12 Days of Christmas – Day 9

We are going to try something new here at Primitive Gatherings today! We will be having our first ever Home Decor Flash Sale during our live broadcast! We don’t have quite enough inventory to warrant adding it all to the website…SO…..we are going to give selling it live a try!

How the Flash Sale Works: The Flash Sale will be on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis – there are limited quantities on all Home Decor! When Lisa talks about an item, and you decide that you would like to purchase that item, you can either message Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop on Facebook – OR – text (920) 810-7203 with your name and phone number. If the inventory is available we will then respond back to you, requesting your payment and shipping information at that time. If the item is no longer available, you will be notified. When purchasing multiple items we can combine them into one shipment. Just make sure to mention your multiple items before the Flash Sale is over!!!

Here’s a fun fact… I only offer things to sell that I want in my own house (the only exception is if something is a good price point and I let the salesperson talk me into it)! Don’t wait on these super cute items as quantities are limited. Shipping is only $5.00 unless the item is oversized. For oversized items we will split the shipping costs with you. We’ll even ship it out today!

We are really excited about all the adorable home decor items that we have to offer this year. They are sure to add an extra special touch to your home this holiday season.

Decorating my house is defiantly one of my most favorite things about the holidays. I love making my home festive and welcoming, especially when I know I will be hosting guests.

For these occasions, one of my go-to must-haves is my personalized potluck pans. They make serving guests and keeping food warm a snap, and the stylish personalization is always a conversation starter. In addition to home decor, now through January 2nd, 2022 take 20% Off all potluck and deviled egg pans as well! 

Do you love to decorate your home for the holidays? Leave me a comment and tell me about it!  What’s your favorite part? The tree? The Lights? Your entry way….the whole whole house??? How many trees do you put up? Let me know in the comments for a chance to win a Home Decor prize! 

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127 responses to “12 Days of Christmas – Day 9”

  1. Ann Post Avatar
    Ann Post

    Love to decorate the house. I put up three trees. Lights outside, star on the shed. My wreath is hung. I love snowmen and Santa’s.

  2. JennyH Avatar

    I don’t have much storage so my Christmas decorating is mainly a fresh tree and ornaments. Every one has a story though, and reminiscing about them is all I need to feel warm and festive.

  3. Mary Kolb Avatar

    Our tree is consistently the most special item of all our Christmas decorating.

  4. Darlene Wegrynowski Avatar
    Darlene Wegrynowski

    I have three trees, my favorite Christmas set up is my Christmas Story houses that I set up on my mantle. I also love to do groupings, such as red trucks, Santa’s, pincushions and nutcrackers.

  5. Diana s Rosenthal Avatar
    Diana s Rosenthal

    I live in New Jersey and I decorate every room , I have 4 tree’s and do the entire staircase. It’s such a happy time of the year. Saddest day Jan 2nd when I start taking it down.

  6. Anne Avatar

    Would you believe that I don’t have any decorations out?? Just one snowman wall hanging that I made years ago.

  7. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
    Carol Eberhardt

    The tree is the number one special item, only ornaments that have significance to us go in the tree. Ornaments from traveling or from our boys, or gifted from dear friends. The outside we keep simple, once there’s several feet of snow on the ground, lighting gets buried so I’ve given up on that. Our indoors bannister looks pretty special, once that’s done I’m pretty happy.

  8. Carol C Thomas Avatar

    It has been a tradition for all the grandkids to decorate the large tree. It has been fun watching how the decorations keep getting distributed up the tree as they age one year older each year, ornaments “stacked” on top of each other (some even four, five on top of each other), or only at the edge of the branches and turned inside out. The grandkids love the tradition and there are no tears, no fights.

  9. Hallie Clougherty Avatar
    Hallie Clougherty

    We have one tree. It was purchased the year my daughter, my oldest, had her 2nd Christmas. So it’s now 27 years old. My kids love this tree so much that neither one of them wants us to replace it. With a newer version that’s slimmer and prelit. Sooo each year we dig out the old girl and the kids set it up for us.

