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travel adventures- part 2


Hey…When you have a long weekend in St. George UT what can you do?  Stitch, Hike,  Spa, Netflix and stitch some more…

THURSDAY:On our way to Zion!  Up early, bundled up in warm clothes for our 42 degree, winter hike on my first trip to Zion National Park.

I had so much fun and want to go back to do more trails…look at this rock I was at a rock shop..

FRIDAY: We stitched in the morning and had massage appointments at Red Mountian Spa…I had the best massage ever!  Ask for Trevor…he helped with my TMJ, Arms, hands and neck…It felt so amazing!  I just may have to stay there sometime!

SATURDAY: We stitched and in the afternoon we went to this trail…it was an off-road adventure for sure.

Inside that hole in the above pic…

Some deep breaths…some meditation…and some mind-clearing for what lies ahead…I know I will visit this place, again and again, this next year…I will just close my eyes and I will be there.  This is priceless.

Simple is best!

After our hike we stitched into the night while watching Bridgerton on Netflix.

SUNDAY- Another day of stitching while watching my Green Bay Packers lose the NFC playoff game…But the best team won that day…we beat ourselves.  We finished up watching the last couple of episodes of Brigerton.  I completed almost all of my projects I  took along for the trip.  I can’t wait for you to see or receive them!

MONDAY-We packed up and headed back to Las Vegas where I jumped on a plane and now I am in Minneapolis waiting to catch my last flight home….

I also want to acknowlege we had much to celebrate during this weekend…I’m so proud of you Val…two new knee surgeries and 35lbs gone.   I so happy that you are my friend….

Thanks for hanging out with me here,  I know it’s mostly rocks…but it was amazing in person…if you want to see more of my trip I did post a video of Zion in my Facebook group Stitch With Lisa Bongean.

Have a great week….Look for more videos, quilts and wool projects coming soon!

Take care of yourselves. Lisa

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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

40 thoughts on “travel adventures- part 2

  1. Your trip looks amazing. I wish I was 40 years younger. Thanks you so much for these wonderful photos.

  2. Lisa, there’s nothing like southern Utah…even though I’m a Nevada girl…next time you need to visit Bryce Canyon…just about 2 – 21/2 hrs from st. George…however you might hit some snow. Still a very pretty place. A big thank you for all you share with us. I get a Val fix at least once a month. She to a very talented. Again thank you!

  3. Had a great weekend too!
    Can’t wait for another adventure! Stitching needles and hiking boots required!❤️

  4. Looks like you had a fun, fabulous and productive trip. I’m sure it was a much needed respite from your hectic schedule. Safe travels home.

  5. Me time with friends is so awesome! I have visited Zion & it is one of the most amazing National Parks!,,

  6. Hi Lisa, Thanks for sharing! I went last year and feel the same. It’s a definite “go again”.
    Check out Aaron Rodger’s news artical. He was very upset that they called the game. Me to.

  7. Omg, the petroglyphs and the plant life, to die for! Just gorgeous!

    Our Buffalo Bills lost, too, and boy, those Chiefs play pretty darn rough… oh well… gives me the night off on Super Bowl Sunday, I’ll be quilting and my husband can watch. Not a fan of either to win, so sewing it is. Now, if I had money on the game…

  8. What a great trip! I’m so happy you were able to get away and enjoy the beautiful scenery and friends. Great pictures!

  9. The photos of your trip are awesome. I especially love the one with cactus and you in the formation and the shadow. Thanks for sharing with us

  10. Wow Lisa….amazing pics. I love petroglyphs….we have a hill near our home and there are petroglyphs on the rocks….find them beautiful…

  11. We stayed in the cabins in Zion. Very fun. We were there in April and there were waterfalls all over from snow melt.

  12. So happy for you and your friends that you had a fabulous time together. Thank you for sharing your beautiful memories. Looking forward to what’s coming in your world of PG. 💖💖💖hugs

  13. Thanks for sharing!! Zion is beautiful. Always love visiting there. Congratulations to you and Val!! =:)

  14. Wonderful pictures! Can’t wait to start travelling again. Beginning to think it won’t happen as we are in tight lockdown and being controlled by the equivalent of the Stasi police here in the UK.

  15. Can’t beat those beautiful Mountain View’s! Good to relax and regenerate with friends and outdoor activities! Those petroglyphs were awesome!

  16. So glad you were able to go on that adventure. Renewed and refreshed for what will be a busy time. Awesome!

  17. You both look gorgeous. Congrats on the great weight losses. The trip photos are awesome. Glad you were able to do some travel and me time. How far you have come since you came to our guild meeting and spent the night at my home! That was about 18 years ago. You have far exceeded you expectations! Keep it up because we all benefit!

  18. Pictures look amazing! Might have to put that on my bucket list! Good job on both your accomplishments, and the outcome is your great reward, looking good girls!

  19. Hi Lisa, your photos are beautiful! I agree it’s a lovely state to hike, and the petroglyphs are amazing! Lots of hiking in Boy Scouts with my son. Good Times! How brave you all are to defy the temps! Tho, I have to admit 42 can be nice when the sun is shining. Glad you are all enjoying yourselves! Hugs, Jakey

  20. So happy you had a great trip! Balm for your soul, I’m sure. Congratulations to you and your friend on your significant progress toward and dedication to a healthy lifestyle! Excited to see your stitching projects!! Thanks for sharing your fun with the rest of us 🙂

  21. Lisa – Thanks for visiting our wonderful “neck of the woods” . Wish you had taken time to go over the mountain to Bryce Canyon , where the sights are even more spectacular. We love our southern Utah country. Hope to see you out here again. Waiting to hear more about your projects at home, and seeing the finished building. Maybe we can get a little group of our Utah friends back there again soon.

  22. Love the rocks and scenery. I would like to go there sometime but my dietary issues restrict my traveling. Cannot wait to see what inspiration from this trip ends up in your new designs. .

  23. Looks like a fun trip. Congratulations on your weight loss, and 2 new knees. Im a week out from my first knee replacement and next up is my left knee. Cant wait to get back to hiking.

  24. Thanks for sharing, would love to go there one day…. Congrats on the weight loss, it’s always a struggle. But you ladies rock, sorry about the pun…..

  25. Thanks for sharing your trip. You are really looking good, loosing all that weight. I know you feel better. Have fun .❤️

  26. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures. I grew up in the valley of Bryce Canyon National Park and love the beauty of southern Utah. Zion is so majestic. I’m so glad you got to explore and enjoy my home state. Also, congrats on you and your friend’s weight loss!

  27. If you are a rock lover, and I am, there is no place better than southern Utah-northern Arizona. This post made me homesick. =) Congratulations on the weight loss!

  28. You journey to new places~~both physically and mentally are always an inspiration. As we get older as women we need to find time for OURselves and new directions and goals. You going for YOURS encourages everyone to dream about and reach for theirs. You never know how many ways you touch people. Thanks for happy moments.

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