12 Days of Needful Things-Day 4


I really cannot stress how important the paper is when you make a lot of HSTs or if you are making very small HSTs.  Our papers are really, really nice….the cutting lines are very fine and accurate, so if you stitch, and cut accurately, your triangles will be accurate!

Here are a couple of quick videos on each step in how to use Primitive Gatherings Triangle Papers…

They come in sheets for an unlimited amount of triangles or we have them configured for charms squares as well…The sizes run from 1/2″ to 2 1/2″, for the sheets…and 1/2 to 1 1/2″ for the charms squares.Half Square Triangle Paper Videos featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Sewing the starched two fabrics right sides together…paper on top of the light…shorten the stitch length to half of what you normally stitch at.  I move to 1 on my Juki.  Stitch all the dashed lines.

Trim on all the solid lines….make sure you have a nice small ruler…

Flip them to all the dark triangles are facing up…press them using lots of steam….Do not  remove the paper yet…


Now is the time to remove the paper, the paper helps stabilize the triangle.  Now, hold the triangle near the stitching with your non-dominant hand.  Push the paper triangle back with your dominant hand and pull it away from down near the stitching in the center of the paper triangle…


I hope this helps you with your HST’s.  Please don’t avoid quilts with HSTs…they are so fun!

Today for our Needful Things we are offering 25% off on ALL Triangle Papers.  If you are unsure of what size you want, we do have variety packs with a bunch of sizes in each..also see the chart I have made for converting a pattern to what size triangle paper you will need.

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Click HERE to go to my page where you can print the HSTs chart.  Scroll down to the bottom.  This chart is always in my Pages if you need a quick video or to reprint the chart.

Today we are giving away three sets of all the Triangle Papers to 3 lucky winners!  Please leave a comment and let me know if you have used our Triangle Papers and anything else you want to say, and if you have not used them yet, do you purposely avoid Triangle quilts…do you use something else…do you trim ALL those HSTs after making them..twice the work??  Let’s hear it all…

Do you have your list ready for this week?  Let get it done!  So we can have fun!

all for now…Lisa

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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

245 thoughts on “12 Days of Needful Things-Day 4

  1. I used to avoid triangles until you did the triangle sew along a few years ago, i loved using the paper, used snowman gethering fabric, loved how it all turned out.

  2. I love half square triangles and what you can do with them! I have not tried your papers yet but i might have to. You make it look so easy!

  3. I love your triangle papers. When a pattern calls for lots of triangles, I always grab PG ones. I like the large sheets which are easy to cut down when you only need a few.

    1. I like half square triangles and use them often, especially in scrap quilts. I will have to give the triangle paper a try!!!

  4. Love your papers and use them when ever I can. I even carry them in my motor home for when I am traveling

  5. I haven’t used the triangle papers, but would like to try. I haven’t done very many triangle quilts because they never are accurate, so I think I need to try these! Thanks for the informative videos!

  6. I have not tried the triangle paper yet. I still make my triangles the old fashion way (UGH!) but I’m definitely reconsidering that I need to try the paper version. Most of the time I use triangles in borders. Time to learn something new and easier, right?

  7. I absolutely LOVE triangle papers – they are a “needful” for me too. I started using them for Rocky Mountain Puzzle (made two of those) and I can’t be without them for HSTs. I love pressing with them and I even love pulling all of the papers off. My favorite part is that they turn out perfectly every single time.

  8. Have not tried your triangle papers as of yet. Before finding out about your papers, I have used Thangles and Triangles on a Roll.

  9. I bought a charm pack of these papers but have not used them yet. They sound great for making perfect HST and I plan to try them after the first if the year!

  10. Any time I make a quilt with hst I use these papers. I have used other triangle paper in the past, but these work much better. The paper is much easier to remove than others I’ve used in the past. It is so frustrating to have to pick out the paper from the other products. Give them a try

  11. Love HST’s and your papers! I’m working on Among Friends quilt now. For me that quilt would not be possible without your papers!

  12. I used to dread HST’s until I was introduced to the thankless! Now I LOVE them. The best part is sitting at night watching TV w my hubby and still being productive while removing the paper!!! Next morning my perfect squares are ready for sewing!

  13. Love Half square triangles! Got the Merry Christmas quilt and am anxious to use the triangle papers so they will be perfect!!!

  14. OM Gosh those triangle papers are a God send. Can’t imagine not using them now. A full set would be very Welcome in my sewing room.