  10. Cheryl Campbell Avatar
    Cheryl Campbell

    For me I love my trees (2). But I have this beautiful glass cabinet that on top i place beautiful glass blown bulbs in shades of blue and add fairy lights. It’s right by our entryway so it just looks amazing💜

  11. Beth Pedersen Avatar
    Beth Pedersen

    I love decorating for Christmas. My favorite activity is the Christmas tree. There are so many memories tied to each one of the decorations -some bring smiles and some bring tears of loved ones lost -so meaningful each year.

  12. Deborah Kuchta Avatar
    Deborah Kuchta

    I don’t have time due to work constraints to decorate the house….I’m hoping this is my last year of working before retirement, and I’ve been collecting holiday items to decorate in the future!. The last time I put a tree up, my cats decided that it looked better on the floor on its side!

  13. bobbie rumler Avatar
    bobbie rumler

    My sister (Nini) Marlene is the Christmas decorator….some of her friends say it looks like Christmas threw up LOL

  14. Cathy B Avatar
    Cathy B

    Oh WOW, what great items! <3

  15. Jeanne Giebe Avatar
    Jeanne Giebe

    Yes, live to decorate my home. My favorite is my mantle and my three trees I decorate. One is a small tree filled with miniature ornaments, the second is an antique aluminum tree with the revolving light that holds all my glass ornaments and the third with traditional ornaments.

  16. Traci slomba Avatar
    Traci slomba

    I love to decorate the tree! My favorite it the fabric garland my mom made for me with vintage lights! This year I’m really into vintage Santa’s for some reason!

  17. Cheryl G Avatar
    Cheryl G

    I love Christmas. I put up a lot, until my husband says it’s enough. 😂

  18. Shari Chastain Avatar
    Shari Chastain

    I have three trees in my house – and it’s just me here! One is in the living room and decorated in red and gold to match the decor. One is in the family room that has all of the ornaments that have been given to me over the years or that I have picked up when traveling. I even have a Wisconsin ornament from when I visited PG a few years ago. The third tree is in my sewing room and has all of my sewing themed ornaments. I made a garland for the tree out of red buttons for it. I have several Christmas work projects and some itty bittie, too. Working on finishing my ornaments from the wool boxes to hang on a garland.

  19. Deb WORTHMAN Avatar

    I just got my one and only tree up. We’re behind because of a remodeling project. I decorate more with Christmas quilts.

  20. Pat Braun Avatar
    Pat Braun

    I love decorating the whole house! Such beautiful memories of Christmas past, with new additions here and there!

  21. Jane Zagrodnik Avatar
    Jane Zagrodnik

    I love my kitchen tree. It’s filled with kitcheny ornaments. So fun! This year I found a gold wish bone.

  22. Cynthia Goda Avatar
    Cynthia Goda

    Love to decorate the house. 4 feather trees. 3 christmas trees and 1 wool feather tree.

  23. Marie Eddins Avatar
    Marie Eddins

    Love putting the tree up and decorating it with ornaments from over so many years of marriage (50!). But one of my favorites are our ‘smoking’ snowman and Santa from Germany purchased when we were stationed in the Air Force in England in the 70’s. Also tied for favorites are our 3 German nutcrackers.

  24. Pam Marcis Avatar
    Pam Marcis

    I started decorating before thanksgiving this year. I use quilt and pillows to bring in the color

  25. Jan Avatar

    I still need to decorate as we had Covid around Thanksgiving & still have the fatigue factor. One year when my niece was getting bored I told her to count the trees. I have ceramic, feather, small & large table top trees. I think her total was 7 or 8 & that was just the 1st floor. Since today is nice I’m headed outside to sweep the porch & put up my window wreaths.

  26. Stephanie Tabares Avatar
    Stephanie Tabares

    I usually put up two small 3 foot trees in the living room and kitchen area. My granddaughter ( 5 years old) is visiting this year, put up a 5 foot tree in the living room especially for her. Extra lights and decorations in the yard for when she arrives. My husband inherited a Santa collection from his mother, so the kitchen area is decorated with Santas, over a hundred.

