Are You a Blockhead?

Have you ever participated in a Moda Blockhead Sew-Along? If you’re not familiar, it’s a Block of the Week Sew-Along that includes weekly exclusive blocks created by a group of Moda’s top designers. Moda Blockheads 4 (BH4) will feature 28 individual designer blocks (mine included – I’m block #7!) and 8 bonus blocks, making 36 blocks in total! New blocks for Moda Blockheads 4 will be released weekly every Wednesday, through September 28, 2022. Blocks have options in two different sizes including 9″ finished, and 4.5″ finished! Each block pattern also includes two shading/color options.

If you’ve experienced one of these awesome Sew-Alongs, you already know how much fun they are. If not, the time is now to join in! I am thrilled to announce that Block 1 of the Moda Blockheads 4 Sew-Along has officially released today!

I’m proud to say that I’ve participated in every Moda Blockheads Sew-Along so far, including BH1, BH2, and BH3. At this point, I guess you can call me a veteran Blockhead – LOL! Needless to say I’m really excited to get started on Blockheads 4, but before we get down to the nitty-gritty details, let’s take a look back at my finished quilts from previous years.

Blockheads 1 was comprised of all 6″ blocks, and each stitcher designed their own settings. I personally bordered each 6″ block with Half Square Triangles, and added 2 inch stars for cornerstones. My good friend Linda Hrcka from The Quilted Pineapple in MI was kind enough to put her talent to work by quilting this beauty for me. Finished, it measures at 88 1/2″ x 88 1/2″. Stunning!

If you weren’t able to participate in BH1 but love this quilt, don’t worry! Moda put together a book where all six featured designers have their block designs and finished quilts proudly displayed. I’m sure you will love this varied collection. It offers a wide spectrum of option, from historically inspired traditional patchwork, to whimsical appliquéd nature scenes. The book includes instructions for six gorgeous sampler quilts that allow quilters to showcase the beautiful blocks they make. It also includes useful sewing tips from the pros that quilters can take advantage of again and again. You can get your copy of Moda Blockheads by simply hitting the link below!

Blockheads 2 was just as much fun as BH1! The project was a planned sampler quilt that I ended up adding sashings to. I had this one quilted with an edge to edge orange peel design by Maggie Honeyman! Check out this beautiful work of art!

For my Blockheads 3 quilt, I used two of my fabric lines, including Urban Farmhouse Gatherings and Indigo Gatherings. It was done in all creams, light and dark shades of grays and blues, along with a Bella Solid. I really think this one turned out beautifully!

Now let’s get down to the best part – Block 1 of Blockheads 4 is officially here for you to enjoy! Block 1 – “Square Wheel,” was created by Lynne Hagmeier of Kansas Troubles Quilters. Lynne is a quilt designer, business owner, and fabric designer for Moda Fabrics. She and her husband Robert run their business out of Bennington, KS where she creates what she describes as, “easy and fun to live with quilts.” Lynne’s BH4 – Block 1 “Square Wheel” is now available! To get the full design, complete instructions, and shading options, please visit her blog!

If you’re not already a Blockhead, I’m sure by now you’re wondering how to get involved and what the fabric requirements are for the Moda Blockheads 4 Sew-Along. You can sign-up to receive Moda’s weekly Blockheads blog post via e-mail by following the link below. You can also find the links for each block as they are released on the Moda Blockheads 4 Archive, which will be updated every Wednesday and Friday. I will also be posting a link here on my blog every week for each new block. Bonus blocks can be found on Moda’s Inspiration+Resources Center every four weeks on Fridays.

Yardage Information: The amount of yardage that you will need for BH4 depends on how many blocks you make, and at which size you make them. Keep in mind that these yardage numbers are generous estimates (based on what Moda recommends) because this is a sampler quilt, and cutting isn’t the most efficient. Please note: estimates do NOT include sashings, borders, binding, or backing.

9” Blocks – For 36 Blocks:

  • Background – 2½ yards of a single background, or 3 yards of multiple backgrounds.
  • Assorted Mediums and Darks – 36 “Sweet 16’s” or Layer Cake squares.

4½” Blocks – For 36 Blocks:

  • Background – 1¼ yards of a single background, or 1¾ yards of multiple backgrounds.
  • Assorted Mediums and Darks – 18 “Sweet 16’s” or Layer Cake squares.

