Love…and RETREAT is All You Need!

Hi friends! I just wanted to check in to let you all in on the fun we’re having at The Gathering during our, “Winter Wonderland” multi-day retreat! Yesterday we started out by spending some time in the shop where everyone was able to personally select fabrics for their retreat projects. I love seeing the different perspectives and color combinations that people put together. It’s one of the things that makes your projects unique to you! Watching the group shop was fun, they reminded me of kids in a candy shop! It’s definitely a challenge to be in that store and not want to buy one of everything you see…trust me, I can relate!

Once fabrics were selected we headed back over to The Gathering to get started. The projects today include hand-stitched, three-sided, wool trees (free-standing), a winter-themed wool mat called, “Cold Winter Days ” (for display on a table, clipboard, or wall), and a winter-themed lap quilt project called, “Flurry.”

So far everyone is doing a wonderful job and making great progress! We’re just about ready to sit down to lunch, which is beef, mushroom, and farro soup with a huge salad bar, and lemon/raspberry bread for dessert – all from scratch! After that I’ll be taking all the retreaters on their exclusive tour of Primitive Gatherings where they’ll be able to see how all the different departments work together to make PG tick. Then it’s down to the shop where something tells me that there will be some serious shopping going on….just a hunch! Then it’s back to the retreat house for some cookie decorating (and sampling) and of course, more stitching!

Carrie – a newly retired nurse from Milwaukee – wishes she had known about our retreats sooner! She told me she’s been waiting a very long while to have the necessary time available to dedicate toward quilting and stitching. She said, “This retreat is totally inspirational for me and I am really happy to be here. I feel as though I’m starting my quilting hobby completely over after having had to put it aside for about 28 years. I can’t believe I’m finally able to spend my time doing the things that I love!” She reports that she’ll be coming to as many retreats as she can, simply for the stimulation, inspiration and the chance to meet new people and make new friends. “None of my questions about quilting and stitching have gone unanswered while I’ve been here. Between the other ladies and having Lisa here all day, I have an endless supply of knowledge and resources. I love it and appreciate this opportunity so much!”

Our retreats here at The Gathering are so much fun! I mean, what’s better than spending time with talented friends – old and new – who share the same love for stitching as you do? During retreats quilters of all ages and ability levels are able to take advantage of our spacious activity room – complete with individual tables with power stations, adjustable chairs, ironing, and cutting stations, a common kitchenette and amazing lighting.

As if that’s not enough to get you here, wait until you see what Chef Erica has in store! She and her excellent culinary staff will delight you each day with a continental breakfast, homemade soups with a large salad bar for lunch, and gourmet dinners fit for a queen. I swear, everything they touch in that kitchen turns to gold! They do a great job to say the least.

I’m also very proud of how welcoming and home-like our retreat house is. As you walk through the front door you can’t help but notice the stunning collection of quilts hanging throughout the building on the walls and from the ceiling. It’s like a dose of awe and instant inspiration! The ceilings are intentionally designed to be high, so we’re able to do these beautiful works of art justice by displaying them in their full glory.

Thinking of getting a group together for a retreat? The Gathering can also accommodate up to 25 overnight guests! Rooms can be single bed, all the way up to four beds depending on your needs. Packages and rates vary per retreat. You can give Jenny a call at 920-778-8031 if you’d like to discuss upcoming retreats and which one (or all!) might be the best fit for you!

Speaking of future retreats, I’m really getting excited about our next one, “Love is All You Need” coming up in February. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner so if you’re still contemplating on what to make that special someone, this retreat could be for you!

The sign-up fee for, “Love is All You Need” is $150 per person and includes mocha lattes and raspberry scones in the morning, a Valentine’s Day project, kit and class (your choice between the “LOVE” pillow or table runner) instructed by me, class favors, and a “red” inspired lunch and dessert. The class will run from 9AM – 4PM.

The date for, “Love is all You Need” is February 8th, 2022. We only have a few spots left open for this event, BUT if we get enough interest we are considering doing a second session on that following Saturday. So if the 8th doesn’t work for you, give us a call anyway! We’d love to fill up a second date!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. It looks like we might finally see a little bit of sunshine and warmer weather – at least for a couple of days – so I’m definitely going to try and get outside for a little bit of exercise and fresh air in between projects! There’s always a lot going on but making time for that is so important – kind of like how making time for a quilting retreat is important too! LOL

Staying in this weekend and looking for something to watch? If you missed my trunk show yesterday don’t worry, you can still watch it by hitting the link below to my Stitch with Lisa Bongean YouTube channel. Take care everyone, I’ll see you next week!

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  1. pwid5626gmailcom Avatar

    Looks like everyone is really enjoying themselves! I can’t wait for my next visit!

  2. Beth Hasenauer Avatar
    Beth Hasenauer

    This Winter Wonderland retreat looks so cozy and fulfilling. I wish I lived closer so I could just hop in the car instead of a plane to get to The Gathering to join in the fun. Looking forward to planning a retreat trip in the future.

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