12 Days of Christmas – Day 10

All things for working with wool are on special today (does not include wool yardage or pre-cuts)! We have lumped a whole bunch of my favorite things together that I consider to be must-haves when working with wool! Please watch the video link below to hear me explain all of the items we have on special today. You have until January 2nd, 2022 to place your order! Remember to leave us a comment  for a chance to win some of my favorite wool essentials!!!

All of today’s items are truly my favorites for wool appliqué. I cannot work without them! The needles for wool appliqué are a must. Do not try to just use what you have… You will struggle! Also, Tweezers are really awesome for picking up those little wool pieces and removing the paper from the back.

Don’t forget marking pens! By far the best marking pen for wool is the white liquid chalk pen. You simply mark lightly onto the wool and let it dry. Markings will stay on for the duration of your stitching, it does not brush off. If you need to remove it, you can just steam it away! 

Our Primitive Gatherings Scissors are so beautiful and functional that I cannot cut without them. I truly do not like using any other scissors! They are light weight, super sharp and I cut everything with them. Yes… especially paper fusible web because they never dull. I use the little rotary cutters (18mm & 28mm) to quickly cut out my fusible web before it is adhered to the wool. I also love my stem cutting rulers. The rulers perfectly cut 3/16″ strips of wool/fusible for exact 1/4″ stems and vines for all your wool projects!

Fusible web is your friend when doing wool appliqué! It holds the shapes to your background (or to each other) and gives the wool nice crisp edges for stitching. I recommend using HeatnBond Feather Lite for all appliqués and then use Lite Steam-a-Seam2 for all your stems and vines. I do not use the SAS2 Lite for my appliqués because it is too sticky to stitch through. This can be an issue if you are getting your work machine quilted because it tends to cause a lot of skipped stitches.

Now is a great time to stock up! I would for sure buy a bolt (35yds) of the Feather Lite at this time because we are offering 25% off the whole bolt! Take 20% off all other wool essentials through January 2nd, 2022!

For wool appliqué I am most proud of these two books, Wool, Needle & Thread 1 and 2. I’ll let you read the publisher’s description below, they make me and the books sound so AWESOME!

“These books are the definitive guide to wool appliqué and embroidery! Welcome to beloved designer Lisa Bongean’s private classroom! Toss the trial-and-error and learn from Lisa’s decades of experience how she creates her exquisite stitcheries step by step: wool appliqué, embroidery, and more. Filled with close-up photos of Lisa’s hands working her magic, this book will help you master each technique down to the tiniest detail. Start with Lisa’s fabric tips; then move on to her favorite tools, templates, threads, and needles. How does she create her slim vines, pretty pennies, and flower appliqués? It’s all here, along with a dozen embroidery stitches in photos so clear, you’ll know exactly how to re-create them. Lisa also shares five sweet projects to make yourself, rounding out this jam-packed volume that will teach you how to start, stitch, and finish your projects more accurately, more confidently, and more beautifully than ever before. For quilters yearning to work with wool and wanting to learn from the master, Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings is here to help. In her first book, Wool, Needle & Thread, Lisa shares all her tried-and-true techniques–from start to fabulous finish–with dozens of step-by-step photos and a handful of projects.” – Martingale Publishing

CLICK HERE to Order Your Copy of Wool, Needle & Thread Volume 1 – On SALE Now!

Now, in Wool, Needle & Thread 2 you can put all those stitchery skills into action with 15 patterns brimming with possibilities from table mats and pincushions, to pillows and wall hangings. It’s a maker’s delight!

CLICK HERE to Order Your Copy of Wool, Needle & Thread Volume 2 – On SALE Now!

To win a prize for todays favorite things leave a comment here answering which of today’s items you need or want! Do you need the best “How to” book for wool appliqué? Do you want the feather Lite Heat’nBond?  Maybe it is the tweezers? Tell us and Santa might just be listening!!!  

CLICK HERE for the Stitch with Lisa Bongean YouTube Channel!

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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

238 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas – Day 10

  1. I have everything except the stem rulers, may be in my future, i have a bday gift card burning a hole in my purse…

      1. I need the heat n bond! I live 45 miles from any store that sales it!!! Seems like I’m always running out. Jmh

  2. Since i already own both books, I would love a whole bolt of the Feather Lite Heat’nBond! Merry Christmas to everyone!