  15. Oh Lisa, I have used them, and I love them. I first bought them when I started my Magic of Christmas quilt. I have had to purchase more. I love triangles and these are great. Thanks for your Twelve Days of Christmas you do each year. And blessings for you and your family as you celebrate the most wonderful birthday of all time, the birth of our Lord

  16. I have used your triangle papers and can’t say enough how great they are. I’ve tried other kinds but yours are just the best.

  17. I have tried many methods of sewing half square triangles and this is the best way. Easy and accurate!
    Thank you for all you do.

  18. I love the triangle papers. I use them every chance I get. These make those little triangles so accurate and much quicker than drawing lines and sewing on squares. I bought the Shiny and Bright kit and have it waiting along with my triangle papers for a long sewing weekend coming up. No family gathering for our family for a few months due to COVID, so this project will be a fun distraction and I am ready. Thanks Lisa for sharing all your talents!!

  19. Without the triangle papers I probably would avoid using half square triangles. The papers make it so much easier and way more precise. Love them!

  20. I love 1/2 square triangles but have not use the triangle papers. So want to try them. I would love to be so accurate.

  21. I have used your triangle papers on unstarched fabric then tried them on starched fabric. The starched fabric triangle squares were waaaay the best!, thank you for sharing your excellent suggestions.

  22. I love using the papers, the blocks are so accurate. but I always had Thangles, so want to try yours.

  23. I use your papers when I remember 😂. I get so frustrated when I forget. I think I say to myself oh, just 25 of them but what a difference! I have oversized &cut down but lots more work. I’m buying some of the small ones for sure!

  24. I haven’t tried your triangle papers yet but want to. I love patterns using HSTs. Your patterns and quilts are amazing!

  25. I purposely shy away from quilts with HST. The struggle is real…..I have wasted more than a fair share of fabric & have several WIP that I refuse to look at.

  26. I love your triangle papers! There is no other way to get consistently accurate half square triangles. The papers for charm packs have changed my scrap quilting life. I love to make as many combinations as possible using charm squares. I recently finished a quilt using 70 sets of charm squares.

  27. I love quilts with half square triangles! I just wish I enjoyed working with them. So far they just seem too fussy. I have not tried your papers yet.

  28. You got me hooked on the papers when we did the Christmas QAL a few years ago. It took all the frustration out of HSTs…no more wonkies and leaning pieces because they were out of alignment. Now if I could stop meandering my seams at the end! I keep blaming my progressive bifocals. If only I had started quilting when I could see better.

  29. use your triangle papers all the time and have homestead, merry and bright and 3 other mostly triangle quilts in line to finish this year (hopefully). Hope I can afford all the things on my wish list

  30. I love quilts with half square triangles, but avoid them as I don’t like sewing them. Would love to give these papers a try!

  31. Hi! I have to admit, I have avoided picking patterns with HST! I spend so much time to make them turn out perfect. So, I have purchased a few sets of the triangle papers from PG. I haven’t gotten to those projects that use them yet, but I am hoping they are the miracle tool I believe it will be! Thanks for the videos!

  32. I have used these recently for first time and I LOVE them. My HST were so accurate I’ll never not use them again.

    1. Love using triangle papers, but if I don’t package them with the pattern I totally forget about them until I am struggling with the HSTs.

  33. I got my first set of triangle papers in a wool box but haven’t had time to try them yet. Trying to make myself finish up some other projects that are started first but am anxious to try them.

  34. I guess I do avoid making quilts with half square triangles because they turn out wonky. I will have to give the papers a try.

  35. I have the multi pack, but haven’t used them yet. Would like to try them, but unfortunately have not had much time to quilt lately!

  36. I have used your triangle paper when I’ve been working on blockhead 3 blocks. They have helped me make accurate blocks

  37. I have not used triangle papers but would love to do that especially with some kits I have that sure look like they would make life much easier.

  38. I have not used the papers before, I’ve heard great things about them. Going to add to my cart! Thank you for spreading joy every day!

  39. I absolutely love paper piecing for small units and have done so for probably the last 20 years. I have some of your triangle papers but have not used them for a tiny project yet. I would love to be one of your winners today!

  40. I’ve used triangle paper, not sure if it was PG. I will add this to my “wish list” to send at the end of the 12 days. Thank you Lisa for creating the YouTube videos during this difficult year !!! 😷

  41. I usually use the EZ angle ruler and have had pretty good luck, but I have plans for a quilt that is all half square triangles. I think I’d like to try the papers for it.
    I look forward to this countdown every year!