9” Blocks and 4½” Blocks – For 72 Blocks:

  • Background – 3¾ yards of a single background, or 4 yards of multiple backgrounds.
  • Assorted Mediums and Darks – 27 Fat Eighths, or 54 “Sweet 16’s” or Layer Cake squares.

If you’d like a printable PDF of yardage requirements and other information, you can find it by clicking HERE! There is also an excellent Moda Blockheads facebook group you can join for more information, support, and project insight! Feel free to post questions, comments or updates on your progress. You can join the Moda Blockheads facebook group by clicking the link below!

For my BH4 quilt, I plan to do the 4.5″ version, using a Fat Quarter Bundle of my Urban Farmhouse Gatherings II series, paired with an orange Bella Solid called, Ochre” (#9900-79). Jess will be tackling the 9″ version, also using a Fat Quarter Bundle of Urban Farmhouse Gatherings II, but pairing it with a yellow Bella Solid called, “30’s Yellow” (#9900-23). I know both versions are going to be beautiful and I can’t wait to see them finished! If you’d like to do your quilt in either of these color schemes, you can find the fabrics you need by clicking the link below!

Square Wheel pattern using orange, black, gray and white

Despite being on vacation with my grand baby in FL, I did manage get my blocks finished before flying out. I knew I was going to like my fabric choices but seeing them starting to come together is really exciting. I like it even more than I thought I would! Here is what it is looking like so far. What do you think?

Setting Options: There will be at least four setting options coming from Moda, and several others from Moda designers. You should start seeing these posted around the third week block release date. The first setting option to share is by Michelle White. She is both a talented graphic artist and quilt designer at Moda. Click the link below for your printable PDF of Michelle’s setting option!

Well folks, the girls are scolding me for working. They keep reminding me over and over that I’m supposed to be on vacation, so I guess I better put this computer down and get to it! My goal is to make sure that this is a trip of a lifetime for my grandson, full of great experiences and fun! There is nothing better than time spent with family. Making memories like these is so important. After all, they don’t stay young very long – neither do we for that matter! I will do my best to check in later in the week with an update and some photos of all our shenanigans. In the mean time, don’t forget to tune in to Stitch with Lisa Bongean this Thursday at 1PM CST where Michelle and Jess will be showcasing their favorite Easter projects. Easter is just around the corner so if you’re still looking for the perfect home décor or basket stuffers you don’t want to miss it! Click the link below to watch!

OH! And before I go, I want to say thanks to those of you who continue to comment, like, and share on all our social media outlets! We love giving away prizes, so if you’d like a chance at winning one please leave us a comment here on the blog or during Stitch with Lisa Bongean!Tell us how your spring is coming along. Do you have grass in the yard yet or is it still a big mess? Are you lucky enough to have nice grass all year round? Tell us what that’s like!

Pink and Yellow Field Flowers with Bees and Stitch Every Day slogan

Speaking of prizes, Heidi has a couple of lucky blog readers picked out as PRIZE WINNERS from those of you who commented last week! Jan R. and Cheryl G. – check your email! As usual, I don’t want to post last names or email addresses for everyone’s privacy, so if you think you’re one of these lucky winners please contact Heidi at if you have not already received an email from her. She will use your email address to confirm that you are in fact the winner (in the case that there is someone with the same initials, she will determine the correct person with matching email credentials)! If you’re not a winner this week, please keep trying. You could be next! See you all next week! ~Lisa

60 responses to “Are You a Blockhead?”

  1. Mary Hawk Avatar
    Mary Hawk

    Neat block. We are having a chilly rain in Iowa but the grass is greening and plants are popping!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Rain in WI today Mary, and lots of it! I can honestly say I’m not missing the place at the moment, LOL! Perfect day to stay inside and stitch!

  2. Sherilyn Wethington Avatar
    Sherilyn Wethington

    Enjoy your vacation! Much needed after all of your Wisconsin weather you have/get to endure! I need to get started on my red and white challenge, after I get back from Dallas! Always good to have something to look forward to! 😎

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      I’m looking forward to seeing your red and white quilt hanging in The Gathering come November Sherilyn!

  3. Beth C Avatar
    Beth C

    We are having false spring and third winter swings in Utah. Because of the drought last year, a lot of our grass died in the back yard. We are replacing it with pea gravel in the areas our dog plays to reduce mud tracking. Going to Dave the grass in the front and side yards since it perked up over the winter, but we’ll see how dry it gets this summer.

