12 Days of Christmas – Day 5

Today is all about pre-cuts! Pre-cuts are offered in several sizes, 2 1/2″, 5″ 10″, Jelly rolls 2 1/2″ x 44″, Honey Buns 1 1/2″x 44″, Fat Eighths and Fat Quarter Bundles. They contain the whole range of colors and prints included in a fabric line. Pre-cuts are typically designed to work together and can go directly into a project. They’re some of my most favorite things! Easy and fun to use, pre-cuts reduce (or even eliminate) the amount of cutting required to being a project. It’s like having a little jump start!

I really love our flannel pre-cuts, especially this time of year! I hope that by now you have had a chance to work with my MODA flannels. They are amazing to say the least!!! This year we used them for project pouches, Christmas stockings, ornaments, pillow backgrounds, both pieced and wool appliqué, and quilts. The possibilities really are endless when working with flannel!

We have a nice stock of new and previous pre-cuts of my yearly flannel offerings. Check them out! And now for the good news… All fabric pre-cuts are 20% OFF now through January 2nd, 2022! There’s no better time to stock up for your current or future projects!

These little bundles of joy also make great gifts for any occasion! Oh, and here’s a little tidbit of information for you… Next year Autumn Gatherings releases in June of 2022, so watch for that! Whether you have a project in mind or love to make scrap quilts, pre-cuts are the way to go!!! 

CLICK HERE for our Awesome Pre-Cuts!

Remember to leave me a comment for a chance to win a prize! Tell me what you’ve made using pre-cuts and what type you love the most! Also, don’t forget to check out my Stitch with Lisa Bongean YouTube channel for more great content!

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144 responses to “12 Days of Christmas – Day 5”

  1. Cheryl D Keown Avatar
    Cheryl D Keown

    I just made the Hogs for Heros Stitch a Long quilt using a tower. I love the towers the most.

    1. A M bartus Avatar
      A M bartus

      Just finishing the binding on my Ribbon Candy by Doug Leko in Merry and Bright jelly roll by Meandmysister. I love it!

      1. Bev F Avatar
        Bev F

        Love per cuts. Fat quarter towers are great, but I also like jelly rolls and layer cakes.

  2. Pam Avatar

    I am using Yuletide gatherings to make the quilt nick made earlier this year.

  3. Carol C Thomas Avatar

    I am making everyone a cute fabric basket from fat quarters.

  4. Linda Cates Avatar
    Linda Cates

    I really love the towers. I have made a variety of Christmas gifts with Yuletide Gatherings.

  5. Caryn Bravos Avatar
    Caryn Bravos

    Love, love, love precuts! All sizes all shapes! Precuts are a little special gift you give yourself!

  6. Sue Grogan-Johnson Avatar
    Sue Grogan-Johnson

    Pre-cuts are great. One of my favorite projects with precuts was using a jelly roll to create “chef” aprons with matching hats and oven gloves for two Christmas gifts. My nieces loved their dress up outfits and they were super fun to make.

  7. Jeanne Giebe Avatar
    Jeanne Giebe

    I like all your precuts, but I guess I like the towers, 2 1/2 inch jelly rolls, layer cakes and charms packs. I am currently working on your quilt made with layer cakes from Yuletide Gatherings. Love it!

  8. Lj Avatar

    I have made quilts, tablerunners, pouches, and tote bags from precuts!!

  9. Dede benson Avatar
    Dede benson

    I love pre uts but dont use too often, i make mostly bes quilts. So i buy yardagr, but LOVE moda flannel, super soft. Most of my quilts are moda flannel backed

  10. kimberlypedrick1 Avatar

    Thank you. Merry Christmas

  11. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
    Carol Eberhardt

    I’ve used the Moda layer cake recipe papers for layer cake quilts, and charms for loads of projects. I also made a Tilda quilt using a jellyroll. One time I bought a jellyroll just because… and used it to make a log cabin quilt, so cute!
    I love the towers, of course because… so much fabric!

