😍❤️
    My favorite is stitching with wool & still working on this summers SBOW, Live a Thankful Life❤️

  142. Pam Hintze Avatar
    Pam Hintze

    I made Christmas pillows and a Christmas stocking for my new Granddaughter. Working on a Primitive Gatherings wool reindeer quilt kit for myself.

  143. Phoebe R. Bitler Avatar
    Phoebe R. Bitler

    I made my grandson his first Christmas stocking; wool applique farm scene! Also a wool applique Santa wall hanging; almost done.
    I think I am an intermediate quilter. I have made many types in

    my life, but I am not sure that I will ever match my Mother’s “advanced” hand quilting.

  144. Jennifer Krough Avatar
    Jennifer Krough

    I made no gifts this year besides masks! I am an advance quilter because I have been at it for over 30 years.

  145. Kim Anderson Avatar
    Kim Anderson

    Had to make stuff for Christmas! I make a baby onesie ornament from wool with stitching (and a cute hanger made from a paper clip) for each grandchild. Number three was born in July. Bibs, soft crinkle books, and a flannel quilt also were stitched up.
    I consider myself an intermediate quilter, but a more advanced seamstress. Starting very young, sewing my own doll clothes and hand stitching has served me well. My mom was a great teacher and inspiration. Us kids were never allowed to have idle hands! Even the boys.

  146. Diane Ziegler Avatar
    Diane Ziegler

    I’ve made many Christmas gifts this year! I sent my family all wool ornaments in their Christmas cards since we can’t be together. I’ve made a PG table mat, and embroidered 3 of the PG gingerbread tea towels. I’ve also made 3 pair of lounge pants (Clothes are not my thing. I prefer quilting and wool projects.) and a toiletry bag out of waxed canvas. I guess I consider myself and intermediate quilter, probably because after more than 30 years I still don’t always feel very confident in my abilities.

  147. Debby Krzyston Avatar
    Debby Krzyston

    Hi, Oh yes, I made 15 wool ornaments for family. They’re snowmen wearing masks carrying a USA flag I found for decorating cupcakes. The each have a gold 2020 charm sewn on the front too. It’s an Election year with Covid.
    I’m think I’m between a beginner and intermediate quilter-stitcher. I had my first Wool Class from you , Lisa years ago.
    Happy Healthy Holidays. Stay safe and be well.

  148. Bonnie Larson Avatar
    Bonnie Larson

    I was fortunate enough to be a pattern tester for a pattern maker and made 2 of her quilts as giveaways for xmas presents. I also made some kitchen hanging towels and masks as stocking stuffers. I consider myself a confident beginner – Intermediate quilter – mainly because my FMQ needs ongoing practice and improvement. Thanks Lisa. I love your wool applique as a de-stresser in my life.

  149. Carmen N Avatar
    Carmen N

    I love that Jace is interested in stitching, he’s open to new things and willing to give them to try. I didn’t make any gifts this year but our family really doesn’t exchange anymore. I would consider myself an advanced quilter. I have always taken as many classes as I am able to, read as much as possible and always challenge myself with new techniques. Learning is fun for me. Being successful by using great tools is also helps with quilting confidence.

  150. Sharon Walsh Avatar
    Sharon Walsh

    I was only able to get one gift made for Christmas this year. I am considered advanced quilter, only because I can make anything if I have a pattern.

  151. Karen S Avatar
    Karen S

    Making several One-Hour Baskets for gifts this year. I think of myself as an intermediate quilter because of the various techniques I’m able to do, but not yet advanced, as not yet competent with little pieces or with appliqué.

  152. Phyllis K Avatar
    Phyllis K

    Hi. Today’s questions: I did make some of the gifts for Christmas this year and I consider myself between a beginner and intermediate quilter. I love that your grandson is sewing and doesn’t consider it a “girl” thing. I hope he keeps sewing….you have an employee in training 🙂

  153. Claudia Estep Avatar
    Claudia Estep

    I did make several things. Baby blanket and quilt for my great granddaughter to arrive in February.

  154. Claudia Estep Avatar
    Claudia Estep

    I would consider myself a advanced beginner! Lol.
    I have piecing down but the quilting has a long way to go.

  155. Peggy Nelson Avatar
    Peggy Nelson

    I did get a bunch of mug rugs and some table toppers made!