  4. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    Sew excited for Blockheads 4, always exciting to see what each designer comes up with

  5. Pat Widmaier Avatar
    Pat Widmaier

    Enjoy your vacation! I’m thinking about becoming a Blockhead! Love your blocks.

  6. Deb Magerkurth Avatar
    Deb Magerkurth

    Very dreary here w rain last couple of days but we can handle it as green grass is sure to follow. Perfect time to share a trip w grandchildren. Hope to follow suit in a couple of years when youngest is four or five. Hubby is designing and ordering garden seeds while I’m knee deep in quilting projects. Sew much to do yet sew much more I want to do. Will I live long enough to say, “it is finished”? Have a blessed day!

  7. Maria Hanson Avatar
    Maria Hanson

    Hope you’re having a blast! I’ve got the wedding quilt on the longarm!!!

  8. Lisa Rettig Avatar
    Lisa Rettig

    Your blocks look great! And I can’t wait to see Jessica’s, that yellow is dreamy!

  9. Tammy Marquardt Avatar
    Tammy Marquardt

    Enjoy your vacation. No working allowed! Lol

  10. Kay Romahn Avatar
    Kay Romahn

    Spring showed up for a couple days here in SE Wisconsin, but then winter weather came back. Very foggy today. Haven’t finished BH3 yet, but will start BH4 today. Great fun!

  11. kpavski7243 Avatar

    Living in So Cal I always have green grass but this week is spectacular with temps in the 80’s. But, I am working on two flannel quilts for my grandson and his best friend as high school graduations gifts to take to college. I am going to work on blockheads 4 and making it scrappy but don’t know the accent color yet. Just putting together 3 at this time in red and white and love it so far

  12. Lorraine Wieziolowski Avatar
    Lorraine Wieziolowski

    Love your colors, first blocks are awesome! My spring so far is vacationing in Florida. Love the sunshine. Missing my sewing machine!

  13. Diana Randolph Avatar
    Diana Randolph

    Hope you’re having a wonderful vacation! Enjoy every minute with your grandson!

  14. Sandy Kipphut Avatar
    Sandy Kipphut

    Never done a Blockhead but it’s very tempting. Maybe scrappy??? Spring is in the air. Tulips blooming, tres budding, grass greening up. Pollen flies here for the next couple months everything will be yellow. But it is beautiful!!!

  15. KLZ Avatar

    My daffodils just started to sprout up from the ground and there are lots of robins in the yard. I am making my first Red & White quilt and hope to make a trip to Primitive Gatherings in Nov to see the Red & White Quilt display. I was inspired by a YouTube video on a Quilt Show in NYC 10+ years ago.

  16. Barbara. Morse Avatar
    Barbara. Morse

    In Southern Maine, we are inching toward spring but even tho the sun is shining, the wind is still cold. That makes sitting inside to stitch with wool my preferred activity.

    1. Lj Avatar

      Rain, rain, and more rain expected in Indiana. Hoping it makes the grass green and flowers bloom soon! Almost finished piecing “Love is all we need” quilt. Then I will be ready to start another. Watched BH but never participated. Enjoy your vacation!

  17. terrimulinixyahoocom Avatar

    I’ve never done the block heads, but I think I’m going to try this time. Happy Vacation.’

  18. Carmen N Avatar
    Carmen N

    Looks like another fun quilt- 4 1/2 “ blocks for me. Now I just have to decide on fabric choices.

  19. Joyce J Avatar

    I love Urban Farmhouse Gatherings II and I’m excited to use it for the Moda Blockheads Sew-Along. Time to order!

  20. Barbara Woodman Avatar
    Barbara Woodman

    I’m also using Urban Farmhouse 11, but no pop color added. I have never done an all neutral quilt and am excited to use these gorgeous greys.

  21. betsybitner Avatar

    Your Blockheads 4 quilt will be perfect for Halloween – I love it! Enjoy making memories in Florida with your family.

