American Quilter’s SAL is starting!

Lisa Bongean's Stitch Along

Let’s Get Started!

As soon as you get those FQ bundles get them starched as fast as you can!   We need to get this Stitch Along going!!!!  They are arriving by the pallet at Primitive Gatherings!!!  Our staff has all the boxes labeled and waiting to toss in your fabric!  I filmed the first block today so It will be ready soon!  I’ll keep you posted!

I must say THANK YOU for your patience in waiting for these record-breaking fabric beauties!  You are the best for customers and we are so grateful for all the positive attitudes!  You will be getting an extra little bonus “thank you” with your FQ bundles.

Hogs for Heros

If you know me, you know I am a little unconventional…so when Hogs for Heros crossed my path I knew I had to do something to contribute!  Something a little unconventional, for a quilter…I know the obvious thing to do would have been to make a quilt…but I dream a little bigger than the average stitcher….let’s make a quilt and raise some money and buy a Harley Davidison motorcycle, (which if you didn’t know…is headquartered in Milwaukee WI..about an hour and a half ride from my house) which will change one deserving vet’s life forever!

This American Quilter’s Stitch Along is a fundraiser for Hogs for Heros…Please read all about them HERE.   All of our patterns and tutorials for American Quilters SAL will be FREE to you on my blog here or on my YouTube Channel.  But we are hoping you can find it in your heart to donate something to this awesome cause….

We want to raise enough money through Primitive Gatherings to fund our own HOG!  So I do not want to tell you to donate directly to Hogs to Heros because it will not go to our fund.  We have set up a bank account at Nicolet National Bank and funds can only go “in” not out!  Brandon my banker is taking care of everything… so you can send a check to Primitive
Gatherings-Hogs for Heros @ Nicolet National Bank 550 S. Green Bay Rd Neenah, WI 54956  or we have a Venmo account that drops directly into this H4H accounts as well.  We want to make it easy as possible so we will be announcing the Venmo info soon.

If you bought your FQ bundle from Primitive Gatherings we have already donated $10 for each FQ bundle…and rounded it up to $6000 in our Hogs for Heroes account!  For those of you who have purchased your FQ bundle from other shops, we hope you wish to donate as well and we will be giving you many options and plenty of opportunities!  Here are a few examples:

Form your own group at your local quilt shop and start stitching together….together you all can make a donation as a group…share your progress with us while you gather together while making this fun quilt.

Send us a check and tell us who you are honoring with your donation, a son/daughter, a brother/sister, a dad/mother, grandfather/grandmother a friend..we will read/post your letter/pictures on one of our social media platforms!

We will also have special sales promotions, auctions, and fun ways to help raise this money…so “us” quilter’s alone can “give” a bike to a deserving vet.  I know we can do it because I know you, my quilt buddies, will make that happen!

One Vet at a time….

Read HERE about veteran, Shannon Flynn, who received his bike on May 8th…We rode an hour and a half in 40-degree weather to get there to watch him receive his bike…his bike came from money raised from Local 139 Operating Engineers…shown here with him…

MEET 2021’S FIRST RECIPIENT: Navy Veteran, Shannon Flynn of Oconto Falls, WI, is our 17th Veteran to roll out! With 23 years of service and three combat deployments, the physical and mental toll taken will undoubtedly be supported by reuniting with his passion. A rider for over 28 years and an MMI certified mechanic, he’s been without his own wheels for three years as he put his family and financial needs first. Unique to this bike, it’s been fully paid for by the generous 2020 fundraising efforts of Wisconsin’s International Union of Operating Engineers Local 139! Shannon found his love on Open Road’s floor in Fond du Lac, and we gifted it in his hometown of Suring, WI on May 8, 2021.

Let’s help them recover any way that looks!

Let the fun begin! Lisa

Please join/subscribe to us at the following social places:






13 responses to “American Quilter’s SAL is starting!”

  1. LINDA BIONDO Avatar

    Are you still shipping fabric? I ordered and have not gotten the notice that the label has been created. I am excited to get started! 🙂

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Yes…we will be shipping tomorrow and Monday

  2. brentprim Avatar

    Is American Gatherings FQ bundle still available at Primitive Gatherings?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Yes ….we were able to order more…I will post when we know exactly how many we can sell!

  3. Karen S Avatar
    Karen S

    Thanks for the update, Lisa, and for posting the photo of Shannon Flynn.

  4. Sue H Avatar
    Sue H

    Very inspiring post and the fabrics are so rich & patriotic. Thank you for what you’re doing to help these Vets.

  5. Marsha Voigt Avatar
    Marsha Voigt

    Do you have any idea when the navy primitive muslin will be back in stock?

    1. lisabongean Avatar


  6. Tammy Avatar

    YAHOO! Finally. I’m so excited. Can hardly stand it. Ready to go!

  7. Robin Schlager Avatar
    Robin Schlager

    What you are doing for Hogs for Heroes is wonderful. But, what you didn’t mention, another important piece, is that the bike is made in the USA ! This is great, and you are great Lisa ! Thank you for doing this.

  8. Geri Puckett-Sherwood Avatar
    Geri Puckett-Sherwood

    I had tears reading this story. It’s so true no one is trained to come home. Bless you for doing what you do. I think it’s great if we came al do a little something to help raise money so you can buy a Harley just from Primitive Gathering’s. I will be doing my part. Thank you!’ Many Blessings
    Geri Puckett-Sherwood

  9. […] patriotic quilt alongs going on this summer! Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings is hosting the American Quilter’s Stitch-Along to benefit Hogs for Heroes, a nonprofit aiding Veterans. And you can check out our FREE quilt […]

  10. Pam Landolt Avatar
    Pam Landolt

    What a wonderful cause Lisa! I am so glad you support it and have given us the chance to do so. I will be sending a check in the mail. Also, thanks so much for doing the American Quilter’s SAL. How appropriate for this! Your videos are great!

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