  12. Pam Avatar

    I’ve made many quilts with fat quarters. The bundles offer a good variety! Also the charm packs are great for small quilts! ❤🧵🪡

  13. Sandi Avatar

    I love precuts! I really like layer cakes, charm packs and jelly rolls. I like it all. I use them mainly bed quilts. Your flannels are gorgeous. Hugs,

  14. Tammy Avatar

    Love all precuts. I use jelly rolls and charms the most

  15. Christy Johnson Avatar
    Christy Johnson

    I have used every pre cut available. Most recently, I used the fat quarter bundle for the American Quilters sew a long. I have a couple of layer cakes in Primitive Gathering flannels from a few years ago but have no idea what to make with it. I’m open to suggestions!

  16. Mary Kolb Avatar
    Mary Kolb

    My favorite pre-cut is a fat-quarter bundle – there I enough to make a quilt with lots of variety.
    I’ve made a quilt recently using a layer cake.

  17. A M bartus Avatar
    A M bartus

    Merry Christmas! Just finishing the binding on my Ribbon Candy by Doug Leko in jelly roll of Merry and Bright by Meandmysister for Moda. I love it!

  18. Karen Seitz Avatar
    Karen Seitz

    I love fat quarter bundles, but I think I’ve made quilts out of all precuts, including mini charms. Not the honeycombs though. Not yet, anyway. The last quilt I worked on with precuts used a jellyroll.

  19. Sandra L McDaniel Avatar
    Sandra L McDaniel

    My favorite is the fat quarters…..have used yours for the American Quilters, Blockheads 2, and Star and Stripe Gatherings. Love having leftover fabric!

  20. Deborah Kuchta Avatar
    Deborah Kuchta

    I love using your flannels for pincushions and for the background of wool applique. They are so soft and fun to work with. and I should mention beautiful!

  21. Dee Avatar

    I made a quilt of valor with your American Gatherings for my brother-in-law and husband, both Vietnam vets. I also like a layer cake for doing miniature quilts, yet getting the whole line. 🎄🎄🎄

  22. linda d bechtel Avatar
    linda d bechtel

    I love towers of flannel! its like having a shop of fabric to play with!!

  23. linda d bechtel Avatar
    linda d bechtel

    I love fat towers! its like having a whole shop of fabric available,well almost!

  24. Lynette Glotzbach Avatar
    Lynette Glotzbach

    Lisa! Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Thank you Lynette! Happy new year to you and yours!

  25. Andrea Ashwell Avatar
    Andrea Ashwell

    I like fat quarter bundles best. Half square triangle quilt was my last one l made from pre cuts.

  26. Peggy Avatar

    Pre-cuts are such time savers! Towers are the best! I’ve purchased Tula Pink for a quilt and Twila Rose for English Paper Piecing. Happy Holidays Lisa!

  27. Barbara Lotthammer Avatar
    Barbara Lotthammer

    I love layer cakes. I have made two quilts using same block style but one I put sashing between blocks. Love them both and so fast using precuts

  28. Felice Avatar

    Happy Monday:) I love pre-cuts. Scrap quilts are my favorite quilt to make and pre-cuts allow me a lot of variety. Layer cakes and 2.5″ squares are my favorite ones. Leftovers are either cut and put into various size scrap bins or I whip up placemats or mug rugs. Would love to win (wink,wink)

  29. Stephanie Tabares Avatar
    Stephanie Tabares

    I’ve made quilts, pincushions, wall-hangings. Love having the availability of precuts when you may just need a small piece of a certain color of design.

  30. Judy Donovan Avatar
    Judy Donovan

    Working on a big red quilt using a fat quarter bundle and some yardage of Redwork Gatherings and have. A couple of jelly rolls of older collections in my stash waiting for inspiration 🥴. My favorite pre cut is fat quarters- so much one can f do o with them.

  31. Harriet Murray Avatar
    Harriet Murray

    I used charm paks w your garden gatherings to make a full size windmill quilt I also used the primitive muslin as background. I love it! It’s on my antique full guest bed.

  32. Joyce Jensen Avatar

    I enjoy using fabric bundles, layer cakes, charm packs or strips, it’s fun to get all of the fabrics in a collection.

  33. Jody Randall Avatar
    Jody Randall

    This all I made a couple Mini Yellow Brick Road runners with charm packs. I also made a table topper from a small fat quarter bundle I had. Really love fat quarters the best.

  34. Sherrill Ash Avatar
    Sherrill Ash

    I have used Jelly Rolls more than anything else so I guess that makes them my favorite.

