MBH4 – Block #19 “Clover”

Hey Blockheads – it’s that time again! This week we’re exploring MBH4 Block #19, “Clover by Robin Pickens. In years past, Robin worked as a graphic designer in a corporate setting, but quickly discovered that despite the prestige and rewards of the job, the stress and long days were not fulfilling. This inspired her to pursue art that was more personal and artistic. She eventually found joy through illustration, textile, and surface design. Her current works are known for beautiful color, happiness, and positive inspiration, and range from greeting cards and calendars to tabletop collections, rugs, and home décor. She is also a talented fellow fabric designer for Moda!

Robin’s MBH4 contribution, Clover is a charming and unique block that is fun and easy to do. The block design is basically a four-patch, constructed of all half-square triangles with pieced sashing in between the sections. The overall design looks intricate, but if you break it down into four individual four-patch units, it goes together with ease! Cloveris great for both the beginner and seasoned stitcher because either way, you look like a pro at the end with a beautiful block that shows off your skills to prove it. Plus, I think Cloveris especially cool because the finished piece resembles… you guessed it – a four leaf clover! If that’s not your thing don’t worry. The block can also be done simply with more of a star feeling, using a light color for the center and darks for the corners – contrasting with the triangles and sashing. I love a block with options!

For my versions of Clover I decided to keep the same basic color scheme going as I have been using in pervious weeks. I’m using a medium orange Bella Solid called “Ochre” as my background color (sorry, we are still out of stock of Ochre, but should be getting more soon), combined with a mid-gray floral print on black from my Urban Farmhouse Gatherings II line for the outer most pieces, and a portion of the center. I also threw in some light Zen Chic for the center cross, and even used a little bit of my Lakeside Gatherings line from a few years back for the remaining elements.

I hope you’re all having as much fun with this QAL as I am. It’s fun to collaborate ideas as designers to make something remarkable overall. I’m super curious to see how my quilt will look once it’s all put together. Have you thought about which setting option you’re going to use? I’m thinking about going with option #3. What do you think? Let me know in the comments which option you’re thinking about doing! Haven’t thought about it yet? You can check out setting options by clicking HERE!

Now that we’re over half way through MNH4, I’m really starting to get excited to see the final quilt come together! I don’t want to wish it away any faster however, because I know once it’s over I’ll miss the weekly grind of being a blockhead. Then again, several holidays are right around the corner so freeing up some stitching time might not be a horrible thing. I’ll consider it making room for new projects! I know you’re ready to get to work on your own version of this week’s block so let’s get going! For the pattern and full set of instructions for Clover,” visit Robin’s blog by hitting the button below.

Are you just joining MBH4 and need to catch up? It’s easy to find all the information you’ll need including previously released MBH4 blocks in the Moda Blockheads 4 Archive listed in the main menu of links at the top of my blog page. You can also visit Moda’s Inspiration+Resources Center Page for more information, along with all released bonus blocks by clicking HERE! If you’re having trouble keeping all the details straight, you can also sign-upo to receive Moda’s weekly Blockheads blog posts via e-mail at the Inspiration+Resources Center as well.

I hope this week is going well for everyone. I’m always saying it’s hard to believe time flies by so fast, and this week is proving to be no different. It always feels like by the time I recover from the weekend I’m half way through the week… and vice versa! I’m sure just like me you have plenty going on, and plenty to do – whatever the time of year! If you’d like to get a first hand glimpse of what’s on my sewing table right now (to make yourself feel better about your own stack), be sure to join me tomorrow when I go LIVE on my STITCH with Lisa Bongean YouTube channel at 1PM. I’ll be showing off all of my current works in progress, including Revel, O’ Say Can You Sew, MBH4, and Stars all Around to name just a few. Plus I’ll be talking more about our current WOOL SALE, going on now through July 31st, 2022! In case you didn’t know, we’re offering 25% OFF all wool yardage, wool bundles, wool charms, and wool scrap bags! Don’t miss out, click HERE to SHOP now!

As always, remember to leave me a comment both here on my blog, and during my LIVE shows for a chance to win a great prize! This week I want to give a shout out and big THANK YOU to our prize winner Maryanne N. for her comment here on the blog last week! As usual I am not posting last names or email addresses for privacy’s sake, so if you think you’re the lucky one this time around, please check your email! You can also contact Heidi at heidin@primitivegatherings.us if you have not already received a prize confirmation letter from her. She will use your email address to confirm that you are in fact the winner! We appreciate your comments and love to reward you for them, so don’t be shy. I will see you tomorrow at 1:00! Don’t be late… You can tune in by hitting the STITCH button below!  Have great night and I will see you all soon! ~Lisa

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  1. Karen H Avatar
    Karen H

    Wow! Great sale on wool!

  2. Debbie Battaglia-Fawcett Avatar
    Debbie Battaglia-Fawcett

    Can’t wait to see your projects in progress!

  3. terrimulinixyahoocom Avatar

    thanks for keeping us up on what is going one. Happy Sewing

  4. Jill Atkins Avatar
    Jill Atkins

    How do you get so much done?? I’m such a slow poke these days! I do enjoy your weekly videos- they give me inspiration- thank you!!

  5. Sue Avatar

    Cory Yoder has posted her setting for the Blockheads quilt on her blog. I might try that one !

  6. lisabongean Avatar

    I love Lisa and Blog Manager Heidi!!!

  7. JoAnn West Avatar
    JoAnn West

    Lisa, thank you so much for your everyday inspiration…you are truly a ROCK STAR!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      You’re very welcome JoAnn! You all inspire me just as much!

  8. Ronalda Jeanne Pettrey Avatar
    Ronalda Jeanne Pettrey

    I live in Florida but I grew up in Illinois, where we often visited Wisconsin. I have only done a few small wool projects. The pumpkin contest will be my first big one. I am also doing oh say can you sew but I’m behind. I still work full time but I’m getting there. I love the way you and Val teach! And Shelly is great! You all do a wonderful job! Thank you and I wish we lived closer but it’s on my bucket list to come to the gathering.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Can’t wait to see you here some day Ronalda!

  9. Kristen Avatar

    Love reading your blog and watching your lives. I actually get to watch them live in the summer, but as a teacher that will be over soon🥲. I am very excited to see how O’ Say Can You Sew turns out. It is my first mystery quilt and so much fun. You rock😁

  10. Ann Helbling Avatar
    Ann Helbling

    I’m using the layout from a bq pattern.

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