    Love the potluck trays, especially the one for deviled eggs.

  27. Barbara E. Morse Avatar
    Barbara E. Morse

    I have a small feather tree and 3 medium to small artificial trees that I try to decorate. I usually am crunched for time trying to finish wool gifts!

  28. Cheryl D Keown Avatar
    Cheryl D Keown

    I love decorating inside and outside my home for Christmas! The grandkids love my house at Christmas time. They enjoy the 13 decorated trees in my home ranging in height from 2 feet up to 7 feet tall along with all the other snowman and Santa decorations.

  29. Maria L Zook Avatar
    Maria L Zook

    I love to decorate for each season and at Christmas time my Santa collection fills every display space. I decorate all of our main living spaces. We now only do one tree, and it is decorated with a lifetime of ornament memories.
    I now love adding my finished Christmas quilts throughout the house.

  30. Ann Liebner Avatar
    Ann Liebner

    I love Christmas! The first & most important is a clay Nativity set that goes on the mantle ~ it was a wedding gift from 51 years ago.♥️ The second favorite is a sweet little Primitive tree that holds decorations from family & friends throughout the years, then there are little quilts, lights & fun items all around the house. Have a Blessed Christmas!

  31. Meredith Avatar

    I especially love putting up the beautiful decorations made by my very talented mother, who passed away eleven years ago, tiny hand stitched bears, little mice in stockings, and Santa with his bag of toys. Treasured memories.

  32. Sheila Plock Avatar

    Love decorating this time of year with all the things I have made or collected over the years. Love your welcoming house pictures. I noticed something I have to ask you about to the left of your fireplace on the bottom shelf. I have a set of old metal jello molds which look like yours but you have made baskets out of them???Can you send me a closer picture and tell me about them.

  33. susan collier Avatar
    susan collier

    After moving to a condo in Florida I don’t have enough storage space to decorate like I used to but still do a pretty tree and decorate the kitchen dining room and living room. Just have to! I love it!!

  34. Judy Stone Avatar
    Judy Stone

    I love to decorate the whole house! I change out my dining room table decor about halfway through the holidays, just for fun.

  35. Pamela Mickey Avatar
    Pamela Mickey

    I love to decorate for Christmas! 🎄🎅 Brings back memories every year of my children going up!

  36. sherrillash Avatar

    I love decorating for Christmas! I used to own a year around Christmas shop so I have a treasure trove of wonderful things. My tree is definitely the centerpiece and I rotate different ornament collections from year to year.

  37. Sue Sharp Avatar
    Sue Sharp

    I love to decorate everything! My husband draws the line at shower curtains and rugs, lol. I use battery operated timer candles everywhere! When it all comes down at New Years, the house seems empty for a while. Your home is just beautiful!

  38. Kelly S Avatar
    Kelly S

    I used to decorate a lot for Christmas, I’ve downsized these past few years. I still enjoy decorating my front porch.

  39. Diane Avatar

    The whole house but the tree is probably our favorite.

  40. Laurie Parsons Avatar
    Laurie Parsons

    LOVE decorating for Christmas! The whole house, inside and out! Usually 2 trees, but this year just got 1 big real one! Favorite decorations would be my Dept 56 Village. It takes a long time to set up, so that stays out until March!

  41. Lauren Devantier Avatar
    Lauren Devantier

    The 3 lit trees in our front yard is my favorite. They beckon to me when I get home from work ” come on in, relax, have a glass of wine and enjoy the season” !

  42. Laurie Parsons Avatar
    Laurie Parsons

    Love to decorate for Christmas! The whole house, inside and out! Only 1 tree this year instead of 2, but it’s a big one! Favorite decorations are my Dicken’s Village.

  43. Joy Paull Avatar
    Joy Paull

    I always travel over the holidays so I don’t decorate much. I do enjoy putting up all my Christmas/holiday quilts all around the house.

