12 Days of Christmas – Day 2

We’re just over a week away from 2022, and of course with every new year comes new challenges. While not every new challenge in life is welcomed, here at Primitive Gatherings we’re happy to announce a challenge I just know you’re really going to love! One of my favorite themes in quilting is Red and White – a classic combination of colors that quilt-makers have gravitated to for generations – myself included!

I thought a great way to celebrate Red and White quilts would be to have challenge based around them. That being said, I have some great news! The Primitive Gatherings, “2022 Red & White Quilt Challenge” officially starts today!


We have four categories. It doesn’t matter if you have appliqué, pieced or a combo. Anything goes as long as it’s red and white, or shades of those two colors (cream is acceptable for example). Prints, solids, and wool can all be used as well. The possibilities are endless as long as they are done in red & and white!

What does the registration fee include? The registration fee includes a complimentary “Red & White 2022” sticker (shown below), a free red fat quarter, a free white fat quarter, and entry into the 2022 Primitive Christmas Red & White Quilt Show. Note: you are not required to use your free fat quarters in your show entry.

What will you win? Cash and Prizes of course!!! Hopefully I can also get some sponsorship from the big companies I work with! Like Moda, Bernina, Juki, Martingale, Riley Blake, Free Spirit, and Checker to name a few.  

My ultimate wish is for your quilts to fill up The Gathering from November through December, 2022! If you would like to register for this awesome challenge, simply click the link below!

Are you excited yet? If you are joining this challenge and need to add to your fabric or wool supply, we have just the stuff! Jess has put together a few selections with Red and White quilts specifically in mind. 

CLICK HERE for Red and White Fabric and Wool Suggestions!

If you need some inspiration take a look at a few of the projects I’ve worked on and collected that I simply love!

I can’t wait to see all the creativity that results from this wonderful challenge! If you would like to submit your finished quilt(s) for display at the Gathering during our 2022 Primitive Christmas celebration in November, you may send it/them in through November 1st, 2022.

Now that you have a new and exciting project to get started on, why not come and stitch with us at The Gathering? I would absolutely love to see what you’re working on – and of course, answer any questions you might have on your project or techniques! I’ll even throw you some extra incentive… Book your stay NOW through January 15th, 2022 and receive an additional $50.00 on your swag bag gift certificate (*offer valid for non-event stays only)!!!

Tell me in the comments how many Red & White quilts you own! How many have you made yourself? Do you have any antiques? Let me know for a chance to win a prize! Watch me LIVE today at 1:00PM on my, “Stitch with Lisa Bongean” YouTube Channel. See you there!

CLICK HERE to Watch “Stitch with Lisa Bongean” on YouTube!



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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

123 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas – Day 2

  1. Ill be honest, i dont own any finished red & white quilts. You all probably understand that means there is 1 that is unfinished. Its on my list….

  2. I only own two red and white quilts. But I love them. I am going to really think about joining in on this. How fun.

  3. Hi, Lisa. I have 3 red and white quilts at home. I made two of them and one is an antique. I’ve also made another large one and gave it to a friend last year.

  4. I don’t own any red and white quilts however I have been working on one for about 8 years. It is paperpieced and not my favorite way to piece

    1. Woohoo! I absolutely love this idea. I’m infatuated with red and white quilts. I have 2 finished. I have 1 top done. Have the fabric to make a Knitted Star and yardage to make More!

  5. Hi Lisa
    I own two red and white quilts. One is a vintage drunkards path. The other is a new one, your very own Magic of Christmas!
    Love them both and excited to possibly win!
    Donna K

  6. I only have 2 red and white small quilts that I have made. I love the look of red and white quilts and would love to make a bed size one and another small sized one. Red is one of my very favorite colors to add to quilts. Your red and white quilts are lovely!

  7. I love red and white quilts and I have none! Ok I take that back, there is one I just remembered! But I’m going to join this challenge and make one this year! Or maybe two!

    Jenny in Florida

  8. I own one red and white quilt. My Mother made it for me as a 50th birthday present. I had purchased the red fabric when I was 25 and it ‘marinated’ in her stash for 25 years!