  42. I’ve never used your triangle papers. I do have a set that was designed for Ladies On The Lake. I’m afraid to use them. I made all kinds of plans to make quilts and have lots of quilt kits but only have one log cabin quilt almost finished. I just have to do the quilting and binding.
    Thank you for the tutorial.

  43. HST quilts are my favorite. Though I have quilted for many years I have never tried your papers. A miniature quilt with teeny HSTs is on my list for 2021 and triangle papers look like an essential!

  44. Yes I have used the triangle paper. It is a fast accurate method. Highly Recommend purchasing this product if you have not.

  45. I have my first project using HST’s and your paper from one of the Wool Boxes in progress, to be continued after the holiday rush is over. it is a new venture for me.

  46. I’ve used the triangle papers and love them. I’ve only used full sheets. Can I cut the sheets if I only need a smaller amount?

  47. I make hst the old fashioned way, by trimming!! I would be so excited to try the papers! I still make quilts with hst, because the design possibilities are endless!

  48. I have used them and love them!! I am finishing up Triangle Gatherings this week and made 420 perfect triangles in far less time than I imagined. And they all went together perfectly. Now, I plan to make this quilt again in my left over Christmas fabrics….for next year of course! And practice the tiny HST in Jacob’s Ladder.

  49. I love these papers and just ordered more recently. I first used them when doing Words to Live by (I think there are about 700 triangles in this quilt). Every triangle came out perfect a d had perfect points when stitched together! For me (a somewhat perfectionist) these are the best needful things to have on hand!

  50. I recently used the 1 inch triangle papers to make a Thanksgiving Turkey pillow. They worked beautifully. I always steered way from triangle quilts but now know how easy it is to get accurate triangle blocks with your Needful Notion.

  51. Yes, I have used Primitive Gatherings triangle paper on several projects. I would highly recommend Primitive Gatherings triangle paper to anyone who strives for precise HSTs. You will not regret it. I have already purchase a package to start on the Merry and Bright quilt after the New Year.

  52. I haven’t tried them yet! I’m more into wool appliqué, but I have done some quilting…would love to get more into it when I have more time!

  53. I just made a tree table topper that is almost all half square triangles. And yes I had to trim the all and my points are still not perfect. I will have to watch your video and try your paper!

  54. These triangle papers gave me the ability to make what I deem ‘a quilt of a lifetime’. Memories of a Masterpiece- one of your patterns. I made it during the first lockdown. Took me 5 weeks but I did it!! Could not have made the quilt without the papers AND now I’m considering another similar quilt!!

  55. I love quilts with triangles! The more the better. And yes, I use your papers. I have used other papers and methods also, but yours are really easy to use, and especially those smaller ones for mini quilts, which I love to make.

  56. I love love love your triangles. Used them for several years and try to keep a good stock on hand. Keep up the good work Lisa. You never disappoint me.

  57. I love the triangle papers. It make it quick, easy and more accurate to do the LOVELY patterns I see all time here with sooooo many triangles 🙂

  58. I have not used triangle papers. Sometimes HST work, sometimes they don’t. The papers sound great.

  59. I have not tried your triangle papers, but I watched your videos and I think I have to give it a try. I just got done sewing a bunch of HSTs from the corners I trimmed off of snowballed corners because I didn’t want to waste the fabric. Needless to say, I had to trim all of those units, but I have been using the Bloc Loc ruler and it helps a lot.

  60. Well, the last time I needed triangles I made them and then trimmed them. Bad me. Lately I have been sticking to squares and rectangles. But I think a good New Years Resolution would be to buy (or win) some triangle paper and add to my skill level.

  61. I love the HST triangle paper! I always had problems making half square triangles due to the bias edge. This issue was solved once I started using the HST papers. Thanks so much!

  62. Awesome give away. I love 1/2 ST, but, have yet to try the papers. this just may be my day. Thanks, Lisa

  63. I haven’t used your triangle papers but I’m anxious to try them. I struggle to make and trim uo half square triangles. I have never attempted to make small half square triangles.

  64. I have not used the triangle paper yet. But i am REALLY wanting to try them. I have not been successful in getting accurate HST and have wanted to also try your method of starching. I think this will open a new world of quilting for me!