  3. Hello Lisa 👋 you deserve the praise from your editors because you and Sue Spargo are the queens of wool applique!!!
    Your explanations are so wonderful 💕 and your creativity ❤ is inspiring ❤ 💖 ✨

  4. Lol. I seem to have collected some of most of these items already, although do not yet have Lisa’s scissors and can always use more fusible. Thanks so much!! I love them all

    1. I have all of the items except a bolt of the fusible & Lisa’s scissors. I love all of my applique tools. They have really helped with my growing love of wool applique & getting projects from all of this year’s wool boxes done. Thanks for all the great pointers!

  5. Was able to visit your store in Nov. and did some damage there. Staff were very helpful and friendly. Love all your products and books. Took a lot of guessing out of planned projects. Thank for all you do and your directions.

  6. I have both books!!!! But I would love to try the different fusibles. I can’t find a fusible I love! I love them for one project but not the next one! I think it depends on the wool and how many layers.

  7. I love your books Lisa- I use them all the time! such a great reference. I one thing you suggested that I would really love to have is the stem rulers! Thanks for showing us all your favorite things!!

  8. I love all of these favorite things! I already own them all (with the potential exception of the embellishment needles – I need to order some of those and give them a try). I go through the HeatnBond at a rapid rate, though, so that’s the item I need most from this list. I will be placing an order!

  9. I love the tweezers and your rulers! I can’t wait to try your new favorite fusible! I was using your previous favorite on the wool SBOW. Would it be best to use all the same kind of fusible with this quilt and try your new favorite Heat N Bond Feather Lite on my next project?

  10. Hi Lisa and everyone at Primitive Gatherings! I have everything except the Primitive Gatherings scissors. I would really like those. Merry Christmas to you all!

  11. I didn’t know HeatnBond made a feather lite version of their fusible. That would be really nice to have.

  12. I’ve got your 2 books & they truly are indispensable. Using the correct needle is a game changer- the embellishment needle was a game changer for me. I am in need of the stem rulers & H&B featherlite! Merry Christmas!🎄

  13. I need the stem rulers, tweezers and book 2. I probably will be buying more heat and bond feather lite. I need to ask how long it keeps if I buy a bolt.

  14. I have and love everything on this list except the stem rulers…I think I’ll need to add them to my list! I do mostly wool appliqué so these would definitely be a necessity. Thanks!

  15. I would love to try the Primitive Gatherings scissors. Honestly, its the only item of today’s needful things I don’t already have! Lisa’s recommendations are great and I definitely agree with her!

  16. I have everything and love it all. I guess I would love the heat and bond feather lite. Can never have enough fusible as far as I am concerned. Of course another pair of tweezers is always good to have in a separate place so you don’t have to go running for your one pair.

  17. I use the stitching guide book all the time. It never is far-away. Thank you for really showing the stitches clearly. I have all the things you mentioned today except scissors and have ordered.

  18. I would absolutely love your book one on wool applique. I want to learnhow to do this beautiful technique.

  19. I definitely need the new Primitive Gatherings scissors! Love scissors! I have everything else you talked about today and theses items definitely are needed when doing wool appliqué!

  20. I need your books Wool, Needle and Thread. I haven’t worked with wool and all your beautiful projects make me want to try🙂

  21. I have your Wool, Needle, & Thread 2 book on my wishlist, but I also have your scissor and the tweezers on my list now too!

  22. I’m very new to the wool appliqué family and think the how to book would be very helpful. Scissors!! I love scissors. You can never have enough.

  23. I haven’t done very much wool appliqué so I’d love to get your book Wool, Needle and Thread. So many wonderful items !!

  24. I need the Heatnbond, the tweezers and the second book as I have recently purchased all the rest

  25. I really, really want your Volume 2 Wool Applique Book. And I need a bolt of Heat ‘n Bond Lite. Please and Thank you. I’m really enjoying your daily videos.

  26. I could really use the Primitive Gathering scissors. I don’t have a good pair to cut my small wool pieces especially when they have heat and bond attached.

