O’ Say Can You Sew – Clue #4

Happy Independence Day everyone!!! What better way to celebrate America’s birthday than to release the next clue for the O’ Say Can You Sew Mystery Quilt-Along!? Clue #4 is designed to be simple and fun, so you can get back to your holiday shenanigans in a jiff! This clue might feel a bit familiar to you because it’s very similar to Clue #1. The difference only applies if you’re doing the red, white, and blue motif like I am, because you’re basically switching colors from blue to red. Those of you doing the scrappy version are free to do whatever floats your boat!

This straightforward checkerboard pattern can be done in a snap using the strip-cut and piece method, or you can cut 1 1/2″ squares – both ways work great for this clue. I know you’re anxious to get your hands on the full pattern and instructions for Clue #4, so let’s get to it! Simply hit the link below to get the full instructions and printable PDF.

Clue #4 is available as a FREE download now through Monday August 1st, 2022. After that, it will be available to purchase on our website for $5.00. If you’re just joining me on this Quilt-Along there is still plenty of time to catch up! Links to all released clues are listed in the O’ Say Can You Sew Clue Archive, which can be found in the main menu at the top of this page. New clues are posted on the first Monday of every month. Remember, once the current month’s clue is posted, the prior clue is no longer free but can be purchased for a small fee of $5.00. For more visual learners I will also be posting a video tutorial of each clue on my Stitch with Lisa Bongean YouTube channel every month, so be sure to check that out as well! You can watch the Clue #4 tutorial by hitting the “STITCH” button below!

Sticking with the red, white, and blue motif but starting to run out of scraps? No problem! We still have fat quarter bundles in stock that will be perfect to supplement your stash. There are blues, whites, and creams available in bundles of 12 fat quarters for $30.00 per bundle (that’s two FREE!), and red bundles of 8 fat quarters for $24.00. They’re also great for any straggler Independence Day projects you might still be wrapping up.

Because we’re celebrating such and important holiday this week – and mostly because I’m nice – here’s a hot tip to give you a head start on the next clue. I will say that I definitely see some half-square triangles in your near future, and that 1″ half-square triangle paper is going to be your best friend for Clue #5. My best advice is to get it ordered now (two packs to be specific) so that by the time August arrives, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running! You can stock up on PG Triangle Paper of a variety of sizes on our website.

That’s all I have for you today because speaking of red, white, and blue… I have celebrating to get back to! This weekend has been nothing short of gorgeous, with perfect weather and plenty of family time, good food, and fun. It’s been so good that I plan to keep it going for a bit, and take some time away from the studio for a little stay-cation for the rest of the week.

Just a reminder we are CLOSED TODAY – Monday July 4th so everyone at PG also gets a chance to spend some time with family and friends. We’ll be back open for regular business hours on Tuesday July 5th at 10AM CST. Also, because most of us in the studio will be out of the office this week, there will be no LIVE YouTube broadcasts. That includes both Shop Talk with Shelley and Stitch with Lisa Bongean. We’ll be back with our regularly scheduled Shop Talk on Tuesday July 12th at 9:00AM CST. Set your timer now so you don’t forget! Happy 4th everyone – I’ll see you soon! ~Lisa

15 responses to “O’ Say Can You Sew – Clue #4”

  1. Pat Avatar

    Lisa, you’re killing me with the 1” 1/2 sq triangles, but I’m bound and determined to get them right! Can’t wait to see our next clue!

    Love the pics of your new family member, Jax!

  2. Delores Rast Avatar
    Delores Rast

    Thank you for the new clue. I’m looking forward to working on it today. Happy Independence Day!!!!

  3. Dawn Lee Avatar
    Dawn Lee

    I haven’t been able to participate yet as I have been preparing for a move halfway across the country. I’ve been downloading all of the clues as they come out so I will be able to make it when I get to my new home. I have really enjoyed seeing all of the blocks and can’t wait to see the finished quilts!

  4. Jolin Barilla Avatar
    Jolin Barilla

    Thank you for this darling pattern. Happy 4th!

  5. Cathy Clark Avatar
    Cathy Clark

    Happy 4th Lisa!!! Your blog makes me feel so good & I love mysteries!

  6. Kim Brandt Avatar
    Kim Brandt

    THANK YOU :0) Happy 4th!!

  7. Patty Jones Avatar

    Oh, yeah!! I forgot about today being the day for this to be released. I am absolutely loving this sewalong and watching my blocks come together. Enjoy your time off!!

  8. Bev F Avatar
    Bev F

    Thanks Lisa.
    Love all your patriotic designs and fabrics.
    Happy 4 th of July to you!

  9. Louise Charlton Avatar
    Louise Charlton

    Happy 4th to Lisa and all the gang at Primitive Gatherings! Have a great week off!

  10. Felice Avatar

    Happy 4th!!! Love your new puppy:) We adopted to last month!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thrilled to say I’m staying caught up with this sew-along……in all scrappy fabrics:)

  11. Linda Cates Avatar
    Linda Cates

    Thank you for this clue and tips for the next one. Great summer fun!

  12. Connie Thomas Avatar
    Connie Thomas

    Happy 4th !!! I have never gotten your subscription box and would love to win!

  13. Linda Click Avatar
    Linda Click

    Lisa, I’m loving O Say Can You Sew mystery quilt patterns! I’m getting there making the clues. I thought I would check out the triangle papers you mention for clue 5. I called Primitive Gatherings today and found out each pkg makes 1,000 1/2 square triangles. You said in your blog yesterday to get 2 packs, will we need 2,000/1/2 square triangles for clue 5? Wow, that’s a lot but I’m willing to give it a try! By the way, will there be an alternate block for clue 5, just kidding.

  14. Carrie D Avatar
    Carrie D

    Love everyone’s comments on clue #5 on FB, this is getting so exciting!

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