Junk in Your Trunk!

Hey stitchers, welcome back to my blog! I don’t know what it was about this last CA trip of mine, but I feel especially happy to be back home in WI. Traveling that far in a short time really takes a lot out of a girl! After all the rain that fell while I was away, a week later the grass is a lot taller and the trees are full of lush green leaves… I feel like I’ve come home to the jungle of the north! Spring has definitely sprung. If you need the proof, it’s all over my car in the form of yellow pollen dust and cottonwood fuzz! Ahh, the joys of having four seasons.

I got home late Wednesday night and despite my exhaustion, I could barely sleep because I was so excited about our big Warehouse Sale and “Junk in Your Trunk” event that’s going on as we speak. There has been a heck of a lot of planning and preparation going into these events, and I have to say that it’s super satisfying seeing everything coming together. I want to thank my awesome staff for all their hard work in setting everything up because without them, this would have been one heck of a big job to tackle alone!

We kicked off the big sale weekend bright and early yesterday, and things were in full swing by mid-morning. I really couldn’t have asked for better weather, so it was nothing less than lovely to sit outside manning my “treasure booth” for most of the day (my blog manager Heidi is extremely jealous of the nice tan I have going on – as she should be!). We have a nice set-up with several vendor booths outside featuring things like finished quilt samples, home décor, hand-dyed wool, baked goods, hand-painted barn quilts, wood working, and more (vendors vary by day)!

This is all happening at the same time as the Winchester Town Wide Garage Sale event, so you will have plenty of shopping options to choose from… after you’re done blowing your budget here at PG of course. In case you get hungry our soup and salad bar will be open for lunch, which always hits the spot. And if you’re like me and have a sweet tooth to satisfy, we have Erica’s signature homemade snickerdoodle cookies available for purchase as well!

Unfortunately, the forecast is calling for rain tomorrow so we may not be able to set up our vendor booths outside. If that happens not to worry – our rain plan is to simply move vendors inside at The Gathering!

More of an indoor shopper overall? Come check out the awesome deals Jess and Amy have put together for you inside the shop and warehouse! Save big on fabric, notions, patterns, kits, jewelry, home décor, pre-made samples, and a bunch more! If you’re looking for something to do and happen to be in the area, stop out! The sale runs until 5PM today. We start back up at 7:00 AM tomorrow and will be open through 5PM.If you aren’t local or simply can’t get out here to shop, you can also find warehouse sale items on our website through Sunday (in-store sale runs through Saturday)! To find the listed sale items simply visit http://www.primitivegatherings.us and click the “NEW” tab. Then click “Warehouse Sale.” For a direct link click HERE. Did you get a chance to watch Stitch with Lisa Bongean yesterday? I was live on scene here at the sale to give you a first-hand glimpse of all the shenanigans going on. If you’d like a virtual recap of the event you can still watch the replay by hitting the STITCH button below!

Boy, as fast as it went this week felt long! I’m really looking forward to the weekend and just being at HOME. It sure will be nice to enjoy a little rest and relaxation before next week is in our laps and demanding all the attention. I hope you all have a great weekend and I will see you very soon! Take care and of course, do your best to stitch EVERY day! Bye for now! ~Lisa

8 responses to “Junk in Your Trunk!”

  1. Deb Magerkurth Avatar
    Deb Magerkurth

    Your staff is wonderful! Great example of teamwork!

  2. Karen Avatar

    Just ordered on the web! Can’t wait yo get it. GoodLuck!

  3. Germaine Avatar

    Made some money at Junk in your Trunk, spent some money at the Warehouse Salle and Junk in your Trunk, and still came home with some cash. What a deal! Also fun chatting with people and petting Bucky and Teddy. Thanks for combining these two awesome events!

  4. Lynette Avatar

    Lisa there is a black and pink quilt
    with purses on the table is it available for sale?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Hi Lynette! I know which quilt you’re talking about but I’m not sure if it sold or not. That table was an outside vendor and wasn’t part of our inventory.

  5. Caryn Bravos Avatar
    Caryn Bravos

    Looks like a wonderful event. I had knee replacement surgery last Monday so maybe I’ll get there next year 😀

  6. Joanne Rodriguez Avatar
    Joanne Rodriguez

    Unbelievable amount of things you all do, it’s fabricolous!

  7. Sharon Carbine Avatar

    Lisa, your sister Lisa’s first quilt, which she shared in your last YouTube video, was stunning. You did a great job encouraging her and helping her!

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