  27. I have the first book and love it. Because of the quality of the pictures it is so easy to see and understand. It’s nice to see what’s in book #2 for projects. I purchased the Heat N Bond featherlite during the Christmas Event but haven’t used it yet. Your suggestions for tools for wool work are right on. I’ve been stitching for awhile but still found the first book very helpful.

  28. I need all of these things, of course!! I wish you had a bundle of everything, which I would totally buy. Along with the steam station! I’d be set LOL!

  29. I love these tools – I don’t have the scissors or tweezers and other items wear out or run out so I can make use of any and all (except the books as I already have these and they are invaluable to me when doing any wool applique projects0. Thanks Lisa and everyone at Primitive Gatherings :).

  30. I have the first book, but hope the second one is under my tree on Christmas morning. 🙂 It is on my list. And of course no one can have enough needles.

  31. I have your 1st book on wool appliqué but need a new pair of scissors as I lost my other fine scissors. 🙄 The next best item would be the tweezers. Thanks for the opportunities to win some item from your list of favorites

  32. The Needle & Tread book two, and your Scissors are two items I would like, or really need. lol.

  33. I want to try the featherweight Heat and Bond. I also need a new white marking pen. Mine is almost used up! And I love the embelishing needles. They work so well with bullion knots!

  34. I have most everything except for the stem rulers! Adding them to my birthday list! I hope my husband gets all of my hints!

  35. I couldn’t survive without your stem rulers and those tweezers are fantastic. Thank you. I would love the project book and I haven’t yet tried the Heat and bond featherweight. Love everything you and your incredible team do! Happy Christmas and Happy Stitching.

  36. I would want the Wool and Thread Book 2 and the Feather Weight Heat and Bond. You can’t have too much Heat and Bond.

  37. Love Wool, Needle and Thread book . I have recommended it to several people! I don’t have the stem ruler or the PG scissors, but some day…..

  38. I have everything except the white chalk pen and the tweezers.I don’t remember seeing them when I was in the shop. Guess I need to order them.

  39. I’d really like to have the Primitive Gatherings Scissors, Stem Rulers and Wool, Needle and Thread Project Companion Book #2. Thanks for the opportunity to win these items

  40. I am new to hand stitching and purchased both of Lisa’s books. They are so we’ll
    Illustrated and such a good resource. I have most af everything Lisa showed except the tweezers. I would loved to have those and the big stitch needles for hand quilting. Thanks for all you do. Cathy Brock

  41. The books would be great. I would also like the tweezers. I always use PG chenille needles and am looking forward to trying the others.

  42. I learned a few new things about all of your needles. I thought I will check my supply before I order. I have 2 to 3 packages of ALL of your needles. New Year’s resolution- stop using the same old needle in the pin cushion while wondering why it seems dull. I will use new needles. Since I saved money by not buying any more needles, I am going to try your new scissors. I have always been pleased with your suggestions.

  43. I have both books, tweezers, rulers and needles. I love all of them. I also have the bolt of Head N Bond from last years 12 Days of Christmas Sale, which I love because I always have it when I need it. I don’t have the scissors so I guess that’s my choice for this year!

  44. I have everything except the tweezers, feather lite heat n bond, and wool, needle and thread 2. Thank you Lisa and team. 😊

  45. Would love the Heat and Bond product. Just purchased your books and some other items and anxious to get them!!!

  46. I have the first book “Wool, Needle and Thread” and use it frequently as a guide to wool appliqué. I really would like the book, “Wool, Needle and Thread 2” to put those skills to practical use. I have never used I have never used the Lite Heat N Bond but if the expert recommends it, that’s good enough for me!

  47. I have both books and LOVE them, so the scissors would be nice. Also love those embellishing needles, helps with the fancy stitches.

  48. I would love the scissors. The ones I use don’t cut my wool as nice as I would like. Thank you and have a Merry Christmas.
    Vickie S.

  49. I would like the bolt of feather weight heat n bond and the large stem ruler if Santa is listening.. I do have all of the other items

  50. I need embellishment needles to complete the set of PG Needles. I’m also planning to try the Heat n Bond Featherlite fusible. Can’t seem to get rid of the goo on my needles when stitching with Steam a Seam. I do like the ability to position it though.