  9. Made a small red and white quilt years ago. Washed it and it turned pink. Very sad. I know better now. This challenge will be fun.

  10. does it count if I bought red and white quilt kits from PG? that someday, I have at least three that I know of waiting for me?

  11. I have two or three quilt kits I have purchased from PG so red and white quilts are in my future. Maybe this year!

  12. I have an antique red and white quilt which is several lone star style blocks (not just one star). It’s in rough shape with only a couple of “good” blocks. But I can’t get rid of it because I’m sure it has a story!

  13. I have a few vintage red and white quilts but I don’t think I have ever made one myself. This sounds like a fun challenge and a great idea! Looking forward to see what people create.

  14. I don’t own any Red and white quilts and have never made one but would like to make one for your challenge. This is a fantastic theme for a challenge. Can’t wait to find fabrics and patterns to use. This is an awesome idea! Whoo Hoo!!! I have an antique Singer sewing machine for display but not much else in antiques 🍓🍉👠🏓❤️🎒⛑🐭🕊🤍☁️🥚🫖

  15. I have an antique red and white quilt I bought in Ohio about 20 years ago. The fabrics are from the late 1800’s. I have tried to figure out what the pattern is but have not been able to.
    I am working on a scrappy applique red and white quilt. I have been working on it off and on for a looooong time.

  16. I have 2 red and white quilts and 3 antique quilts. After November I’ll have another red and white since I’m entering the challenge…my very first!!

  17. I have 4 red and white quilts and our house is full of antiques. I love to shop antique shops wherever we are traveling. Always room for 1 more antique is what I tell my husband.

  18. As much as I’ve always admired red and white quilts, sadly I have not made one, nor do I own one. There will be a time that I will put idea into motion and make one for myself. It may be sooner than I thought!

  19. I have 4 red and white quilts and our house is full of antiques. I love to shop antique shops wherever we are traveling. Always room for 1 more antique is what I telll my husband.

  20. I have always admired red and white quilts but have never made one, nor do I own one. That being said, the idea of making one in 2022 has me excited so I might have to join in and be part of the challenge!!

  21. I have one vintage quilt/coverlet, made by someone else that is the standard red and white (white squares with red embroidery and red sashing.)

  22. I have 3 red and white quilts and several wall hangings. First one is a simple 5” charm with all different reds that I made about 15 or so years ago, and then made 2 from your last red line the shoe fly with your Redwork panel and then the simple 4 patch and rail fence. I finished a red work Santa from a dear friend that passed away that I display every Christmas.

  23. I do not have any completed red and white quilts, however I do have the pattern and fabric for 55 and life to go, so here is a wonderful challenge to get that done! I only have one antique quilt that was put on my bed as a little girl and I’m 64! Little did I know I would fall in love with quilting myself.

  24. I have one red and white quilt made by my hustand’s aunt. I have always loved red and white quilts and in the last year red has become my new favorite color. I hope to visit your shop this year. And yes, I would love to do a red and white quilt.

  25. I have made 2 larger ones and many smaller ones
    I own two red snowflake quilts made by my grandma, so not quite antique but close

  26. We have one red and white quilt, my late mother cross stitched the blocks and my sister quilted it!

  27. Red is my favorite color, so I put red in most quilts. I have 4 Red & White quilts. One was given to my husband’s Grandmother for wedding gift in 1926. I’ve been working on a R&W in Mary Englebert design for 10 years, only working on it at quilt retreat. This is the year to finish it.

  28. I only have one small quilt. I just can’t decide on the pattern to make a larger one. I even have the fabric waiting!! This sounds like a great contest, I can’t wait to see the quilts.

    1. I have one red and white quilt and would love another one. Your contest is a good push to get another one done.

  29. I have made one red and white quilt and I have one red and white quilt that is a WIP. Anxious to see what everyone creates.

  30. Well, I do have red, white & cream fabrics in cotton & wool but no quilts 🙁
    that I made or were given to me. I’d better get going!

