12 Days of Christmas – Day 4

I can’t believe there’s only four more days until Christmas! Time really does fly, especially with so much to do! I feel like right about now would be a good time to treat yourself with something just for YOU! I’m excited to announce that we are now offering an awesome new Primitive Gatherings Subscription Quilt Box!!!

Here are the Details…

Our Subscription Quilt Box will ship 6 times a year, every other month starting in February. We want to open our boxes up to a wide range of fabrics, designers, on-going projects, notions and gadgets – sure to bring much joy and lots of inspiration!

Quilt Box ideas are as follows: Themed boxes that re-create some of my antique quilts in smaller versions or mini quilts, small hand-piecing or EPP, small and easy cross-stitch, quilts with a little hand appliqué or embroidery, pin cushions, pouches, totes, pillows, plus an on-going block project that will grow into a larger quilt. Our main focus will be smaller quilts, but I also want to stretch the possibilities to include other patchwork/sewing projects.

We are excited to feature guest designers who will be working with all kinds of fabrics to bring you a wide range fun opportunities! We love to hangout with quilt designers and give them another platform to show their work. After all, this is really about us! We all share the same love… Fabric and creating!!!

With a budget of only $60 we have limitations, but we know we can deliver fun boxes at a 30% off price point of $40! We have added $5 to each box for shipping (sorry about that, but you all know if you have had anything shipped lately, it’s a shared cost). You will be able to join at anytime as long as the subscription is not full to capacity! Cancellations also can be at anytime, but you must take the next box, as we plan for these months ahead.

Our boxes are charged every billing month on the 15th. This will be easy and automatically charged – so no need to make a payment every box! They will ship at the end of the month after all billing is cleared. This will help to give us a bit of a shipping cushion.  

We are planing lots of fun for our set of six Quilt Boxes this year. We all love fun mail and I can’t think of a better way to start off 2022! Our Subscription Wool Boxes have been a big hit and we have had many requests to add a “Quilt Box” option…so we  jumped right in and got it going! 

Are you currently a member of our Wool Box subscription?  What would you like to see in future subscription wool or quilt boxes? Let me know in the comments and you could win a Quilt Box Subscription! See you again tomorrow everyone!

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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

204 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas – Day 4

  1. I was an original subscriber to the wool box but couldn’t keep up with the fabulous projects so I had to do our for a while. Definitely tempted by the quilt box option!

  2. I think the quilt boxes should include the caramels that are in the wool box. We all work better with something to snack on. Im excited about the quilt box, seeing new designers ideas.

  3. I just signed up for the quilt box. Excited to be able to start at the very beginning of the boxes. I started the wool boxes in January of this year, excited to have this new subscription. I would love to see sewing items or gadgets that go with the project in the boxes included with the box. So very excited for this new adventure.

  4. I’ve been in the wool boxes for awhile. Loved each one. Can’t imagine this subscription will disappoint. I don’t have any ideas for new boxes, but I’d bet my last fat quarter that Lisa & PG will come up with more great ideas.

  5. Wish I could sign up for a box because it sounds like such a great idea but just can’t do it right no.

  6. I love small quilts. That is an option. Sometimes you just want to sew and not pick out fabrics. I know you will come up with great options. Love some PG

  7. I have only gotten two individual boxes while I was at the Gathering. When a pin cushion is an item, I would love to have a matching needle case. Maybe even with a needle to put inside.
    Maybe if there is a small pattern inside, people could post a photo and your staff could pick their favorite to win a special prize.

    Thnx for all you do!

  8. Oh my you are a busy bunch. Oh man, I am in the Wool Box, will have to seriously think about The Quilt Box. Love small items to Quilt, like table runners, wall quilts, placemats, pillows oh to many to list. I am sure whatever you do, it will be great❤️🧵🪡🙂.

  9. Hi! I am not a wool box subscriber, hesitant to join in on that. But, the quilt box subscription I plan on doing! I’d hope to see small quilts, wall hangings, items that don’t take forever to make!

