Winter Wonderland Workshop

As many of you know we put on some really awesome workshops here at Primitive Gatherings, and this January is no exception! The Gathering at Primitive Gatherings is proud to present our 2022 Winter Wonderland Workshop! Come stay with us during this three-day workshop, or join us just for a single day. Classes will run from Thursday January 27th through Saturday January 29th, 9 AM until 4:30 PM (check-in is Wednesday January 26th at 3PM and check-out is Sunday January 30th by 11AM for those staying for the full session).

The workshop includes project kits and classes that I will be teaching, along with a couple of additional classes and projects! Oh, and let’s not forget an exclusive behind the scenes tour of Primitive Gatherings (this tour is only available to guests of The Gathering and not open to the general public)! Dinner will be provided to those checking in on Wednesday night, along with daily breakfast, lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch for retreaters attending the entire event! Lunch will be provided if you are attending a single day session.

The weather has been extra nasty out there lately and I’m sure many of you could use an excuse to get out of the house. Look no further, the Winter Wonderland retreat is (almost) here! Don’t wait, spots are limited and going fast so call Jenny at 920-778-8031 to claim your seat. You can also email us at to reserve your spot today!

I’m really hoping the sub zero temps will be gone by the time I get back from Vegas, but we all know that’s probably wishful thinking. All I can say is I’m having a great time so far and I am 100% NOT missing such cold weather! Stay tuned to my, “Stitch with Lisa Bongean” Youtube channel for my live presentation this Thursday. Even though I’m not in the studio this week, Jess and the girls will be sharing our new and upcoming fabric releases that have officially arrived at the warehouse! Of course, Val and I will be “popping in” to join the fun all the way from Nevada as well, so don’t miss us! Hit the link below to watch! See you soon everyone!



4 responses to “Winter Wonderland Workshop”

  1. darcistrobel Avatar

    Woo WOO!!

  2. KitsyKeelSmith Avatar

    Where is the retreat?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      The retreat is at The Gathering retreat house here at Primitive Gatherings in Larsen, WI!

  3. darcistrobel Avatar

    Mmmm….I think you are getting 11 meals, classes each day AND the project kits. On top of that you have a beverage and snack center. Wed to Sunday morning means 4 nights lodging and a gift card to spend at the shop and the tour of Lisa’s entire operation. If a meal is $25 per that’s almost $300 without someone making you coffee and setting out snacks each day all day. A class and a kit is usually $60-$100+ per for 3 days. Anyone who has taken a class or gotten a kit from Lisa knows the abundance of fabric and time she gets to a customer. I am not actually sure of the gift card amount but that is a reasonable question you can easily ask any person you would email or phone to determine if you would like to visit The Gathering and stay for what literally everyone is talking about and celebrating. Since Lisa genuinely cares about her customers and friends who stay she’s super pumped to show everyone her dream come true. It’s simply amazing and since women stand together and celebrate one another’s successes it’s a joy to behold and totally impressive and over the top, classy!!! I won’t do the math but I think it’s obvious what you get when a visit is on the horizon for anyone contemplating it!!! I’ve been at the retreat center for a bit of almost every week of retreats and I’ve yet to hear of disappointment. The men/husbands who tour are amazed at this place and go away with some of the vision of what Lisa and Nick have created. I’ll be sad for you if you don’t come but you’d be missing out. As for me….I’m going to be yammering and sipping wine and having someone cook for me while I decided which awesome project I’m getting better at while hanging with my homies. If your questions have to do with the size of the projects or the menu or what exactly the snack/beverage center means then ask away!! Everyone with anything to do with the place is thrilled to share it all with you. Just ask…..

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