12 Days of Christmas – Day 7

One of the most exciting parts of making a quilt is when it’s finally ready to be quilted. Picking out the final details is so exciting – it’s one of my favorite things! The design you choose along with thread and backing colors, type of batting, etc. are the final touches on what makes your quilt unique to you!

Do you have unfinished quilt tops to be quilted? Great news! We offer Long Arm Quilting services here at Primitive Gatherings! Even better, today is a great opportunity to receive $25 off our Long Arm Quilting services! Email us at Bernina@primitivegatherings.us and let us know that you’d like to get on our list to have your quilts quilted. Please leave us your name and contact information so we can connect with you regarding when you can send or bring your quilt in for the service!

Below are some photos of projects we’ve worked on recently. Take a look, get inspired and take advantage of this great offer by reserving your spot today!Tis’ the season for beautiful Christmas and holiday quilts!It might be cold outside now, but spring is only a couple of months away!  I can’t get enough of the colorful flower patterns people create. It’s a great time to start working on your spring and summer themed quilts so that you can get them done by season’s change!

The sky is the limit when it comes to what you can create. Your imagination is one of your most valuable assets! Don’t let it go to waste…

If you haven’t been watching my Stitch with Lisa Bongean channel on YouTube, you should really check it out! Leave me a comment and tell me what you’re working on right now. Will you need Long Arm services in the future? What are your thoughts on machine quilting? Let us know! 

CLICK HERE for the Stitch with Lisa Bongean on YouTube!

68 responses to “12 Days of Christmas – Day 7”

  1. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
    Carol Eberhardt

    I’m working on a gingham look quilt right now, for a grandniece. I would want yo gave professional Longarming done on a wool appliqué quilt, I’m leering of doing that myself.

  2. Jeanne Giebe Avatar
    Jeanne Giebe

    I am working on my Santa Hats wool appliqué from retreat but I have two quilts ready to get quilted, my American Gatherings quilt is done and my flannel checked quilt also from retreat is done. I am putting my name on the list asap! Thank you so much!

  3. Marianne Stana Avatar
    Marianne Stana

    I love the machine quilting that Luke shows! Amazing, he has an amazing eye for the perfect quilting pattern to make the quilting really pop.
    Merry Christmas

  4. Carol Schallock Avatar

    Working on items from he wool box. Definitely will need some long arm machine quilting in the future. Most of my quilts are long armed quilted

  5. Ann Post Avatar
    Ann Post

    The work they do on the quilting is absolutely stunning. I am working on a quilt for my grandson. I hope to start piecing quilts faster. I want to send some in for longarm services at your shop. I love the clam shell pattern.

  6. Sandra L McDaniel Avatar
    Sandra L McDaniel

    Your machine quilted examples are beautiful!!! To save money I have learned to stipple on my home machine…it’s not as pretty for sure.

  7. DIANE MCCANN Avatar

    I am working on Table runners and Christmas quilt for next year. I woild use longarm services.

  8. Darlene Wegrynowski Avatar
    Darlene Wegrynowski

    Been working on Christmas placemats and just quilting them on my domestic. I have about 9 quilts to long arm and I am a retired long armer! I thought when I closed my business due to family illness I would have time to quilt my quilts,😂. Love machine quilting, just find the long arm quilter that has your taste!

  9. Shirley Mord Avatar
    Shirley Mord

    Have 2 quiltsthat will be ready in the future for longarm, one iis gypsy wife and the other is one block wonder

  10. Sue Bennett Avatar
    Sue Bennett

    I am working on bindings. I have three more quilts to go before I get there. Your samples of quilting are amazing.

  11. Maryanne Dochter Avatar
    Maryanne Dochter

    I’m working on the Fall Crazy Quilt SAL. I love the machine quilting at Primitive Gatherings. Luke gave me the tour and its on my list.

