12 Days of Needful Things…Day 2

Day 2- Needful Things-   Re-claimed Seam Rippers

I fell in love with a gifted seam ripper I received from a quilting friend.  When everyone raved at how awesome they were I thought they would be perfect for our Needful Things.  Because let’s face it, seam rippers are needful.  Ripping is much more enjoyable with a pretty ripper.

Now to find someone to make them for me.  I have this uncanny ability to come up with something for my family member “to do”.  My new brother-in-law, Doug is a concrete finisher for CRMeyer.  He usually works out of state on a big job, long term, but right now he is being shuffled to smaller jobs here and there.  He has a big beautiful shop so I asked him if he could make them for us!  So for the last two months, we have been scouring the antique shop and thrift stores for chubby knife handles.  You are doing us all a big service keeping Doug busy making ripppers!

We have a large selection but not many of one kind.  So we have put them into 3 categories.  Ornate Silver                           Unornate                                   GoldReclaimed Seam ripper from Primitive Gatherings

Ornate SilverReclaimed Seam RipperReclaimed Seam rippers from Primitive GatheringsReclaimed Seam rippers from Primitive Gatherings

Unornate-(not so busy) Reclaimed Seam rippers from Primitive Gatherings

Reclaimed Seam rippers from Primitive Gatherings Gold.

Reclaimed Seam rippers from Primitive Gatherings

These will make perfect gifts for your sewing friends and for yourself.  We will randomly pick it and put it in your order.  I am sure you can understand for obvious reasons why we cannot let you pick. So we appreciate your understanding

Click HERE to order any of today’s Needful Things
I know we are all busy so If you want a  chance to win a re-claimed ripper, just quickly leave me a comment here telling me what you are wishing for from Santa this year!
and if you are not busy take a  minute to watch our   Red & White bed turning live from the lakehouse yesterday!!!
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Red & White Quilt Bed Turning!
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Thank You! Lisa

222 responses to “12 Days of Needful Things…Day 2”

  1. Rita Nichols Avatar
    Rita Nichols

    I want my family to be together for Christmas. With the help of the snow today we just might be able to have an outdoor sledding party this weekend. I loved the red and white bed turning yesterday. So festive.

    1. Marilyn Wolf Avatar
      Marilyn Wolf

      My wish is for the pandemic to be controlled so we can go back to seeing friends and family.

  2. sheilaz47 Avatar

    Not much I want other than to see my three grand girls and give them a hug and kisses and for this pandemic to be over. Guess I made two wishes but then if I wish for this pandemic to be over I’ll get with number two too. Merry Christmas

  3. Linda Davis Avatar
    Linda Davis

    I could see the new style seam rippers(reverse sewing aperatice) with an old table knife handle. Please keep up keeping the family and friends busy with all your good ideas.

  4. Lisa Burchardt Avatar
    Lisa Burchardt

    Good morning. Love the seam rippers. They are beautiful. I asked Santa for a Rowenta Steam Station Iron this year. I sure hope he heard me. Merry Christmas to all!!

  5. Laura Hillaker Avatar
    Laura Hillaker

    I am wishing to be able to spend time with family and friends and be able to hug them!

  6. wantstoberetired Avatar

    Last night I told my sons that all I really want for Christmas is to hug them! ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Kris Timm Avatar
    Kris Timm

    I wish I was able to be with my family this year. But on the commercial level, I would love a selection of quilting threads!

  8. Betty C Lockhart Avatar
    Betty C Lockhart

    OMG! I always feel bad when I go to art shows and see old silver ware turned into jewelry, and hope nobody ever does that to my precious silver from my Grandmother. But a seam ripper might be worth the sacrifice. Hmmmmm. That would motivate me to be more careful about “losing” them, too.

  9. Carol Schallock Avatar

    Wishing for a safe and healthy 2021. Did watch the bed turning and it was awesome.

  10. C Visser Avatar
    C Visser

    Due to restrictions i will be spending christmas alone. So…if i could wish for one thing this christmas it would be that everyone would have a safe christmas this year so we can be together next year!

  11. Nancy Hogan Avatar

    I wish for family gatherings again and I am eyeing the Juki machine. Happy Holidays everyone

  12. Nancy Amann Avatar
    Nancy Amann

    I wish for peace & health for all!

    Merry Christmas and thank you so much for all that you do’

  13. Carol Balley Avatar
    Carol Balley

    Beautiful seam rippers. I am going to order two – one for me and one for my sister. I watched the red/white bed turning yesterday and was very inspired Red is my favorite color

  14. Betty C Lockhart Avatar
    Betty C Lockhart

    Oh yeah. I forgot to say what I want for Christmas this year. I always ask for Peace on Earth. But practically, I asked for a new electric mixer.

  15. Charlotte Schindler Avatar
    Charlotte Schindler

    All I want for Christmas is for my husbands health to improve. Beautiful seam rippers!

  16. mary h Avatar

    I’ve already got my best gift- seeing my grandbaby after a long time apart. The Christmas box will be a fun gift to myself. I am hoping for a stand mixer as well.

  17. Ann Post Avatar
    Ann Post

    Oh Lisa you knocked it out of the park with these seam rippers. I really only want health and healing for everyone. It has been an extremely rough year.

  18. Nancy Thone Avatar

    I’ve asked for a long arm quilt class at our LQS. It would be lovely to take a class in person again!

  19. Connie Schofield Avatar
    Connie Schofield

    For Christmas this year I want all my family to be healthy. I am so blessed, but would also love anything quilting or vintage.

  20. Connie Hoffmeyer Avatar
    Connie Hoffmeyer

    I’d love for the Covid to be gone! That’s my Christmas wish

  21. Debbie G Avatar
    Debbie G

    Love these seam rippers! So vintage. I would wish for my second year of retirement to be much better than 2020, which was my first. Wishing for happiness and good health for all.

