American Quilter’s SAL-Block 12

Get your fabric off the shelf! It’s time for Block #12!

This cute little sail boat is this week’s block. Thank you for stitching along with us! Please leave a comment here to win our secret prize!

Here is our Cross stitch pattern…

Katie is an wife/mother who’s husband is an active duty Air Force… If you need a printed pattern you can order it on Katie’s site…she will donate a portion from each sale to H4Hs as well.

Here are three ways you can donate…

Primitive Gatherings-Hogs for Heroes  mail donation to:  Nicolet National Bank 550 S. Green Bay Rd, Neenah, WI 54956

We have a PayPal account that drops directly into the same H4H account as well. Our email is

If you wish to donate directly to Hogs to Heroes please note that it is from an American Quilter and hopefully it will be credited toward our campaign. Send us a check and tell us who you are honoring with your donation, a son/daughter, a brother/sister, a dad/mother, grandfather/grandmother or friend.. We will read/post your letter/pictures on one of our social media platforms! I really look forward to this and hope some of you take this opportunity to talk about your favorite Vet! You can send your dedication letters to Lisa Bongean PO BOX 371- BUTTE DES MORTS, WI 54927.  Write check to PRIMITIVE GATHERINGS-HOGS FOR HEROES.


Total Raised to date: $27,649

AnnaMarie – Woodstock, Georgia  $          30.00 AnnaMarie Genger
Colleen –  Racine, Wisconsin  $          50.00 Card received Colleen Kechter
Judy – Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin  $        100.00 Card received Judy Brennand
Barbara – Rhinelander, Wisconsin  $        100.00 Card received Barbara Faber
Nancy – San Tan Valley, Arizona  $          50.00 Card received Nancy Ploss
Lisa – Harrisburg, Pennsylvania  $          15.00 Lisa Kuntz
Debra – Roanoke, Virginia  $          50.00 Debra Allen
Linda – Brooklyn Park, Minnesota  $        100.00 Linda Stone
Jamie  $          25.00 Jamie Morgan
Ronalda – Eustis, Florida  $        100.00 Love and Thanks to all the military relatives in our Family James Cross, Sue and Robert Cavanaugh, Bruce Martin, Robert Kemp, Nathan Hendrick, Josh Miller, Jack Pettrey and any that I might have forgotten Ronalda & Jerry Pettrey Ronalda Pettrey
Adena – Howell, Michigan  $          50.00 My sincere gratitude for all the veterans and for friends and family currently serving this great country of ours!! Thank you!! Adena Friend
Carol  $          25.00 Thank you so much! Carol Cooper
Connee  $          50.00 Connee Morris
Mari – Lovettsville, Virginia  $          25.00 For my husband, Marc, a Navy vet- rescue swimmer, who dedicated his life to this country. My father, Dean, an Army vet. Mari Eversmyer Parker
Nancy – Glendale, Arizona  $          50.00 Nancy Crandall
Lori – Heath, Ohio  $          50.00 Lori Humphrey
Teresa  $          25.00 Teresa Brown
Les – Albion, Illinois  $          30.00 Les Frankland
Kelleigh – Bulverde, Texas  $          25.00 Kelleigh Sommer
Victoria and Kevin  $          20.00 3RD DONATION – THANKS FROM PG & HFH Victoria Ahern

Catch up on these YouTube videos!!!

Introduction & Mission Video

I hear you all have your fabrics starched up! If not, here is a starching  video Tutorial…and way back in January when we thought it was almost time to start we did this post on getting ready.

Click here for YouTube Video Tutorial TWO-Cutting Red & White stripes what do you think happened when I might have made a slight cutting variation when cutting the stripes? 

YouTube Video Tutorial-Block 1-Shoo fly

YouTube Video Tutorial =-Block 2- Heart

YouTubeVideo Tutorial -Block 3 Feathered star

YouTube Video Tutorial -Block 4-Friendship Star

YouTube Video Tutorial -Block 5

YouTube Video tutorial – Block 6

Or here is the Playlist for all the videos in one spot!

