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American Quilter’s SAL-Block 9

Block #9 is a favorite of mine!!!

Katie is an wife/mother who’s husband is an active duty Air Force… If you need a printed pattern you can order it on Katie’s site…she will donate a portion from each sale to H4Hs as well.

Here are three ways you can donate…

Primitive Gatherings-Hogs for Heroes  mail donation to:  Nicolet National Bank 550 S. Green Bay Rd, Neenah, WI 54956

We have a PayPal account that drops directly into the same H4H account as well.  Our email is

If you wish to donate directly to Hogs to Heroes please note that it is from an American Quilter and hopefully it will be credited toward our campaign. Send us a check and tell us who you are honoring with your donation, a son/daughter, a brother/sister, a dad/mother, grandfather/grandmother or friend. We will read/post your letter/pictures on one of our social media platforms! I really look forward to this and hope some of you take this opportunity to talk about your favorite Vet!    You can send your dedication letters to Lisa Bongean PO BOX 371- BUTTE DES MORTS, WI 54927.  Write check to PRIMITIVE GATHERINGS-HOGS FOR HEROES.


Total to date is: $24,194

Total: $24,194

Rondalin – Kinsman, Ohio

 $          50.00 Card
De De – Appleton, Wisconsin  $        100.00 Card
Dania  $          25.00
Karen  $          75.00
Kathleen – Oxford, Conneticut  $          10.00
Ginger  $          50.00 In memory of my dad who servced in WWII
Lauri – Portola, California  $        100.00 In honor of family and friends who have and are currently serving our great country
Ingrid – Middleton, Maryland  $        150.00 Thank you for all your work in setting up this QAL for such a great cause!
Pat – Apple Valley, Minnesota  $        100.00 In memory of my favorite Marine Veteran, Ray. Also to honor all veterans and those currently serving in the military. Thank you all for your sacrifice.
Kevin & Vicki – Elmhurst, Illinois  $          40.00 Sending to a great cause that his wife, Vicki told him about
Kathleen – Macon, Georgia  $          15.00 To honor a special Air Force helicopter pilot!
Katie Nolan – Travis AFB, California  $        150.00 Another 15 sales of American Quilter Cross Stitch Pattern. Happy Stitching!
Catherine – Hockessin, Delaware  $          50.00 Thanks for the sew-along and for helping a veteran!
Ginger  $          50.00 In memory of my dad who servced in WWII
Connee  $          50.00
Jennifer – Gray Hawk, Kentucky  $             5.00
Charlene – Charlotte, North Carolina  $          20.00 Thanks for all you do!
Barbara – Las Vegas, Nevada  $          25.00
Kala – Greensboro, North Carolina  $             5.00
Caroline – High Point, North Carolina  $          15.00
Alana – Sugar City, Idaho  $          25.00
Julie  $          25.00
Dagmar – Ortonville, Michigan  $        100.00 With much gratitude from Dagmar in Michigan
Cheryl – Broadlands, Virginia  $          25.00 Card received
Cheryl – Pickens, South Carolina  $          25.00
Caroline – Bataiva, New York  $          50.00 Card
Kim – Roscoe, Illinois  $          25.00 Card
Kristin – Phillipston, Massachusetts  $          50.00 In honor of my husband, Peter, a two-service veteran who loves his hog!
Sheryll – Alpine, California  $          50.00 Card
Cynthia – Raymond, Maine  $          50.00 Card
Gail – Murrieta, California  $          20.00 Card
Karen – Albuquerque, New Mexico  $          75.00 Card
Dania – Scottsdale, Arizonia  $          25.00
Jane  $          25.00
Lucia  $          10.00
Deena Gordon from Yoffa Gordon Fund  $        200.00
Kathi – Littleton, Colorado (2nd donation)  $          50.00
Cheryl  $          10.00
Cindy  $          25.00
Dixon Design  $          20.00

Catch up on these YouTube videos!!!

Introduction & Mission Video

I hear you all have your fabrics starched up!    If not, here is a starching  video Tutorial…and way back in January when we thought it was almost time to start we did this post on getting ready.

Click here for YouTube Video Tutorial TWO-Cutting Red & White stripes what do you think happened when I might have made a slight cutting variation when cutting the stripes? 

YouTube Video Tutorial-Block 1-Shoo fly

YouTube Video Tutorial =-Block 2- Heart

YouTubeVideo Tutorial -Block 3 Feathered star

YouTube Video Tutorial -Block 4-Friendship Star

YouTube Video Tutorial -Block 5

YouTube Video tutorial – Block 6

Or here is the Playlist for all the videos in one spot!

I can’t THANK YOU  enough for your donations…Let’s help them recover any way that looks!

Please join/subscribe to us at the following social places:







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  1. Hi Lisa. Love the SAL and have been following along. One small hiccup, when I click on the link for Block 9 above, I get the instructions for Block 8.

  2. On the Web blog page where you see click here to print Block #9 it does have the #9 and not 8

  3. Thank you for sharing the quilt pattern of flags with all of us. I have enjoyed making them with you on you tube. I hope it raises a lot of money for the Vets. I watch you on you tube all the time. Thank you for being there.
    Yvonne Hicks

  4. I have no computer, or know how to use one. I would buy a printed pattern for the blocks. Is that possible. I can use phone in a limited way. Got help to send this message. Thank you. Hv ?email, but can only erase after i see/read what gets there.

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