American Farmhouse Block – 2022

Hey gang! Welcome back. As usual, the weekend flew by and I’m left wondering where the time went. I really wish weekends were three days long instead of only two. Wouldn’t that be nice? There never seems to be enough time in the day… I was feeling relatively caught up with projects when I suddenly realized I wasn’t – and that I was actually running behind for a second there! My apologies to those of you who are waiting on my block for the American Farmhouse Mystery Quilt-Along. Despite feeling like complete sludge after my COVID vaccine a couple of weeks ago and then again after my second dose this last week, I gave it my all and worked diligently over the weekend to get this block finished up. I truly apologize again for being late. Proof I’m human I guess! Even I have to slow down sometimes. I hope the cuteness level of this delightful block featuring a proud momma pig giving her darling babies a “piggy-back ride” makes it worth the wait!

Lately it seems lot of the blocks I’ve been stitching for QAL’s have been on the easier side, so I decided to kick it up a notch and make this block a bit more challenging. You’ll sharpen your stitching skills and advance your knowledge in the wool appliqué department with this interesting, unique, and adorable pattern. I really enjoy the textured look the different layers in this block creates. Along with a variety of unique stitchery techniques including the blanket stitch, cross stitch, stem stitch, and colonial knots, reverse appliqué gives the overall scene a larger depth of field, resulting in a more dimensional look and feel. This lovely block measures 12″ x 12″ when finished. Ready to get to work on the final piece of the American Farmhouse Mystery Quilt-Along puzzle? For a printable PDF of the full pattern and instructions for my block, click the button below!

I did get a couple of questions about the difficulty level of the piglets last week during my LIVE show on STITCH with Lisa Bongean.” I mentioned that if you’re feeling like the smaller pieces and intricate stitching are more of a challenge than you’re willing to take on, simply do the pattern with fewer piglets or without any at all! If you would like to order a kit for this oinky little pig block, they are available for $22.00, or $28.00 for the kit and pattern combined. Thread kits and individual patterns are also available. You can purchase everything you need by following the link below!

Before I go, I want to mention a couple of updates about Shop Talk with Shelley. In case you missed our announcement last week, just a heads up that beginning next week on Tuesday August 30th, Shop Talk will be starting at 9:30 AM CST rather than our previous time of 9:00 AM. With school starting soon and the holidays approaching, a later start is going to work a heck of a lot better with everyone’s schedule. Secondly, there will be NO broadcast tomorrow, Tuesday August 23rd. Kali, Jess, and Heidi will be on location at Whistler’s Knoll Vineyard first thing tomorrow morning, shooting photography for my next fabric line release, Red and White Gatherings scheduled to arrive this October. I’m super excited!

You know how I love red and white… I obviously can’t wait for this line to get here! Red and White Gatherings is made up of cream-based whites and a stunning mix of reds, ranging from middle of the road to dark and deep. Print patterns include floral, linear, and geometrical designs that span from tiny to large giving you a wide spectrum of visual variety.

Of course, I also have a correlating design book coming out that will contain nine unique designs (12 total quilts – some with more than one version) – all based on Red & White Gatheringsfabric. If you’re looking for a bit of red and white inspiration, this book is the perfect solution! As of now, it will be available to ship in October, 2022. Quilt kits are not available yet but will be coming soon!

Don’t forget! Pre-cuts and yardage of Red & White Gatherings” AND the project book Red and White Gatherings are officially available to pre-order from our website. Just click the link below! Not to mention, now is a great time to stock up on “Red & White Gatherings” because all pre-cuts are 20% OFF (for a limited time)! Please note: Pre-orders should be the only thing in your car when you are ordering. If you have other, non pre-order items to purchase you will need to order them through a separate transaction!

I do love it when a new line releases – for lots of reasons – but I think the best part is the creative inspiration that comes along with it. Seems like all it takes is one look at a new collection and the ideas start flowing like the levee broke. Just like Einstein said, “Creativity is seeing what others see, and thinking what no one else ever thought.” What do you see? What does this line make you think about? Let me know what your plans are for Red & White Gatherings in the comments! Are you planning to enter the 2022 Red & White Quilt Challenge? Do you have a Christmas project in mind? Tell me all about it! Who knows, maybe you’ll end up inspiring ME! That’s all for now friends. Take care and I will see you here on the blog on Wednesday! ~Lisa

19 responses to “American Farmhouse Block – 2022”

  1. pwid5626gmailcom Avatar

    Love the pig and baby pigs block. Reminds me of my summer vacations on family farm up in Greenbush MN.

