Book Blog Tour! Giveaway!

Let’s go on a tour?  A book tour….I know a lot of you are crazy about your embroidery… and who doesn’t have way too much going on and in need of some organization?  
This amazing planner by life long stitcher, Christen Brown is such a unique and great idea.

It is designed especially for embroiderers so that you can track multiple projects throughout the year—because let’s face it, who doesn’t have lots of projects going at once?! Set your project goals, track your progress, and manage your time and works-in-progress (WIPs). Each project has four pages to track and record all the critical details: the name of your project, the layout, the stitches and embellishments, due dates, supply lists and more. Plus, flip to the back of the planner for a reference section and even more handy tools.

  • Get inspired to start AND finish your projects with project sheets, tracking logs, and beautiful embroidery photos
  • Keep track of classes, gifts, contact info, and so much more
  • Spiral-bound and tabbed for ease of use
Are you ready to win your copy? Just leave a comment below and tell me how many projects you are currently working on and why you need this planner…I will pick a winner for the planner on Monday June 21st…
Don’t want to miss out on this book…Order it NOW -HERE
Also Christen has a couple of other books that I own…do you have these in your STITCH library?Click HERE to order these books for $10 off if you order both!!!
Click HERE to order these books for $10 off if you order both!!!

You will also have a chance to win the planner from the other participants on the blog tour, when you visit their sites.

The timing on this is perfect…are you following our Crazy Fall Stitch Along?

Follow along here…all the blocks are posted each week


All for now…take care…and keep on STITCHING everyday!  Lisa


103 responses to “Book Blog Tour! Giveaway!”

  1. Susan MacLeod Avatar
    Susan MacLeod

    I would love to have this book! I am currently working on an embroidered color wheel and have plans to embroidier some clothing.


    I currently have 9 different projects going! Thanks so much-love all you do!

  3. Ellen Reinwald Avatar
    Ellen Reinwald

    I really need this planner. Ihave atleast 5 projects started not to mention the 3 wool boxes that I haven’t started yet. I also change homes every 2 weeks to take care of my 90 year old father. Traveling so much I find myself without things I need for the project. This would be a great organizer for me! Thank you!

  4. Cathy meier Avatar
    Cathy meier

    Too many to count. Really working on my embellishment skills at the moment. Need any information and help I can get.

  5. Deborah Renee Kelly Avatar
    Deborah Renee Kelly

    One stitch complete, but needs to be mounted. And two in progress.

  6. Joan Flanigan-Clarke Avatar
    Joan Flanigan-Clarke

    I love hand work, always looking for new stitches to use. I commuted 23 years on the bus to NYC and always had hand work with me😊

  7. Karen McMahon Avatar
    Karen McMahon

    I am working on six things right now between quilting and cross stitch and embroidery.

  8. Eileen Emerson Avatar

    Oh YES. PLEASE! currently working on 10 projects and that’s just the ones that include using needles. I’m finding at my young age of 65 that by breaking up my to do’s into more doable tasks I’m accomplishing them easier and I think this would help me corral those tasked lists.

    Happy summer, happy Stitchin.

  9. Bunny Avatar

    Doing embroidery is my favorite thing to do when I am relaxing in the evening or on Wednesday’s when I meet with my stitching friends for laughter and just plain girl talk! I just love love embroidery and I definitely need a planner!!

  10. Debbie Avatar

    I have at least eight projects going plus all my quilts I am working on. I am losing track and would love a planner to keep me organized.

  11. MartyA Avatar

    I’m currently working on trying to gather supplies for a project that has tons of supplies. It is driving me nuts! AND, it is just one of many LOL,

  12. Kim Anderson Avatar
    Kim Anderson

    At least six, including the last wool box that I haven’t started yet!

  13. Judy Wanless Avatar
    Judy Wanless

    I am currently working on 3 projects. Just yesterday I finished one of your kits. Have cut down due to gardening. I have your book and this would compliment that one. Thx

    1. Denise B Avatar
      Denise B

      Only two embroidery projects right now, but that’s in addition to my quilting…and gardening…. Would find this book very useful, I’m sure!

  14. Sue Sharp Avatar
    Sue Sharp

    Wow, how many projects? At least 8 to 10 ongoing, with maybe 4 at the forefront at all times. I keep saying NO NEW PROJECTS, and then another comes along that I just HAVE to do! Pretty sure i could put an organizer to good use! Thank you for the opportunity!