  35. Deb WORTHMAN Avatar

    Love fat quarter bundles. I just finished American Quilter’s quilt along and cut strategically, so I can make another quilt from the scraps.

  36. Kelly Callison Avatar
    Kelly Callison

    Those are all so yummy. Merry Christmas Lisa, Family and Staff🎄❤️

  37. Bonni Brooks Avatar
    Bonni Brooks

    Oh boy 😒 My pre-cuts are still waiting for me. Several years ago (could it be that long?) I bought several “cake mixes” to use with the 10 inch squares but haven’t done anything yet. Come someone give me extra hours in the day for next year or maybe more days in the month? What a great present that would be!

  38. Carmen Montmarquet Avatar

    Love precuts, fat quarter towers, fat eight towers, 10 in squares, charm squares, all of them are very helpful in getting me excited to start on my next project!! Love Primitive Gathering flannels, I don’t think there is a softer flannel on the planet!

  39. Bonni Brooks Avatar
    Bonni Brooks

    But…..I do have oodles if fat qtrs….do they count? And I have used them for various projects.

  40. Wanda Avatar

    Short & Sweet! I love precuts!!

  41. Marie L. Beers Avatar
    Marie L. Beers

    I love pre=cuts especially Charm squares, using them in placemats, runners and table toppers and baby quilts.

  42. Catherine Naanes Avatar
    Catherine Naanes

    Thank you for your inspiration.

  43. Laura Baumgardner Avatar
    Laura Baumgardner

    I have made several quilts using them and tend to do layer cakes or jelly rolls. If I am doing a little quilt I try to work in charm packs. I guess the only thing I haven’t used is a honey bun.
    Getting the whole line in precuts is wonderful
    I just ordered 2 yds of your earlier flannel for my current Fig Tree Quilt pattern. My background color was to dark and am hoping the one I just ordered will work great with Bonnie Sullivan line.

  44. Chris Avatar

    I made several table runners and quilts using precuts. Charms are my favorite.

  45. Peg U. Avatar
    Peg U.

    I like layer cakes and have done a couple of quilts with them

  46. Janet D Avatar
    Janet D

    I have a bag pattern that uses the 2 1/2 inch squares that I have made numerous times as gifts. Love it.

  47. Dolores Roberts Avatar
    Dolores Roberts

    Well I used a jelly roll of Redwork Gatherings for the Take it Easy Quilt, Fat Quarter tower for the American Gatherings Stitch Along Hogs for Heros and now I’m working on the Yuletide Santa using a Fat Eighth tower of Yuletide Gatherings Fabric. This flannel fabric is so very soft. So I really enjoy all the precuts. Love them all

  48. Anne Avatar

    Oh, I love flannel! And charm packs. They are so versatile and thr variety is one pack is fantastic.
    I’ve used them for small wall hangings thr most.

  49. Cheryl Gherna Avatar
    Cheryl Gherna

    I love working with jelly roll precuts. So many patterns from quilts, totes, and rugs to make.

  50. Pam H Avatar
    Pam H

    My favorite quilts are scrap quilts and I often buy fat quarter bundles.

  51. Barbara E. Morse Avatar
    Barbara E. Morse

    I have used the PG flannel that comes in the woolbox. I love the patterns and how soft the flannels are.

  52. Laurie Parsons Avatar
    Laurie Parsons

    I’ve made table runners, quilts, Hogs for Hero quilt and wall hangings. Love pre-cuts! Favorite is probably charm pack OR Fat Quarter towers!

  53. wantstoberetired Avatar

    Why oh why have I never made anything with precuts? I’ve been quilting for well over 30 years…about time I did! Don’t you think?

  54. Stacy McDaniel Avatar
    Stacy McDaniel

    I mainly use jelly rolls and charm packs for quick, easy gifts.

  55. Karen McMahon Avatar
    Karen McMahon

    I have made quite a few lap quilts and baby quilts from precuts. My favorite is a layer cake.

  56. Sheila Plock Avatar
    Sheila Plock

    I love jelly rolls for when I need to make a quick project.

    1. Lori Dailey Avatar
      Lori Dailey

      Love all pre-cuts…it’s fabric!!

  57. Cathy B. Avatar
    Cathy B.

    Precuts are the best! I lean towards fat quarters or layer cakes, and have a few patterns that make really efficient use of the cut without too much waste.