I can’t THANK YOU  enough for your donations. Let’s help them recover any way we can!

Please join/subscribe to us at the following social places:






46 responses to “American Quilter’s SAL-Block 12”

  1. Toni Avatar

    Enjoying the quilt along – picked up the cross stitch pattern and will be trying it on larger weave fabric for a more primitive look. Thanks for giving us something to look forward to every week!

  2. Karen A Schneider Avatar
    Karen A Schneider

    So enjoying this SAL. So happy the donations are climbing. Thx Lisa for all you do for us. Love everything PG.

  3. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    THANK YOU Lisa for hosting such a wonderful stitch along! Once I get to move into our new house I’ll actually start!
    Love and hugs from Texas!

  4. Pam Avatar

    Oooo! A secret prize! I love secrets, as long as they’re not my secrets! Thanks so much for for doing this sew along, I love to see everyone’s progress and all of the blocks popping up on social media.

  5. Laurie Parsons Avatar
    Laurie Parsons

    Thank you for the weekly tutorials for this sew along. Has been really fun! Can’t wait to see the HOG and the recipient!

  6. Dawn L Lee Avatar
    Dawn L Lee

    Love this week’s block and this stitch along! So happy that you have surpassed your original goal and a deserving veteran will be receiving a hog. Thanks for all you do Lisa!

  7. Kimberly Lusin Avatar
    Kimberly Lusin

    Everything about this SAL and fund raiser is amazing! Thank you, Lisa!

  8. Diane R. Avatar
    Diane R.

    This is such a cute and unexpected block. Thank you so much for sharing your time and talents for this SAL. I need to get caught up. Thanks again.


    I love this block. I think I will sail back up to Wisconsin.

  10. Julie B Avatar

    I love everything about today’s blog! The sailboat block is such a cute addition the quilt; supporting Katie, a military wife, is awesome; and seeing the love that Hogs for Heroes is getting is so incredible. Not every soldier gets that kind of understanding, and believe me when I say, transition to civilian life is a long, hard road. Thank you, Lisa, for your heart to this mission. You are making a difference. 💕

  11. Rachael Ferrera Avatar
    Rachael Ferrera

    I am loving this fabric line and sew along! Thanks for hosting and supporting such a worthy cause!

  12. Sharon Bell Avatar
    Sharon Bell

    love this block…..really great design…thank you for all you do for the vets

  13. Sandra L McDaniel Avatar
    Sandra L McDaniel

    So dang cute!! Working on the cross stitch in between blocks…..she created a great and easy to read pattern.

  14. quilterka Avatar

    Your instructions are very detailed and clear. Thank you for organizing this SAL.

  15. Heidi Lehnig Avatar
    Heidi Lehnig

    Thanks for all you’re sharing ! It’s so fun ! I’m excited over the donations !

  16. Sherilyn Wethington Avatar

    This block is adorable! Reminds me of your beautiful home at Anchor Point! Thanks for another fun block!

  17. Susan Ingram Avatar
    Susan Ingram

    Thank you for such an enjoyable sew along, with such a great purpose. I am loving all the blocks and the challenge to work with smaller blocks.

  18. Judyk Avatar

    Thank you. All of you have worked (and are still working) so hard to bring us such a great destination quilt shop and retreat center. It’s on my bucket list—just wish my quilting friends were able to travel during these uncertain times. I’ll get there though!

  19. Judyk Avatar

    Thank you. All of you have worked (and are still working) so hard to bring us a great destination quilt shop and retreat center. It’s on my bucket list—just wish my quilting friends were able to travel during these uncertain times.

  20. Theresa Avatar

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful blocks with us! Happy to hear how much money you have raised! That’s awesome!

  21. Deb Otto Avatar
    Deb Otto

    Love this little sailboat! It reminds me of summer at the lake with family.

  22. Jill Roux Avatar
    Jill Roux

    So fun to see what the new block is each week!

  23. Karla Pickhinke Avatar
    Karla Pickhinke

    Lisa, Thankyou again for this stitch along, i am loving this!!!
    And, you are getting very creative with your captions for each block!!
    Can’t wait to meet you & see your Beautiful shop & retreat center next month!!