  15. Patty Lewallen Avatar

    I love embroidery and getting to tips to help perfect my stitches! I’d love to win these books!

  16. Beverly Porter Avatar
    Beverly Porter

    These are gorgeous! Don’t know how I missed them. Will try to follow more closely.

  17. Mary Hawk Avatar
    Mary Hawk

    Wow, that cover is amazing. I am working on a paper pieced Lucy Boston and binding a Christmas quilt.

  18. Sara Record Avatar
    Sara Record

    This beautiful book is exactly what I need to motivate me to start using all the wool pieces I have purchased over the past few years! I love wool, primitive art, and embroidery! ❤️

  19. Nancy Avatar

    Good morning to all. I moved here a little over a year ago and have been trying to get organized. This planner will be a lifesaver if I win. Thanks for all you do!

  20. Colleen Avatar

    I would love the opportunity to win this planner! I was happy to see I already have the two other books on my shelves.
    I am currently ( actively) working on two embroidery projects- one is flannel blocks- the other wool- I have 7 or 8 others patiently waiting for me to get to them- I guess I need organization/ planning help. The flannel project has been worked on- set aside numerous times over the past 3-4 years.
    I will share photos when I figure out how.

  21. Crystal Higgins Avatar
    Crystal Higgins

    I have 4 projects going but 7 in my to do basket.🙂

  22. Barbara Beres Avatar
    Barbara Beres

    I currently have at least 7 projects in motion. Having done cross stitch and quilting for over 50 years, I could certainly benefit from a new organizational tool! I love your work and community involvement! Thank you.

  23. sk47walsh Avatar

    I am working on 4 wool projects at the moment and there are many more to start . I also have 3 projects to finish binding and have the kit for 55 and Life to go which really needs to get started. This planner is exactly what I need to organize and complete projects.

  24. Barbara Ahlf Avatar
    Barbara Ahlf

    Would love to have the planner. I am working on at least 5 wool projects at the time. Need to keep better track of them. Also have at least 14 quilt tops that need to be quilted. Last on the list is all the started projects in containers waiting to be worked on. That numbers over 50. Love your videos.

  25. Diana Hess Avatar
    Diana Hess

    I’m currently working on 3 projects. Some of these projects use the same embellishing threads. The planner would help me know what threads and I need and what threads overlap projects.

  26. Mary Bongers Avatar
    Mary Bongers

    Currently, I am working on 5 quilts. I have a few more coming up. Having the place to actually plan my time and projects would be great. Looks like this may be an answer.

  27. Janice Dexter Avatar
    Janice Dexter

    I’m currently working on 5 projects, 2 are wool wall hangings, 2 are wool applique on cotton and one is a Americana hexagon flag wall quilt made with your recent fabric line! Stitching keeps me grounded!! Love every minute of it.
    Oh and soon to be 6 projects, I’m downloading the Crazy for Fall patterns too.

  28. Sally B Avatar
    Sally B

    I’m working on several quilts, cross stitch projects and embroidery patterns. This is the first embroidery planner I’ve seen and would love to have one! Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. Laurie Parsons Avatar
    Laurie Parsons

    I have about 14 projects going on! A planner would definitely help me get focused and set up plans to get them all done!

  30. Laurie Parsons Avatar
    Laurie Parsons

    I am currently working on 14 projects! I need a planner! The book would help me get focused and write out a plan to get them all finished!

  31. Gail S Avatar
    Gail S

    I have at least 7 or 8 quilts in various stages from cutting fabric to hand quilting. I also have several embroidered dish towels cued, and multiple counted cross stitch projects kitted up or in process. Keeping my WIPs organized is one thing, but remembering them and intentionally working on them is my challenge. If I set one aside to work on a different project, it might be quite a while before the first project comes to light again. A good rotation plan is what I need.

  32. Melinda Rathmell (Carlisle)☺️ Avatar
    Melinda Rathmell (Carlisle)☺️

    I AM OCD WHEN IT COMES TO ORGANIZATION!!!! I WOULD LIVE THIS BOOK, because I am always working on multiple projects and struggle as to how to keep them contained!
    Right now, I am working on:
    Sunflower Gatherings 🌻
    75 pillow cases for an orphanage in mexico 🇲🇽
    Red White and True sew along ❤️🤍💙
    June and july minis
    Spring is in the air table mat
    AND white peony stitching accessories!!!!
    PHEW!!!!!😅 love all of this soooo much!!!!!