  22. Mary Kastner Avatar
    Mary Kastner

    I wish Covid would disappear!

  23. Sandy Hansen Avatar
    Sandy Hansen

    My wish for Santa is to have the patience to outlast this pandemic. Living alone and not able to visit friends and family is really hard but I am grateful for my little dog.

  24. Cheryl G Avatar
    Cheryl G

    This year my wish was for a gas log fireplace. Santa came early and I’ve been enjoying it for about a week now. I should have asked Santa years ago. Have a Merry Christmas.


    i am wishing for continued good health for my family and better 2021 for everyone!

  26. Robyn Wiggins Avatar

    I always ask for good kids and I have the best! They are all adults now, but I make the same wish every year and every year it comes true 🙂

  27. Sandi McDaniel Avatar
    Sandi McDaniel

    I am wishing for a healthy year!

  28. Lori Isvik Avatar
    Lori Isvik

    I am hoping for a quilt kit I asked for last year and didn’t get. Probably should of just bought it for myself!

  29. Jane Zagrodnik Avatar
    Jane Zagrodnik

    I am wanting someone to organize my projects for me…LOL from Santa. I really don’t have a want this year from Santa. I am just praying we can go back to a real life again with no fear!

  30. Mary Ann Servi Avatar
    Mary Ann Servi

    The seam rippers are awesome. I will definitely have to treat myself to one of those. My family know to purchase me anything quilt related and I am happy.

  31. LINDA Avatar

    All I want for Christmas is for Peace on Earth and a safe, happy and healthy 2021. I will have 3 of my kids with me so I am triple blessed. The seam rippers are gorgeous, would love one. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

  32. Karin S. Avatar
    Karin S.

    I already got my Christmas wish…my husband’s 3 year cancer CT scan came back clear! Everything else could go away and I’d still be happy because of that. If I wanted to get greedy, I would love to have “time” to do more sewing/stitching projects…or even win one of your give away prizes. I would settle for a new pair of ‘knock around’ shoes though. Merry Christmas!

  33. Kathleen Terek Avatar
    Kathleen Terek

    I saw these on one of your previous posts and loved them. Perfect gift for a sewer/stitcher. I always say a sharp seam ripper is key. I buy them often as I seem to lose them somewhere. Would love to have one of these. Too late for Christmas gift but would be great birthday gift. Will hint loudly and often that I would like one.

  34. susangrochowski Avatar

    Wishing everyone health and happiness and hoping this pandemic
    is over soon. However those seam rippers are beautiful! Can’t seam to find mine. Hmmmm…

  35. Sharon S Avatar
    Sharon S

    I am asking for good health and happiness for my family; especially, my sister who is battling ovarian cancer. I want to make her Christmas very special. Good health to everyone and blessings in the coming new year!

  36. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
    Carol Eberhardt

    This kind of feels like the Miss Universe question: “What is your one wish?” and the stock answer, “World Peace!”

    But seriously, the immediacy of the vaccine, who’d ever wish for two inoculations? Me! And 70% of the citizens of this country. That’s the one thing I want that can’t come soon enough. And a more normal life in 2021.

    Nothing else seems that important. Delayed packages? No big deal. Not seeing you family for ten months, unconscionable. It won’t be long now…

    (Love the seam rippers! If I knew how to send you a photo I would show you the beautiful little vase I bought, made from a knife handle. So lovely, I bought three!)

  37. Bonnie Larson Avatar
    Bonnie Larson

    I am wishing for everyone to be careful and conscientious of other peoples needs and wants. Merry Christmas Lisa and Family!

  38. Cynthia Goda Avatar
    Cynthia Goda

    Wishing that everyone stays healthy and that by next year this will all be behind us.

  39. Nancy Avatar

    I would like Santa to rid Covid from the world. It would be the best gift!

  40. Carol E Elmer Avatar
    Carol E Elmer

    Love to use pretty tools and this ripper is beautiful! Great gift to self!!

  41. Kim Anderson Avatar
    Kim Anderson

    Those seam rippers are fantastic! Gorgeous! Anyway, from Santa I would like him to gift me a family reunion with ALL the family…my mom, siblings and their families, and my kids and grandkids. We’ve never all gotten together at once, but that would be so cool! A girl’s gotta dream, right?

  42. Joni Everson Avatar
    Joni Everson

    I just want Normal again for Christmas!! It’s awful that we basically can’t see our parents this year and have no idea if they will be with us next year!
    Love these seam rippers – I think I need to add 1 to my pile!

  43. Colleen Harris Hicks Avatar
    Colleen Harris Hicks

    Maybe Santa will bring me lots of toys and goodies. Sewing stuff and fun sewing wool and fabric.

  44. Jennifer Roth Avatar
    Jennifer Roth

    My Santa list also includes this pandemic moving towards a manageable state that we can perhaps again see family members and friends as well as for a world where we all have a grateful heart to each other.

    For the seam rippers, these are gorgeous. I have looked for some on Etsy in the past as this was on a wish list. I love antiques and these would be perfect for my collection. I love vintage/antiques as it tells a story in a way of a period of time. Just like a quilt can share a story of a person’s life. This leads to the bed turning. That was amazing. I was able to view last evening (on the You Tube! 🙂 ). i find it inspiring and gives me ideas of where I may want to take a future project or look for my own quilt for my antique collection. Keep the videos coming as you can as I look forward to seeing the projects we may have an opportunity to participate in, the works of art and the stories both personal and about the business. We all need those connections right now.

    Thank you for everything in 2020. This group has been my virtual quilt guild and I hope in 2021 these new ways of thinking can continue.

  45. Valerie Schraml Avatar
    Valerie Schraml

    I’m wishing Santa brings me lots of good quilting supplies and tools.

  46. Alice Avatar

    These are INCREDIBLE!!! I am wishing for a Juki and also money to order all the items I am drooling over from your list. You have really outdone yourself this year!!!