  44. Pam H Avatar
    Pam H

    Putting the ornaments on the tree and seeing it with the white lights. I use 2 trees and many small tabletop trees.

  45. Lois Wilhelm Avatar
    Lois Wilhelm

    I display quilts, vintage and new throughout our home, as well as my Christmas dishes come out the day after Thanksgiving. Love decorating for Christmas!!

  46. Sandra L McDaniel Avatar
    Sandra L McDaniel

    My favorite part are the ornaments on the tree that my daughter and grandchildren have made.

  47. Wanda Hall Avatar

    I love to decorate with red and white and glitter, snowmen , a festive tree, new front door displays and quilts and pillows too! I am working on a Christmas quilt now that will become next years couch throw!

  48. Vickie Avatar

    The tree is my favorite. I get to see all the ornaments my mom gave me each year starting in 1953 and the last one 2002. She passes away in 2003. My son has taken over where my mom left off. We decorated 4 trees at his house this year. His collection started in 1976 and I have continued the tradition of a new ornament each year. Hand made of course!

  49. barb Avatar

    Love to decorate. I put up six trees and lots of santas that I’ve made but my vintage tree is my very favorite! I have the ornaments I grew up with and have collected them for years. They’re getting harder to find those vintage ornaments.

  50. Peg U. Avatar
    Peg U.

    I usually put up 2 trees – the large tree is decorated with ornaments collected over the years (each year, a new one is added). The smaller one in the family room is decorated with all acorn ornaments – I have fun looking for new ones to collect that I don’t have.

  51. Maggie Reintges Avatar
    Maggie Reintges

    We decorate the whole house inside and out! And being in Florida this time of year we don’t freeze outside putting up decorations!!

  52. Felice Avatar

    This Christmas queen loves to decorate – the entire house (bathrooms, too) We put up 2 trees – and for the first time in 15 years it’s a real one. A Frasier fir. This is our first Colorado Christmas. We left the artificial one behind when we moved from Florida:) The second is a smaller, table top artificial tree that’s full of Hallmark miniature ornaments that I’ve collected for years. I also have a Santa collection that grows by 1 every year, as well. I think hanging ornaments is my favorite part. I have hundreds and each truly is a memory.

  53. Laura Baumgardner Avatar
    Laura Baumgardner

    I don’t mind decorating. I start with changing out all my quilts and putting up my pillows and mantle decorations. We only put up one tree. This is first year it is artificial To old to deal with all the dead needles at the end of Dec.
    now if someone would take all the stuff down and decorate for me that would be excellent
    I really don’t have the knack to make my house look cute like others. I need a fairy or elf to do it for me every season.

  54. Ann Post Avatar
    Ann Post

    I put up three trees. Two are small. Lights are put up outside and a star and lights on the shed. The reindeer and sleigh are up. I love my santas and snowmen. I need to add to my collection.

  55. Sherilyn Wethington Avatar
    Sherilyn Wethington

    I do like to decorate for Christmas! My favorite part is usually my fireplace, with a couple old red trucks that are carrying my bottle brush trees. I put up about 4 decorated trees, 1 big, the rest smaller. Merry Christmas!

  56. Cyndy Lipe Avatar
    Cyndy Lipe

    I decorate the inside and outside of my house. I love being able to change out my quilt’s. I have a ceramic nativity set that my mother painted back in the 70’s and it goes on my front porch, she painted the angles hair the same color as my daughter’s. It brings back happy memories every time I set it up.

  57. Phyllis Avatar

    I don’t have electricity so I can’t watch it…I don’t want to drain my battery. It’s not coming back on until tomorrow at the earliest. 😟

  58. Jennifer Kralik Avatar
    Jennifer Kralik

    I put up one tree. It’s a fresh tree that smells so wonderful! I have so many ornaments I’ve collected or been gifted by loved ones, (some who are no long here) through the years and have many memories in my heart.