  51. I have both of your books and absolutely love them. I recommend them to all my sewing friends. I didn’t see where you mentioned FriXion pens. I was going to pick some up as I’m using currently sewing on white wool. What do you use for marking on lighter wools? Thank you.

  52. Needles! I’ve always used what’s around even though I know the right tool would make the work easier. I just never knew what to look for.

  53. Oh Lisa, if you only knew how much I depend on “The Book”; it is my go-to resource! I love your blog, our patterns and especially your fabric! I have to purchase one to two fat quarter bundles each time a new line comes out! I have fabric that I’m ‘hoarding’, oops, I meant to save enjoying for the perfect project, some of it is from ten years, now don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I use the fabric from each line, this is why I feel the need to order double of each new fabric fat quarter bundle, so I’ll have it for my current project and then for a future project! Now, as much as I’d like to share further, I’m off to check out the wool strip rulers! Thank you! Merry Christmas!

  54. I need your stem ruler and Scissors . It’s the last two items I don’t have for my wool work. I will put them on my Santa list. Santa says thanks for making it easier for him.

  55. I’d like the Wool, Needle, and Thread 2 book… loved the first one! And also would like to try the Feather lite Heat n Bond…. Thank you… love wool appliqué!

  56. Wool, Needle and ThreadVolume 2 has been on my wish list since it came out. I think it may have to be a Happy New Year gift to myself if I don’t get it for Christmas. The scissors are awfully enticing, one can never have too many good, specialty pairs.

  57. I have the books, would love the Feather Lite Heat n Bond, I’m always running out of it. The tweezers would be helpful, too. These 12 Days of Christmas are fun! Thank you!

  58. I am lucky enough to have everything except your scissors and tweezers. Have them on my Santa list. Your two wool books are extremely well written and have wonderful pictures. These are must haves for everyone’s library. Plus, the patterns are an added bonus!

  59. Love all my wool projects from Primitive Gatherings! The scissors look awesome! Now I just need more time to work on them

  60. I love all you do! I bought the big American Flag kit this past summer and I can’t wait to do it. You seriously have awesome patterns!!

  61. After just having my quilt with wool stars long-armed and seeing the result of using Steam and Seam Lite(in that stitches skip because of the stickiness of it) I definitely NEED Heat n Bond!

  62. the book would be great to have as a reference but I would also like the featherweight fusible as I could use it in my quilting projects as well.

  63. Feather Light Heat and Bond sounds like a winner. Did not know about this item until now. Would love to try it.

  64. Love both your wool books and essential. Could not do my wool projects with them. Merry Christmas

  65. The tweezers are on my list and your new scissors. Love the binding needles I purchased last year.

  66. I would love to try the Heat &Bond featherlite. I like steam a seam but do have problems with sticky needles. Then there are the scissors, the books, a stitched can never have too many needles …..

  67. Love the books they add wonderful! Have everything from PG 2 with the exception of the scissors. I will have to look into those. Thank you!

  68. I have and use many of these items all the time. Found the liquid chalk through you LOVE your Che I’ll needles. Just received my order today with a set of new needles and SAS for making tulip mat. Would love to have the rulers for cutting stems.

  69. I am new to working with wool and would love books! I need direction and supplies lol Thank you for the fun!

  70. White liquid pen for marking, never knew they made such a thing. Needles just for wool? I really need to get out more and see what I am missing. Merry Christmas.

  71. Everytime I read your blog I learn something! Today it was filled with wool appliqué tools I need! I am just starting that journey and your descriptions make me want it all!

  72. I need your books with the patterns and all the guides. Love watching your tutorials but the books would be a wonderful addition to my library

  73. I have a few of the things you showed but not your stem rulers or tweezers or the Heat and Bond Feather lite, or your wonderful scissors! Love your Wool, Needle and Thread book, it’s so helpful and your applique needles, they are the best! I also have a kit of that wonderful quilt that is behind you in the video, got it and I have it in my stash. After the Holidays it will be the first thing I start!!!

    1. I enjoyed learning more about needles. I don’t have the embellishing ones so that would be nice to have.

  74. I am interested in the stem rulers. My stems never come out the same sizes. Boy i am getting professional. I am also interested in the marking pen. I have so few books but i do have the the Wool, needle & thread book volumn 1 and 2.