  58. Missy Reynolds Avatar
    Missy Reynolds

    I love charm packs because they are affordable and I can make baby quilts with them without too much trouble. The last quilt I made was from fat quarters though.

  59. Vickie Nelson Avatar
    Vickie Nelson

    I don’t use a lot of precuts because I like to starch and they shrink.

  60. Ann Post Avatar
    Ann Post

    I love the towers the most. Sometimes it is really hard to cut into them. They are so pretty. Recently made a holiday quilt with fat quarters.

  61. Phyllis Kundrick Avatar
    Phyllis Kundrick

    Precuts are amazing! I love them and use them all of the time. I’ve made many quilts, table runners etc. Using some sort of precut.

  62. Deb C Avatar
    Deb C

    Who doesn’t love pre-cuts? Fat eighth and fat quarter towers are my favorites but they are so hard to open and take apart and cut because they’re so beautiful as a tower.

  63. Karen Ritter Avatar
    Karen Ritter

    My favorite pre-cuts are layer cakes because I can use them in sew many ways, cutting them into strips, charms, minis, shapes, whatever I need. I live the flannels! I’m about to starch a tower of Yuletide Gatherings to make a quilt. This one will be for me!

  64. Sue Bennett Avatar
    Sue Bennett

    Love layer cakes. They come in so handy making scrap quilts. That new line of flannel is gorgeous. A must have. I want to make my husband a new rag quilt.

  65. Geraldine Sherwood Avatar
    Geraldine Sherwood

    Pre-cuts are my favorite I love your pre-cuts because three are the easiest to starch and press and run through my AccuQuilt I use some for my half square triangles for the flag quilt for my antique quotes that I make for the basket “they’re just my favorite thank you

  66. Diana s Rosenthal Avatar
    Diana s Rosenthal

    I have to admit I buy mostly pre-cuts rather than yardage.. I prefer a whole collection of Fat Quarters at once. Just love receiving those towers. Always hesitant to pull off the ribbon bow of the perfect yummy collection.I have made the Moda 2021 RBD BLOCK CHALLENGE using Gatherings Tower. I just did the Flag SAL for the Hogs using another Tower. I can’t wait to get started on the newest SAL project Garden Gatherings 2022 with the Garden Tower & Layer Cake.

  67. Eunice Avatar

    I used some of your 2.5” strips for a log cabin quilt. Wish I had a photo but it has new owners now. They love that it is cozy flannel!

  68. Kelly S Avatar
    Kelly S

    Love precuts! I really like the flannel fabric. I’ve made several baby quilts with flannel this year! Love to sew for grand babies!!

    1. Nami11 Avatar

      It’s hard to pick my favorite…I use all of them depending on my project. I do like the Towers of the line as they are so versatile and its coordinated… easy to add in the accent, background, or borders from my stash to complete my quilt.

  69. Jan Avatar

    Fat Quarters are my favorite as they give you a lot of choices & opportunities. I have bought Charm packs but then you are not always able to enlarge the project so I’m thinking about buying Layer Cakes. Layer Cakes can be used as is or you have Charm Packs or Honey Buns.

  70. Nancy Lyman Avatar

    I happened on the quilting scene just in time for precuts and I think we’re so fortunate to have them available. Scrappy is my way of doing almost everything and I can’t think what I would do without precuts! Does anyone still make turnovers? I like fat quarter towers and layer cakes best.

  71. Lisa Mikel Avatar
    Lisa Mikel

    Fat quarters are my very favorite precuts! I use them all the time as most of the quilts I make are scrappy. Ohh I really love your fabrics. Your Yuletide gatherings and wool & needle flannels are so pretty! The colors are dreamy, the reds, greens, greys and plaids are perfect. I would really love to make a cozy flannel quilt with your flannels. I need to add that to my Christmas list. Have an amazing day!

  72. Linda S Avatar

    Fat quarters are my favorite since they have many pattern possibilities.

  73. Donna Pace Avatar

    I love Primitive Gatherings Moda flannels!! I made the Elephant baby quilt using the layer cake Moda flannels for my newest great granddaughter and her Mommy loved it! The little babe loves to feel her new blanket, too!