  10. Been getting Wool box for 2 years, love that you have quick & long term projects. Getting table mats as the large project is my favorite project 😍

  11. I signed up for the wool box when it started but ended after a year. I guess I would want to see a sample of the new box before ordering.

  12. I am a member of the wool box subscription. I am really enjoying trying new stitches. I really liked the recent project that allowed us to choose to what degree we were going to do decorative stitching. I love the idea of smaller one time projects, also, that would allow us to try different embellishments without committing to a huge project 🙂

  13. I am so excited about the subscription quilt boxes. These projects will be perfect to take to my weekly sit and sew group at my local quilt store. Some days I don’t feel like hauling my machine and current large quilt, so a small project will be perfect. Plus, I can’t wait to brag to my girl friends that I am a member of the Primitive Gatherings subscription box club. 🙂
    Thank you for starting this!

  14. I hoped you would do a quilt subscription box… how exciting!! I love to do the small quilts… table toppers… and even the larger quilts or lap quilts! All the precut fabrics make some of the patterns work up so quick and it’s a great way to get more pieces in the fabric line too! Pin cushions are also fun and especially if you have a couple of those fun pins that maybe match the design! It would be fun to maybe try out a couple of different battings on smaller projects too so we can see what the difference is! Notions are always fun… thread, rotary cutters, patterns and maybe things we don’t even know about yet! I create cookies and I would be willing to offer some cookie recipes if you are doing a recipe card each time too!!!

  15. I did order The Holiday Box of your wool goodies and it is due to arrive on my doorstep today! I can hardly wait. I would love to subscribe to your monthly wool box subscription. I haven’t seen a time when an opening has become available…yet. Fingers crossed for me, please. I really like that you will be including supplies for smaller quilts, sewing projects and English paper piecing in you fabric monthly subscription boxes. I am going to sign up for them right after I post this.

  16. I’ve been in the Wool Subscription Box since the beginning. That is how I learned wool appliqué! For future wool boxes I would like to see colors like what were in Everlasting, small and large table runners, Valdani thread, more small on-going projects, fewer holiday themed projects since we’ve done a good amount of those and more projects with flowers! Thanks for all you do!! The Wool Boxes bring me much joy and anticipation.💕

  17. I would like to see a combination box so we can hone our quilting and Stitchery skills.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family and shop family.

  18. I am an original wool box subscriber. I love the ongoing projects…keep that up! I also love the specialty purchases that you make…the sheep cup, the thread bowl, the clear project bags…stuff like that. I love small quilt projects and reproductions of antique quilts. I would love to see that in the Quilt Box subscription. I am looking forward to this new adventure!

    1. The new quilt box sounds intriguing! I especially like the idea of quilt patterns inspired by antique quilts. I’m sure anything Lisa comes up with will not disappoint!

  19. I absolutely love getting the wool box and have been in it since the beginning. I would like to see more table runners and pincushions, along with more valdani threads. By the time I order the thread that Jessica lists on the FB page (thank you, Jessica), some of the threads are not available. Thank you and wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year.

  20. I loved the wool subscription boxes, had to opt out as I was getting too far behind and wish I hadn’t! Now, I have subscribed to the quilt subscription boxes and can’t wait to see what you have in store for us. Hopefully there will be some wool projects interjected in them too! Oh, and I have definitely missed getting those luscious caramels! Your boxes (and all your projects) make me smile lots! 😄❤️

  21. So excited to hear this! Can’t wait to see what goodies you have in store! I am sure they will be awesome. I currently get the wool box and love it!

  22. I have also been in the wool box since the beginning. I am getting behind with the projects. I am signing up for the quilt box. I love the idea of little quilts to try new techniques. I want to try English paper piecing, but the full size was too intimidating. I like new things and fabrics. While I love your primitive designs(I have preordered the new garden fabrics and a kit), I love the blacks and greys you have been doing. I love the videos with new people such as the embroidery one. I ordered her book. A sample box will give new ideals and people. I LOVE Lella Boutique for example. I love how you are ever growing with new ideas and take us along.

