MBH4 – Block #16 “Indiana Puzzle”

Wow, is it really Wednesday again? I guess that means it’s time for another Moda Blockheads 4 Block release! Block #16, Indiana Puzzle comes to us from Indiana native, Tammy Vonderschmitt of Moda Fabrics. Tammy is known for her love of scraps and tiny pieces, a characteristic that really shows in this energetic and thoughtful block design! I found Indiana Puzzleespecially fun because it has a little of everything. If you’re a fan of working with half-square triangles, simple squares, or four patches – checkerboard to star-shape – this block has it going on! Don’t let its complex vibe scare you. Even though Indiana Puzzle seems like a complicated block, if you break it down into nine separate blocks it’s actually fairly easy. Throw in some strip cutting for the four patches and presto! You’ll be done in what feels like no time. For the complete pattern and instructions for Indiana Puzzle,” click the button below!

I’m happy to report that I’m still right on track with this quilt-along (…maybe even a little ahead but shhhh – we won’t talk about that!). Fabric wise, I’m sticking with the bright orange Bella solid I’ve been using, combined with grayscale prints from my Urban Farmhouse Gatherings II line. For the larger center square, I chose a black floral print on medium gray. The same was used for the smaller surrounding squares, which makes it look like they’re being spun off of their larger twin by the “pinwheel” shape surrounding it. For the triangle portions of this block, I used a lighter gray with an adorable tie-shaped tiny print in contrasting dark gray.

What do you think, do you like it? If you’re really into the way I pieced my blocks together and want to do the same, you can also usually find the orange color I’m using in the shop – a bright Bella Solid called “Ochre.” Unfortunately, we are still sold out of “Ochre” but have it on order so it should be in stock soon! As I mentioned, all of my grayscale fabric choices for these blocks came from my Urban Farmhouse Gatherings II line, which you can find by clicking the button below!

Are you just joining MBH4? All of the previously released MBH4 blocks can be accessed by visiting the Moda Blockheads 4 Archive. You can find the archive in the main list of links at the top of my blog page or on Moda’s website. In addition, bonus blocks can be found on Moda’s Inspiration+Resources Center page by clicking HERE! If you’re having trouble keeping all the details straight you can also sign-up to receive Moda’s weekly Blockheads blog posts via e-mail at the Inspiration+Resources Center as well.

Hopefully you’re managing to keep up with this quilt-along. It’s always so much more fun when you’re not rushing to get it all done at once! I do understand if you’re behind though, believe me – no matter how caught up I get, there’s always something more to do! That’s one of the reasons I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my blog each week – I know how precious your spare time is! To show my on-going gratitude, my goal is to give away at least two prizes per week to readers who continue to comment. It’s easy to win, just ask Susan B. and Marsha B. – our lucky comment winners this week! As always, I am not posting last names or email addresses for everyone’s privacy, so if you think you’re one of these lucky winners please check your email! You can also contact Heidi at heidin@primitivegatherings.us if you have not already received a prize confirmation letter from her. She will use your email address to confirm that you are in fact the winner (in the case that there is someone with the same initials, she will determine the correct person with matching email credentials)! If you’re not a winner this week, don’t cry! I have still have lots of prizes to give away, so keep trying!

Remember, your comments and “likes” help keep us at the top of our social media game so please, keep them coming! Tell me how your Blockheads QAL project is coming along. Are you on track or playing catch-up? What type of fabric did you go with? Scrappy or controlled? I want know all about it – and hey! You might just win something for sharing! Alright friends, I’m supposed to be on stay-cation so that’s all for now. Don’t forget, due to the holiday most of us in the studio will be out of the office this week, so there will be no Stitch with Lisa Bongean tomorrow. We’ll be back with our regularly scheduled Shop Talk on Tuesday July 12th at 9:00AM CST – I’ll see you soon! ~Lisa



23 responses to “MBH4 – Block #16 “Indiana Puzzle””

  1. terrimulinixyahoocom Avatar

    I’m stay caught up even though I working hard on three project for our guilds next quilt show in August. I love the blog and the shop. Thanks Lisa, two of my projects are your designs. I’ll post pictures once they are complete. Happy Sewing everyone.

  2. spiritedsunflower69 Avatar

    I am beginning to get further and further behind. I, unfortunately, picked fabric that I have been saving for the perfect pattern ( over ten years) and now I am finding my tastes have changed and my quilt blocks do not have enough contrast.. Wondering if I should start again or finish what I started.

  3. Patty Jones Avatar

    I was caught up for a long time, but am now two weeks behind while making wedding gifts and also some bridal shower game prizes for a neices upcoming shower. Hopefully, I can finish all this up and get back on track soon! Love your blocks.

