Hey…Great news…our Moda Our Flag Stands for Freedom kits are at your local quilt stores!!!  

Bad news there is a correction to the pattern…and not the original one we found!!! Just shoot me right? We left a piece off cutting for the red stars…it’s easy enough to figure out because it there for the blue…but we want it right…

But good news we know about it now and can add it back again…Our Flag Stands for Freedom Correct 1     Shop owners please add this to your kits…I have  also posted it on my corrections  page in my  blog here.

We are so sorry…and we have hired a professional editor in January…so this hopefully is going to happen a lot less.  Sample makers don’t alway catch things and when a pattern is touched graphically things happen was take care and enjoy this quilt…and again…,my sincere apologies..Lisa




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I live in Butte Des Morts, WI, Married to Nick, with 3 sons, Lance (forever 29) , Luke 31and Jake 30 I am a quilter, rugger, gardener and I also love to cook when I get the chance...

14 thoughts on “GOOD NEWS, BAD NEWS, GOOD NEWS!!!

  1. Thanks so much! Printed the revision and tucked it in that cute little box. Can’t wait to do this one.

  2. I bought yardage and the pattern separately. I finished the quilt about a week ago and have been looking for backing fabric. It will be a gift for an amazing young man graduating from college in May – ROTC and leaving for first Army assignment in June. I’m hoping that Lisa can point me in the right direction for the binding tutorial. The pattern shows the quilt with alternating color binding and refers to a tutorial. I have checked the blog, the website, youtube and just searching the internet. Where is the tutorial? I need to get this one finished in the next couple of weeks. Thanks.

  3. I bought the Star Studded Event, love the fabric and pattern. And WOW, the shipping was super fast. Is there somewhere with more detailed instructions? I know it is me, the more I read the more I am confused. I am probably just missing something, so I will get some scraps and give it a try.

  4. Today when my Our Flag pattern arrived (very speedy delivery!), I immediately check to see if my copy had the error or correction. I couldn’t spot a difference, but see that the neither copy lists the 21 2″ light print blocks for the mini star centers. What is the error? Thanks for a beautiful pattern.

  5. Hi, Lisa. Hoping I get my kit from P.G. soon! And, so looking forward to the American Gatherings quilt-along when the FQ bundles arrive. These are two of the many American Gatherings projects I’ll be making. Love this line as much as I loved Star and Stripe Gatherings a couple of years ago. (Made almost everything in your S&S book except Constitution, which I may have to make in American Gatherings 😉.) Never thought of myself as especially patriotic (or not), but surrounding myself with your quilt designs and fabrics certainly prompts me to appreciate the beauty of the promise of America.

  6. HI Lisa, I have the “Our Flag Stands for Freedom” Kit. I am all set to start cutting, but I have to admit the directions are a bit vague. I am reading from the very beginning: From the 6 of the 10 Red FQ cut 1-4″x$” Square – HST (this I got). Next, From each of the 10 Red FQ, cut 3 – 3 1/2″x 22″ strips – star blocks Okay makes sense. this is where I get lost Strip Piece remaining strips in sets of 3 (What does “Strip Piece” mean??? Am I sewing these together? Or am I just puting the strips together in groups of 3? I get the revised pattern note with the kit, sorry I am still having an issue. Thank you for your time. Lainey

  7. Thanks Lisa, I also found your corrections pattern on your blog, this explains everything!!! Thank you very kindly for your quick response!!!!! Thank you 😊

  8. Lisa,
    I bought the “Our Flag Stands for Freedom” quilt kit. I have downloaded the pattern corrections and I am starting to cut. I am confused about the 3 stripes that are included as lights. The pattern has diagrams to cut 15 lights (9 from one set and 6 from the other). If the stripes are considered lights, we have 18 lights (not 15). What do we do with the stripes? How are they cut?

    I love this quilt and I am so excited to get it sewn.

    Thank you!

  9. I am looking for the pattern for hours flag stands for freedom and all I can find is the correction can someone please direct me in the right place.

  10. Karen in Lakeland, Florida.
    Quilt is finished & quilted.
    Looking for the alternating colors binding tips.

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