  23. I would like to see a coordinated collection in a box. Maybe a small wall quilt, a wool project that fits on a stand or board and maybe a Ross stitch project all of which would pull the decor of a room together.

  24. I’ve gotten the wool boxes since the beginning and have enjoyed all the different projects! I think my all time favorites are the small wallhangings and pillows. And the table toppers! I just love being able to change items for the different seasons. Thanks for all your projects!!

  25. Seasonal mug rugs, smaller monthly banners, love sewing kits, smaller projects that if you wanted to gift. Not really a fan of continuing projects, if so, more on a smaller wall hanging scale. 12 x 12 hangers like the different pumpkins or Santa hats, or the smaller size for other seasons like the 3 snowmen. Note book covers in different sizes. Small little pouches with wool appliqué.

  26. How fun are these boxes!!!!! It’s like a visit from Santa all year long!!!! I just subscribed YAHTZEE for me!!! My daughter-in-law has gotten the wool box from the beginning and loved them all. I collect pin cushions, so I’m glad they’re part of the plan:) Thanks for another chance to win.

  27. Love getting the wool box! The Quilt Subscription box sounds great! Can’t wait for February. I like the ongoing larger projects mixed with smaller projects also. Love smaller quilts, trying new techniques, sounds like fun!

  28. I’ve not been lucky enough to do the wool subscription box but did get the Christmas wool box last year. It was fabulous! Would love to get the quilt box as I know those will be wonderful too!

  29. Sounds very interesting. Smaller projects give 1 a sense of accomplishment. If a special item is needed for the project I would hope that is included. Special half sq papers may need to be printed in a pad form.

  30. I’m in love with the wool box subscription! As a novice quilter, I feel like a quilt subscription would be ideal for a newbie like me!

  31. I would love thread sets, a box to store them in, and any seasonal themed decor projects. The quilt box is a good idea!

  32. A quilt box is a great idea. Your wool boxes are amazing, I am sure the quilt box will be also. I love the idea of pin cushions, small quilts ect in them. I never have enough scissors, even a small pair would be awesome in one of your boxes. I also love your decorative pins! I like my ruler box that is for a pincushion that I got in my very 1st wool subscription box and those pins are my favorite for sticking in pin cushions.

  33. Yes, I subscript to the wool box. I am so excited to see what is inside it every other month. In future boxes, I would like to see small wall hangings for different seasons/holidays, Valdani thread, seasonal banners. A great idea about the monthly quilt box. I know it will be fantastic because anything that comes from PG is wonderful.

  34. I would like to see some hand embroidery with a little quilt built around it. That would be fun! If/when EPP is a project, including the little papers would be helpful, I’ve never done it, so I have zero supplies. Which, of course, helps Primitive Gatherings quite a bit as I would have to stick up on another facet of the world of stitchers!
    Oh I am so tempted by this new box!

  35. I have been a member of the wool box. I really enjoy the Christmas boxes in July and Dec I look forward to a box featuring smaller quilts and current cotton fabric

  36. I got your wool boxes for two years and am still catching up but would like a quilt box too love all of your beautiful things

  37. This sounds like so much fun. I have been thinking of doing a small quilt wall display like Lisa’s and this would be a good start. Now I know what to ask Santa for this year. I feel like I could accomplish a small project every other month. The idea of adding to a larger quilt with each box is pure genius.

  38. The quilt box is a great idea, I’m in. I’ve got your wool box from the start. I love, love them. The Christmas in July box was awesome too. Maybe in the future put in seasonal table mats. One for each month.

  39. I do the wool boxes and love them, small quilt projects sound wonderful. Guess I will have to ask Santa if I can join.

  40. I would love to see seasonal projects. Maybe some Valdani thread. maybe more light colored projects, wall hangings. I love my Wool Box, my Holiday box and I’m sure that i’ll love the new quilt box. Can’t wait.