    And I guess I’m an advanced quilter since I’m old and have been quilting for more than 40 years! I like all areas of quilting but especially applique … its very calming to me and has helped me through my husband’s serious illnesses!

  156. Mary Hawk Avatar
    Mary Hawk

    I made bowl coozies and napkins and some little purse prayer quilts.
    I’d consider myself fairly advanced as I have been quilting a long time. More intermediate on wool stitching. I like different kinds of handwork.

  157. Kayleen Page Avatar
    Kayleen Page

    Still hoping to make my son and grandkids pillowcases, running out of time! Definitely a beginner. Life goal is to sew a quilt, then found wool and have been working with that. Ordered my first ruler (stem ruler) after watching a video from you, so excited to see how much easier it will be. Thank You!!

  158. Cheryl Gherna Avatar
    Cheryl Gherna

    This year I made A LOT of gifts, I’m not sure if there are more than before, but this year I really enjoyed it and finally paced myself, I’m totally done! I consider myself an intermediate quilter. Lots of experience and tackle challenging patterns at times.

  159. Mrsloon191@gmail.com Avatar

    First of all Jace is a very handsome young man. You are both lucky to have one another and to stitch with one another is awesome.
    I did make all of my Christmas gifts this year. I am 82 and I wrote a Family and Friends cookbook for all 20 of my kids and grandkids which I am proud of and each also receives either a wool stitched table topper or quilted table topper. They all say they love Nanny’s stuff. And my great grand children will receive a hand knitted sweater and book from Great Nanny.
    I consider myself an intermediate/advanced quilter. I have learned so much over the years and pride myself in my projects. I love handwork of almost any kind.
    Thank you for everything you do.

  160. Lisa Angel Avatar
    Lisa Angel

    I made memory angels from my mom’s clothes to give her grandchildren. She passed last Thanksgiving. I consider myself an intermediate quilter because if I see Applique, other than wool, I run from the pattern. Lol. Merry Christmas.

  161. V Geib Avatar
    V Geib

    I made one gift this year, a Minky blanket for a dear friend who is going through cancer treatment. I consider myself a intermediate quilter. I am much better than I used to be but I wish my machine quilting skills were better. I am pretty good at everything else.

  162. blpcruzncomcastnet Avatar

    I did not make one gift this Christmas – lifetime first for me. I can’t get my mojo up at all this year. I consider myself a competent quilter, not afraid of a challenge.
    Have a wonderful, safe holiday.

  163. Patti pitzer Avatar
    Patti pitzer

    My brother in law passed away in the spring and I have made a t-shirt quilt for his wife for Christmas. I consider myself intermediate.. I’m always attracted to the more difficult patterns unfortunately!

  164. Kirsten B Avatar
    Kirsten B

    1. Yes! I’ve made a few gifts this year and 2. I think I’d say intermediate. I wish I had more time and space to sew/quilt, but it just isn’t in the cards right now. 😢

  165. Nami11 Avatar

    I did make gifts this year….aprons, pillows and of course baked treats and such to give to neighbors and friends.

    I would call me a seasoned intermediate, as I really feel there is always so much more to learn.

  166. KC Mitchell Avatar
    KC Mitchell

    I made a whole lot of gifts for all of my neighbors instead of giving them baked goodies (just a little uncomfortable about that this year).
    I think I am probably an advanced quilter. There’s not too many patterns out there that scare me off. A few that I just really don’t have a desire to tackle.

  167. Pam Avatar

    Wow! I can’t get over how big Jace is getting! You’re going to have to add him to the payroll soon 😉 I consider myself to be at an intermediate level, but I like to dip into a challenge once in a while. I didn’t make any gifts this year – I don’t understand how we have so much “free time” this year (thanks Covid) but I still feel like I’m constantly busy – maybe it’s all of the cleaning/sanitizing/disinfecting – Lol!

  168. Beth Avatar

    HI Lisa. I did not make any gifts this year I feel like I am mostly an intermediate quilter. I have had the opportunity to sew with a 9 year old. She really likes picking out the squares that go together and sewing the seams.

  169. Janet Avatar

    I sewed some infinity scarves from cuddle fabric a presents for some friends this year. And I consider myself an advanced quilter. I started 45 years ago and I feel like I can manage all of the quilt patterns I’m interested it. I’m currently doing the sewcialites and moda blockheads sew along and they’re going well. 😊

  170. Kim Young Avatar

    I made a few gifts this year and consider myself an intermediate quilter.