  24. Veronika Arwood Avatar
    Veronika Arwood

    Thanks to you Lisa and your whole Team for this Sew along. It was fun and just a honor for all our Service Men and Women.

  25. Veronika Arwood Avatar
    Veronika Arwood

    Thanks Lisa and your Team for this great Sew Along to honor our Service Men and Women.

  26. Gail LaCroix Avatar

    I can’t thank you enough for this sew-along and for supporting our veterans! I cannot wait to give this quilt to my hubby to hang under his father’s flag and medals from WWII.


    What a great sew-a-long. Thank you Lisa for all your hard work and generous efforts to help a great cause!

  28. slkarr Avatar

    Cute sail boat. I’m so glad I can do these on my time. I have a lot goin on right now so I’m a bit behind. thanks so much for doing this Stitch along!

  29. Ronalda Jeanne Pettrey Avatar
    Ronalda Jeanne Pettrey

    Love the boat! The men and Women of the Navy like to be recognized too!

  30. Ronalda Jeanne Pettrey Avatar
    Ronalda Jeanne Pettrey

    Thank you for all you do for our service men and women

  31. jrp53 Avatar

    What a day to post an American theme! God Bless our military and I pray that no more have to pay the ultimate price for my freedom. This is such a great cause and thank you, Lisa, for your efforts.

  32. Deb WORTHMAN Avatar

    Thank you for the sew along! I appreciate everything you and your staff do!

  33. moosebaymusings Avatar

    Love this little boat–so cute! Thanks!!!

  34. Lynn M Avatar
    Lynn M

    I’m a bit behind on my blocks, but I’ve loved this SAL and can’t wait to “catch up.” Thanks so much.

  35. Susan Ingram Avatar
    Susan Ingram

    Thank you for such a wonderful sew along and helping such a good cause. These small blocks are worth the challenge. It’s going to be a beautiful quilt. I am loving all the blocks.

  36. jendahl2699 Avatar

    I love block 12! Thank you everyone for supporting our veterans.

  37. Joanna McMurry Avatar
    Joanna McMurry

    Hi Lisa, I have followed this SAL over the last 12 weeks and copied every block pattern. I haven’t started making the blocks yet, it on my to-do list. I will be making it for my son-in-law who will be retiring from the Army in 2022. Thanks for this great quilt pattern!
    Joanna McMurry
    Southeast Texas

  38. Dolores Roberts Avatar
    Dolores Roberts

    This is such a wonderful sew along to be participating in and it warms my heart to hear all of the comments and stories about all our service members. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for their service and it’s because of them that we can appreciate the freedom we have today. Blessings to all of our military service men and women for their great sacrifice.

  39. sherrye55 Avatar

    Oh, this is a cutie! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful project!!

  40. mblittle5 Avatar

    I absolutely love this quilt!! Thanks so much for offering this beautiful pattern to your readers!!

  41. Lois Wilhelm Avatar
    Lois Wilhelm

    Hi Lisa! Such a fun sew along 🙂 Thank you so much!!!!

  42. Tanya Wolfe Avatar
    Tanya Wolfe

    Thank you such a beautiful quilt

  43. Debbie Avatar

    Thanks for the great videos, Lisa. Yesterday was my last day at work, so today I get to get caught up on my quilting!!! I watched each week, while counting down down to today, when I knew I’d finally be able to enjoy quilting & sewing full time again!

  44. Julie Sanders Avatar
    Julie Sanders

    I have thoroughly enjoyed following along as you sewn the blocks. It’s a beautiful quilt. Thank you!

  45. Chris Conaway Avatar
    Chris Conaway

    Thank you so much Lisa for this sew along. I am going to make this quilt for my father-in-law for his 25 years of service. I just love how you do things with your quilting. I have learned so much even after 25 years of quilting myself. Thank you again!!

  46. Sunny Milleson Avatar
    Sunny Milleson

    This SAL is filled with so many firsts for me! Thank you so much for putting this together and doing such a wonderful thing for vets!

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