12 Days of Christmas – Day 8

Boy, these days go fast! With only 8 more days to go until Christmas, we’ve bundled together a bunch more items for you today – all on sale for 20% off! Let’s get started with a few of my most favorite things for working with fabric!

Our three sizes of wool pressing mats are a must have. We use them at The Gathering and pretty much everyone who tries them ends up buying one to take home… if they don’t already have one that is! Our mats are sized differently than others out there, and not to mention much, much cheeper. We made them in three sizes that I think make the most sense. Our large mat is made to go on “big board” type ironing boards. They are 20″x 58″ and fit very nicely. I know some people have cut them down to custom fit their ironing surface, so there are many options with the big ones. These wool mats offer even distribution of steam, and releases it back up into the fabric instead of down into your wooden ironing/ big board or table. These mats are nice and thick, and make the most beautiful covers for your “big board” ironing station. They come in 20″×58″, 20″×20″ and 12″x12″. The smaller ones are especially nice if you do not have a big space or you have to travel with it!  

Since we’re talking about all my favorite fabric essentials today, I thought I would show you the starch I prefer to use. Unfortunately, I don’t sell it at this time but you can look for it in the big box grocery stores. Price wise it’s a few dollars a can depending on where you live. If you don’t have time to shop around for it you can also find it on Amazon!

CLICK HERE for Faultless Heavy Finish Spray Starch

Pressing sticks are also a crucial item in my fabric essentials arsenal (I know I call it a pressing stick but it is really called a Strip Stick)! I know most of you have seen me use them in our American Quilter’s SAL while working on the Hogs for Heroes quilt. If you haven’t, check out our videos on our YouTube Channel! At 20% off it’s a perfect time to pick up a few of these handy tools. They make pressing simple and fun! The larger sizes are perfect for pressing sashing and borders open with ease, and the smaller ones are super convenient for traveling (to Primitive Gatherings quilting retreats, of course)! Sizes available include 8″, 18″, 22″ and 45″. They also make great gifts, so don’t forget to pick one up for a quilter friend or two!

Then there are Magic Pins!!! I can’t believe how much I am In LOVE with these pins! I have so many other types of really nice pins around me yet, I always avoid them and go straight for these! They come in all sizes and thicknesses so please pay attention to those details when ordering. Don’t get me wrong, they are all good. You just don’t want a thick pin while pinning your blocks. Thicker pins do work fine for pinning borders, however!

Then last item on my list today is the coveted Rowenta Steam Station. Simply put, no other iron measures up! I LOVE it and so does everyone else who is using it at The Gathering. Yes, we have them there! I guess that means you should come stay with us…

Ok sorry, back on topic! The Rowenta Steam Stations are very popular which is making them really hard to get right now, even for us. If you’re lucky, you can snag one off Amazon if they are in stock. If not, keep checking back as inventory is constantly changing. Here is the link to find it there…

CLICK HERE to Get Your Rowenta Steam Station on Amazon

The Rowenta Steam Station is super powerful with 430 g/min steam bursts, 7. 4 bars of high-pressure steam, and over 400HD active steam holes. It’s a powerful wrinkle remover that drastically shortens the time it takes for ironing and crafting projects. I couldn’t love it more! It’s patented calcium collecting technology provides state of the art long-lasting steam performance and helps your machine to last even longer.

With a large removable 37oz water tank, locking system and cord storage, this machine is easy and safe to use. The Rowenta Pro Steam Station gives you meticulous steam control, which means you get the perfect amount of steam for whatever project you’re working on. Amen….that’s iron gospel there!

To win some of my favorite essentials for working with fabric please leave me a comment and tell me about YOUR fabric essentials collection. Do you already own all of this?  Do you starch?  Did you try the Magic Pins yet?  Let’s have some fun and maybe you will win…someone will. It might as well be you!

Please watch our 12 Days YouTube videos (link below)!!! My team works so hard on these videos and you can do it while you stitch!  See you tomorrow!

CLICK HERE for the Stitch with Lisa Bongean YouTube Channel!

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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

155 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas – Day 8

  1. Have the magic pins, just need to give them a try. Have most things but not an iron that is anywhere close to performing like that one.

  2. I have everything except the Steam Station! I have been a really good girl this year so maybe Santa will deliver!

    1. I have a regular Rowenta that is nice as it’s a heavy iron & I usually use Best Press to crisp my fabric. The magic pins may need to be a stocking gift. What I’m going to the PG site is to research the wool mat. Thinking I need the small size for sure.