  33. Nicole Simon Avatar
    Nicole Simon

    I am finishing Woolen Oak wool quilt, a quilt for my sisters retirement. Next will be crazy heart quilt with some of my moms clothes as she passed away 2 years ago. Next will be Christmas tree skirts for my daughter and. I will start potted Petals. Many more to come

  34. Patty N Avatar
    Patty N

    Let’s just say my middle name is ‘Miss Unfinished Projects’ … need any help I can get!

  35. Harrie murray Avatar
    Harrie murray

    This book looks exciting!!!

  36. Ann Wintheiser Avatar
    Ann Wintheiser

    I have so many projects going a d so many more I have the supplies for and haven’t started! I finally made the back for Live A Thankful Life yesterday so I can get that to the machine quilter. I need all the help I can get and think a planner like this would really help. I am somewhat task oriented and like to get things checked off my list so if goals were written down I think would be more successful finishing things!

  37. Mary Kolb Avatar
    Mary Kolb

    I have about five projects in process.

  38. Lisa Benson Avatar
    Lisa Benson

    I have at least 10 hand stitchery projects going on and about that many in machine piecing so I probably really need something like this book. It looks awesome. Thank you Lisa

  39. Elaine Avatar

    I have a lot, at least a dozen. Would be help to have this journal. Thanks for the opportunity.

  40. Kimberly Anne Brandt Avatar
    Kimberly Anne Brandt

    So many projects so little time :0) but fun everyday stitching! I think right now I have eight projects in progress from hand quilting, to machine piecing, and hand wool applique my newest love. Thanks for the chance to win. Happy Sewing!

  41. Sharon Avatar

    I have about 6-8 projects fused & ready to stitch. This would help me keep all the threads organized for each projects. Thanks for this opportunity!

  42. Bonnie Larson Avatar
    Bonnie Larson

    This would be an awesome addition to my library. I am currently working on 3 different wool projects, 1 cross stitch and 1 embroidery as well as sewing and quilting – I have two bags in the works and 5 quilts in the Que to quilt. whew!! there are not enough hours in the day to do all that I want!! Thanks

  43. Karen L Avatar
    Karen L

    Like a lot of others, I have several projects going on at the same time but I really want to start limiting the number so I can actually get something finished. I never realized there were so many different embroidery stitches until I started doing embroidery.

  44. Elizabeth Dickey Avatar
    Elizabeth Dickey

    Hi I love her books and I’m currently worldly on the embroidery journal … six pages done😊🤞🧵 I have eight different embroidery projects going on & many more hopefully in future!!! I absolutely love crazy quilts and planning on adding in my Sue Spargo Squash Squad blocks to the Fall Crazy blocks!! Thanks

  45. Pam Avatar

    Well I have at 10-12 projects going on. This planner would be a great addition to help get organized and focused.

  46. Faith Ortiz Avatar
    Faith Ortiz

    I am a huge follower and great customer of Primitive Gatherings…my house looks like your California store with all your projects completed and hung around my home…I would love this journal as I am currently working on 27 different projects (4 of them are from your store) and would love to use this journal to help me keep track of where I am at with each BOM and stitchery project. Thank you and Happy Stitching!!

  47. Christina Avatar

    I have way to many on the go. Just getting ready to cut out Seaside garden. I would live to win the book, I need to get organized. Love Christine’s books.

  48. Jackie Rizzo Avatar
    Jackie Rizzo

    I have 8 needlework wip’s that immediately come to mind. The longest project is a hard anger doily I started 20 years ago and put in my hospital “go” bag to work on when someone’s in hospital or ER. My husband’s been in the hospital for the last 3 months so this project is now almost finished (and husband should be coming home soon, thank you God). We all know that handwork is therapy and so is journaling. I would love to use this book as a sort of diary, documenting life events along with the details of each project as you described – what thread, fabric, wool, scissors used, were these used etc.
    Thank you for your blogs and YouTube videos, I truly enjoy them and hope to visit your shop one day. Jackie

  49. Linda Davis Avatar
    Linda Davis

    About the planner, I need something to encourage my completion of quilts of all shapes and sizes! I just looked in a special closet and there are complete appliqué for 8 quilts, all pg patterns. This does not say anything about the cotton quilts that just need sleeves and bindings. Perhaps this just says more about me and not about having a well organized planner. Huh!