  12. Patricia Warthan Avatar
    Patricia Warthan

    Working on a Christmas quilt but have quite a few sitting waiting to be quilted. I hand quilt most of my quilts but I am running out of time to get them quilted. I don’t think I’ll live long enough hahaha. I may need to check out your services and see if I can afford them, especially since I live in Virginia

  13. Lisa Mikel Avatar
    Lisa Mikel

    I always take my quilt tops in to be machine quilted. Longarm services are the best! I am currently working on a couple scrappy quilts and one winter themed quilt with pine trees and log cabin blocks. I ca’t wait to finish them and have them quilted.

  14. Cheryl Gherna Avatar
    Cheryl Gherna

    I’m finishing up a quilt that I pieced and quilted myself. I used to pay to have the top quilting done, but I do it on my mid arm, but would I love to have one done for me, you better believe that’s a huge yes. What a treat that would be!

  15. sheilaz47 Avatar

    Quilting is my hangup. Get tops finished and then I can’t quilt them myself so they pile up while I figure out what to do with them. Longarm services would be great.

  16. linda d bechtel Avatar
    linda d bechtel

    Lisa you guys are so generous! working on my favorite things from

  17. Cheryl G Avatar
    Cheryl G

    Yes, I need you to quilt my quilt. I’m almost done. I’d like to get on your list but I need to finish it. I think in a few weeks it will be ready and don’t want to hang anyone up waiting for it. I also need to know if I wait to do the embellishments after quilting.

  18. Linda Walters Avatar
    Linda Walters

    Since it’s so close to Christmas, I’m working on some cute little holiday pot holders. But after Christmas, I’m going to start working on a memory quilt made out of my dad’s flannel shirts. Will definitely need it quilted!

  19. Linda Avatar

    I am working on the top border of the SBOW contemporary wool version.

  20. Toni R. Avatar
    Toni R.

    What a difference a good quilting job makes for a quilt – your team does wonderful work – thanks for sharing their talent with us!

  21. Stephanie Tabares Avatar
    Stephanie Tabares

    Perfect finish to a quilt is a good longarm quilter. Have a few that needs those finishing touches

  22. Barb Avatar

    Love to see the quilting that is done by your shop! Everyone looks fabulous!

  23. Diana Smith Avatar
    Diana Smith

    Luke and Jake do a fantastic job quilting. I’ve had two done already. My hogs quilt is next.

  24. Bonni Brooks Avatar
    Bonni Brooks

    I don’t mind machine quilting on small wall hangings, but I’m not very good on bigger things. On one lap/twin quilt I used my embroidery machine & that turned out pretty well. I do have 2 quilts that need longarm services.

  25. Barb Onnen Avatar
    Barb Onnen

    Dug out a 30 year old UFO to finish. And it will be finished this time!! Local young mother does my long arm quilting. Long rm quilting can really set off your work. The only time I do not use it is if I have hand pieced the quilt. Then I feel it must be hand quilted. My sister-in-law does that for me.

  26. Laura Baumgardner Avatar
    Laura Baumgardner

    Just starting a Fig Tree Quilt pattern called Midsummer Stars and doing it in a Bonnie Sullivan Snow Days flannels.
    I don’t quilt any of my quilts. Don’t have the knack for it. I have a good friend that is an artist that loves to do whatever she wants on my quilts. Always turns out fantastic.

  27. Maggie Reintges Avatar
    Maggie Reintges

    This came at a perfect time! I just finished my words to live by this fall so I’ll get my name on the list to have it quilted!! Thank you for offering longarm quilting! It’s getting hard to find somebody to trust with our works of art!

  28. Janet Avatar

    I have a long arm and feel pretty confident with edge to edge. But……if I make an heirloom quilt, it is going out to a custom quilter! What a great addition to PG! Jmh

  29. Barbara E. Morse Avatar
    Barbara E. Morse

    I’m trying to finish 3 wool projects for Christmas. Hope to make a very small ( my first) quilt in the coming year.

