Does Your Machine Have a Cover? If Not, Here’s a FREE Pattern!

Happy Winter!

I am proud to say that I’m a part of an amazing group of designers who spread the joy of stitching! All of them are listed in the above header. We have been posting on Facebook for weeks about all sorts of fun things! There is one more designer after me on the sewing room topic, so make sure you go to Wool & Cotton Sewcial to see all the stuff happening there!

I really love the sewing room theme. It sure has been fun to update my sewing machine covers, especially since I have a few more machines now than when I made the dark one back in 2004 – that feels like such a long time ago! 

Is it time to update your sewing room? Today you can download this super cute pattern for free by clicking the link below. It’s a fun and quick project that will brighten up any space without a ton of work. This is basically how it goes…You quilt your fabrics, lining, batting and top. Then you cut them apart. Adjust the pattern according to the size of your machine. Do you have smaller machine or a monster? Appliqué on the front if you desire! Round off the corners. Make bias binding and then pin together the pieces. Apply the binding to both sides and trim the bottom edge. Then bind the bottom edge – it really is quite easy! We will have a video soon on making a sewing machine cover on our Stitch with Lisa Bongean YouTube Channel so be sure to watch for that!

In addition to the free download, we are selling kits for each version! No printer? We can print the pattern for you for an additional fee if you do not have that capability. Follow the links below to print or purchase!

Click HERE for a FREE Printable PDF!

Click HERE to ORDER a Kit!

Oh…and if you like the quilt shown in the background behind the machine covers, you can get a kit and pattern for that too! Sherrie made a new sample out of cozy flannel. Check out the awesome photos Kali took of it last week after we got a few inches of fresh snow. So beautiful!

I really think this quilt captures the colors of the winter season in Wisconsin just perfectly. I love it! if you would like to purchase the pattern and/or kit for this quilt, simply hit the link below!

Layers of Fun – Flannel Version

I hope you enjoy the new machine cover addition to your sewing room. It really adds a personal touch to have nice a cover for your BFF – especially one you made yourself! Thanks for visiting our blog, store and our social media sites. We sure appreciate those likes! Take care…stay warm…stay inside, and STITCH!   ~Lisa


18 responses to “Does Your Machine Have a Cover? If Not, Here’s a FREE Pattern!”

  1. Teresa M Cochran Avatar
    Teresa M Cochran

    Thank you for the pattern. Love them!

  2. Stephanie Z Hironimus Avatar
    Stephanie Z Hironimus

    Thank you, Lisa! I love this & cannot wait to make one for my machine!

  3. Theresa Avatar

    How long does it take you to eat all the caramels in the jar????🤣😂

    Thanks for the pattern. Look forward to making a few!!!

  4. Janet O. Avatar

    I have been intending to make some machine covers for quite a while now, but needed a kick in the pants. This may finally be it! I love each version. Thanks for sharing this great pattern!

  5. Patti Howard Avatar
    Patti Howard

    Thank you for the sewing machine cover pattern! My sewing machine doesn’t need one but! My serger does! Noted this in my journal.

  6. Leann Baumhover Avatar
    Leann Baumhover

    Thank you Lisa! I love these! The hardest part will be to decide which one to make. I love them all! (Maybe one for each season and just trade them out??) Thanks again!

  7. Tracy Petry Avatar
    Tracy Petry

    I love this cover. Lisa you don’t miss a thing. Great idea to offer a copy if somebody doesn’t have access to a printer

  8. Sandy Avatar

    What perfect timing, Lisa. Your pattern makes tota sense. to make one asap!

  9. Barbara Tomasov Avatar
    Barbara Tomasov

    Thank you Lisa love the machine cover pattern

  10. Edie Avatar

    Thank you so much, Lisa! I have been using a little quilt and wonder clips to cover my machine. Now I needs to get busy sewing this wonderful cover. Happy New Year!

  11. Monique D (Belgique) Avatar
    Monique D (Belgique)

    Merci pour les explications de la couverture pour machine à coudre. Elles me serviront peut-être plus tard car pour l’instant j’en ai une. A moins que je n’adapte cette couverture à ma surjeteuse.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      You’re welcome Monique! Profitez!

  12. Wanda Avatar

    Love this …… I can’t seem to figure out the part where you later the single fold binding and stitch .. :(. Will you be doing a video on this?

  13. Laurie Tufford Avatar
    Laurie Tufford

    Thank you for sharing this pattern Lisa. Love it!

  14. Sherri Rindfleisch Avatar
    Sherri Rindfleisch

    Lisa, thank you for the machine cover and I really like the quilt pattern too. I think I’d like to make it in flannel for a cozy winter quilt.

  15. Chris Allswede Avatar
    Chris Allswede

    Thank you Lisa. It has been on my to do list to make a cover for my main machine. This is the perfect incentive to make it now.

  16. Carmen Montmarquet Avatar
    Carmen Montmarquet

    Thank You So Much Lisa for this pattern, I definitely want to make this!

  17. Nancy Heinrich Avatar
    Nancy Heinrich

    Thank you Lisa. I have been wanting to make a cover. This will be perfect

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