American Quilter’s SAL-Block 1


I hear you all have your fabrics starched up!    If not, here is a starching video…and way back in January when we thought it was almost time to start we did this post on getting ready.

Lisa Bongean American Quilter’s Block 1
Lisa Bongean/Block 1 American Quilter

Click here for YouTube Video Tutorial TWO-Cutting Red & White stripes what do you think happened when I might have made a slight cutting variation when cutting the stripes? 

YouTube Video Tutorial THREE-Block 1

Hogs for Heroes- Please Help!

If you know me, you know I am a little adventurous …so when Hogs for Heroes crossed my path knew I had to do something to contribute!  Something a little unconventional, for a quilter…I know the obvious thing to do would have been to make a quilt…but I dream a little bigger than the average stitcher….let’s make a quilt and raise some money and buy a Harley Davidison motorcycle, which will change one deserving vet’s life forever!

The result….This American Quilter’s Stitch Along is a fundraiser for Hogs for Heroes…Please read all about them HERE.   We are hoping you can find it in your heart to donate something to this awesome cause….We want to raise enough money through Primitive Gatherings and it’s American Quilters to fund our own HOG for a deserving vet.

There are three ways you can donate…

We have set up a bank account at Nicolet National Bank and funds can only go “in” not out!  Brandon my banker is taking care of everything… so you can send a check to Primitive
Gatherings-Hogs for Heroes  mail to:  Nicolet National Bank 550 S. Green Bay Rd Neenah, WI 54956

We have a PayPal account that drops directly into the same H4H account as well.  Our email is

If you wish to donate directly to Hogs to Heroes please note that it is from an American Quilter and hopefully it will be credited toward our campaign..

Skip your coffee or that MDs diet coke today and give the money to one deserving veteran….we really don’t need a lot from anyone just a little from everyone.!   Thank you!

Here are some ways money can/is being raised…

If you bought your FQ bundle from Primitive Gatherings we have already donated $10 for each FQ bundle…and rounded it up to $6000 in our Hogs for Heroes account!  For those of you who have purchased your FQ bundle from other shops, we hope you wish to donate as well using one of the methods above

Form your own group at your local quilt shop and start stitching together….together you all can make a donation as a group…share your progress with us while you gather together while making this fun quilt.  Fat Quarter Shop has graciously donated $750!!! So Awesome!

Send us a check and tell us who you are honoring with your donation, a son/daughter, a brother/sister, a dad/mother, grandfather/grandmother a friend..we will read/post your letter/pictures on one of our social media platforms!  I really look forward to this and hope some of you take this opportunity to talk about your favorite Vet!


Let’s help them recover any way that looks!

Sew let the fun begin and show me your blocks!   Please….Lisa


Please join/subscribe to us at the following social places:






American Quilters SAL/Lisa Bongean

16 responses to “American Quilter’s SAL-Block 1”

  1. Dawn L Lee Avatar
    Dawn L Lee

    So excited to see the first block, can’t wait to make this quilt with these beautiful fabrics! I bought 2 fat quarter bundles from Primitive Gatherings and glad that part of that went to Hogs for Heros! What a great cause!!!

  2. travelingro Avatar

    Trying to help through PayPal but … and hogsforheroes@primitivegatherings isn’t working … suggestions?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      We will check it out

    2. lisabongean Avatar

      It’s working make sure you spelled it all correct.. I just sent in money

  3. Mary Andra Holmes Avatar
    Mary Andra Holmes

    I know I’ve said it a thousand times, your Hogs For Heroes is one of the most heartwarming postings and project I’ve ever been a part of. Thank you Lisa and Nick. ♥️🤍💙

  4. Felice Avatar

    This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Alicia Key Avatar
    Alicia Key

    I must admit I haven’t starched yet but your FQs sure look nice in the video! But—if they’re starched, why is there a bow in your block? I’d have thought that was the reason for the starching….but it looks like the starch stops the fraying too.

  6. June Lee Avatar
    June Lee

    Thank you. Love this block

  7. Diana Avatar

    What is the name of the quilt behind you at the sewing maching! I am in LOVE WITH IT!!!

  8. Diana Avatar

    I found it on the website and have placed my order!!! Thanks for all your beautiful items!!!

  9. judy Avatar

    how big is the quilt, finished

  10. tammyschmitt Avatar

    I am obsessed with this fabric and sew a long! Made one quilt from American Gatherings for my son’s birthday. Love it so much I’m doing this sew along to make a quilt for me!

  11. Mary Allen Avatar
    Mary Allen

    How much fabric do you need for American Quilters SAL

  12. Carmen Montmarquet Avatar
    Carmen Montmarquet

    I have also been trying to donate thru Paypal but the hogsforheroes link is not working?

  13. kerri6685 Avatar

    Hi! I want to join in – can this quilt be pieced from one jelly roll?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      fat quarter tower

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