  41. I would like template/quilting ideas to go with the little quilts….That’s always hard for me to decide what would look the best on a quilt…I don’t know many places that show how to quilt a project when ready to be quilted….I feel like good quilting design makes or breaks a quilt, big or little, wool or cotton!

  42. I love my wool box! It’s hard to come up with something else for the box that is so wonderful already. All I can think of is an occasional Valdani thread and maybe some more binding needles one of these days. I love them, but not sure what happened to them all, lol!

  43. OH MY!!!!! This is fabulous! Love the idea of small quilts! Not so much cross stitch but I can gift those!!

  44. I have not been a wool box subscriber, but I would love to make miniature quilts! They are my favorite quilty item to do!

  45. I would love to join the wool box subscription in the future. I seem to find out after all the openings are filled. The finished projects are always fabulous! The new cotton fabric box is interesting too . . . I may be signing up for this one !!!

  46. Not a member of the wool box subscription. Subscription boxes seem to be the trend and not a member of any although they do sound intriguing. Yours sounds doable with smaller projects and the added bonus of tool items.
    Would love to try one.

  47. As a wool box subscriber, I love receiving them all year. I really like the wool kits in the boxes and would enjoy seeing them continue. I also think the ongoing projects help you get a small piece done with each box and keeps you motivated. So please, continue these projects!
    Small quilts are a favorite of mine, so the quilt box sounds very interesting!

  48. I have been a wool box subscriber since the inception. I certainly don’t need any more projects as I have barely touched the ones I have gotten this far but don’t want to miss out on that next box! 😝
    I would like to get more things to display the little projects on. I loved the little clipboard for the littles monthly’s we got. Any little gadgets like that would be great.

  49. I love the Wool boxes and look forward to each one. I’d like to see Valdani threads in the box, small projects (kits), and patterns. You always have such good designs and ideas!

  50. I currently have a wool box subscription. Your ideas for the wool box have been so terrific that I would have no suggestions whatsoever. And I think the quilt box is a wonderful idea

  51. I do not get the wool box because I figured I would never keep up! Lol😊I always enjoy making pin cushions so love that idea, placemats and I like the idea of an ongoing block for a finished item down the road. Maybe some cute Sewn with Love labels. Also including that candy caramel or other delicious deluxe candy wouldn’t hurt! I’m seriously thinking about getting this new box!

  52. I love to do mini quilts. I never seem to be able to finish a large quilt, so a mini quilt is something I can get done and enjoy in a short period of time. I love to hand stitch, so any hand stitching projects are a plus.

  53. I’m new to wool boxes but love seeing complete kits. Also hope the new boxes include those delicious caramels!!

  54. love the wool box. I also love the antique quilts you show and would be great fun to have some of them but smaller. Merry Christmas everyone

  55. Have not subscribed yet but they look like a lot of fun! Find I’m leaning towards smaller projects on my own anyways, so a great idea for little hits!

  56. A quilt box is great, why not have small quilts or at the end be able to have a finishing kit available to sew them all
    together to make larger quilt.

  57. I can hardly wait for this new quilt box to start! One suggestion would be a Lucy Boston type of block. Would love to learn how to do those from Lisa.

  58. I just love my wool box subscription. I track the package until it arrives. For me it’s like being a kid on Christmas. I just can’t wait to see what you sent. Love it all!

  59. I have visited the new shop twice and can’t resist to pick up more!
    Being able to get this subscription would be a dream!
    Love every single thing at PG!!
    Thank you to the entire staff & Lisa and Nick❣️🪡🪡🪡🪡🪡🪡🪡🪡🪡🪡🪡🪡🪡🪡🪡🪡🪡🪡🪡

  60. I get the wool box & enjoy those. I have now signed up for the quilt box but would love it get it free for the year 😊. Thanks.