  65. 1/2 square triangles are my nemesis 🥴. I have come to an uneasy truce with them since I did your sew along a few years ago. I have not tried your papers but would love to. You make those itty bitty ones look so perfect!

  66. I use your papers for half square triangles and they work very well. Not sure how I would do anything else. I’m working I. The among friends quilt using lots of papers for that!

  67. My eye is drawn more to quilts with squares and rectangles but when stitching HST I love anything that helps streamline the process and makes them more accurate. Love that you offer your papers in so many sizes as well as full sheets and for charm squares.

  68. My first use of your triangle papers will be for the border of the freebie in this years Live a Thankful Life SBOW. I’m putting off finishing the blocks till Christmas projects are complete. When the finishing kit arrives, I will be ready!

  69. I used your papers when I made the Winchester Rose wall hanging. They worked well. I like to make scrappy quilts so triangle papers don’t always work that well for those type of projects. However, I do to shy away from making half square triangles no matter what the method.

  70. I love, Love, LOVE your triangle papers. I used to avoid patterns using smaller HSTs, but no more! Accurate and easy to remove the paper. Thank you, Lisa!

  71. Your triangle papers are the only way ill do 1/2square triangles when I need lots of them. And there is something so soothing and fun about tearing off the papers… Love them!

  72. I have not tried them yet but have been thinking about it. Right now I make oversized ones and them trim. I never know if the weight of the thread is going to make a difference so always play it safe by oversizing.

  73. Love using triangle paper for half square triangles. The ones PG created to use with 5” charm squares are wonderful when making small, scrappy quilts. Lisa’s suggestion to press open first before tearing the paper away was the best thing I learned about using triangle papers.

  74. I have used triangle papers for making HST. My favorites are the ones PG offers for using with 5” charm squares. It makes it so easy to work on small, scrappy quilts. The best advice is to tear after pressing open – tearing away the papers aren’t as awful a task.

    1. Sorry for a second post. My phone froze, so I didn’t see my first post, then wrote a second. Unfortunately I couldn’t delete the second.

  75. I haven’t tried your papers yet but definitely will after reading about them. Others that I have tried don’t give me the accuracy I would like. Look forward to giving yours a try.

  76. I need to try these papers because I have arthritis in my hands. I’ve been making them the old fashioned way and trimming so these would make short work of all those hst.s

  77. Merry Christmas I love the triangle papers for they make everything so perfectly square. It also makes it so much easier when making smaller projects with smaller papers I would love to win these.thank you.

  78. Ive used your triangle papers a lot. I especially like the ones for charm squares!!. I started using them when you did the anniversary stitch a long and that quilt had small triangles.. Been a believer ever since..

  79. I’m not a precision piecer so my HSTs would always be wonky. The first time I used triangle papers was 2012 for Rocky Mountain Puzzle SBOW. My triangles were perfect! So now I can say I’m a triangle paper convert!
    Thanks Lisa, I always learn something new from you.

  80. I have never tried using triangle papers, but I’m definitely game!!! Merry Christmas to you and your family! And bring on the NEW year, it absolutely has to be better than 2020 has been, whew.

  81. I haven’t yet tried the triangle papers, however would love to do some really itty bitty quilts and this seems the only way to do them. Of course i would love to have that iron to go with them.

  82. When I need to make HSTs, the only way I make them is with Triangle paper so they turn out accurately! Merry Christmas!

  83. Yes I have used your wonderful triangle papers. I love them. They give me a calming time to take the papers off while sitting in front of the tv while snuggling with the hubbie!

  84. I have never used the triangle papers but I am going to be starting a new quilt that is nothing but triangles! I am so excited to use them. I can use all the help I can get.

  85. I haven’t used the papers and the accuracy of those smaller triangles worry me but thanks for the video so hopefully I will get over my hesitancy. Merry Christmas!

  86. I love using your triangle paper when making HST’s. It makes the process so much easier and accurate! No need to trim which takes away from making more quilt projects!

  87. I love love love the triangle papers. I just did 500 triangles for the border on a quilt – even with a mix of fabrics -the triangle paper made It so much easier. I admit I sometimes have to square up my triangles if it’s not one of Lisa’s patterns. A friend in my quilt group was going to do the star pattern with all half sq triangles without using the paper!! I asked her to just try a few and see how it would save her hours. She became a believer and the star quilt is amazing. Just try them once!!