  59. Paula Van Cuyk Avatar
    Paula Van Cuyk

    I love decorating our tree. Each ornament has a special memory. We have 1 in the house and 3 outside. I also make fill my flower pots with evergreens and spruce tree tops and lights.

  60. Terri Uden Avatar
    Terri Uden

    I decorate one tree with the ornaments that we have collected over the years. Many are Hallmark snowmen but there are other things too.

  61. Dee Avatar

    I have two small trees 🌲 n the entry with wool ornaments and one with grinch and in the living room we have our large tree this year decorated in birds and white and silver bulbs. I also have a few(ahem) PG snowmen table mats and pillows🎄

  62. Janet Avatar

    Two trees here. I really enjoy my outside lights the very most! Jmh

  63. Marie Avatar

    One tiny tree, but the meaning of Christmas is the same!

  64. Renee Stapleton Avatar
    Renee Stapleton

    I love decorating for Christmas but haven’t had enough time to do it the last few years. My favorite part is the lights, so last year I only had an artificial tree with lights. I was able to do a little more this year, and the first thing I did was put up the tree and lights.

  65. Janet Kay Avatar
    Janet Kay

    Even though all the decorations of Christmas are special to me, I especially enjoy putting a troll (that holds childhood memories of Christmas past ) on our tree, as well as, putting up the Nativity set my husband and daughter gave me when I was going through cancer treatments ( it gave me strength to continue to fight).

  66. Joyce Jensen Avatar

    We put up two trees. One is a pretty traditional tree with bulbs and the other tree is rustic looking with wooden ornaments my husband has made, and wool and quilted ornaments I have made. I also have lots of snowmen on display that stay out until February. Snowmen are my favorite.

  67. Kristy Avatar

    Even though we will be alone this Christmas, we decorated the whole house. Christmas needs to be special even during hard times. All my homemade stockings and ornaments are my favorites.

  68. Sue Bennett Avatar
    Sue Bennett

    We will just be the two of us here. but we have all the decorations up. Love all the things that you are showing.

  69. Debby Hillstead Avatar
    Debby Hillstead

    I used to love to decorate. Not so much anymore. I don’t get a lot of guests. Even when we meet as a family it is usually nit at my small house. I live the tree lights, and I have a couple nativities but that us about all. 👍

  70. kimberlypedrick1 Avatar

    Fabulous. Thank you so much

  71. Brenda C Wyatt Avatar
    Brenda C Wyatt

    I have 4 trees this year! I love the lights.

  72. Elaine Brochtrup Avatar
    Elaine Brochtrup

    My favorite Christmas decoration I have was hand-carved by my dad – a wooden nativity scene with about 24 pieces. My mother-in-law also gave us each a ceramic nativity scene for our wedding shower that she hand-painted. Such precious home-made gifts!

  73. A M bartus Avatar
    A M bartus

    When we first moved to Florida, we put up a tree inside and one out by the pool. I love lights on the house. I call having the lights on Spirit.

  74. Barb Onnen Avatar
    Barb Onnen

    My favorite Christmas dec is to put one electric lighted lighted candle in every window (33) of the house. They are on a timer and look amazing when all other lights in the house are off. That gives a contemplative mood to remember Christmases past especially with those no longer with us.

  75. Leann Baumhover Avatar
    Leann Baumhover

    I LOVE decorating for Christmas! My favorite part is putting up our big tree and filling it with ornaments that I have made, or our three daughters have made, over the years. Homemade ornaments from my friends are also included. Everything is homemade on the tree-never any exceptions!! (That’s my rule!) It is always a conversation piece with guests to our home! (Oh,and I have five other decorated trees.)

  76. Joan Avatar

    I love decorating for Christmas! I will admit I don’t do quite as much as I use to since I have gotten older. One tree just has ornaments which I made or the kids/grandkids made, and also ornaments my husband and I picked out from different places we have traveled to. It is fun seeing them every year!

  77. Ruth-Anne Hayes Avatar
    Ruth-Anne Hayes

    My tree is by far my favorite. We have five trees total so far! One in the great room, one in both of the kids’ rooms, one in my husband’s office and one in my studio.