  61. Wool box suggestion…. Two year projects may be too long for some people. I personally love the two year project, but my sister did not want to commit to that long of a project. Many people seem to think in terms of a year at a time. However, you decide to create the boxes, I love them and will keep subscribing!

  62. I’m over the top excited for the quilt box. My sign up is complete. I’ve subscribed to the WoolBox since the beginning. A PG surprise every month is the best !! Regarding ideas for the WoolBox…I understand wool ornaments were voted down but some of us do like them. Perhaps an ornament occasionally? Can be any holiday. Not just Christmas. Happy Holidays to Lisa, Nick and the PG family. 🎄

  63. Would love to win a subscription to the wool box…new at wool and I must say that I love working with it!

  64. I’m not a current subscriber to the wool box, not in my budget at this time. I love seeing the unveiling and would sure love to try some of those projects and eat the caramels that I’ve heard so much about. I’m not creative, but trust that the boxes will contain wonderful surprises in each one. Be still my heart if I would win a subscription! I would have to do a little leprechaun heel kick!

  65. I love, love, love the wool box subscription. I enjoy the ongoing projects in them as well. However, I have heard some feedback about two year projects. I personally am enjoying the two year project, but my sister would not subscribe. She, like many others thinks of subscriptions in terms of a year long commitment. i love the variety of projects and enjoy the thoughtful surprises i every box!

  66. I am not a great quilter but would love to learn new techniques/ideas to improve my quilting experience and a quilt box would probably help me!

  67. I’m in the wool subscription box! If the quilt box is anything as good they’ll be flying off the shelves! I love mini quilts, especially reproductions of antiques ❤ Can’t wait to see what you have in store for all of us!

  68. Love the wool box. As far as what I’d like to see in the box….. maybe some heat and bond to go along with the projects. Love the wools, love patterns, love the project kits!
    Sew excited for a quilt box!!

  69. I would love to see holiday themed projects in a box. I love to decorate for different holidays. Several years ago I lost all my quilts in a house fire. I miss having quilts for different holidays. I am working on new holiday quilts and would love inspiration and ideas for all holidays.

  70. I’m sure this new subscription box will be just as fabulous as the wool box subscription. I would love to see valdani thread and small clipboards to display the mini quilts.

  71. I’m soooooo tempted to sign up, but then I look at my unfinished Twilight Garden, along with a few other projects and think maybe not. But then again, if I won it, I’d be thrilled! Love most things Primitive Gatherings and have been a customer for many, many years. Merry Christmas to all!

  72. Wow this is so amazing! More small projects like the amazing small quilts you have hanging on the yardsticks! Wishing you continued success at Primitive Gatherings!

  73. Love all in my boxes but added the New Box may need to start more Sewing with my Machine since my vision is getting worse

  74. Love the wool boxes, wouldn’t change a thing. Guessing this new fabric box will be just as exciting.

  75. I did the wool box subscription for two years and loved all the projects in them! Thank you for all the creative things you’ve put in them. I’d like to see some projects with some brighter wools in them!

  76. This is a great idea! Getting the wool box is something I look forward to and I imagine the quilt box will be just as good. I’m a gadget girl and love getting rulers, scissors, rotary blades, pins, etc. also love miniature projects. Can’t wait.

  77. Awesome idea. I would love to win a subscription. It would go so well with my wool subscription. Thanks

  78. A quilt box is a great idea! Loved the wool boxes but got behind ….. this small commitment but be the right thing for me right now. Winning this would be amazing!

  79. Just recently found you and am enjoying everything I have seen and read. Unfortunately am on a very limited budget so am unable to participate in your boxes, but they sound like exceptional things to make. I would love to win one so I could learn new techniques with the miniature projects.

  80. I just signed up for the quilt box. I’m so excited to get it. If by chance you pick me, please pick another person or donate the cost to a charity. I’m luck that I’m only a little over an hour away from your beautiful shop! Merry Christmas to all of you.