  88. I have used! They are very useful. I need to remember to use them more frequently. My wish list is growing and growing…….jmh

  89. I LOVE your triangle papers. Everyone should use yours if they are doing a quilt with half square triangles.

  90. I have not used triangle paper yet, but I definitely want to try it! Especially for those smaller HST. I would love to win a pack and try them out, thanks for the chance, Lisa! Happy Christmas

  91. I love half square triangles and use your papers when I have a LOT to make for a quilt. I also use them if I have really small half square triangles to make. The papers work great for those because they can be hard to hold for going thru the machine and they’re always accurate which is important!

  92. I did buy the triangle papers to go with a kit this time around – hoping it saves me from having to cut twice!

  93. I have used your triangle papers with the Bristle Creek Farmhouse quilt. They were pretty slick! For larger triangles, I don’t see them as a necessity, but I purposely bought some of the smaller sizes to use for mini quilts. I haven’t had time to try them for that size yet…Iooking forward to the experience! I love triangle quilts and don’t avoid them at all!

  94. I used Thangles quite some time ago. I have done some of your miniature projects but just cut very, very carefully. It would be fun to try some of your HST. Hope I will get an opportunity soon. I am very precise so I am sure I will cut twice..

  95. I have not used your triangle papers. I am a quilting newbie that half triangle squares in a quilt so these are definitely on my list!

  96. I have spent over 20 years making my triangles oversized and cutting them down. Waste of time and fabric, I’m told. A friend gifted me the triangle papers to make Fade away… from your Urban Farmhouse book…. 1400+ triangles… I sure hope I like them, that’s a lot of triangles!

  97. I especially like your triangle papers for charm squares. Used them very effectively in a scrappy lap quilt requiring a lot of very small HST. Swapped with a friend for more variety by cutting the sewn paper square in half. Worked out so well! Great product!

  98. Love your papers!! But my favorite thing about your papers is your great trick for removing them!! Saw you a few years ago at a quilt show and you demonstrated. Wow!! What a game changer!! Thank you for all you do to share your talents!! =:)

  99. I love triangle paper! The triangles come out perfectly each time! I need to try the ones made for precuts now!

  100. I haven’t done half square triangles in years because it was so tedious and weren’t always accurate. I’d love to try your papers for a Halloween piece that I’ve had the fabric for in my stash for years.

  101. Love the HST paper. I have used yours and use your tricks for sewing, pressing and removing. Love to use them even on pattern that have HST but do not use the papers in the directions. I find it saves material when I use the papers.

  102. I have never used a lot of triangles in making my quilts but would love to win the giveaway to try!

  103. I have not used your triangle papers. Sounds like they might make it easier. When you have a whole mess of them and you have to trim them all down, it gets so tedious.

  104. Yes, I have used them. They are a must have. All those triangle pieces for Block Heads and then a couple other quilts with little triangles need the triangle papers. I have tired them several times and they make you look good as a quilter when you use them. Not the distortion of the triangle as can occur when you use other methods. I highly recommend them.

  105. I have used half square triangle papers and love them, but they are the older types and none finish less than 2″. I don’t like making HSTs one at a time…so easy for them to be distorted and too much time to do it! The tiny ones are intimidating, so I’ve stayed away from them. Maybe someday???

  106. I have tried your triangle papers and was very pleased with them. I have tried several other brands but like yours the best.

  107. I just used your 1″ triangle papers for the first time along with starching the fabric. What a great experience! Easy to do and a great result.

  108. I have not used your triangle papers, but have purchased patterns of yours that use them. I am anxious to try them, as both you and anyone that has used them, loves them!

  109. I am a fan of your half square triangle papers. I like that you have them in sizes for very small blocks and I get great results when I use them.

  110. No, I have not tried any triangle paper. I have tried drawing a diagonal line across the light squares and then sewing but that doesn’t always come out so accurate. Do I avoid half square triangles – oh yeah! Would love to try Lisa’s triangle paper!

  111. I haven’t tried the, but bought your Farmhouse Gatherings book and the kit for the cover quilt at the Pigeon Forge Quilt Show. So now I need to see what size papers and how many I will need to make the quilt.

  112. I don’t like making HSTs. I haven’t found a method that works for me and I’m not a fan of making them larger and trimming them down. I’d like to give these papers a shot and see if I can actually enjoy making them!

  113. I have not tried your papers. Need to watch videos and give it a try. Looks like from the other comments they come highly recommended. Thank you for opportunity!