  47. Karin Pavlovsky Avatar
    Karin Pavlovsky

    I am wishing for a more common sense year ahead. I want my family and friends to stay healthy and to prosper in the new year. I personally do not need anything. I have more quilting projects to do and with the boxes from PG coming in the mail next year I will have many more to do. I am planning a quilt for everyone in the family next year so I will be busy finishing up ufo’s and new project also.

  48. Jody Carter Avatar
    Jody Carter

    Oooh, I’m now wishing for a re-claimed seam ripper! Super cute (and definitely needful)!

  49. Rebecca Avatar

    Holiday hugs to the PG team!
    I wish for snow!

  50. Carolyn Meadows Avatar
    Carolyn Meadows

    I wish Santa would bring me more storage space in my studio. I bet I’m not alone in my wish.

  51. Fran Bianchi Avatar
    Fran Bianchi

    I’m really missing my extended family and friends this year, so my wish for Christmas is for this pandemic to be gone so we can meet with friends and family, go out to dinner and to hug my loved ones again. I love the vintage seam rippers and last year I started seeing them in California. I missed the bed turning yesterday but will go watch after I order a ripper. Merry Christmas to all and wishes for a Happy and Healthy 2021

  52. Teresa Coffindaffer Avatar
    Teresa Coffindaffer

    Have watched all the videos. Like your hair from yesterday, cute! Hoping Santa will bring me the Juki!! 🤩

  53. Therese Hoehn Avatar
    Therese Hoehn

    I am wishing for a healthier/safer new year! I miss my children and am looking forward to the time that we can be together again!

  54. Sandy Baitz Avatar
    Sandy Baitz

    I really am looking forward to spending sometime with my grandsons. I am hoping for an updated picture of my boys

  55. Maggie Reintges Avatar
    Maggie Reintges

    I wishing for an end to this virus pandemic this Christmas. And prayers for all that have been effected by it ❤️🙏

  56. Susan G. Avatar
    Susan G.

    Wow, the seam rippers are so beautiful. Right now my wish for santa is to have a full recovery from falling and breaking my elbow so that I can get back to my love of quilting.

  57. Pamela D Miller Avatar
    Pamela D Miller

    I am wishing for everyone to take the Covid vaccine, when available, so we can get this virus under control and get back to our normal lives. It takes a village! Merry Christmas!

  58. tinamcfadden@att.net Avatar

    I am wishing for the Covid virus to be over and have our lives back to normal.

  59. Traci Slomba Avatar
    Traci Slomba

    I’m wishing for more sewing time and to try things out of my comfort zone or maybe new techniques. I love watching all of your informative videos. Thank you for teaching me some new things, your great at it.
    Hopefully someday I’ll be able to travel to your retreat center, so I guess I’m also wishing for better health as well. Happy holidays! XOXOX

  60. Melanie B. Avatar
    Melanie B.

    I am wishing for a new mother’s necklace from Santa! Those seam rippers are so beautiful! I’ve never seen anything like them. I watched the bed turning yesterday…so many beautiful quilts, a great way to honor the artisans who went before us.

  61. Mary Kolb Avatar

    My only wish is that I will be able to see my ten grandchildren very soon – I miss them so much.

  62. Denise Dyer Avatar
    Denise Dyer

    I enjoyed your red and white bed turning event. I have ordered a fancy breadmachine for Christmas.

  63. V Geib Avatar
    V Geib

    I really love the seam ripper, I cant wait to get it. I wish Santa could make all of covid and its problems go away, and no one else would lose a family member. Everything I asked for this year is Primitive Gatherings. I hope I get it all!

  64. susie Q Avatar
    susie Q

    So enjoyed the bed turning……

  65. Mary Kolb Avatar

    My only Christmas wish is to see all of my ten grandchildren very soon,

  66. Brenda C. Avatar

    I am wishing I can get my mojo back and start to get into a more healthy routine. The seam rippers are beautiful – what a great idea. I might just need one …

  67. Susan Carnes Avatar

    I am asking Santa to send me some elves to help with all these wonderful projects Lisa keeps creating. I’m sure I don’t have enough years left to finish them all! Merry Christmas to all and blessings for a safe Holiday season! ☃️🎄

  68. Nami11 Avatar

    Continued good health for our family, friends, & others and healing of the sick. We long for a time to truly have people working together, putting others needs before own own, and being thankful for all the good there is.
    Live Life Happy!

  69. susan collier Avatar
    susan collier

    Would like to be with my son and grandchildren but that can’t be this year. So I just want my family to stay healthy!!

  70. Lynn Jarzombeck Avatar
    Lynn Jarzombeck

    What a great idea! The rippers are lovely and the fact that it is a recycle makes them special. Thanks Lisa and Doug! I’d take an ornate silver, please. Happy Holidays!

  71. Linda Cates Avatar
    Linda Cates

    I want a Juki so bad.

  72. Martha Bean Avatar
    Martha Bean

    We have been so fortunate this year compared to so many other people, that I feel a little guilty asking for anything. But I would really like for my dog Arlo to just be able to get around a little better.

  73. Lynn Jarzombeck Avatar
    Lynn Jarzombeck

    Oops, forgot to say my wish for Christmas – is that covid does not strike close to home. Your rippers are just perfect.

  74. Paula Wentworth Avatar
    Paula Wentworth

    My wishes are for good health for us all and an end to political division. May we all soon be able to gather safely with family and loved ones.

  75. Norma Jean Myatt Avatar
    Norma Jean Myatt

    I’m wishing Santa would bring me a little elf to organize my sewing space. That way i can keep sewing while the little elf keeps everything neat and tidy.

  76. LeAnne Kehoe Avatar
    LeAnne Kehoe

    My wish is that the pandemic will pass! I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!


    Loved the bed turning! I’d like the plague to be over.

