12 Days Prize Winners

Hi everyone! I hope you all are doing well after the hustle and bustle of the holidays. They really seemed to fly by this year! Now that 12 Days of Christmas, 2021 is in the past we can finally announce our list of selected daily prize winners! I want to thank you all for your comments and kind words this holiday season, your gratitude and encouragement means the world to us. My team and I truly appreciate you!

Below you will find the list of the lucky winners selected from your comments over the course of 12 Days of Christmas, 2021.

Congratulations to all of you – and thank you everyone for participating! If you didn’t win this time make sure to keep leaving me comments here, on my facebook page and on my, “Stitch with Lisa Bongean” YouTube Channel for more chances to win!

As you all know, earlier this week we took a few days here at PG to organize, update our POS system and best of all, to have our holiday party! 12 Days of Christmas takes a ton of work and preparation for each and everyone of us, so it was great to be able to kick back and relax a little with my hard-working crew. First, we had an awesome lunch prepared by Chef Erica and her team. They spoiled us with home-made lasagna, garlic bread, and a huge salad bar.

For dessert there was hot chocolate cake with marshmallow cream layer, chocolate frosting and salted caramel drizzle. Along side that there was apple cider cake cookies with a whipped cider frosting and an apple blue cheese cream pie with almond topping – amongst an array of other holiday treats. I can’t even tell you how good everything was. Thank you Erica, Mic and Pam for all your extra hard work!!! After that we had a gift exchange and a fun game of Family Feud! Nick was the game host and announcer – of course!

It’s always a little sad to see all the wonderful holiday decorations come down to go back into storage for another year. I guess the good news is, that means the days are getting longer and we’re officially headed toward spring…sort of. LOL! You certainly wouldn’t know it by our weather lately. We had little bit of a snow dump yesterday – probably about three to four inches of slick and fluffy – just enough to make the drive to and from work a little hairy. The forecast is calling for even more throughout the day today, just to add to the fun. Ahh, winter in Wisconsin. 

Despite most people’s grumble-grumble about the snow, I know my outdoor winter sports enthusiast friends are tickled pink about it. I can’t deny that it’s not only beautiful, but I’m feeling super inspired to get out and enjoy it more myself! In fact, I’m proud to say that I dusted off my skis this week and headed up to Nordic Mountain in Wild Rose for some night skiing. Downhill skiing was something we always enjoyed as a family when my boys were younger. We always tried to make time for a family ski trip up to the U.P. of MI each year while they were growing up. I really miss those days! I was happy to be on the slopes and out in the fresh air. I need to take more time to destress like that, it was so much fun!

My goal is to get to continue to get outside at least once a week for some exercise and relaxation. I’m also thinking that cross country skiing and snowshoeing may just be in my future….we’ll see! Who wants to go?! I’m even thinking of starting a ski club if I can find enough people interested in making it a weekly thing! Let me know in the comments what your favorite winter activities are and how you fend off your cabin fever!

If you need a winter project, don’t forget about the free download I posted earlier in the week of my, “Streak of Lightning” quilt pattern. It’s a beautiful blue and white quilt, perfect for the frosty month of January! 

CLICK HERE for your FREE Printable PDF of the Lincoln Ladies Quilt Club “Streak of Lightning” Quilt!

Tune in today at 1:00pm on my, “Stitch with Lisa Bongean” YouTube channel to hear me talk more about our great prize give-aways and adventures on the ski hill. See you there!


19 responses to “12 Days Prize Winners”

  1. Bethany Avatar

    I loved the Christmas box, so I’ve just signed up for the wool box. I CANNOT wait until it gets here!

  2. Judy Cox Avatar
    Judy Cox

    Will we see more felted wool projects on your blog? I seldom look at facebook as my day is too busy.
    Thank you.
    Judy Cox

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      We’ll put it on our list! Thanks so much for the suggestion.

  3. linda d bechtel Avatar
    linda d bechtel

    My winter activity is going to my rural mailbox to get my PRIMITIVE GATHERINGS orders!!!! So I can sew inside!!!

  4. linda d bechtel Avatar
    linda d bechtel

    Lisa!!! My winter activity is walking to my rural mailbox to carry in my orders from Primitive Gatherings!!! Then I drool and sew inside!!!

  5. Jolin Barilla Avatar
    Jolin Barilla

    Congratulations to the winners! Lisa, you are so generous and treat us so well, thank you. A friend and I are hoping to come visit at The Gathering this Spring, we just need to sit down with our calendars. So far my winter activities include sewing LOTS! I’m nearly finished with Old St Nick which I picked up during your grand opening celebration. It will be on the way to your quilting sons as soon as it’s ready. Thank you again!

  6. Joyce Jensen Avatar

    Thank you Lisa! I won a tee-shirt, I will wear it proudly! I watch old movies while I sew. It clears my mind to declutter and clean my sewing room before I start a new project. Just starting the “Love Is All We Need” quilt in pink so I can have it done for February.

  7. Judy Cox Avatar

    How do I apply for the wool box?

  8. Jennifer Kralik Avatar
    Jennifer Kralik

    I was so surprised. Thank you so much for the wonderful prize, day 2!!

  9. Delene Drew Avatar
    Delene Drew

    Congratulations to the winners! I was lucky to attend the Christmas event. Your new place is great! Thank you Lisa and everyone at Primitive Gatherings for all you do!

  10. Geraldine Sherwood Avatar
    Geraldine Sherwood

    Thank you Lisa, Nick sand wonderful staff. I was lucky to be a winner and can’t wait to start stitching! I hope to be up this year soon. Many Blessings to you all!

  11. Kelly Callison Avatar
    Kelly Callison

    I received the Blog email with my name listed as the Day 4 winner, but I am not listed above and wasn’t mentioned on the Live video. I hope you find my name🙂. Kelly Callison

  12. Kim brandt Avatar
    Kim brandt

    WOW, great gifts and one was a JUKI!! so generous of you Lisa :0) thank you for the free patterns and all your videos, I feel like a winner too. Happy 2022!!!

  13. Janice Frenkel Avatar
    Janice Frenkel

    Thank you for the 12 days of Christmas.
    I know everyone appreciated the fun e-mails and specials everyday.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      You’re welcome Janice! Thanks for your kind words. 🙂

  14. Candee Avatar

    Snowmobiling! I think it would be right up your alley.

  15. Diana s Rosenthal Avatar
    Diana s Rosenthal

    I was so shocked to see my name as a winner. Winning the Flannel Layer Cake is exciting because this will be the 1st time I work with Flannel. This year is bringing me all new things to try as I have purchased wool items never working with wool either. This is the start of a very New Year of try me’s. Thank you Lisa and the Staff.

  16. Beth Esser Avatar
    Beth Esser

    I started walking 35 to 45 minutes a day and am determined to keep going all winter. I find I like it more than in the summer! But lately with the snow, I have been shoveling. We live in a condo community and we shovel 2 to 6 driveways when the snow is less than 2” plow only comes if snow is 2 inches or more.

  17. Marsha Avatar

    Hi, Thanks for all you do as well as all the inspiration!
    I only see a couple comments about winter outdoor activities which is surprising.
    I live on a farm 6 miles south of Waupun and my greatest joy of the year is cross country skiing across our fields and through the woods and marshes. I’d love to join you and others for skiing, let me know if that can happen. I get up your way once in a while…..60 minute drive.
    How has the response been for the red/white challenge?
    Wishing all a happy 2022!

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