  114. I used triangle paper once a upon a time, then I ran out and haven’t purchased again. I’ve been making half square triangles larger, then trim to size.

  115. I haven’t used your Triangle Papers and, yes, I guess I do avoid quilts with tiny triangles. Maybe 2021 will be the year to change that!

  116. I have not used triangle papers but after watching Lisa use them I’m ready to try them. I always make bigger then trim down. Twice the work.

  117. I have never used your triangle papers before. Many years ago I made a quilt with lots of half square triangles and I used Triangles On A Roll (I think it was called that). I look forward to trying your papers! I have heard and read that your papers are the best! I love quilts with half square triangles and look forward to making another one in 2021!

  118. I have not used your hsq triangle papers before, but believe me I will next time I make them. Your way looks way easier.

  119. I have not used the paper but after watching your videos, I MUST try them! You make it look like easy magic!
    Thank you!

  120. I love miniature quilts and have used your triangle papers with great success. I think one important step that many quilters skip is to starch their fabrics. This step keeps the fabric stable once the papers are removed. Starch is truly a must in my opinion.

  121. I have used your triangle paper in sheets and for 5″ charms. They are essential, a game changer. My piecing is so much more accurate when the half-square triangles are made this way. I do starch fabric and I do trim HST to correct size. Love your videos as well, very helpful. Thanks!!

  122. I have used your triangle paper and love them. Prior to using yours I used Thangles and Triangles on a roll. Using these papers give me a more accurate half square triangle.

  123. I haven’t tried your triangle papers or any triangle papers. I’ve never made anything with small triangles not smaller than with 2 1/2 inch strips. Hope you have a healthy and safe New Year!

  124. I have not used Triangle papers to make HST’s. I’ve made them the old fashioned way but believe the papers would make it much easier. I would love to win a roll and try them.

  125. Starching and triangle papers were essential in Summer Block of the Week. Love using those papers=:)

  126. I have a package of your half square triangle papers, but HST’s intimidate me and I avoid them. Thank you for the videos on how to use them.

  127. I make tons of HST’s. Sometimes I use triangle papers and sometimes I don’t. If I’m making one of your patterns with lots of tiny ones, you can bet I’m using triangle papers. Not all triangle papers are created equal. I just purchased some of your smaller HST papers. Right now I’m sewing the 3” Sewcialites blocks, the papers are a must.

  128. I love your triangle papers!! They’re the best ones on the market for me…and I’ve tried several brands. I love making half squares and scrap quilts so I’ve made a lot of them! Using triangle paper lets you make a quilt in half the time! Thanks for making another great product!!

  129. I have used many different sizes of your triangle papers and love them. I don’t make HSTs without them. I teach beginning quilting at my local quilt shop and all students learn how to use your papers. Great product! Thank you.

  130. I have never used your triangle papers. I always do twice the work. I guess it’s time to try them.

  131. I love your triangle papers. I have some 1/2” papers and fabric set aside to play with in 2021!

  132. I love the triangle papers. HST come out so perfect so it is joy to do a quilt with HST and have perfection!!

  133. Just used the triangle papers
    For the Fade Away pattern. First time using them. Loved it. Recommend highly

  134. I have not used your triangles but along time ago I did use a strip that was similar… it was very easy to use and the triangles turned out great!

  135. I haven’t tried the PG triangle papers….yet! Definitely need to give them a whirl……looks like a great way to save time and make better HSTs!

  136. I did use triangle papers once… i need more so i can try to make another quilt with them! So much easier.

  137. I have not used half square triangle papers before. I have avoided quilts with these but it sounds like they are the way to go.

  138. Yes- I have ordered the papers from you!! Best thing ever!! Now I just need to finish my projects!!

  139. I am getting ready to do your Magic of Christmas quilt from a few years ago, and I need some of these! Job 1 tomorrow is to figure out which sizes I need also I can check at the local quilt shop or put together an order!

  140. Have not used yours yet. Bought thangles many years ago. I actually do tend to steer away from quilts requiring HST. Going to try yours.

  141. I have been quilting for 30 years and I am terrified of trying half square triangles! I have collected many photos of quilts with them and I so want to try some of them. You are like a superhero in my eyes the way you make quilts with so many half-square triangles. I truly admire your quilting skills and the way you motivate and encourage us! So thank you for that!