  78. Toni R. Avatar
    Toni R.

    Keeping it simple now that the family is scattered. Always put up my nativity set and a few of my handmades. Can’t go wrong with that!

  79. Alice Avatar

    I love everything about decorating for Christmas! I have a full size tree in every room and each has a different theme. My favorite is my Texas tree that has ornaments from the state capital that are a fundraiser for renovations and it is covered with Texas flags instead of garland. We married December 30th 21 years ago and so I especially love this time of year! Happy Christmas to you and your amazing staff! 🎄❤️😁

  80. Robin Avatar

    I love decorating & being in my home at Christmas. I have been collecting Christmas decorations since I was a young girl. For many years my grandma and I went shopping the big 75% off Christmas decoration sales the day after Christmas. My husband & I purchase ornaments on our vacations so sitting in my living room looking at Christmas decorations fills me with so many wonderful memories.

  81. Julie Owens Avatar
    Julie Owens

    Love love love to decorate for Christmas. RE-do the whole house with Christmas stuff 🎄 trees in every room.

  82. Stacy McDaniel Avatar
    Stacy McDaniel

    I love the whole process! Can’t wait to see my sons new house all decorated!

  83. Maria Nagel Avatar
    Maria Nagel

    My favorite area to decorate for the holidays are the fireplace mantels. The decorations stay up through the winter.

  84. Jolin Barilla Avatar
    Jolin Barilla

    I love decorating the tree each year. Finding ornaments from my childrens childhood, family heirlooms, things my friends have made. It all brings back many wonderful memories!

  85. Tammy HARTMAN Avatar
    Tammy HARTMAN

    My favorite is the baking. My family loves all of the goodies. Of course the lights do sparkle so lovely .

  86. Jodi usairdoll Avatar
    Jodi usairdoll

    I love this time of the year and decorating the house and the tree is something I look forward to. I love unpacking our ornaments and remembering when, where and even who made them.

  87. Tamie Avatar

    It’s become a chore over the years to decorate my house for just me, but this year I went all out for me with 2 small trees and a lot of colorful twinkling lights!

  88. Nancy Avatar

    My granddaughter wanted me to get a house with stairs when i moved to be closer to her. So, I wrap garland on the bannister and put some wrought iron timer candles in the windows. I also love to see the tree with the lights thru the sidelight windows. Everything looks so festive. I got everything here and there and they were not too expensive and will be adding more each year. This is my second Christmas lere.

  89. Beth Robinette Avatar
    Beth Robinette

    I love the lights, and not just at Christmas but all year long!

  90. lee Avatar

    I love to have the house festive and try to do one “new” thing each year. This year it was a gnome made out of evergreen boughs and it sits on my front porch wicker chair. So cute! My mantel is all Santa’s that I have collected over the years and my library / music room is all angels. So much fun! Thank you for the fun week!

  91. Kathy E. Avatar
    Kathy E.

    My favorite part of decorating for the holidays is getting out my quilted projects that I’ve made and collected over the years. From mug rugs to pot holders to table runners to quilts! I love them all and they bring such warmth and comfort to my home.

  92. Debra Hull Avatar
    Debra Hull

    I love Christmas lights— on the tree, the Christmas village, the shelves, the door wreath and outside in the yard.

  93. dmccann409gmailcom Avatar

    I was particularly excited to decorate my kitchen this year after new paint and curtains. I decorated with new table runner, cross stitch projects and hand made things.

  94. lilsnuggi Avatar

    I love decorating our tree every year. I have many ornaments from my childhood. My favorite ones are homemade ones made especially for me by friends and family.

  95. Dana Doerfler Avatar
    Dana Doerfler

    The outside lights are my favorite – I have a ridiculous amount of them and music too!

  96. Norma Klotz Avatar
    Norma Klotz

    The tree is my main thing I guess. If that’s up at least I have something! I did really like displays with little lights. With long winter days those lights are so welcoming.