    Just ordered some red and white gatherings. Can’t wait to see it and get busy with it. I’ve got a quilt pattern in mind for the layer cake. Speaking of red and white, I better get myself started on my challenge quilt. October will be here before we know it! Hope you’re feeling stronger and getting that mojo back! Take care, Lisa!


  2. Carrie DeCoster Avatar
    Carrie DeCoster

    Excited for the red and white gathering!

  3. Kristen Trader Avatar
    Kristen Trader

    Super excited for red and white. I keep thinking of a red snowflake on white background.

  4. Diane Poirier Avatar
    Diane Poirier

    I love red and white! One of my favorite combinations

  5. Cheryl D Keown Avatar
    Cheryl D Keown

    OMGosh, loving the Red and White Gatherings so much. Thank you for the free piggy pattern–too cute.

  6. Peggy Nelson Avatar
    Peggy Nelson

    This block with the baby piglets is so cute!! ❤❤❤ a true farmhouse block!

  7. Lorraine Wieziolowski Avatar
    Lorraine Wieziolowski

    Taking part in Red and White Challenge and can’t wait to get it back from my Quilter! The piglets are very very cute! Hope you’re back to 💯% really soon!

  8. Karen Mathison Avatar
    Karen Mathison

    I’m so looking forward to the Farmhouse BOM. My granddaughter is in FFA & shows pigs. So definitely super excited about the first block. Lisa thanks for keeping me sane.

  9. Phyllis Avatar


    I love the pig and her babies. For some reason, I’m having problems printing the pattern. Is anyone else?

  10. Phyllis Avatar

    I got it to print. For some reason my printer wanted to use picture paper or print from the picture tray. I just changed that setting for the pattern. Thank you Lisa!!

  11. Sandi Avatar

    Your new fabric line in red and white looks yummy! Your piglet block is darling! You are such an inspiration to so many! I appreciate all you do for so many, your upbeat attitude and encouragement is such an inspiration to me and so many others! Thank you

  12. Traci slomba Avatar
    Traci slomba

    I’m crushing on this line and I’m very excited for its arrival. I’ve always wanted to do a Bethlehem star quilt in red and white and I think this is the one!!!!

  13. Carrie DeCoster Avatar
    Carrie DeCoster

    May have to purchase another project, this is to cute!!

    Carrie DeCoster

  14. Vicki Sprain Avatar
    Vicki Sprain

    Love the Red & White Gatherings collection!!! I see myself making an English Paper pieced wall hanging! My favorite color is red and your designs are just beautiful!

  15. Jeanne Giebe Avatar
    Jeanne Giebe

    Beautiful red and and white fabrics. I did enter a quilt for your Red and White Quilt Challenge for this year and it’s done! So unlike me! It’s red work, machine pieced and hand big stitch quilting. Getting ready to send it after Oct 1 with the required paperwork! Can’t wait to see it hung if I’m able to come up in December. Have a great week!

  16. Sherri L Getchel Avatar
    Sherri L Getchel

    3 day weekends would be amazing. I love the piggy back ride block! Your creativity amazes us all.

  17. Danette Avatar

    Thanks for the little Piglets taking a Piggy-back ride on their Big Piggy Mom. I printed it out to sew down the road. So adorable! My friend would love this since she grew up on a farm raising little piglets.

  18. Carmen Montmarquet Avatar
    Carmen Montmarquet

    Thank You for the cute Mama and baby piglets block! And I have to say those are the richest reds I think I ever saw, just love them!!!

  19. Jennifer Roth Avatar
    Jennifer Roth

    My daughter absolutely love pigs. I may have to do this pattern for her. Those baby pigs are the cutest. Now the red and white gatherings fabric, I drool every time I see this. So many ideas come to mind. I just love a nice red and white quilt. Excited for this line to come in later this year. ❤️❤️❤️

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