Farmhouse Friends “Just Flowers” Stitch-Along Block #12 – Hydrangeas

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. I’m excited to say that it’s finally it’s my turn to post my block for this year’s Farmhouse Friends “Just Flowers” Stitch-Along. I saw all of the other blocks and knew these hydrangeas had to be BLUE! Just look at these hand-dyed appliquéd flowers. They almost look real with all the light and dark variations of color in the wool. I know there are a lot of flowers here, but look at the results! There’s also a lot of cutting, but trust me it’s worth it. Plus, this block is super easy to stitch so you’ll save yourself some time there!

As you can see I also added the date on my block, which is always a fun addition. Ready to make yours? We have several options available for this block! Download and print your own block for FREE by hitting the link below!


I really had a lot of fun with this block – and I have to say I’m pretty proud of it, which is why I love sharing it with all of you! No printer? No problem! You can purchase a printed version of the pattern for a small charge of $5.00! Click the link below to order your printed pattern now!


To add to the fun we’re also offering KITS for this gorgeous block! They are also available by hitting the link below. Not only do kits make life easier for you, but the profits also help us to continue to bring you these Stitch/Quilt-Alongs. Thank you for your purchase – we appreciate you all!

Click Here to ORDER Your KIT!

If you need to find any of the prior blocks for this Stitch-Along you can visit the Farmhouse Friends facebook group or more information and links to each block!

CLICK HERE for Previous “JUST FLOWERS” Stitch-Along BLOCKS!

As always, you can catch me every Thursday at 1PM CST on my Stitch with Lisa Bongean YouTube Channel! And don’t forget to leave me a comment here on the blog for a chance to win a prize! Are you participating in this Stitch-Along? How are your blocks coming? What’s your favorite so far? Let me know in the comments! That’s all I have for now – I’ll be back soon! ~Lisa

30 responses to “Farmhouse Friends “Just Flowers” Stitch-Along Block #12 – Hydrangeas”

  1. Mary Bongers Avatar
    Mary Bongers

    Love, love, love your block! It would be lovely as a table runner as well, with one bouquet on each end.

  2. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    LOVE LOVE LOVE and of course I will be ordering a kit, it’s just the right size to work on while I have Jury duty!

  3. Jane Avatar

    This is sooooo Beautiful

  4. Cind a Burgland Avatar
    Cind a Burgland

    I really enjoy your blog. I’m not doing this stitch-along, but I’m going to make this into a pillow.

  5. Dottie Jackson Avatar
    Dottie Jackson

    Love the Hydrangeas block, thank you! Excited to pull some blues and work on them.

  6. Beverly J Baumann Avatar
    Beverly J Baumann

    Love seeing your posts and ‘lives’!

  7. Brenda C Wyatt Avatar
    Brenda C Wyatt

    Thanks Lisa! This is so stinking cute, as always love your designs!

  8. Carmen Montmarquet Avatar
    Carmen Montmarquet

    Thank You Lisa, love hydrangeas, really love your block!

  9. Debbie Miller Avatar
    Debbie Miller

    Love the blue hydrangeas-thanks!

  10. Jennifer Clay Avatar
    Jennifer Clay

    Do you have a list of recommended valdani threads for this beautiful kit?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Hi Jennifer! You can find recommended threads for the kit by clicking this link and scrolling to the bottom: You will see them there in the “Related Items” section. Thanks for asking, happy stitching! ~Lisa

  11. Laura ! Avatar
    Laura !

    I am saving up all the blocks in emails till I see final layout. I have so many projects I must do but if I live this one I will add it to the every growing list , like most of the wool box projects. Lol. I just love all these stitch alongs and I think this group is my favorite. The designers are the best and are the ones I always buy things from. Thanks for all this group does for us.

  12. Avatar

    love your designs on all your sew alongs. thanks for sharing

  13. Marcia Bent Avatar
    Marcia Bent

    Lisa, this block is STUNNING! Ordered the kit… of course. I came to this Mystery Quilt late, so Im just about finished with block one. The blocks are all so beautiful which makes the work that more satisfying. My foot is in a “boot” …..oh my…I guess I will be just have to spend hours stitching. Oh the joy of it! 🌷

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Awesome Marcia! Thanks so much for ordering the kit. I know you’re going to love it. Keep up the good work! ~Lisa

  14. Clara Avatar

    I love the block! My hydrangea are just beginning to leaf out so the blooms in the block will be a good substitute.

  15. Jan Avatar

    I have lace cap hydrangeas in my circle but had to cut them back last fall as they were branching over the drive & if we had snow hubby would be plowing into them. They’re beginning to leaf out now so we’ll have to wait to see about blooms. I haven’t seen the other blocks on this SAL but I’ll be copying your pattern.

  16. Gail Duval Avatar
    Gail Duval

    That block is beautiful

  17. brochtru Avatar

    The hydrangeas block is beautiful! Thank you for the pattern!

  18. Sara Hardy-Wilcox Avatar
    Sara Hardy-Wilcox

    Beautiful blue color. I did not know about the stitch along. Might give it a try. Thank you for all of the free content.

  19. Linda Markellis Avatar
    Linda Markellis

    This pattern is beautiful – thank you so much for sharing it! I tried the link for the previous block patterns, but the page says “sorry, but this content isn’t available right now”. I’ll save the link with the hope that it will eventually work.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Hi Linda! It seems you have to join the facebook group to see their progress. Give that a try, hope it works!

  20. Jill Atkins Avatar
    Jill Atkins

    Beautiful block!!! Just ordered the kit

  21. Kim Powell Avatar
    Kim Powell

    Such a beautiful block Lisa! Yes I see there will be LOTS OF CUTTING! Lol. But I’m sure totally worth it! I didn’t know about your YouTube channel so I’m super excited to follow!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Hi Kim! Yes! Every Thursday at 1PM CST I’m LIVE, as well as every Tuesday at 9AM CST we have our shop talk!

  22. Dorothy Hopko Avatar
    Dorothy Hopko

    certainly was my favorite flower in Grandmas garden in Illinois …after moving to
    California I tried to grow – but I am in the desert area of Joshua Tree…and just did not make it ….but thanks to you Lisa….I will now have my wonderful plant 24/7 and all year long….I do so love the color….thank you

  23. Gerri Alldredge Avatar
    Gerri Alldredge

    Lisa, you just never disappoint. This block is just beautiful and I’m already getting it ready today. Thank you for participating in these mystery quilt alongs. It’s been quite a blessing in my life. What a perfect little block. It was a great idea to include the year.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Hi Gerri! You have been selected as one of our blog comment prize winners. Please check your email!

  24. Sue Peifer Avatar
    Sue Peifer

    Such a BEAUTIFUL design! Thank you so much.

    My friend and I visited your new store yesterday. I can’t tell you how helpful Luke was. The information he shared with us was so informative. We were so busy learning from Luke that we didn’t get our shopping finished so now we are planning on a return trip. The kit for this block is now on my shopping list.

    Blessings to all of the Primitive Gatherings family.

  25. Laurie Parsons Avatar
    Laurie Parsons

    Your block is so pretty! All those little pieces though, cut cut cut!!! 🙂

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