  97. Teri LaVoy Avatar
    Teri LaVoy

    We have one tree but many vignettes of snow people, nativity and nutcrackers around. A large outdoor nativity set is illuminated on the front lawn. I love homemade ornaments and have some special ones that I made with my mom and sons. The wool applique items that I’ve created in the last ten years has added warmth and festiveness to our decor. Thanks for your inspiration to help our holiday season be special.

  98. Shirley Mord Avatar
    Shirley Mord

    2 trees inside a small one outside trees are my favorite decoration

  99. Bonni Brooks Avatar
    Bonni Brooks

    I like putting out Santas, snowmen, Byer’s carolers, German nutcrackerss & handmade items I’ve purchased through the years, mainly when we lived in Indiana. They had the best crafters there & items were priced amazingly low.
    Now we live in Colorado & have a 7 ft slim tree & a “Colorado tree” ….a skinny pine…decorated with outdoorsy type ornaments.

    I am more inspired to decorate when our kids come for Christmas; other times I’m not so enthusiastic.

  100. Leigh Ann P Avatar
    Leigh Ann P

    Whole house & 3 trees!!

  101. C Visser Avatar
    C Visser

    I love making ornaments and decorating the tree!

  102. Geri Sherwood Avatar
    Geri Sherwood

    I used to put up 14 trees. We just love everything Christmas! Now since we moved we don’t have room for all the trees and I kinda of miss that part. Now we concentrate on trying to help others and doing for others during the holiday season. We realize how lucky we are as a family to be so blessed that we really try to pass it on to those less fortunate now especially with those hit by these bad storms and hurricanes. It’s wonderful seeing my children give to others and give their time to help others and even my grandchildren.

  103. Robin T. Avatar
    Robin T.

    I love having the Christmas tree up with lights, ornaments and the presents wrapped below. Another part of the holiday that I enjoy . . . lights on the house outside that my husband puts up each year.

  104. Heather Avatar

    We decorate the inside of the whole house on Thanksgiving Day….5 trees!

  105. Karen Harbaugh Avatar
    Karen Harbaugh

    I love decorating for Christmas, but this year it’s mostly fallen to my husband – too busy at the bakery. One big tree and about 8 smaller and miniature trees.

  106. Brenda+King Avatar

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks of, and misses, loved ones no longer with us. Decorating our Christmas tree, reminiscing about special ornaments, most homemade by my generous mother. I used to cry every year after her death, but can celebrate her, and Christmas, with a joyous heart now. Life, and love, go on! MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone reading these posts, and a HAPPY NEW YEAR too!

  107. Brenda Peplinskie Avatar
    Brenda Peplinskie

    I love my house decorated for Christmas …. Not sure I love decorating it lol! I’ve started collecting a Department 56 Dicken’s village this year and I must say I’m a little obsessed …. Not sure how I never knew they existed till now …. My favourite decor though are my quilts, and they are everywhere! Lisa I absolutely love your St. Nick with the quilt coat!!!

  108. Lorraine Lisotto Avatar
    Lorraine Lisotto

    I especially like decorating in my kitchen and dining. Holiday quilts and Christmas dishes look so festive!

  109. Judith Stout Avatar
    Judith Stout

    I have 2 trees – one with longtime special ornaments – even back to kindergarten for my boys and one with handmade ornaments. My husband carved Santas which are very special as well as a nativity set. These are special treasures. I really like your Santa with the quilted coat. Several quilts and pillows, can’t have enough of them. Merry Christmas.

  110. Linda Witt Avatar
    Linda Witt

    I love to decorate our wonderful 225 year old stone home and the decorations change seasonally, especially my quilts. After 50+ years of collecting, hand made ornaments and teddy bears take the favored spots along with family photos and memories of Christmases past.

  111. Robin Schlager Avatar
    Robin Schlager

    For the past 20 years I have been collecting hand carved / folk art wooden snowman. They are on my mantle in the living room. I also have wooden carved trees behind them. I adore them and so does everyone who visits. Merry Christmas Lisa, to you and your family.