  142. Ok, I admit I have issues… I purchased your Triangle Papers… but for some crazy reason I haven’t used them yet and curse up a storm trying to trim my HST’s… and yes roll my eyes when I see triangle quilts… because it makes me nuts if and when I cut off my points!! Hmmm New Years resolution?… use triangle papers!

  143. Yes I have used PG papers & another brand- they are good but sometimes I feel like I’m cutting off too much. I know it’s tedious but I do like the trim down with Bloc-Loc rulers. I figure anything that’s more exact helps later when you sit down to stitch!😝

  144. Your HST papers – GAME CHANGER, I use them frequently and my current project I’m back to working on is Sapphire Star. Without your papers I wouldn’t of tried 1920 1″ finished HST’s. Merry Christmas

  145. I have not used triangle papers but am adding them to my wish list. I want to make your Memory of a Masterpiece quilt and think your papers would make it come together more quickly.

  146. I avoid them. I watched your YouTube video yesterday and you made making HST look fun! The starching info was very helpful. I didn’t realize I needed to saturate the fabric. Also, the pressing techniques is good to know.

  147. I love quilts with half square triangles! I have used triangles on a roll & thangles. I would love the opportunity to try Primitive Gatherings Triangle Papers!

  148. Yes, I have used your brand and others for paper piecing triangles. Friends held an exchange of 200 HS triangles each and the only way to guarantee uniformity was to use these papers. We then created a small wallhanging for our guild’s quilt shiw.

  149. I really like HST’s and with these great videos and your tips, I am thinking I need these triangle papers!! Thanks so much for helping to make a beloved craft even better!!

  150. Love HST’s – tiny ones are my favorite way to border a quilt! Love your triangle paper, too – you have a great variety of sizes!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  151. I was skeptical at first as I hate removing papers, but the first time I gave these a try I was converted! They are so much more efficient than trimming, and the paper does come off very easily. I have used them for several projects. I love the look of HSTs and seem to end up with them in nearly every quilt I make. Thanks for offering the discount on these – now I just need to figure out which sizes I need!

  152. I have not used triangle papers yet. I sometimes avoid HSTs even though I like the look of them, because they always need to be trimmed up.

  153. I bought a variety pack of triangle papers from you to use in Sewcialites sew along. So helpful with those little 3” blocks!

  154. I used triangle papers for the first time earlier this year. Awesome product!! I will be sure to use them again when I next need small HST’s.

  155. I have used triangle paper before. They help with accuracy so much. I would love to try yours the lines look like they would be nice to work with. I would love to try the smaller sizes

  156. I have used your triangle paper for a long time and I love them, they make making half square triangles much easier

  157. I have used your HST papers in the past and they work very well. I need to restock and buy some more! I love quilts with half square triangles.

  158. I have not used triangle paper yet, but as I’m trying more advanced patterns, I’m thinking about it more and more.

  159. I have not tried half square triangle paper but it is something on my to try list as I think they would work alot easier the having to cut down and not waste as much fabric, Hoping they don’t come out wonky

  160. I’ve never tried the papers. I make a lot of HSTs and I do trim every one! Bloc-loc rulers do the trick.

  161. I love the triangle papers- they make half square triangles so accurate. Certainly need them for some of your tiny half square triangle patterns.

  162. I do make quilts with triangles, but usually make them oversized and trim them down. I would like to try your triangle papers. Can certainly see the benefit of using them.

  163. I have used triangle papers before, but it’s been a long time. I usually sew half square triangles without paper as I’m using small scrappy pieces from my scrap bins.

  164. I love making triangles. I never tried these but would love to. I do trim my hst even though I find it tedious at times.

  165. I cannot live without these triangle papers! I have used them on PG BOW and several little projects. I love the accuracy I get with them!! Thank you Lisa for creating an easy way to make those little itty bitty triangles that I LOVE to quilt with!!

  166. I love making HST’s but haven’t tried using the papers. I make them individually, the marking methods just don’t work for me.

  167. I love these triangle papers, even when pattern doesn’t call for them I use them anytime I need half square triangles.

  168. I must admit that I avoid half square triangles because mine are always stretched and distorted! Would love to try your triangle papers. I envision a red and white holiday quilt full of HST!

  169. I’d love to try these half square triangle papers. I have other types of papers for doing both hst and qst that I use and have good success with, but have never bought or used Lisa’s. Who knows, maybe they are better.

  170. I make a lot of scrappy doll size quilts that require HST’s, and since I do seem to waste a lot of time trimming them up, it’s time to invest in your triangle papers.

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