  78. Patricia J Mevis Avatar

    I ordered the light and iron you suggested last year in your 12 Days of Christmas event. Wow!!! You were SOOOOOOO right!! The light is fantastic. Wish I’d ordered it sooner now!! I don’t know how I lived without it. Santa (AKA Primitive Gatherings) is sending me the iron this year. Hurray!!! I can hardly wait!! Thank you Primitive Gatherings. Merry Christmas!

  79. Vickie Olsen Avatar
    Vickie Olsen

    The rippers are nice. Watched Bed Turning. O f course loved all the red and white quilts. Especially liked the first one, the Irish Chain Variation. My wish from Santa is that my niece who is Special Needs and having a very hard time during this pandemic, is that she would find some peace and joy during this time, as it is very hard for her to fully understand and comprehend, why she can’t see me as much, since I am isolated due to my heart condition.

  80. Joanne Avatar

    For kindness and decency to become the normal. Along with recovery from this horrible pandemic in all facets of our lives. I have everything I need and more, so helping others is what I’m going to do.

  81. Debbie Miller Avatar
    Debbie Miller

    My wish is for life to return to normal and Covid to go away!

  82. Wendy Avatar

    Love these!

  83. Clara Avatar

    My granddaughter and her husband just moved to Alaska and I wound like to travel there to see them in the new year. Peace and joy to you and your family, Lisa.

  84. Pam Avatar

    Lol – I’d like a new job! Santa? Are you listening?? These rippers are genius, Doug, very creative! I watched (and subscribed) the live bed turning yesterday, so fun! I’ve never been to one IRL so it was especially cool for me 😀

  85. Polly Davis Avatar
    Polly Davis

    I am wishing for all my family to stay healthy, free from Covid and Cancer. And I hope Santa brings me the Jane Austin coverlet quilt kit !!! It looks complicated so I will definitely need one of these beautiful seam rippers!!! Merry Christmas to you and your family and praying for a prosperous year ahead.

  86. Deb Magerkurth Avatar
    Deb Magerkurth

    I just want peace and love for all! Material things seem rather insignificant at this time but I’m still shopping!???🥴

  87. Tracy Anderson Avatar
    Tracy Anderson

    Loved the quilt turning yesterday. You have a lovely collection. They are lucky to have made their way to you so they will continue to be loved on.

    What do I want for Christmas this year, I have a few very big asks… I am wishing for a healing for a friend who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, I also would like to see a healing for our country and the world – we have all been through so much in 2020. It has been a year of chaos, distress and illness. I
    Pray we are all granted a reprieve and that we have a calmer, more peaceful and prosperous 2021.

    Merry Christmas to all the PG crew and to you and yours Lisa. Thanks for all you give to us Lady! You may be responsible for some of us retaining our sanity in 2020… ❤️😘🎄

  88. Roxanne Boyer Avatar
    Roxanne Boyer

    The seam rippers are beautiful. I wish for a peaceful year and healthy as the last two have been anything but.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  89. Donna Kuehl Avatar
    Donna Kuehl

    My wish is that this pandemic ends and that we all join together in recovery. I also thank the healthcare workers and wish that they can continue to find the strength to carry on!

  90. Julie Deering Avatar
    Julie Deering

    For Christmas this year I am asking for my daughter who is deployed right now to make it home safely. Also wishing for peace and health. The bed turning was awesome and I love the seam rippers!

  91. JaneK Avatar

    I’m with Deb….just wanting peace and kindness for all! Love the ripper 🙂

  92. Bekinda Avatar

    Dear Santa, for Christmas this year I would love a new ironing board cover. A new iron, mister, and wool mat would be helpful to improve my quilting skills. I could probably use all three styles of those beautiful seam rippers. I love you sew much!

  93. Liz A. Avatar
    Liz A.

    Just wishing to be able to hug my Dad again. He’s in assisted living. He will be 91 the end of January.

  94. K.C. Koehler Avatar
    K.C. Koehler

    Clever idea and they are gorgeous!!

  95. Lori Quinlan Avatar
    Lori Quinlan

    I asked for a new sewing chair, with quarantine I’m doing more sewing than ever. I loved the bed turning. Picking out patterns to start red and white quilts.

  96. Kathy Roloff Avatar
    Kathy Roloff

    Just enjoyed the red and white bed turning. I am overstimulated!! I would like to add a request for the second to last quilt to be patterned. Tiny pieces and heavy quilting! I would make good use of the fancy seam rippers. Thanks for sharing your talent with.us!

  97. Donna Watson Avatar
    Donna Watson

    The seam rippers are so unique! I love the creative ways people come up with to repurpose items. What I’d really would like to receive from Santa is getting to visit my family. I haven’t seen my mom or the rest of my family since last Christmas. My husband & I are staying home this year. Now if Ohio would be having a heat wave on Christmas, we’d think about going home & celebrating outside.

  98. Kathy Snyder Avatar
    Kathy Snyder

    Lovely seam rippers! I would ask Santa to take all of my quilt tops to his quilting elves so they would quilt them on their North Pole longarm, and then return them back to me for binding. More importantly, I would wish for peace and relief in these covid times. Thanks for your generous giveaways! They keep the Christmas spirit alive!

  99. Laura B Avatar
    Laura B

    Would love if Santa would bring me a Juki. But I guess would have had to ask for it 🤷‍♀️ Maybe he can read my mind.

  100. Marilyn wolf Avatar
    Marilyn wolf

    i would wish for this pandemic to be controlled so we could all visit with our friends and family again.

  101. Cheryl Keown Avatar
    Cheryl Keown

    My Christmas wish is to some day go to a retreat in Lisa’s new building. Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful red and white quilts with us. Such a clever idea for these seam rippers. Merry Christmas!

  102. junealton Avatar

    This year I wish from Santa to keep my family and friends safe during these COVID times. I really don’t need anything else. Merry Christmas!!!

  103. Sharon Avatar

    Honestly, I am wishing for an end to the corona virus so we can all go back to a normal life, and to spend time with my loved ones.