  81. I would love to win a wool box subscription. What a joy every month to receive one. With being not so well the past couple years I just could not afford to do it. Thank you Lisa

  82. Signed up for the new subscription. Would like to see a variety of project types; EPP, FPP, mini quilts, cross stitch etc.

  83. The quilt subscription box sounds like loads of fun. I have not gotten any of the wool boxes, but from the comments I wish I had!

  84. I have made several of your quilts and have done one wool BOM. I would love to be part of this new adventure

  85. This is an exciting addition to the Primitive Gatherings line up. Love the idea of small projects and something in each box that is for a larger project. Love the idea of varied designers, fabric lines, etc. Great idea.

  86. Thinking of trying the wool box subscription because I hear they are fabulous and full of great projects!

  87. This new subscription box sounds so exciting! I’ve been a Wool Box subscriber since it began and absolutely love it! The best thing I ever joined! I would love to see more Valdani threads in the wool box and nature themed wool table mats.

  88. I really like the small ornaments or ornies in the wool box. Pincushions or bowl fillers. Something that one can finish in a weekend!

  89. I would like to see small projects such as ornaments, bowl fillers, ornies or something that can be finished in a weekend.

  90. Love all your offerings…I am never bored with your projects. Would like to see maybe a epp project one month….seems to be really popular!

  91. Dang, girl! How do you keep coming up with these BRILLIANT IDEAS? I feel like I’m so up with ‘the times’ getting a subscription box!! and, It’s so exciting to have it all be a surprise. My wishes? Hmm… First, I’d like a facebook group for support as I won’t make a mini quilt without some quilty friends to goad me on. Next- I love the tumbler shape which I could cut my own pieces for smaller projects and maybe you create a NEW small plastic template for a project. Then, I happen to be shy of summer home dec… just saying if it’s not red/white and blue, I’m limited. Finally, Perhaps some projects you have two levels of finishing, hard and harder:) (I exaggerate) This is gonna be fun!!

    Extra ideas that have already been done. I just haven’t made them yet.- what about making one of those cozy bowls? they somehow harden…. we could decoupage a plate? , we could make one of those rugs that go around and around? Hot pads? Picture frames? front door decoration?

  92. What would I like to see in the wool box? Lots of surprises since I have never had one of your wool boxes. I would like to try one.

  93. Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I’ve been waiting for this since you mentioned it might be an upcoming thing months ago (on a YouTube with Linda Hrcka months and months ago!). So excited! Love the idea of an ongoing project … looking forward to seeing how you make this stand out! As for the wool boxes, I’ve subscribed since day 1 … don’t change a thing – they’re perfect!

  94. I have been getting the wool boxes for awhile. As it stands we are charged on the fifteenth of the month but usually don’t get the box until. The middle of the next month. I signed up for the Christmas in July box it didn’t come until the middle of August. When I have inquired about the boxes being late I am given some excuse about how busy you are in the store and just couldn’t get to the wool boxes. Now you are adding another subscription. Box? Will you be hiring more people to handle the increase in work.

    1. Mary…we have recently moved and have been working with our post office to resolve shipping issues…We recently shipped all our boxes UPS to make sure they made it for Christmas…It costed us a lot more money…Our issue is not that we are too busy in the store. Another box we waited for a certain pre-cut to come in from our fabric supplier. We are hoping our most of these issues are behind us and we can get those boxes to you faster in 2022. We always keep in touch in our Facebook group, Stitch with Lisa Bongean.

  95. YEAH! I’ve been hoping for a quilt box. If it’s anything like the wool box it will be FANTASTIC!!!!

  96. Wow! I am loving the 12 days. Every day is something fun and new. I LOVE the idea of a quit box. Thanks for everything and happy holidays to all at PG.

  97. I have loved the Wool Box and look forward to the Quilting Box. I do like the smaller project of wool fun to make and many make great gifts. Thank you for all your ideas and hard work for us.

