Always Remember…

Hi everyone. Just popping in to wish you all a safe and restful Memorial Day as we all take time to remember those who have fallen in honor of our freedom. I hope your weekend was full of love, laughter, family, and friends…and of course good food! It finally kind of feels like summer is here in WI. I will see you all tomorrow at 9AM CST for Shop Talk.” Shelley is on vacation so I’ll be hosting! Click the link below to tune-in. See you soon! ~Lisa

6 responses to “Always Remember…”

  1. Fran House Avatar
    Fran House

    Yes–respect and honor for all those who have served in the military. My husband is retired Air Force Lt. Colonel–flew 141’s in war time.

  2. Diane Wyte Avatar
    Diane Wyte

    We aren’t in our dear USA this year, but how I miss it. Next year we will not leave our beautiful country on this beloved day!! I can’t wait to get to make more red white and blue quilts (as in the mystery!!).

  3. Pat Widmaier Avatar
    Pat Widmaier

    Thank you Lisa! I hope you, Nick and family had a blessed and fun Memorial Day as well! Was a beautiful day in SE Wisconsin to remember our fallen. 🇺🇸

  4. Barbara Lovekamp Avatar
    Barbara Lovekamp

    So important to always remember

  5. Barbara Avatar

    Happy memorial day weekend to you and your staff

  6. Jeanne Giebe Avatar
    Jeanne Giebe

    Happy Memorial Day from Missouri to Wisconsin!

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