  22. Beverly Lawler Avatar
    Beverly Lawler

    I live in Lewiston NY which is near Niagara Falls on the Canadian border. Right now it is raining and cold. May have some snow again on the weekend. Daffodils are popping up here right now. I love the orange fabric on your Moda blocks! I have not done any Moda blockhead quilts yet- this might be the year!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Hi Beverly! Thanks for your comment. I love Tulips and Daffodils – such beautiful and resilient flowers! If you’re thinking of participating in Blockheads 4, I really think you should go for it. No better time than the present! Good luck! ~Lisa

  23. Joanne Rodriguez Avatar
    Joanne Rodriguez

    Wow, living in Florida is so different. Living with year round green lawn is not the best for me. Being from our beautiful state of Wisconsin, I miss having 4 seasons!! Even green Christmas!! Love you all at PG, see you at the gatherings for August reunion!!

  24. Deb WORTHMAN Avatar

    Beautiful blocks. I participated in BH1 and BH3. I have learned a lot each week, with all of the tips.

  25. Shelly R Avatar
    Shelly R

    I am also going to do BH4! I have previously done a blockhead’s quilt and really enjoyed it. It taught me a lot. Everyone should give it a try!

  26. Cheryl Gherna Avatar
    Cheryl Gherna

    Thank you for a special surprise that made my day!

  27. Sharon S Avatar
    Sharon S

    Having just been in Florida myself, I was happy to see the tulips and daffodils coming up in my flower bed when I came home. I love the Blockheads quilts and am looking forward to starting this one. I am also going to use Urban Farmhouse Gatherings to make this quilt. Looking forward to starting.

  28. Dottie Jackson Avatar
    Dottie Jackson

    I did Blockheads 1 and 2, skipped 3 for now but excited to do 4. Can’t thank you and all the designers enough for providing the time and expertise to share their designs with us. Welcome to Central Florida and I hope you’re enjoying yourselves and the weather is cooperating!

  29. Mary Durham Avatar
    Mary Durham

    It is cold, wet and dreary in Missouri this week. We have had some really nice warm days in the past couple of weeks, so the grass is starting to green up finally.
    I don’t really have time to do this, but I’m jumping in and becoming a blockhead this time. I’ve always wanted to, but always put it off till I was going to be so far behind. Your first blocks look stunning!

  30. Susan M. Grochowski Avatar
    Susan M. Grochowski

    Rainy, cold and windy here in Cudahy WI. I’m sure the weather is much better in Florida! Grass is starting to green but waterlogged at the moment. Really like your and Jess’s color choices for Blockhead4.! I’m going bright with summer colors!

  31. linda d bechtel Avatar
    linda d bechtel

    I love the color green! The yard seemed to be white most of this year!!! But is greening up right now! Living in Pennsylvania we have a lot of green pine trees that helps to color our landscape. I like the changes of seasons and do not think I would like to look at green grass 12 months of the year!!

  32. Clara Avatar

    I love the Blockhead projects. Although I’ve only made a few blocks from each priorrelease, they are useful for other projects. Enjoy your vacation, Lisa!

  33. Janet D Avatar
    Janet D

    Enjoy your vacation and have lots of fun. We got 13 inches of snow yesterday, so no green grass here yet.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Oh my! 13″ is a lot of snow. Sounds like a perfect time to start a new quilting project! Stay warm! ~Lisa

  34. Jill Atkins Avatar
    Jill Atkins

    I think I’ll try the blockheads 4, sounds like fun!! We don’t have grass, just rock- but it’s showing some green with those pesky little weeds!

  35. Mary on Lake Pulaski Avatar
    Mary on Lake Pulaski

    I was so happy with the rain melting all the remaining snow only to wake up this morning to snow!

  36. Diane Schumann Avatar
    Diane Schumann

    I’m excited to become a blockhead!! I’m going to try the 4 1/2” blocks! Sounds like a lot of fun!! Enjoy your vacation!

  37. Susan Slover Avatar
    Susan Slover

    You are such an inspiration Lisa! I continue to learn something new from you all the time!!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Thank you Susan!

  38. Jennifer Roth Avatar
    Jennifer Roth

    Spring is slowly getting here in Missouri. We had nice warm last week and so daffodils are popping up! The trees are also starting to bloom. The redbuds are gorgeous right now. But it has been cold and rainy this week. 🥺 I am excited about Blockheads 4. I am still thinking through what to do for fabric choices, but have some thoughts.

  39. Barb K Avatar
    Barb K

    We have had a dry winter (not much snow) and not much rain so far this spring in Nebraska, so no green here yet–still waiting!! I have not yet done “Blockheads” but looks like fun and I have some 10″ squares so may have to give it a try.