  3. You can tell I am a follower and big believer in you, Lisa and your teachings! I use and love all of your favorite/needful things today, except the Rowenta iron. I have used it at your retreats and it is on my want list. These items certainly have made a huge difference in my quilting hobby!❤️

  4. I have most of the items you mention. I have been starching for years, after a tutorial you did, and i dont know how i ever pieced without starch. I have the juki, a wool mat. Your needles, marking tools, strip stick, i could add more. If you’re reading this, i never have buyers remorse, Lisa’s recommendations are great.

  5. I never had used starch before coming to one of you classes and now use all of the time. Love your patterns and sew alongs. Was looking forward to staying at the gathering tonight but got ill and am not able to make it. Hope you have a Merry Christmas

  6. I have had a strip stick for years and can’t do without it! Haven’t tried the magic pins yet. Might have to get some.

  7. I just read up on that seam station and because my heart rate accelerated with excitement, I added it to my wish list for a future purchase…LOL. My quilting essentials are the starch (a real game-changer) and, sadly, my seam ripper!

  8. I have everything except the steam station and Magic pins. I have just purchased the pins and will give them a try after the holidays.

  9. I haven’t tried the starch, but I do prewash all my fabric. I don’t like the feel of it stiff and new.
    I always use steam.

  10. Love the starched fabric – so much easier to handle – and I love the strip stick – bought it last year and it has been very useful since then!

  11. I do not own the the fancy iron. I do starch after watching Lisa’s video and what a difference. I have an ironing wool mat and I love it. I recently purchased magic pens after watching Deb’s video on dying, learned the size of pens matter.

  12. Hi Lisa,
    I am currently looking at “flower garden gatherings’ not sure about pattern yet. I have faultless starch and love the pins (only have light aqua and yellow, no blue, oh and am buying a larger stick. I also would love to win something. See you tomorrow.

  13. All your essentials are mine as when you showed us how to starch that was a game changer in my quilting! The iron is on my bucket list…..

  14. Oh, yes, I use all those items. Every time I’m at the grocery store I check for the Faultless starch, because sometimes they have it, sometimes not! What I don’t have is the Rowenta Pro Steam Station – tat’s definitely on my list!

  15. I don’t have any of these items. I’m going to put them on my birthday list. Starch is the only way to go.

  16. I love all this stuff and use it -except that iron. I would LOVE winning it! Sewing stuff is my kind of gifts!

  17. Love my pressing mat! Considering starching after watching video. All the videos are so informative. I m thankful to learn!

  18. Hi Lisa! Yes, I starch. I haven’t used this ‘flavor’ of the Faultless starch – I use the regular. Not sure if my box store has the heavy so I’ll have to get it from Amazon.
    I absolutely love the Magic pins. So sharp.
    I use a handcrafted wood clapper to make my seams open nice and crisp. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  19. I don’t have the Rowenta Steam Station but would sure love to own one. I have 2 wool mats, one large and a smaller one which is great for sewing days/retreats, but who wouldn’t like the big board size!. I started out using regular faultless spray starch and then our local grocery started carrying the faultless heavy duty starch. And now that is what I prefer, it’s a real game changer. Last year I bought the 18″ strip strip from Primitive Gatherings and love it. It really worked well when sewing the strips for the American Gathering Stitch along blocks. An 8″ size would be good to have for smaller blocks. I have the magic pins but I confess I have not tried them as yet.

  20. I have all of the essentials except the steam station. Maybe someday there will be one in my sewing room. I now starch thanks to Lisa’s recommendation and it does make a BIG difference. I ordered the pressing stick and the Magic pens for myself for Christmas. Merry Christmas!

  21. That steam iron looks amazing. I will keep checking your stock. I have the wool mat from you for several years.

    1. Hi Sue! We are currently out of stock on the Steam Station but if you follow the link I posted on my blog, you might be able to get one on Amazon. Last I checked they still had some in stock so I grabbed another one for myself.

  22. I have the smaller steam station and really love it!! It has a ton of steam!! I have not tried the magic pins yet.

  23. Yes to starch and Best Press! I don’t like my fabric flopping around 🤪. I’m a big believer in pressing at every step too.

  24. Used to starch my fabrics way back when and then for some reason I stopped. Thanks to you I am back to that method and loving it. Santa was kind and brought me the steam station last year. Everyone, it is a game changer! One of my essentials that you haven’t mentioned are my Creative Grids rulers. Have not tried the pins yet but am thinking I may have to.