  171. Trisha Balding Avatar
    Trisha Balding

    1) Yes, I have made some of my Christmas gifts.

    2) I consider myself an intermediate quilter because I enjoy the challenges of using different techniques.

    Thank you

  172. Lynn Barrett Avatar
    Lynn Barrett

    Yes! I just shipped a youth quilt to my great nephew for his big boy bed.

  173. Deborah Thomas Avatar
    Deborah Thomas

    I consider myself an intermediate quilter. I have no fear although I agonize time and time again. Lol. This year I made 4 quilts for gifts. My grandson likes making his gifts and so this year he did fabric collage. It was a lot of fun.

  174. Alleyne Hardaker Avatar
    Alleyne Hardaker

    I consider myself an intermediate quilter. I chose this ranking as all types of blocks can challenge some people more than others, and reverse. I’ve been quilting since 2003 and sometimes it seems like yesterday.
    I made my two best friends each a purse for Christmas. They have been my rock this past year when I had treatment for breast cancer 🇨🇦

  175. Vicky Avatar

    Yes I did make my gifts this year! Every couple, single person and grandchild is getting a quilt. One quilt I had started 10 years ago. Lady of the Lake in indigo and white. I also designed and made a tree skirt for my niece and a table runner for my nephews wife. I consider myself an advanced quilter because I do all the types of quilting from piecing to appliqué. That being said I don’t feel I have arrived! There are always new things to learn and skills to be improved as well as challengers to meet.

  176. Janis T Avatar
    Janis T

    Yes, I do make Christmas gifts. I make ornaments every year for each granddaughter, I like to give table runners and toppers and of course food items!

  177. Kris Timm Avatar
    Kris Timm

    I did make gifts this for my sisters – fingerless gloves and lavender candles.
    I consider myself and intermediate quilter. I love coming up with my own designs using EQ and also do my own long arm free motion quilting.

  178. Janis T Avatar
    Janis T

    In my opinion I am an intermediate quilter because I haven’t been able to learn free motion quilting. Knowing how to FMQ may not be a requirement but I just don’t feel complete without that skill.

  179. Barbara Rodin Avatar
    Barbara Rodin

    No I did not make quilting gifts this year, I have not been feeling well enough and if I made any I would have to take them back when I felt good to remake them, so for me it is just better to wait. If I want to just quilt and not think about it and just enjoy quilting I consider myself an intermediate quilter, but I have also made some quilts that were advanced that I have won ribbons on but for me they take so long to make I am a basket case when I am done, I have a very patient son that here’s a lot about these quilts when I working on one of these quilts.

  180. Laurel Avatar

    Yes, I made my husband a quilt for Christmas this year using a panel (my first panel quilt). I consider myself an intermediate quilter because I don’t have the confidence to tackle intricate quilts with appliqué although I find myself drawn to them….maybe one day…

  181. Cheryl Hoover Avatar
    Cheryl Hoover

    Yes I made a flannel reversible tree skirt for my daughter and son-in-law as well as matching stockings. I would say I’m an intermediate to advanced piecer/quilter!

  182. Pam Avatar

    I made minky blankets for all my grandchildren and a bag and pincushion for my Buddy.
    Consider myself an intermediate quilter. Guess because I have been doing it for a long time but am not serious…just love it so doing it for fun!

  183. Diane Poirier Avatar
    Diane Poirier

    No, this year I did not make any gifts. This year has been so crazy that I still haven’t realized Christmas is a few days away. I would consider myself an advanced-intermediate quilter. There is always more to learn!

  184. Rebecca Stipe Avatar
    Rebecca Stipe

    Yes I made my gifts this year. I consider myself advance quilter been quilting for quite a long time I love to hand appliqué. I’m still learning things after all these years. There is always room for improvement.

  185. Ginny Avatar

    I made 2 quilts for cat, a table runner, a twin size quilt and a signature quilt as gifts this year. I consider myself an intermediate quilter because there is always so much more to learn!