  31. I have one red and white quilt and one small quilt of yours, tiny dancer! A red and white quilt is on my bucket list! This is my motivation! ❤️

  32. I haven’t made any red and white quilts yet, but I do have a small antique nine patch in those colors.

  33. I believe Ionly have one red & white quilt that I made myself, but it is just the top! Haven’t gotten it quilted yet! Guess I need to talk to the boys at PG😊

  34. I don’t have a red and white quilt but I did just purchase a pink and white baby quilt at an estate sale this summer. It was a filthy mess but cleaned so beautifully. It will take center stage in my Valentine decorations this year!

  35. i love red and white – very Scandinavian, but I do not have one! Time to make a change and get one made this year!

  36. Of all the quilts I have made none are red/white, which is sad as red is my favorite color. Maybe 2022 will be t he year to get one done.

  37. I have only 1 red and white quilt that I made and had custom quilted. I only have 1 antique quilt that isn’t red and white. My great grandmother made it 74 years ago.

  38. I own a tiny wall stitchery that is red & white. Apparently I need to make another one for my “collection”.

  39. Red & white are my absolute faves. I’ve made 2. I love blue & white along w red & green. I can’t lie…I like em all. I have several antique cabinet curios that hold my wool stash & repro stash. Guess I’m a hoarder😂

  40. I actually do not have any red and white quilts, but I do have fabric and a pattern picked out to make my first. Maybe entering this challenge is just the incentive I need to start cutting…

  41. I have made only one red & white quilt and a few toppers. In my stash I have plans for several more! This may inspire me to get a couple done this year!

  42. Have no red/white quilts but many having red in them. I have an antique dresden plate quilt, Bought it because I love the pattern and didn’t think I would ever make one.

  43. I have 3 red and white quilts! one is from the 30’s, one I made years ago and one is waiting to be longarmed by meeeeee…. I find I like to make the quilt tops more than I like to finish the quilt sandwich!!!

  44. I have never made a red and white quilt in the 30 years I’ve been quilting so …IT’S TIME! My head is buzzing with ideas already! I have a few antique red and white quilts – looking at 3 of them right now on my quilt rack. Sounds like fun so count me in!

  45. I don’t have any finished red and white quilts. I have one I’m working on with redwork stitching and I have fabric to make another from the Redwork Gatherings line. Hopefully 2022 will be the year to finish them.

  46. I have made 6 red and white quilts, mostly small ones. I don’t have any antique ones but wish I did.

  47. I just finished one recently and my quilter is working on it as we speak. I have one my great grandmother made (late 1800’s) that is a Carolina lily pattern and was original red (at my guess).

  48. I made a red and white quilt last year sewing along with Jessica Dayon and her Little Village pattern. I have a few red and white table toppers I have made. As far as antiques, I don’t have any that are just red and white. /I have a red, white and green applique quilt and one that is red, white and blue applique. I have some of your red and cream gathering fabrics to use in the coming year. Red and White two color quilts are so timeless.

  49. I love the idea for the red and white challenge. I only have one red and white quilt and it’s an antique.

  50. I have completed 2 red and white quilts and have the blocks made for 2 more, one of which is redwork

  51. I love red and white quilts too! I have one that I made, my daughter has one that I made, I have one in progress, and I have worked with groups that made two to give away.

    1. I have only made one red and white quilt, but it was a wedding gift. I love red and white quilts and I already purchased the fabric, just can’t decide what to make.

  52. Except for Christmas quilts, I hardly ever use red and I’ve never made a red & white quilt. Now is the time.

  53. Red and white is my second favorite color combo……after red/white and blue!!!!! I have 2 red and white quilts. The challenge is a great idea. It’s exciting to think one of my creations will hang at your business:) Merry Christmas Eve Eve. As I said in an earlier post, this years 12 days posts have been a nice change from other years…..but I do miss the snow falling across the screen:)

  54. I do not own a red and white quilt, but it is on my list to make eventually! I love the combination as well. It is beautiful!

  55. I have a red and white antique lone star and a rd and white quilt I just finished. Love this new challenge!! I already know what I am going to do😍😍

  56. I love 2 color quilts and have 3 red and white quilts made by me.. I have another one all set to go after the holidays.

  57. I don’t own any red and white quilts, but have been collecting red and white fabric for years. Love antiques and have a bunch. Time to put some dingbat fabric together!