  50. Jeanne Giebe Avatar
    Jeanne Giebe

    Way too many projects in embroidery and cross stitch! But, love them all!

  51. Colleen Harveland Avatar
    Colleen Harveland

    Last count, I have 8 tops to put borders and four table runners to bind. I have just started a quilt of 2″ squares; don’t know how big I will make that one.

  52. Laura M Avatar
    Laura M

    I have 3 art quilts on the go that need hand stitch. I also have 2 other embroidery projects.

  53. Judy Shapleigh Avatar
    Judy Shapleigh

    I currently have five projects going on. Finished a lot of others during the pandemic. That looks like a fun book.

  54. Regina Harris Avatar
    Regina Harris

    I usually have 3-5 projects — a purse project for when I have to wait; 1-2 small projects that I can finish in less than a week and is not technically challenging; 1 seasonal project; 1 larger, more complicated project that I need to be at my best mentally and visually

  55. Jan Avatar

    I have 5 wool project going from the wool boxes. Love to watch a movie and hand stitch

  56. Lisa Cabe Avatar
    Lisa Cabe

    LOVE the Embellished Art Embroidery Project Planner, as I currently have 5 projects that are in various-but active-states of collection: an embroidery sampler (because it’s Always been on my bucket list of things to do and I’m now over 60! yikes :), learning Sashiko and finished two- 12″ blocks with 1 to go and then will make a runner, I’m in the final stages of quilting a Baltimore themed embroidery quilt that has been in the works for 6 years, whimsical pin cushion that has been felted and now applying the stencils for embroidery and beads, and my last project is a special embroidered gift for my graduating granddaughter that says “Your story begins at home (which includes a heart shaped bird nest with birds inside). SOOOO, I can never keep track of all the pieces of paper with the stitch, thread and other details for all my projects. This book is inspiring and practical. Great idea

  57. Dianne Avatar

    Oh my, I have no idea, too many to count. After dividing my mother’s unfinished projects a few years ago, this past year of Covid & moving my father in, and my own, my sewing area is a mess. It’s like an archeological dig to find which threads go with which projects. Help definitely needed. Planner looks hopeful.

  58. Donna Lambert Avatar
    Donna Lambert

    I currently have about 6 projects going. I most always have multiple ones at various stages if completion. An organizer would make life a lot less stressful .

  59. Pam Marcis Avatar
    Pam Marcis

    Love the books. Great additions to my library.

  60. Ivy Smart Avatar
    Ivy Smart

    It would be amazing to win this book. I’m working on three quilts, one to be machine quilted, second to be sandwiched together and a third in the throws of only three blocks completed. I’m also working on tote bags and purses. Many patterns from very simple to very complex. Just finished Shamballa bag, it just needs hand sewing to finish inside lining. Also am finishing up Easy peasy tote bag and intermediate crossbody bag to be sent to Africa for the girls in a small village. I am gradually finishing up scrapes on these projects. As our shops have been in lockdown for some months, everything has been curbside pickup and therefore not so much fun shopping. In between sewing I am embroidering some project pieces to be used in purses. I would say I have kept very busy being in lockdown. Ivy

  61. Judy A Wolcott Avatar
    Judy A Wolcott

    Hmmmmm… One on the coffee table, two on my sewing table and one in my do bin, so I guess 4 that I can think of ( all Primitive Gatherings of course☺). This is not including at least 20 in the to do bin that haven’t even been started yet….

  62. Dawn Block Avatar
    Dawn Block

    I currently have 6 projects on the table. Most are quilting projects and I’m just starting to do quilting with embroidery. It would be wonderful to have an actual planner to do my planning rather than the spiral bound notebook I currently use. Currently working on “Our Flag Stands for Freedom”. Loving it and enjoying my time with red, white, and blue.

  63. Jeanne Fuelling Brown Avatar
    Jeanne Fuelling Brown

    I have two embroidery projects (2 baby quilt tops for grandkids), several quilts in progress and more waiting to get started, and also sew for our church so working on towels, microwave bowel cozies (have orders for 10 waiting) and potato bags. I also do casserole carriers for which I made up my own pattern, they are quilted and insulated.

  64. Sherri L Getchel Avatar
    Sherri L Getchel

    I’m currently working on about 10 projects! My wool box keeps me busy, plus other goodies from the store! Have wool, will travel! To the cottage, Florida, and any other trip we may go on.