  30. Cyndy Ward Avatar
    Cyndy Ward

    I’m working on quilting other people’s quilts! I would love to do a few of my own – maybe before my guild’s show in the spring. In the meantime, I have been inspired by Luke’s edge to edge quilting on the wool applique quilts. I never would have dared before! For my own wool on flannel I want to do custom quilting. I love the feathers and enhancing each block. Thanks for ALL you do for us Lisa! Merry Christmas to you and to your very talented family and staff.

  31. Stacy McDaniel Avatar
    Stacy McDaniel

    I’m working on a quilt for my son and it will need quilting. I don’t machine quilt so I’m thankful for those that are LAQers!!

  32. Maria L Zook Avatar
    Maria L Zook

    I am happy to have a resource for long arm quilting on those I don’t choose to finish myself. Your finished quilts are always so beautifully done. I have had to set quilting aside for Christmas family time. I look forward to getting back to my UFO’s when the holidays are over.

  33. Elaine Brochtrup Avatar
    Elaine Brochtrup

    I’m just working on small projects right now, but when I get my confidence up, I hope to tackle a large quilt and will definitely want to take advantage of the long-arm service!

  34. Roxanne B Avatar
    Roxanne B

    I am finishing up a double jelly roll quilt and working on a quilt for a Charity auction in June. I have three longarmers that I use, but I also have two women that do hand quilting. Some quilt patterns are made for hand quilting whereas others are good for an edge to edge pattern.

  35. Leann Baumhover Avatar
    Leann Baumhover

    Your machine quilting department of PG is doing a wonderful job of giving quilts a great finished look! I love when the guys post quilts that they have just finished quilting!!

  36. Pam Marcis Avatar
    Pam Marcis

    I finished piecing Everlasting this past week. I’m deciding how to quilt it

  37. Anne Avatar

    Right now I am working on fabric baskets to gift to people for Christmas!
    I sew smaller things and avoid quilting 😬🙄

  38. Carol C Thomas Avatar

    I am sewing Christmas bells on my grandson Christmas stocking. We are doing Christmas, December 19. I am busy.

  39. Alice Avatar

    I am currently stitching block 12 of Somewhere in Time. I am a bit afraid of the borders! I definitely need to get on your nice list! A good machine quilter… there is no better friend to have.

  40. lcdds217 Avatar

    I’m working on the wool applique block of Merry and Bright Christmas, all the piecing is done. When it’s finished, it will be coming your way. I have had quite a few quilts quilted by PG and you never disappoint – beautiful every time!

  41. Cynthia Goda Avatar
    Cynthia Goda

    I’m working on the binding of a red and white quilt.

  42. Barbara Avatar

    I’m working on SBoW pieced scrappy quilt. Only need to see Blocks together then I’m done! It’s turning out beautifully. And I’m working on SBOW wildflower quilt. That one will take me longer to complete.

  43. Pat Braun Avatar
    Pat Braun

    I have just set up my Juki to quilt a J. Niemeyer quilt. It will be quilted sparingly, as it is not my strong suit. I would love to be able to use long arm services more often!

  44. Mary Hawk Avatar
    Mary Hawk

    I am working on a small Christmas quilt. Me thinks it will be a 2022 finish!

  45. June Avatar

    Working on PG Summer Blooms, just finished stitching last stem on border! Love it! Now ready for quilting. Love all the beautiful quilting that is coming from Luke and the PG longarms. Amazing quilting!!!

  46. Jennifer Kralik Avatar
    Jennifer Kralik

    Finishing up some wool Christmas ornaments for my grandsons. Have many tops that need to be quilted.

  47. Pam H Avatar
    Pam H

    I am guilting a red and white quilt on my Juki. Have my “So This Is Christmas “ top ready to be quilted next. I enjoy quilting my tops, but use longarmers for queen and king size quilts.

  48. Brenda C Wyatt Avatar
    Brenda C Wyatt

    I’m getting ready to work on “And to all a goodnight ” pillow.