  58. I have a 80″ square vortex which I made for the Houston’s Ruby Jubilee. I’m going to make a smaller version of that quilt. I love red and white!

  59. I love red and white quilts! I have one I made and another in progress. My daughter has a queen size I made and I worked with two groups who made one to gift .

  60. Regrettably I only have one red and white small quilt which I made myself for valentines. BUT. I have lots in my head just waiting to be made. Wait, I forgot about a king size red n white quilt I made for our cabin. Getting old, memory isn’t what it once was. 😂

  61. I don’t have any red and white quilts yet. There’s a box of red and white fabrics I’ve been collecting to make a turkey tracks quilt. It’s moving up on my list. My daughter has requested a red and White table topper so she can have it on her table next Christmas with her tinsel tree. I have the red but not the white. Better get moving.

  62. One of my first quilts was a red and white fan quilt and I did all the seams by hand. It is many years old. Does that make it an antique 😉

  63. No red and white quilts and no antiques yet either. Maybe it’s time to make and enter one. Maybe a drunkards path could be fun.

  64. No I don’t own any red and white quilts, but it is on my bucket list ! Maybe this is the push I need ;-D

  65. I started a Delectable Mountains quilt in the late 80’s or early 90’s. I finally finished it in 2020. I love it! Better late than never.

  66. I don’t have any red and white quilts at this time, but I’m very interested in participating in the challenge. Thanks for giving us enough time 🙂

  67. This sounds like a lot of fun! I love red and white quilts but don’t own any. I have a hard time limiting myself to just 2 colors! 🙂 But I know you can have lots of colors of red and white! I am thinking about possibilities, especially when you mentioned applique was okay. Looking forward to seeing this all come together. K-

  68. I own one Red and White quilt which I did not make. I purchased it before my quilting days began. Right now I’m making a red, pink, and white quilt in a gingham style. Thinking… am I up for a challenge this year. I have your red and white fat tower and two jellyroll… hmmm….

  69. I do not have any red and white quilts yet. I love seeing them and would love to make one. Your challenge sound very interesting.

  70. I love two color quilts! Especially red and blue! I think just the simplicity of two colors make the quilt stand out from all my other scrap quilts!! I love the challenge idea too…thanks for putting that together!

  71. I own one red and white quilt. It was one of my first quilts done with the tossed nine patch method. I’ve learned so much! I’m definitely up for the challenge of making a mini!

  72. Your red and white antique quilts are amazing. Wondering how you clean them to avoid any running. Looking forward to the challenge but probably a mini. Thanks for always making our quilting experience incredible

  73. I own 2 that are finished and 2 that are not. The 2 that are were made by my Grandma. She did one embroidered one of a bunch of different birds and another that was an easy 9 patch. Really looking forward to this challenge! I will probably design something myself ❤

  74. What a great opportunity this would be, however due to life’s difficulties this will have to stay on my bucket list. Merry Christmas!

  75. I just finished a king size red and white one for my daughter for Christmas and it turned out lovely. It was my first red and white one I ever made.

  76. I have 1 of your kits from last year just haven’t started it yet. Love 2 color quilts especially red & white.

  77. Love red and white quilts!!! I have gathered a wonderful collection of red and white fabrics that are waiting for a beautiful quilt project. Love this quilt challenge! Great inspiration for my first red and white quilt!

  78. I have two red and white quilts. I made them both. One I made this year with red work gatherings using Val’s Flying Geese pattern. The other is a hunter star.

  79. I do not currently own any red & white quilts. BUT, I have in my stack to do, the kit for Take it Easy. Seeing yours above, I am wanting to move that to the top of the list!

  80. I love red & white quilts and have a couple in my antique collection (although I mostly collect red & green). I’ve been wanting to make one for many years and this challenge will give me the motivation to get it done in 2012!

  81. I’m currently hand quilting a red and cream 4 block version of your Old Time Tulip pattern. I have never entered a challenge like this before and I’m seriously considering doing this. I’ll be staying at The Gathering in October…so I can bring it with me when I come, unless you need the quilt sooner. Thanks for the incentive to get this one finished.

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