  104. Cathy Weatherford Avatar
    Cathy Weatherford

    Well, I gotta say, I am way impressed. My husband and I collect old sterling silver bits. We have seen a few using antique silverware, but never a seam ripper. They are really really cool. Now I know what Santa to bring. One of those seam rippers. My Santa is at work, so I better put it inn my wish list

  105. Brenda S. Avatar
    Brenda S.

    I have always admired those seam rippers! From Santa I would like a week with my granddaughter who wants to learn to sew – with no distractions – mental or physical. Now that would be grand!!!

  106. Nancy Thomas Avatar

    Health for all so we can get back to our daily activities. I want to be able to come to your new store and retreat center. Merry Christmas!

  107. Dee Johnson Avatar
    Dee Johnson

    My only wish and need is for COVID to be over! I also hope and wish you all have a Merry Christmas, think positive thoughts, and love one another!

  108. Sue Bennett Avatar
    Sue Bennett

    Health is the number one. Covid to go away. Mery Christmas everyone.

  109. Ellen Reibling Avatar
    Ellen Reibling

    Wow these rippers are so clever. I am so impressed with how people are pivoting and repurposing in the midst of COVID. My wish from Santa is a bigger bookshelf for my quilty purchases…

  110. Jodi usairdoll Avatar
    Jodi usairdoll

    WoW!! What beautiful seam rippers!! Definitely going on my wish list 😊 I’d love to be around my family and anything for sewing. like an ornate silver seam ripper 🤞

  111. Pam Marcis Avatar
    Pam Marcis

    Health for people suffering, peace for the United States government and citizens, and time to work on primative gathering so I can donate to causes.

  112. Gerry Shipton Avatar
    Gerry Shipton

    I wish for our world to turn back to normal. I wish for all the hate and violence to turn to love.

  113. Jenn Avatar

    I know I am getting a few kids from your shop and wishing for a new Kitchenaid mixer from “Santa”. Mine is almost dead.

  114. Debbie Glor Avatar
    Debbie Glor

    What a beautiful & genius idea. I would love to have one of these rippers and also more uninterrupted time to stitch & sew. Happy Holidays to all

  115. Pam Hintze Avatar
    Pam Hintze

    Wishing to be my three boys and their families, all together. Need some hugs!!

  116. see mary quilt Avatar
    see mary quilt

    These seam rippers are gorgeous! What a great idea!!! I plan to watch the Red and White quilt turning video tonight as a reward for all gifts being wrapped, cards mailed and baking complete (except for the peppermint cheesecake I’m making tomorrow to have on Christmas. I’ve been doing a good job of being Santa to myself since COVID hit. Like so many of the other comments, my biggest Christmas wish is to be with family again. My mother-in-law is in a nursing home. Praying she stays strong until both doses of the vaccine are administered and we can see her in person. My biggest wish is to see my 5 grandkids without needing to be socially distant. We’ve been grateful for window visits and a few socially distant backyard visits this summer, but being able to give them hugs, cuddle and read stories on the couch, etc. will be awesome. I’ll pray for the vaccines to be successful in controlling the virus so this Christmas wish can come true. Merry Christmas to you and your family Lisa. You have done an amazing job pivoting during this pandemic. Wishing you a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year!

  117. Harriett Murray Avatar
    Harriett Murray

    My wish from Santa is a new juki😂
    Merry Christmas to all🎄

  118. Gini Baldi Avatar
    Gini Baldi

    Those rippers are awesome! All I really want from Santa is to be able to spend Christmas with my kids. I’ve been staying home for weeks to avoid any possible exposure to the virus. So I’ve been getting lots of stitching done, and did considerable damage shopping for myself at PG!

  119. Linda E Avatar
    Linda E

    Lisa, you never disappoint! The 12 Days of Needful Things is always a grand slam! Love today’s, something special and it will help make reserve sewing a little easier!
    My wish is for our country to come together and LOVE ONE ANOTHER.❤️

  120. JoAnne Hawks Avatar
    JoAnne Hawks

    I’m wishing for some AccuQuilt cube sets.

  121. Leann Baumhover Avatar
    Leann Baumhover

    I’ve been asking Santa for the Twilight Garden BOM kit for weeks now. He (my husband) told me yesterday I better get it ordered so I won’t get behind! Yay!!!! I was so so excited!!! And He loves that it will be the gift that keeps giving and making me happy for 15 months!!!

  122. Susan Avatar

    Peace on Earth!

    PS Those are the most beautiful rippers I have ever seen!

  123. Kathy Casavant Avatar
    Kathy Casavant

    My wish for Christmas is for people to all get along. We seem to be so unhappy and sad. Need mor laughter and fun. Merry Christmas 🎄

    1. Nancy D Avatar
      Nancy D

      Covid begone! That is my Christmas wish!

  124. Leigh Ann P Avatar
    Leigh Ann P


  125. Jonnie Nottingham Avatar
    Jonnie Nottingham

    My Christmas wish is time to work on my beautiful PG projects! Merry Christmas to you all!!

  126. Robyn Williams Avatar
    Robyn Williams

    What I would like for Christmas is a cabinet where I can store all my fabic in one place to see what I really have.

  127. Sue Hoover Avatar
    Sue Hoover

    My wish would be more free time for SEWING!!! Quilting is my passion.

    1. Lisa Batris Avatar
      Lisa Batris

      Got my Christmas wish, we pick up a 1year old shelter dog. Her name is Luna! We thought she was a doodle, until we had her groomed! Turns out she is a beautiful standard poodle with the sweetest temperament!

  128. Tammy S Avatar
    Tammy S

    I just want to spend a nice day with my family and 9 month old granddaughter.

  129. cathy Avatar

    All I really want is a nice relaxing day with my immediate family together, along with some good food (and no thoughts about calories). A gift certificate for my LQS would be good too.