  186. deb Avatar

    I didn’t make anything this year for Christmas!!! I consider myself to be an intermediate quilter…i really would love to learn more about hand applique. My grandchild do the same when I’m sewing they want to..I get a color book picture, trace it on fabric, give them needle and thread and they have a great time…

  187. Nancy Martin Avatar
    Nancy Martin

    He is a handsome young man. It’s good for him to know how to stitch with both hands. I hope my seven year old granddaughter wants to learn how to sew but she is interested in deer hunting right now.

  188. Judy Donovan Avatar
    Judy Donovan

    This year I made pillows. 3 out the 4 pillows were Lisa’s patterns😊. I would consider myself an intermediate quilter. Still lots to learn.
    I started teaching my grandson to sew on my Featherweight when he was 6. He just turned 10 and has asked for quilting supplies for his next gift❤️

  189. Brenda Wyatt Avatar
    Brenda Wyatt

    1. Yes, for my daughter.
    2. Beginning intermediate. I have pieced many things, made a few quilts. I have learned so much from you and gained confidence to help me with future projects. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  190. Lisa Barcomb Avatar
    Lisa Barcomb

    I made a couple of ornaments this year as gifts for my little girls. My goal is to make more gifts as I near retirement and my workload decreases. I consider myself an intermediate quilter. Even though I taught myself to quilt about 20 years ago, I don’t get to spend as much time doing it as I would like.

  191. Cynthia Goda Avatar
    Cynthia Goda

    I made a few gifts this year. I consider myself an intermediate quilter. There are always new things to learn.

  192. Alice Avatar

    Can’t wait to see the dragon!!!! No gifts this year so I am off the hook. I consider myself an intermediate quilter. There is always something new to learn 😁✂️❤️🧵

  193. JoAnne Hawks Avatar
    JoAnne Hawks

    I made some faux leather zipper bags and some small tote bags for gifts.
    I consider myself an intermediate quilter because I have some good skills, but not show quality skills.

  194. Katherine in WV Avatar
    Katherine in WV

    I finished a quilt top for our second granddaughter for Christmas. Finally found the backing fabric so it will be quilted in the new year. Have almost finished a “Burgoyne Surrounded” quilt top which will be for the eldest granddaughter’s wedding next June — a surprise. I consider myself to be an advanced intermediate quilter.

  195. Tammy Marquardt Avatar
    Tammy Marquardt

    I made many gifts this year! Many were wool applique and some embroidery. I can’t wait to gift them! I am not a quilter but a wannabe.

  196. Cathy Winger Avatar
    Cathy Winger

    I made 6 of your 17×17 Embroidered Santa’s and used your luscious red flannel for the background and had them framed for 6 of my children for Christmas. I gave them to them at Thanksgiving so they could enjoy them through the holidays this year. They loved them.
    I consider myself an intermediate quilter. I love quilting everyday!!!!

  197. Rita Nichols Avatar
    Rita Nichols

    I did not make any of my gifts this year but I have already started a list of ideas for next year. I consider myself an intermediate quilter. I am well beyond beginner and interested in learning so many more things.

  198. Maxine Pearsall Avatar
    Maxine Pearsall

    I made 8 small quilts / wall hangings for friends,family and the village raffle.
    I am a beginner quilter and intermediate wool applique ,crazy quilter.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  199. Judy J Avatar
    Judy J

    Since I will not be seeing family, I have not made any gifts this year. I consider myself an intermediate quilter. I have been quilting for 45 years, but there are several techniques I have not mastered.

  200. shadesofrandom Avatar

    Almost all my gifts are hand made by me. In fact almost everything I make is for a gift. Some were sewn, some quilted, some embroidery. I consider myself an intermediate quilter because I sort of know a lot of the basics, but there is still so so much to learn.

  201. Bev F Avatar
    Bev F

    I didn’t make any quilty gifts this year. I working on finishing a new tree skirt with machine appliqué as well as some new wool appliqué ornaments.

    I consider myself an intermediate/advanced quilter. I’ve been quilting for about 30 years and enjoy continuing to learn new skills.

    Love your rulers!!

  202. Sharon S Avatar
    Sharon S

    Yes, I make a Christmas quilt every year for a drawing giveaway. You have to be present to win and have to be part of the family. (Gets all the family there for Christmas dinner :-)). I also make a lot of cookies and put in tins for my nephews, my grown children and my father-in-law. Of course, that’s not the only presents they get.
    I do consider myself an advanced quilter as I’ve taught and designed my own quilts. It’s my passion, but I’m not as talented as you! I love your designs.