  75. So many beautiful things. I have the second book but could definitely use the first book. I constantly have to refer to you tube to do a stitch. 🤦‍♀️Having the book would be so much easier. I also need the stem rulers and the scissors sound like a must have. 😊

  76. I have not yet tried wool applique, but it is on my list to do in 2022! So any of the supplies could be very helpful to get me started on this new hobby!

  77. I already have a lot of the items mentioned. A bolt of the steam a seam would be nice or the scissors. Can never have too many scissors.

  78. Those scissors look like cutting heaven! I am a wool applique addict thanks to Lisa. I have the other products and use them ALL THE TIME!

  79. I would love the tweezers! I have some needles and Heat n Bond Feather Lite in my cart to order!

  80. Thank you and your staff for all that you do for your customers. I always look forward to your new designs.

  81. Love those needle threaders. I have three one at the long arm one near the sewing machine and one in my sew all bag. so sturdy, the wire ones I break after a couple of uses. love the you tube videos, thank you

  82. I could use the whole bolt of the feather lite Heat n’ Bond. It seems wool projects keep appearing at my door wanting to be worked on. Sure enjoy wool applique!!!

  83. I need the heat and bond 2. That’s why I might be having difficulty stitching because I’m using SAS2! The marking pen sounds awesome too!!

  84. I have never worked with wool, but it looks like a lot of fun. As a child, I remember an old wool crazy patch quilt that we used when the power went out. It was very heavy, but so warm!

  85. Would love your scissors and the tweezers…a bolt of the Heat n’ Bond would also be wonderful. Love your first book and the needles are the best!

  86. The scissors sound heavenly! And the 2nd Wool book looks intriguing. I have the first and love it!

  87. I have your first book and I love it! I must be needing the second one too! I do want to order a couple of the other items you use for working with wool. Hugs,

  88. I “need” it all! Except Book 1, which I already have! Two of them, in fact! Not sure how that happened 🤷‍♀️ I will absolutely be ordering needles…but if they make me love wool applique any more than I do now…well, I’m in trouble! Merry Christmas to all!

  89. Have all these wonderful items except for your new book and scissors. Of course ordering them and restocking some things I can’t live without like your needles and Heat and Bond!!
    Merry Christmas, Lisa to you and your wonderful staff at Primitive Gatherings!

  90. Oh, I want it all 🙂
    Your needles, the chalk pen, and your scissors Re what I especially want. I have your books already and LOVE them! I’ve learned see much!!

  91. I decided to learn to work with wool so I followed your list and got most of these tools. I still need book 2, rulers and scissors in my tool chest. Thank you again for such great information.

  92. I have many of the items you are talking about. I would love having the scissors and the 2nd book to add to my sewing tools.

  93. The Heat & Bond Featherlight looks to be a good addition to my wool appliqué along with new needles.

  94. Hi Lisa, What a great assortment of ways to improve wool stitching. The first book with all your tips would be great. Merry Christmas.

  95. I use Heat n Bond lite for my wool applique. I’m interested in the white pen. Looks like it would be very handy!!

  96. I have almost EVERYTHING you mentioned and love them all!! The only items I don’t have yet are the stem rulers. I have been known to hand out the binding needles when I see someone hand sewing their binding. They all love the needles.

  97. I have both of your books, the binding and wool needles and the chalk pen and love all of them. I think I need to try the Heat and Bond, but the scissors, tweezers and stem rulers would be great. They are on my wish list!

  98. So if we want it all is that okay? 🙂 The needles and the books are probably the things I want the most. I have the feather lite already. I have learned how to make my embroidery more than just blanket stitching by watching your you tube videos. I love the way you demonstrate the stitches and it has inspired me to try new things on my stems and leaves in particular. I do a mix of wool and cotton and so it is fun to add the stitches that you encourage us to use. Thanks for your careful instruction and your enthusiasm for stitching on wool! K-

  99. You are so generous with your gifts. It would be great to win any one of them but your scissors are on my top list. I hope you have the best Holiday ever!

  100. Who doesn’t need more heat and bond? I don’t have the 2nd book!!!!! Thanks for all the great tips, patterns and kits!