  130. A M Bartus Avatar
    A M Bartus

    Didn’t ask Santa for anything specific. Just hoping and praying for a better year next year. Your red and white quilts are glorious!

  131. Dede Snead Avatar

    The seam rippers are beautiful! Loved watching those red/white quilts turning down off your bed. Such beautiful quilts! I am hoping Santa brings me a joyous day filled with hubby, three sons, sweet daughter-in-law and twin grandsons. We have all been keeping ourselves healthy so we can be together this Christmas. Having a son and daughter in law that are teachers with in- person learning, so far this year, has kept them in and out of quarantine when students or staff has been confirmed with the virus. Right now all are healthy and we pray it stays that way! We plan to visit my 95 yr. old Mom outside her window over the phone as well. Merry Christmas everyone!

  132. Imelda Dochter Avatar
    Imelda Dochter

    So pretty! I have other accessories also made from silverware. Number 1 on my Christmas list is time with my grand baby ,Lily.

  133. Linda Avatar

    A gift card from my favorite quilt shop

  134. Patti Kaplan Avatar
    Patti Kaplan

    I would love Santa to bring a end to COVID so I can see my kids and grandkids. Secondly. I would like to learn a new skill .I’ve chosen wool this year, I signed up for the wool box. Thank you for the inspiration.

  135. Germaine Avatar

    Those seam rippers are gorgeous! Makes me think Victorian Era. If Santa can wrap up peace and health and send it to my family and friends that would be my most fervent wish.

  136. Susan K. Avatar
    Susan K.

    I hope Santa brings me a box of Sees chocolates and a fat quarter bundle of fabric.

  137. Marie Eddins Avatar
    Marie Eddins

    I too wish for a lovely family gathering and to hug everyone of my kids and grandchildren. I wouldn’t mind having the large Karen Buckley scissors! Love the way her scissors grab fabric. These are amazing seam rippers. So unique! The Red quilt bed turning was eye candy entertainment!

  138. sewncreations Avatar

    I wish for the country to come together again. On the me list I’d love to have a new sewing machine as parts are no longer available for mine but that isn’t going to happen. The seam rippers are beautiful.

  139. MaryAnn Jalberrt Avatar
    MaryAnn Jalberrt

    Marry Christmas! All I want is a Happy Healthy 2021! Loved the red and white quilts!

  140. Janet Avatar

    I think this might be a good year for DIAMONDS!! lol….jmh

  141. susan t warner Avatar
    susan t warner

    Love these seam rippers and enjoyed the bed turning yesterday. A gift for me would be people working to be kinder to others and focusing on the positive in life and the blessings we do have.

  142. Toni Anne Potter Avatar
    Toni Anne Potter

    I know it’s a real 2020 thing. I’m honestly praying for my parents, my son and husbands healthy and safety for Christmas this year. That’s it that’s all I could possibly hope for. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  143. Susan Avatar

    I must be strange but I don’t need or want any gifts. I’m pretty content. I wish everyone a safe,healthy holiday. This has been a hard year- lost my brother suddenly last January- as well as the nationwide house arrest. So lucky to have my stitching, reading and the internet for show and tells and all the projects shared. Looking forward to a new year. Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks for sharing!

  144. shadesofrandom Avatar

    I know I won’t get it, but I’m wishing for a visit from my brother and sister-in-law.

  145. Deb WORTHMAN Avatar

    I’m wishing for Covid to be over and I am wanting some of the Quilted Pineapple rulers. I wonder if my quilting will ever look like hers. Merry Christmas!

  146. Cherie Reynolds Avatar
    Cherie Reynolds

    Santa can’t really afford anything this year so being with my family will be my gift!! Love the seam rippers!!

  147. Cathy C Avatar
    Cathy C

    Loved your red & white quilt turning.

  148. Donna Avatar

    That family could be together for Christmas…health to those that are sick.

  149. Angela Brady Avatar
    Angela Brady

    Hope to have a few days at home to sew and enjoy my new Cricut Maker I purchased for myself for Christmas

  150. Wendy Aduddell Avatar
    Wendy Aduddell

    Dear Santa, I would love to see my grandsons who do not live nearby. It would be wonderful.

  151. Bonnie reed Avatar
    Bonnie reed

    I don’t drive out of my comfort zone any longer so my Christmas wish is to have my daughter take me to Primitive Gatherings in Murrieta.

  152. Brenda C Wyatt Avatar
    Brenda C Wyatt

    I would love one of these seam rippers! If we have to use one it should be pretty, lol.
    I’m asking Santa for good health for everyone!
    Thanks for the chance.

  153. Linda Avatar

    I did watch your red and white quilt bed turning yesterday. It was wonderful. What do I want for Christmas? Being with family.

  154. Stephanie Z Hironimus Avatar
    Stephanie Z Hironimus

    I have actually not asked Santa for a single thing this year…

  155. skeetercramer8937 Avatar

    The red and white quilts were stunning. Thank you for sharing. The seam rippers are pretty darn cute as well. If Santa could grant one wish, mine would be that the covid vaccines are made available world wide so we can put an end to this pandemic.

  156. shonuf48 Avatar

    I am hoping Santa will bring me a DVD on couching on a longarm and containers for my embroidery threads. Although I wish I had seen these re-cycled seam rippers before today! I absolutely love them!

  157. Syd FAASSEN Avatar

    I got my Christmas wish in the form of palliative care hospice. Since the end of February, we’ve only seen my 95- year-old father-in-law twice in an outdoor setting. No inside visits so we figured when we saw him the 1st part of October that would be it for awhile since he lives in an assisted living facility. Recently he was enrolled in a palliative care hospice program. As sad as that sounds, although it’s not end of life hospice yet, there is a silver lining. We now get to see him, inside his apartment for an hour a day. We live 9 hours from him and are spending Christmas at a Hampton Inn so we can see him an hour each day. Added bonus is we’ll also see our son and DIL and my husband’s sister. And yes, we will quarantine for 2 weeks when we get back to Copper Harbor. Looking forward to sewing as non-stop as I can for those 2 weeks!!!
    Thank you for the 12 Days of Needful Things, Lisa!! Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!!!