  4. Jeanne Joham Avatar
    Jeanne Joham

    I’m just beginning my MBH4 journey … Have one block complete. Have last week’s block cut out and have begun sewing it. Plan to catch up by doing more than 1 block per week. My fabrics are many different 5″ and 10″ squares of Kansas Troubles. I love how all of the Kansas troubles collections fabrics are easily used in 1 quilt.

  5. Patti Mac Avatar

    I’m sewing at 8000 feet in the mountains of Wyoming! I am all caught up on the BH4 as we are somewhat secluded so I don’t have as many distractions here in the summer as I do in the winter months when we head south. Thank you for your encouraging posts as they are really helpful!

  6. Jolin Barilla Avatar
    Jolin Barilla

    You have great info! Thanks!

  7. Darlene Hoctor Avatar
    Darlene Hoctor

    Love the blockheads.

  8. Kaye Hlavaty Avatar
    Kaye Hlavaty

    I decided this year to focus on UFOs and so far so good! So no new quilting projects for me. However, I just visited Pioneer Quilts in Oregon and purchased one of your wool kits! I’m from Georgia so it was exciting to visit a store with so much wool!

    I loved watching your red, white and blue tour of the Gathering. So inspirational! Thanks for all of the enthusiasm that you bring to quilting.

  9. Lori Graham Avatar
    Lori Graham

    Love the fabrics you are using!

  10. Barb K Avatar
    Barb K

    I am downloading “Oh Say Can You Sew” instead of Blockheads as I can’t keep up with both–but am watching other’s progress!

  11. Linda S Avatar
    Linda S

    I wasn’t able to take part in BH4 but I am loving seeing all of the blocks. Saving them so I can work on them later.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Great plan Linda!

  12. Diane Wyte Avatar
    Diane Wyte

    I’m not quite caught up on BH 4 since I had reverse shoulder replacement a few weeks ago. My sewing and cutting ability has diminished somewhat for the time being! I am collecting my block patterns and will get caught up! I’m using wonderful muslin with red white blue feed sacks from my collection! Can’t wait to get back to sewing my blocks! Thanks to all designers!!

  13. Barbara Avatar

    Always enjoy your weekly blog and videos. I’m totally behind on Blockheads 🤦🏻‍♀️ Summer came and I got behind. Hopefully I’ll have a week of sewing soon to get more done. I guess summer is a time to be outside more! Our summers are so short in the Midwest.

  14. Daphne Easler Avatar
    Daphne Easler

    I’m in catch up mode! Using my “staycation” to do it! A storm that blew thru on Tuesday causing a tree to hit our home has interrupted my sewing time though!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Oh no! I hope everyone is ok!

  15. Pat Clark Avatar
    Pat Clark

    Your enthusiasm for fabric and patterns are a blessing for your customers. Than you

  16. Kay Romahn Avatar
    Kay Romahn

    Love your block Lisa. I am definitely playing “catch up”. But I print the patterns every week so I will eventually catch up. It’s fun to see everyone’s completed blocks. Enjoy the rest of your staycation!

  17. Marsha V. Avatar
    Marsha V.

    I am keeping up. I am using a Christmas Kansas Troubles collection I saved for BH4. I fussy cut the candy canes for the setting blocks and have them sewn together. I charted out my quilt and only need 18 pieced blocks so I just about have enough blocks made to complete my top. I’ll collect the directions for the extra blocks I won’t need at this time. Seeing the different ways color combinations change the look of the blocks helps me decide how to use my green, red, gold, and background fabrics. I appreciate you making it easy to find the link to the patterns each week. I have finished the Oh Say Can You Sew top and need to get the backing ready for my LAQ. I really enjoyed the sew along and love the quilt. Enjoy your weekly videos, too. Especially your tour of the patriotic quilts. Wish there were more hours in a day!

  18. Ann Helbling Avatar
    Ann Helbling

    Looking forward to seeing all your blocks together. Love the ochre background

  19. Diane Madison Avatar
    Diane Madison

    I have printed all of the MB4 blocks out to do at a later time. Right now I am trying to stay caught up on O Say Can You Sew SAL and Heartfelt SAL. These are the first sew a longs that I have ever done as I am a new quilter. Thanks for all of your inspiration and encouragement each week!

  20. Karen Seitz Avatar
    Karen Seitz

    I stayed all caught up on Blockheads 4 for the first two weeks. Does that count for anything? — lol I do plan to get back to it after finishing up some other projects. My blocks are three colors — gray, white, and red. It makes it easier for me to decide on fabrics. I love the ochre with the gray in your blocks.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      It sure does count Karen! Keep up the great work! ~Lisa

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