  74. Beverly Hickey Avatar
    Beverly Hickey

    I love fat quarters, however I purchased a bundle of 1/2 yard precuts and made a quilt for my 6’3” husband last year for his 83rd birthday . It is long and skinny since he had a stroke in 2012 and is now forced to spend long hours in a lift recliner watching TV.
    I cannot think you enough for all you do for quilters.

  75. Barbara Heyden Avatar
    Barbara Heyden

    I love precuts especially layer cakes. I just bought the recent layer cake book you featured with a trunk show and can’t wait to make several photos f the quilts featured. Merry Christmas

  76. Darlene Wegrynowski Avatar
    Darlene Wegrynowski

    Love the charms and fat quarter towers and the mini charms. I make quilts from the towers so I get the perfect scrappy look. Mini and regular charms make placemats and smaller items, but do use charms for quilts. Your flannels are awesome and the only ones I purchase. I honestly have never used a layer cake,

  77. Cathy B Avatar
    Cathy B

    I have made a bunch of runners out or precuts. So fast and easy. Also made a few quilts out of layer cakes. love them!

  78. Maggie Reintges Avatar
    Maggie Reintges

    I like the Layer Cakes and Jelly Rolls! There are so many patterns that use those and they make quick and easy projects!

  79. Cynthia Goda Avatar
    Cynthia Goda

    I use jelly rolls and layer cakes the most. So many patterns to choose from that use the precuts.

  80. susangrochowski Avatar

    Fat quarters are my favorite pre-cut because you can make several different types of projects with them. Charm squares are a close second because they are just plain fun to work with!

  81. Debbe Turnquist Avatar

    I have used the layer cakes and mini’s. I would love to try out the flannel precuts!

  82. Beth Esser Avatar
    Beth Esser

    One of my favorite things I have made with precuts is a jelly roll rug! Hard to pick a favorite but the latest pre cut I have used is a layer cake, so I’ll go with that!


    I made the pinwheel quilt using the Yuletide Gatherings flannel! It is beautiful!

  84. Linda Kramer Avatar
    Linda Kramer

    Pre-cuts are the best! Love getting the whole collection! What you don’t use in the quilt top can be used to add interest to the back!

  85. Maria Nagel Avatar
    Maria Nagel

    I just finished a quilt using the Camp Randall pattern and 2″, 2.5″ and 3.5″ reproduction charm packs from Primitive Gatherings. Using the pre cut charm packs allowed me to incorporate a variety of fabrics without having a lot of leftover scraps. Fat quarters are my favorite pre cuts to collect!

  86. Elaine Brochtrup Avatar
    Elaine Brochtrup

    I’m am newer to quilting and haven’t tried precuts yet. I’ll have to consider them for future projects.

  87. Shirley Mord Avatar
    Shirley Mord

    My favorite are charm packs, in fact I used some today from mn shop hop

  88. JoAnne Hawks Avatar
    JoAnne Hawks

    I’ve made mostly quilts using precuts. I’ve used mini charms, charms, layer cakes, and jelly rolls.And fat quarters, of course.

  89. Sue Sawyers Avatar
    Sue Sawyers

    Would be so great to win! Happy Holidays!

  90. lee Avatar

    I love and adore fat quarter bundles – I work a lot of hrs in health care and it is such a time saver for me. I love to use bundles to make gifts for family and my sewing buddies . Table runners and this year – aprons!

  91. Roxanne B Avatar
    Roxanne B

    I have used layer cakes, charm packs and jelly rolls. They are wonderful for quilts and bags.

  92. Sandy G Avatar
    Sandy G

    I love pre-cuts. I’ve made pillows from the charm packs and have a couple of layer cakes to make into something, just haven’t found the right project yet. I drool over the fat quarter towers but out of my budget right now, but hopefully in the future.

  93. Clara Avatar

    I’ve just finished a table runner using a Layer cake. It’s a toss up whether I prefer a Layer cake over a jelly roll–it depends on the project. Love Primitive Gathering flannels, Lisa!!

  94. Jenny H Avatar
    Jenny H

    I use a lot of precuts in my quilts. Fat quarter bundles are the best!

  95. Melanie B Avatar
    Melanie B

    I made the ornaments in the hoops with the flannel pre-cuts! So cute!