  158. Alyson Avatar

    Anything knitting or quilting related. Or an employment opportunity.

  159. Karen H Avatar
    Karen H

    Not sure Santa can swing it, but I’m hoping for a better year…..

  160. Pamela Clinton Avatar
    Pamela Clinton

    Santa bringing my mom in a nursing home the vaccine…and a more hope filled 2021.

  161. Judyk Avatar

    Like everyone else, I like to see COVID in our rear view mirrors. From Santa I’d like a sit down quilting machine, but we haven’t been able to try any out. No quilt shows and limited shopping. 😔. Merry Christmas and thank you. Your bed turning was awesome. Please do another.

  162. Judy Shapleigh Avatar
    Judy Shapleigh

    I asked for that fabric that resembles Klimt paintings. I wanted one of those antique Singers that is like furniture. I would love to make it into a table.

  163. Marsha Sensel Avatar
    Marsha Sensel

    I would love Santa to bring me a new longer quilting machine but that’s not going to happen this year.

  164. Carol C Thomas Avatar

    As everyone wishes, I want 2020 to end with Covid gone from our world. Families, countries, businesses have a wonderful 2021. On a little personal note, I would love Santa to buy me a new quilting | sewing machine. I am mad at my current machine.

  165. Jeanne Shakespeare Avatar
    Jeanne Shakespeare

    I’m so grateful that your business and creativity haven’t been affected by the events if this year. Your happiness and cheerfulness are a boost to us all. What I want for Christmas is to hear from each of my children that they are all healthy.

  166. Christina Avatar

    Well I am wishing from Santa for covid to go away. All I want is to visit your knew shop and retreat house. Merry Christmas

  167. Debby Hillstead Avatar
    Debby Hillstead

    What a wonderful idea to repurpose the knives. I love the look of them.

  168. Denise Gosselin Avatar
    Denise Gosselin

    The seam rippers are awesome! I didn’t ask Santa for anything this year. I just want to spend time with my family. Happy Holidays to you, your family and the “elves” that work in your shop. I’m sure they will enjoy a much needed break 😄

  169. Cathy King Avatar
    Cathy King

    I am looking forward to my Primitive Gatherings Holiday Box. I love surprises and I know this will be filled with them.

  170. Debra Mae Cross Avatar
    Debra Mae Cross

    I have been blessed beyond measure with good health and love of family. Although we can’t be together right now I am asking Santa for a strong internet connection so we can be together through Skype.
    Love the repurposed silverware as seam ripper, each is a treasure.

  171. Donna Schulz Avatar
    Donna Schulz

    Wishing for arrival of the Happy Holiday Wool Box. Can’t wait to see it!

  172. Bev F Avatar
    Bev F

    I had the best Christmas gift already last night when we had the whole family together for a party! The little grandchildren ( there are nine of them age 5 and younger) were so excited!
    We are thankful for good health and many other blessings.

  173. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    I’m not wishing for much from Santa, since I have all I need; but I do pray this Covid comes to an end.

  174. Marilyn Hopkins Avatar
    Marilyn Hopkins

    “All I want for Christmas is for Covid to be gone !”🎶

  175. Paula Avatar

    What I want for Christmas is Positivity and Peace!

  176. Dawn Avatar

    With a blizzard just arriving, even Santa will have a challenge getting thru … just wishing for safe travels, for my girls, to celebrate the hope that Jesus’ birth brings for all!! Merry Christmas!

  177. krpilk Avatar

    I didn’t ask Santa for anything this year. It’s been a very hard year for us, like for most everyone else. But I have been so blessed to have friends and neighbors bring me alteration work and face mask requests that they need; and that has been such an unexpected blessing. Staying busy and constant prayer has been my mantra. At this point, I just feel so very blessed and grateful just to be alive, and to know that even though we cannot be together with the ones we love,; we can be truly appreciative that they are in our lives. Like everyone else, my wish is that everyone stays safe and well, that this pandemic will end soon, and that 2021 will be a better year for all of us. Season’s Greetings to you and those you love.

  178. Cindy Avatar

    My wish is for peace & health.

  179. Laurieleeshain@gmail.com Avatar

    A trip somewhere soon. A couple of days, a week. Heck I would take a three hour tour!!! Stay well~~~Merry Christmas

  180. Lisa Mikel Avatar
    Lisa Mikel

    The seam rippers are lovely, Doug did a great job on them. I am registered nurse at a hospital and I wish for good health for everyone with covid-19 and others sick with other illnesses.

  181. Debra Reber Avatar

    This Christmas I am wishing for the pandemic to end, so we can get together with friends again!

  182. Mary Jo Avatar
    Mary Jo

    I didn’t ask Santa for anything this year. I’m just glad we are all healthy and hope we will be able to see each other in person next year. Loved your bed turning!

  183. Tamara Williams Avatar
    Tamara Williams

    Would just like to see my daughter & her boys. They’re in Tx, I’m in Il.

  184. Karen Avatar

    Peace on Earth! No Covid! Peaceful transfer of presidential power!

  185. Kristy Soard Avatar
    Kristy Soard

    What I want for Christmas is a surprise. My hubby and I share an Amazon account, so inadvertantly I saw what he ordered for me. Plus we have been strictly quarantined this whole time per doctor’s orders due to being sooo at risk, so we couldn’t go out to do any other shopping. Yep, a surprise would be nice! Thank you for all the fun you have added to our advent season. Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

  186. Beth Esser Avatar
    Beth Esser

    Why all things Primitive Gatherings, of course! (Besides the Big Things we all want)

  187. Jennifer Jenson Avatar
    Jennifer Jenson

    Oh what a clever idea! Since I love antiques maybe I would enjoy seam ripping more!