  112. Lou Mongler Avatar
    Lou Mongler

    My holiday decorating always includes some of my vintage quilts (the red and white ones especially) and my collection of primitive Santas that fit on the mantle. My Christmas tree has gotten smaller over the years but the quilts and Santas always are make an appearance. I really appreciate all of your creativity throughout the year. Happy holidays to you and your family and staff.

  113. Linda Messerle Avatar
    Linda Messerle

    I love to decorate all thru the year, but Christmas is my favorite. We have a 10 foot tree in the sun room that is a “bird tree “ with lots of cardinals, as my husband is a bird watcher. The family room tree is in red and white with lots of snowmen. My living room tree is my favorite, as it has all the ornaments that our 2 daughters made when they were young and all of the ornaments that we have collected over the years. I also love to decorate our fireplace mantle in the living room. 🎄🎄

  114. Pat Wakefield Avatar
    Pat Wakefield

    A nativity set I’ve had for many years is my very favorite thing about Christmas decorating at my home.

  115. Janet D Avatar
    Janet D

    My favorite part of Christmas is the tree with homemade ornaments

  116. Lisa Mikel Avatar
    Lisa Mikel

    I enjoy decorating for the holidays. We have 2 small trees. One just has white lights red berries and pine cones that I like to leave out til the snows melt. I keep some other winter decor out also til the snows melt. I love snow and Christmas!

  117. Linda Avatar

    I love decorating for Christmas, the trees, the lights, the porch, Santas and snowmen and favorite Christmas quilts, the manger scene. I love it all.

  118. Julia Stavran Avatar
    Julia Stavran

    I love to decorate the house. I have favorites that I put out every year and add new things too. I usually start the first weekend in December and do a little everyday until December 20th. Then I call it quits! I need to finish some of my quilt and wool projects and find wall space for them.

  119. Eileen Bill Avatar
    Eileen Bill

    I love Christmas decorating! I have a pretty large tree and I can’t wait to put it up every Christmas! I have some of my Mom’s decorations that are so sentimental and I can’t wIt to get them out!

  120. Carla Toppass Avatar
    Carla Toppass

    We love to decorate for Christmas. Even though our 2 daughters are grown, we still have a tree decorating day where they come over and spend the day putting up and decorating the tree. This always takes place before Halloween…yep before Halloween. Then I have 4 smaller trees placed throughout the house. I so enjoy drinking a cup of coffee or tea while sitting in the dark by the light of the trees.

  121. Joanne Rodriguez Avatar
    Joanne Rodriguez

    Wow you are the queen of decore! Who doesn’t love Christmas? Beautiful

  122. linda d bechtel Avatar
    linda d bechtel


  123. Kay Avatar

    Oh my gosh, I love to decorate for Christmas. My hubby thinks I go way overboard! I don’t care … it’s the most important birthday of the year, after all! The more the better IMHO! 🎅🏻

  124. Cathy Cavagnaro Avatar
    Cathy Cavagnaro

    I love decorating for this season. Decorating has been adjusted this year because we have a 2 year old grandson here several days a week. Only unbreakable things within his reach. Then everyone can relax and be merry.

  125. Nami11 Avatar

    It seems there are a lot of Christmas decorations in our home at Christmas. My favorite is probably the lights and the Christmas music that plays from the day after Thanksgiving until New Year’s Day, all day long.

  126. ShariK Avatar

    My favorite part is a little ceramic tree that I have had for years. It’s not Christmas until the little tree is plugged in.

  127. Michelle Cooper Avatar
    Michelle Cooper

    I don’t have many decorative items in my house but would love to have a pretty homemade table runner or some really fun decor to brighten up the dinner table. Right now I am decorating a doorway from kitchen to living with a string of Christmas cards and a few simple Christmas ornaments. My quilters guild has a Christmas ornaments exchange every year so would like to start participating and make some handmade wool ornaments for the exchange and to give out as gifts. I am thrilled to have found you to get inspiration and ideas! ❤️❤️❤️

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