  203. Elizabeth Avatar

    I am an intermediate quilter as for many years quilting time was very limited i have made a quilted wallhanging for my sister and finished my grandsons Christmas quilt plus another christmas wall hanging for my youngest grandson and a quilted tree advent calendar with crocheted stars for my son and his wifevplus 24 tree napkins for Christmas lunch, then my suster rang last night said she put hers away so carefully she cant find thenm can i make another 8 today,please.

  204. Jayne Avatar

    I managed to make a number of gifts as going shopping wasn’t really an option. (Not a fan of online shopping) Embroidered towels, mug rugs , kitchen boa and there’s a baby quilt in the mix for a soon to arrive great nephew. While I have been quilting for many years I still have so much to learn. Intermediate is how I view myself.

  205. Karen Mathison Avatar
    Karen Mathison

    I have only made 3 Christmas gifts this year. I love to make gifts but for some reason this year my hearts just not in it. Praying that in 2021 I will get my mojo back. I’m actually finishing a gift today. Nothing like waiting until the last minute.

    I consider myself an intermediate quilter. I definitely hoping to fine tune some quilting skills in 2021! Have a very Merry Christmas! I can’t wait to get started on my personalized big ornament pillow. I received mine in the mail yesterday!!!!!!

  206. MARY WRIGHT Avatar

    I made winter themed lap quilts for my son and daughter in law and a tote bag for her. I consider myself an immediate quilter because I still have much to learn.

  207. Betty C Lockhart Avatar
    Betty C Lockhart

    The only gift I made this year was a fleece “gator” for my husband, and I already gave it to him because we walk, even in the winter, and he needed it. But I have 5 baby quilts and 2 handknit baby sweaters with hats ready for charity. Does that count for anything?
    I consider myself an intermediate quilter. I have too much to learn and perfect yet before I can call myself advanced. But I’m definitely not a beginner any more (well, maybe a beginner for some techniques. Like hand applique).

  208. Toni Anne Potter Avatar
    Toni Anne Potter

    No, not 1 gift. Stressful year for us and so many, I had a hard time concentrating on much more than protecting my parents and family from the virus. I consider myself an advanced piecer, beginner quilter and intermediate embroiderer.

  209. Peggy Danielson Avatar
    Peggy Danielson

    Love that you taught him to stitch. My 6 grandkids have all watched me stitch ornaments for years , so when I asked if they’d like to try making an ornament, they all chimed in yes! They all cut out their own , helping the youngest and we all sat down as I showed them how to do it. Sat patiently for the next hour til they all finished. That was a few years ago. They all still hang on their Xmas trees. Wish I had a picture to share. 5 grand daughters and 1 grandson. 💕 – Peggy

  210. Carolyn Meadows Avatar
    Carolyn Meadows

    1st comment. Yes a made a wool appliqué needlebook for my stitching buddy.

  211. Joni Everson Avatar
    Joni Everson

    Yes! Masks 😷
    I am an advanced intermediate sewer

  212. Carolyn Meadows Avatar
    Carolyn Meadows

    2nd comment

    I have been a “beginning” quilter for almost 40 years. It scares me to think I am that old. I enjoy my quiltling but I wouldn’t enter it in a show.

  213. Cindy Avatar

    I made homemade cookies… no pressure & kept it simple this year. I would consider myself beginner & intermediate. Triangles are a challenge, but I’ll keep on trying… 😆

  214. Martha Bean Avatar
    Martha Bean

    Afraid I didn’t get any gifts made this year, but I did make a quilt for our retiring veterinarian. They’ve been wonderful through the years. I would consider myself an intermediate quilter, though I’ve been at it for ages, I have a long way to go!

  215. Karen N. Avatar
    Karen N.

    What a great helper!! No gifts made this year. Not too many gift exchanges anymore. Consider myself an intermediate quilter. Have been quilting for many, many years. Can tackle most patterns and enjoy piecing and applique…..with wool being the favorite!!……but don’t enjoy working on intricate blocks/patterns. Thank you for all of your giveaways!!

  216. Becky Avatar

    love the clips on the ruler boxes. What a good idea! I have a gift half made; guess maybe I should actually get that made into a pillow. I would say I am intermediate; especially as I have not been doing much quilting lately.

  217. Traci slomba Avatar