  25. Yes, I have and use all these things except the steam station 🚉 guess what’s on my Christmas list !!!

  26. I have been thinking about trying the magic pins, sometimes regular pins don’t seem to be strong enough, they bend easily, these sound like they may be sturdier.

  27. Starching makes a huge difference when piecing — especially for smaller pieces. However I usually only take the time to starch smaller projects,

  28. Faultless spray starch is the BEST! I recently switched to it and won’t use any other. Rowenta is a great iron. When my Mom.passed away I got hers. So many memories of her in my sewing corner. I’ve never used a pressing stick and now I think I need one!
    I so much enjoy and value your expertise.
    Thank you!

  29. I currently have an older Rowenta, but when that stops working, I’ll definitely look into this steam station model. I have the other essentials you mentioned and really like the magic pins…I have the skinny ones that don’t leave a hole in fine weave fabric, and they are super sharp.

  30. I absolutely love using starch on all my fabrics and I got that tip from you! The heavier, the better! Yes!

  31. I do not have nor have I used any of the items. They are now on my list to find and purchase, if I don’t win them😁. Thank you so much for the advice and opportunity!

  32. The wool pressing mat is a game changer for sure. I highly recommend that anyone working with wool get one.

  33. I do own all of them. I love, love the pins and the iron. oh, who am I kidding I love all of these. I’m afarid I’m going to wear my iron out. Merry Christmas everyone.

  34. I believe I have used and do own all of these. Probably the one I couldn’t live without ( all of them) but the Rowenta steam iron is truly amazing and I love it. It sure makes those blocks easier!! And all of our clothes that need ironing. It’s a necessity.! Christmas blessings!!

  35. The Rowenta Steam Station is a game changer! Next on my list is the big ironing board with the large wool mat.

  36. I’m a beginner so I’m just starting my “tool” collection. I began starching after I found Primitive Gatherings. I’ve found such great advice from you and the awesome FB group. Merry Christmas 🎄

  37. I have used the sticks before and love them. I’ve seen you use the steam iron at the shop and will be putting it on my wish list. Happy Holidays to alll!!!!

  38. I love my wool pressing mat. It would be fun to have different sizes. I don’t starch often, only if stretching is a serious problem.

  39. I love magic pins, I forgot they were called that and thought, “if Lisa likes these, I’d better check them out.” Turns out, yes I have them, I call them mummy pins because it looks like they are in a sarcophagus! They are a must.
    I have two wool mats but not the large one, I have mat envy in my heart at this moment!
    I have a Rowenta Steam Station but not the newest one I see here.
    And pressing sticks… I bought them from you maybe during a 12 Days of Christmas a few years ago! They are wonderful!
    Starch, easy to find here in the grocery aisle but during the pandemic’s worst, I relied on Amazon for my starch.

  40. I have a wool pressing mat, use the Faultless starch (have for years since there is a facility here in Kansas City), and use a Rowena iron, hurst not the Steam Station yet. I have to wait until my iron no longer works before I can convince hubby I need a new one. I am looking forward to trying the pressing stick and pins though. Will have to order them when I finish here.

  41. I have the pressing stick…the size you prefer, one long, thinner wool mat that I have under a cover on my big board, a medium size wool mat. I don’t have the iron; I’ve never starched. I’m planning on buying the pins after all the 12 days are finished & ordering everything at once. Thanks for all your tips & help. Blessings to you!

  42. I have used starch on fabric, works great. I have a small wool mat that I love! I would love a large wool mat. Have not tried the magic pins or the sticks. Rowenta irons are the best. I have not seen the Rowenta station before, that would have to go on my wish list.

  43. I agree these are all definitely essential. I have all of them and wish one day for the Steam Station. It will happen!! Thanks Lisa for introducing us to all these great products!

  44. I have started to starch thanks to you, wow what a difference it makes. My blocks are so much more accurate. I have tried magic pins, I just wish they wouldn’t bend so easily. As for an steam station iron, I had one over 20 years ago and it was so heavy as I aged it became cumbersome and difficult to use. Might have to research and put one on my gift list. Thank you and Merry Christmas to all.

  45. I love this iron you recommended many years and I got one and don’t know how I lived without it or starch. I also have the pressing stick and wool mats but may need a wool mat for my retreat bag. The only thing I haven’t used are the magic pins. 🎄I watch and appreciate all the videos you and your team put together!!

  46. I don’t starch but I do have a smaller wool mat I use on my ironing board and love it! What a game changer for pressing blocks.