  101. I can attest to both of the books. Love love them. I think my future holds embellishing needles stem rulers and pm scissors. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  102. I already have both your books and love them! I have never used Heat n’ Bond Feather Lite and I am definitely a collector of scissors!

  103. I have a few of the wool essentials. On my wish list is heat n bond featherlite, Martelli tweezers. The magic pins make the list too!

  104. I just purchased book one and some needles. Would love book 2 and/or some of the featherlite interfacing. I forgot to add the interfacing to my cart. Just retired and going to be able to spend some time with hand work.

  105. I’d love to have the stem rulers! And the tweezers! Ok, your scissors, too … I’ve stocked up on the rest of the essentials! Thanks for the opportunity!

  106. I have most of the items, especially love the Wool, Needle and Thread book. I reference it all the time. It stays right in my wool applique basket by my chair. I NEED the stem rulers, they look amazing.

  107. Love working with wool in applique or hooking. The wool book 2 patterns would be a nice Christmas present. Well any of the featured items look useful. Needles are a challenge even though I have a lot. The right one for the job can be frustrating to find. Big enough to get the thread through the eye but small enough to not damage or shred fabric.

  108. The book and the scissors would both be amazing! I am a very green beginner in the wool stitching, but love it so far!

  109. I love the tweezers! And ofcourse most everything else you have on special. I use the binding and basting needles as had my joint in thumb removed from arthritis-thus the longer needles make it easy to stitch with. Thank you! Pame

  110. I have a collection of wool to try wool applique. I don’t have any of the things you listed that would help me make my first project. Thanks for the information.

  111. I just got book one in my mailbox and am in awe of wool appliqué. Would love book two and the scissors. I am ready to dive in!!

  112. I love wool applique. I already have some of the items but the How to book #1 would be a great addition. Thanks for all the videos I always look forward to watching them.

  113. How did I not know about Book 2? 😱. I’ll be ordering it!!! Thank you for all your great tips and suggestions! 🎄❤️🎄❤️

  114. Visited your Temecula shop for the first time…..delightful!
    I’m anxious to try the Featherlight fusible…..and the books!

  115. The tweezers look like a much more effective tool than my sad little version. I also want to try the featherlight heat and bond, the chalk pen and the rulers. Oh my, as usual the 12 days of needful things generate a full and fun shopping cart.

  116. All of the items listed I have and use all the time when working with wool. They make stitching more enjoyable. I just ordered more needles during the Christmas open house! Happy Wednesdy:)

  117. I have the books, but I would love the white liquid chalk pencil. Always looking for better ways to mark wool!

  118. I have scissors that I’ve been using for wool applique but I’d like to try yours. Also, I’ve never tried tweezers to remove the paper but i think they would be easier on my fingers.

  119. A serious stitcher never has enough scissors and Santa could certainly leave me one of these beauties!

  120. I have your books and use the Feather Lite but would really like a pair of your new scissors…just sayin…..!

  121. I have a lot of the things you talked about today. I’d love to have those stem rulers, the bolt of heat and bond and book one( I already have book two!)

  122. I have a bunch of your wool kits to make and would love to try the needles or the books look great! Merry Christmas!

  123. I NEED the Wool, Needle & Thread how-to book!!! I want the Binding Needles and the Heat n Bond feather lite fusible. Merry Christmas and HUGS… and stitches

  124. OMGosh I love all of it. Definitely going to get the books and I need some of those needles especially the embellishing ones. Oh…. and the rotary cutters.

  125. The scissors would be at the top of my Wool Wish List. Wool projects are tops for me to grab when I need a “to go project” as I am heading out the door.
    Thanks for your generous heart and your passion for quilting.

  126. I have the Wool, Needle and Thread book. It’s great. I’m going to order the #2 book. Lisa is the best with wool projects & teaching the process. I took a classes with her a few years ago in Paducah – it was awesome, great fun! Thank you, Lisa! Merry Christmas,

  127. I love the books and own them both already! I could always use a new pair of scissors and heat-n-bond! Never have enough!

  128. Hi, I would love the Wool, Needle and Thread 2. Learned a lot from the first book. I also think the stem rulers might be the ticket for wool vines. I’m ordering the tweezers and featherweight … love working with wool!

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