  49. Lorraine Lisotto Avatar
    Lorraine Lisotto

    Currently I am working on Christmas placemats to give as gifts! I am also working on a quilt-a-long featuring some beautiful Fig Tree fabric. I am also a cross stitching maniac!!

  50. Jan Avatar

    Right now I’m working on wrapping gifts, you asked. I have plenty of UFO’s & a flimsy or 2. I even have the backing for them. But as soon as Christmas is over I need to start a new project for a 1st birthday in January. Merry Christmas

  51. Bev F Avatar
    Bev F

    This past February, was so thrilled to finish my Words to Live By and bring it to you to be quilted!! Your guys did a beautiful job on it and I’ve been enjoying it every day since. I’m currently trying to finish Somewhere in Time, just have the outer borders to stitch. I hope to use your quilting services again some day.

  52. Phyllis Avatar

    Hi. I’m working on wool applique. I love the quilting your crew does. It’s absolutely beautiful. I will eventually need your service, but not now.

  53. Robin Avatar

    I’m working on finishing binding for all my Christmas gifts. Can’t wait to get back to my wool box projects.

  54. Dee Avatar

    Just finished my quilt along with Edyta, but have been working on wool projects for Christmas gifts. I real appreciate long arm services!


    one day I hope to have one of my quits quilted by PG. It is amazing what it does to enhance Lisa’s designs!

  56. Beth Avatar

    Right now I have to pick out what to work on next as I just finished up making pillow cases for the grandkids for Christmas. Yes, I will always need long arm quilting services and my thoughts about it: “gee, I wish I could do that “!

  57. Cheryl D Keown Avatar
    Cheryl D Keown

    I am still working on Twilight Garden. Yes, I always need a long arm quilter.

  58. Robin T. Avatar
    Robin T.

    I finished a Christmas stocking with wool for my grandson and now doing embroidery on quilt labels for friendship quilts. Thank you Lisa for all the video tutorials and and demos you create for your customers too far away to be with you in person !!!
    P.S. I ALWAYS have quilts that need long arm quilting ! I’m going to check in with Luke.

  59. Laurie Parsons Avatar
    Laurie Parsons

    Your guys do beautiful work on the quilts they longarm. I do send mine out. Right now working on a wedding present quilt

  60. Jodi Avatar

    What beautiful quilting ! I’d love to learn how to do longarm myself by as of right now, I longarm by check 😀 Currently I’m doing some piecing by hand. I want this quilt to be totally handmade.

  61. Karen Harbaugh Avatar
    Karen Harbaugh

    Mostly working on wool projects from the bi-monthly PG subscription boxes. I am a proponent of machine quilting. Longarm servives someday-most likely

  62. Felice Avatar

    I love the look of professional machine quilting. I have a Tiara that I purchased used, which is what I do my quilting on. I also bought some books on designs and tips. Needles to say, its not perfect but the 3 layers are together:) I have had quilts done by machine that are either too large or need quilting thats a little more precise.

  63. Janet D Avatar
    Janet D

    I’m working on binding a baby quilt for a friend. Beautiful machine quilting.

  64. Deb WORTHMAN Avatar

    I have approximately 11 quilts waiting for me to be longarmed. It’s on my to do list for next year.

  65. Adrienne Landgrave Avatar
    Adrienne Landgrave

    Looking forward to having my quilts quilted at PG!

  66. ShariK Avatar

    I’m working on my Hogs for Heroes quilt! One of my favorites ever.

  67. Michelle Cooper Avatar
    Michelle Cooper

    I am working on larger size 1930’s reproduction fabric quilt and a BOM sampler garden quilt and YES!!! I do need long arm quilting services. Machine quilting is cool but it is a beast to manipulate large amounts of fabric under my sewing machine. 🧵😜

  68. Linda Cates Avatar
    Linda Cates

    I am working on Twilight Garden and the ongoing Wool Box project. I will need quilting services when these are completed.

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