  65. Kathy Harris Avatar
    Kathy Harris

    I have 5 projects going at once. This book would be great to keep track of my flosses.

  66. shadesofrandom Avatar

    I’m actively working on 4, but I’ve got several others I’m in the middle of.

  67. Sheila Bales Avatar
    Sheila Bales

    I’m currently working on 4-5 different projects. Planner looks very interesting.

  68. Barb K Avatar
    Barb K

    I have lots of almost finished quilt projects–the book would be great to help keep track of everything!!

  69. natosha Avatar

    I could use this planner as I have so many different projects, some small and some large that I need to complete. Many I forget and put off too long and have to figure out what or which items were needed or what I was going to do. Plenty of small projects and gifts. Right now I think on my list of projects, I have 5 or 6, which I’m still trying to figure out what the 6th was. If I kept it written down and not in small chicken scratch on paper, which gets lost with all the other stuff I write on it. I probably remember better. I think that is the major reason why I need something so useful as this!

    Have a beautiful week

  70. usairdoll Jodi Avatar
    usairdoll Jodi

    How many projects am I working on? ;-D. At the moment I have 6 embroidery projects. This planner looks and sounds like exactly what I need to stay organized and on track. Thanks for a chance to win.

  71. Barb Avatar

    I have too many but getting close to finish some.

  72. Doris Marie Avatar
    Doris Marie

    Well…..I thought staying at home last year would be a good reason to finish up my myriad of UFO’s but…I discovered the Dutch Breirol and Haakrol groups on Facebook and added them to my list of UFO’s! LOL!
    translation: knitting and crochet sampler rolls. Very addictive.

  73. QuiltyKat Avatar

    I have about 12 to 15 projects going because I like to get the project ready (cut and adhered) then just carry my box with me to start stitching on whatever I feel like. The problem is I finish less than I start! I would love this book to keep track of my projects as I try to now but it seems a little haphazardly. Plus it would fit in my bag with the projects!

  74. Kelly Riesterer Avatar
    Kelly Riesterer

    I currently have about 8 projects going!! Summer is here and its hard to focus on stitching inside when i wanna be outside!! I need to schedule time each day to get this done so a planner would be awesome!

  75. joolzverne Avatar

    Oh, gosh! I can’t even count how many projects. Living in 500 square feet, I really do not have the room for UFO’s, so this book would seriously help me keep track and manage what I need to do! Plus, it’s GORGEOUS!

  76. Leigh Ann P Avatar
    Leigh Ann P

    I have more than 10 projects- I get bored & side tracked. The organizer could help me stay on track- I like to cross things off when they’re done!!

  77. Kathleen Beyer Avatar
    Kathleen Beyer

    I have about 10 projects going. Like to have different things to suit my moods. My most productive time is usually in the Fall/Winter. This book would help me plan for this coming Fall.

  78. dquilterguy Avatar

    I am currently working on about 12 projects and am collecting fabrics for about 3 more I want to do..

  79. Marlene Leonardo Avatar
    Marlene Leonardo

    Oh dear! I probably have a dozen projects going and in bags. The planner would be great because I can make a notation on where it is kept (because I do misplace them), and see how often I stitch on each one because I do like to rotate working on them. It might keep me more organized and it’d be Nice to focus on finishing them.

  80. Sylvia Bowers Avatar
    Sylvia Bowers

    I have soooo many projects, I really don’t know how many I have. I’m like a kid in a candy store…I want this one, and this one, etc.! I think I buy more than I can work on!! The main one is “Live a Thankful Life”. My cubbies are full of projects just waiting for me to start. Plus I am learning. But it is fun!! Thank you! I am a frequent flyer on your videos! I stop and start several times while I am taking notes.

  81. Pamela Reim Avatar
    Pamela Reim

    I counted about 15 when I last cleaned up my quilting space. I guess I need better organization!

  82. TheGranChris Avatar

    I really only have 2. One for the machine, one for my car. However yesterday an older member of my guild gave me 8 of her UFO’s to finish. I will be busy.

  83. sandymcclenny2264 Avatar

    I am working 4 different projects. I need something to help manage my time.

  84. Quilting in Maine Avatar

    I have been embroidering for many years, taught by a friend of my mother when I was in grade school. This book looks like something everyone needs!!!

