Happy Valentine’s Day….


My hope for you this Valentine’s Day… is LOVE…whatever form that it may come in…

I like to celebrate LOVE all month…not just one day…with my fisherman, with my grandbabies, with my staff…my girlfriends….my sewing group, on and on.

As promised on my LIVE yesterday… I have written that recipe for the cookies…Here it is…Dipped Cherry Cookies   just click the link and you may print it or download it to your files.  I had some leftover white chocolate from Christmas so it was the perfect recipe, not too many ingredients and I just had to add/ change a few things…after you have made as many cookies as I have you just know what to do…

I had an eager helper….and this recipe does did not disappoint!  Miss Evie only gave it a 5, but I think that had more to do with that “loose” tooth!  See video…

If you did not catch our LIVE yesterday you can watch it HERE.  I had some lovely helpers and we had a fun as usual and we thank everyone who was live with us as well…Please subscribe to our YOUTUBE channel as long as you are there!

Also, this is a reminder to place your order if you would like our FREE pattern and our special sweet treat for a $25 order that is/was placed yesterday or today…sorry the treats are not the cookies shown above…. a bummer…I know.

Our FREE pattern is a re-do of AN old one of mine….here is one block stitched.  Do not let those words intimidate you…we have a video for that as well.  Lisa Bongean/Be Mine We are offering two versions….grey/red and red/pink/cream both quilts will be awesome…I can’t wait to have mine done for next V-day!

I had a beautiful day today…we were invited to Disney on Ice in a  box suite.  Thank You Brandon!   The boys all loved it! We all loved the firebreathing dragon the best!

Also I thought I would share a little of the decorating at Ancor Point!  In less than an hour I can have a whole new color scheme up and ready for all to enjoy!  I hope you get some ideas for your own quilt decorating!Lisa Bongean's HomeThere is a lot of napping that goes on here…Lisa Bongean's HomeBucky…the best dog ever.Lisa Bongean's HomeLittle antique crib quiltsLisa Bongean's Home Lisa Bongean's HomeBig antique quilts on our three arm quilt hangers.Lisa Bongean's HomeI love this quilt…simple and easy…true lover’s knot?  I’m guessing here.Lisa Bongean's Homestar quilts are alway a favorite.Lisa Bongean's HomeOur 101Itty bitty stitch along will start in April!  Be ready…book, stand…wools…all can be ordred HERE

itty bitty celebrationsall for now….just know that all of us at Primitive Gatherings love YOU, our customer…and we will do everything we can to take care of you.  LISA

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All for now…Lisa

11 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day….”

  1. Jeanne Avatar

    What is the name of the pink star quilt?

  2. charquilts Avatar

    Everything is so nice!❤️
    Thank you.

  3. Liz Sampson Avatar
    Liz Sampson

    I got to see the live YouTube this a.m. Your helpers were so sweet and the puppy was so kind and patient. Thanks for the recipe and all that you do!

  4. erkermk Avatar

    Hey there from Huntsville, AL! I’m on my way to the website to shop, but wanted to ask about the wood piece over the black cabinet in the photo right after the ice show photos… Would love to see a full photo of it! Hope you are well! Michele

  5. Angela Crawley Avatar
    Angela Crawley

    Just watched your LIVE tonight. Did a box of thread (Valdani 5) as a Valentine gift for me. Beautiful post.

  6. kathyreeves Avatar

    I’m off to check out the YouTube video, what sweet little helpers you have, thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Diane Juskelis Avatar
    Diane Juskelis

    In your recipe you don’t mention when you add the white chocolate to the dough – I presume it is with the butter

  8. honeysmailboxattnetLinda Stone Avatar

    I just love all of the quilts you have shared! Thank you!

  9. bobbie rumler Avatar
    bobbie rumler

    thank you Lisa…this was a very nice website today Happy Valentines to you and family from Corona de Tucson AZ

  10. Joan Riker-Wilkie Avatar
    Joan Riker-Wilkie

    Having a hard time finding the Itty Bitty celebrations on the primitive gathering website. I would like to know cost and how to order. Thank you

  11. Teresa Avatar

    Love the decorating. It just looks so happy! I am going to get some different pillow covers and very quickly with a different quilt out and pillow covers decorating is done. I wondered if you ever picked the person to get their Juki for free?

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