  40. Jan from east Texas Avatar
    Jan from east Texas

    What does “sweet 16s” in the yardage suggestions? I’m familiar with all the precuts, but not this one. I searched your shop without results.

    Some day, I want to go to The Gathering for a retreat!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Hi Jan! A Sweet 16 is a 9″ x 11″ swatch of fabric – or, in other words, 1/16th of a yard. I hope this helps! If not, you can always call the shop at 920-722-7233. The girls will be happy to help you!

  41. dorsic Avatar

    My spring is going well, making progress on some of my works in progress and organizing my scraps. The weather here in western Kansas has been a bit like Jekyll and Hyde, beautiful one day into the 70’s and then snow the next day. Fortunately the snow melts either the same day or the next and it is good for greening up the grass.

  42. Jolin Barilla Avatar
    Jolin Barilla

    I hope you have a wonderful vacation with your grandson.

  43. Nettie Sews and Quilts Avatar

    I do like this block. I am thinking about joining the Blockheads 4 this year. I have not participated prior years. Our Spring weather is getting nicer for sure. Makes me want to go camping. Thank you.

  44. Beth Esser Avatar
    Beth Esser

    Hi Lisa! What a great week to be in FL! Rainy and cold gray days here in Portage WI. Lots of robins picking in our brown lawn that hasn’t turned green yet. I did Moda Blockheads 1. Thought I would use up my stash and make each block different colors but soon bought a layer cake of Rachael Remembered by Betsy Chutchian and used most of that along with my stash and a starter pack of fabrics that you had offered at the time. I put half my squares on point and the other half sashed one in dark and one in light using all stash fabrics for that, borders and backing so I was very pleased with the outcome. I entered it in the Sun Prairie Quilt show and won a 1st place! If I did another I would use one fabric line/ color way like you do, but don’t plan on it at this time😁

  45. Patty Jones Avatar

    Wow, I absolutely love your choice of Bella solid to go with your Urban Farmhouse Gatherings II, such a neat pop of color!! I am in south central Missouri and our weather has been all over the place lately, with some beautifully perfect sunshiney days of 70 degrees, but currently rainy, damp, and cold. The daffodills are popped out all over the place and the grass is greening up and starting to grow though so it won’t be long till it is nicer weather all the time.
    Thank you for your inspiration, but the girls are right……….you need to enjoy that vacation and make the most of your grandbaby time so you can go back home refreshed and ready to throw tons more inspiration at us! : ) Enjoy your time!

  46. yvonneshomespun Avatar

    This will be my First Moda Block Heads quilt a long!!! I am enjoying beautiful weather in the 80’s in Northern California. The wisteria is blooming and I am starting my garden for this year. The bumblebees are out during the day and the crickets & frogs are noisy at night. LIFE IS GOOD!!!

  47. Linda Cates Avatar

    This is a great blog post! Thank you all the information about Blockheads 4 all in one place. Hope you are enjoying your trip and making lots of memories. Your grandkids will cherish these memories for the rest of their lives.

  48. kathyreeves Avatar

    I dove in and am doing the 4.5 inch blocks, using my scrap bag of tiny scraps. We’ll see how far I get! Today was gorgeous, 65 in Rapid City, but with 25 mph winds. The calm moments were glorious!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      It’s been so windy in WI, it’s crazy! I’m hoping it will die down soon and we can get on with more stable temps and weather. Happy stitching! ~Lisa

  49. Sandie Avatar

    I was hoping that winter was behind us here in W PA, but I knew better than that. It’s in the 20’s here today, but hopefully reaching the 60’s later in the week. Best thing about this weather is that it gave me time to excavate my sewing area and find my machine.Cleaned the whole room out, donated what I won’t use to a Nursing home (3 huge totes!), installed my design wall, and I AM GOING TO QUILT!!! Yay!

  50. Barbara Avatar

    Spring this year for me is waiting for the desert blooms in Arizona. Nice change to have sunshine compared to Wisconsin snow. This is my second blockheads. I’ve learned plenty last time. Especially how to starch fabric! Looking forward to another fun journey making blocks.

  51. Liz Avatar

    Hi Lisa. You said you are making 6″ blocks instead of the 12″ on the pattern. Are you calculating your own reductions for each piece or is there a 6″ option on the pattern?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      I’m making 9 and 4.5″ blocks like the pattern…sorry if I said 6″

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