  85. GayLynn Avatar

    Too many projects lined up organized ready to go and ….. not started ! Love the book for added organization and inspiration!

  86. Janan Doster Avatar
    Janan Doster

    I have three quilts in the making, three more quilts that need binding, two cross stitch (which is new to me!) projects that I am working on, and hand stitching on ONE wool project from Primitive Gatherings. I love hand stitching so much, and I just hand embroidered a label for one of my quilts. When I was just a very young teenager, I would save my “change” from my school lunch money to purchase DMC floss…….it cost very little back then…………..

  87. Lisa Barcomb Avatar
    Lisa Barcomb

    What a great idea! I have 7 ongoing projects and about 5 others I want to tackle in the near future. My discovery and love of wool appliqué has distracted me from a few of my traditional quilting projects.

  88. Katherine K Morvay Avatar
    Katherine K Morvay

    I would love to win a copy of this planner. I have several quilting projects either in progress or planned; some counted cross stitch projects almost finished and several waiting to be started; a few UFO knitting projects and two wool projects. Recently finished a large XS sampler begun 31 years ago, now framed and on the wall of our great room. So many projects….. so little time.

  89. Janet Avatar

    Pretty embarrassing…..too many to count! I’m fixing up my son’s old room to move my long arm into for a new sewing room. This would be a great time to get the projects ORGANIZED!!!! Jmh

  90. Lj Meyers Avatar
    Lj Meyers

    This sounds like a great book and one I can use, too! Currently, I only have 1 embroidery project going though that’s unusual. I can throw in all the quilting projects, hand-sewing my bindings, and the POTCs king-sized quilt I’m making and I easily can get into the dozens of projects going currently. Organization is something I can always use because I have project-envy when it comes to organization.

  91. Nancy Avatar

    I have two new great nieces and now my embroidery abs quilting has increased 10 fold. I need this keep track of all the quit items I am making. I do the faces of the dolls in embroidery to make it safer. Thanks!

  92. Barb Reininger Avatar
    Barb Reininger

    Great idea! I currently have 3 larger wool applique BOM types in progress, another prepped but no stitching, and multiple smaller wool applique projects in progress. Would be a great way to track them and encourage completions.

  93. Marie Eddins Avatar
    Marie Eddins

    I am working on 2 embroidery projects among my over 6 ongoing quilt projects! Whew! Do I need organization!!

  94. Deb Knickerbocker Avatar

    I do finish some projects, but UFOs totally outnumber the completed. I do need help…! I have an embroidery piece started 6 years ago that was for my son-in-law – they’ve been divorced 2 years now. The stack of started quilts has at least 10 unfinished tops. I do need help to get organized. Your new book might do the trick. Thank you for the opportunity to confess, as long as my husband doesn’t see this.

  95. Gerry Shipton Avatar
    Gerry Shipton

    I am in real need of organization. I spend too much time looking for stuff.

  96. Ruth Tacoma Avatar

    I don’t have anything that I am working on right now, but I have two patterns waiting for me to begin.

  97. Wynona Avatar

    Love this idea! Organization is essential! (When I have soooo many projects going!)

  98. Kim McKinney Avatar
    Kim McKinney

    Oh my gosh! I am currently working on the Twilight Gardens quilt to give to my daughter and son-in-law for their tenth anniversary, a ladybug quilt for a new baby niece, and since I live in the birthplace of Mardi Gras (Mobile, Alabama) I am also creating the royal train and costume for the King of Mardi Gras 2022!! Yes I need to be organized!!!! This book would be a great help!!!

  99. Cynthia Lynn Avatar

    Good morning, it’s already over 100 degrees here in Az. I am working on fresh cut and cuppa by Sue Spargo. I need them finished by January for the Wickenburg Quilt show. I love handwork.

  100. Denise J Nerdahl Avatar
    Denise J Nerdahl

    I always have at least 10 different projects going at once,some dolls, some wool applique, some wood painting and stenciling. The book is a great organizing tool!

  101. Ann Post Avatar
    Ann Post

    I have at least 7 and then I joined the wool boxes which I love but haven’t started them yet. I could use some good advice on organization.

  102. Lisa Avatar

    I’m working on too many things to count. Cross stitch, quilting, embroidery, and paper crafts, including an altered book chronicling my party planning for when I retired.
    I love embroidery, my first art form I learned.

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