  47. Happy Friday!!!! First, I have a strip stick and do use it. I occasionally starch, mostly on mini stuff. I havent tried the ins yet. and I’ve given you my take on expensive irons in the past. I’ve used this one at your retreats and it works great…..I just dont have one:) I like how this years’ 12 days is a little different from years past. Thanks again for another chance to win:)

  48. My dear hubby found our local drugstore sells my Faultless spray starch so he buys them out (leaves one for someone else) every time he’s near the store. I use everything else mentioned, however the large wool mat (I have the medium size) and Rowena Steam Station are on my wish list!

  49. I absolutely have to have my wool mat. My pressing area is my old kitchen bar countertop so my husband got me the long wool mat. Love it!
    . Also I have the June Tailor Half Square Quarter square ruler that I use obsessively to square up my blocks. I also need the Creative Grid ruler to mark on either side of the diagonal on a square. Of course my Pfaff. Fabric and wool.
    I just got the pins you are talking about. Haven’t used them yet.

  50. I don’t have a wool pressing mat yet or the magic pins, or the Rowenta steam station. I did buy the spray starch for the one small quilting block that I did. That worked really well. So I guess I need to win something!

    1. Thanks for the comment Marcia! Hit the Amazon link provided on my blog. I just ordered one last week without issue! Last I saw there were still some in stock. Let us know if you get one! Good luck!!!

  51. I must admit, I’ve never tried starching… but after reading these comments, I may have to give it a try! I do have the ironing sticks, as well as a small wool mat. And yes, they are game changers! Steam station…well, that will hopefully be in my future. After I recover from Christmas spending, lol! Merry Christmas to all…and thank you for all you do for us out there in the stitching world!

  52. I have everything you mentioned even the iron! Bought it last year & big board mat several years ago. I absolutely love all of them. My fave pins are fine w glass heads. Blue & yellow heads. They bend easily, but still love them. When I smocked garments40 years ago, I was introduced to them back then & have never left!
    Thanks for all your hints & sharing which is what I love about quilters!🥰

  53. I have wool mats and a strip stick and love them, but my #1 essential tool is a Creative Grids ruler – accurate and easy to read, and above all it does not slip.

  54. Love the magic pins and wool mat. I use the starch but don’t do as heavy as you do unless they are small pieces. My essentials also includes the wonder clips.

  55. I have a small pressing mat but would love the ironing board size may have to check that out. I have a rowenta iron but not the steam station.

  56. I love the wool mats, strip sticks and magic pins and have them all! I’m new to using steam, so I don’t have a steam station yet, but they are pretty cool!

  57. I have to laugh… This is the fourth year I’ve joined in PG’s Twelve Days of Christmas, and I find that I use almost EVERYTHING that Lisa recommends, thanks to both her prior recommendations and her fabulous videos. Didn’t know how to either wool appliqué or quilt when I first started visiting the site… Now excitedly make everything in the Wool Boxes and more quilts than my house can hold from Lisa’s fabrics and patterns! The one item I haven’t used is the Rowenta Steam Station. This is the year I give myself this as a luxury Christmas gift. Merry Christmas, Lisa and wonderful PG team, and as always, thanks for giving me so much quilting and wool appliqué enjoyment. Hope to see you at The Gathering in 2022!

  58. U turned me on to starching my fabric, recently! Best thing I’ve ever learned! Have pins, wool mat and iron. Love all. Thanks 🙏

  59. Love your way of starching; soaking, drying, pressing. It works especially well with small piecing. Not tried the magic pins yet.

  60. Love your way of starching; soaking, drying and pressing. I especially use starch on mini piecing. I haven’t used the magic pins yet.

  61. I always starch and I use Faultless as well. Can’t believe the difference it makes in accuracy! I also have magic pins and use them almost exclusively, ignoring the many other pins I own. I have a wool mat and find it makes for flatter seams. I don’t own the Rowenta steam iron system, though, as I can’t justify the cost to myself. Too cheap, I guess! 😂

  62. I have the Rowenta Steam Station (because Lisa has it on the list every year) and I LOVE it !!! I can’t imagine pressing with any other iron. I think this year I need to gift myself the Wool Pressing Mat. I have a small one, but it would be a luxury to have the Big Board size. Buying this will complete my ironing/pressing station !!!

