Let it Snow! Farmhouse Friends Mystery -FREE Patterns

Hey Everyone I am Lisa Bongean from Primtiive Gatherings…I am so glad you are here. Today is my day to post my block…I love how this stitch-along is coming along!!  My block is block 5…It is 121/2″x 12 1/2″ and features Moda grunge background and our wintery-looking wools from Primitive Gatherings….Let It Snow- playtime


Click HERE to get yourself a KIT!

If this is all NEW to you…here are the previous blocks

BLOCK 1 is from our leader Rhonda who had designed the quilt and I love the layout!  All we have to do insert blocks…some of us have 12 x 12  some 12 x 18  some  6×42  or something like that… Farmhouse Friends BLK1

Click HERE to go to Rhonda’s site.

BLOCK 2 Is from Rita from Reets to Rags…These girls are so talented!Reets to Rags BLK3 Click HERE to go to REETS RAGS TO STITCHES

BLOCK 3 is from Kathy-Heart to Hand…How Fun!Kathy-Heart to Hand BLK2 Click HERE to go to HEART to HAND

BLOCK 4 is from Bits & Pieces by Joan…a nice winter night….

Block 4 Let it snow!

Click HERE to visit Bits & Pieces

BLOCK 5 is from Gloria at OLDE GREEN CUPBOARD   Even snowman must do laundry!OLDE GREEN CUPBOARD BLK4 Click HERE to go to OLDE GREEN CUPBOARD

There is so much going on…I hope you take advantage of the FREE downloads and also support the designers by purchasing their kits before they’re all sold out!  Or before we have to sub background fabrics!! LOL, good problems!

Please feel free to  join this blog  subscription and my YouTUBE &Facebook groupS STITCH with Lisa Bongean…we have lots of fun sharing quits and wool projects!  Last week we did a Spring bed turning…check it out here below!

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6 responses to “Let it Snow! Farmhouse Friends Mystery -FREE Patterns”

  1. onecreativefamily Avatar

    Great work. I love the Primitive Designs, will have to give it a try.

  2. Angie Crawley Avatar
    Angie Crawley

    Love them all. Thanks for the links.

  3. Teresa Powers Avatar
    Teresa Powers

    Would love to attend. Was reading your transportation information regarding the airports. FYI, the airport in Kansas City is in Missouri not Kansas. The call sign for the airport is MCI.

  4. Elizabeth A Schraeder Avatar

    Thank you Lisa, your always so generous with your patterns.

  5. Tina Ramsey Avatar
    Tina Ramsey

    I have tried to order kit for the Let It Snow Sew Along, but says page can’t be found.
    On Tues. I tried ordering but wouldn’t let me complete the billing. Help!
    I love the patterns for these.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      You can call us if you have trouble 920722-7233

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