  96. Judy Cozzi Avatar
    Judy Cozzi

    I have made a quilt using a Farmhouse Flannels layer cake, and more recently I used Yuletide Gatherings for a quick 3-yard quilt. Love all precuts and PG flannels. Merry Christmas!

  97. Barb Avatar

    I love the fat quarters. I’ve made some small quilts for gifts, pillows, and a few dolls with some of the material.

  98. Debra Avatar

    Made Mondo Bag using several mini charm packs. Love precuts!!!

  99. Vicki Sprain Avatar
    Vicki Sprain

    I really love fat quarters the most!

  100. Maria L Zook Avatar
    Maria L Zook

    I use a lot of precuts in my quilts. I use jelly rolls and layer cakes most of all. Fat Quarter Bundles are the best of course, but my budget allows for my fabric fix more easily with a layer cake or jelly roll. I have found a lot of great patterns that utilize these precuts.

  101. Cheryl G Avatar
    Cheryl G

    I love precuts. It cuts the time down on cutting and lets you get right to the sewing. I use a lot of jelly rolls in my quilts. If you need a fast pattern just sew a couple of charm packs together. Fast and cute.

  102. Brenda Ourada Avatar
    Brenda Ourada

    Love precuts!

  103. Kathy E. Avatar
    Kathy E.

    Fat quarters are my favorite precuts. They can be cut into so many shapes and sizes, including applique shapes. The scraps are always tossed into a basket here for making quilted hearts. I’ve made many projects including table runners, pillows, baby quilts and wall hangings using fat quarters.

  104. Cathy Cavagnaro Avatar
    Cathy Cavagnaro

    I love precuts. Everyone of them has their use. Fat quarters are my favorite but I have happily used all the others. Depending on the pattern they can be a real time saver and money saver.

  105. June Avatar

    Love fat quarter towers! I have used layer cake and jelly roll pre cuts in quilts also. Love having the whole collection of a fabric line to work with.

  106. Sherilyn Wethington Avatar
    Sherilyn Wethington

    Pre-cuts make life so much easier when you want things to go quickly! Love the FQ tower I got for the SAL this summer!

  107. Debra Mae Cross Avatar
    Debra Mae Cross

    Love the precuts! Great way to get a lot of pieces from a fabric line.

  108. Adrienne Landgrave Avatar
    Adrienne Landgrave

    Precuts are so nice to use for a quick quilt or to add some extra variety!

  109. Leigh Ann P Avatar
    Leigh Ann P

    Love fat quarters- can get the other pre cuts out of them!!

  110. Pat Braun Avatar
    Pat Braun

    I have enjoyed using precuts with additional fabrics for variety as well as precuts alone. And flannels as the background fabric to wool appliqué. Feels wonderful to the touch!

  111. Joann West Avatar
    Joann West

    I love, love, love precuts, especially Primitive Gatherings. I bought a jelly roll of American Gatherings and can’t make myself actually cut it. I’m keeping it to look at!

  112. Judy Zoll Avatar
    Judy Zoll

    Fat quarters and layers cakes.

  113. Wendy L Avatar
    Wendy L

    I love pre-cuts! My favorite is the layer cakes….so much you can make!

  114. Cyndy Lipe Avatar
    Cyndy Lipe

    I love pre-cuts! I like the charm squares, they are great for fast baby quilts.

  115. Joy Paull Avatar
    Joy Paull

    I’ve made quilts using fat quarter bundles, jelly rolls and charm packs. So far I’ve never made anything using a layer cake. Fat quarter bundles are my fav – lots more possibilities.

  116. Barb Onnen Avatar
    Barb Onnen

    Have not used precuts for a project- other than fat quarters. Would really like to try layer cakes or jelly rolls.

  117. Kristina Wilkinson Avatar
    Kristina Wilkinson

    I like to make applique quilts with charm squares and then add my own fabrics to the mix. I use fat quarters all the time because you can use them in both applique and piecing. I like the fat quarter the best because you can get a lot of mileage out of an 18″x22″ piece of fabric and get them in lots of different colors and varieties. I tend to make scrappy quilts so having variety is important to me. it is always sad to be down to the last 2 or 3 inches of a fat quarter because I know I can’t get any more of it since I have kept most things around here for a while and so getting any more is usually difficult or not an option. But I love playing with scraps from the charms and fat quarters the best! K-

  118. Joan Richards Avatar
    Joan Richards

    I love precuts as collectibles of a designers fabric lines! I love so many lines and know I won’t live long enough to make a quilt from each line. But I still have a sampling from them.