  63. I love how you starch fabric I’ve been doing it that way for years my friends come over and I have to show them what all you do it I would love to have that steam iron I seem to replace my Steam irons every year and a half

  64. I love my wool pressing mat. Haven’t tried the magic pins or pressing stick yet, but would love to try them.

  65. As a Primitive Gatherings devotee for many years, I have been fortunate to acquire my steam station, wool mats, and pressing sticks from prior 12 Days events. I’ve just started using the Magic Pins. I love all of these things and use them all in my sewing room.

  66. I’d like to try the pressing stick on open seams. I have the starch and I did try the Magic Pins.

  67. I love my wool mat. I have a pressing stick, the pins and a Rowenta iron, not the steam station. I use them all and love them all.

  68. I have a wool mat that I love. I lightly starch to get rid of wrinkles and to add a little body to my fabric.

  69. Yes I love to starch my cotton fabrics because it makes piecing so accurate. I use Mary Janes Best Press and an Oliso iron. Also love magic pins!!

  70. I have a wool mat wish i had a bigger one love it, I also use starch on @maller projects and helps w>th accuracy

  71. I am a big fan of starching cottons for quilting! Magic pins are the best… I have the short ones that I use for wool appliqué. And… I have a small wool pressing mat that I love… not sure how I survived without it!!

  72. I definitely starch, you taught us well! I’m slowly building my horde of notions and fabric from your store 🙂

    1. I do starch and learned this from you Lisa. It really makes a difference. I do not own the Rolenta yet. But have the other items you mentioned. Use them all the time.

  73. I DO have all of these! But if I had to pick my favorite one in this bunch, I would definitely pick the Rowena Steam Station! It’s an investment, but totally worth it!! I like to take it to retreats so other quilters can try it…and love it too!! You really can’t go wrong with a purchase of any of the “goodies” that Lisa picked for today!!

  74. I purchased my steam station a year ago after watching you use yours and I love it! And my wool mats, magic pins and starch! Of course, I enjoy trying out any new notion – what quilter doesn’t? – but I use all of these items on a daily basis.

  75. I received a wool pressing mat last Christmas, and I can’t do my stitching without it! Thanks for introducing me to them.

  76. Because of you, Lisa Primitive Gatherings I have learned so much and have many of the essential that you talked about today the only one I don’t have is the Rowenta Steam Station. Maybe some day I will be able to get one. Yes I starch it sure helps Yes I have the magic pins got them last year

  77. I have all of these except the pressing strips. love my mat, starch, and I have an old Rowenta steam station. It is more than 30 years old and going strong! I love the adjustability of the steam settings andthere isnt a wrinkle she cant get out. Well worth the investment.

  78. I have two wool mats and love them. I have some Magic Pins that I really like. For starch, I use whatever I can find at the grocery store. ha! That Steam Station looks amazing.

  79. Magic Pins are an item I haven’t heard of, so they are definitely something I need to put on my list! They sound magical! 🙂

  80. I have the medium size wool mat and one of the pressing bars. Love both. Planning on trying the magic pins, also need to get the smaller mat to take to quilt group. The Rowena pressing station sounds great.

  81. Hello!! I have the starch & cannot wait to begin to use it. I might need to try the magic pins & I love my small 12×12 wool mat. Merry Christmas!!

  82. I always, always starch. It’s a must for precision piecing! I also press my seams open as much as possible so the “pressing sticks” have been on my radar for awhile. I guess now is the right time to give them a try.

  83. I do sometimes starch, if I think I need to. I do own a wool pressing mat and 2 of the pressing sticks. The magic pins are on my wish list.

  84. I have the pressing mat for my big board and one other size. Also have some of the magic pins. I love them. I need to see what I have and order some more different sizes. Yes I starch and it makes a huge difference. What would we do if we ran out of starch?? Lol. The one thing I need to gift myself is the steam iron station. Thank you Lisa for all the inspiration.

  85. I started starching my fabric after your tutorials and I love how much that helps with piecing and I started using a wool mat a few years ago. I have been saving for the Rowenta Steam Station, but don’t want to buy from Amazon. I’ll keep watching your website to see when you get them back in stock. The pressing sticks look like they would be really helpful. Merry Christmas!

  86. My husband gifted me a really nice iron and travel iron last year – I love them! I do starch as I feel it helps me be more precise! I have been looking at the wool pressing mats – medium sized – so many great reviews on them! I have never heard of the magic pins!! 🙂

  87. I use a few of these items, I starch my fabric and it makes a world of difference in making it easier to piece. I have a medium pressing mat and it makes even an inexpensive iron work better. A pressing stick is a great tool to have and the magic pins are so much easier to pick up. Thanks Lisa for finding all these great tools.