  98. I haven’t gotten the wool box but did do the Christmas filled can last year. I loved everything in i.t.

  99. I was in the wool box subscription from the beginning but then had to drop out after a job change that demanded more of my free time. Those boxes were great – gave me a chance to try something new. I have been looking for a quilt box subscription – so often these provide something outside of my comfort zone that I would not normally purchase. Upon trying these new items it will open some new possibilities for future projects.

  100. I would love to get some of the Valdani threads that are used in your projects. I’m really enjoying the ongoing wool project. Can’t wait to see how it’s going to be laid out. Thanks for all the beautiful things in each wool box. Now one more thing to tempt me with-a quilt box!!

  101. I subscribe to the Wool Box. One month, you included a quilt block with a wool applique flower from one of your quilts. While this was a stretch for my sewing abilities, I loved the challenge as it opened up new places for me to go. I wouldn’t mind seeing an occasional small quilt/applique crossover project included in future wool boxes.

  102. Sounds amazing! I have not done a subscription box yet but because I always love everything you do, I know each box will be wonderful!

  103. I subscribe to the wool box. In this new quilt box would like to see embroidery or cotton applique. Maybe some English paper piecing Love small projects, table toppers, tutelage, small bags, small gift items

  104. I haven’t purchased a wool box yet so I can’t really comment on that. I do like the sound of your new subscription box, however. Another new adventure!

    1. I started the wool boxes this year and have really enjoyed them. I made some of the projects for Christmas gifts and kept the ongoing ones for myself. The thing that originally turned me on to the boxes was the ornaments. I would love to see them return. I also love the idea of interchangeable pillows for different seasons. Valdani #5 threads would also be great. The new fabric boxes soul fun! I need more time to quilt. 😁

  105. Always enjoyed getting the wool boxes. This sounds like lots of fun projects… need to add the caramels to it.

  106. I subscribe to the wool box & LOVE it! I really like smaller projects as I have soooo many big quilts! I would like to see more pin cushions & needle keeps! Thanks for all you do!!

  107. I’ve been doing the wool box since day one and I would love to see ongoing mini quilts in either wool or flannel or fabric. I love wool but want to learn to how to work with other material. I enjoy every box I get so I’m sure no matter what you will have great things to keep looking forward to. Thanks for all you do.

  108. Not a member, but I do love working with wool! Pin keeps and deco pillow covers are great ideas for a yummy wool box!

  109. I’ve never done a subscription box, and this morning you had me at mini quilts and on-growing project.

  110. Ooohhh a quilt box sounds exciting. I get the wool boxes and love them. I love the stitch cards we get in every box – maybe you could include a card in quilt boxes or reference sheets with tips/tricks so we can build our own library/binder.

  111. Oh. My. Goodness. You are really tempting me!! Lol! I am going to consider this even though I am behind in my wool box. I love what you are doing in the wool boxes, so I would be hard pressed to find an improvement or something added. Someone suggested embroidery? That could be fun as well. I also love Peggy Elliot’s suggestion with tips and tricks. Thank you for all that you do. Merry Christmas!

  112. I have been doing the wool box since the beginning. Love them!!! Will definitely be signing up for these new boxes. In the wool, I would love more small projects just because they’re fun to take along on car trips! Thanks for all you do!

  113. I was so excited when I read this day’s MUST have for quilters:) I subscribed to Wool Box since it’s inception and haven’t missed a box, so I know this subscription is going to just as amazing! Thanks Lisa and team! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  114. I would love the cotton or the wool box, however at this time due to medical issues with my husband I cannot afford these boxes. I was able to complete the Hogs for Heroes quilt, I loved learning so much from you. Thank you for sh your knowledge. Merry Christmas.

  115. Awesome! I enjoy making small projects from time to time. Will have to consider a subscription or win one!! Who knows! Thank you.

  116. What a fun idea! I like making similar sized, seasonal items that can be changed out throughout the year as I decorate for various seasons/holidays.

  117. Keeping projects to quick, smaller projects is so helpful. It is easier to keep up and get them finished. Love the progressive project. Variety for me is key and also new “tools” is always a hit for me. Very little access to shops here so this brings what’s new…to me!! Thank you for the chance to win a subscription!