  188. Joanne E. Rodriguez Avatar
    Joanne E. Rodriguez

    Great work Doug. For Christmas this year I am hoping for the virus to leave. I miss all my sewing peeps.

  189. Laurie Parsons Avatar
    Laurie Parsons

    Quilting supplies of course! And a new desk chair, since I’m working from home!
    Merry Christmas!!!

  190. Cathy Winger Avatar
    Cathy Winger

    These seam rippers are amazing! What a great gift if I’m lucky to win one! The greatest gift I could receive this Christmas is to have all of my children and grandchildren safe, healthy, and all bound together with love for each other and for the greatest gift of all for which we celebrate the season!

  191. Linda Valentino Avatar
    Linda Valentino

    My Christmas Wish from Santa is:
    a re-claimed seam ripper from Primitive Gatherings❣️

  192. Candee Avatar

    Snow please ❄️❄️❄️ So we can go snowmobiling during the kids Christmas vacation.

  193. Karen S Avatar
    Karen S

    Hmmm that’s always a hard one for me. I love gifting my family members and finding just the right gift. I listen all year for clues and jump at the chance to get it right! So when I’m asked what I want I know I have pretty much what I need, tons of quilting stuff and other crafts items. Enough jewerly after almost 40 years of marriage. New TV? I like the one we have. Furniture? Probably, but who do you ask for that from? I guess I would like what the giver would like me to have. Oh and maybe a puppy!

  194. Jakey Avatar

    I told Santa to take it easy this year, and to focus on the kids. Secretly what I want is the gift of time… & more of it with loved ones.

  195. Mary Avatar

    I’m wishing for a negative covid test.

  196. Toni Avatar

    Just happy to spend some time with my grandsons – can’t beat that gift!

  197. sherrymeeks1225 Avatar

    I would wish for some relief for all our front line workers and of course one of your seam rippers.

  198. Cheryl Gherna Avatar
    Cheryl Gherna

    I just put a reclaimed seam ripper on my Christmas wish list! I used to have a spoon ring back in the 70’s and this reminds me of it. Love the idea!

  199. Linda Kilgore Avatar
    Linda Kilgore

    I already received my gift. My Marine grandson was able to come home on leave. Can’t get better than that.

  200. JennyM Avatar

    Like many, I wish for a return to normal with family time topping the list. On the sewing front a bit of stash enchantment would bring a smile. The seam rippers look wonderful, functional and beautiful.

  201. sharlet simmons Avatar
    sharlet simmons

    My Christmas with this year is to be with my family and friends and to enjoy their love and spend time with them.

  202. Kay U McAllister Avatar
    Kay U McAllister

    Merry Christmas to me! I love the seam ripper. I wish for peace, love, and good health, and of course, all things quilty!

  203. Pam Bo Avatar
    Pam Bo

    Besides, the most important things , peace, love, and health, I would like a BEAUTIFUL seam ripper from Primitive Gatherings!

  204. Rachel Childress Avatar
    Rachel Childress

    I’m hoping for a new iPad as mine is really really old and slow! I also hope for relief from shoulder pain as it is cramping my sewing time!! Ugh!! Lisa, I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas. Thank you for all you do for us. It is most appreciated!! ❤️

  205. Janet D Avatar
    Janet D

    I wish for the pandemic to be over so we can be together with family and friends again.

  206. Raedene Avatar

    I hope that our family time is filled with adventure and fun as we unwrap.

  207. Diane Kleinfelter Avatar
    Diane Kleinfelter

    Letterblocks, shapes and script words are on the way. An ornate silver ripper is coming too. Add to that a wool box every other month. And a Moon Garden BOM too. I’m so glad that Santa shops at Primitive Gatherings! The sleigh makes frequent stops.

  208. Michele T Avatar
    Michele T

    Omg, those seam rippers are so pretty!! Great idea.

  209. Mary Foy Avatar
    Mary Foy

    My wish is for everyone to be able to hug their loved ones. While waiting for that day, I wish for happy days in sewing rooms everywhere! Thanks, PG for helping those sewing wishes come true!

  210. Pam Mueller Avatar
    Pam Mueller

    Wow! Those seam rippers are so beautiful! I would put it to good use at times with my having to reverse sewing or un-sewing as we call it.

  211. Judy Lindros Avatar
    Judy Lindros

    What a clever idea. I’m going to show this post to Santa right now.

  212. Judy D Avatar
    Judy D

    My wish is for an end to pandemic soon! Enjoyed the bed turning. You have some very nice antique quilts and love the seams rippers. I do enough un sewing..

  213. Rebecca K. Avatar
    Rebecca K.

    My wish would be for a swift end to this pandemic so that we can share with family & friends. I enjoy prowling the flea markets so can really appreciate the recycled handles on the seam rippers. What a beautiful idea! Enjoyed the bed turning yesterday. Anxious to plan a red & white quilt. Must comment how slim you look!

  214. Jane A Avatar
    Jane A

    I wish that Santa could bring me the ability to spend time with my friends and family. That is what I want the most.

  215. Charlotte Walker Avatar
    Charlotte Walker

    Beautiful seam rippers! They would look so nice nestled next to an antique button hook

  216. Beth Pedersen Avatar
    Beth Pedersen

    Your seam rippers are gorgeous!
    I am wishing for the vaccine to work so life can resume. I am so missing giving my grandkids and my mom a hug. So thankful that I love to sew and create beautiful things.

  217. June Avatar

    I wish good health and Peace to all! The seam rippers are beautiful.

  218. Annette F. Avatar
    Annette F.

    I’m hoping for a resemblance to normalcy soon. God Bless Us All….

  219. Pam Suther Avatar
    Pam Suther

    Am I too late?? I just want Covid over so I can hug all my grandkids! The seam rippers are awesome! Belated Merry Christmas!

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