  88. I do starch my fabric, it’s a real game changer. I love wool mats and strip sticks. I have a wool covered strip stick that combines the best of both in one. A big board wool mat is on my wish list.

  89. HAVE A WOOL PRESSING MAT AND LOVE IT. Haven’t starched fabric yet but plan to as i start on smaller mini projects. Plan to watch your tutorials on the subject. Would like a strip stick for opening seams on those minis.

  90. I do use Even Flo for my starch and I don’t make it very heavy. I us it on my small piece’s, it seems to help my pieces be straight. I don’t have a wool mat, my husband made me an ironing station this summer, have looked at them but haven’t purchased one yet.Never heard of the pins before, will have to check them out, and my iron is as old as the hills,lol, heavy but gets the job done.

  91. Wool pressing mat is definitely an essential item! Magic pins and strip sticks are great tools. The Rowenta Steam Station is on my wishlist! Would love to add one to my sewing room.

  92. I have always loved my pressing mat and really need some magic pins, I have one kind, but need some more.

  93. I have a wool pressing mat and pressing stick. Starching was a game changer for me. It’s worth every minute of the extra time it takes to do it.

  94. I have one pressing stick and just got my first wool mat. I don’t have the pressing station. I’ve had a couple of Rowenta irons over the years and they were great irons. I currently have different starch than that but I will look for it next time I shop. Fun, helpful stuff!

  95. I love my wool pressing mat and I’ve been learning to starch as well. I have the pins and love them. The pressing station is still on my wish list. 🙂

  96. I am in love with my square wool pressing mat. Having a big one for my ironing board would be fabulous. I use Best Press, but you have reminded me that a heavier starch would be very helpful for small piecing.
    The Rowenta steam station is on my wish list. Sounds fabulous.

  97. I have several of the products mentioned in my sewing room. The Rowenta steam station and the magic pins are missing though. I didn’t realize the Strip Sticks came in the 8 inch size, that would work better for blocks than the long one I have.

  98. I am a great student! I have all of these items…except the heavy duty Rowenta. I have a Rowenta…..but not that one. The wool pressing mat is a LIVE SAVER!!! jmh

  99. I think starch makes everything easier! I’m always looking for the best pins, so I have a collection! I don’t have a wool pressing mat but would love one.🤶 happy holidays!

  100. Love all these items. But my favorite is the iron. I asked for it last year for the holidays after watching Lisa’s list last year. And it was the best gift ever received in my sewing room. I love it.

  101. I love my wool mat and Best Press. I really haven’t been a fan of Magic Pins, but maybe I’m using the wrong color!?!

  102. I have the large wool mat & love it! I need to get the seam sticks & will purchase them on my next trip to the store.

  103. The wool mats are the absolute best. I need to get the stem rulers though. I also watched the videos on using starch and it’s great

  104. I have a wool mat, two pressing sticks and some magic pins. I’ll be adding more of these. Love all of these. Considering the iron station. Maybe this next year.

  105. I use Best Press for a light starch. A seam ripper is a necessary part of my tools (although I hate to admit it!) I’ve been eyeing up a wool pressing may but haven’t bought one yet.

  106. I do have 2 sizes of Magic pins, and do like them. Wool mats are awesome, and will be trying the Faultess spray starch the next time I need to purchase starch. Thank you for your give away chances.

  107. I just received the pressing stick! Going to try the magic pins. The pressing station would be a dream!

  108. I have not tried the Magic Pins as of yet. I do starch and like how that helps stitching. Awesome items today !

  109. I am not a starcher but love the wool mats, strip stick and magic pins. I’m slowly replacing all my pins with these.

  110. My iron completely sucks because it spits out brown icky water sometimes but it is probably because I wasn’t using distilled water.😜🤣😜 I really love my Karen Buckley scissors and they make cutting out appliqué shapes an absolute joy. I love my stiletto/seam ripper too which seems to be getting way, way more use than I would like. I have used the Magic Pins and they are absolutely incredible!!!! I need to starch more too so want to try out Faultless starch. 💕😃

  111. Yes, I starch thanks to you Lisa! I have all these wonderful items in my sewing room except the steam station… maybe some day!

  112. Hi, My favorites are the wool mat and pressing sticks, what a difference these make in my quilting world! Have not tried the Magic Pins. I have starched in the summer when I can do it in the garage or outside. Winter months, I don’t have a place to starch and dry. Would love to have the Rowenta iron, maybe some day. Happy Holidays!

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