  119. Gerry Shipton Avatar
    Gerry Shipton

    I recently made a rectangle rug. I am a Moda girl all the way.

  120. Lorraine Lisotto Avatar
    Lorraine Lisotto

    After making lots of quilts using pre-cuts, I took the plunge and made a jelly roll rug. So much fun and very cute! I think I have made 4 of them!!

  121. Amanda Bush Avatar
    Amanda Bush

    I’ve been collecting a lot of Layer Cakes recently, but think Fat 8th or Fat Quarter Towers are great too! Just depends on what I can afford at the time 🙂

  122. JennyM Avatar

    I recently finished a top using jelly roll strips. They worked well but my favorite pre cut is fat quarters as they are so versatile.

  123. ShariK Avatar

    I love precuts! I’ve made quilts, table runners, mug rugs and wallhangings using them. They are a great start to a project.

  124. Robin T Avatar
    Robin T

    I would love to purchase a fat quarter tower for each fabric line I love, but financially that’s not a wise choice for me and my family. I usually settle for 10” layer cakes or jelly rolls. Thank you for sharing all your favorite things with us !!!

  125. Lori Rasmussen Avatar
    Lori Rasmussen

    I LOVE Yuletide gatherings-also making Nicks quilt This would be the icing on the cake!!

  126. Paula Wentworth Avatar
    Paula Wentworth

    I’ve only made one small quilt with precuts but I did recently see a quilt made with a Primitive Gathering flannel layer cake and it sure was one I’m planning on making!

  127. usairdoll Avatar

    I love precuts as well ! Like you said, it’s a nice way to get lots of fabrics that all go together.

  128. Heather Avatar

    I love FQs and FQ friendly projects, since I like to make bed sized quilts!

  129. Michelle cooper Avatar
    Michelle cooper

    I used to be all about fat quarters but I am finding that jelly rolls and charm packs have been so useful and easy to make projects from. I made a small zippered fabric tool chest with clear vinyl window out of jelly roll strips and Loved the ease of only needing to subcut the fabric.

  130. JanetF Avatar

    Love precuts! And I have quite a collection of all of them! My latest addition is a layer cake of Yuletide Gatherings. Just want a warm fuzzy lap quilt for the mountains! But I will say there’s something irresistible about a fat quarter tower!

  131. Rachel Miller Avatar
    Rachel Miller

    I love fat quaters! They are sooo versatile and are great to use for any project 😀 love to do applique so it’s great to have them around to cut all the pieces from rather than cutting them from a big piece

  132. Karla P. Avatar
    Karla P.

    I LOVE your flannels❤️❤️❤️ Made the Charming baby boy quilt with the charm packs, for my new grandson, it is the softest quilt I have made!!! Also made the American Gatherings SAL, with the Beautiful fat quarter tower❤️❤️
    I like using precuts to make all types of things, pillows, mini quilts, they just make it so easy to put projects together❤️

  133. dmccann409gmailcom Avatar

    I recently did table runners and jelly roll rug for my kitchen and as gifts.

  134. Missi Avatar

    Love all your fabrics and patterns

  135. Kimberly Anne Brandt Avatar
    Kimberly Anne Brandt

    I am in love with fat quarters, after making the Hogs of Heroes quilt I had plenty of extra fabric to make a great table runner and a mini quilt too. They go a long long way for creativity. thanks for your sew along and raising money for our Veterans!

  136. Karen Harbaugh Avatar
    Karen Harbaugh

    I’ve used some pre-cuts when piecing blocks to back or go into/around wool block projects.

  137. Lori Rasmussen Avatar
    Lori Rasmussen

    These flannels are hands down THE best!! The feel of the flannel is like butter!!
    Thank you Lisa and the whole PG staff!!

  138. Sue H Avatar
    Sue H

    I’ve made a couple of lap quilts with pre-cuts. Used a jelly roll for one and couple with layer cakes.

  139. Linda Wilkinson Avatar

    I have made scrappy quilts with the fat quarter bundle precuts. They are my favorite as there is generally enough to make a nice sized top without the need to buy too much extra yardage.

    Happy New Year to all at PG!

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