  118. I love the small quilt ideas since time is limited, but I like to see projects thru to completion rather than have them waiting to be finished long after I began. Your ideas are all great.

  119. Will subscribe to Quilt Box, but would like to see a few wool items. Not my main interest, but would like an oppurtunity to give it a try. Also, like the idea of small quilts

  120. I have been a wool box subscriber since the beginning and have often wished for a quilt box too. Can’t wait to see what comes in that box!

  121. I have subscribed to the wool box from the beginning and love them. I especially enjoy the wool boxes that include a ball of thread, or more needles, or extra pieces of wool for my stash. I just now subscribed to the quilt box and am excited to see what Lisa and crew come up with for those. I am hoping for some teeny quilting that Lisa does so well! (and maybe more caramels! LOL).

  122. Oh my Lisa. Another brilliant idea. I have been resisting subscriptions, trying to finish UFOs. But this is fascinating. A new look at various classic handwork techniques? The Lisa twist that makes the old new again?

  123. I have received the Wool Box for a couple of years now! I get so excited when it comes and can’t wait to see what is in it! A total fan!!!! Thanks Lisa and crew for your creativeness and inspiration!❤️

  124. I love the idea of a subscription box and would love to see it part of a big mystery quilt project or something similar

  125. I have been a long time Lisa fan but never subscribed to the wool box. This could be a nice treat to myself after a tough year of loss. Have to look up a cookie recipe I remember you giving years ago… stars I think they were!!

  126. Would love to do it the box but I am all tapped out from your great Christmas Event sales and the Holiday Wool box you had and I still need to buy background and backing fabric from your store. Looks like it will be a great add to your box portfolio. Merry Christmas to you, your family and the wonderful staff at Primitive Gatherings.

  127. i am debating which box subscription I want, wool or fabric…?? It sounds like you do a fantastic job of filling them with a variety of projects and possibilities!! Happy Sewing New Year!!

  128. Whoo! Hoo! This sounds exciting! I love to try new techniques especially those from antiques/vintage quilts. Count me in!

  129. Ive never gotten to subscribe to the wool box for I just don’t have as much time to sew all the projects each box but I got the holiday one and loved it! If I had a suggestion it would be more projects that make something to be used (like scissor covers, needle carriers, etc.)

  130. I haven’t been a subscriber but I am definitely wanting to join in on the fun!! I hope to win a free year of boxes.

  131. Love the wool boxes and am excited to see what will be in the quilt boxes. I enjoy large and small projects and new notions and tools to try. I would enjoy seeing some smaller pillow patterns, perhaps small bolsters or 12 inch square. Seasonal and non-seasonal projects would be fun; useful items like placemats, table mats/squares and bags. Thank you for asking!

  132. Oh, wow! This is so very tempting. You do such a good job with your other boxes that I’m sure these are going to be great!

  133. I have not been in the Wool box subscription, but I think in the quilting box it might be fun to get stuff to make wall-sized or small hanger sized quilts to hang around the home. New notions and things are always nice too, it is very tempting.

  134. In addition to being a wool box subscriber, I have signed up for the quilt box.
    Would love to see 5” charm packs of fabric or wool included. They are a great size to incorporate into small projects, or to see if you want to purchase yardage.

    Merry Christmas to all at PG!

  135. I am a Wool Box subscriber. I minimally quilt; my mom is a big-time quilter. Maybe this subscription box is a way to get me started. Will have to see if we can budget this in.

  136. I would love to see types of projects that a beginner and more advanced quilter would enjoy, with lots of supplies, rulers and notions!

  137. This sounds like great fun! I have never done any kind of subscription box before. Must be like your birthday every other month! I love your designs and am especially impressed with the “twilight garden” quilt you made where all the applique was in neutral tones. What a stunner! My idea for one of your boxes is a smaller project similar to that such as heirloom rose.

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